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Lease/Sell Question * Library's 2011 Annual Report * Horseshoe Bay Pier

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor
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~~~ Thanksgiving ! We've got so much to be thankful for... ~~~

= MAIN ITEMS on Ccl Agenda Oct 1: in camera starts at 4pm 

7pm Public Hearing: proposed bylaw amendment FAR 1.75 to 1.95 for 650 - 16th Street.

followed by the regular ccl mtg: N Sh Table Matters Network; Devt Permit for Safeway site; DVP (3183 Travers); DVP (3598 Creery); 2013 Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw; Rutledge Field Spectator Seating; Fees and Charges Revisions)Zoning Amendment (26th and Marine Dr)Zoning Amendment Bylaw (PH earlier 650 “ 16th St); Ccl Mtg added (Oct 29)Devt Application Status ListCorrespondence List (see link on electronic agenda) including letters on 4710 S Piccadilly, lease vs sale, PM re Kinder Morgan, HBay wharf; September 8, 2012, regarding Spirit Trail 

= Lease/Sell Survey; Vive le Canada (new BC Lt-Gov); from the EDITOR'S DESK (WVMs/zingers); MAKE FAR FAIR!; WVPD (Thanksgiving Weekend); UPDATES & INFO (Keep up to date with DWV; Governance terms; Fire Chief re Fireworks; Library's CBC Colln of Orchestral music; and more)

= CALENDAR to Oct 20; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Museum; Music; Arabic Culture; Opera; VIFF)

= HEADSUP 18A: Bard; LPPS events

= HEADSUP 18B: KMC; A Room with a View

= HEADSUP 18C: Main items Oct 1; Caulfeild Village Oktoberfest; NSh Culture Days; Cmnty Website; Draft Wireless Comm Facilities Policy; Fire/Rescue joins E-Comm

= Sept 17 Ccl NOTES: PH on 26th & Marine; NSh Family Court and Youth Justice Cmte Annual Report; Road Closure (26th & Marine); HAF and Centennial Celebrations update; Authorization to expense Third Party Funds (~$900K); Upper Lands Study Review; Geothermal Heating System 4064 Marine Dr; DVP Application 3598 Creery (for Oct 1); Age-friendly Provincial Recognition; Correspondence {http://www.westvancouver.ca/Government/Level3.aspx?id=37466 }: oodles of letters re HBay pier; funding cuts (JEPP); NSEMO; air quality report.

= Ccl Agendas Oct 1

= FROGWATCH (Save the Frogs Art Contest); ANIMAL INFObits (coloured eggs); INFObits (Libya); ROYALWATCH (Recent stories/photos); CPTWATCH (Hebron; Freedom Bus Tour); GAZAWATCH; WORDWATCH (meter/metre); HERITAGEWATCH (HSBC AGM; HWV photo; Top Ten endangered in Vancouver; VHF Laneway Tour and more); MAIKU; SALMAGUNDI (Ageing and Mingus) with QUOTATIONS/THOUGHTS/PUNS


lease1300@westvan.org OR sell1300@westvan.org ?


Ccl entered into an MOU to sell the block to Grosvenor subject to approval of the devt. The proposal is expected to be presented in October. Almost everyone I have spoken with prefers municipally-owned land be leased, not sold, thus keeping our land assets. If Ccl has no choice (they said it was 'too complicated'* to lease [!!!]), then we cd buy land to replace this loss. At an open info mtg in June, over a hundred ppl said they preferred the land be leased instead of sold, some said so in a survey. Apparently not enough for Ccl. Let's let them know we don't want to sell land to pay for a building that will deteriorate (-- then what???).

One subscriber wrote:

There is no one better than Grosvenor properties to explain to you the advantage of leasing over selling.

Hundreds of acres of central London make up the Grosvenor Estate.  All the buildings within that Grosvenor Estate are on long leases.  That is how [one way] the Grosvenor family derived its wealth -- by leasing and gaining back the properties at the end of the lease.  It would take a foolhardy municipal council in the provinces not to see that, to be outsmarted by one of the western world's largest property company's on the pretext that a lease is too complicated.

{*Note, however, Ccl's cmte/advisers said it was too complicated and Ccl accepted that explanation. BTW, thinking of simple and complicated, I added Charlie Mingus's quotation and a bit of his biography at the end.}

Email your choice (above), lease or sell. If you have already done so, pls ask your family, friends, colleagues to do so.


=== Vive le CANADA ===

Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed Judy Guichon, 65, as Queen Elizabeth II's representative in B.C. Guichon is a rancher known for promoting an environmentally sustainable cattle industry was named Monday B.C.'s 29th lieutenant-governor. 

=== from the EDITOR'S DESK ===

+ Keep informed and up to date

Ppl often ask me about the agenda or what's on it. B/c of that, in the Updates & Info just below, I've put in the way to subscribe and have them sent to you immediately -- WEB ALERTS. You can subscribe for other topics as well.

+ WVM18 disaster

As I warned, WVM18 was hastily sent out so revisions made. You have the latest printed version if it has WVM18º wch is the version on the website www.westvan.org ##1

This one (19) will have its own problems -- addns, corrections, v welcome.

+ WVMs

As you know, the transcript esp is 'best efforts' b/c I type while they speak. You will notice that there are timestamps throughout. This is b/c some of those parts ideally ought to be entirely transcribed. With the timestamp you can go to the video (all the ccl mtgs are videotaped and can be accessed from the DWV website).

Anyone who wishes to clarify something or provide more information is most welcome to write so that it can be put in the next issue.

ZINGERS: sometimes there's a particularly pointed or funny remark made. I'll identify them as 'zingers'.

MAJOR ISSUES: Many feel WV policy shd be to retain municipal land and not sell it. It is our heritage asset and quite shortsighted to sell property (an asset; keeps or grows in value) to build a building that will deteriorate (so in a few years the land will be gone and so will the building, in this case what is proposed for the PSB), hence the survey question at the top.

Another that has arisen is upzoning/increasing density free. See below.



F.A.R. sometimes FAR or FSR stands for Floor Area/Space Ratio. That dictates size, ie proportion of building space to size of lot. Faced with complaints about 'monster' houses, when I arrived on Ccl, WV's FAR was .45. Happy to say, the Council I was on, lowered it to .35 (by almost 25%). Planning put in some exemptions like basements (depending on how much above ground) and open/unenclosed balconies. If enclosed, their area must be included in the FAR calculation. Obviously the lower the FAR, the smaller the house. You see the trick. Build with open balconies. If enclosed balconies the building wd have to be smaller or lower. If unenclosed balconies the building can be larger. And you pay more for property if it has a higher density.

The Westshore owners have removed some walls (without permission) and enclosed their balconies thus increasing the density -- from an FAR of 1.75 to 1.95. (Pls note that what they've done makes the building well above 1.95 but the compromise was they wd bring it down to 1.95 wch is still an increase in density from the zoning bylaw granted.)

There are 160 units. Uplift shd be calculated so we know how much more the property is worth now. Then, the policy is for 75% of the Uplift to go to Cmnty Benefits or amenities.

This is fair since other apartments wd hv paid a price to reflect the (higher) FAR. Not fair for an apt to make their building larger without paying anything. Others have. It's a policy. Besides, that helps our municipal budget to keep taxes down.

The value of the Uplift cd be about $2M. The policy is not to charge the whole amt that wd hv had to be paid, just 75% so that means about $1.5M back to the cmnty -- Community Benefits/Amenities since upzoning is for residents to grant.

The Oct 1 PH passed three readings so I'm trying to find out all the details. If Uplift and CBs are not required or Ccl cannot ask for them now (I've been told both yes and no), third reading cd be rescinded and address it again with or without amendments, b/c the bylaw has not yet been adopted.

It is a terrible precedent b/c if a gift to this building's owners, not right that others have paid and wd make those wanting to do it now not expect to have to pay for larger premises.

One of my solutions: include balconies in the FAR whether open or closed. That gets rid of this temptation/problem.

+ Here is the transcript from two submissions at the Public Hearing (Oct 1) on the Westshore -- one calm and one dynamic.  The Westshore has 160 units and is asking for increased density, to go from an FAR of 1.75 to 1.95.  It passed third reading with only a couple of comments (and has not yet been adopted).

> After Mark Sager's presentation on behalf of the owners, Carolanne Reynolds spoke:

Good evening.

My concerns are not about this upzoning itself, rather wrt policy and precedents. Perhaps I missed it but in the material I did not see the Uplift calculation resulting from increasing the FAR from 1.75 to 1.95.

As you know, increased density makes the property worth more.

Council grants this higher value to a property on behalf of the residents and then looks for 75% as CBs or amenities.  I have not seen this either.

Devprs have got permissions for bldgs based on FAR and often do not enclose balconies so they are not included, thus meeting the lower requirement for zoning.

There are many high rises wch have debated enclosing balconies (I think some even have done so).

If you allow this at no cost, it will be a precedent and others will expect it -- free.

Your decision is whether or not to allow it, however if you think it is in the best interest of the cmnty, pls do not overlook the price that wd hv had to be paid for this higher density, and please consider how to be fair to the others who want the same, and to the wider community who, in a very real sense, own the density you are otherwise giving away for nothing.

75% is not too much to ask.  Some jurisdictions get 100%.

Please outline what the process is and will be.

If you [we] are not getting a fair contribution, please reject the rezoning.

> followed by George Pajari:

Thank you, Your Worship and Council.

I've read the staff report in some detail and I cannot believe what I've read.

Let's quickly review what has happened.

We have unauthorized work, that is, illegal work -- not to put too fine a point on it -- that has compromised the building.  It's now leaking water.  It is less safe for the inhabitants.  It's now less safe for the firefighters who might have to rescue someone in case of a fire.  And remember, all of these problems were caused by the strata owners themselves.

So, what is proposed?

Demanding compliance and assessing a penalty equal to twice the permit fee that ought to have been paid, wch is consistent with your policy, and has been assessed in other cases?


Requiring a cmnty benefit that is proportional to the increased value b/c of the bonus density, wch is consistent with your policy, wch you have assessed in other cases?


Unbelievably, in this case you're recommending NO penalty for the bylaw infractions, NO penalty for the building code violations, NO penalty for putting our firefighters at additional risk, and, oh, by the way, we'll give you increased property value to the tune of $30 - $50,000 per unit -- just b/c you came to us and asked for it.

