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Awards • 2016 Budget • Upper Lands • Waterfront • 370 Mathers • Heritage Wk

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor
[PDF Version]

Happy New Year! Lunar New Year Feb 8 / Mardi Gras Feb 9 / Easter Mar 27

= Apr 4 Ccl Mtg Main Items (5pm closed; 6pm reg ccl mtg): 6016 Gleneagles; 2992 - 3032 Burfield; 2016 Annual TAX RATES; 5-Yr Financial Plan (adoption); ccl mtgs added in April; lots of correspondence on trees!

AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/apr/04/16apr04-Agenda.pdf

{NB: Mar 24 found two mtgs suddenly scheduled: ccl mtg 11am Mar 23 to set the 2016 Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel mtg for 10am Mar 30 however that mtg does not appear on the ccl mtg calendar or the mtg calendar. Go figure! }

= Feb 15 mtg: TREES Delegation; WVPD; 1290 Queens; Hollyburn Cabin Cmnty (Heritage Register); Chickens AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/feb/15/16feb15-agenda.pdf

= Feb 22 mtg: KMC presentation; Temp Use Permits; Asset Levy + Operating Budget increase; Asset Mgmt Reserves

AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/feb/22/16feb22-agenda-copy3.pdf

= Mar 7 Ccl Mtg Main Items: 5-Yr Financial Plan; 2016 Capital Funding Report ($8,497,200)

AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/mar/07/16mar07-Agenda.pdf

= BUDGET 2016

= Vive le Canada (Campaign Polls, Throne Speech, Parliamentary Secretaries, 60-sec JT, Prime Minister's Town Hall, Queen's Christmas Msg, Happy Birthday); from the Editor's Desk (WVM); WVPD (IHIT; Strategic Plan)

= Updates & Info (Traffic; SAC; Cycling BC; WV Trees; 1300 Marine; ADRA's Waterfront Mtg)

= CALENDAR to ~Apr 3+; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Museums; Music; Festivals; Talks/Walks)

= HEADSUPS 2015 -- 14.5 PS (Solstice) // 14.5A: Polar Bear Swims; Earthquake Prep / 14.5B: News; Plans; Apples /

14.5C: Budget; MP Pam; Dal Richards; Huge House; Parl Poet / 14.5D: Heritage; Monster Home / 14.5E: Budget; Mtgs 14.5F: Budget; Ccl BITS Jan 11 / 14.5G: Mtgs; Salaries; Jan 25 Agenda / 14.5H: Wed/Thurs / 14.5I: Budget; Robbie B 14.5J: BITS Jan 25; Mtgs, etc / 14.5K: Feb 2/3 / 14.5L: Mtgs Feb 4-11 / 14.5M: Waterfront; Mtgs / 14.5N: BITS Feb 15; Feb 22 Budget increase / 14.5O: BITS Feb 22; Mtgs Tu/Th / 14.5P: LNG mtg / [St David's Day] / 14.5Q: Budget/Capital Projects ~ $8.5M (Item 6, Mar 7) / 14.5R: Budget Tonight / 14.5S: Bits Mar 7 Ccl; mtgs / 14.5T: Events / 14.5U: Mtgs; Celebration / 14.5V: WVHS Mtg (WVML History) / 14.5W: Weekend; Senators / 14.5X: VCBF; WVPD Canoe

= Ccl NOTES: Oct 26/28; Nov 2/16/23/30; Dec 7/14/16 + Apr 4 Closed Mtg Agenda

= ANIMALWATCH (Tiger and Goat; Eagle and Drone); INFObits (Highclere Castle; Nowruz; Holi; Purim; Goodbyes; YVR;

Saudi King: Meteorite older than Earth; Hottest Year/Warmest Month; Syrian stats); ROYALWATCH (Charles & Camilla; Prince George; St David's Day): JournalismWATCH; WOMANWATCH; PHOTOWATCH (hot tea, stonehenge; Yalda; Pix); MUSICWATCH (disabled musicians); HOUSEWATCH (OTT); EconomistWATCH (Year in Review); WHISKYWATCH; SOUPWATCH (cock-a-leekie): CPTWATCH; GUARDIANWATCH; 2015 WATCH (Goodbyes); BEERWATCH (UK craft after

cenosillicaphobia); TREEWATCH; SPACEWATCH; MUSEUMWATCH; BOOKWATCH (Shakespeare; Parl poet laureate; Israeli novel removed); WORDWATCH (circumzenithal arc; bibliotaphe, manel, lent, enrol/l); HERITAGEWATCH (assns' news); WV Heritage Week; MAIKU; QUOTATIONS/THOUGHTS/PUNS + jokes/cartoons

2016 HERITAGE WEEK 15 - 21

THEME: Distinctive Destinations: Experience Historic Places

pls send a destination/place in WV to: destinations@heritage.westvan.org

Heritage Fayre is Saturday Feb 20 from 2 - 4pm in the atrium of the Cmnty Ctr -- find out more!


As you know salaries and 80% of our budget. The latest information we have is for 2014.

See: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/financial-reports/annual-reports/ 4_FIA_SOFI_signed.pdf

In 2014, the CAO made $235,523, and the Dep CAO $209,057; DWV has ~45,000 residents and ~800 staff (FTEs), including transit. Presumably the salary was 2% more in 2015, slated for another 2% in 2016 (~$245K).

Vancouver's new city manager's salary is ~$316K. Vancouver's population is over 600K, its operating budget is $1.2B, and it has ~7,500 employees.

btw, Sadhu Aufochs Johnston is a globally recognized leader in the green city movement. He was the Chief Environmental Officer of Chicago and Deputy Chief of Staff to Mayor Richard M. Daley.

=== Vive le CANADA ===

+ The lesson of Canadian politics in 2015 — stay humble: Delacourt Liberals, New Democrats, and Conservatives all saw their fortunes rise and fall in a year in which forecasts were fallible and voters delivered stunning changes.

See: http://www.thestar.com/news/insight/2015/12/25/the-lesson-of-canadian-politics-in-2015-stay-humble-delacourt.html

+ Speech from the Throne: http://www.speech.gc.ca

+ Parliamentary Secretaries Appointed A parliamentary secretary is a mbr of a Parliament in the Westminster system who assists more sr ministers with their duties. In several countries the position has been re-designated as assistant minister. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parliamentary_secretary

All three Liberals elected on the NSh appointed as Parliamentary Secretaries to:

o Terry Beech ~ the Minister of Science (Burnaby North–Seymour)

o Pamela Goldsmith-Jones ~ the Minister of Foreign Affairs (WV–Sunshine Coast–Sea-to-Sky Country)

o Jonathan Wilkinson -- the Minister of Environment and Climate Change (North Van)

...for the whole list: http://www.pm.gc.ca/sites/pm/files/docs/parliamentary_secretaries_e.pdf

+ Justin Trudeau takes 60-second challenge PM’s answers to rapid-fire questions parsed, as he warms up for the more serious Maclean’s TownHall Dec 14. See: http://www.macleans.ca/politics/ottawa/prime-minister-justin-trudeau-takes-the-60-second-challenge/

+ The Maclean's Town Hall mtg asking PM Trudeau questions: http://www.macleans.ca/trudeau-town-hall/

+ Christmas Day https://youtu.be/Xileb8OUSlQ

= The Queen's Annual Christmas Message to the Commonwealth as broadcast earlier this Christmas Day in Australia. Followed by the Oz version of the Commonwealth’s Anthem "God Save The Queen" for Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia.

= Happy Birthday to PM Justin Trudeau -- he turned 44 on Christmas Day.

+ March 20: the International Day of La Francophonie

=== from the EDITOR'S DESK ===

WVM NOTES As mentioned before, the series of Headsups helps keep email subscribers up to date. Have decided rather than wait, to send out these notes although much missing. {PS: added a budget bit was missing from 14.5Q p27.}

As they say in the computer industry, it's time to shoot the developer and ship the product.

You can always watch the video of the ccl mtg (the item no and times are given). Alas, this isn't the proverbial glass half-full, it's maybe not even a quarter full. And it has notes from about eight ccl mtgs!

Notes for the two mtgs in January, two in February, one in March will be in the next WVM (2016-01), but this has bits from them in a Headsup to keep you informed.

Rather than delay this any longer, this is being sent out incomplete and as a draft. May do more work on it when on the website but this newsletter has most of the information. Feel free to send corrections, stats, numbers, more complete texts of what was said so they can be added to the newsletter on the website. You have a chance to edit!

Sorry you'll have to guess or research (or watch) but no time right now to do/polish the rest of the transcript.

Wish me luck.


=== WVPD ===

IHIT -- On January 1, the WV Police Dept joined forces with the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team.

On top of IHIT’s 28 RCMP detachments throughout the Lower Mainland, the WVPD is the most recent Municipal partner to join. Abbotsford, Port Moody, and New Westminster Police are among the other existing Municipal partners that IHIT has integrated with.

STRATEGIC PLAN 2016 - 2019 Safe Today & Safer Tomorrow

WV Police have set out a new four-year plan aimed at making a safe community even safer. 

After community and stakeholder consultation, the 2016-2019 WVPD Strategic Plan was developed and officially approved by the WV Police Board.  The plan was publicly unveiled at the Police Board meeting January 28, 2016.

The plan is a pledge by all WVPD officers and civilian staff for ongoing work to Enhance Community Safety, Promote Operational Excellence, and Improve Organizational Practices. 

The plan commits the dept to ambitious public safety objectives, including annual reductions in violent crime, property crime, and collisions resulting in injury or death.

Read The Full Plan - Click Here: -- https://wvpd.ca/index.php/strategic-plan

See Our Strategic Plan Video [2:27m] -- Click Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5-a4w3y72I

=== UPDATES & INFO ===

+ MARCH 7 was the only ccl mtg on the calendar for March! Happy Spring Break and Easter.


Jan 26, 2016 -- The District of West Vancouver and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure are making changes to traffic signals at the intersection of Taylor Way and Marine Drive this week.

While the Lions' Gate Bridge capacity limits what can be done to ease congestion, the overall flow-through can be improved by traffic light changes. The changes are aimed to help reduce southbound drivers from blocking the intersection as they wait to turn left from Taylor Way onto Marine Drive.

The intersection’s capacity is significantly reduced by this type of illegal driver behaviour.

Watch for new signage this week about the traffic light changes at Taylor Way and Marine.

+ Tides influence evening work on the Lawson foreshore

Work continues to move environmentally suitable material from the MHall construction site to the foreshore between15th and 18th Streets. Read More http://westvancouver.ca/news/tides-influence-evening-work-lawson-foreshore

Find out more -- Lawson Foreshore Habitat Enhancement Project


+ SAC -- Seniors' Activity Centre

To view the current Seniors' Scene -- click here. http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/DWV_SSNL-16-1_RGB_WEB.pdf

What a fantastic full newsletter, chock-full of activities! Do take a look at all the great things to do that the SAC has.

To view our Garden Side Café

January Menu click here, http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/DWV_SSNL-16-1_RGB_Menu-Jan.pdf

and February Menu click here. http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/DWV_SSNL-16-1_RGB_Menu-Feb.pdf

+ Cycling BC

Cycling BC is thrilled to announce the 2016 BC Championship races. Following the success of the 2015 season, 2016 promises more high quality, competitive racing throughout our beautiful province.

and much more: http://us3.campaign-archive2.com/?u=05396696229a2e236eb99a8dd&id=a247d37a8b&e=f1cb9865a1


+ A group urging retention of trees, with a petition: www.westvantrees.com

They'll have a delegation at the Feb 15 ccl mtg, and info at Heritage Fayre Sat Feb 20, Cmnty Ctr

+ 1300 Block Marine Drive Upcoming Construction Updates [Feb 2]

This letter is to update you on the possible impacts you may experience during the next phase of the Grosvenor devt.

Installation of covered walkway above the sidewalk on the south side of Marine Drive.

Grosvenor will be installing a covered walkway above the sidewalk on the south side of Marine Dr to prepare for the future installation of small site trailers above the walkway. To ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, the sidewalk and parking lane on the S side of Marine will be closed during this time. This work will be completed the week of Feb 9 - 12 between the hours of 8am – 3pm. Traffic control personnel will be onsite to moderate any impact to traffic flow.

Grosvenor Construction – Concrete Pouring

Site excavation is nearing completion and we will soon be moving into pouring the concrete for the foundation and then into general construction. These next phases will continue to require the presence of heavy trucks in the area but will mean an end to the shoring of the foundation and the heavy drilling for this phase of the project. Bellevue will be closed to eastbound traffic from March – December allowing only for westbound travel. Vehicles travelling eastbound on Bellevue will now turn north on 14th and then east onto Marine. Implementation of street signage and communication to the community and surrounding businesses will be done well in advance of this traffic flow change.

15-minute parking area north side mid –block

In an effort to manage the impacts to businesses and their customers during the recent closure of the south side of Marine the District created 15-min parking spaces mid-block on the north side. This implementation was scheduled to be removed when the south side parking was re-opened. As this 15-min zone does assist some customers who visit the area we wd like to leave one existing 15-min parking space in front of Malkin Cleaners and restore the other two spaces to 2-hr parking. Our engineering staff would like to complete this work early next week if possible, pls contact me directly if you have a concern with this proposal.

Please continue to contact me directly at 604 925 7008 or by email at kmerilees@westvancouver.ca if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to assist you while this project is being completed.

Sincerely, Kristi Merilees, Manager of Community Relations


Wed. Jan 27th was one of the darkest and wettest evenings in some time, but it did not stop nearly 200 people from attending a meeting put on by volunteers from ADRA – the Ambleside & Dundarave Ratepayers’ Association - to inform and engage citizens about the proposed changes for the Ambleside Waterfront.

Previously, the message presented to the community -- from the October 2015 WV Council meeting and initially reinforced by the new Director of Planning, Jim Bailey, in the beginning of his Jan. 27th presentation -- was the theme of consulting the public to “advance and “implement the plan.

It was soon evident, however, by both the large number of attendees and the large amount of information they provided, that perhaps the District’s plan advancing straight to “implementation might be a tad premature.

On this evening, Mr. Bailey assured everyone again and again that the potential for significant changes and revisions to the plan existed and as requested would be based on tonight’s and additional consultation, research, and data analysis.

{eg, to date bricks and mortar restaurants hv not bn polled re their views on food trucks; biz cases for the commercial proposals hv

not bn made; the exact number of parking spots to be removed from Argyle & various projects costs etc. are as yet unknown.)

These assurances were provided with absolute sincerity. Nearly 200 citizens, including all the councillors (but not the mayor), heard this message and ADRA plans to hold the District accountable.

A summary of all questions/comments and answers (as well as any subsequent information) will be sent to all attendees by ADRA when the volunteers finish compiling this. (Very soon we hope!)

ADRA set a new benchmark by conducting the meeting in a remarkably respectful and open manner that allowed all participants to engage in the process.  Everyone was required to wear a nametag (ADRA has long campaigned against anonymous public feedback). This ensured the polite crowd was kept accountable and better allowed folks to meet their neighbours and fellow activists.

Big posters on various categories were on the walls for questions and comments to be written on, and space was provided for additional contributions. Even those without specific questions were afforded the opportunity to weigh in when prioritizing/endorsing the written questions and comments. Small stickers were given out for people to apply indicating approval. Thus, comments and questions were validated (or not) by the group and no one person or group was allowed to dominate the meeting.

The questions and comments were divided into 15 broad categories:

The ever passion-inducing Hollyburn Sailing Club (HSC). (Why rebuild if the Club itself doesn’t want that?)

The Bistro at the HSC. (What has changed since the April 2013 NSN reported “West Van rejects waterfront plans after public outcry and focused on opposition to a 75-seat wine bar?)

The Spirit Trail and removal of cars and parking along Argyle Ave. (HOW many parking spots will be lost?)

Boat rental services at the HSC.

Shoreline (rising sea levels, et al).

Budget & Financial aspects.

Demolition of the Silk Purse and Music Box.

New Arts Buildings near the Ferry Building.

14th Street Pier – Marina & Ferry service.

The parkade where the current Ambleside Tennis Courts are located.

Food Carts.

John Lawson Pier and boat marina.

The District’s feedback process to date.

The Outdoor Stage at John Lawson Park.

Other (anything that may have been missed).

It might be observed that the majority of citizens in attendance wanted the waterfront to be a “commercial free zone, while the District appears interested in making their significant investment in buying up waterfront properties provide some financial return.

Ms Slater opined that the waterfront is not unlike schools -- we don’t expect a financial return from them because the overall community benefits are so overwhelming.

The most overwhelmingly endorsed question was not a question at all however but a statement: “We do not need to build attractions on our waterfront. The waterfront IS the attraction.

Yes – the good citizens of West Vancouver know that a natural beauty does not need any expensive tattoos or piercings, just soap and water and some clean clothes.

However, citizens must work to ensure that THEIR vision of that statement aligns with the District perception!

Suggested activities to achieve this:

Attend and speak at the District Public Input Events for the Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan:

Wednesday February 10th from 6:30 – 8:30PM -- Consultation Launch Event - Kay Meek Centre

Wednesday February 17th from 4 – 7PM -- Open House DWV Community Centre Atrium

Thursday February 25th from 4 – 7PM-- Open House DWV Community Centre Atrium

Tuesday March 1st from 4 – 7PM -- Open House DWV Community Centre Atrium

Write to Mayor and Council: MayorandCouncil@westvancouver.ca

These letters become part of public record. If you do not want your name redacted (blanked out) tell them or they will do so automatically. I recommend NOT redacting your name. It better allows like-minded citizens to unite!

Phone and/or meet with Mayor and each Councillor individually:

Mayor Michael Smith msmith@westvancouver.ca 925 7001

Councillor Mary-Ann Booth mbooth@westvancouver.ca 604 340 8490

Councillor Craig Cameron ccameron@westvancouver.ca 604 828 0805

Councillor Christine Cassidy ccassidy@westvancouver.ca 604 818-5968

Councillor Nora Gambioli ngambioli@westvancouver.ca 604 653 8823

Councillor Michael Lewis mlewis@westvancouver.ca 604 315 4485

Councillor Bill Soprovich bsoprovich@westvancouver.ca 604 561 3219

Tell EACH of them your views. They don’t all think alike, It is probably more important to talk with the ones who don’t think your way than the ones who do! Don’t assume anything. Tell them specifically what you want them to do.  Don’t tell yourself they don’t want to hear from you. They’ve been elected to hear and represent you! We just assume that developers and big business have “the ear of Municipal Hall – but YOU won’t unless you talk to them......just as often!

Meet with District staff:

A large list of staff and depts are listed on the District website under “contact us, but here are a few important ones:

o Jim Bailey, Director of Planning and Development jbailey@westvancouver.ca 925 7058

Proposed devs, zoning and Official Community Plan (OCP) changes are probably the most contentious issues for residents. Let’s make sure the “C in OCP really is community – that’s YOU!

o Nina Leemhuis, Chief Administrative Officer nleemhuis@westvancouver.ca) 925-7002

The C.A.O. is like the pinch point in the hour-glass with elected officials on one side and municipal staff on the other.

There is probably nobody else with more influence in the municipality.

o Kristi Merilees, Manager, Community Relations kmerilees@westvancouver.ca 925-7008

This is where to go if you need info. If Ms Merilees hasn't the answer she can sure find out whom you DO need to talk to.

Write letters to the editor of the North Shore News and other media.

editor@nsnews.com sunletters@vancouversun.com provletters@theprovince.com

Letters to the editor must include your name, full address and telephone number so they can confirm you have written it.

Attend public meetings, hearings, and council meetings.

Council meeting agendas are found on the District website. ADRA periodically emails members to advise them when there are important issues on the agenda.

Speak at a Council mtg. Each one has a Public Question Period (PQP) and you have three minutes to speak unfettered.

Apply for a delegation where a group of you may make a presentation at a council meeting. This lets you have a longer presentation, Often groups use slides and handouts for Council.

Join ADRA or any other neighbourhood or community association that reflects your views. [Mbship is $10]

ADRA is made up of regular citizen volunteers and depends on its membership to fund activities to inform and involve residents in issues that impact their community. See: www.adrawestvan.ca

{Editor's Notes: Jan 27th's open mtg went really well and covered many topics. Some minor points: trees were added to one of the wall posters; the public were not allowed to speak nor were public questions permitted even at the end of the mtg. My recommendation is to add five to ten minutes, maybe restrict them to requests for clarification. If something new, then perhaps the chair/moderator cd decide whether relevant and most wishing to hear/know. Am looking forward to promised summary -- hope also the cmnty makes its views known clearly in the coming open houses. Did notice Jim Bailey said "how and when" but again "what" was omitted (and I said that at the Oct 28th mtg, transcript in this newsletter). -- CR}

NB: ADRA AGM changed to 1:30pm, Saturday April 2nd at the Srs' Ctr

=== CALENDAR to ~ April 3 ===

Mtgs at MHall unless otherwise indicated. Mtgs known at date of writing shown; often addns, changes, cancellations after WVM sent. Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/events. Some too late/early for an issue are emailed to subscribers. [Headsup/Notices sent between issues.] Earlier mtgs/events in Headsups. {Best efforts}

=== Saturday February 13

~ 9am ~ Lighthouse Park Preservation Society Stewardship Event: Ivy Pull

Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot; please wear old clothes, sturdy shoes, and work gloves.

=== Saturday February 27


at the Dale Park. Pls wear old clothes, sturdy shoes, and work gloves; meet at corner of Water Lane & The Dale


=== Tuesday March 1

~ 4 - 7pm ~ Ambleside Waterfront Plan Open House in atrium of Cmnty Ctr

~ 6 - 8pm ~ OPEN HOUSE: SPORT AND ACTIVE RECREATION in Cedar Room of Cmnty Ctr

We're developing a Sport and Active Recreation Policy that formalizes the underlying principles of why the municipality provides programs and opportunities for sport and active recreation, and to help guide decisions for the provision of these services.You are invited to join us at an open house to find out more and provide your input. By February 29 to ensure we have enough materials for everyone. RSVP to pjones@westvancouver.ca or 925 7204

=== Saturday March 5


Meet at the south entrance of pond by the information board in front of dog beach.

For all volunteer events please wear old clothes, sturdy shoes and work gloves. Rakes, shovels, and some gloves and loppers will be provided.  Pls note that moderate physical activity (pulling and bending) is involved in this volunteering event. A safety talk will be given at the beginning of the event to demonstrate best practices when it comes to pulling ivy. There will be a 5–10-minute break at 10:30 a.m. where light refreshments will be available.

More info: a second Ambleside Pond Ivy Pull event takes place March 9

=== Saturday March 5 and Sunday March 6

~ 8:30am WEST VAN RUN -- Dundarave Village; Post-sweat party at the Beach House Restaurant.

Run Start Times: 5 km Run/Walk (chip-timed): 8:30am / 1 km Kids Run (chip-timed): 9:30am 

The West Van Run is an annual 5 km & 10 km Run/Walk. West Van Run exists to promote running on the North Shore and support some amazing local organizations. In 2016, this two-day event will have a new course that is flat and fast, and covers Bellevue Ave, Marine Drive, Ambleside Park, and the WV SeaWalk.

========== see mtgs/events in Headsup sections ==========

=== Monday March 21


=== Wednesday March 23


Meet at the south entrance of the pond by the kiosk in front of the dog beach. Volunteers will help with the restoration of native plants around the south/west side of the pond in Ambleside Park where ivy was recently pulled. Pls note that moderate physical activity (shovelling soil and bending) is involved in this volunteer event. A safety talk will be given at the beginning of the event to demonstrate best practices when it comes to planting. For all volunteer events pls wear old clothes, sturdy shoes, and work gloves.  There will be a 5–10-min break at 1pm when light refreshments will be available.

=== Friday March 25 [Good Friday]


The 48th Annual Southern Straits Yacht Race, hosted by the WV Yacht Club starts in Dundarave Park again this year. Come down to the beach, enjoy the pancake breakfast provided by the Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club, listen to some live music, and cheer on race participants as they begin the race. The Easter Bunny makes a special appearance at the race every year.

=== Tuesday March 29


~ 6 - 7pm ~ Policy Workshop & Discussion at the Library for YOUTH with our MP Pam Goldsmith-Jones

Invitation to youth and young Liberals (<26 years) to join us for an exciting policy workshop with our MP. The discussion will illustrate how youth can get involved with the Liberal Party of Canada to advocate for issues they care about.

In addition to hearing from their MP, youth leaders will share their experiences taking several policy initiatives to the BC Policy Convention that was held in Victoria earlier in March. Participants will get to brainstorm ideas and briefly practise writing some policies. 

Getting Engaged: Policy Workshop & Discussion RSVP: http://bit.ly/1Uh51lZ

This will be a lively, interactive session with Pam Goldsmith-Jones. We will conclude by discussing youth engagement opportunities in West Vancouver and at the National Convention in Winnipeg  (May 26-29).

=== Wednesday March 30

~ 4:30 - 6pm ~ COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT CMTE MTG {Agenda at http://ow.ly/ZKcw2}

Topics: Transition to New CEC Structure; CEC ToR; Draft CEC and WG Orientation; Update on Cmity Outreach and Engagement Policy: Update on Proposed Outreach Task Force

~ 6:30 - 8pm ~ LOWER CAULFEILD ADV CMTE MTG; St Francis-in-the-Wood Church re 4701 Piccadilly South


=== Saturday April 2

~ 1:30pm ~ ADRA AGM at the Srs' Ctr -- Get information and give your views

=== Sunday April 3

~ 11am - 6pm ~ Nowruz Family Picnic (the last day of the Persian New Year) at Ambleside Park

+++ WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ 925 7400 westvanlibrary.ca See the Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/events/calendar/month

~~~ Thursday January 14 Opening = Art Gallery = Works by Mong Yen and Monika van Wollen

Enjoy works by two artists, both of whom bring a love of nature and influences from other lands to their paintings.

~~~ Starts Thursday March 24 = In the Gallery = Canadian Landscapes

Featuring the works of Norman Vipond, Michael Brouillet, Neil MacDonald, and Mary Winter — each with a strong connection to Vancouver’s North Shore — this exhibition presents the artists’ unique interpretations of our diverse Canadian landscapes.

Cap Kodaly Orff | Ages 2 – 3

Children experience the joy of making music through song, games, dance, and instruments. These sample classes are a great introduction to the Kodaly Orff method, which also develops skills that children will carry with them into further music lessons. Registration is by lottery and begins Tuesday Dec 1; please call or visit the Youth Dept to be added to the list.

Fridays, January 8 February 26 ~ 11:30am – 12:30pm ~ Storyhouse

Let’s Talk -- max 20 ppl

Develop your English skills while discussing current events

Beginner: 1 - 2:30pm Tuesdays Mar 1, 8, and 29; Intermediate: 7 - 8:30pm Wednesdays Mar 2, 9, and 30

Let’s Talk About Mental Health Issues, Resources and Support

Tues Jan 19 from 7 – 8:30pm Please join us for a conversation on mental illness and its impact on families, and learn all about the resources and support available.

Tech Talk -- Thurs from 5:30 - 7pm

Introduction to Podcasts

Feb 11 Learn what podcasts are, how they’re made, how to find and listen to them,

where to get started recording your own, as well as some recommended podcasts to check out.

-- Introduction to Social Media

March 10 Learn about the most popular social media platforms and which ones are best for you.

English Corner: -- Fridays ~ 10 - 11:30am ~

Enjoy English conversation while making new friends. Mar 4, 11, and 18; Apr 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29

From Eden to ISIS – Capilano Universe Lecture Series

Tues Jan 26 from 7 – 8:45pm

Capilano University’s Dr. Leonard George will present From Eden to Isis: The Eternal War for Control of the Imagination, revealing some of the ways that imagination’s power has been used through the centuries, and some of the battles for control of this power.

+ Philosophers’ Cafe ~ 10:30am - noon ~ Fridays

- January 15 Nominating Newsmakers of 2015

Who and what have made an impact locally or globally? Nominate your choice for newsmaker of 2015!

- March 18 The Impact of Science and Technology on Our Lives

We are relying on science and its child, technology, increasingly. How do we receive and evaluate claims that impact our lives and nations? With special guest Dr. Leslie Buck (retired NRC Scientist).

+ Authors in Our Community

Human Rights and Spirituality -- Wed Jan 27, from 7 – 8:30pm

Join local author Houchang Zargarpour as his discusses his new book, Human Rights and Spirituality.

+ Movie Screening – Granny Power

Saturday January 23, from 2 – 4pm

The Raging Grannies use songs and satire to protest injustice and raise awareness about the most urgent issues of our day. After the screening, the Vancouver Raging Grannies will sing songs and share their stories.

+ Monday Movie Night – 6:30 - 9pm

Mar 21 -- Mr. Holmes -- Retired to a seaside farmhouse, Sherlock struggles to remember the details of his final case.

Apr 4 -- This Changes Everything -- A powerful documentary about climate change and the economic system that created it.

+ Opera with Nicolas Krusek – Opera in the Age of Lully and Purcell

This series presents great French and English operas of the middle Baroque, including Venus and Adonis, Dido and Aeneas, and The Fairy Queen. 12:30 – 2:30pm Wednesdays March 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30

+ Friday Night Concert

Locarno -- Jan 29 from 7:30 to 8:45pm

Locarno is the Latin project of Juno-winning musician Tom Landa (The Paperboys). The band brings a contemporary edge to a blend of Mexican folk, Cuban son, and Latin soul.

Vancouver Opera Young Artists Program -- March 18 from 7:30 – 8:45pm

Classic fables come to life through the masterpieces of opera and music theatre. Combining charming stories with music from Candide, Roméo et Juliette, Rigoletto, Carmen, Jekyll and Hyde ,and others, Opera Tales will delight and enthral!

+ Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble – The Monkey King! All Ages

Sat Feb 6 from 11:30am – 12:30pm Join us as the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble presents The Monkey King in celebration of the New Year! Register online.

+ Power of Attorney ~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ Tuesday March 22

Expert Notary Public David Watts will discuss the purpose and scope of a Power of Attorney, and how to obtain this type of authorization for yourself and your loved ones.

++ Free Online Training Courses

Feb 2, West Van and North Van – Learning on the North Shore just took a big leap forward for anyone with a WV or NV City library card. With the launch of Lynda.com, thousands of self-directed online training courses are now available for anyone looking to learn computer and software skills, business and management, presentation skills, designand much more.

We wanted to make a great learning tool available, and Lynda.com is the best system for our needs, says Chris Koth, Head of Digital Services at CNV Library.  “Users will get a lot out of the online classes, and can work at their own speed.

With Lynda.com, users have free access to high quality online courses delivered by expert instructors in a variety of fields. For those who are interested, credentials for completed courses can be posted on their LinkedIn profiles as a showcase for prospective employers.

In today’s world, learning doesn’t stop when people leave formal educational settings — we’re all learning all the time, says Deb Koep, Deputy Director at WV Memorial Library. “Libraries are vital learning environments, and Lynda.com enables us to offer an expanded depth and breadth of subjects for people to explore.

Lynda.com complements both libraries’ existing suite of digital services, which include streaming movies and music, language learning, and downloadable ebooks and audiobooks. To get started with Lynda, people can visit their local library any time to sign up for their cards, and then visit westvanlibrary.ca or nvcl.ca to start learning with Lynda. 

Media Contacts:

WV Memorial Library: David Carson, Communications Coordinator 925.7407 dcarson@westvanlibrary.ca

North Vancouver City Library: Chris Koth, Head of Digital Services 982.3903 ckoth@cnv.org

++ The WV Memorial Library board of trustees has announced its members for 2016.

Jan 26 -- Retired lawyer Mary Jo Campbell remains as chair and retired federal public servant David Carter stays on as vice chair.

The board is pleased to announce the appointment of three new trustees this year: Carolyn Jack, J. Andrew Telford, and Koichi Ronald Shimoda. Jack comes to the board with more than 20 years of experience leading and executing communications initiatives in traditional and social media. Telford, a senior finance professional, is currently the president of JT Consulting. Shimoda has been a financial consultant for IPC Investment Corporation since returning to Canada from Japan in 2012.

Continuing board trustees include:

Retired superintendent of schools for WV Schools: Geoff Jopson

Lawyer: Anjili Bahadoorsingh

Settlement worker for WV Schools: Felica Zhu

Public art planner with the City of Richmond: Eric Fiss

Retired solicitor and investment banker: Marcus Shapiro

Retired public service executive: Jillian Stirk

Dean, Faculty of Health, Kwantlen Polytechnic University: Tru Freeman

Semi-retired telecom executive Michael Lewis continues in his role as Council Representative.

Monday Movie Nights

Suffragette -- A working mother is drawn into the British suffragette movement. March 7 from 6:30 – 9pm

What We Did On Our Holiday -- A family reunion in Scotland goes hilariously awry. March 14 from 6:30 – 9pm

Philosophers’ Cafe – The Impact of Science and Technology on Our Lives

We are relying on science and its child, technology, increasingly. How do we receive and evaluate claims that impact our lives and nations? With special guest Dr. Leslie Buck (retired NRC Scientist). Friday March 18 from 10:30am – noon

Authors in Our Community ~ 7 - 8:30pm Wednesday March 30

Hiroshima: Memoirs of a Survivor

Sachi Rummel shares her touching story about the effects the Hiroshima bombing has had on her life.

+++ WEST VAN MUSEUM +++ 925 7295 http://westvancouvermuseum.ca

Peter Aspell: Saints and Sinners, Mystics and Madness January 13 to March 26

Opening Reception: Tuesday January 12 from 7 to 9pm

Guided bus tour to Richmond Art Gallery: February 27, 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Peter Aspell was an artist of immense talent who explored in pictorial form the joys and despairs of the human condition, producing an extensive body of work throughout his long, prolific career. This exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Richmond Art Gallery (RAG), where a second exhibition, Peter Aspell: The Mad Alchemist, runs from January 23 to April 3, 2016 (opening reception on January 22, 7 to 9pm) at the RAG. The exhibitions consist of a representative selection of artworks from the late 1980s to the time of the artist's death in 2004. Aspell's paintings and works on paper of figures and mythic landscapes, either richly layered with luscious colours, or rendered in a more restrictive palette consisting mostly of black, white, and grey, stood apart from the art of his contemporaries but nevertheless (and because of this) made an important contribution to the art of this region.

Peter Aspell exhibited regularly in commercial galleries in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Paris, and has many devoted collectors. Although he had a solo exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1958, participated in many group exhibitions there from 1942 through the early 1960s, and was included in the exhibition

7 West Coast Painters held at the UBC Fine Arts Gallery in 1959, more than 50 years have passed since his work has been examined in depth in a public gallery or museum exhibition.

A full colour, hardcover catalogue, The Art of Peter Aspell, accompanies the two concurrent exhibitions.

For more information, please visit westvancouvermuseum.ca.

March 29 to April 5 Opening Reception: March 30 from 6 to 8pm

In SD 45 ONE.five, residents investigate their perceptions of WV’s social, cultural, economic, and topographical settings. Their personal enquiries of this distinct community are documented in a collaborative mural.

Students, educators, artists, and a politician and an architect were invited to document their communities using a camera. Their work is being shown at the WV Museum for visitors to discover both the links between these groups and what defines them as distinct populations.

Artists featured in this exhibition include Jody Broomfield, Cedric Burgers, Craig Cameron, Chris Kennedy, Ross Penhall, Victor John Penner, Steve Rauh, and West Vancouver School District students.

SD 45 ONE.five is guest-curated for the Capture Photography Festival by Jackie Wong, a teacher at WV Sec Sch, in collaboration with the Museum's Education Coordinator Isaac Vanderhorst.

+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY +++ www.ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290

Winter 2016 info: http://files.ctctcdn.com/c75a373f001/68d9f3aa-2ded-468c-af27-7c97af951c6f.pdf

~~~ Thursday March 31 ~ 7pm

TREVOR CAROLAN Author reads from his new work The Literary Storefront. Tix: $15. Info/register 925 7270

~~~ March 15 - April 3 Recent Works

Mixed media by Joanne Frewer & Bert Monterona

Opening Reception: Tues March 15 from 6 - 8pm. Meet the Artists: Sat March 19 from 2 - 3pm.

+++ SILK PURSE +++ http://silkpurse.ca/exhibitions/ 925 7292

> Art Around The Block Tuesday January 05 - 24

This impressive exhibition features the art work of talented local high school students. Diverse in medium and subject matter, these works of art share fresh points of view and youthful passion. This exhibition is also remarkable because it was conceived, organized, and curated by the students themselves, many of whom will be showing in a gallery for the first time. Come out and support the creativity of youth in our community!

Opening reception: Tuesday January 5th from 6 - 8pm

> Adam Gibbs & Mark K. Daly: Nature's Splendour -- January 26 - February 14

Two skilled photographers Adam Gibbs & Mark K. Daly, each capture the majesty of the natural world around us in breathtaking imagery. Opening reception: Tuesday January 26th from 6 to 8pm

> Valerie Raynard: Wild Wood -- Feb 16 - Mar 6

Vancouver-born artist Valerie Raynard's work celebrates trees from the West Coast of Canada. Set against bright blue skies or dark shadows, her trees are bold and graphic, with undulating, peeling surfaces and explosive colour. Raynard exposes their immense complexity and highlights the geometry in their forms to reawaken the viewer’s interest and love for the largest and most powerful plants on our earth, which are constantly under threat from man-made and ecological disasters. Using her evocative art, Raynard aims to remind us of the grandeur and benefits of trees and the need to protect our delicate ecosystem.

> Meghan Carich & Lynda Manson: From Here to There March 8 - 20

Take a journey that begins with grounded introspection and leads to cosmic exploration with artists Meghan Carich & Lynda Manson.  Carich's leather & mixed media spirit masks transport us to a time when humanity's connection to our natural surroundings was tied to our very identity, inviting us to examine our relationship to the world, the past, to others & ourselves. Manson's acrylic skyscapes and paintings of nebula ignite our sense of wonder and exploration, inspiring us to look to the future and reach for the stars. Opening reception: Tuesday March 8th, from 6 to 8pm

> Cherry Blossoms: A Textile Translation 2016 March 22 - April 10

Spring is here with the return of one of our most popular exhibitions, Cherry Blossoms: A Textile Translation. This is the 8th annual juried exhibition of textile art inspired by the cherry blossom, featuring artists from The Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts & fibreEssence. This community favourite exhibition is an official event in the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. Marvel at all the beautiful and intricate works of art in a variety of mediums including quilting,

+++ KAY MEEK CENTRE +++ http://www.kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar {see for all events}

Call 981 6335 (MEEK) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com


MAR 29  | 7:30     FILM: JIMMY'S HALL*


APR 02 & 03  | 8:00     JOELLE RABU & NICO RHODES

APR 06   | 7:30     PRO NOVA ENSEMBLE

* Jimmy's Hall ~~~ 7:30pm Tues March 29 Tix: $10 Adults | $7 Students Run time: 109 minutes

Recounting the incredible true story of activist Jimmy Gralton, the new film from revered British director Ken Loach (The Angels' Share, The Wind That Shakes the Barley)  creates a stirring drama from a tumultuous yet little-known chapter of Irish history.

In 1921 Jimmy opened a dance hall, where he encouraged young Irish men and women not only to dance, but to discuss the cultural oppression and poverty of the time. However, Jimmy's past as a leader of the Revolutionary Workers' Group, a predecessor of the Communist Party of Ireland, sparked protests against Jimmy running a hall where he was influencing young people. With Ireland on the brink of Civil War, the protests turned violent and Jimmy was arrested and deported.

Starring:  Barry Ward, Francis Magee, Aileen Henry, Simone Kirby, Stella McGirl, Sorcha Fox, Martin Lucey.

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, WV http://westvan60.com Ofc 922 3587 Lounge: 922 1920

Lounge Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday noon – 10pm; Friday & Saturday noon – 11pm; Sunday 1 – 7pm

> TUESDAY FEBRUARY 2 AT 6PM IN THE MEMORIAL HALL -- VOLUNTEER INFORMATION - SHORT MEETING A call to all members interested in volunteering at Branch 60 in any way – Please support your Branch!

> SUNDAY FEBRUARY 7 – SUPERBOWL Come watch the game on the big screen starting at 3:30 pm

Prizes, Beef dip $4, BBQ smokies $3 at half time **DRINK SPECIALS**


> Invitation to our members, their families and friends, to drop by the Branch this Sunday afternoon,

and enjoy the music of entertainer Amahra Jaxen. 3:30 - 4:30pm Sunday March 13


> THE SAT MAR 19 ENTERTAINMENT IS STILL ON!   So come dance the night away with the Michael Cummings Trio



>>> The GENERAL MTG has been CHANGED to 7pm Tues March 29!

+ Parade to the Memorial Arch on Sat April 9th to commemorate the 99th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com

v successful Christmas Dinner https://westvanchamber.com/event/west-vancouver-chamber-christmas-party/

Great annual report at Dec 16th ccl mtg!

MAYOR MIKE UNPLUGGED  Wednesday March 2 ~~ 5 - 7:30pm

West Vancouver Yacht Club  Moderator: Maggie Pappas

It’s no secret Mayor Mike Smith is solidly behind the new Waterfront Plan. “If the Grosvenor development is the jewel in Ambleside’s shiny new crown, our new Waterfront Plan is the crown itself—the structure that showcases every current and future jewel that Ambleside and Dundarave has to offer. But it's the very key to the success of our independent business community.

"I can’t think of a time in our history when it's been more important to take bold steps to move forward. For the past 40 years, every Council has chewed on various waterfront plans, but so far, not one has had the courage to pass them. Now's the time to find that courage.

Mayor Mike, Unplugged is never politics as usual. It’s your opportunity to hear what our future is really about, unvarnished—with great wine, great food, in great company. Be there. Bring your questions. You’ll get the whole truth and nothing but.


10am - 4pm Saturday January 16 Park Royal South Upper Level

A great opportunity to showcase your business or service organization

Deadline for booking tables at the Early Bird Rate is January 5 at 5:00 pm

Register for a table here: https://westvanchamber.com/event/79041/ For further info call the Chamber office: 926 6614

Saturday January 16 10am to 4pm

3rd Annual North Shore Business Showcase Park Royal Shopping Centre South Mall - Upper Floor

NEWS rec'd from the Chamber:

Canada Summer Jobs 2016 - Information Session Wed February 10 - Hire a Student this Summer!

The constituency office of MP Pam Goldsmith-Jones is hosting an information seminar in collaboration with Service Canada about Canada Summer Jobs 2016 -  on filing applications and the process for choosing successful applicants.

Wednesday February 10 from 4 – 6 pm, WV Memorial Library RSVP: pam.goldsmith-jones.C1@parl.gc.ca

Canada Summer Jobs is a unique funding initiative of the Summer Work Experience program. It provides funding for not-for-profit organizations, public sector employers and small businesses with 50 or fewer employees to create summer job opportunities for students between the ages of 15 and 30. The Program is taking applications until February 26, 2016

More at: http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/cgi-bin/search/eforms/index.cgi?app=prfl&frm=emp5396a&ln=eng

Breakfast with MP Pam Goldsmith-Jones  

NEXT WEEK! 70% SOLD March 31 Thursday 7 - 9pm at the Hollyburn Country Club - Creekside Room

Liberal MP for WV—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country, and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Topic: Federal budget 2016: Highlights impacting our region

Pam will also talk about how to apply for grants in this new budget (and more)


{NB: The VSun has many events, theatre, talks, book launches, and more -- below are some http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/listings/ }

BARD ON THE BEACH: Fridays watch Christopher's Corner: https://youtu.be/fXuSOienUG8


+ Mama Mia (ABBA hit songs) by Broadway Across Canada (Queen Elizabeth Theatre) Mar 29 - Apr3

+ Arts Club 687 1644 artsclub.com

Onegin, a musical (Goldcorp/BMO Theatre) Mar 17 - Apr 10 

+ Freddie Wood Theatre, UBC ~~ The Arabian Nights, BFA Students, ubctheatretickets.com; until Apr 2

+ My Ain Countrie: Scottish Songs of Canadian Immigration at Hycroft Mansion 739 2197 ~ 7pm Mar 31

+ Jericho Arts Ctr -- jerichoartscentre.com

The Government Inspector, by Gogol (United Players), 224 8007 from Mar 25 - Apr 17



Several exhibitions -– Details, events: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/special_events.html


Masoud Soheili, Caroun Art Gallery (CAG) www.Caroun.net www.Caroun.ca www.Caroun.org www.Caroun.com 1403 Bewicke Ave., North Vancouver, V7M 3C7 Tel: 1 778 372 0765 (2 - 8 pm Pacific time)




+ MUSEUM of VANCOUVER http://www.museumofvancouver.ca

The City Before the City; Connects visitors with one of the largest ancient village and burial sites upon which Vancouver was built

+ VANCOUVER MARITIME MUSEUM http://www.vancouvermaritimemuseum.com/exhibits-and-collections

Ghost Passages of the McKenzie Shipyard: An Exhibition by Tracy McMenemy,

January 7 - April 3 Reception: Thursday January 14 from 6 to 9pm

The shipyard was located just west of Cates Park in NV. http://tracymcmenemy.com/press-2/

More: http://www.nsnews.com/entertainment/dossier/artist-tracy-mcmenemy-resurrects-the-bygone-mckenzie-shipyard-1.2142747#sthash.byEoE2rO.dpuf


+ EARLY MUSIC VANCOUVER 732 1610 earlymusic.bc.ca


+ Chutzpah! Festival -- February 18 – March 13

Delight your senses with a sensational lineup of breathtaking dance, thought-provoking theatre, side-splitting comedy and heart-pumping music. Tickets at chutzpahfestival.com.

+ CELTICFEST -- http://www.celticfestvancouver.com

+ VANCOUVER CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL Mar 24 - Apr 17 http://www.vcbf.ca


+ Sunday January 17 at 8 pm (by donation) Natural World Lecture Series 2:

Dr. Chris Neufeld: Life and Death on a Small Island:

Novel Interactions Between Wolves, Sea Otters, and Kayakers in Kyuquot Sound. B.C.

The wolves on BC’s West Coast are formidable predators known to supplement their land-based diets with a surprising array of marine creatures including salmon, mink, small crabs, and even barnacles. Although coastal wolves have been studied for decades, until recently no one thought their diverse list of prey might include the sea otter, an ecologically-important predator in its own right. This view of wolf foraging ecology recently changed when Chris Neufeld took his Quest University Behavioural Ecology class to a remote island in Kyuquot Sound and observed coastal wolves displaying some rather unusual behaviour. In this talk Dr. Neufeld will describe the preliminary results of his ongoing research on the remarkable interactions between coastal wolves, sea otters, and the kayak guides (and their guests) that spend summers living in the same small archipelago.

Dr. Chris Neufeld holds a BSc in biology from the U of Victoria and a PhD in ecology from the U of Alberta. Although obtaining his PhD from a noticeably landlocked institution, Dr. Neufeld spent most of his time on the west coast of Vancouver Island studying how marine organisms respond to variable and changing environments. Along the way, he has remained interested in many diverse aspects of biology, including island biogeography and predator-prey interactions. His work has been featured on national and international radio and news programs including CBC, NPR, and the BBC.

Thor & Dorte Froslev Brackendale Art Gallery Theatre Teahouse 41950 Government Rd. PO Box 100

Ph/Fax: 604 898 3333 http://www.BrackendaleArtGallery.com info@BrackendaleArtGallery.com

+ FRASER INSTITUTE -- Dr Brett Belchetz

Join us on January 29th, 2016 as Dr. Brett Belchetz discusses what is required to transform our most important, and most expensive, social program into one that serves the needs of all Canadians. Why is it that despite being among the world’s highest spenders on health care, Canada consistently ranks near the bottom of developed countries in terms of access to care? Would a mix of public and private health care achieve better outcomes while still providing universal coverage? Date: Friday January 29, 2016 Registration and lunch: 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Presentation and Q&A: 12 - 1PM Location: Fraser Institute Boardroom, Fraser Institute, 1770 Burrard Street (4th Floor)To purchase tickets please use the registration button below or contact our events department by emailing Laura Chan or by calling 604 688 0221 x 529 Tix: $36.75 ($35 + $1.75 GST) A light lunch is included.


Author reads from his novel Toshiko. Tuesday March 8 at 7pm. Book Warehouse, 4118 Main Street, Vancouver. More information at 604 879 7737

* TALK ~ Thursday 7:30pm March 17th

Title: “Darwin’s elves. Poisonous mushrooms and mushroom poisonings Speaker: Paul Kroeger.

A free public talk for the Botany Section of Nature Vancouver Location: Unitarian Centre, 949 West 49th

Description of talk: An introduction to poisonous mushrooms and their effects is important for all those who are interested in mushrooms as a hobby. Major toxin types and their effects are described, and a few case studies show how suspect fungi are identified. This presentation presents practical general guidelines for safely handling and preparing edible fungi, and avoiding becoming another poisoning victim. Some surprising common causes of mushroom poisoning’ are also discussed.

About the speaker: Paul Kroeger has studied mushrooms for over 35 years and is a founding member of the Vancouver Mycological Society. He’s considered a leading expert in field identification of mushrooms of western Canada and has made a special study of “little brown mushrooms including magic mushrooms and their relatives. He’s been involved in many projects and studies about diverse aspects of mushrooms; gaining knowledge about fungal biology and ecology, and biochemistry of toxic, hallucinogenic, medicinal, and edible mushrooms. Years of experience create unique insights and understanding of fungal life-ways and interactions in temperate ecosystems.

Paul has worked at UBC researching the biochemistry of medicinal mushrooms. He is a major contributor to the mycological herbarium collections in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC and has been a research associate of UBC Dept of Botany for many years. He’s also contributed significant collections to DAOM Herbarium in Ottawa and DAVFP Herbarium in Victoria. He is a regular consultant for the BC Drug and Poison Information Ctr, and various other agencies concerned with mushroom poisonings and fungi in human and animal health.

* NIGHT QUEST ~ Saturday 7 - 9:30pm March 19th

A Pacific Spirit Park Society event in partnership with Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

Stroll along lantern-lit trails; learn about owls, bats, coyotes, and more. Bring a flashlight or headlamp and allow 1 hour to complete the quest. Bring a mug to use at the Girl Guides concession. This event is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

A question and answer table will be next to the Nature Vancouver tent near the St. Anselm's Church parking lot with numerous hands-on plant and fungi specimens taken from the surrounding forests.