With NO Cmnty Benefit.

I can't believe what the staff report is suggesting.

I wd strongly suggest that if you're seriously going to waive the penalties that ought to have been assessed for [these] illegal, improper, unsafe, and dangerous modifications, the least you can ask for is some cmnty benefit contribution that's proportional to the increased density you're giving.

The staff report says we shd waive the cmnty benefit b/c there are no add'l units.  Well, I've read your policy, Cclrs.  Nowhere in there do I see where it says we waive cmnty benefits b/c there isn't an increase in units.  It says the cmnty benefits shd be proportional to the square footage -- and you're granting an increase in square footage!

So, Ccl, I wd ask you to adhere to your policy, policies you have carefully considered, that you have followed in the past for other situations where your bylaws have been violated and ppl have asked for increased density, and REJECT this rezoning application as stated, and wait until something closer to your policies is brought forward.

Thank you very much.

{Now, Dear Readers, how shd DWV handle this to make it fair for everyone? Keep in mind, this is the month we're supposed to start discussing the 2013 Budget.}

=== WVPD ===

Date: October 1, 2012

Contact: Cst. Lisa Schmidtke Telephone: 925 7429 File #: Operation Impact 2012

Over the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, the West Vancouver Police Department will be participating in the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CAPC), Operation Impact 2012.

Operation Impact is a national campaign to make Canada™s Road the safest in the world. An essential component of law enforcement is to save lives and reduce injuries on our roadways. Educating the public in safe driving practices is a priority. The focus will be on behaviours that put drivers, passengers, and other road users most at risk: impaired driving, seat belt use, and all aspects related to aggressive and distracted driving.

œThis Thanksgiving weekend will see an increase in motor vehicle traffic on our local roadways. With the anticipated nice weather, we anticipate that there will be those who will engage in high-risk driving activity that will put their safety and the safety of the motoring public at risk. WV Police officers will be closely monitoring traffic this weekend and conducting enforcement and educational activities that specifically targets these kinds of behaviours. The citizens of West Vancouver expect nothing less of their Police Service, according Chief Constable Peter Lepine.

Here in West Vancouver, there have been two deaths and 80 injuries in the past year related to vehicle collisions. That is why, the WV Police, in support of Operation Impact, will be out conducting roadblocks and targeting high risk drivers.

Operation Impact is sponsored by the Canadian Assn of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and member agencies of the CAPC Traffic Cmte from across Canada in support of Canada™s Road Safety Strategy 2015, which has a goal of making Canada™s roads the safest in the world by 2015.

For further info pls contact: Constable Lisa Schmidtke 925 7429 or 604 612 2057

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> Governance Terms

WV is a District, not a City!

Three levels of govt: municipal, provincial, and federal (Ottawa); plus territories (north).

Municipalities can band together to form a 'metro' area, hence we have MetroVancouver, several municipalities in the Lower Mainland, and bodies such as the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

Among the terms for municipalities, they can be District or City (and there are some 'areas' and regional districts).

On the North Shore there is the City of North Vancouver, the District of North Vancouver, and the District of West Vancouver.

You will readily see that WV is not a city, does not have a city hall, but instead has a municipal hall.

A resident last year suggested WV apply to be a city b/c it now fills (or will soon) the requirements: more than 5,000 residents and a population density greater than 5 persons per hectare (WV is 8,726ha so needs a popn greater than 43,630. The 2011 census has us at 42,694 (but the 2010 estimate for the 2011 popn was 44,722).

> Dundarave Festival of Lights

Join the Dundarave Festival of Lights in celebrating our Centennial with100 trees for 100 years on Dundarave Beach.

If you want to have a tree, REGISTRATION ON NOW! Visit www.dundaravefestival.com

> Vancouver's North Shore Tourism

launches their latest video October 1st, on the recent Harmony Arts Festival. Check it out: http://vancouversnorthshore.com/video-photo-gallery/videos

{I just had to watch the wildlife on Grouse Mtn first; several good clips on WV}

> From the Fire Chief

Halloween! At this time, permits will not be issued until October 24, 2012. Those permits will be available up to and including October 31, at Station #1 during regular business hours (8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday to Friday).

Should our weather continue to be dry over the next few weeks, the issuance of fireworks permits may be suspended making the use of fireworks illegal this Halloween season.

For more info: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=41096

> CBC Collection of Orchestral Music Gets New Life at WV Memorial Library

Friday, Sept 28 -- Community, school, and professional orchestras have a new source for hard-to-find, often-expensive orchestral music. The West Vancouver Memorial Library, in partnership with Lions Gate Sinfonia, has assumed the stewardship of an orchestral sheet music collection stored for years in the Toronto music library of the CBC.

"This collection is an amazing new resource for the orchestral music community. It contains a great range of repertoire for orchestras large and small, says Lions Gate Sinfonia music director Clyde Mitchell. œIt is amazing that this music has seen the light after many years in storage, and we are so grateful to the WV Memorial Library for giving it a new home."

The WVML will be celebrating the launch with a free public concert on Friday, October 12, featuring selections from the collection performed by musicians of Lions Gate Sinfonia and conducted by Clyde Mitchell. Doors open at 7pm.

The Orchestra Collection at the Library includes roughly 1,500 works, each of which includes one or more full sets of orchestral parts “ in other words, separate parts for each instrument in the orchestra. Some works also include piano or conductor™s scores. Many works in the collection are original compositions and unique arrangements from a golden age of radio, when orchestral music of all styles featured prominently in broadcasts of both live and recorded programs. Most other works are standard orchestral repertoire, such as concertos, overtures, symphonies, and suites. The BC office of the Canadian Music Centre made a significant contribution by initially sorting and identifying the collection™s content.

This collection will be welcomed especially by smaller orchestras, community organizations, and school ensembles which cannot afford to maintain their own libraries of orchestral music. Music in this collection is printed on heavy paper stock in a large format preferred by musicians. Sets can be borrowed for an extended period to complement the standard musical season.

Library Board trustee and concertmaster of the Ambleside Orchestra David Carter says, œThis addition to the collection is a reflection of the values of the WV Memorial Library and the community, as well as the importance of culture across the North Shore. Music is a universal language that brings communities together and this collection ensures that students of all ages can develop this form of literacy, he says.

All orchestras in Canada may borrow from the collection. To register/learn more, visit westvanlibrary.ca/orchestra

This project has been made possible through the generous bequest of Robert Leslie Welsh to the Library.

About the West Vancouver Memorial Library

West Vancouver Memorial Library connects people with ideas, information, and the world of imagination. The Library attracts over 45,000 people to our facility and 30,000 to our website each month, and circulates over one million items annually. The library™s vision is to be recognized as the leader in navigating information, and as a dynamic space that inspires discovery and connection.

About Lions Gate Sinfonia

Lions Gate Sinfonia is the professional chamber orchestra of Vancouver™s North Shore. Founded in 2000 by Music Director Clyde Mitchell, the ensemble performs a six-concert subscription series at Centennial Theatre, a free outdoor concert at the annual Party-at-the-Pier festival, and numerous community outreach events in North and West Vancouver. In 2009, the orchestra was invited to Japan to perform in the Chiba International Cultural Festival. This year, Lions Gate Sinfonia launched a year-round youth orchestra program for students on the North Shore, following the organization™s mission to inspire a more musical community.

=== CALENDAR to October 20th ===

All mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise. NOTE: shown are mtgs known at this date; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM goes out. Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Calendar.aspx . Notices/mtgs/changes too

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100 Days of Giveaways at Park Royal & the Village at Park Royal -- July 14 “ October 22

Every ten days, Park Royal will highlight a different retail category with a related prize. To win the prize, all you have to do is fill out an entry form at the Guest Services Hub. For more info, visit shopparkroyal.com/campaigns/100-days-giveaways.

50% of proceeds to Canuck Place and The BCSPCA.

=== Thursday October 4

~ noon ~ Women's Luncheon with BC Conservative Leader John Cummins [Emcee: Vivian Vaughan]

Mosquito Crk Bar & Grill, 2601 Westview Dr, NV (983 3083)

Further info: shannonkewley@hotmail.com ; www.bcconservative.ca

~ 4pm ~ Awards Cmte mtg

=== Saturday October 6

~ noon ~ International Day of Action Against War

Stop Harper's Warmongering Against Iran -- Meet at Peace Flame Park (also known as Seaforth Peace Park) -- south end of Burrard Bridge, between Cornwall & 1st Ave. Join StopWar.ca and allies in a display of banners and signs for drivers, cyclists, and transit riders. This action is in solidarity with an international day of action. Here's a link to the Canadian Peace Alliance, for more resources and events across Canada: http://www.acp-cpa.ca/en/IranMain.htm

More info: stopwar@resist.ca http://StopWar.ca/ Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/262510720518677/


=== Tuesday October 9

WRA mtg in Cmnty Rm at Gleneagles Golf Course (7pm?)

=== Thursday October 11

~ 7pm ~ Gleneagles Adv Cmte mtg in the Eagles Nest, Gleneagles Golf Clubhouse

~ 4 - 8pm ~ West Vancouver Chamber's first North Shore Business Showcase at Park Royal North

The Centre Court stage area will feature Guest Speakers presenting topical business information from 5 - 8pm. IT'S FREE FOR EVERYONE TO ATTEND. Generously sponsored by Park Royal. Media Sponsor: the Outlook.


John Braithwaite Community Ctr CNV in the Anchor Room downstairs. It will cost you a toonie to join or if preferred just stay in our network. <north.shore.wetland.partners@gmail.com>

=== Friday October 12

~ 9am ~ Community Grants Committee Meeting

~ ?pm ~ Family Fun Night at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr

=== Friday October 12 to Sunday October 14 -- National Pet Adoption Weekend

BC SPCA thanks Bosley™s Pet Food Plus, our partner, celebrating National Pet Adoption Weekend.

If you are looking for a purr-fect feline companion, please stop by your local Bosley™s store to visit BC SPCA Satellite Adoption Centre cats and kittens. Thank you to Bosley™s Pet Food Plus for caring for the animals!

Learn more about adopting a pet from the BC SPCA. http://www.spca.bc.ca/pet-care/adoption/

=== Saturday October 13

~ noon to 4pm ~ rain or shine -- Pumpkin Patch (4355 Marine Dr)

$20 per family; includes two pumpkins, pony rides, and bouncy castle (weather permitting)

=== Saturday October 13 and Sunday October 14 -- PUMPKIN FEST

Join us for our second annual Pumpkin Fest!