Your journey starts at 4914 West 16th Ave., 400m west of Blanca Street. Info: 224 5739

* INTERNATIONAL BEAR DAY ~ Saturday 1- 4 pm & 7 - 9pm April 2nd

International Bear Day celebrations will include a walk to see the natural foods of our black bears. A North Shore Black Bear Society, Raincoast Conservation Fdn, and Capilano U free event. For more info, email nsbbs@telus.net

In two parts:

A family fun day program 1-4 pm, Cedar Building & library courtyard, Capilano University, 2055 Purcell Way, NV.

Bring the family for displays, face painting, storytelling, photography, art, bear safety workshop, music by the Grizzly Waves and a guided walk to look at the plants and bugs foraged by bears. The walk is scheduled for 3pm. Meet those working on bear research and conservation.

The evening program 7-9 pm in the Bosa Ctr for Film and Animation on campus will be a viewing of the film Great Bear and a presentation by Christina Service, Raincoast Scientist and Executive Director of the Spirit Bear Research Foundation. Registration recommended for the evening programme at http://tinyurl.com/oarkcoy.

>>> PS to 14.5, then HEADSUP SECTIONS 14.5A - X <<<


Since this is the winter solstice, it shd hv bn in WVM14.5. Better late than never.

Actually I found the Stonehenge aspect interesting — I’d thought it was only notable for the summer solstice, didn’t realize both (but shd hv guessed).

Herewith: 1 = the link (just click) so you can read the whole article/explanation if you want (I did find it interesting)

2 = the headline/title

3 = a few facts (and remember thousands of years old); more in the article of course. [4 = a photo]





Winter solstice seen from Stonehenge

At Stonehenge in England on the northern winter solstice, people watch the sunrise and sunset.

Learn more and see photos here. http://earthsky.org/earth/gallery-the-winter-solstice-as-seen-from-stonehenge

3 + 4

According to stonehengetours.com:

Stonehenge is carefully aligned on a sight-line that points to the winter solstice sunset (opposed to New Grange, which points to the winter solstice sunrise, and the Goseck circle, which is aligned to both the sunset and sunrise).

It is thought that the winter solstice was actually more important to the people who constructed Stonehenge than the summer solstice. The winter solstice was a time when most cattle were slaughtered (so they would not have to be fed during the winter) and the majority of wine and beer was finally fermented.

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5A: Bipolar Bear Swim + Earthquake Prep

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! {Christmas maiku moved to end of newsletter}

What fabulous weather! Lots to do — see Scene, Section C of today’s Vancouver Sun

Herewith: Polar Bear Swims and Earthquake Prep (given we had one the other day); cartoons

THE 2016 BIPOLAR BEAR SWIM Jan 1, 2016 - 11:00 am

Location: Ambleside Beach Registration: 11am Swim: 12pm

The 2016 Bipolar Bear Swim is the first annual New Year’s Day Swim organized by the Bipolar Bear Initiative Society on Ambleside Beach. The event will include hot chocolate provided by the Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club and live entertainment.

The event is a fundraiser for the Bipolar Initiative Society, which is dedicated to helping people who suffer from Bipolar Spectrum Disorder through research, education, and care programs. The Bipolar Initiative Society offers peer-based art and music sessions in North Vancouver and Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

of course the biggest Polar Bear Swim in Canada is at English Bay --

see you there! http://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/polar-bear-swim.aspx

The founder of Vancouver’s Polar Bear Swim, Peter Pantages on a snowy Vancouver beach in 1927. Archives# CVA 99-1786. --->

(From http://www.miss604.com/2015/12/polar-bear-swim-new-years-day-vancouver-surrey-north-vancouver.html)



Last night's earthquake hit northeast of Victoria just before midnight, shaking up BC's south coast and keeping many of us up wondering if we're prepared for an emergency. The quake was moderate, between magnitude 4.3 and 4.8, and was a good reminder of the need to be prepared.

Have an emergency kit and plan

It is important to prepare your home and vehicle for emergencies. North Shore Emergency Management (NSEM) offers free workshops on emergency preparedness for residents and businesses. Visit the NSEM website for instructions on preparing a household emergency plan and kit.

Earthquake Preparedness Household Emergency Plan Emergency Kits & Supplies

Sign up for Rapid Notify and stay informed

When you sign up for the North Shore's Rapid Notify system, you will be alerted when there is important emergency information from police, fire, and NSEM. Registration is free and easy. Rapid Notify sends you a text, email or call with important emergency information. Follow NSEM on Twitter for breaking news and updates. Rapid Notify NSEM

What to do after an earthquake

Once the shaking stops, expect aftershocks and continue to be prepared to Drop, Cover, and Hold On. Call 911 for emergencies only and not for earthquake news and updates.

Reporting a gas leak

If you smell gas, open a window or leave the building quickly and call FortisBC to report the smell of gas. 1 800 663 9911

Reporting a utilities problem

Let us know about a non-emergency utilities problem by contacting WV public works dispatch: 925 7100 Online form

Power failures and trees on power lines BC Hydro 1 888 POWERON (1 888 769 3766)

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5B: News/Plans/Apples

Hope you all had a fun New Year’s. All the best for 2016!

+ First annual Bipolar Bear Swim in WV; 96th in Vancouver (VSun says oldest and largest in the world — and I’d guess about the warmest).

+ Still looking for something to do this weekend (and a bit later)?

see: http://www.insidevancouver.ca/2015/12/31/things-to-do-in-vancouver-this-weekend-120/

+ V sad news at the loss of a Vancouver legend, known for his orchestra at New Year’s Eve and at the Hotel Vancouver — Dal Richards: 79 Happy New Year celebrations! Passed minutes before midnight and 2016 as well as days before his 98th birthday. RIP.

John Lawson Substation Project Update

...Crews have determined that an existing section of underground, concrete ducting (known as a duct bank) needs to be dismantled, removed, and replaced. This add'l work requires concrete cutting, removal of concrete and dirt from the site, and the construction of a new duct bank. To accommodate this add'l work, the project scope and schedule has been revised as follows: - November 30th to December 4th : hydro-vac work

- December 7th to December 10th : concrete cutting

- December 11th to December 17th : removal of concrete via a crane and dump trucks

- December 18th to December 23rd : duct bank construction

- December 29th to to mid-February: duct bank construction

We appreciate your continued patience and apologize for the noise and inconvenience you have experienced throughout this project; questions or concerns, pls contact BC Hydro: 1 866 647 3334 or stakeholderengagement@bchydro.com

Sincerely, Steve Higginbottom, Community Relations Coordinator BC Hydro

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5C:

Budget on Agenda; MP Pam; Celebration of Legend; Huge WV House; Parliamentary Poet

yes, v delayed but still full of intention and hope re WVM15..

Herewith five 'M's. Well, too tempting; have to end with another M. Marriage cartoons at end.

1 Monday’s AGENDA This is the beginning of the draft, fyi:

Main Items Ccl 2016 Jan 11: Fire Engine $800K early approval; 2016 Budget Presentation; Borrow $23M from MFA Click: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/jan/11/16jan11-Agenda.pdf

2 Muddle East

Listening to CBC radio this afternoon. On the Coast played a clip of our MP (Pam G-J) being interviewed by Rosemary Barton (now confirmed taking over) on Power and Politics. Careful and cautious. Such an explosive situation — not just that (Sunni) Saudi Arabia beheaded/executed 47 ppl, but also that one was a (Shia) cleric thus inflaming (Shia) Iran. As if Saudi Arabia cd not have predicted it wd hv serious consequences. Tempting Iran to attack and then count on the US being on Saudi Arabia’s side??? Both Israel and Saudi Arabia wd be pleased to see Iran bombed.

Apparently last year when the Canadian govt was told the Shia cleric had been arrested by the Saudis, they thought it was a bluff, not serious. John Baird visited within days. And you know the Tories signed an agreement to sell them $15B worth of military equipment.

A situation we must watch carefully and not fan flames.

Hope the UN will try to sort things out and calm everyone down.

Sunni vs Shia — sort of like Catholics and Protestants a few centuries ago?

3 Memorial for Dal Richards

Dal Richards’s Memorial service will be at Christ Church Cathedral on Saturday.

What a loss. Today wd hv bn his 98th birthday. As you know he died but minutes before midnight New Year’s Eve wch wd hv bn his 80th NYE performance (had he been well enough).

Such a loss. How great to have had him entertain Vancouver for so long.
Memorial service for 'King of Swing' Dal Richards set for Saturday News1130 - 1 day ago

Legendary bandleader Dal Richards passed away on New Year's Eve at the age of 97.

More news for dal richards’s funeral Images for dal richards's funeral

4 Monster mansions?

Huge WV Houses — This was discussed at Ccl in the fall. Here’s a report on Global today:

January 5, 2016 7:34 pm Updated: January 5, 2016 7:51 pm by Jon Azpiri Web Producer Global News

26,000-square-foot monster home in West Vancouver proves to be last straw for city council

There’s a video [2min13sec]. Was so pleased to read what the Chinese nbr said:

We bought this house because of this yard, he said of his West Vancouver home. “Privacy, many trees. Very good and quiet.

Now, the yard overlooks a behemoth of a house being built just metres away.

About 1m25s (to 1;51), Cclr Cameron speaks about nbrhd character (modest Ambleside vs BritProps and Caulfeild where large estates — large houses on large lots).

{As an aside, I’ve always maintained it’s proportion — a house is no longer a monster’ when on a large property.}

Here’s the link to the article with the video:


{Linguistic Note: Glad this is getting publicity, Global, but John Hua mispronounces “comparable. The emphasis shd be on the first syllable. OTOH, the second syllable is stressed in comparatively (wch Cclr Cam correctly does).

At about 1:52, John Hua mixes terms and says:

limited maximum size of a property even on a consolidated lot

when of course he was referring to the size of a house on a lot. The property is the lot.}

5 Memorable Words -- POETRY

Some of you know I consider myself first and foremost a poet and may have seen my poetry foisted on you in WVM. Still listening to CBC, the announcement a short while ago of the appointment of Canada’s parliamentary poet caught my attention. CBC said George Clarke is seventh generation Canadian, of mixed African-American and Mi’maq origin.

Googled and here are the notes from Global:

George Elliott Clarke named Canada’s parliamentary poet laureate Clarke, who was born in Windsor, N.S. in 1960, is the seventh person to hold the position. He has won awards including the Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry, the National Magazine Awards’ Gold Medal for Poetry, and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Achievement Award.

He has been appointed to the Order of Nova Scotia and to the Order of Canada, and also holds eight honorary doctorates. http://globalnews.ca/news/2435021/george-elliott-clarke-named-canadas-parliamentary-poet-laureate/

A bit later, found this from CBC with more info.

Clarke is an officer of the Order of Nova Scotia and Order of Canada CBC News Posted: Jan 05, 4:47 PM AT Last Updated: Jan 05, 2016 11:04 PM AT


6 Marriage

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5D: Mtg; Deadlines; Monster Home

Throwing some info right away at you.

Herewith: Music + Awards Mtg Today; H Award Deadline Today; H Position Opening; Monster Home still in news; Puns

This just in:

At 2pm today at the Orpheum, VSO: Myths and Legends — Beethoven, Saint-Saens, Wagner with Gordon Gerrard (conductor), Christopher Gaze (host), and Kurt Chen (violinist) at the Orpheum — 876 3434 vancouversymphony.ca

= AWARDS COMMITTEE MEETING Jan 7 —— 7 to 9pm Location: Lawson Creek Studio, 1758 Argyle Ave

= Heritage BC 2016 Awards Nominations Deadline - Thurs Jan 7

You have until Thursday January 7 to make your nominations for the Heritage BC 2016 Awards. This year the Awards Gala will take place during Heritage Week in February.» Submit Heritage BC 2016 Award NominationHeritage BC's Annual Awards Program recognizes the outstanding and significant achievements in heritage conservation of individuals, organizations, groups, businesses, and governments in communities across B.C. There are four categories for Heritage BC Awards: Heritage Conservation; Heritage Education and Awareness; Heritage Planning and Management; Ruby Nobbs Volunteer Award. »More http://www.heritagebc.ca/blog?articleid=187 Posted Mon, Jan 4th, 2016

= We are hiring! Heritage BC Capacity Planner

Are you a hardworking, energetic, outgoing and a creative problem solver looking for a meaningful and professional career in heritage conservation? Heritage BC is hiring a full time (35 hrs/week) permanent position reporting to the Executive Director. As the Heritage BC Capacity Planner, you will be based out of offices in West Vancouver, B.C. but the job requires some provincial travel.The role of the capacity building planner will...

{More at end under Heritage BC} »More http://www.heritagebc.ca/blog?articleid=194 Posted Tue, Jan 5th, 2016


Monster home drives debate in West Vancouver

Businessman's 26,000 square-foot home becomes flashpoint for simmering real estate issue

by Jason Proctor, CBC News Posted: Jan 07, 2016 5:00 AM PT Last Updated: Jan 07, 2016 5:00 AM PT

Nice photo of Cclr Gambioli this time: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/monster-home-drives-debate-in-west-vancouver-1.3392613

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5E: BUDGET Info; Mtgs/Openings

in rush — Monday, Tuesday, Fall’s Budget Presentation, Golden Globes, Cartoons

MONDAY January 11

Ccl Mtg tonight at 6pm: Fire Engine $800K for early approval; 2016 Budget Presentation; Borrow $23M from MFA

Click: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/jan/11/16jan11-Agenda.pdf

TUESDAY January 12

~ 4 - 7pm ~ CEEP WG ay Srs’ Ctr

~ 6 - 8pm ~ FBG Opening Reception for Wit & Whimsy

~ 7 - 9pm ~ WV Museum Opening Reception for Peter Aspell: Saints and Sinners, Mystics and Madness


Alas WVM not finished yet but there was a presentation by the DFO Oct 26 that will provide info so here’s that background on the Budget.

Doubtless there’ll be more tonight for you to consider.

{Do keep in mind that the mill rate is adjusted based on the budget and total assessments. Which means an increase in your assessment does not automatically result in higher taxes. What matters is if the increase in your assessment is greater than the average for all of WV, in which case your tax bill will go up disproportionately. As you see from this, instead of a 2 - 3% increase as WV has had in the recent past, there’s even mention of 7:3%. Let’s hope that’s a strawman for us to knock down.

Keep eyes peeled to see where we can ask for reductions!}

* NB: the transcript is in the Oct 26 Ccl Notes


7. Long-Term Financial [LTF] Plan - Context for Proposed 2016 Budget PowerPoint Presentation http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2015/oct/26SP/15oct26SP-7-powerpoint.pdf

MOTION [Receipt] {The last slide (p57) is the time line -- public consultation November and January 2016}


1 {Summary} Guardian: Golden Globes 2016

Golden Globes 2016: Ricky Gervais's opening monologue pulls no punches


2 {long} Monday, January 11, 2016 12:24 AM EST NYTimes.com » Breaking News Alert

The Revenant won best dramatic film at the Golden Globes

In an upset, “The Revenant, a frontier-era revenge thriller, was the night’s big winner, taking Golden Globe Awards for best drama, best actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) and best direction (Alejandro G. Iñárritu).

Read more »http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/11/movies/golden-globes.html



PS to 14.5E: (Mtg Today)

As an aside, can’t help mentioning the CEEP WG presentation at Monday’s ccl mtg was really impressive — more when the notes are done.

For today:

btw, in the interests of openness and transparency, any draft policy or report shd be clickable so residents aware of what’s being considered and can then decide whether or not worth going — think we can get that???

I’ve been trying to get the new draft guidelines for WGs being discussed at the CEC and apparently mbrs and cclrs bowed to staff’s comment that can’t be given out to public b/c hasn’t gone to Ccl yet.


it’s the PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT Cmte, so engage them/us!!! Why not openness there for goshsakes???

So tired of words, not actions.

Let’s wake up in 2016.


Jan 13, 2016 - 10:00 am to 11:30 am Location: Music Box, 1564 Argyle Ave


Main Items: REPORTS Ambleside Playground EOI; CarreraMarbleStonesDonation; Public Art Reserve Fund, next steps

OTHER ITEMS Review and Finalization of Draft Work Plan; Plywood Wall at the Hall

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5F: Budget 2016; Ccl Jan 11 BITS
Another flying visit! {Sorry, Friday transmission delayed)

Herewith: FRIDAY: Bard; SATURDAY: Biz; then Jan 11 Ccl BITS; BUDGET 2016 (info and open houses); QTP


You're Invited to Christopher's Corner

Last Friday, we released the first episode of our new series: Christopher's Corner. With another week, comes another episode -- the second of 52! Each Friday, Artistic Director Christopher Gaze will bring you a story and reading, highlighting the modern-day usefulness of Shakespeare's works and featuring surprise guests along the way.

Click to watch the latest episode! Watch Now [1m34sec] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW60bvilVWs

SATURDAY #G ask me^^^

North Shore Business Showcase

Park Royal Shopping Centre South Mall - Upper Floor THIS Saturday January 16 from10am to 4pm

Hosted by the WV Chamber of Commerce -- You are invited to join us for the North Shore Business Showcase at Park Royal South, Upper Level from 10am to 4pm.

Get to know our local North Shore and Bowen Island businesses and service organizations. 35+ companies will have displays. Plus a chance to win 2 tickets to the Canucks game January 26th!

Jan 11 Ccl Mtg BITS

= Early Approval for 2016 Fire Engine for $800K

= 2016 Budget Presentation (Item 5, SLIDES 51min; ended at 7:05)

Assets $1B; $57,700 per household

Long-Term Financial Planning, Asset Mgmt/Levy; Maintenance vs Replacement

Options; 4.5% - 10.5% asset levy; homeowner grant

expenditure vs operating; info on website and a couple of public mtgs

= Borrowing $23M from MFA approved

= Excellent Plan Update from the CEEP WG (ended 7:52)

= Bylaws adopted: Parks Regulation; Bylaw Notice Enforcement; M Ticket Info System Implementation

= DVP 1290 Queens to reduce front yard setback to be considered Feb 15

= Approved delegation for Jan 25: WV Streamkeepers and School Students re salmon spawner surveys

= Comments: suing over bylaws, tree; NSEMO, LNG, Festival of Lights, Legion Mbrship + 90th anniv

= PQP: Agendas (email), transcripts (next?), trees for parks/blvds (not burnt), Heritage Week;

More budget info request; GHG; tax deferral at 55

Mayor: talking about a Heritage cmte again; re budget: more info than he has seen in ten years on Ccl.

{NOTE: Salaries are ~80% of the budget. Have found the 2014 info; will put in WVM.}

Meanwhile, much more info: http://westvancouver.ca/government/district-operations/financial-information

2015 Budget Documents 2015 Budget 5-Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4826, 2015

Quarterly Reports Annual Reports Financial Information Act Reports Investment Reports


>>> This just in late Friday afternoon (I’ve added red bolding):


The District of West Vancouver needs a Long-Term Financial Plan to provide high levels of services and to manage its assets in the best possible way. Many of the pieces to do this are already in place, but key pieces are missing.

In the 2016 Proposed Budget, the focus is on the missing pieces, particularly asset management.

The proposed increase to the operating budget is 2.09% for 2016.

In addition to that, we are exploring the best way to implement an asset levy to maintain and protect WV’s public assets. You are invited to find out more and share your opinion, at an open house or online.

Open Houses 6 - 8pm Thursday January 21 Seniors’ Activity Centre, Social Recreation Room

6:30 - 8:30pm Wednesday January 27 Gleneagles Community Centre, Seaview Room

2 - 4pm Thursday, January 28 Seniors’ Activity Centre, Learning Studio

Get details about the proposed asset levy and share your opinion online The survey is open until January 31, 2016

>>> This is what I gleaned earlier: http://westvancouver.ca/content/proposed-2016-budget-–-west-vancouver-services-and-assets


The District of West Vancouver needs a Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP), for resiliency, to provide the highest level of services at the highest value, and to manage its assets in the best way possible. Many of the pieces for a successful #G# LTFP are already in place, but key pieces are missing.

The focus in 2016 is on filling in the missing pieces, particularly in terms of asset management.

Find out more about the proposed 2016 budget and provide your feedback on how you think an asset levy should be approached.

Rich in assets Maintaining our assets Establishing an asset reserve

Proposed 2016 operational increase and asset levy Find out more and share your opinion

Property assessments and taxes Homeowner grant


You are invited to an open house to learn more about West Vancouver’s proposed 2016 budget and asset levy.

At the open house, staff will share information about the 2016 budget and options to fund an asset levy. There will be a presentation at the beginning of the open house, with a question period to follow.

OPEN HOUSE - BUDGET 2016 Jan 21 - 6 to 8pm Seniors’ Activity Centre, Social Recreation Room

OPEN HOUSE - BUDGET 2016 Jan 27 - 6:30 to 8:30 pm Gleneagles Community Centre, Seaview Room

OPEN HOUSE - BUDGET 2016 Jan 28 - 2to 4pm Seniors’ Activity Centre, Learning Studio

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5G: Mtgs; Salaries; Jan 25 Agenda

Still trying to run up the down escalator.

You’re probably most curious about salaries — 80% of the operating budget, so will put it first. The latest info available on the web is for 2014, so keep in mind salaries were higher last year (2015) and are set to rise even more this year (2016). You will see that Ccl is really underpaid in comparison. Some staff are underpaid as well (considering training, experience, and responsibilities) and many IMO are overpaid.

In 2014, about 90+ staff made over $100K, about five over $150K and about five over $200K.

Highest was ~$236K.

See: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/financial-reports/annual-reports/2014_FIA_SOFI_signed.pdf

NB: Police NOT included; reported on a voluntary basis. See http://wvpd.ca/images/stories/file/Salaries-2014.pdf

Fire Dept is, and many firemen earn more than $100K.

Will find out if they’ll give the public the numbers for 2015 and let us know how to get this under control.

How negotiated? Freeze possible? Identify where increases needed?

Herewith: Mtgs (tomorrow); Main items on Jan 25 Ccl agenda; QTP


~ 4:30 - 6pm ~ Finance Cmte AGENDA: Borrowing Resolution Update (verbal)

Report on Reserves

Police Services Building – Status Update

Purchasing Statistics and Report of Contracts Awarded

Task Group Update

~ 7pm ~ Royal Canadian Legion General Meeting (at the Legion of course!)

[The lounge will be closed from 7 - 8pm for the mtg and re-open at the its end.]

~ 7:30pm ~ NSh Heritage Preservation Society AGM at the PARC Westerleigh (725 22nd St)

Following the AGM formalities, our special guest speaker Caroline Adderson whose book ’Vancouver Vanishes’ is based on many of the lost buildings; for more details: http://tiny.cc/mxqy7x {Pls RSVP if you’re coming!} You’re welcome to join; contact the board: 926 6096; info@northshoreheritage.org


Kay Meek Centre Presents [http://www.kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar]

SEEDS Tuesday, January 19, 2016 8:00PM

ARTIST CONFIDENTIAL: SEEDS Wednesday, January 20, 2016 1:30PM

SEEDS Wednesday, January 20, 2016 8:00PM and Thursday, January 21, 2016 8:00PM


whole agenda:http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/jan/25/16jan25-Agenda.pdf

= Delegations: - WV Streamkeeper Society and Sec Students re Spawner Salmon Survey Results

- Hollyburn Family Services Society Update

= DP for Temp Use Permit at 2290 Marine; Sign

= Rezoning 636 Clyde

= Appointment of Council Members to Boards and Committees for 2016

= 2989 Cypress Lane; TransLink; Amendments to Rodgers Crk Area 4

= Correspondence: on Jan 12 list: Hollyburn Sailing Club (1); trees (4 and 5)


=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5H: Wed + Th

May be of interest Wed = ReWilding // Thurs = Film; DRC postponed; OPEN HOUSE on the BUDGET; cartoons

Wednesday, January 20 from 7 to 9:15pm

ReWilding with J.B. MacKinnon -- “creating spaces for nature in our urban environments

Campus: Capilano U, NV Location: BlueShore Theatre

Contact: Marja de Jong Westman Email: mdejong@capilanou.ca Phone: 986 1911 ext 3478



+ Scott Renyard’s film “The Pristine Coast will be shown in the Squamish Library

this Thursday January 21st, beginning at 6:30pm. Scott will attend to answer questions afterward.


Jan 21, 2016 - 4:30 pm RESCHEDULED TO JANUARY 28, 2016

+ OPEN HOUSE - BUDGET 2016 --- Jan 21 - 6 to 8pm

You are invited to an open house to learn more about West Vancouver’s proposed 2016 budget and asset levy.

At the open house, staff will share information about the 2016 budget and options to fund an asset levy. There will be a presentation at the beginning of the open house, with a question period to follow.

Location: Seniors' Activity Centre, Social Recreation Room




sorry, omitted — in case you’re interested in Iraq and Syria..

~~~ Wednesday January 20 from 7 - 9pm


Admission: $15 Call 925 7270 to register (course #1049774) or register online here.

Multi-media visual and musical presentations by Peter Langer, BA, BSc, MA. This winter series features stunning images from his 2015 travels.

More info: Ultimate Traveller website http://theultimatetraveller.com/#sthash.wGjbeZr3.dpbs

Sat Jan 23 at 1:30pm - SFU Harbour Ctr SOLD OUT! See more at: http://theultimatetraveller.com/#sthash.wGjbeZr3.dpuf

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5I: Today; Budget Bit; Robbie Burns...

14.5I   in haste but some info for you (shd hv gone out earlier in case you cd go to the matinee, sorry).

Herewith: budget bit; theatre; Robbie Burns; bagpipes


Asked the Director of Financial Services if the first open house had been taped.  Ms Gordon said no but notes had been taken.  I suggested they be made public; then we can ask other/more questions and get even more info.  Happy to say she will look into producing an FAQ.

{As in previous Headsups, next two open houses are Jan 27and 28; input: http://www.peakdemocracy.ca/1635 and info at: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/home-building-property/docs/tax-utilities/proposed-budget- 2016/Information%20package%20for%20Budget%202016%20Open%20Houses%20updated.pdf

(gotta love DWV's short memorable URLs) }


Only two performances left alas!  2pm matinee and 8pm.  Saw it last night and it was a great production with great performances.  Superb for Blackbird Theatre’s Tenth Anniversary.

But we love Scott Bellis, Duncan Fraser, and Gabrielle Rose.  Have admired the first two often at Bard on the Beach.  Gabrielle Rose is well-known and loved — you cd hear the laughter of recognition when she referred to the “allegories on the banks of the Nile, wch I remember from high school.  Introduced to the good acting of Martin Happer and then the amusing John Emmet Tracy.  

Recognize it yet?  Surprised to learn it was Sheridan’s first play.


at the ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, WV  —   Lounge: 922 1920

Come at 5 - 5:30; dinner served at 6pm SATURDAY JANUARY 23 – BURNS SUPPER TIX $50 PP




so I thought I’d add some bagpiping for you here — here are bagpipes with an orchestra 

Andre Rieu — Scotland The Brave, Amazing Grace https://youtu.be/n9GbDUNZyIE    [video 5:41] 

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5J: Ccl Notes; Mtgs, etc

>>>NB: photos too big for newsletter so click here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PEZrX6ZH8ZX19YTk91T2htS2M/view?usp=sharing

Too much going on!  and I’ve probably missed some things..

Monday was Robbie Burns Day so lots of suppers from last weekend to next.

Come to think of it, they shd hv had the mtg start w/ a brief bagpiping bit — + JP Fell is the official piping group for WV..j.

Bits of the ccl mtg then mtgs/events for next few days: Ambleside waterfront, theatre, Streamkeepers, KMC, etc to :-)

Don’t forget Budget Open Houses Wed 6pm at GECC and Th 2pm at Srs’ Ctr; have your say: http://www.peakdemocracy.ca/1635

NB: rather than summarize, below are whole posters for events Tues to Friday {see link}

 COUNCIL MTG BITS  2016 January 25  Monday

=  WV Streamkeeper Society and Sec Sch Students, re Spawner Salmon Survey Results Fall 2015  [6:04 - 6:24] 

v interesting; slides; ups and downs of numbers; also reported achievements over past year and plans for next.

All invited to mtg Thurs 28th at St Stephen’s; reports, plans,  {see below in Mtgs}

=  Hollyburn Family Services Society, re Update on Programs, Services, and Outcomes [end 6:44]

Learned a lot from this presentation.  Shocking to learn of the increase in senior suicides and homelessnessl

Good work being done and planned.  

=  DP for Temp Use Permit for 2290 Marine Dr; structure as a sales ofc for the 17-storey tower (35 units) [end 7:52]

Many changes made to address last summer’s comments re the tower.

Great idea that if a temp bldg cd be modular and then moved/re-used (new youth ctr?)

=  Rezoning of 636 Clyde Avenue (to make zoning match what’s actually there; limited commercial)

=  Appmt of ccl mbrs to various cmtes/boards

=  Other Items from 8:09:  

what do you do if you think a house is being built higher than allowed?  Go to the Planning Dept.

When doing something about trees?  Planning hopes to bring something April/May.

=  Ccl Reports started at 8:17:

     Youth Summt; Chamber’s Mayor event Mar 2; Finance may report on why comm exempt from asset levy; NSEMO;

WasteWater plant; KMC fundraiser Sneakers Ball; Police Chief to come make presentation in Feb  

= PQP: YT referred to Heritage Week starting Feb 15 (will be a delegation re trees); theme distinctive places and held up the HWk poster (gave some to District); Heritage Fayre will be Sat Feb 20; tour of Block House at Pt Atkinson; may be something special at Cypress; will try to get flyer out soon.

= Mtg ended just before 8:30!

 January 26  Tuesday  is Australia Day!

>>> 7:00   Poster re Bee Time {see link}

Join us in beautiful Edgemont Village for this event. Mark Winston will be happy to sign your books!

If you can't attend you can pre-order books to be signed that you can pick up at 32 Books & Gallery.

>>> 7:30  KMC  


Tuesday, Jan 26 | 7:30pm Tickets: $10 Adults | $7 Students Run time: 1 hour 24 min

Red Army is a feature documentary about the Soviet Union and the most successful dynasty in sports history: the Red Army hockey team. Told from the perspective of its captain Slava Fetisov, the story portrays his transformation from national hero to political enemy.

From the USSR to Russia, the film examines how sport mirrors social and cultural movements and parallels the rise and fall of the Red Army team with the Soviet Union. Featuring Viacheslav Fetisov, Scotty Bowman and Mark Deakins. Winner of the Audience Choice award at the AFI Festival & The Chicago International Film [Festival] (2014) and Special Mention at the Zurich Film Festival (2014). 

 January 27  Wednesday 


Jan 27 - 6 to 8pm at St. Francis-in-the-Wood Anglican Church, Caulfeild Cove Hall, 4773 Piccadilly South

>>> 6:30  FILM SCREENING: The Great Bear Sea - Protecting BC's Coast



Join the David Suzuki Foundation and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society for a screening of The Great Bear Sea – Protecting the B.C Coast.

This event features a film that looks at the incredible richness and beauty of BC’s Central and North Coast—The Great Bear Sea. After the film you can participate in a discussion about how to create a secure future for our coastal waters. 

The MC of the event will be Bill Wareham, Science Projects Mgr, David Suzuki Fdn.  Bill has decades of experience contributing to the strategic planning and implementation of marine planning and conservation initiatives in B.C.

So far on the panel, we have:

= Linda Nowlan, Staff Council, West Coast Environmental Law.  Linda has led advocacy, policy reform, and conservation work on marine planning and tankers for Canada’s Pacific region

= Dallas Smith, President of the Nanwakolas Council on Northern Vancouver Island. Nanwakolas Council is a cutting edge First Nations organization that protects and manages First Nation cultural values while building strategic opportunities and partnerships to increase sustainable opportunities and employment.

Whether you want to ask questions about shipping traffic, oil spills, protecting our oceans, or just sit back and enjoy the conversation the choice is yours!

Itinerary 6:30pm - Doors Open 7:00pm - 7:10 Opening remarks

7:10 - 8:10 – Film screening

8:10 - 8:30 breakout sessions - what issues matter to you?

8:35 - 9:00 pm - Panel discussion 9:00 - 9:05 closing remarks 9:05 Event close

We will be meeting on the unceded territory of the Musqueam (xʷməθkʷəy̓əm), Squamish (Skwxwú7mesh Úxwumixw), and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations

Pls RSVP and get your tix here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-great-bear-sea-protecting-bcs-coast-tickets-20486800572



You are invited to the following event:  BIG CHANGES FOR THE AMBLESIDE WATERFRONT 

Event to be held: Wednesday 27 January from 7 to 10:00PM WV Seniors' Centre, A/V Room

Big changes have been planned for the Ambleside Waterfront.

Here is your opportunity to learn what is planned and voice your opinion. 

Do you want a marina near Ambleside beach? Do you want to pay for a underground parking structure located where the tennis courts are (opposite the new Grosvenor development)? What are your thoughts on the demolition of the Silk Purse and Music Box? Shd new buildings be constructed near the Ferry Building? Will a stage be a good fit in John Lawson Pk?

Come and listen to District Planning Director Jim Bailey as he tells us about these plans and more. A question and answer session after the presentation will invite discussion and let you hear what your neighbours are thinking.

Please book your FREE TICKET(S) to this event so we can estimate the number of attendees.

Share this event on Facebook and Twitter We hope you can make it!

Cheers, Ambleside & Dundarave Ratepayers' Association (ADRA) {Ed note deleted}

 January 28  Thursday


on agenda: 2173 Argyle; 2nd appearance; Devt Permit Applicn for a 3-unit Townhouse project in the Ambleside Apt Area 

>>> 6:30 KMC -- COMMUNITY PRESENTER PARVIZ TANAVOLI: Poetry In Bronze {see link}

Thursday, Jan 28 | 6:30pm Tickets: Adults/Seniors $25 | Young Adults $15

It's with great pleasure that we, Neekoo Philanthropic Society, would like to invite you to the first public screening of "Poetry in Bronze", a film about the Iranian world famous artist, Parviz Tanavoli, which is directed by the very talented Terrence Turner.

Parviz Tanavoli is the most acclaimed internationally recognized modern sculptor to ever call Canada home. He's been named "The father of modern Iranian sculpture" and his works are featured in many renowned museums and galleries across the world including The British Museum, The Metropolitan, Tate Modern, Museum of Anthropology, etc. As well, he has been featured in various prominent magazines as Vanity Fair, Wallpaper Magazine, and many other news feeds.

Terrence Turner creates in a variety of mediums from film and video to sculpture and writing. The underlying objective of all his work is to entertain, provoke, and wherever possible, challenge the status quo. Turner's previous documentary film was "Adele's Wish" which tells the story of Maria Altmann whose family's Gustav Klimt paintings were looted by the Nazis during WWII. The 2015 movie "Woman in Gold" starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds is based on Maria Altmann's story.

For more details please visit: www.neekoo.org And for more details on the film refer to: www.poertyinbronze.com

{Pls note: there’s a typo in the notice’s website; correct is www.poetryinbronze.com }

>>>  7:30 WV Streamkeeper Society Mtg at St Stephen’s (22nd St)

Updates, reports, plans,  Guest Speaker:􏰁 Steve Macdonald. Ph.D., Designated Senior Officer, Centre for Aquaculture and Environmental Research (the West Vancouver Laboratory) will speak about 􏰂 What Goes On Here?􏰃 

  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday — PuSh  {see link}


Opening This Week -- Presented with The Cultch

Starting tonight, local funnyman Charlie Demers teams up with Neworld Theatre for a seriously hilarious night of political comedy. Book Tickets January 26–30 | The York Theatre

Co-written and directed by James Fagan Tait, Miss Understood is the powerful story of Antonette Rea, local poet and trans* woman.  Book Tickets January 27–31 | Performance Works

Presented with The Dance Centre

Two performers stretch their bodies as if stretching time. French choreographer Nacera Belaza takes us on a beautiful adventure of duration. Book Tickets January 27–29 | Scotiabank Dance Centre

 January 29  Friday

>>>  2:00 KMC ~ DAVID STEWART, violin & JANE COOP, piano (see link) 2pm Friday, Jan 29 Tix: $20

Join host and former KMC Exec Dir Paul Gravett for afternoon tea and classical music.  Part of the Musically Speaking series.

Canadian violinist and concertmaster of the Bergen (Norway) Philharmonic, David Stewart, and our most beloved pianist, Jane Coop, offer a program of Grieg and Ysaÿe ("the Tsar of the violin").

"... not only technical prowess but intellectual perception and telling interpretive instincts." -The New York Times

>>>  7:30 KMC -- SNEAKERS BALL v2.0 A Kay Meek Centre Fundraiser {see link; + link to video)

Tickets: $59 in advance, $64 at the door Groups of 10 - $575  (Group sales by phone only 604 981 6335)

Shake the winter blues off with dancing and music from the '60s through to today!

The first SNEAKERS BALL was held in 2004 to raise funds for Kay Meek Centre. Now this Legacy event is back - updated and improved. The Studio Theatre becomes a dance hall with live music, cash bar, savory treats and lots more!

When you're not dancing, hang out in the KMC lounge with friends old and new. At the second intermission, we will have a snack of savoury sliders and sweet treats.

The Hairfarmers are the "go to" Whistler band for every occasion with a repertoire of over 2500 songs covering the 1960s through to current hits. It's the music you went to school with! The Hairfarmers have shared the stage with Canadian icons such as Tom Cochrane, 54-40, and Barney Bentall as well as opening for the "Original Wailers" of Bob Marley fame. Come in your favourite dancing shoes, Sneakers recommended - heels optional!

Above is what I’d just received, from this — 

KMC <marketing@kaymeekcentre.com> Jan 26 at 6:03:52 AM PST ReplyTo: marketing@kaymeekcentre.com

for more info it says to click here:  http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?ca=8cb45c00-326a-4637-b1b2-8135eb096bf8

Breaking News just sent to me {moved to end}

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5K: Feb 2 and 3

quickly throwing this together —  art, green planting, money, and music. :-) an old cartoon and a real groaner. {moved}

>  TODAY > TUESDAY, Feb 2 = Art

FBG: LOVE IN ANY LANGUAGE ~~ February 2 - 21

A juried mixed media exhibition of visual interpretations on the theme of love.

Opening Reception: 6 - 8pm Tues Feb 2 and Meet the Artists: 2 - 3pm Sat Feb 6



The District of WV is pleased to announce that TD Green Streets has provided a grant to support the removal of invasive plants and restoration of native plants in West Vancouver. You are invited to celebrate with us at the planting event.

Location: Hay Park, on Inglewood Avenue, between Sinclair and 20th Streets

The event begins with a welcome from Mayor Michael Smith and a representative from TD Green Streets. This is followed by a native planting activity with students from West Vancouver Secondary School

= Money

~ 6:30pm wrt to requests for BUDGET 2016 Our Library's Future: Our Facility

Join us for an Open House and learn how we’re preserving and enhancing the West Wing to serve you better. 

MORE — https://westvanlibrary.ca/our-librarys-future

= Music ~ 7:30pm Early Music Vancouver

Dear Friends: There are only 50 tickets remaining to tomorrow night's recital with Dorothee Mields, Sumner Thompson, and the PBO at the Telus Theatre at the Chan Centre.This is an extremely special opportunity to hear one of Europe's most accomplished interpreters of early Baroque repertoire in the intimate space of the Telus Theatre. Longtime EMV collaborator, Marc Destrubé, leads an exotic group of instruments that includes three gambas, lute, organ, bassoon, and two violins.  

Seating is Limited - Purchase NOW!

Dorothee sings Bach's Gott fähret auf mit Jauchzen with the Collegium Vocale Gent, conducted by Philippe Herreweghe:

Above you can hear the singing and the instruments (listen to what you want — it’s about 20min)

More details: http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/events/death-and-devotion-soprano-dorothee-mields/

:-) Section

Big Day in Cavendish PEI

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5L: Mtgs today +

alas, more delay., so have taken part of the Calendar out of the draft to send to you asap.

One mtg wch had not yet been put in the draft is the one for the WV Cmnty Fdn, so it has been appended — its info mtg is tonight.

from the Calendar with today highlighted b/c about our waterfront!:

=== Thursday February 4 ~ 7pm ~ AWARDS COMMITTEE MEETING at Cmnty Ctr

=== Tuesday February 9 ~ 4pm ~ CEEP WG at Srs' Ctr

=== Wednesday February 10

~ 10am ~ Public Art Adv Cmte


Council has endorsed the Ambleside Waterfront Plan for community consultation.  The current plan builds on the success of 40 years of planning and improvements  to the publicly-owned waterfront. While keeping the essentials of what makes it special, the plan proposes upgrades to current facilities, creating new facilities, creating more public spaces and modifications to existing ones. It also proposes to leverage the waterfront’s potential to attract people to businesses just steps away in Ambleside.

Find out about the overall vision and ask questions. Kay Meek Ctr; Doors open at 6:30pm. The presentation starts at 7pm.

=== Thursday February 11

~ 4:30pm ~ Key Performance Indicators Task Group

~ 7pm ~ Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr Adv Cmte mtg at the GCC


Large poster from the WV Cmnty Foundation.

{For poster, see: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PEZrX6ZH8ZVEZONzJuSzM2TW8/view?usp=sharing }

Unfortunately not able to copy and paste the details into this newsletter because it was distributed in an unfriendly format For more information on becoming a Director, please join us at our upcoming information session.

If you are interested in joining our Board of Directors, please complete the forms below:

Board Application Form Skill Set Template for Potential Board Member


=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5M: TODAY Amb Waterfront + Mtgs

Have your say about the future of our precious waterfront, a heritage asset.

It’s great that we’re being consulted —kudos to Council and staff.

Several times however we’ve been told we’re being asked “HOW and “WHEN.

I and others wd like to add: WHAT AND “WHERE

Today from 4 to 7pm in the atrium of the Cmnty Ctr is an opportunity. That will be the first part below fyi. After that will be a bit of what was said at the Oct 28 ccl mtg (notes will be in WVM); then at the ADRA info/public mtg (in WVM) followed by the Director of Planning’s answers to some questions.

Before that, though, other mtgs today — busy -- Cypress Bowl, 636 Clyde, Library Bd; then Waterfront; QTP


Wed Feb 17 ~  5 to 7pm ~   Location: Mulgrave School, 2330 Cypress Bowl Road

The applicant is hosting a Development Application Information Meeting about their proposal.


Wed Feb 17 ~ 6:30 to  8pm    Location: 636 Clyde Avenue, Unit #5

Prior to the PH, the applicant is hosting a Devt Applicn Information Mtg about their proposed rezoning.

- MEMORIAL LIBRARY BOARD MEETING -- Wed Feb 17 ~ 7 to 9pm ~ (at the Library)



Council has endorsed the Ambleside Waterfront Plan for cmnty consultation.  The current plan builds on the success of 40 years of planning and improvements  to the publicly-owned waterfront. While keeping the essentials of what makes it special, the plan proposes upgrades to current facilities, creating new facilities, creating more public spaces and modifications to existing ones. It also proposes to leverage the waterfront’s potential to attract people to businesses just steps away in Ambleside. Discuss the key components of the plan and provide your feedback. Location: in Cmnty Ctr

.....from the Oct 28 Ccl Mtg minutes: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-minutes/2015/oct/15oct28SP.pdf

In response to a query from Mayor Smith, J. Bailey informed that Planning is articulating the community’s vision, staff are open-minded and want to talk with the community, and that the consultation is about the implementation details. 

Much of the discussion was wrt the future of the Hollyburn Sailing Club (location? bistro?) and some about CAAD

> THIRD in the WVM draft:


Wed. Jan 27th was one of the darkest and wettest evenings in some time, but it did not stop nearly 200 people from attending a meeting put on by volunteers from ADRA – the Ambleside & Dundarave Ratepayers’ Association - to inform and engage citizens about the proposed changes for the Ambleside Waterfront.

Previously, the message presented to the community -- from the October 2015 WV Council meeting and initially reinforced by the new Director of Planning, Jim Bailey, in the beginning of his Jan. 27th presentation -- was the theme of consulting the public to “advance and “implement the plan.

It was soon evident, however, by both the large number of attendees and the large amount of information they provided, that perhaps the District’s plan advancing straight to “implementation might be a tad premature.

On this evening, Mr. Bailey assured everyone again and again that the potential for significant changes and revisions to the plan existed and as requested would be based on tonight’s and additional consultation, research, and data analysis.

(eg, to date bricks and mortar restaurants hv not bn polled re their views on food trucks; biz cases for the commercial proposals hv not bn made; the exact number of parking spots to be removed from Argyle & various projects costs etc. are as yet unknown.)

These assurances were provided with absolute sincerity. Nearly 200 citizens, including all the councillors (but not the mayor), heard this message and ADRA plans to hold the District accountable.

A summary of all questions/comments and answers (as well as any subsequent information) will be sent to all attendees by ADRA when the volunteers finish compiling this. (Very soon we hope!)

ADRA set a new benchmark by conducting the meeting in a remarkably respectful and open manner that allowed all participants to engage in the process.  Everyone was required to wear a nametag (ADRA has long campaigned against anonymous public feedback). This ensured the polite crowd was kept accountable and better allowed folks to meet their neighbours and fellow activists.

Big posters on various categories were on the walls for questions and comments to be written on, and space was provided for additional contributions. Even those without specific questions were afforded the opportunity to weigh in when prioritizing/endorsing the written questions and comments. Small stickers were given out for people to apply indicating approval. Thus, comments and questions were validated (or not) by the group and no one person or group was allowed to dominate the meeting.

The questions and comments were divided into 15 broad categories:

The ever passion-inducing Hollyburn Sailing Club (HSC). (Why rebuild if the Club itself doesn’t want that?)

The Bistro at the HSC. (What has changed since the April 2013 NSN reported “West Van rejects waterfront plans after public outcry and focused on opposition to a 75-seat wine bar?)

The Spirit Trail and removal of cars and parking along Argyle Ave. (HOW many parking spots will be lost?)

Boat rental services at the HSC.

Shoreline (rising sea levels, et al).

Budget & Financial aspects.

Demolition of the Silk Purse and Music Box.

New Arts Buildings near the Ferry Building.

14th Street Pier – Marina & Ferry service.

The parkade where the current Ambleside Tennis Courts are located.

Food Carts.

John Lawson Pier and boat marina.

The District’s feedback process to date.

The Outdoor Stage at John Lawson Park.

Other (anything that may have been missed).

It might be observed that the majority of citizens in attendance wanted the waterfront to be a “commercial free zone, while the District appears interested in making their significant investment in buying up waterfront properties provide some financial return.

Ms Slater opined that the waterfront is not unlike schools -- we don’t expect a financial return from them because the overall community benefits are so overwhelming.

The most overwhelmingly endorsed question was not a question at all however but a statement: “We do not need to build attractions on our waterfront. The waterfront IS the attraction.

Yes – the good citizens of West Vancouver know that a natural beauty does not need any expensive tattoos or piercings, just soap and water and some clean clothes.

However, citizens must work to ensure that THEIR vision of that statement aligns with the District perception!

Suggested activities to achieve this:

Attend and speak at the District Public Input Events for the Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan:

Wednesday February 10th from 6:30 – 8:30PM -- Consultation Launch Event - Kay Meek Centre

Wednesday February 17th from 4 – 7PM -- Open House DWV Community Centre Atrium

Thursday February 25th from 4 – 7PM-- Open House DWV Community Centre Atrium

Tuesday March 1st from 4 – 7PM -- Open House DWV Community Centre Atrium


Some of Mr Bailey’s answers to the Qs at the ADRA mtg (full response was sent to ADRA mbrs; some in WVM).


We might not rebuild if renovation is considered a smarter strategy.  Council cares about bringing more people to the waterfront.  Council cares about tax dollars and where improvements are going.  We have to think about how to pay for the facility and the life cycle cost. We are open to renovation or expansion but we want to have the conversation.


We will work with parks to look at alternate spaces for John Lawson Studio activities. Looking to add green space to JL and add to green space by creek.


This is a trade-off with green space. We need to look at various issues and the condition of the assets.  We need to make it work for users of the building and at the same time maximize green space. We recognize in the not-too-distant future we will have issues with rising water levels concerning the Silk Box and Music Box. Where would they go?  Proposal to move closer to the ferry building, given the synergy between the Ferry Building Gallery and the Silk Purse and Music Box. Certain things are pushing transformation


Parking on Argyle impacts use of the Spirit Trail.  We are thinking of a phased decrease of parking spaces.  We won’t recommend taking out 14th and 15th street parking as needed.  Removal of parking spaces must provide a benefit to the majority of people. Therefore, we are looking at trade-offs and this is part of the consultation process. We also recognize that Ambleside businesses depend on parking for business. Through the process DWV will state how many parking spots will be lost and how it relates to the bigger picture.


The Waterfront Plan is the result of a long process of consultation. This is based on ideas, not necessarily data. The OCP has guidelines, which express the emerging vision of the waterfront.  We do need to do more on the HOWS and the WHENS.

CAAD The CAAD is not part of this (Waterfront Proposal) process. Council has been very clear on that.

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5N: Feb 15 Ccl Mtg / 22nd Agenda w/ Budget Increase

Didn’t send this Monday:

Overwhelmed but wish you happy National Heritage Day (it’s also National Flag Day and Louis Riel Day).

Both of us with flu over the weekend; car had to be towed to the garage, got it late afternoon today.   Once home, another leak, in West End so had to rent a Modo car.

And I thought last year had problems!

Missed the heritage lunch today (running a bit of a fever) but will append the info.

Tonight’s ccl mtg will have several heritage items: a delegation re trees, the nomination of the Hollyburn Cabin area for the heritage register, and of course proclamation of Hertage Week (several activities)

Thought I’d give you a peek at the ill-fated delayed WVM wch will be: WVM 15/16/17 Incomplete Draft.  Putting the beginning below but keep in mind the Table of Contents will be revised.

was off to other commitments but now putting the Feb 15 bit in the WVM

--> START HERE:  Feb 15 then Feb 22 w/ proposed 2.09% increase to the operating budget!

Ccl Mtg Feb 15 v little BITS

=   Mayor proclaimed Heritage Week

=   Excellent presentation on Trees  (to 6:26)

=   Presentation by West Vancouver Police Department Regarding 2015 Crime Statistics (to 7:30)

=   DVP 1290 Queens, while not happy work done without permit, passed. (7:40) NB: BoV had turned this down.

=   Addn of Hollyburn Cabin Community to WV Community Heritage Register -- Great night for heritage!

=   Backyard chickens to go to PH

=   Discussion re trees, etc to 8:12

=   Reports: Hollyburn Lodge and HHS, George Lee, LNG, real estate practices, 8:23

=   PQP: Heritage Week

Adjournment 8:27

Unlikely will finish WVM today to send out so thought I’d better send a tiny bit of what happened Monday night.

This coming Monday (22nd) will be:

Looks like something big coming down on Monday.  Clerk’s helpfully puts in red late additions or revisions, AND the closed mtg is starting at 3:30!

(a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee, or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality;

(e) the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the ccl considers that disclosure cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality; and

(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality.

Purpose of meeting: committee membership, land, and legal matters

THEN -- PH for 636 Clyde

Reg Ccl Mtg: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/feb/22/16feb22-agenda-copy4.pdf

=  Arts  Ctr Trust re KMC

=  Temporary Use Permit re 2989 Cypress Bowl Lane

=  Devt Permit Applicn for 2976 - 2988 Burfield Place


2016 Asset Levy and Operating Budget Increase (File: 0860-01) PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

RECOMMENDATION: THAT The proposed 2016 operating budget increase of 2.09% be approved;

A 2016 asset levy, to be applied equally to both resid and biz class properties, be approved; and that

The 2016 asset levy be applied based on the one-year option, equalizing the impact at $372 to the average residential and business class taxpayer.

Establishment of Asset Management Reserves

=  Regional Affordable Housing Strategy

=   Devt Applicns 11.3.  Active Development Applications Status List (to January 27, 2016) 

=  Apptmts 11.6. Appointment of Council Members to Committees for 2016  (File: 0115-01 / 0116-01)

THAT the following Council members be appointed as Council liaisons to committees and groups for 2016:

Key Performance Indicators Task Group: Councillors Booth, Gambioli, and Lewis

Reserves and Investments Task Group: Councillors Cameron, Cassidy, and Soprovich

Community Energy and Emissions Plan Working Group: Councillor Lewis

Coho Festival Society: Councillor Soprovich

Howe Sound Forum: Councillors Gambioli and Soprovich

West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce: CouncillorBooth

Ambleside Dundarave Biz Improvement Assn: Councillor Booth (Alternates: Councillors Cassidy and Soprovich).

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5O: Ccl Bits Feb 22; Mtgs Tu/Th

rushing to get you the latest!

highlights’ from last night’s agonizing ccl mtg, then mtgs, etc. + QTP

{Again, apologies; was to go out early afternoon b/c some things for this evening, and then computer misbehaved and seized up; geek was at ofc; finally revived}


btw, disconcerting mtg; the most shambolic, in fact shocking, budget discussion I’ve ever heard (and I go back to 1988)

=  Announcement re mbrship of GCC Adv Cmte and the disbanding of the CEC and estabmt of a select cmte

=  PH re rezoning of 636 Clyde; no new construction (approved later during the reg ccl mtg)

=  Report from WV Arts Ctr Trust re KMC —  SLIDES interesting, lots achieved, donate!  [6:17 - 6:41]

(sorry to learn Jeanne LeSage is leaving for Toronto — as the Mayor says, she’ll have to get winter clothes!)

=  Temp Use Permit granted; Cypress Bowl Lane

=  Devt Permit for 2900blk Burfield (Rodgers Crk; Amendment) [to 6:58?]

= Then: lack of info, confusion, changing order of motion, mover stating not supporting it, etc. [to 9pm]