Sat: 9:30am Pumpkin Fest Golf Tournament at Ambleside Par 3; 6pm Pumpkin Fest Family Dance in atrium of Cmnty Ctr

From 10am Sunday. Check out our website for dates, times, events, workshops “ everything to make this weekend a wonderful way to say farewell to Summer and welcome in the Fall!

Various timesat Community CentreInfo: Pumpkin Fest Website 

If you wish to volunteer to assist with Pumpkin Fest, please email: wvccs@westvancouver.ca

=== Tuesday October 16

~ 3pm ~ Police Board Finance Committee Meeting at WVPD

=== Wednesday October 17

~ 5pm ~ Board of Variance Meeting

~ 6pm ~ Horseshoe Bay Pier Information Session -- TBD (check website or call Hall 925 7000)

~ 7pm ~ Library Board Mtg at Library

=== Thursday October 18

~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Committee Meeting

~ 5:30pm ~ Police Board Public Meeting at WVPD

~ 6pm ~ NSh Family Court & Youth Justice Meeting in Cedar Rm, Cmnty Ctr

~ 6:30 - 8pm ~ NSh Emergency Mgmt Organization: Public Forum in St Monica's Church Hall (HBay)

+++ WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ http://www.westvanlibrary.ca

>>> Library Closed Thanksgiving Sunday and Monday <<<

= = Tuesday Oct 2 -- Kay Meek Artists Confidential: Bill Millerd, Artistic Director

~ 10:30 - 11:30am ~ A conversation with a theatrical legacy!

{West Van's own! The family's fish cannery is now the Dept of Fisheries research site on

Marine Drive. Directed Arts Club since 1972; Order of Canada; met him through a

cultural exchange between Keio U (Tokyo) and UBC; a bright jewel in BC's cultural crown}

= English Corner -- Fridays Oct 5, 12, 19 from 10 to 11:30am

If you would like to practise English conversation -- develop skills, learn vocabulary, participate in interesting discussions, and make new friends, come to English Corner. For more info please call Nadia Vargha Majzub at 922 5152. English Corner is facilitated by the Bahai Community of West Vancouver in partnership with the Library.

= Library - Capital Infrastructure Projects

Building Envelope Upgrade: We are replacing wood frames and single glazed windows and doors. Temporary plywood walls will enclose the work site. The Courtyard will be closed to the public for approximately eight weeks to complete this project. The coffee shop will be closed for about two weeks (Oct 9 - 19). We thank Council and the Community for your support of this project and appreciate your patience.

= CBC Colln of Orchestral Music (See Updates above for details, and westvanlibrary.ca/orchestra )

Special Concert: Lions Gate Classics ~ Friday October 12 at 7:30pm (doors open at 7pm)

The Library will be celebrating the launch with this free public concert, featuring selections from the collection performed by musicians of Lions Gate Sinfonia and conducted by Clyde Mitchell. Join us for a special evening of symphonic music, selections from the Library's new Orchestra Collection, previously part of the CBC Radio Orchestra Collection.

= Fall ESL Book Club Registration begins October 16 = Wednesday October 17

~ 10:30 - 11:30am ~ Kay Meek Artists Confidential : Cristina Graziano, Inside Swan Lake

= Friday October 19 -- PHILOSOPHERS' CAFE

Join Moderator Randall MacKinnon on the third Friday of each month, from Sept through June for a discussion at a Philosophers' Cafe, part of SFU's Continuing Studies. Free, no registration is required.

~ 10:30am - noon ~ The Monarchy

Should Canada continue with the British monarch as Head of State or elect its own President, like the United States?

+++ WV MUSEUM +++ http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/exhibitions/travelling_exhibition 925 7295


Opening reception and book launch on October 9 from 7pm

Exhibition on view from October 10 to December 15

The stark beauty of an iconic architectural movement is captured in this rare collection of stunning images

The exhibition coincides with the launch of the book produced by the museum and published by Douglas & McIntyre.

+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY +++  http://ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290

> October 2 “ 21 -- Dundarave Printmakers: Then and Now

Opening Reception: Tues Oct 2 from 6 - 8pm; Meet the Artists: Sat Oct 6 from 2 to 3pm

+++ SILK PURSE +++  http://silkpurse.ca/exhibitions/  925 7292

> October 2 - 14 -- "Beyond Beautiful"

Bruno is a prolific artist whose loose and expressive washes of oil on paper are instantly recognizable. "Beyond Beautiful" celebrates the beauty and freedom of the female form. A poetic landscape is created that engages the viewer in a celebration of women through an elegant composition of line, colour, and space.

Opening reception Tuesday October 2nd from 6 to 8pm

> October 14 - 28 -- "Snippits & Snogs"

Opening reception Tuesday October 16th from 6 ” 8pm. Everyone is welcome!

Inspiration can be found in the most surprising places, in the snippits and snogs some might overlook. Judy Oke finds inspiration in the bone china she uses to create whimsical & nostalgic mosaics. Charles Rice finds his muse in the wood he carves into delightful creations.

>>> Your October/November/December 2012 newsletter is now available!

Click on the link below to read: http://silkpurse.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/OctNovDec2012.pdf

Also available in hardcopy at The Silk Purse front desk!


Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 (also for tix) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com

Brochure now available! http://issuu.com/kay_meek/docs/kmc_2012-13_brochure


BILL MILLERD, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR -- 10:30am Tuesday October 2 [at WVML]

INSIDE SWAN LAKE -- Cristina Graziano of Ballet Jorgen Canada -- 10:30am Wed October 17 [at WVML]


CRAIGSLIST CANTATA -- 8pm Thurs/Fri/Sat October 4/5/6, and 2pm matinee Saturday 6th

o MOVIES at the MEEK

+ MOONRISE KINGDOM -- 7:30pm Tuesday October 2


~ 5pm Sunday October 7 ~ BAHRAM RADAN - MARITIME SILK ROAD

Kay Meek Centre Box Office (604) 981-6335 Tickets: General Admission $25

'Maritime Silk Road' Movie Premiere (With English Subtitles) -- Talk and Discussion with Bahram Radan

*** All proceeds go to Iran Earthquake Relief ***

o AMBER AVENUES (PREVIEW) ~ 8pm ~ Friday, October 19

A New Musical Romance byAlastair and Helen MacCulloch; Director David Mann*

October 19th to 21st, and 24th to 27th

Click here to order tickets, or call the Kay Meek Box office at 604 981 6335

It is the fall of 1964.  Two people, Yvonne and Matthew, have experienced a loss in their lives.  They meet and are surprised by their unexpected attraction to each other.  Met with the obstacles of social prejudice and family pressure, they find their growing relationship threatened.  The only question to be answered is, will love break down these barriers?


~ 8pm Sunday October 21 ~ Kay Meek Centre Box Office 981 6335

Tickets: Adult $50 | Senior/Student $45 | Child 12 and Under $30 Subscriptions available: Pick 3 | Family Pack

No group of child musicians has won more renown than the incomparable Wiener Sängerknaben, founded by Emperor Maximilian I in 1498. Six centuries later, the famed Vienna Boys' Choir continue to delight music-lovers across the globe with their purity of tone, distinctive charm, and a diverse, crowd-pleasing repertoire that encompasses Austrian folk songs and waltzes, classical masterpieces, beloved pop songs, holiday favourites, and medieval chant. Gifted musicians with voices of unforgettable beauty, they carry on the Vienna Boys' Choir™s illustrious tradition as the world™s pre-eminent boy choir.

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++ http://www.westvan60.com/

Office: 604-922-3587 Lounge: 604-922-1920 Fax: 604-922-2659

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Saturday October 6th:

~ 5 to 7:30pm ~ Open House celebrating the 65th Wedding Anniversary of the Sinclairs

SPECIAL OPEN HOUSE (Hall, upstairs) You're Invited: Iris & Donald Sinclair's 65th Wedding Anniversary

~ 7:30pm ~ MUSIC! A Tribute to Buddy Holly (in the Lounge) with Rob Miller and Allen (call me Buble) Dawson.

Friday October 12th: 7pm: KARAOKE with Rob Miller (in the Lounge)

Sunday October 14th: 5pm: CONKERS CHAMPIONSHIP; Curry to follow in the Lounge; $10/person

Friday October 19th: 6pm: MINI-MEAT DRAW

+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com/

> See Calendar Oct 11 for NSh Biz Showcase

> Cypress Season Pass Discounts for West Van Chamber Members

With the start of the 2012/2013 winter season just around the corner, Cypress Mountain is again offering season passes for Chamber members at discount prices.

If you are a WV Chamber mbr and interested in purchasing the Group Season Passes, pls call us at 926 6614 or email us at info@westvanchamber.com. We will also give you more information about the pricing and online group purchase instructions.

Cypress Mountain™s Early Bird Pass Pricing deadline is Friday, October 5.

Please note that credit cards are the only form of payment for online purchases.

Cross country, Starlight Nighttimer, and Snowshoe Pass discount information is included in the Cypress Group website:http://cypressmountain.com/corporate-group-sales

=== CULTUREWATCH === {see Headsup for more}

Oh dear. We saw an excellent performance of Heroes at PAL (Performing Arts Lodges in Coal Harbour) and now I notice it was unfortunately omitted from these listings. The play by Gerald Sibleyras was translated and adapted by Tom Stoppard. Very good veteran Vancouver actors directed by the talented Terence Kelly -- but it ended Sept 30 alas.


+ BARD ON THE BEACH -- 2013 Season Announcement

We are thrilled to announce that our attendance increased by 2,000 with a total audience of 86,000. Thank you for your continued support and patronage of our Festival!

The 24th season will run June 11 to September 14. The opening production on our BMO Mainstage will be TWELFTH NIGHT, staged by Dennis Garnhum who is the Artistic Director at Theatre Calgary. Kim Collier, co-founding Artistic Director of Electric Company Theatre will direct HAMLET.

On the Douglas Campbell Studio Stage, John Murphy will direct MEASURE FOR MEASURE and Rachel Ditor will stage ELIZABETH REX by Timothy Findley.

The staging of Elizabeth Rex will be the first time Bard on the Beach has produced a non-Shakespearean play since 2005's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard. Thanks to your feedback in our Vision Critical survey we know that 78% of you are interested in seeing Bard produce modern plays with themes or plots directly related to Shakespeare's plays. Elizabeth Rex fits that description!

For a sneak peek at next year - read our Bard blog:



The Duchess: aka Wallis Simpson -- an extravagant inspired epic, takes you into a wonderland...

822 2678 theatre.ubc.ca Sept 20 to Oct 6

+ ARTS CLUB 687 1644  http://www.artsclub.com

~ Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage:

Clybourne Park Sept 6 to Oct 7, a comedy of race and real estate; 2011 Pulitzer Prize winner for best play

~ Granville Island Stage: Master Class from Sept 27 to Oct 27

~ Revue Stage: The Unplugging TIX FROM $29!

The first show of the Revue Stage starts October 11. We're looking forward to the premiere of this new play by Yvette Nolan, a leading figure in Aboriginal theatre. In The Unplugging, two women seek shelter in a freezing, post-apocalyptic landscape. Will they survive? Or thrive?

Listen to CBC's Yukon radio host Dave White's interview with Yvette Nolan to learn about the playwriting process and her future projects. Read more about the play and the playwright on our blog.

+ DEEP COVE SHAW THEATRE 929 3200 deepcovestage.com

"It was a dark and stormy night" Oct 5 - 20

Three nurses, a detective, and a salesman, some college students, and a state trooper take refuge in an old inn during a storm. Comedic consequences occur, including mayhem and murder when they meet the residents, two flaky cousins, and a veiled skeleton in a wheelchair. A comedy thriller by Tim Kelly.

+ HENDRY HALL 983 2633 northvanplayers.ca Oct 18 - Nov 3

The Murder Room by Jack Sharkey. Agatha Christie-style mystery with a Carol Burnett twist. Take one elderly man with money and a fortune-hunting younger wife, and you have the ingredients for murder. Add one dim-witted daughter and her rich fiance, a nosy housekeeper, an intrepid policeman, and a corpse that refuses to be found, and you have a hilarious spoof. Can you solve the mystery before you die laughing?


~ Don't Call Us, We'll Call You!

[only] OCT 5 at 8pm | OCT 6 at 2pm & 8pm 990 3474 www.phtheatre.org

Starring Warren Kimmel | Music Director Wendy Bross Stuart Tickets: $28/$23

Warren Kimmel was born in South Africa, and trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. His eventful career has included leading roles at prestigious theatres and renowned companies in London's West End, Toronto's Princess of Wales theatre, and Vancouver's Arts Club and Playhouse Theatres. Here in Canada Warren has played everything from Dan Goodman in Next to Normal at the Arts Club to Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music for Mirvish Productions in Toronto to The Beast in Disney's Beauty and the Beast here in town.

Warren is joined on stage by Wendy Bross Stuart (music director/piano), Tracy Neff (vocals), Phil Belanger (percussion), and Alison Dalton (bass). Don't Call Us, We'll Call You! premiered at the Chutzpah! Festival in February 2012

~ DON'T MISS My Mother's Story: North Vancouver -- Oct 17 - 28

Created by Marilyn Norry & Jenn Griffin | Directed by Heidi Specht

From the more than 60 submissions, eight stories were selected to form the source material for My Mother's Story: North Vancouver -- a fascinating look at the relationships we hold with the most important woman in our lives. Tickets: $28/$23

+ METRO THEATRE 266 7191 metrotheatre.com

I'll be back before Midnight from Sept 29 to Oct 27

+ JERICHO ARTS CENTRE  224 8007 www.jerichoartscentre.com

Little Shop of Horrors -- horticulture gone bad (Fighting Chance Productions) Oct 11 to 27

+ BERNIE LEGGE THEATRE (New Westminster) 521 0412 vagabondplayers.ca

Ned Durango Comes to Big Oak by Norm Foster (Canada's most performed playwright) from Oct 4 to 27

Comedy about a small town's efforts to put itself on the map with the help of an ageing TV cowboy who doesn't turn out to be what they expected.


+ VANCOUVER ART GALLERY  http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/calendar_of_events.html

Upcoming Exhibitions: for details: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/the_exhibitions/upcoming_exhibitions.html ]

~ NB: VAG Mbrs receive 20% off admission to the Royal BC Museum in Victoria when you show your Gallery Mbrshp card.


From now through October 26th, as we await the opening of Ian Wallace: At the Intersection of Painting and Photography, Gallery admission is $10 for adults, seniors, and students during regular business hours!

Also through October 26th, renew your Membership and we will be happy to extend your 12“month Membership to 14 months! Any new Members that join before this date will also be eligible. For more information click here, or contact Member Services at membership@vanartgallery.bc.ca or 604.662.4711.


+ Museum of Anthropology -- 827 5932 moa.ubc.ca Luminescence, the Silver of Peru Oct 5 to Dec 16



Info on the season: http://www.vancouversymphony.ca/season/2012-2013/

> Pictures at an Exhibition

8pm Saturday Oct 6, Orpheum Theatre -- Bramwell Tovey, conductor, and Desmond Hoebig, cello*

Ippolitov-Ivanov -- Caucasian Sketches: Procession of the Sardar // Ravel -- Alborada del gracioso

Tchaikovsky -- Variations on a Rococo Theme* // Mussorgsky/Ravel -- Pictures at an Exhibition

> Peter & the Wolf, with Inspector Tovey

2pm Sunday Oct 7 Orpheum Theatre // Bramwell Tovey, conductor // Prokofiev -- Peter and the Wolf



604 876 3434 customerservice@vancouversymphony.ca www.vancouversymphony.ca

You have received this email because you are a valued member of the VSO community of ticket buyers and donors. Subscribing to the VSO ENews Update allows access to information about concert program/time/venue changes where applicable, concert updates, special deals, and promotional offers.

* Abyat: A Night of Arabic Culture

6pm Friday October 5 at the Banquet Hall, Bonsor Community Centre, 6550 Bonsor Ave, Burnaby

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/222453054549726/

Feel like you are missing out on your own culture or always wondered about Arab Culture?

Join us - Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) from UBC- for an evening of arts, music, food, and dance! A fun-filled night, and the program for the evening will include:

~ delicious food

~ Palestinian DABKEH performance from our very own Vancouver Dabke Group

~ Art on display ~ Poetry and song ~ Palestinian and Arab music ~ Auction of various items

....and much more!

Children are welcome -- bring your family! This is an evening for community celebration, solidarity, and cultural resistance.

Tickets on sale in advance and at the door: $10 for students, $15 for non-students (individual rate), $45 group rate for a group of 4, $65 group rate for a group of 6. Tickets will be limited: FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!

Questions? Email sphr.ubc@gmail.com! Proceeds will support Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights at UBC.

REGISTER through the following link: http://tinyurl.com/8jcrayc


Al-Basha: 3143 Broadway, V; Al-Iman Middle Eastern Food: 10700 King Geo, Surrey; BC Market: 930 - 12th, New Westminster;

Tibisti Foods: 6990 Victoria Drive, Vancouver; Al-Baraka Market: 108 140 St, Surrey


~ Opera Pro Cantanti -- Cambrian Hall, www.procontanti.com 604 340 8545 7pm (Oct 7, 14); 8pm (Oct 19)

Oct 7 and 19: Bellini's I Capuleti e i Montecchi; Oct 14 Verdi's Nabucco

~ Opera Tea in the Garden -- UBC Botanical Garden 822 3928 calendarevents.ubc.ca

featuring the UBC Opera Ensemble 2pm Oct 7

~ VANCOUVER OPERA 683 0222 vancouveropera.ca

Puccini's LA BOHEME: 7:30pm Oct 20 (Sat), 23, 25, 27, and 2pm Sunday Oct 28 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

* Vancouver International Film Festival Sept 27 to Oct 12

375 films -- info at viff.org or call 683 FILM


yikes! we've just passed the autumn equinox and the days are getting ever shorter!

(NB: My geek husband notes that the first derivative of the length of day is at its greatest at the equinox!)

There are so many things on this weekend -- autumn is being launched with a blast ...  

Well, summer's ended (but thank gosh it seems to be continuing, Indian summer) and Bard closed last night (first tidbit below).

The printed WVM18 included LPPS's interesting event Sept 29, but it all shd hv bn put in, however I cdn't face repagination, thus it's here fyi.

{qtn/tht/pun moved to this issue}


Date: 23 September, 2012 2:53:03 AM PDT

just back from Bard's last night and eager to let you know what's being served next summer.

Bard is a sparkling jewel in Vancouver's summer cultural crown, not to be missed (if you're interested in theatre).

Last night, at the end of the closing night performance (Taming of the Shrew with a rousing standing ovation in the packed house), Christopher Gaze announced next summer's plays.

Summer 2013


=  Opening Night: Twelfth Night (directed by Dennis Garnham of Theatre Calgary)

=  Hamlet (directed by Vancouver-based Kim Collier)


- Measure for Measure (directed by the inimitable John Murphy, the male lead in Shrew and hilarious in other venues, not just at the JAC and in the hilarious Hotel Bethlehem)

- Elizabeth Rex* by Timothy Findlay, directed by Rachel Ditor and featuring Colleen Wheeler

Can hardly wait!

* Rarely does Bard do a play not by Shakespeare however some years ago they did put on Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.


Here's the expanded information on the Sept 29th event:


When:  Saturday Sept. 29th, 10am - 2pm 

Where: by the railway at the junction of Clovelly Walk and Piccadilly North

What: A sample of the park's plants & wildlife

Who:  LPPS, stewards of the Six-Park Network, which includes Lighthouse Park and this park, North Piccadilly.

Why: To protect the [neighbourhoodŸs] natural heritage.

For more information, please call Richard, volunteer park steward: 778 870 2152 or visit www.lpps.ca

Here's the EARTHWORKS series:

You are all invited to a free lecture, film, and field trip series .....with an environmental stewardship and interdisciplinary flavour hosted by Capilano University! Thus far this yearŸs line up includes:

The Ecological Footprint Concept: Ecologist, Dr. William Rees - Tuesday September 18th at 7:30pm

Morning guided walk in Mt. Seymour™s Old-Growth Forest - Biologist, Janet Canning - Saturday Sept. 29th

B.C. Whales, Status & Threats to their Conservation: Marine Mammal Biologist, Dr. John Ford - 7pm Thurs October 4th

Waste Land: 2010 Documentary directed by Lucy Walker. Joao Jardim, and Karen Harley, - 7pm Tues October 16th

The Straight Goods on Climate Change: Meteorologist, Dr. Douw Steyn - 7pm Wednesday, January 23rd

For updates, room locations, and additional activities, pls visit the universityŸs website www.capilanou.ca.