Passed but not unanimous: 1.62%, $13.5M, and (I think) half the annual $372 asset levy (review amt for next year)

2016 Asset Levy and Operating Budget Increase

1.  The proposed 2016 operating budget increase of 2.09% be approved;

2.  A 2016 asset levy, to be applied equally to both resid and biz class properties, be approved; and that

3.  The 2016 asset levy be applied based on the one-year option, equalizing the impact at $372 to the average residential and business class taxpayer.

Debate  of 1.62% recommended by the Fin Cmte and 2.09% by staff.  moving 1 difficult b/c some said it depended on what 3 was wch they’d vote for.  Tracking this back and forth and separate or together, etc was so confusing I dare not try to summarize.  Ray Richards (an accountant) spoke after me. 

I’m not an accountant but am concerned about process.  I thought there shd be a list of the assets indicating how urgent work was needed on them (priorities) plus the costs involved. There is time since the budget need not be approved until May.  Dir/Finance stated that DWV has $1B in assets.  The list shd be available in a couple of weeks. IMO once it’s been made public we shd give our opinions as to what, etc.l  Instead they voted $13.9M.  I cd not resist therefore since they had not deferred asking if they cd change this and was told Ccl can pass an amendment.   So don’t let anyone tell you this can’t be reconsidered — I’ve established that.

Furthermore, since salaries and benefits are 80% of the operating budget, we shd look at that.  The Mayor correctly said that b/c of arbitration for Fire and Police they had no say.  (I will comment later that they shd then look at the rest of the staff’s pay b/c Fire and Police are not even half.)

One cclr said like teachers, can’t cut, need staff for services.  So ironic b/c on the TV news after the mtg after discussions about the VSB’s budget they referred to having laid off teachers in the past.

IMO (but I didn’t say it), maybe we can have a freeze while we evaluate wch to keep and at what salary.

I did say, however, that with the departure of the Dep CAO, saving us a quarter mil ($250K+), was given to understand that his responsibilities were split between the Cmnty Relns Mgr and the Dir/Devt.  Great.

Was surprised therefore to find out, and not from WV (from another source), someone had been hired in Arts at $150K+ with an assistant at ~$60K.  Replacement? not new? At this point the Mayor interrupted me and wdn’t let me finish.  What I was trying to get out is that in some companies any position not filled within nine months is then lost to that section.  That was at least one, if not three years ago.

Accompanying/Next item: Estmt of Asset Mgmt Reserves

= Draft MetroV Regional Affordable Housing Strategy (WV generally supports)

= Apptmts of Cclrs to cmtes (listed in previous Headsup)

= Other Items: about traffic

= Reports: Emergency measures; Coho Fest; dementia talk at Srs’ Ctr; HWk tour of PtA Lighthouse; Mayor

"Unplugged" Mar 2; WV Youth Band annual fundraiser; CAO trip to Marrakesh?; GG coming to KMC in March!

= PQP:  Suggested perhaps a WG or Task Force to evaluate the priorities and amts on the assets, once the list if completed.  Public input v important (rather than just accept $13.5M bill).  Think the Dir/Planning also referred to CACs but I mentioned (some of) that money cd go toward restoration and maintenance.

  MEETINGS, etc  {all in MHall unless otherwise stated}

>  TUESDAY Feb 23

~ 4:30pm ~ RESERVES AND INVESTMENTS TASK GROUP MEETING -- Feb 23, 2016 - 4:30pm  


VARIATIONS ON A LANDSCAPE  February 23 - March 13

Mixed media by Bob Araki, Colette Chilcott, Anne Griffiths, Fred Peter, & Mong Yen

  Opening Reception Tues Feb 23 | 6 - 8pm.   Meet the Artists Sat Feb 27 | 2 - 3pm.

~ 6:30pm ~ TONIGHT! Researching the History of a Building: City of Vancouver Archives

Spend the evening with us at the Vancouver Archives and learn about the resources available, as well as effective research methods, when looking into the history of a heritage building. The workshop begins with an introduction by Historian and Author, John Atkin, using a Strathcona heritage home as a case study to illustrate the steps of researching a home to understand its past and/or inform restoration and repairs. This is followed by an introduction to the Archives’ resources with Archivist Jana Grazley, using examples of research materials from attendees’ submitted addresses.

Tues Feb 23 -- 6:30 - 8:30pm 1150 Chestnut, CoV Archives Register Here $20


~ noon Brown Bag Lunch & Learn -- Former Remand Centre: Converting a Former Jail into Community Housing

Once home to up to 400 detainees awaiting trial, the remand centre at 250 Powell Street was recently converted into 96 community housing suites. The prison yard is now a community garden, the gymnasium converted into a gathering place, and the cells converted into bachelor and one-bedroom apartments. Join us at the first Brown Bag Lunch & Learn of the year where Jonathan Oldman, Executive Director of the Bloom Group, and Naomi Brunemeyer, Asset Manager at BC Housing, will talk about the process, costs, and community benefits of the ambitious 2014-2015 adaptive reuse project.

Wed Feb 24 — 12 - 1:30pm BCIT Downtown, 555 Seymour  Registe r~ 5pm

~ 5 - 7pm ~ Churchill Society of BC: Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II at The Vancouver Club

Speaker: Roddy MacKenzie; mbr of Seaforth Highlanders, Naval Ofcers Assn, Probus, + others

Pls inform April Accola, of attendance (aprilaccola@hotmail.com) or online www.winstonchurchillbc.org.

~ 7pm ~ Old Growth Conservancy Socty AGM (Srs’ Ctr); Ken Wu, Exec Dir, Ancient Forest Alliance:

“The ecology and status of old-growth forests on the BC South Coast.

~ 7pm ~ Book Launch: Peter Busby’s The Life and Art of Jack Ackroyd, and 

Trevor Carolan's Literary Storefront, The Glory Years. Free. WV Memorial Library

>  THURSDAY Feb 25


Council has endorsed the Ambleside Waterfront Plan for community consultation.  The current plan builds on the success of 40 years of planning and improvements  to the publicly-owned waterfront. While keeping the essentials of what makes it special, the plan proposes upgrades to current facilities, creating new facilities, creating more public spaces and modifications to existing ones. It also proposes to leverage the waterfront’s potential to attract people to businesses just steps away in Ambleside.

Discuss the key components of the plan and provide your feedback.  Location: WV Cmnty Ctr, Atrium

~ 4:30pm

WEST VANCOUVER POLICE -- Seniors’ Activity Ctr - Rec Room

Click Here For The Police Board Agenda Click Here To Learn More About The WV Police Board


Exciting news!  

On Heritage Weekend, over Feb 21, many cherry blossoms spotted itching to come out!!! Bring on spring!!!


=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5P: LNG mtg Sunday

Mtg Sunday 1pm at Cmnty Ctr

sorry; thought WVM wd be out yesterday and you’d see this so rushing to send this out on its own.

From: Lucinda Jones

Woodfibre LNG is not a done deal. The Federal Govt has not approved this project, and Justin Trudeau has stated that "Even though governments grant permits, only communities grant permission." 

We need to tell our Federal representative, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, that we do NOT support Woodfibre LNG. We need you to be at these Town Halls this weekend. RSVP now.

Squamish Town Hall: Sat Feb 27; 12:30 - 2:30pm, Howe Sound Sec Sch, Sq; RSVP ON OUR WEBSITE or VIA FACEBOOK

West Vancouver Town Hall: Sun Feb 28; 1 - 2:30pm, WV Cmnty Ctr; RSVP ON OUR WEBSITE or VIA FACEBOOK

Gibsons Town Hall: Mon Feb 29; 5- 6:30pm, Heritage Playhouse; RSVP ON OUR WEBSITE or RSVP VIA FACEBOOK



If you really can't make it this weekend, we need you to tell Pamela Goldsmith-Jones that you are there in solidarity, and what you think about Woodfibre LNG. It can be a very simple email, stating that you are unable to attend, but that you are opposed to Woodfibre LNG and why. Keep it simple and polite. EMAIL PAMELA GOLDSMITH-JONES NOW


It takes one minute to share the declaration, and every signature counts. Please sign and share the Howe Sound Declaration to help us reach our goal of 10,000 signatures! SIGN AND SHARE IT NOW!


We have 3 days left to make it clear to the Fed Govt that the Woodfibre LNG proj is unacceptable. Here are four easy ways you can participate in the latest public comment period organized by the Cdn Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA).


Thank you for taking action! Together, we will stop Woodfibre LNG. The My Sea to Sky team http://www.myseatosky.org/

=== Xtra! St David's Day Tomorrow

Just getting over celebrating Robbie Burns and his day the end of January for the Scots, now we have the Welsh celebrating St David’s Day tomorrow!

Y Ddraig Goch {from St James’s Thurible}

St. David, Bishop of Menevia, Patron of Wales, c. 544 March 1

Today we remember David, the patron saint of the Welsh people. He lived in the early sixth century and held the dual office of abbot and bishop in southwestern Wales. Like many other British saints, he was an athlete of the spiritual life who pressed himself to the limits of human endurance. But he was also famous for his compassion, and legends tell how he worked many wonders to relieve the poor and the sick. In later centuries, when the Welsh people were oppressed under English rule, these stories made them believe that they had a patron and protector of their own race before God's throne in heaven. But devotion to David spread far beyond Wales, and in time he became the only Welsh saint ever to be honoured on the Calendar of the whole western Church.  

For All the Saints, Prayers and Readings for Saints Days, ABC, 1994

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5Q: Budget; Capital Projects

In case my finger repeated the 7 of the March 7 ccl mtg agenda when I was trying to draw your attention to Item 6 (but have left 5 fyi) so here it is below, itemized.

The total is $8,497,200)

and I’m not quite sure how this fits in with the asset levy for infrastructure maintenance

Anyway, our money — agree with the allocation?

{have to end with money cartoons}

The copy and paste moved the amts, sorry; they’re aligned on the actual agenda {wch is much to easier to unscramble!):




5 Proposed [5-Year] Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4884, 2016 RECOMMENDATION: be read a first, second, and third time.

6 2016 Capital Funding Report / 2016 Capital Funding Presentation PowerPoint presentation to be provided. 

RECOMMENDATION:  THAT as described in the report dated February 18, 2016 re 2016 Capital Funding:

1. The following proposed appropriations be made from the Capital Facilities Fund to fund 2016 Capital Projects:

Capital Facilities Fund Community -- Asset Investments

Aquatic Centre - Air Handling Units $ 327,000 

Library Interior Facility Project - Renovation  $ 1,019,800

Seniors’ Activity Centre Coffee Bar Replacement $ 7,200

    $ 1,354,000

Maintenance Investments Corporate Services/Facilities Projects $ 642,100  

Library Facility Maintenance Projects    $ 274,400

$ 916,500 

$ 2,270,500

For a total appropriation of $2,270,500; and that the 2016 Capital Projects be completed by December 31, 2017, and any funds unused at that time be returned to the Capital Facilities Fund, be approved;

INSERTION (some abbreviations)


MISSING from HEADSUP; rather than put this by itself elsewhere, inserting here where it shd hv been so you read all together.

2. The following proposed appropriations be made from the Capital Infrastructure Reserve Fund to fund 2016 Capital Projects:

Community Asset Investments ($346,000):

Cycling Infrastructure - Phase 4 = $55,000 Dundarave/Marr Creek = $48,500 Navvy Jack Sub-Tidal Habitat = $59,000 Spirit Trail - Gleneagles Elem to HBay = $133,500 TransLink (TRRIP) = $25,000 Whyte Lake Park = $25,000

Maintenance Investments ($4,398,300)

Bridge/Infrastructure/Slope/ 26th & Bellevue = $600,000 Engg Infrastructure = $640,000

Parks Infrastructure Mntnce = $338,300 Parks/Pavement Infrastructure/Roads - $ 2,820,000


For a total appropriation of $4,744,300; and that the 2016 Capital Projects be completed by December 31, 2017, and any funds unused at that time be returned to the Capital Infrastructure Reserve Fund, be approved; and that

3. Capital Equipment Reserve Fund

Community Asset Investments: Pool Accessibility Lift = $5,300 $ 5,300

Maintenance Investments: IT Equipmt (H/ware & S/ware  = $ 729,800

Other Eqpmt Replacemt = $ 215,700 Vehicle Replacemt = $ 531,600 $ 1,477,100

For a total appropriation of $1,482,400; and that the 2016 Capital Projects be completed by December 31, 2017, and any funds unused at that time be returned to the Capital Equipment Reserve Fund, be approved

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5R: Budget Tonight

QTP at bottom; had hoped (yet again) to get WVM out over the weekend but not to be — here are the main points for you that are at the top of the newsletter, and top of mind at the ccl mtg tonight.:

= Mar 7 Ccl Mtg Main Items: 5-Yr Financial Plan; 2016 Capital Funding Report ($8,497,200)

AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/mar/07/16mar07-Agenda.pdf

> BUDGET 2016

As you know salaries and 80% of our budget. The latest information we have is for 2014.

See: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/financial-reports/annual-reports/ 4_FIA_SOFI_signed.pdf

2014 salaries: CAO was $235,523; DepCAO's $209,057; DWV has ~45,000 residents and ~800 staff (FTEs), including transit. Presumably the salary was 2% more in 2015, slated for another 2% in 2016 (~$245K).

Vancouver's new city manager's salary is ~$316K. Vancouver's population is over 600K, its operating budget is $1.2B, and it has ~7,500 employees.

btw, Sadhu Aufochs Johnston is a globally recognized leader in the green city movement. He was the Chief Environmental Officer of Chicago and Deputy Chief of Staff to Mayor Richard M. Daley.

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5S: BITS Mar 7 Ccl; mtgs

Sorry; being overwhelmed   Friday Mar 4 was National Grammar Day; Tuesday Mar 8 is International Women’s Day plus CEEP WG mtg at 4pm in the Srs’ Ctr.

Several mtgs on Wed, one Th {appetizers}; followed by Ccl Bits from the Mar 7 mtg {meat}, then QTP {dessert}

Bon appetit!



Mar 9  —  9am to noon  —  Location: Atrium, WV Community Centre, 2121 Marine Drive

A Council-approved working group is developing a Community Energy and Emissions Plan (the CEE-Plan) for WV. The working group has drafted strategies and actions which would contribute to reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from housing, transportation, land use and waste. The strategies are targeting actions which would have additional benefits to the community such as public health and fitness, protection of nature, generational diversity, economic vitality, and transportation efficiency.

We want to share our suggestions and get your input on the strategies and actions. Come to an Open House or find out more online. You can help us develop the CEE-Plan for our community.

Additional Open House dates: March 9 from 4 - 7pm March 12 from 10am – 12pm


Mar 9  -   10am to noon   Location: Music Box, 1564 Argyle Ave


Mar 9  — noon to 2pm Location: Ambleside pond. 

Meet at the south entrance of pond by the information board in front of dog beach. For all volunteer events please wear old clothes, sturdy shoes and work gloves. Rakes, shovels, some gloves and loppers will be provided.  Please note that moderate physical activity (pulling and bending) is involved in this volunteering event. A safety talk will be given at the beginning of the event to demonstrate best practices when it comes to pulling ivy.

There will be a 5–10-minute break at 10:30 a.m. where light refreshments will be available.


Mar 9   — 4 to 7pm in Atrium, WV Cmnty Ctr {Same description as this morning's Open House at 9am}



Mar 10 - 7pm  Location: Cypress Corner West, Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr, 6262 Marine Drive

AGENDA  http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/Committees-Groups/Committees/GleneaglesAdvisory/2016/GECC%20Advisory%20Committee_AGENDA_MARCH_10_2016.pdf

>>>  CCL MTG BITS (Mar 7)

=  PH on backyard chickens closed (and in reg ccl mtg, passed three readings)

=  Canadian Wildlife Service-Environment Canada, re Species at Risk Act; and South Coast Conservation Program,

re Protecting Species and Ecosystems at Risk 

=  Proposed 5-Yr Financial Plan though amt of consultation queried was approved with Sop opposed

=  Capital Facilities Fund Capital Projs $8M+ [7:08 - 7:37] see list (again approved but Sop opposed):


Some discussion; told some items recommended by staff, some by cmnty (and they’d done some fundraising).

{I suggested it wd be helpful if that information were with the item; staff said it’s on the website so I’ll ask for URL}

=  M Alcohol Policy approved

=  Bylaws for adoption (resident spoke re sightlines on 21st), passed with Sop opposed:

Capital Equipment Reserve Fund; Capital Infrastructure Reserve Fund; Capital Facilities Fund

=  Zoning Bylaw Amendment for 636 Clyde adopted

=  Consent Agenda: Approval of the submission of a grant applicn for the Marine Dr Beach Lift Stations Upgrade project be submitted under the New Building Canada Fund – Small Communities Fund Program, as described in the report dated February 18, 2016 from the Utilities Engineer,

=  Among Ccl Reports, ADBIA hiring Exec Dir in April

=  PQP: 

a) The Mayor had referred to getting $46M from the Grosv proj so I asked if that cd be put toward infrastructure — more than the budget has for the asset levy (no answer); also I pointed out the (closed) MMgr’s mtgs had been cancelled (in the spirit of openness and transparency) but now have learned there are CAO “workshops wch do not appear on the calendar and are closed.  The reply was that Ccl did not make decisions, it was info wrt items; my response was that the public wd like to have/hear this info as well. 

{A resident later said that it wd be considered a mtg in some jurisdictions in the US, so I’ll follow up on this.   Even if they don’t make decisions, they can be provided with information that leads them toward a decision and for example, you have staff explaining their recommendations.}

b) Lucinda Jones spoke with MP Goldsmith-Jones and Envmt Min Catherine McKenna, about a mtg re emissions/envmt; amazing work by Sandra Bicego; Mayors, evidence-based decision-making, join w/ other cmnties, rather than re-inventing. Mayor asked for a copy of the book she referred to.

= Adjournment at 8pm!

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5T: Lots of Events/Entertainment

{Started Friday late afternoon}

hope I don’t run out of the alphabet.

Start of Spring Break; turn your clocks ahead Sat night.   NOT FAIR — short of time and then they take away an hour!!!

Naomi Klein sold out Friday night.  Last performances of Madama Butterfly Sat night and Sun matinee at 3pm?

Chutzpah Festival on http://chutzpahfestival.com   Celtic Festival next (Mar 10 - 17) http://www.celticfestvancouver.com 

St Patrick’s Day Parade, Sunday in Vancouver

Commonwealth Day Monday March 14; also, Happy Pi Day!

Best place to get lots is the Scene section of the VSun that comes out every Thursday — cdn’t find a link for it

however this http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/listings/index.html has info.

So late now, so deleted weekend but hope you had a good one!

> MONDAY March 14

+  Jim Carter’s art show opening from 6 - 8 pm at Delaney’s in Dundarave. 

— was so impressed when I saw one of his tree paintings in December, and just on a cell phone, it inspired a maiku:

the tree caught his eye

captured on canvas —

Solitary.  Strong.  Watching.

+  VSO: Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto  8pm at the Orpheum; vancouversymphony.ca

> TUESDAY March 15

At the Ferry Building Gallery:    RECENT WORKS — March 15 - April 3

mixed media by Joanne Frewer & Bert Monterona

Opening Reception: Tues Mar 15 from 6 - 8pm;   Meet the Artists: Sat Mar 19, 2 - 3pm

> WEDNESDAY March 16 7:30pm

CBC’s The Irrelevant Show at the Centennial Theatre in NV

Stephen Quinn (On the Coast) will make an appearance.



SO many things going on!!! --------->

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5U: Mtgs and Celebration

Mtg this afternoon and Nowruz celebration tonight (with Police news release below and Nowruz info at bottom ).


= FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING Mar 15 -   4:30 to 6pm  — Main Floor Conference Room, M Hall

= NOROOZ -- FIRE FESTIVAL -- Mar 15 - 5 to 11pm Location: Ambleside Park

The 25th annual Persian Fire Festival will include live music, fire jumping, Persian food, and dance performances. It is based in traditions regarding the last Wednesday of the Persian Calendar known as Chaharshanbe Suri. 

{See Police Info Notice below; then info on Nowruz, of wch various spellings}

> WEDNESDAY (16th)

= WHYTECLIFF PARK PLANT RESTORATION Mar 16 - 12 to 2pm Location: Whytecliff Park

Volunteers will help with the restoration of native plants along the slope towards the washrooms in Whytecliff Park where ivy was recently pulled.  For all volunteer events please wear old clothes, sturdy shoes, and work gloves. Rakes, shovels, some gloves and loppers will be provided.

= MEMORIAL LIBRARY BOARD MEETING Mar 16 -  7 to 9pm in Welsh Hall, WV Memorial Library

> THURSDAY (17th)

= DESIGN REVIEW COMMITTEE MEETING Mar 17 ~- 4:30pm ~ Council Chamber, M Hall

AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/Committees- Groups/Committees/Design-Review/2016/DRC_AGENDA_2016-03-17.pdf

o Sewell’s Marina – 3rd appearance (File 15-037)

 Proposed comprehensive redevt of Sewell’s Marina w/ ~159 resid units and 15Ksf of commercial floor space in six buildings ranging in height between two and ten storeys: marina to be retained.

o Mulgrave School – 1st appearance (File 16-001)

  2330 Cypress Bowl Road

  Proposed classroom and gym addns to the E and W elevations of the existing sch bldg w/ a variance to

height and number of storeys. 

>  WVPD News Release

2016 March 15 {for TUESDAY evening}

West Vancouver Police will assist this evening as Iranian-Canadians begin New Year celebrations.            

The 26th Annual Fire Festival - Chahar Shanbeh Souri, hosted by the Iranian-Canadian Congress of Canada, takes place at WV’s Ambleside Park from 5 - 11pm.

Ambleside Park will be closed to vehicle traffic from 5pm until 11pm.

Traffic restrictions will also be in effect from 5pm -11pm in the 1300 block of Bellevue Avenue and on Pound Road.

Participants in this event are strongly encouraged to use transit as parking will be very limited around Ambleside.

The Festival includes live music, fire jumping, Persian food, and dance performances, and is based on traditions commencing on the last Wednesday of the Persian calendar known as Chahar Shanbe Souri.

Click Here For More Event Information at www.wvpd.ca


Since I know fire-jumping predates Islam, I looked it up:

The ancient festival of Chaharshanbe Suri has its roots in the Zoroastrian Period of Persian history.

Chahar Shanbeh Suri Festival, چهارشنه سوری -NowRuz Fire ... www.farsinet.com/noruz/charshambeh2.html

Chahar Shanbeh Suri Fire Festival, چهارشنه سوری, NowRuz Fire Festival on the last Wednesday of year, Chahar Shambeh Suri Fire Festival History and 


Iranians celebrate 'Chahar Shanbeh Suri' - YouTube

 1:52 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwyXE4akxT4 Mar 19, 2013 - Uploaded by PressTVGlobalNews

Iranians celebrate an old tradition called "Chahar Shanbeh Suri". It falls on the last Tuesday evening of every

Here’s more from that video:

Published on Mar 19, 2013

Iranians celebrate an old tradition called "Chahar Shanbeh Suri". It falls on the last Tuesday evening of every Persian calendar year. Iranians come out with friends and family to celebrate and enjoy this occasion. Chahar Shanbeh Suri or " Festival of Fire" is a prelude to Nowruz which marks the arrival of the spring season. People usually set off fireworks and make bonfires, following an ancient tradition dating back to 1700 BCE.

Chahar Shanbeh Suri celebration usually starts in the evening, with people making bonfires in the streets and jumping over them. Some believe jumping over bonfires is a way of taking away negative energy, sickness, and problems and in turn getting fulfillment, warmth, and energy. Chahar Shanbeh Suri serves as a cultural festival for many Iranians.


Jumping over fire on Chahar shanbe soori - Iran Tehran

 0:57 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH0S0RRuZpc Mar 16, 2010 - Uploaded by sherlock72

Chahar shanbe soori is a ancient Persian festival of fire dating at least to 1700 BCE of the early Zoroastrian era

Iranians Celebrate Chahar-Shanbeh Soori, Festival of Fire

payvand.com/news/07/mar/1194.html Mar 14, 2007 -

Chahar Shanbeh Soori, literally means Red Wednesday, is an ancient festival, dating back to 4000 years ago since the early Zoroastrian era, ...

so it seems celebrating Wednesday on its eve, Tuesday  :-)

>  OODLES to do on St Patrick’s Day (Th 17th)

in the meantime here’s a 3min14sec video with some history and facts about St Patrick, snakes, green, and more -- "What is St Patrick’s Day?" https://youtu.be/7lpHXz5u4G4

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5V: WVHS Mtg/Talk History of our Library 7pm Tonight!

{edited; from the WVHS newsletter, "Memories"}

West Vancouver Historical Society General Meeting

    ~  WV Seniors’ Centre  ~  Wednesday March 16th at  7pm

The West Vancouver Memorial Library: Past, Present, and Future

The West Vancouver Memorial Library is a War Memorial, commemorating those who served and sacrificed their lives in the second World War.

At the opening of the Library on November 11, 1950, Mrs. Allan Gentles donated the stained-glass window, “Harmony (photo above), in memory of her brother, Lieutenant Horace Gordon Stone, who died on active service in 1918.

The window had been commissioned by their father, Henry Althelstan Stone a businessman and a founder of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Deb Hutchison Koep, the Library’s deputy director, and her colleagues will have more to say about “Harmony in their talk.

From the Library’s early days, Deb and her colleagues will bring us into the present and share plans for the future. They will also highlight the historical materials digitized by the Library with the financial support of the Historical Society.

Councillor Nora Gambioli will introduce the talk. West Vancouver has been home to Nora and her family since the early 1920s, when Henry Althelstan Stone, her great grandfather, moved his family from England to Olde Caulfeild.

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5W: Weekend; New Senators; etc

Now it’s a race between me and the alphabet!

TONIGHT: Earth Hour starts at 6:30pm; 9:30pm is the start of Spring

LNG has reared its head yet again.  Info on the new senators at the end (+QTP at end)



~ Ga Ting ~ Chinese drama at Cultch thecultch.com

~ Anthropocene or The Nature of Wonder ~ the story of Homo Sapiens created by SFU Theatre students

(Goldcorp Ctr for the Arts)  facebook.com/events/1107640785914276

~ Romeo and Juliet: Ballet Victoria (Centennial Theatre); centennialtheatre.com

SUNDAY March 20th

~ 3pm ~ Readings at Roedde by Bill Richardson (Roedde House Museum) 684 7040 (Brown Paper Tix)

~ 8pm ~ West Coast Symphony (Rossini, Elgar, etc) at Christ Church Cathedral — See: westcoastsymphony.ca


From: http://pm.gc.ca/eng/news/2016/03/18/prime-minister-announces-intention-recommend-appointment-seven-new-senators

Prime Minister announces intention to recommend the appointment of seven new Senators

March 18 -- The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced that he will recommend the appointment of seven new Senators to the Governor General. The new, independent Senators will fill two vacancies in Manitoba, three in Ontario, and two in Quebec.The following are the individuals who will be recommended for appointment to the Senate:

Raymonde Gagné (Manitoba) V. Peter Harder (Ontario) Chantal Petitclerc (Quebec)

Justice Murray Sinclair (Manitoba) Frances Lankin (Ontario) André Pratte (Quebec)

Ratna Omidvar (Ontario)

 The Prime Minister also announced today that he intends to appoint V. Peter Harder as Government Representative in the Senate. Mr. Harder will act as the Government’s Representative in the Senate in order to facilitate the introduction and consideration of Government legislation, and would be sworn in as a Privy Councillor.

Taking today’s announcements into account, there are 17 vacancies in the Senate.

The Advisory Board, which recommended these individuals to the Prime Minister, is an independent and non-partisan body whose mandate is to provide the Prime Minister with merit-based recommendations on Senate nominations. The PM thanked the Adv Bd for all of its extensive and diligent work to consult widely, assess, and recommend these eminent individuals for appointment to the Senate. Related:  Biographical notes

=== HEADSUP 2015-14.5X: Mar 24 WVPD Canoe + VCBF

Getting close to the end!!!  Both events Thursday March 24. Wednesday, March 23 was National Puppy Day!

~ noon - 1:30pm ~ FREE  —  Cherry Jam Downtown Concert

Kick off this season’s Cherry Blossom Festival with a concert featuring the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra String Quartet, Haiku Mime with Yayoi Hirano and Holly Burke, Chinese Music Ensemble Okinawa Taiko and Carnival Band. Burrard SkyTrain station.  vcbf.ca

~ 11am ~  WVPD Canoe 'Ch'ich'iyúy' -- A Journey Beginning

Traditional awakening ceremony

by the Hollyburn Sailing Club at Ambleside Park

{from WVPD}: We are getting excited for the arrival and formal blessing of our new WVPD Canoe this week!

Thanks to generous support from the West Vancouver Community Foundation our 29-foot Clipper will allow WV Police to participate in Pulling Together Canoe Journeys and community events in partnership with the Squamish Nation and Tsleil-Waututh Nation.

Artist Wes Nahanee has shared a sneak peak at the artwork he created for Ch'ich'iyúy. The full artwork will be officially unveiled when the canoe is formally awakened.

Our canoe will carry the ancestral name for the west peak of the mountains known to the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh for generations as the Sisters, but more recently called the Lions.*  The Sisters are known in Squamish teachings for having persuaded their father to end conflict with the Haida.

Our canoe is about continuing to foster the partnership built over many years

with First Nations communities we serve.

Our community is invited to a traditional awakening ceremony for Ch'ich'iyúy

to be conducted with guidance of the Squamish Nation.  

Visit our website for more info


* Lions —-> Sisters —> Peace and Harmony

I was told years ago that the original names for those two peaks were Peace and Harmony.  Then it was the Sisters.  And now you know where the name Brothers Creek comes from!


NOTES: Oct 26, 28; Nov 2, 16, 23, 30; Dec 7, 14, 16; BITS: Jan 11, 25; Feb 15, 22, Mar 7 mtgs are in a Headsup

Explanations: ... is a gap deemed not important; xxx indicates something was said; &&& something significant was said; underlined means important; and bolded is v important; GET is something I thought I ought to find, play, and transcribe -- but sorry, haven't had time to do so. Of course ? is something I question or am wondering about. Also, ### is something I wanted to ask about or check into, and again hadn't the time. @@@ is where I intended to put my comments.

Corrections, clarifications, and additions most welcome!

These notes give you an idea of what was said. To make sure of exactly what was said, pls watch/listen to the video on the DWV website. The times help in finding the place. Apologies for gaps. E & OE !!!

Subscribe! write subscribewvm@westvan.org] ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS, INITIALISMS puzzling? See: http://www.westvan.org/glossary