For all volunteer events please wear old clothes, sturdy shoes, and work gloves.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th, 9am - Noon


Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot. Contact Kim Vogt for more information at 604 922 1359. 

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th, 10am - 2pm


Meet at the junction of Clovelly Walk and Piccadilly North. (see above for more details) 


Organized by the West Van Parks Department, volunteer ivy pulls/restoration events in Caulfeild Park will take place in October and November. Check www.lpps.ca in late September for exact dates.


Meet at the upper kiosk in theLighthouse Pk parking lot the first Sunday of every month: 7:30am Sept. 2nd, 8am Oct. 7th


To read about red tide in Caulfeild Cove, or read "Howe Sound Found to Abound",

see the Autumn (#18) newsletter at  http://www.lpps.ca/archived-newsletters.asp


[This is an entertainment Headsup (and of course, serious/silly at end).]

didja figure it out?

KMC = Kay Meek Ctr (movie changed); UP = United Players; JAC = Jericho Arts Ctr (E M Forster's A Room with a View is on there)

but first

why a kerfuffle with cooperating with UK embassies and consulates?  When I was traipsing around the world as a hippie -- overland from Singapore to Istanbul (had to fly in and out of Burma b/c of the war); flew from Darwin to Dili then up to Sumatra and over to Malaysia; places in Africa and elsewhere.  The standard understanding was if no Canadian embassy or consulate, go to the British one.  Always helpful and fine.  Besides, my first passport (had at university) listed me as a British subject.  No big deal.  And of course then, more British embassies/consulates than Canadian.  And Canada has cooperated in some places with Australia, since 1986.  We'll have our own ambassador, etc, but share space (lower rent!). 

***  KMC

KMC's had a schedule change from when I copy and pasted into WVM18.  It's not The Artist, it's now Moonrise Kingdom. 

7pm October 2nd Moonrise Kingdom  --  94 min / Rated PG13 / English

Set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965, Moonrise Kingdom tells the story of two twelve-year-olds who fall in love, make a secret pact, and run away together into the wilderness. As various authorities try to hunt them down, a violent storm is brewing off-shore -- and the peaceful island community is turned upside down in more ways than anyone can handle. Bruce Willis plays the local sheriff. Edward Norton is a Khaki Scout troop leader. Bill Murray and Frances McDormand portray the young girl's parents. The cast also includes Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman, and Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward as the boy and girl.

~ Before the main feature, Silver Harbour Shorts will screen the following two short films:

Bells on Her Toes by Alice Davies  --  3 min, 28 sec -- Silver Harbour Shorts, North Vancouver, 2007

Give a gal a pair of tap shoes and a navy blue sailor suit and a œHot Flash Hoofer struts her stuff on stages around the world.

My Story by W.A. Finlayson  --  5 min, 48 sec -- Silver Harbour Shorts, North Vancouver, 2010

A lifelong love of words leads W.A. œArchie Finlayson to find his voice and publish his first book of poetry at the age of 86.

Movies at the Meek gratefully acknowledges our partnership with Film Circuit, presented by TIFF, and its sponsors and supporters. For more information about Film Circuit and to view a full list of their sponsors and supporters, please visit www.tiff.net/filmcircuit


Saw this delightful production by United Players of E M Forster's novel (adapted) at the Jericho Arts Ctr Sunday night. RECOMMENDED (ends Sept 30)

Well acted.  The accents are well done, the upper-class twit is Monty Pythonesque, the live music (guitar and violin) in the background a nice touch, the costumes very good, three nude men in Sacred Lake (the size of a large tub) hilarious.

The first notable sentence was in effect: He tells the truth ..... hard to understand..... No tact or manners

so I googled and got this from 


"He is rather a peculiar man." Again he hesitated, and then said gently: "I think he would not take advantage of your acceptance, nor expect you to show gratitude. He has the merit”if it is one”of saying exactly what he means. He has rooms he does not value, and he thinks you would value them. He no more thought of putting you under an obligation than he thought of being polite. It is so difficult”at least, I find it difficult”to understand people who speak the truth."

and later someone says "hard to be absolutely truthful".

ah, yes, indeedy!


Events, etc, just exploding!


1  Main Items at Ccl Monday Oct 1st; 2  Oktoberfest at Caulfeild Village today! (Sept 29); 3  Explore the Shore Sunday; 4  Cmnty Website Task Force; 5  Cell Towers; 6  Fire & Rescue on E-Comm; {7  Qtns, etc. moved to end}

NB: a revised much-corrected WVM18 is on the website: westvan.org/reports/2012-18.shtml and (PDF Version)


MAIN ITEMS Oct 1st:  in camera starts at 4pm 

7pm for Public Hearing: Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4737, 2012

Applicant: Gustavson Wylie Architects Inc., for the owners.

Subject Land: The proposed bylaw amendment applies to 650 - 16th Street.

Purpose: The purpose of the proposed zoning bylaw amendment is to provide a framework for resolving life safety and building envelope issues resulting from unauthorized balcony enclosures at 650 “ 16th Street.

Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: If adopted, the proposed bylaw amendment would would revise the FAR (floor area ratio) from 1.75 to 1.95, exclusively for this strata property.

followed by the regular ccl mtg:

N Sh Table Matters Network;  Development Permit Application - for renovation of 1650 Marine Dr (Safeway site); DVP Application (3183 Travers Ave)Devt Variance Permit Application (3598 Creery Ave)2013 Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw ;Rutledge Field Spectator Seating Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw (Fee Schedule Revisions) [CALL FOR PUBLIC INPUT]Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 4726, 2012 (located at 26th and Marine Dr)Zoning Amendment Bylaw (650 “ 16th Street); Ccl Mtg added (Oct 29); Devt Application Status ListCorrespondence List (see link on electronic agenda) including letters on 4710 S Piccadilly, lease vs sale, PM re Kinder Morgan, HBay wharf; September 8, 2012, regarding Spirit Trail 



THIS SATURDAY, September 29th from noon to 5pm

we will be holding our annual Caulfeild Village Shopping Centre Oktoberfest celebration and welcome all of our customers, clients, and neighbours to join in on the fun. In addition to the usual bouncy castles, crafts, and activities we are pleased to feature the Adam Woodall Band who will be performing on the main stage at 3pm and 4pm. The band is a legend on the North Shore and feature Rock, Pop, and Folk sounds.

We have also invited back the BMX Stunt Show which is fun for all ages.  It will run at noon, 1pm & 2pm

"Our Business is world class entertainment, Our Mission is to provide unforgettable bicycle stunt shows for the enjoyment of people of all ages."

For further info:  http://www.caulfeildvillageshoppingcentre.com/Home.php 

Caulfeild Village Shopping Centre, 5375 Headland Drive (Just off upper levels hwy 1, exit 4)



Come collage with artist Diane Moran at the Silk Purse during Culture Days. Interpreters from the West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society will share through interactive ocean shoreline exploration and exhibits how the community is working together to improve the health of the shoreline and its habitat. Learn about the marine creatures that live in our local habitat. With the guidance and inspiration of Diane Moran you will create a collage of paper and other mixed media materials. Let your imagination take you under the water, to explore, to create and to help to raise awareness of the importance of the health of shoreline habitat for creatures and communities

ORGANIZER West Vancouver Community Arts Council, WV Shoreline Preservation Society, and artist Diane Moran

DATE(S) & TIME(S): Sunday September 30 ” 2 - 5pm

LOCATION  Silk Purse: 1570 Argyle, located on the shoreline in Ambleside. All activities will take place in the gallery and along the shoreline. More Info: call 925 7292

or more events on the North Shore go to: http://www.artsoffice.ca/news/promotional_opportunities/articles464.php


Join the Community Website Task Force

Sunday, September 23 --  The District of West Vancouver is developing a new website to better serve the community and we need your help and input to organize the information you need most.

The Communications Department will be chairing six to eight meetings throughout the project and we are looking for active, eager participants who want to be involved and have some previous experience with our website and others. It would be appreciated if participants are experienced online members who actively use a broad range of municipal services (e.g. Blue Bus, Community Centres, West Vancouver Memorial Library) as well as those who participate in community events, such as Harmony Arts Festival and Community Day.

We are seeking up to ten members, representing:

¢ Youth      ¢ Families    ¢ Seniors     ¢ Local businesses

The web task force will meet periodically throughout the project, pre-launch, to provide input on the information architecture and to test website usability. The timing of meetings is anticipated between October 2012 and June 2013.  We are looking for people who are:

¢ Active website users

¢ Engaged and want to ˜do™ more online

¢ Involved in the community in a variety of different ways

¢ Interested and experienced in digital communications

Please click here for the task force application form.    Please click here for the draft terms of reference.



Monday, September 24 - The District of West Vancouver is seeking public comment on its draft Wireless Communication Facilities Policy. Originally drafted in 1997, the former policy aimed to provide guidance for community consultation on cell tower installations in West Vancouver. Since that time the industry has grown, the demand for services has grown, technologies have changed, and questions and concerns about cell towers are increasing.

Cell towers, and the antennae and wireless spectrum they carry, are federally regulated by Industry Canada. Local governments, including the District of West Vancouver, do not have the authority to regulate cell towers but can specify public consultation processes that may result in cell towers which are located and designed more sensitively as a result of public feedback.

The draft Wireless Communication Facilities Policy seeks to modernize the original 1997 policy and provide more specific direction for how community consultation should take place with respect to new cell tower applications.

Provide Your Input Today

All interested community members are encouraged to submit their feedback on the draft policy by November 2, 2012. It™s easy to do:

1.   Visit westvancouver.ca/celltowers for background on industry regulation and to read the draft policy.

2.   Email your comments to celltowers@westvancouver.ca .

3.   Stay tuned as the draft policy will return to Council in late 2012 or early 2013.

Media Contact: Donna Powers A/Director of Communications; c: 219 4806; d: 925 7168; e: dpowers@westvancouver.ca



WV Fire & Rescue is excited to announce that it has joined the E-Comm Wide-Area Radio System, effective immediately.