~~~ October 26 ~~~




1. CALL TO ORDER OPEN SESSION (in Main Floor Conference Room)

2. EXCLUSION OF THE PUBLIC -- closed b/c:

(a) personal info about an identifiable individ who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee, or agent of the M or another position appointed by the M;

(c) labour relations or other employee relations; and

(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality.

Purpose of meeting: matters regarding committee membership, legal, and labour/employee relations.

3. ADJOURN TO CLOSED SESSION (in Main Floor Conference Room)


4. RECONVENE OPEN SESSION (in Council Chamber; items 1 - 3 in prev mtg)

5. APPROVAL OF AGENDA -- amended by:

- replacing, in Item 6, pages M-4 and M-5 of the October 5, 2015 regular Council meeting minutes;

- adding to Item 8 the report regarding Revised Proposed Ccl Procedure Amendment Bylaw No. 4855, 2015;

- adding to Item 11 Item 11.1 regarding correspondence

6. ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- October 5, 2015 regular Council meeting.

SSch (MClk): replacement pages M-4 and M-5 for the Oct 5 mtg minutes were in the on-table package


7. Long-Term Financial [LTF] Plan - Context for Proposed 2016 Budget

PowerPoint Presentation [http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2015/oct/26SP/15oct26SP-7-powerpoint.pdf]

{Click! an excellent presentation, clear slides, listing all the main points; read/use for reference.}

Well, here are some comments already received.

G's comments: It is interesting, however, that in the list of components of a successful Long-Term Financial Plan, controlling costs appears nowhere. As we all know, salaries+benefits for M staff are in the stratosphere, completely disconnected from reality and bearing no relationship to what private industry pays for comparable staff.

The Key Concepts slide talks about accounting and sources of revenue -- one would have thought that controlling costs was a "Key Concept" but apparently not to the apparatchiks who run this municipality. It gets even better. Slide 48 lists the Proposed Solution. Let me spoil the surprise. None of the proposed solutions involve the expenditure side of the ledger.

Another reader says the public shd consider "pay-as-you-go" or whether or not to pay now for future repairs, and let Ccl know..

Do study the recommendation for an asset levy and say if 7% is acceptable.

IG, CFO: know we're pressed for time so will be going through this presentation as quickly as possible. SLIDES

preface: not asking for any decision tonight. Take this to public and then come back to Ccl with reaction.

Fiscal Sustainability &&&

Long term: technically sound, based on participative and collaborative approach

Five key parts:

Risk Mgmt Framework (high level, not formal, risk analysis done)

limited tax base, no industry,or biz cmnty; residential; restricted revenues (only allowed certain things)

biggest financial issue we've identified is that there has been under-investment in existing assets

risk also climate destabilization (growing concern); waterfront, forest interface, other storms; costly to deal with

plan resilience

high level of service, expectations increase; real estate values rising (quickly), change in cmnty, ppl coming in may not be the same ppl here now so cd be conflict and difficult/challenging to manage

Challenges from other levels of govt [can impose]; legislation; arbitrary actions with little consultation

Lobby for change but not always successful

Policy review headed up by Legislative Services -- recommended needed: use of reserves on assets, use of debt mgmt, &&&, xxx Coordinated system of reserves, bring clarity and flexibility, accounting to funding; statutory reserves xxx wd help if system, Financial Services recommending

Gen Fund Reserves:

gen capital facilities reserve (update); xxx; gen infrastructure reserve (establish); gen equipment reserve (establish)

Statutory facilities reserve, advisable; utilities.... water and storm sewer....; any special reserves, eg public art reserve

Asset Mgmt Plan

The District currently owns over $1B in assets, not including the underground utility assets. This is approx $57,700 for ea household. Over the next 50 years virtually all of these assets will be coming due for repair and replacement.

The Dist has now begun gathering the data...

What assets? condition? investments needed to maintain (in condition)? funding needed?

have asset data base, depreciated cost

magnitude of dollars needed {listed for what &&&}

Adding altogether, annual asset investment required of $15.2M; currently the District is providing ~$7.3M, not even providing 50%...

[slide says wd require a 13% increase in taxes]

SLIDE of GRAPH showing info -- "bumpiness"; tactics to smooth things out

large gap between what's being invested and what wd make this work

use reserves but can't do much

shows why asset mgmt a priority

District is not making investments at the optimum point, at the critical point so risk of failure starts to skyrocket

doesn't get max value of investment

What you have to do:

set up system of asset reserves; system of funding reserves through an asset; graduated annual increases

to required level of investment; many Ms have been doing this

Fifth: links to the annual budget

Ccl's seven priorities; no 4 is fiscal sustainability and M finance -- I'm addressing tonight

SLIDE p38: Three key concepts:

Fund accting and structure; Non-tax sources of funds; Tax Levy Funding

Important to understand b/c many changes have no impact on the tax levy

Dist has seven diff funds (see on Slide)

Gen Fund -- everything not in the separate fund...

$111M is the revenue for 2014 from the financial statement

{Pls Note:

You will recall that it took me more than 15 years to get Ccl to admit there was such a thing as Uplift (increase in value of land when upzoned by Ccl), and another five to calculate and get 75% of the increase from owners who benefit from the increased value — sort of like asking them to pay 75% of what the prop wd cost if already zoned. Ccl is, in effect, selling land that belongs to us residents. Finally they accepted this process, initially termed Cmnty Benefits and now referred to as a Cmnty Amenity Contribution.

The slide [p37] indicated that in 2014 the budget got $7.6M in 2014 from CACs. It was a lot of work but worth it! Previous Ccls just gave it to owners free; they paid nothing for the higher value. Sure shows we have to fight for us taxpayers — our rights, our share b/c of the increase in the value of the land w/ the changed zoning — since owners and developers often pull councillors’ strings. Vigilance required.

Note also that any increase in density increases the cost of providing services for more ppl (and has other impacts).}

made up from three diff areas: non-tax areas (fees and charges; relieves pressure)

[5:50] ...; third party contributions, CACs (funds items, not part tax levy); sale of land

these revenues fluctuate greatly, xxx; lease revenue, interest on investment; third party xxx

tax levy three areas (listed), public think of as general taxation

what happened to the $57M tax levy?

$48M goes for operating costs (net of other revenues); $7.8M transferred to reserves and a small amt to surplus

Breakdown of $48M: over half to public safety ($14.6M Fire; $13.4M Police); rest, other areas

reserves: $7.3M for asset investment, $453K to operating reserves

2016 Budget will be greatly affected by the US dollar exchange rate; fallen precipitously

things we have to buy such as fire equipment, only from US; many Cdn suppliers have to buy from US

difficult to purchase as much with same amt of money

energy costs are relatively stable

inflation not a big factor; major is cost of US dollar

SLIDE p46: currently a 1% tax increase raises ~$34 per household, over entire District, $585K

are the operational increases we've so far identified...

labour increase: contracted, 2.5% for Fire and 2% for rest of the org

critical operating items, list will be supplied

changes in benefit carrier, saving in refuse area

rev increases in permits

early estimate of new market; told about $1M

Police comes directly; doesn't come through Finance, so an independent levy

set up Asset reserves so advisable to begin with an asset levy

critical investment 2016 b/c cannot meet needed w/ currently provided funds

shortfall cd be made up with an asset of levy 2.2% -- that wd be about 4.3% added

asset levy shd be presented separately

Investment total $8.624M

won’t meet xxx police levy? 1.% xxx won’t meet ???? {you may want to watch this for clarity}

[of homes] $2,517,500 average assessed value but may be higher, prelim

in Globe and Mail article said home assessment value lags sales value 47% but 25% min

gives scope what we're asking for

[5:57] asking for a total increase of $146; a 2.2% asset levy

however another way to look at this

critical -- do not make have failure

this wd be the desirable time to make these levies

7.4% ... 71 + 262 = 223 {watch this too!}

not much to expect; think this is doable; hoping public will agree

building the asset investment levy

by 2019

other scenarios

advantages is of starting a levy of 7.5% not create a shortfall to address shortfall

utilities? these are the recommended annual charge SLIDE

this is the initial review been done with Finance, xxx, xxx

come back for final review in Feb

[6pm] Mayor: thank you for thorough review

Sop: doesn’t nec’ly mean receive -- $2M assmt one year then jumping to $3.5m

IG: in fact the average is adjusted for; if assmt up, adjust up and down

av stays av

issue we find M taxes did something diff

as if ev at the top of the ladder; at top pay more; if from bottom jump above the av

sales in nbrhds causing them to rise; biggest reason, indiv prop taxes

if gone up more than the av

Sop: pay as we go; upgraded swimming pool, etc; these are relatively new assets

IG: these major assets are actually — monies hv bn borrowed; really the other assets we’re borrowing for

seawall roads traffic light

bldgs are in reasonably good shape b/c relatively new

Sop: need for a levy be found in the budget through efficiencies

IG: we’ve done our v best to find efficiencies

wd suggest at this point funding transferred to asset unlikely to be found

funds from the levy wd go straight to reserve; hope wd reassure Ccl

NG: thank you for the report, v clear, not great news; batting around the bush for sev years

timeline you’ve proposed a little bit long; wd like to see it wrapped up before March

we just finished a CEC mtg earlier today and wonder if the budget

{had intended to watch this part and transcribe but sorry, check -- or cd do it later}

new policy within the Dist

IG: key; new consultation policy shd be done

MB: did, warning impact of investments

the utility reserves — you reported to the Finance Cmte; thought built in re maintenance?

IG: Mr Fung; before he speaks, funding built in but not (yet) in reserves

MB: where do we fit in wrt other NSh Ms?

IG: CNV has been collecting a 1% levy per yr for about 8 yrs

when I was last there trying to transfer 15% and might be more

DNV has been adding 1% for last ten years maybe more

Cam: be good to get these slides, reports before[hand]; can’t go back to a slide; then wd be able to in future

IG: think I can

Cam: back five slides?

IG: up

[6:09] Cam: 2% ... 4% after that for five years

IG: ev yr Ccl wd be addressing this

Cam: all in addn to xxx ... wd be a little bit difficult -- wch recommending?

IG: I’m not recommending any; get feedback from the public

don’t think it wd be approp for me to make a recomm at this point; I’m trying to present a framework

Cam: three, 4yrs, 6yrs, and 7yrs

IG: but an infinite number of variations; a start needs to be made somewhere; do recomm start an infrastructure levy

Cam: pain now or later

IG: if some of these investments aren’t made now then fall apart

Cam: pay now or not have

IG: xxx

{you may wish to get Ms Gordon's exact words; [6:13]}

Cam: based on growth and as we know, been nil in last few years

look at Grosv, HBay, possibility increasing number of households significantly

interested to know, what impact if 5000 more ppl 1% or 10% ?

assume some fixed costs; so at one point wd like that broken down

IG: model has not . growth

estimating is v difficult xxx ... escalating demands for service; depends on if assets operating at capacity now or not

prices coming into the cmnty quite high; also new growth, new tax revenues; opp to divert into asset mgmt

reserves set up [6:16]; building each year’s annual budget

Cam: Grosv when built out $500K more for the Dist

don’t need another Fire or Police building for those ppl; what impact devt decisions?

Grosv, one of the reasons to decide xxx

ML: the point Cam is making is growth of tax folios

I’m interested in — good work; shd hv done ten years ago

clearly xxx built been putting money aside each year for -- ask how they wd like this collected?

part of existing tax each year; cynicism giving tax money; need to be cognisant of xxx

alleviate part of xxx billing, sep from tax bill; where tax money going to and how spent

fiscal diligent, take out of budget silly season -- trade off; take from Peter to pay Paul

get feedback from public; help Ccl going about operationalizing.

Mayor: debate ... question bring up not just used by WV residents

.Srs’ Ctr, sea wall..[6:20] from NV ... Cap/Marine, going to come from

paid for by WV residents

what can we pay for; charge out-of-District residents? look forward to you, to stickhandle that

MOTION [Receipt]

{The last slide (p57) is the time line -- public consultation November and January 2016}

8. Revised Proposed Council Procedure Bylaw No. 4730, 2013, Amendment Bylaw No. 4855, 2015

Cam made motion:

article 4.5.0 re speaking order; preamble xxx a mbr may

previously as unanimously resolved

can a majority change the rules in the midst of the mtg, or does it have to be unanimous?

a maj can always change a Procedure Bylaw but that’s a bit more involved

concerned not b/c of this Ccl but maj of Ccl

or circumvent not under this Ccl . [6:25]

thinking of a prominent split 5 v 3

a maj cd say don’t think anyone cd speak to this

I’m a lawyer and have to take into account an unlikely.

wd restore unanimous -- what rest of Ccl thinks -- in my opinion, shd be unanimous if mid-mtg

ML: I wd agree with what Cclr Cam said; preempts a situation wd not want to find ourselves in

Cam: looking at the spreadsheet — in the purple version

except by. a member may

restoring unanimous, removing purple words

Sop: Ccl’s deliberations last time about amt of time allowed to speak

SSch: restriction on number of times and time-limit speaking.

Sop: in 4.4.7 an approp method any long-winded cclr

rules. speak back and forth ... specifically

get a better feeling we cd solve the prob; don’t see any way, 15 min on any given

Most Ms have a time limit

say ppl wd stay ... despite ...15 mins enough, although I have sometimes gone over it

an item moved and seconded — xxx to eliminate time limits, I won’t support

DEBATE: amendment friendly or not

delete first bullet wch wd put language in orig bylaw

Mayor: can continue to debate

SSch: xxx

Mayor: agree with Cclr Sop

most generous of any of 22 Ms; 2x? twice? for any agenda item; and again if affirm

Ms L instituted mtg package

within 10 min; enroll in a speaking course

{fyi researched enrol/enroll -- see in Language section p 102}

this is a corp, as Ms G has explained, more than $100M

mechanism to get through

unlimited with ten items???

if we run into an agenda time, suspend rules and debate [6:33]

don’t think ever been denied rights 10 mins

never xxx solutions for non-existent problems

have to have some limits; and &&& [6:34]

in Bby only person allowed to speak after motion made for those opposed; xxx

NG: was just going to speak to Cclr Cam’s and now both

if we vote to support Cam/Lewis have 4.5.0 unanimously, most recent rendition

if as Cclr Sop and the Mayor suggest, if we vote against the motion, staff will have to redo this

have to debate this on another night

I agree we have gen speaking times and not that we have the most generous

paper given xxx neither CNV and DNV have restrictions

Mayor: Clarify

SSch: for the first time up to 4min, up to 2min second time, and up to 2min to add an amendmt in DNV

CNV may speak more than once, and not outside of closing remarks

Cam: think we shd hv dealt with this three wks ago

we don’t take

ironic the Mayor took almost ten min to explain his opposition

this is a democracy; rare comes up; cclrs shd be able go back and forth

WV is not a corporation, it’s a democracy -- the comparison is inapt


It is always within the discretion of the chair to urge mbts of Ccl not to repeat, bring matters to a close; best exercised not as a matter of coercive bylaws but as a good chairing of the mtg [6:39] ..&&&

Sop: disagree with your loosey goosey rules

other Ms hv time limits, reasons for it ...

rules and can suspend rules; freedom in this democracy we can suspend at any time on a topic

if anything, you open the door to filibuster

grab the floor and speak all night unless you step in ... you have the right to do that

Mayor: well, Im inept.....

AMENDED MOTION CARRIES w/ Sop and Mayor opposed


9. Proposed 2016 Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4846, 2015


10.1. Proposed Development Permit No. 15-049 for Lot 7 of Evelyn by Onni (To set date for consideration)

10.2. Proposed Devt Permit for 765 Marine/PkR-North (Amends Devt Permit (To set date for consideration)

10.3. TransLink Customer Service Performance Report Quarter 2, 2015

10.4. New District of West Vancouver Purchasing Policy

10.5. Water Conservation Program Update

10.6. Correspondence List

[6:41] SSch: my understanding 10.3 for debate

MB: an item of correspondence as well

Mayor: all clear on what we’re voting on?


CAO {sorry, I cdn’t hear}: xxx

{10.3?} RF: report being brought to Ccl tonight; some msgs wrt proposed changes

257 and 258 routes; DWV strongly opposed changes TransLink proposes

{see press release}

wd mean a much longer trip; eliminated Nelson/Royal

slight efficiencies may gain but other adjustments; 3rd re 254 route and shuttle

encourage residents go to &&&; at this point only proposed and ends Nov 6

I know you, Mr Mayor, have sent a letter; staff and Council in support

Mayor: public to speak and a Mr xxx

A Miele: been a resident out there for 37 years; xxx

[6:47] never seen it so busy; student bus passes

really appreciate that you take this v seriously

44 is not a good alternative

Mayor: Mr Devlin

Geoff Devlin: Prez of Transportation Union; thank you for your support

I actually drive the UBC bus on some occasions — at capacity and can’t take any more

dumping at 44 is not xxx ???

[6:49] CAO: on item of corresp that Mr Fung

MB: xxx

Mayor: running out of time

MB: will be brief

Mayor: give opp for xxx to speak

MB: letter re 11th and 12th? Keith

plsed make it as a model

this letter is wrt non-compliant parking

it’s now a one-way street with a cycling lane; ppl using parking pads for not parallel rather perpendicular

RF: you may be aware wrt the traffic-calming came from the residents

resids concerned about increased traffic b/c of Evelyn

bn working for two years; evident a trade-off; diff, for xxx parking residents

Staff have noticed non-compliant parking

in the interests of completing this; staff have chosen not to address non-compliant

parking pads; blvd; xxx in hedges resident; systemic review of blvd policy



Brian Wood: re highest building face reqmts

{technical info discussion}

JB: doesn’t meet the bylaw

BW: up to 4mos; can’t wait; affects the cmnty negatively

Mayor: thx, being forth... need to break at 7pm

14. ADJOURNMENT [6:58]


1. CALL TO ORDER (in Council Chamber)



{You may want to watch the video http://westvancouverbc.swagit.com/play/10262015-1574 ; listen, lots of interesting ppl and activities}

Here is the list with descriptions/summaries: http://westvancouver.ca/news/2015-community-award-winners

WV honoured ten individuals and three groups with Community Awards in the areas of the arts & culture, environment, heritage, health, wellness & activity and civic commitment. The awards were presented by members of Council during the ccl mtg. Award recipients were nominated by mbrs of the cmnty and the winners selected by the District's Awards Cmte.

Arts & Culture: Liane Dickson (volunteer past 21 years; our community art gallery, FBG)

Chris Stringer (Beacon newsletter; 'Wander Caulfeild'; history of Olde Caulfeild; its Cmnty Days)

Urszula Sulinska (President of the North Shore Polish Association)

Civic Commitment: Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club (est'd 1975, donated $1M+ to WV/NSh projs)

Carolanne Reynolds* (1st heritage Cclr; Heritage Wk; website; newsletter; Streamkeepers; ADRA) Friends of the Library (volunteers enrich library progs, collns, and services; NSh Writers' Festival)

James Stout (47th year as a Scout Leader in West Vancouver!)

Robert Clark (Kiwanis Housing Society Board and as a volunteer for the Seniors' Activity Centre)

Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise (legacy of serving our cmnity as well as those overseas)

Environment: Alexandra Mancini (President of the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society; weed pulls)

Health, Wellness & Activity: Jane Baynham (Family Court and the Youth Justice Committee)

Mike Cupit (devt of RCM SAR stn in WV; Rescue at Sea’s silver medal awarded in DC)

Heritage: David Barker (many years prez of WV Historical Society; editor of its newsletter, Memories)


* {Pls forgive me for putting my moment in the spotlight here. The mtg's video is 46min; below is from 36:24 to 41.40.}

Sop: It's my pleasure to announce the next recipient, Carolanne Reynolds. [SLIDES] C'mon up here, dear. Wanna sit?

CR: no

Sop: come beside me, b/c you get a kiss :-)

On Carolanne's return from living abroad, she was alarmed noticing the influence of US media {and} the loss of our heritage. She devoted herself to raising awareness of our history and culture -- and a good job you did.

CR: thank you

Sop: She was elected to Ccl, appointed as the first heritage liaison in West Vancouver, organized the celebration of Heritage Week in 1989 and has ever since. Carolanne started the first annual RoyalTea-by-the-Sea in 2000 and is the Chair of Heritage West Van. Her commitment to [our] community is extensive and comprehensive. Carolanne has attended almost every council meeting since 1988 -- wow! --


good on you. She's also [been] appointed to committees.  She put up the first {WV} website (1995) with [WV] agendas, and also started a newsletter in 1999.  West Van Matters includes transcripts of council meetings and other information to a vast majority of the ppl in WV, and it has been at her cost, all these years. So, fantastic, dear.


Carolanne has served on many committees and on the boards of several local organizations including West Vancouver Streamkeepers and the Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers' Assn.

While welcoming sensitive diverse devt, Carolanne treasures our string of park-like villages, and you may have seen her in the Cmnty Day Parade driving her 1965 cream Caravelle convertible, lately with her mother (who's here in the audience. Hi, dear.

APPLAUSE (camera pans showing Mrs Reynolds in the front row}

A great big thank-you from West Vancouver for all your years of commitment to this cmnty. It's really been quite a wonderful thing to have you around, and I've been around for a couple of years, you know, but you were there a little bit-- CR: --before you--

Sop: yeah, before me.

{clarification: I was elected before him but he's been around longer :-)}

So, Carolanne, here's the deal. You've got a chance to speak now, seeing that we suspended the time limit tonight on Ccl. Why don't you start the first public filibuster.

{CR laughing}

Alex Tunner comes up with a large bouquet: With the permission of the Mayor, I'd like to take 30 seconds to acknowledge Carolanne. One of her major accomplishments was, if you can remember, as one of the three citizen musketeers [mbrs] of the first Cmnty Engagement Cmte, and through those three -- Patricia Bolton, Carolanne, and myself -- we did all the ground work and fine detail, ... masterminded by Bill Soprovich, Jean Ferguson, and of course Pamela Goldsmith-Jones.

So, here you are {presents bouquet}, special acknowledgement from your {crackling so cdn't hear rest!}

{and a kiss from Alex too!}


Sop: before you talk, let's get a picture taken

{Scenery Slater, ADRA Prez, comes up with a bouquet of flowers as well}

CR: Oh my!

SS: Carolanne has many fans in the cmnty


Sop: Carolanne, come around the front. Let me take your flowers and your award

{photo, Sop, now with two bouquets and the award, hands over the mic}

CR: Fame is so fleeting.


Thank you v much, everyone. This is really an honour. As you all know, I'm brave enough -- some ppl say "speak truth to power" and that my hide is much thicker than a rhinoceros's -- but I want to say that there are many ppl in this cmnty, volunteers and residents {who} make this cmnty, and together with staff and Council, we improve and make it better, and even make it great.

So, I encourage you all to get involved, to participate. This is a great place to live. Enjoy!


{One more presentation then off to the reception!}


~~~ October 28 ~~~


1. Call to Order.



3. Discussion of Upper Lands Working Group Recommendations (File: 2570-01)

Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D Appendix E

[6:19] Cam:



{and this!}

Ashley (cochair): from cmnty, primarily 1200ft

Sop: more work to do, esp trails

why choose the east-west of Nelson and xxx of Eagle Lake not for devt

Andy (cochair): once we established 1200 as the line in the sand

where is the devt going to go? how much in density rights?

protecting so much land

so we can plan? for Cypress Village; protect so much, devpr will need some flexibility

as much as park space; transfer density Cypress Village here xxx

Sop: expectation if you take away, have to replace

MB: echo the tremendous amt of work

pt 1 and pt 2, esp pt 2 how many hours, delegation; touched and assessed {delineation?}

apologized on Ccl can’t get a sense complexity but can’t assess the conclusions

you put in 2 1/2 years of work

if Qs appear rudimentary, apologize

N-S most significant — jump out

no devt jumps out; no devt above 1200ft west of Eagle Crk

buy prop for park [6:30]

in your own doc 37 in v 41% 22% undecided p 66 ???

hard to come to that conclusion

David Hawkins: from an earlier stage; high level of support

MB: Sop asked, I’ll ask in a diff letter

refer to Mr Croll’s letter, choose an arbitrary Eagle Lake

Andy: what we looked at 'arbitrary’ is subjective; it’s understood

the original BPP had and had in mind, that’s how we came xxx

he’d call arbitrary and we’d call designated

MB: re density transfer from east to west

Croll says 763 acres, east 456

DH: roughly equal amts of land not dedicated 520 East ... 480 West of but not Dist

2.5upa; xxx 2500 units in a little bit more than half

complicates it so housing mix can go up

doesn’t capture dedicated park land such as Whyte Lake, capture in devt potential elsewhere

number not fixed -- if devt in a certain area concentrated, then transportation

xxx devping more [6:36]

MB: taking an area of density from one area another xxx

don’t believe the Sq N was consulted; nbrly, wd be nice

Andy: at the v beginning; after that stakeholder ... did not keep going after

MB: School Dist

Andy: same thing; respect Sch Bd, worked for them for 36 years

did meet with WV Dist Ccl

MB: final questionnaire 66% of respondents were men


MB: what does the word framework' really mean?

used as a framework for the OCP ( 3 pages ) how much flexibility?

DH: that’s staff work; large area 6K so doc nec’ly high level

respect work that has been done

eg for the trails plan — when joint of & trails; trails/park planning with public

need to allow those future processes to take place, also for Cypress Village

MB: purchasing for park land? see those three playing in

DH: purchase wd be Ccl on its own area

xxx re purchasing empty land

1133 and 806 surrounded by public forest; subject to an exceptional price; Ccl cd consider

MB: quantify amt of land involved

DH: in prev in June assessed value of land vacant, $2.5M WG emphasis on intact forest

see if forest or actual forest ??? not if xxx

small component of the 6000 acres

Cass: thank you — time energy; tremendous amt of work

only been a yr since the election; heard loud and clear no devt above 1200ft

intergenerational wealth

waterfront to do same above

looking at density

building another cmnty xxx library, cmnty ctr, etc

prepared to subsidize? who is ultimately going to be paying for them?

Ashley: not prepared

come down to [6:44]


DH: a framework we’re also major landowners

Andy: first slide — xxx at &&&


Cass: thank you, v happy camper

NG: segue to what I was going to say

thx; captures of the cmnty; detail here, so not many Qs, so that is great

my concern wrt moving forward

see these recomms cd be advanced, integrated with OCP review, that makes sense

Trails plan go fwd b/c of nec’ty, slow pace

around the Cypress Village plan, don’t have problem around planning, but how advancing

hear from ppl putting ppl up there is not a priority, about 17? other priorities

the cynic in me does not want ppl to see stakeholder wants to move ahead with that and sell the units

JB?: working through with CAO

Marine and Taylor; full plate of Devt Applicns ?

inter-discip nature, a big staff draw; point well taken

Cam: xxx

Mr ? xxx

Fairly active cmnty, mtn-biking

not even buying gas in WV!

have coffee shops, pubs, get some money from them

unauthorized trail-building going on

enough activity; wd stop. unauthorized; start asap, jobs

ANS: don’t think Cypress Village; not from the WG

idea in the cmnty something was going on there

Ashley: Cyp V cd bring some diversity we don’t have WV right now; well warranted

Mayor: met with owner of &&&

fam with Cyp V, v keen; lot of housing but want to create a cmnty

ice arena building one that’s year round — where put it; all now how expensive

logical place to put in a village, vibrancy, whole new world so I think it’s a v exciting opp

10 years from now look back and changed xxx of WV

Jim B: xxx but cdn’t agree more

Village a key part; creating a complete mixed-use cmnty

really want to do good planning and think the landowner wants to do the right thing

Cam: echo what the Mayor has said, hit nail on head

WG ... feel strongly be clear as the status of what we’ve said

using the term framework’ needs to be clear; not change the framework

envmtal policies

3rd category, most of the key recomms, too complex at this point to adopt

most prominent is that all devt be east of Eagle Crk; look to rest of Ccl to confirm this

Ccl doesn’t disagree with any of the recomms; that third category, need more info

all devt east of Eagle

obviously staking a lot of rights from us and in a xxx area {taking?}

might mean other decisions wd hv to be made — in favour

we really can’t make until Cypress V — what will first ??? [6:57]

when we can’t . east of

environmentally protective

Cyp V shd be viewed as a neg, think as Mayor and Mr B; a model

amenities, xxx

a positive thing; so important; many of these recomms, look at 2nd page

1200ft contour line policy adopted

devt east of ECrk, can’t be adopted until further studies

framework so Ccl can proceed

M-owned above 1200ft permanently protected, functionally

future nbrhds, Cyp V and housing types — think Ccl approves but can’t do till Cyp V plan

xxx and do our best to implement

Ms L can correct me but Ccl can adopt trails plan b/c already


some we adopt and some [7pm]

CAO: recomms clearly stated as framework for future discussions, Cyp V and trail

framework, focuses Ccl and staff as Cclr Cam

Sop: Chapman and I walked that; removal of trees astonishing

got to Rodgers Crk, we wd no longer accept without green buffering


in the right to move around, BPP wants to look at Cypress area

&&& look up the hillside, l got some good results

relationship to watercourses, xxxx

Mr PIke, a two-day over 2K, mtn bikers, realization there was a need, that was put on the shelf for a while ?

what is a reasonable to move fwd

thank you for that

ML: MetroV Regional Growth Strategy and &&; diff definitions of use above 1200ft, diff from WG recomms

JB: great question; those are the things we need to dig into

conservation/recreation definition

staff/public need to look at; part of the careful work going forward.

Mayor: ... all you get when you serve on a cmte is a cup of bad coffee

{great encouragement now that the M is looking for volunteers to serve!}

&&& whatever

thx again for your good work


Mayor: trust will be brief

Alan Bardsley: for Hugh Hamilton, who had to chair the Old Growth Conservancy mtg, and K Steig

1st that Cyp V be a guide to recreation

funding for staff to cope 40K ppl hiking peak this summer; staff to maintain diffid ???

heard from Larry S; may not be aware how low

Bobby Swain in neg with BPP

2nd focus seems to be on devt and recreation

emphasis on xxx not seem to

similarly concern Trails Plan

the insistence on &&& yet a plan to define these systems

Mayor: I agree with K’s comments; NSh Rescue Service

. biggest frustration prov govt need to be more pro-active with our local

. [7:09] {GET THIS}

staff to get plan ... xxx mtg here, what’s xxx

> Jackie Swanson [text supplied[: We wanted Council to know that HRA has a great relationship with Parks, is fully engaged and active in the Upper Lands, had a bigger voice to ULWG than was recognized. First appearance as Stakeholder Group said we alone represented 200 member voices. Then, well over a dozen spoke to ULWG as financial stakeholders (cabin owners) and large participation in final online comments

great working relnship with the parks (as above)

objection to an environmental We feel that the recommendation of Environmental Assessment in cabin area ONLY, out of the entire Upper Lands area, was included, in many respects, as a consequence of said improper procedures, and that the second recommendation, to continue to work with Parks in the meantime, was recognized by the WG as a necessary addition for Staff and Council now and in the future to be able to continue operating if such Environmental Assessment was not to take place.

29 recomms

come from what they heard

over 200 mbrs; don’t feel we were counted (as above)

final online recomms (as above)

well over half HRA mbrs and mbrs of the cmnty (want Council to know HRA members were a high responder over the course of the study, but our voice was poorly heard or accounted for)

feel we’ve had a strong voice

think Sop 200 not a v big representation

{I was agreeing with him and wanted him to know that the response was larger than was evidenced by ULWG, as HRA community response wasn’t given the numbers re response that it should have been given. Also, our strong message of Heritage, Recreation, Generational Community wasn’t given appropriate voice. --JS}

reasonable response

we have rec, xxx history, hist of 80 years ???

feel ... good relnshp with the Parks Dept; foresters

> Paul Hundal: line ... BPP don’t see why you can’t devp there

lower vs higher, close the envmtal area ???

Dr Keith Wade explained that WG understood that and that’s why they chose a line

sensitive? devp over a creek &&& expense

makes sense, logical reason

believe BPP’s re going over

> Rebecca Buchanan: xxx greater appreciation

unfair, recomms not fully fleshed out


seen feedback — all &&& but we’re not resp for xxx

wrt BPP; was an opp to participate in a fulsome way wt devt in the UL; that opp was missed

comment made after the fact; disingenuous; opp to voice earlier

Cclr Cam if you felt improbably opp to address those

APPLAUSE [77m19secs into Item 3]

CR: tyvm; congratulations for everyone; the WG did a fantastic job

I went to nearly all the mtgs, and it was really v thoughtful and they did a lot of assessment of things, so I really appreciate the work they've done as well, and you can hear by their presentation and by Rebecca's recent comments, they're v thoughtful, informed ppl.

I also owe thanks to David Hawkins who, once he arrived on the scene, there were no longer closed mtgs wch they had had before then, wch they're not supposed to have as a WG. So that was a great improvement too.

I did ask, about the First Nations. When I brought that up at the WG, was told, "Oh, we're not going to talk about it" -- this was by staff, not Mr Hawkins, this was some time ago. They said, "Oh no, that's going to be handled by Planning or something later, we don't have anything to do with that."

So then I thought I'd better find out wch heritage aspects of the land above there we shd look at, and I had quite a bit of difficulty getting, was given some names, called them, didn't work out, however Cclr Booth gave me some names in the summer, I think it was, that was v good and I must admit that now the ball is in my court to go and meet with several of them about what they consider of value to them in the Upper Lands, so I wd like to say, I wd be happy to present that report and I hope Ccl take into consideration the heritage aspects of the FN. We are ourselves, we don't live far from the Upper Levels Hwy, we found an arrowhead on our property. There must be lots of things, and I don't just mean culturally modified trees. There must be other things that are sacred to them and I hope that I can give the full report, as much as you want, and that you will respect their special places as well.

Thank you

Mayor: thank you; xxx we need a motion on the floor; Cam as mbr....

Cclr Cameron and Cclr Panz started this long journey, and Cclr Panz when she retired, Cam had to soldier on alone so we appreciate his efforts

{LISTEN to verify this} put motion here?

Cam motion: xxx I don’t know what I said -- happens at home sometimes

don’t think any of the recomms are unrealistic

thank you for the comment, but off base

staff have recommended we accept these as a framework

not say no devt west of Eagle Crk west. I’m in Ccl’s hands

however staff have said accept it as a framework

through process of OCP

I have no issue with any of the recomms and we’re talking about what staff is recommending

that’s what Ccl is voting on now, at this point no issue with any of the recomms

accepting ... &&& not done

xxx frame what BPP did or not do ???

I’m supportive whatever, enshrines them more

ML: had a fulsome discussion


1. The materials, att'd as Appendices A to E to the report dated Oct 13 from the Sr Cmnty Planner, be rec'd for discussion with the Upper Lands Study Review WG at the October 28, 2015 Council meeting; and

    2. The recomms contained in Part One ULSR WG Final Report (att'd as Appendix A) continue to be used as a framework to:

      1. review Upper Lands policies in the Official Community Plan;

      2. prepare a Cypress Village Area Development Plan;

      3. develop a Trails Plan.


4. Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan (File: 2520-16) Appendix A [PowerPoint presentation to be provided.]

Mayor: Ccl asked staff to present plan take out to public and let them have their say

Jim Bailey: thank you for coming

four directors ... Thank ..

achieve 4 things SLIDES [7:33]

result of four decades of planning since that time so no ... new

1975 prop Acq policy; studies over last 40 years

100s of hours of ... basis for ... playgrounds

successful turning xxx into ???

acquisition of props, xxx, farmers’ markets; accessibility upgraded


a lot of work achieved today

OCP principles were adopted in 2015???

form basis of waterfront plan

be aware of 4 things: elements work together integrated, no element more imp than another

consistent with prev work including 2013 OCP???


walk you through elements

public access; distinctly themed zones; pier enhancement continuous seawalk; Spirit, bike and xxx; walk peds

Protection work

Arts & Culture a key; streets plazas. new arts building; improving at foot of 14th


CAAD separately


met with stakeholders and residents

{definition of stakeholders? when with residents? isn’t this first?}

much cherished but where not usable

together &&& xxx [7:39]

Normally keep grass put over where houses are

heritage values ... with waterfront ... bookend 14th - 18th

approp comm activities: seaside bistro; boat region newer HSC ???

accessibility — improve N-S; 13th and 17th parking ... 11th (check)

phased vehicular close to Argyle, removal of the boat ramp

new and expanded HSC [7:41]

facilities or the cmnty’s envmt &&&

consultation prog proposed xxx ... will lead xxx

hear issues; been informally meeting with groups; xxx valuable feedback

webpage, outreach

seek feedback; anybody who wants to get involved — ten or more ppl


report back the recomms to Ccl; key elements; variety of comm

get word out, website [townhall mtgs]; Q&A at beginning and end; continue to provide updates

goals: broad awareness, for all cmnty

how and when; report back

{my thought: don't we get a say in what???}

want to be clear; focus on implementation — how and when but if we hear xxx will report back

we recomm be xxx for

Ccl, staff, cmnty, to build on a successful vibrant waterfront for xxx

Sop: do hear from ppl who live in the area, only need one car and can walk about

entire area, concerns Spirit Trail, removal of parking not signif, are for visitors’ parking

addn of bldgs but now not size

in ackn to move along, what if I didn’t like, the size of the building

JB: parking along Argyle — Mr Fung

finding alternative places to park

key elements — proposing an underground parking space at 13th with tennis above

remove parking when we find another place

part of devt permit requires parking space angle to parallel

sort of thing we want to talk to the public about

Mums and Dads re Lawson playing xxx

wrt bldg, overwhelming re green, Lawson Crk [7:49]

Silk Purse and Music Bldg removal xxx

v small scale in keeping with existing — one- or two-storey bldgs around the FBldg xxx [7:50]

Sop: during the 100-year flood we had some years ago flooded xxx

berm in the water southwesterly, have done some rock placement around 15th

salmon enhancement

if we get another 100-year; I lived for xxx years water was 2ft from my windowsill

shd hv major protection

bldg re water; now asking for covenant — have to be up or on stilts

JB: our Finance report Monday

number of hirings &&&

re solns, will defer to Mr Fung, Engg

RF: in interests of time may have glossed on [over?] what’s been done

shoreline plan a cpl of years ago

Shoreline Preservation, Streamkeeper Society, protection of the foreshore

number of approaches: a big dike, bldgs on stilts, retreat and move to higher ground

WV uniquely embarking on breakwaters, reefs; way waste energy taken away, reducing impact

successes xxx, in Nov will be co-op with Shore wrt of maybe pier [7:55]

representation of what included in entire strategy

Sop: consulting wth Sailing Club what changes, how big, new services?

JB: part of this plan HSC, valuable part; walked site with Commodore xxx be

MB: a nice, textual summary of 40 years of summary, also pictorial

wrt list of plans, policies, and studies; a cpl Qs

status of the cultural strategy update — where are we?

{GET -- interesting CAO answer:}

greater corporate and xxx perspective; Art & Culture strategy at a 100ft xxx

wd like to hire a sr mgr of arts and culture; what comes out will inform

{fascinating; in Feb we learned a sr mgr had been hired to start Feb 22

"wd like" -- so not approved yet? shd hv bn alarm bells then for Ccl and public...}

ability not just along waterfront, Library, KMC

wd like to bring some down instead of just up at KMC; have on waterfront

before your time don’t think you’ve seen (2013) XXX recomm was to move the Sailing Club west for a Marine Ctr

JB: correct, the main intent; 40 years, not all implemented

11 OCP principles been enshrined in this; pretty specific; want to do more

realize sailing ctr where located is a good place to be; let’s continue to talk to them and user grps

MB: beginning of

1468/72 small bistro — looks like green space

JB: we’re thinking of it integrated into Sailing Club

good recomm at end of consultation period

MB: not &&&

JB: correct

Cass: plsd leaving the knoll immed west [8:02]

petition of 3500 names to leave

think of 400 re UL, the 3500; considering, some of us got

low hanging fish not fruit


what sort of boats are you thinking of?

JB: intention of HSC is non-motorized: paddle boards, kayaks, lasers

Cass: know everyone intelligent but invariably idiot what is our liability?

MChan: operator takes on liability, Dist doesn’t

Cass: so we’re offloading to somebody else?

MChan: not offloading

Cass: boat moorings foot of 14th and 16th; think of oil

kids playing big xxx why bringing oil into ?

JB: opp to enliven; prevailing thread of a water taxi to link with Vanc

in final approving we’d have to evaluate.

Cass: this will cost money

we have an inordinate number of ppl who use facilities they’re not paying for, taxpayer is

pay for parking to offset costs of all this devt?

RF: parking integral; various tools can be considered

if a parkade structure around 13th; higher cost than parking on the street

re pay parking, in a new structure, may be some receptivity to cost recovery

need to devise a strategy

Cass: only have to ask CoV making [from parking]; White Rock making ~ $2M

WV need to be compensated

RF: want to avoid unintended consequences

if pay parking, meters; parking xxx re parks when parking in comm area

to prevent any unintended consequences while trying to recover revenues

user groups not xxx [8:09]

Barry Hall: think Mr Bailey has answered many of my questions

what I read and what I hear a bit diff; reading doc, how to implement and when

and then how it lands on the ground

there are many elements and if just talking about how to implement then moving etc, whether that is open for public talk and decision-making

&&& or just going to do it?

what or how implemented???

Cmnty Report I read in Arts, Culture, and Heritage will address the overall plan for M facilities, then read CAAD not considered in this plan yet the CAAD is on the waterfront

plan going ahead without xxx?

JB: we’re asking to consult on the detail [8:12]; there’s been enough consultation and &&& within that area

we’re not asking if we’re going to move Music Box and Silk Purse, we are — but how and when details

{this is what astounded some of us. We’re not being asked what and where, we’re just being asked “how and when — IOW, it’s all been decided!}

If we hear something we’ve missed we will report back to you — always open to what we hear

the notion of the CAAD bldg; we’re looking south of the tracks

expect we’ll hear about Lawson Pk ... xxx as led by xxx

Ed Lee: 213 14th St; all those thoughtful ppl and new Dir/Planning

come to mind; so basic we shd give it as given

HSC larger than life; Olympics; large number of goats {?}

don’t need a restaurant; don’t need on a sandy beach

xxx retain leave it where

past Capilano and Thunderbird; ... don’t put on xxx ... xxx abuse? &&&

Mayor: ...

Ed Lee: jewel is our pier, Ferry Bldg

moving along west 1444 a v usable post and beam, maybe to move the Sllk Purse to

1466? rocky waterfront; there’s the spot for the restaurant

use those two


{text supplied}

> Scenery Slater: Kudos to all who’ve done work on this and kudos to the ULWG. I’d like to see them recruited to work on the Ambleside Waterfront because they’ve demonstrated excellent stewardship of a priceless community asset and I would suggest the WF deserves the same rigour and consideration that I don’t think can be found in whatever you call what has happened over the last 40 years, because I don’t think we can amalgamate that all for the public to fully understand.  But what I’d really like to ask is, can Council please direct staff to ensure that the public consultation include the CAAD?  To consult on this separately when so much of this WF plan is arts-based doesn’t make sense.  It is evident there is a connection between CAAD and other facilities mentioned in this plan and we would be better served to clearly establish what the community's views are about and where such facilities should be, sooner, rather than later, and in context with an overall plan, rather than piece-meal.

Melinda Slater: I fully support public consultation, though I do have concerns about how it’s conducted and at the risk of beating a dead dog, I have to say I’m dismayed at the continual avoidance of using the District’s Public Involvement Policy.

The concept plan we’re looking at here is Planning’s vision for the WF based on 40 years of consultation and 11 OCP guiding [principles], however this is ONE vision -- it may or may not be the public’s vision or interpretation.  To ensure those ideas and initiatives from the past 40 years are still valid today we need to consult with the public on more than just mere details of implementing this one plan.  The public must be given the opportunity to validate any and all elements; that anything in this plan can be subject to change.  Council is being asked to approve consultation with stakeholders and the community -- who would object to that?  But as they say, the devil is in the details.  I would like assurance that the community will have the opportunity to change more than just details.  I respectfully request you change the wording of the motion to reflect this.

MAYOR: I think Mr. Bailey made it clear that if the public bring up something that staff have not considered, everything is available for reconsideration.  So it is a true, open consultation process -- am I wrong Mr. Bailey?

JIM BAILEY: Mr. Mayor, I think you captured that well Mr. Mayor, we will listen, but I do want to be clear about this -= I think that staff’s opinion is that we feel this plan is really the community’s vision that Planning is articulating, you know that’s our job as professionals is to look at what we’ve done and articulate a vision.  And we’re open-minded, we want to talk to the community about have we got it right (and) we think we do if you read the OCP adopted policies that reflect that 40 years of planning -- it’s there.  So again, yes, we’re open-minded, but to be clear, the focus of this consultation, and I think it’s about being honest in what our consultation “ask is, it's about the how and when of implementing details.  That’s essentially what we’re asking moving forward.

Mayor: think Mr Bailey said wd consider.

JB: we will listen we feel this is cmnty’s

articulated the vision want to talk about how we got it right; read it, it’s here. This is about how and when

Heather Johnson: 1660 ... waterfront is an amazing asset

the current is a vision, captures a lot of elements; imp to talk about

do wonder if we shd bring CAAD in, prob'ly if getting them and shd include xxx

having recently been through a xxx

take another approach;

intergenerationally only twitter only face to face how we

Sop moved motion, then:

looking forward to staff working with the public; transparent, full understanding of what involved

don’t want it rushed, want to get something done

is Ms Gordon going to be involved given something financial?

Cam: not starting from scratch, done quite a bit

my kids enjoy Lawson, Lawson Studios; use of Navvy Jack; took out the clock, thank goodness

we’ve done a lot on the waterfront already

taking something working phenomenally and trying to make it better

one of the Mayor’s accomplishments acquiring all the props, great goal, plan, implemented and updated as we go

agree to rock principles, Hawkins, almost motherhood

what we like about the waterfront -- waterfront pathway, &&&

have facilities and make better; making this better

staff have heard increase in green space

15th Music Box, Silk Purse, shd be green space

xxx carefully designed activity

Mr Bailey’s clear principles..; agree with Mr B

NG: Qs ... consultation going to be using, test-driving the new policy the CEC is coming up with

that’s a yes? so, that’s good news

interesting point Scenery Slater bringing CAAD into it

CAO: the CAAD bldg been talked about a lot; spoken of in isolation of the cmnty and the art/culture — needs some clarity

bldg itself is to be funded externally; approved by Ccl with xxx to come back to Ccl

currently is not an approved — site whether there or elsewhere; bldg approved but out of [8:29]

general discussion with the cmnty ... propose CAAD site ... use

NG: as part of this strategy, CAAD has a role to play in the overall strategy

waterfront want to move ahead with xxx for sure; 1 2 3 4 years

so not that the MBox will be gone tomorrow xxx

Staff will come back spring 2016 what has occurred and recomms for &&&

Sop: arts separate from the waterfront plan; we said raise some money &&&; come back

with waterfront plan is wrong

Cass: so Ccl agreed the Lawson by &&& when

public redress to say we don’t want it there

CAO: Ccl approved that site with some conditions; proj come back

we will be going out to the cmnty prior to feedback

Cass: shd those conditions be met can the public say no thank you?

CAO: xxx Ccl passed a resoln that site, so obligation site wd be available to them

wd hv to go to cmnty with conditions

Cass: as Ms Slater and Cclr Gamb xxx to have it

this is going to be addressed ... to say during xxx

think we shd hv it as part of [waterfront plan?]

in this cmnty; horse in front of the cart

{think she means cart in front of the horse.}

Cam: they’re two completely sep issues

meets or fails on its own whether or not CAAD

take the design off then when or if

three conditions:

&&&? money fund privately; acceptable biz plan re op expenses; proponents demonstrate sufficient public support as to the design ... establishing public support

none of the conditions [has] bn met ... don’t know about

2 and no public consultation nothing finalized; decide proj then consult; will be deep public consultation

this plan either works or doesn’t work, regardless

Cass: we’re saying the same thing -- as long as you’ve got on that site ... are we going to ?????

get confused; discuss it or take it off

Mayor: south of the rlwy tracks

Cam’s wise comments

what we’ve done; ten years ago path ended at 18th; acq.. [8:38]

chn’s playground; something can be proud of; taking good work from past to future &&&


if can make it work; doesn’t make a lot of sense spinning our wheels

see the $30M chq comes in we’ll take notice; need to see the chq

Sop: well said; does motion require removing CAAD?

CAO: staff more methodical more opt

to take CAAD off is not an issue for us

Mayor: don’t take my comments as not being optimistic; have to see the money ... viable project

Sop: old horse been around for a while

conclude things ... separately, not? it’s in your document

Cass: if you take it off plan, still go ahead so no agreement


the Amb Waterfront Concept Plan (att'd as App A to Oct 13 report) be endorsed for stakeholder and cmnty consultation.


Mayor: do we have any Qs or Comments?

> CR (muffled noise; mics not on; can't hear):

Some of the comments were a bit confusing to me so I wanted some clarification.

About CAAD, I mean obviously if you're doing the waterfront plan you have to talk about something that's on either side of it, at least take it into consideration. That's like building a room and saying, we're not going to pay any attention to the gorilla at the door.

so you have to understand that something might be there

but the other thing is, if they have conditions to fulfill, did anybody give them a time limit?

I mean, wait 20 years? do they have to know within a certain time? Why shd all our plans -- I'm not saying I'm for or against CAAD, I'm just talking from a point of view -- if we're going to do something, why shd it be held up by something that has no deadline?

If we're going to do something, we shd know when.

Mayor: but we're not holding anything up and Ms L is staying in touch with the CAAD proj and when she has something affirmative to say to Ccl on the proj, presumably she'll bring a report.

CR: that was not my question, my question was--

Mayor: --we're not holding anything up, we're moving ahead.

CR: that was not my question.

Mayor: well

CR: what I was saying was that if we set conditions for CAAD, when Ccl set the conditions, did they give them a timeline for when they had to be fulfilled by?

{murmurings, something about give us the money, etc but unintelligible}

or did they have an open, ah, blank cheque or whatever?

Mayor: No, the timeline is obviously until our CAO advises Ccl that the proj has not proven it's going to be viable.

CR: so when does she have to do that by?

Mayor: entirely up to her; we don't tell her what to do. You've got to be kidding.


{must say, this took me a bit aback as well -- isn't it that the CAO carries out what Ccl asks be done!!!}

CAO: Carolanne, just for clarity, the CAAD board has bn working extensively. It's a volunteer board and group that are v committed to seeing this be a success for WV, and they continue to work down that path. Until there's a reason to stop them in their work, they're going to continue.

CR: maybe we can ask them when they think they'll have a decision either way or, what way it's looking.

Thank you, that's the question that--

Mayor: --anyone else?

[8:46] John Smith, Commodore: of HSC

Mayor: sorry, you were on the list and I totally missed you.

JS: &&& distinct diff between HSC and Cap/RVYC; we don’t have resources

... teaching ... last Sat ppl turned up to keep in

really nice to have new Sailing Club, maintained as staff; can’t pay high rent

support gentleman who came before; can see marine uses, xxx .. rental

but don’t know our {young? students?} in training shd be by a bar


anyone else wishing to speak or can I ask to adjourn?

6. Adjournment [8:48]