DETAILS/Read More: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=40930

For more info on the E-Comm Wide-Area Radio System, pls visit ecomm911.ca or call WV Fire & Rescue 925 7370



7:00 PM

Note: The PH will commence in the Ccl Chamber. The reg Ccl Mtg immediately follows the PH.

1. CALL TO ORDER [7:05]


Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4726, 2012 (File:  1610-20-4726)

The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application.

Applicant: The District of West Vancouver

Subject Lands: The proposed Bylaw amendment applies to the lands located between 2597 and 2601 Marine Dr.

Purpose: The purpose of the proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment is to create a new Comprehensive Devt zone to provide specific zoning regulations for an area of municipal road that is proposed to be closed, sold, and developed as a single-family house.

Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: If adopted, the proposed bylaw amendment would create the new CD48 (Closed Municipal Roads) zone, and rezone the lands located between 2597 and 2601 Marine Dr. The lands could then be subdivided to create a proposed single-family house lot over part of the rezoned area and maintain a public walkway.



1) Reports received up to and including September 13, 2012:





Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw 4727, 2012 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 4726, 2012, located at 26th and Marine Drive

June 21, 2012

July 9, 2012 /

September 17, 2012


26th Street and Marine Drive - Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw 4727, 2012 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 4726, 2012, located at 26th and Marine “ Landscape Plan

September 5, 2012

September 17, 2012


2) Written submissions received up to and including September 13, 2012:





T. Bowen

July 4, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. and J. Bowen

July 4, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. and J. Bowen

July 4, 2012

September 17, 2012


M. Ravaghi

July 5, 2012

September 17, 2012


B. Burgers

July 6, 2012

September 17, 2012


K. Steig

September 11, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. and J. Bowen, and M. Ravaghi (petition with 129 signatures)

September 12, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. Bowen


September 17, 2012


On July 9, Council set the date for the Public Hearing. On August 30 notices were mailed to owners/occupiers within the 100-metre notification area. The statutory notice of PH was published in the NSN on Sept 9 and 12. The MClk will note written submissions received for the Sept 17 PH.

Sokol: gave background; selling surplus lots, others already sold eg Fire hall in HBay

net $750 to $900K depending on HST

Karl Gustavson recounted the history: looked at conditions, green space SLIDES

house size and livability

more green space, landscaping, improvement for cmnty

instead of access across prop, an easement; move gate to north, maintain laurel

mostly rock so blasting will be involved

slide of drawing of house (flat roof, showed other examples); not max b/c not two floors

incredible locn for infill; on bus line, shopping, etc

Mayor: is that proper procedure? Ccl then public? so, Cclr Booth

MAB: sf?

KG: 2500sf possible

MAB: basement fully underground?

KG: yes

Sop: was there another proposal with a shorter lot? cars enter at back?

KG: went through many discussions with the Bowens, many options; public info mtg in Dec at the Library; decided better approach b/c of runaway cars; move access to the side

Sop: did you consider not doing anything for a while?

KG: my task as a consultant is to find the best way to put a house; considered least impact

CC: did you consider moving the house forward? higher so less blasting

wdn't affect views b/c brambles on both sides; move forward 10ft

KG: excellent question

did look at that, relaxation; talked to Planning; decided this was enough, compromise to offset loss of second floor

CC: why not push it more?

KG: 20ft to prop line bus stop and MDr, grade change

key part of lot is living part, south section

CC: concerned about blasting

KG: bylaw determines amt of blasting

TP: looking at the house side, talk about 2200sf and back to 2500

Housing Dialogue we talked about infill so taking size down

maximum allowable house size is 2500sf, not more around 22?

KG: yes; think that's what it will end up being but bylaw allows 2500

this [slide] is NOT the house, this is just an example

Sop: if sold, will prop still same zoning if owner sells?

Sokol: shd Ccl move forward with this the District wd require the owner to keep to covenants even if sells


Tom Bowen: have presented other letters so won't go into those

my main concern is the process

met with Karl the first time Sept 14, 2011, at wch time he was presented three parking spaces off the lane

when we purchased the house the easement was in place and it wd remain that way b/c main entrance off the easement and parking there; have no access off MDr b/c bus stop in front of us

SLIDES think shd hv more access than a lane

construction on this, don't know how for a year, some sites over two years where on a street and you can just squeeze by, but here lane-only access to the prop

find it difficult we consulted Karl, then he presents solns to us, goes to City [sic] Hall and it comes back to us. Say we want to maximize return we get

only allowed 2555sf but cd be 4K

sure enough with all these exemptions, he cd go up to 4K; yes and no

it used to be cd see to the ctr of the lot but now he can't b/c of all those blackberries

buyer beware -- b/c when they see what they can do, don't know how wd be dealt with

with parking right off end of 26, down at bottom of long road -- cars lose their brakes, plough into the rocks [slide]

2597 will have parking off easement and can't see why we can't

Dr Ravaghi: 2597 MDr; totally opposed; major xxx

canvassed nbrhd, 124 residents signed the petition; leave as a proper handicapped pathway

unfriendly to develop next to; green space next door main reason for buying this property

my mother wants to enjoy her retirement looking out the window, relieve her depression; otherwise wd not hv made this decision

against destruction of green spaces, we and nbrs offering to maintain this

nice view that even a one-storey house wd restrict the view

advantage, little consideration for nbrs

pathway wd be inaccessible

Bill Wishloff (sp?): on behalf of my wife, 2604 Haywood

main concern is zone changing to allow larger footprint than houses in nbrhd (change to RS5)

nice to see how large a house cd be built b/c we feel if a dvpr buys, will buy to max; compare to other houses with their RS4

our house is ~2900sf and this is 4066sf and cd go higher

second concern is the slope; fair to have handicapped path b/c numerous handicapped in area

only fair Bowens have access/parking

this was supposed to be a road; can't impose access just by lane -- ppl have garbage out.

Kerr Bell: here with reg 2616 Haywood since 1978

seen signif devt; personally in favour of the area being infill but concern wrt sftage

at public mtg, Karl said not more than 2200sf but to hear 2500 to 4400 is considerably diff from what I heard in Dec.

have sympathy with Bowens wrt parking

a number of the houses in that area are older homes and not to the construction standards to now; believe the blasting wd have some effect on these homes

Ccl shd have some concerns

seen trucks go down breaking off trees

you're obliged to get value but I feel with the number of ppl who've lived there for many years

no problem of a home, as long as low xxx [7:42]

as long as budget used judicially

Helen Babalos: 2597 Haywood; there with two of my sons (of three)

my parents bought this house in 1947 and lived there all their lives

moved in xxx and renovated; she did not want to leave

to retain we wd renovate and received a heritage award for it on that corner

at first was pretty neutral about the devt to Gustavson

story from my father who told me he pulled out a body from a truck that had come down that hill

blackberries xxx; easier to manoeuvre

lately seen great deal of change in the nbrhd, an appalling amt of infill devt

a lot of retaining walls and v little green

nbrhd shifted; much of the devt is massing as much devt as poss; max, they have to do, I'lm in devt; seem less and less concerned

I'd love to see a little park there

as kids we cd climb in and do it (pick blackberries); wd support park

if devt goes in have to be really really sensitive

quality that exists along Haywood

young chn there right across the street out playing on the road again; construction wd hamper that

Molly Anthony: 2615 Lawson

Dundarave is a v special area but it is rapidly changing and not necessarily for the better

all in favour of infilling but this lot is v steep, terrible, so wd be lovely to have a park

great fear of who is coming and buying in our nbrhd; they're not from here but they buy and go away and leave it

distressing to see what's happening to these gardens, reverting to weeds

perhaps we'll devp bylaws that maintain prop or we going to lose WV

really against changing bylaws, the rules, just for one lot

hope you're not that desperate for money

Lauren Schmidt: 2584 Haywood, we've lived here for about 24 yrs

walk and talk with ppl who walk their dogs

mostly enjoyment and pleasure; love living in Dund

here to speak to the change in zoning

hope the pathway, maybe have it suitable to a motor scooter

that the pathway not any steeper than they are

app new handrails; my suggestion is that the railings themselves get changed

when my kids were growing up we often used the bus at the bottom to go out to HBay...

previous suggestion that the space be used as a park; curious how that whole idea has been dismissed and trampled on however we do understand exigencies around use of space/money

keep scale

much like house across from us; they came over and talked to us and said wdn't be higher but then built a storey higher that totally blocked our view

stand by whatever restrictions in place and not be a movable target

walking down that lane -- think it's the most beautiful lane

before bought we walked down the lane and that's why we bought

Christine Banham: 950 Taylor Way

hearing what was said tonight reminds me v much of the cmnty Housing Dialogue

concerns re change in the nbrd, garden, concerns....

if rezoned to residential, an opp to explore {mumble but think sounded like pilot projects}

smaller dwellings

change; wd help perhaps if Ccl had a policy

make informed decisions

Tom Bowen: down to my summary

looked at this long and hard; see Karl's done a more detailed presentation tonight; wd be nice if we cd have more consultation on the issues with the Hall

SLIDE -- here's a catch basin, down to bus stop is 18ft

if you started the ramp at this locn, if came up and started up again, wd have the 10% wch is all right for handicapped and scooters

our main consultation has been through Karl but wd help if sitting down with Bob and understand a new housing cmte.

one based on three storeys so shudder what this footprint will be

139 sigs and it was generally about the change in the nbrhd, the whole nbrhd

Bill W: drawing -- we've put the envelopes in white and then green space

see [this area] has the largest [footprint] in the area

{no one else wanted to speak}


If there is no further public input and Council does not request a further staff report:

RECOMMENDED: THAT all written/verbal submissions be received and that the PH be closed.

CC moved above: happy to wait till reading or now

Sokol: wd be better for that to occur before the PH is closed

CC: Mr Wishloff brings up a good question, RS4 zoning

some uncertainty about number of sq ft -- understand 2551 but exceptions so 4000sf flying around

shed some light on diff between RS4 and RS5 zoning

Sokol: unfortunately I don't have the bylaw memorized

the 2551sf is the same size as wd be allowed in RS4/RS5 -- minimum allowed

Even on small lots can build 2551; exclusion for a garage and for basements

CC: size of garage and basement -- so cd range to 4000

Sokol: think that's where number comes from but that wd also depend on amt of blasting allowed

CC: site coverage, what is typically allowed with this zoning?

KG: 2551 max on this lot

site coverage on RS4 and 5 is {listen; this is around 8:11}

typical at 9K is xxx


we're recommending 2551sf at 40% site coverage; 4K can happen

Mayor: on size, you said wd be a good site for infill

is it possible for Ccl to say the max size for this house including basement to be 2551?

Sokol: yes

Mayor: 1600 main floor

my first house was 1300sf and I thought it was huge!

smaller houses, this might be good to start with

KG: Ccl's discretion to make those forward-thinking decisions

we started at 2300sf, in reality, with blasting, 3K probably biggest

ML: you more or less asked my question

a great deal of confusion as to what actually might show up on this lot

request from cmnty for assurance appropriate coverage on this lot

new house on MDr blocking the house north of it on Haywood, what was expected was not

2500 and ends up 5K when you're asking to integrate into a cmnty

MAB: that question was on my list

wrt the Bowen residents, in your report, the house as shown--

says Bowens have access to parking, able to park on 26th; where parking?

KG: xxx

MAB: you're saying outside the garage?

KG: Bowens have no direct access to front though they cd put one

next to Bowens' they have no parking in front, garage in back; same for next; next is blocked off

MAB: no registered ROW


Sokol: a preblast survey within a certain radius and a postblast, and be insured

Sop: closure tonight looking at zoning in No 7; presume talking about what we heard

coming out of 7, wd allow process to start from prov

if leave open [8:20]

Sokol: re open or closed, that decision shd be solely made on future use of setbacks, xxx on the site

if you have some add'l questions, want staff to come back

item 7 is closing of road, not intended for debate

future use at future mtg

Sop: owner wd be obligated house size to be a specific number; exemption of basement and of garage.

house regardless under; if owner says comes and wants to change

Sokol: can't change zoning, but wd hv to come back to Ccl and another PH

bldg ht, talks about a specific height of the bldg

parapet must not exceed 39ft; staff has no leeway to change so ht of bldg is fixed sf, 2551sf is fixed, applies to sqftg above ground

site wd be treated the same as any other in the District

Sop: if that lot is sold wd this Ccl be guaranteed no variance in future?

Sokol: only ones can have variance is Ccl or Bd of Variance

Sop: if sold???

Sokol: if staff feel some justification for variance, staff wd come to Ccl

Sop: so come to

Sokol: variances can only be made by Ccl

Mayor: that answer your question?

Sop: loud and clear

MAB: wrt going to smaller sq ftg; if we close the PH, shd we [8:26] xxx or if we close start up again

want clarification around process

Sokol: if Ccl closes the PH, Ccl cd debate

but cd not ask public or staff for comment



Following conclusion of the Public Hearing

    1. Call to Order. [8:27]

2. Approval of Agenda

3. ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- no items


4. Pumpkin Fest Committee “ Pumpkin Fest Event (File: 0055-01)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided. SLIDES

JH (?): met goals; break even
Jennifer Hatton, Sheryl [sp?] Rasmussen (co-chairs)

Sheryl will talk about 2012

SR: been working on tirelessly since 2012

sold out and waiting list for ppl waiting to learn how to can; cheese-making sold out

Oct 13: golf changed to pitch and putt, more friendly than Gleneagles; dance

Sunday; srs' ctr pie sales

SLIDES -- artisan market; antique fire equipment; vintage cars as long as day we had last year

scarecrow; not a real cow this year but slated for 2014

jams, jellies, quilts, and sweaters

marketing -- back of one of the Blue Buses; tremendous website

JH: like you guys to get involved; last year gave a pumpkin seed

scarecrow -- Sop asked to be one of the judges

buy your dance tickets $25 to attend, some food but no alcohol

SR: category: cake baked by a man; start a new category

JH: new, it's our second year; truly for ev

Mayor: great event last year

MAB: the pet parade?

SR: actually chn's pet parade; has requests for all years; Animal Hospital is sponsoring it

NG: I'll rent you my chn -- stick bugs included, eh?



5. NSh Family Court and Youth Justice Cmte reg 2010/2011 Annual Report (File: 0115-20-NSFC1)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

RECOMMENDED: ... Report be received for information, with thanks.

Surjeet Sidhu: consultant

provincial cmte since 1981; two consultants, also xxx and focus groups

domestic violence consultant; currently working on a protocol

annual report; highlights SLIDE

other lady: 59% increase of domestic violence in last five years; over 80% male only ??20% from WV

62% of female youth aboriginal and 40% male

mock arrests

FN Report: first Tu ev month at NV court

aboriginals over-represented

three MLAs, well-received; need for greater collaboration

two mtgs at prov court in NV last spring: Crown, Police..... Victim Services; Defence and Judiciary

MAB: is there a hand out? a little hard to follow, sorry, Tina

Tina McCabe: we're not following the handout

we're just doing a quick presentation; under impression just five min

increased awareness: NSN, pamphlets, etc

at 4min 55sec!

available in 2013

Sop: can remember 20-odd years ago sat on the cmte for five years; a lot has changed

wrt domestic violence, how much reaches the court and how many turned away?

advocating some of this not go to court

Q: cd you repeat pls?

Sop: esp wrt women, how much to court?

Ans: both can from diff perspectives

from court, domestic violence situations perhaps Police do not forward to Crown; if a case about 40% stay of proceedings; no show [8:45]

wrt Supreme Court only 10% of cases from WV; less likely to get into criminal proceedings; can pursue in Family Court, where no charges

NG: I sit on this cmte; was interesting to me; tripartite, across NSh, ea M, the two Sch Bds, xxx victim services,

great discussions, really an inspiring cmte to be part of

MAB: thank you for coming; was on for three years xxx; moved thx

REPORTS [8:47]

6. Reports from Mayor and Councillors on Boards, Committees, and Working Groups RECOMMENDED: be received for information.

Mayor: in view of time, hope can keep to a minute or so

ML: will ask McRadu to speak to financial

CAO: we have had some discussions re xxx; number with Metro

happy, agreed to four symposiums wrt to xxx

panellists: are Deb, v gd engaging ppl to lead the disc on affordability

Oct 2, 8, 19, 20 -- symp Nov 19

look at costs of TransLink and buying houses in Metro;plsd to see; a lot of disc not just our cmnty but throughout Metro

MAB: Youth Services Implementation group; coming to Ccl

mtg last week, rolling up our sleeves, working on hub design

thank PkR and BPP for hosting anything centennial of long history

informal tour of Hollyburn Ridge with Mr Leigh; half-day on the mtn looking at the lodge proposed to be restored; tour of cabins (there are 100)

Taste of Dundarave, congratulations; Caulfeild Day, v informative; now designated LCaulfeild Heritage Area

Sop: give up my time, went up to lodge, etc

Mayor: like to see you out earning your cclr pay

TP: FCM infrastructure xxx

Mar 2014 funding will lapse; serious concerns into future

LG technical work under way xxx [8:52] integrated design process

utilities cmtes workshop in xxx

wish to announce tonight that she has been elected waste water {get this}

CC: NSEMO cmte, new emergency planner; simulated disasters

NG: so succinct

you're about to see a v inspiring video [8:56]

also congratulate the LC group; kids loved games

inspire you to name ppl for some awards; cmte and staff put it together

Nomination deadline Sept 28 -- next Friday, 4pm: arts, heritage, envmt

Mayor: online

NG: download and bring in hard copy

Mayor: thanks for tour

seeing what they've done with the golf course

found out we have a heritage pewaukee apple tree, one of two; will plant out in Gleneagles

{I was curious so got spelling and googled to find out about it:

Pewaukee - In the mid-1800s, George P. Peffer of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, crossed Duchess of Oldenburg with Northern Spy to produce Pewaukee. It is a fine dessert and cooking apple and is most noted for its winter hardiness, a trait inherited from its parent, Duchess of Oldenburg. Though considered only fair for fresh eating quality, it is a vigorous, productive tree and grows quite well with minimal care. Fruit size is medium to large with smooth, thin, greenish-yellow skin mottled with orange-red and striped with carmine. The whitish flesh is firm, coarse, and very juicy. Ripens in November and is a good keeper.

http://www.bighorsecreekfarm.com/descriptions3.htm }

yesterday was the Terry Fox Run, good

our firefighters donated $1K to the fund; thank them for that.


7. Road Closure/Removal of Hwy Dedication Bylaw No. 4727, 2012 (File: 0510 04 2599 MAR/1610-20-4727)

Kerr Bell or Bill Wishloff [?]: zoning?

Mayor: only about road closure

{Sokol explained since PH closed, no public input on zoning allowed now -- this item is the related road closure, not the zoning change itself.}

At the July 9 regular mtg Ccl received the report dated June 21. The bylaw received three readings at the July 9 mtg and the date of Sept 17 was set as the deadline for written and oral submissions. The statutory notice of highway closure was published in the NSN in August and September 2012.

Reports received up to and including September 13, 2012:





Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw 4727, 2012 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 4726, 2012, located at 26th and Marine Drive

July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012 / September 17, 2012


26th Street and Marine Drive - Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw 4727, 2012 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 4726, 2012, located at 26th and Marine Drive “ Landscape Plan

Sept. 5, 2012

Sept. 17, 2012


Written submissions received up to and including September 13, 2012:





T. Bowen

July 4, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. and J. Bowen

July 4, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. and J. Bowen

July 4, 2012

September 17, 2012


M. Ravaghi

July 5, 2012

September 17, 2012


B. Burgers

July 6, 2012

September 17, 2012


K. Steig

Sept. 11, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. and J. Bowen, and M. Ravaghi (petition with 129 signatures)

Sept. 12, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. Bowen


September 17, 2012


CALL FOR PUBLIC INPUT ... (query re public process by B Wishloff)
RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and oral submissions be received for information.