~~~ November 2 ~~~


1. CALL TO ORDER [6:04]

Mayor: anyone seen Cclr Cameron? ask for a motion to approve the agenda

Cam: I recommend or I don’t recommend

2. Approval of Agenda

amended by:

= replacing Appendix H for Item 6 re 370 and 380 Mathers - Residences on Mathers with new Appendix H as included in the On-Table package;

= adding the doc titled “Sustainability Strategy Defined to Item 6 re 370/380 Mathers -- Residences on Mathers;

= withdrawing Item 7 re Proposed Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4848, 2015;

= replacing the bylaw for Item 10 re Proposed Ccl Procedure Bylaw No. 4730, 2013, Amendmt Bylaw No. 4855, 2015;

= withdrawing Item 11.1 regarding Finance Committee Resolutions;

Mayor: think starts with item 4



3. Royal Canadian Legion WV Branch, re Veterans’ Week and Remembrance Day (File: 0055-20-RCLE1)

Val MacGregor: not only of the zone

Harry Greenwood, Chairman, D-Day Veteran, honour? French {GET TITLE}

I’m going to let him speak of

being president I haven’t my grandfather

Vimy Ridge; too young for a gun so gave him a stretcher

you may see — thank you for wearing one

every ... an ENT doctor in the cmnty — more energy huge amt of ppl work with him ???

{maybe referring to Prez who's a medical specialist?}

Poppy Fund — every cent of that money comes back to the cmnty; helps — serious donations

including the cadets.

my point is ... Remembrance Day ... Vimy Ridge I have a bias

year 99 next year 100 ... have to ... look on the back of a 20

{says Cdn National Vimy Memorial}

like to introduce Harry Greenwood

HG: xxx veterans are not here remember two rows here; many are ill and can’t come

want to say, every year when we march

commemorate war? no, we’re really marching for peace; there’s nothing romantic about war

shd ... announce never listen another

we’re not of Jewish ... &&& and three synagogues

isolating herself

was attending a book club

NSEM New Yorker, &&& and a v wise man; meet many clever but not many wise

kids will remember, never forget

turned to me ... I shd do something for my daughter

&&& D Day ... not stories want... last year Normandy xxx spoke to

not from them

Private Ryan is not xxx all stories seem to be funny

&&& I thought at the time we have to talk, not about gore ... I’m .decade

in world has always been war some place ... to try to talk about peace; what if we &&&

&&& what = we do have to do but from

25K coming who’ve never heard of Flanders Field; &&&

last year commemorated, celebrated, Battle of Britain, D Day, end of war in B &

1944 war was still raging

5mtn met, United Nations, League of Nations ... mission world peace for world &&&

sit down and talk about our prob.

for UK, Soviet Union, and China

asked how he saw the UN; he saw it a woman looking out her window...

hopping and skipping in xxx

I’ve shared that vision for many years and so shd you

Mike Prez?: if you don’t mind I’d like to say

They shall not grow oldwe will remember them"

thank you

Mayor: thank you v much for that presentation

{I was impressed and moved by Harry's words (will try to get a copy). In fact so much that G and I hastened completing our mbrship.}

Cam: thank you for those words, Harry

am sure we’ll have a great turn-out on Marine Dr, highlight of the year

remembering those who have fallen; wishing for peace and xxx

going to the Legion, meet our fellow men; xxx when the pipers come in

am sure you’ll see, if not a quorum, most of Ccl there

MOTION rec'd for information, with thanks.

Mayor: thanks for coming and make sure citizens pick up their poppies; Saturday the last day

HG: and when you come to the Legion, bring money!


4. Alzheimer Society of British Columbia, re Becoming a Dementia- Friendly Community (File: 0055-01)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

WHO?: came from

from Japan ... dementia-friendly &&&

hope for tomorrow; find a cure and give hope — hope for tomorrow umbrellas ...

in 5 10 15 years think of accessibility time when we didn’t have &&&

hard to think of ...

70K in BC living with Alzheimer’s or other dementia; expected to double in 10 yrs; more than 10K under [60?]

177K+ SLIDE 1400+ living in WV, Bowen Island

not the same as normal age-related xxx many don’t know it’s a progressive disease, no cure, die

SLIDE with many kinds of dementia

Jim Mann, BC Leadership Group — tireless, he has bn living with dementia

can feel comfortable and safe walking, shopping xxx around

heightened awareness

demential friends — make feel accepted, etc SLIDE

more know, more helpful; Municipal Toolkit in your packages; best practices from across the world

consider passing a resolution to becoming dementia-friendly

never xxx something completely done,— continuing

share what dementia is; many Ms have held a workshop [6:27] ... stakeholders, caregivers

some cmnties— New West, work around evaluation; others valuable in diff ways followed by an action plan

Contact us; enjoy your xxx -- questions?

Mayor: didn’t get your name

Rebecca Morris, I’m the &&&

MB: have the city or district passed anything —&&& ??

RM: you’ll be the first

MB: know have [6:29]

we’re the oldest; most octogenarians; we cd be active; involving srs’ ctr

NG: spent some time the other day with the group of adult daycare, enlightening education for me

concerned with that space going xxx

wonder if the NSh Congress a place to bring this up

3 mayors think of adding this to the agenda xxx &&&

AM: quite a bit going on at the Cmnty Ctr now

MB: you’ve reminded me Cclr Buchanan has suggested this for the next congress

seconded xxx this

Cam: shd mention &&&

MB: yes

[6:32] MOTION: rec'd for information, with thanks.4


5. Planning Inst of BC, re 2015 Gold Award for Excellence in Planning for WV’s Coach House Examination

Dan Wong: xxx existence since 1958

unis an xxx ... RPP; invites submissions re excellence in planning

DWV entered . will read submission

early 2013 re coach houses; primary to stimulate debate

&&& ... process thorough and rigorous; approach suited to xxx; preserving existing

in case you hadn’t guessed, you won the gold

and in case you hadn’t heard; Nov National World Planning xxx

Stephen Mikicich xxx and Claudia Freire ?

personally &&&

thank you for your commitment

Mayor: good news is we have our planning staff sitting behind you

Stephen who?

MOTION: received for information, with thanks.

Mayor: another award to WV staff


6. 370 and 380 Mathers -- Residences on Mathers (Proposed OCP and Zoning Amdmt Bylaws; Proposed Phased Devt Agreement Authorization Bylaw; and Proposed Devt Permit No. 12-053)

(File: 1610-20-4851/4852/4853 / 1010-20-12-053) Schedule A to Appendix J

PH Nov 30

Lisa Berg gave background and explanation/clarification: CAC, covenants and bylaw recomm

the OCP wd set up the land use; est site within Devt Permit area

52; FAR 0.38; architecture landscaping, initiatives rec’d on table tonight

1, 34, 500; tree protection; allocation of density

protects trees — entrance, where feasible; two legal parcels on the prop; essence of the covenant

SLIDE [6:41]

staff supports b/c aligns; housing options heard through previous dialogues

unique opp, modest density, FAR slightly higher than OCP

devt controls helps tie together

[Darwin Props] Oliver Webb, prez: plsd to be here; excellent summary

Mathers to the north to sgl-fam houses to the east; two churches, cemeteries, xxx Park

SLIDE of Project Timeline — orig 24, since reduced to 17 units

SLIDE Devt Summary — 1900 to 2400sf


impact study offered, 5 responses; Nov last year

Housing Action Plan since 2012; District heard more diverse wanted; believe this proj meets the HAP; within Cmnty

thank staff, appreciate Ccl allowing this

Mayor: Lisa, want to come back up for any questions


Mayor: no questions so report must have been

NG: do have questions

[re] CACs, last few weeks many discs coming xxx in use money can be put to

wrt this proposal; if sorted, when wd we get, able to pay for new things? [8:47]

LB: language in doc secures CAC; halfway through receipt of the money within one year xxx budgeting

NG: maybe I’m not making myself clear

disc in Public Art Cmte; private disc with Cclr Booth; at what point does the xxx {amt?} change?

looking at a timeline question

Mayor: Ms L, we’re looking at [6:50].

NL: cd be incorporated in 2015 or 2016 budget; hasn’t been contemplated in 2016

generally for public art wd be a separate discussion

Cam: {reads part re CACs}

phased devt to my reading, complete flexibility in using the CACs so that answers the question

Sop: can’t run a baby carriage down Hadden Dr; Hadden can’t run a baby carriage

Mayor: does your proj?

Darwin Prez: along prop line; possibility re sidewalks along

[6:52] {GET THIS}

LB: not an easy answer; had a questionnaire of what ppl wanted to see; part of devt or paid for CAC

sidewalks were asked for but not top of the list

trail networks down to sea, playground equipment

Sop: in the interests of safety

pushing baby down with no sidewalk, consideration of safety at least

safety is No 1 priority to mothers and chn

can’t xxx no sidewalks?

Mayor: Mr Fung, can you estimate how many roads in WV haven’t sidewalks?

RF: &&& on p

traffic load low esp in consideration prev use as public usage sp [6:55]

staff limited ability on site

wdn’t turn down the opp to sidewalk. &&& hasn’t been included as a reqmt

Mayor: I’ve built five houses and none a sidewalk

MB: xxx ... 300km 15km of sidewalks

six years and ppl opposed, what is the main reason for being opposed?

in Feb this year detailed rationales

believe main concern increase in density and traffic

lots re change of nbrhd character

xxx &&& ease the concerns

MB: so you tried to address the privacy and traffic

LB: believe proposal has responded

proposal brought forward by Darwin, 24 units, feedback reduced to 19, and today 17

Sop: Ms Berg, do you not think an area being upgraded

whether amenities [from?] CACs to devt

LB: absolutely and Ccl has complete discretion

Sop: can we make recomms at PH; may I--

Mayor: --go ahead

[Sop read out all the motions]

THAT opportunities for consultation on the proposed OCP amdmt, with persons, orgs, and authorities, as outlined in the report from the Sr Cmnty Planner dated Oct 15, be endorsed as sufficient consultation for purposes of section 879 of the LGA.

THAT proposed “OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4851, 2015 be read a first time.

THAT proposed “OCP Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4851, 2015 has been considered in conjunction with the District’s Financial Plan and Regional Waste Mgmt Plan.

{has it been???}

THAT proposed “Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4852, 2015 be read a first time.

THAT proposed “Phased Development Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4853, 2015 be read a first time.

THAT proposed “OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4851, 2015, proposed “Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4852, 2015, and proposed “Phased Devt Agrmt Authn Bylaw No. 4853, 2015 be presented at a PH scheduled for Nov 30 at 6pm in the M Hall Ccl Chamber, and that the M Clk give statutory notice of the scheduled PH wch shall include notice of the PH to the owners and any tenants in occupation of all parcels of land as shown on the proposed “Notification Area Map att'd as App C to the report from the Sr Cmnty Planner dated Oct 15 re the proposed devt of 370 and 380 Mathers Avenue.

THAT proposed “Devt Permit No. 12-053 be presented at a Public Mtg scheduled for Nov 30, 2015 at 6pm in the M Hall Ccl Chamber, to be held concurrently with the Public Hearing scheduled for Nov 30, 2015 at 6pm in the M Hall Ccl Chamber, and that the MClk give notice of the scheduled Public Mtg.

THAT a proposed section 219 Covenant to allocate density and to protect certain trees attached as Appendix I to the report by the Sr Cmnty Planner dated Oct 15, 2015, be presented as part of the devt package.

{GET what Cam says!}

SSch: call on each b/c separate

Mayor: so we’ll get to it

{and he read them out}

whatever — haven’t got my reading glasses -- as written

next time if we have all these motions can you remind me — have to all be voted on

next item; thx, Ms Berg [7:04]

7. Proposed Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4848, 2015 (File: 1610-20-4848) Item withdrawn.

8. Temp Use Permits (Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4854, 2015; and

Proposed Devt Procedures Bylaw No. 3984, 1996, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4827, 2015)(File: 1610-20 4854/4827)

LBerg gave background: allow a use not permitted by zoning bylaw

some to be considered, temp uses of bldgs; limited flexibility at present; help streamline the process

now have to deal with one-offs, PH, diff to eval them

give clarity as to whether shd be ... ; underlying zoning remains intact

unnec spot-zoning to deal with temp uses; valid up to three years and may only be used once

mandatory public notice, much like DPs

criteria in the zoning bylaw [amdmt operation???] siting restoration of the land when the permit expired

how compatible, design operation; powerful permit

more than a DP b/c looking at allowing uses not otherwise permitted

other examples where I used to work

considered such as parking lots — sometime need for overflow; fully control landscaping how executed

xxx such as presentation; vacation ...; waterfront

hv also had an enquiry of opening a school of less than 10 students;

{whoops! students are countable so ought to be FEWER than 10}

our zoning wd not allow

see if uses a good fit for cmnty or that specific area

procedure bylaw sets out how issue notify public

Sop: this process, wd create a certainty; if use for certain time, proj go ahead?

LB: you mean beyond three years?

no, don’t believe that assumption us???????

careful language; Ccl requiring securities; use discontinued, restore to previous state

max 3 yrs but cd be only a cpl of months

don’t think by issuing a temp permit that a permanent zoning xxx

Sop: so if you came 3 yrs or less then over


proposed next a new proposal?

Cass: pls clarify - commercial, residential, recreational

LB: all lasts and a temporary use area ; give Ccl discretion

Cass: in the case of the person a school cd that individ a temp for my house, or beauty salon, in basement ?????

LB: guess yes, but Ccl’s discretion

Cass: cd I then not go out and my house on one half and sell to child so use parking for construction?

LB: permit wd est {use} cd limit time ???

only valid till occupancy six mos, discretionary xxx

Cass: given we have problems enforcing our bylaws, not a slippery slope?

LB: not a slippery slope, a way to legitimize

Sop: just want to query on this; haven’t enough info to make a decision tonight so think shd be tabled

NG: be read a first time

Sop: what I stated

Cam: w/ all due respect don’t see the concern; not delegating that power to staff; provides an avenue

another tool in our toolbox, not that we have to use; determined by Ccl on a case-by-case basis

Mayor: if get through maze

Sop:. question at this time ... what wd truly be used for throughout whole cmnty

Mayor: tabling?

Sop: I am

Mayor: seconder

{none, so fails}

{all of these carry with Sop opposed}

THAT proposed “Zoning Bylaw ,,,, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4854, 2015 to establish regulations re TUPs be read a first time.

THAT propsd “Devt Procedures Bylaw ..., Amdmt Bylaw ... to establish procedures re TUPs be read a first time.

Sop: if we go to a PH, valuable to sit with Ccl ... prior to PH

Mayor: xxx

LB: do have

MOTION THAT proposed “Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4854, 2015 be presented at a PH

scheduled for Nov 23 at 6pm in the M Chamber, and that the MClk give statutory notice of the scheduled PH.

PASSES unanimously [7:20]

9. Road Closure and Removal of Hwy Dedication Bylaw No. 4856, 2015 (Land Adj to 1086 23rd St) (File: 1610-20-4856)

1. proposed “Road Closure/Removal of Hwy Dedication Bylaw No. 4856, 2015 be read a first, second, and third time; and

2. staff issue statutory notices of road closure and removal of highway dedication in connection with proposed “Road

Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw No. 4856, 2015.


10. Proposed Ccl Procedure Bylaw No. 4730, 2013, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4855, 2015 (File: 1610-20-4855)

If he proposed bylaw receives first, second, and third reading at the Oct 26 sp Ccl mtg it may be considered for adoption on Nov 2.

THAT proposed “Council Procedure Bylaw No. 4730, 2013, Amendment Bylaw No. 4855, 2015 be adopted.

{PASSED with Sop opposed}

Mayor: xxx tired of talking

ML: noticed no motion for Item 5

Mayor: thanks for catching; usu Ms Sch hits me over the head