8. Harmony Arts Festival and Centennial Celebrations Update (File: 3016 01/0100-01)

Christie Rosta: update

Coho; wander Sch Dist 45 100th birthday last weekend; HAF, centennial

budget $500K on budget

SLIDES -- 100K visitors over the ten-day period; 181 volunteers; over 100 artists, etc

SLIDE of Budget (revenue, etc) [9:04]

expand concert-by-the-sea series

cycling event by WVFdn proposed for July 27; start at sea level and go up to Cypress

a time record is held for sev years and so someone might hope to break

ML: HAF doesn't seem any $ allocated for food

Rosta: part of arts

ML: complaint, have booths open during the week not just on the weekend

Rosta: looking at expanding the learning part; an option

ML: even having the merchants wd add a whole lot

MAB: are you doing any followup with the cmnty; what worked and didn't?

Rosta: we have a suggestion box; will refer

MAB: I have some so will send them to you

Sop: job well done

Millennium Park wine garden and xxxx 9:08 ; feasible three nights a week?

Rosta: v weather dependent

Sop: Coho quite happy with two-day event

will there be a financial report to Ccl on HAF and Centennial?

Rosta: I think financial stmts hv bn prepared

NL: yes; both events have broken even and are on budget

Sop: so we'll have the breakdown; not to take away from it, v successful

BL: on cue; right on balance

20 - 25% cmnty funding, rest sponsorship

this presentation was to present an overview of the budget

the kinds of projects for next year are through sponsorship funding

CC: my pitch is for more food carts

thx [9:11]

9. Authorization to Expense Third Party Funds (EvDr & PkR At-grade Intersection) (File: 1735-01)

RF: turn over to CFO

NL: highlight the third-party

ideally these are projects we've received deposits from and wd now like to expense them

when budget passed not certain we'd be xxx

TP: wrt 2 think those residents wd like to be included

RF: as Cclr P mentioned, received some corresp from residents in this nbrhd, anxious

$350K from Onni re traffic calming; reason we were a bit tentative, reaching end of Sept, depends on how quickly we can engage consultants -- expend funds before end of year (weather dependent) and reschedule for next year


1. the report dated Aug 29, from the Business Mgr, Engg and Transportation be received for information;

2. up to $470,000 of third party funding be added to the 2012 Annual Utility Capital budget in order to complete necessary servicing works associated with the Evelyn Drive Development;

3. up to $350,000 of third party funding be added to the 2012 Annual Road Capital Plan in order to begin a traffic calming plan associated with the Evelyn Drive Devt;

4. up to $60,000 of TransLink Major Road Network funding be added to the 2012 Annual Road Capital Plan in order to take advantage of the opportunity afforded by the construction of the Park Royal At-Grade Intersection.

10. Upper Lands Study Review (File: 2570-01) {info appeared on screen in Chamber}

Sokol: to establish group

Bruce McArthur: in favour; some questions

stmt re satisfying regional context stmt of MetroV

Sokol: a much broader stmt re our OCP and reg growth strategy adopted last summer

ULSR will only be UL, will feed into

rest xxxx Ccl

BMcA: urban containment; designated up to 2200ft level, 1K above our limit

xxxxx; v important get this right

TP: my understanding is that not making recommendations, the CEC wd be making recomms

Sokol: intention of 3; staff wd b making recomms and CEC to confirm

TP: from CEC

BL: CEC exists ... ; apptmts to CEC, then go through process

ML: appoint Mayor and two cclrs to CEC....

agree with TP, applications shd be funnelled through CEC

not sure of terms of reference is within the venue of the CEC

seems to me -- Ccl determine, not the CEC

on the cmte see that on the CEC, maybe it's a wording issue; talking about an ULStudy

CEC dysfunctional at this moment

{since the agenda in the lobby had nothing under the item number (no recommendations or anything), I didn't know what this was about so had not asked to speak; I do, however, at PQP b/c it's somewhat unclear. ML correct dysfunctional -- hasn't met for a long time, even though a ccl candidate in Nov claimed to be a mbr (might have met once).}

BL: we'll circulate the TofR of the CEC and proceed with objectives of this

partly of Ccl -- Mayor and two mbrs of Ccl; will make sure it's done

Mayor: when we finally finalize TofRef will be brought back to Ccl

BL: correct

TP: believe I gave ev on Ccl the TofR for CEC, worth looking at p3

Mayor: so I'll have some reading for later tonight; perfect

{didn't read it beforehand? it relates to this motion/decision; but then there was no info on the agenda}

Sop: the CEC will look at the names submitted for the WG; up to them to work on their TofRef; all this will be a process

CEC was brought in -- one year we had 12 WGs

give some insight and direction to the WGs; there are rules and to be followed

{NB: the agenda in the lobby had NOTHING except the item name. B/c of this -- all a surprise -- I spoke at PQP b/c no CEC mtgs for a couple of years and cmte had citizens as well.}

NG: following what's been said, I'd like to propose a small change, and to make clear to Ms Scholes. I move that

  1. Council appoint the Mayor and two Councillors to the Community Engagement Committee.

  2. The Draft Terms of Reference for the Upper Lands Study Review Working Group and the recommendation for the establishment of the WG be referred to the CEC for their review and approval.

  3. Ccl direct staff to advertise for mbrs of an Upper Lands Study Review WG and provide applicants to the CEC on potential working group members.


11. Geothermal Heating System 4064 Marine Drive (File: 2500-01)

Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.

Sokol gave background

RECOMMENDED: THAT as set out in the report dated Sept 11 remain in place, as all required authorities have approved the installation, namely,

    1. installation has been completed in accordance with the plans and specifications provided by Foreshore Technologies Incorporated dated April 17, 2007;

    2. receipt of confirmation by Transport Canada Navigable Waters Protection Program and Fisheries and Oceans Canada that the works and specifications meet their requirements; and

    3. receipt of a signed letter of intent from the owner, indicating a commitment to enter into a foreshore agreement once the foreshore policy has been ratified.


Sop: I think Cclr Booth...


12. Consent Agenda Items

12.1 Development Variance Permit Application No. 12-024 (3598 Creery Avenue) (File: 1010 20 12 024)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the MClk give notice that the DVP to allow construction of a two-car garage, will be considered by Council at its meeting on October 1, 2012.

12.2 Age-friendly Provincial Recognition (File: 0175-CSSW1)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated Aug 30 from the Mgr/Cmnty Devt/Youth/Families, be received for information.

TP: one of 12 age-friendly in the province; sp want to thank the SAC for helping making that happen

12.3 Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda) (File:  0120-24)

RECOMMENDED: be received for information.

+ Council Correspondence Update to September 7, 2012 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

  1. 11 submissions dated Aug 27 “ Sept 6, re Closure of Horseshoe Bay Wharf to Vehicular Traffic

      (Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

  2. J. Fry, Sept 4, 2012, re œConsideration and amendment of the Neighbourhood Act

        (Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

Received for Information

  1. M. Beckerman, Sept 2, re œVancouver™s suburbs fertile ground for cultural infrastructure “ The Globe and Mail

Responses to Correspondence

  1. 12 responses by Dir/Parks Aug 21   Sept 7 re Closure of Horseshoe Bay Wharf to Vehicular Traffic

+ Council Correspondence Update to September 11, 2012 (up to 4:30 PM)

Referred for Action

(1) Correctional Service Canada, undated, re Request for Proclamation - Restorative Justice Week 2012 (Referred to Municipal Clerk for response)

Received for Information

(2) Kinder Morgan Canada, August 23, 2012, regarding Trans Mountain Expansion Project

(3) Min of Envmt, Aug 30, re Proposed Expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline by Kinder Morgan Canada

(4) Ministry of Justice, Aug 28, regarding Funding Cuts to the Joint Emergency Preparedness Program (JEPP)

  1. NSh Emergency Mgmt Ofc (NSEMO), Sept 5 re œNSEMO Volunteer Recognition Event “ Wed Apr 24, 2013

  2. Metro Vancouver, September 5, 2012, regarding œAir Quality Report for 2010 (Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department)

  3. Union of BC Municipalities and Lower Mainland Local Govt Assn, Sept 10, re Smarter Cities Challenge grants program application deadline extension.


{re two letters}

MAB: any time outside; those caught my attention

CAO: we did look; most in much larger Ms

discussion at Metro and they're looking at making an application

MAB: thank you for considering it

the other is from trans-mountain expansion

exposing the expansion of the oil pipeline in the area; is this something Ccl wd like to consider?

team at UBCM -- open house opp

Mayor: confused -- at the night KM offered to come to Ccl

before that wrote saying violently opposed so

MAB: xxx
Mayor: go keep them company

BL: wd never want to contradict the Mayor, but wrt ships waiting, etc. shd this go ahead

Mayor: I've met with Mr Anderson, v charming guy; you can all to

ML: I'd encourage them to come to this Ccl

letter just about xxx

no objection to coming as a delegation

Mayor: let me ask you this, Cclr Lewis. If you wrote to somebody and asked to appear, and then before you had a chance to appear, they already told [sic] you they weren't interested in what you had to say, wd you be interested in coming?

ML: I wd if I were KM, yeah!

LAUGHTER {at this zinger}

Mayor: Cclr Booth made a good point. They are going to be in Victoria, cclrs there, have a chat with them -- let's soldier on and at v least get a drink

Sop: might invite them to come over here

Mayor: wd be in this Hall explaining to me as I said, in July, but was smashed here

Sop: you've seen the letters; there are concerns out there; wd be interesting for the public

if we turn it down, if govt of day says going ahead, where does it leave us?

Mayor: good point

nothing wrong with talking to KM to get a better handle on things, doesn't mean we'll change our philosophy; it's worthwhile, and we shd encourage

Mayor: and we all know you're a big supporter of talking

{cdn't hear Sop's response}

13. OTHER ITEMS {the two letters}

ML: 13.1 and 13.2



Ann Hylands: 1430 Inglewood

in Aug talked to City Hall b/c disturbed about the way the house across the road was being built

said he'd look, but he never did; no surprise

years ago I wrote a letter and no answer

piled up earth; huge windows look right into my living room -- come and see -- wd you buy my house?

our house value has plummeted; I'm almost 82 so expect we'll be selling our house but the values are gone

wd like some answers

Mayor: share your concerns

Sokol: not familiar with this house; happy to

AH: no one has answered my call so came down here

[9:36] read most ppl unhappy about

lived there since 1980; values gone

Mayor: all mbrs wd be happy to come to your house if we cd schedule a time

AH: I'd appreciate it; you're all welcome

Sop: what's your address?

AH: Inglewood, not far away

Mayor: maybe we shd take your ph no down

AH: 922 xxxx

Mayor: and Mr Sokol you can commit to follow up on the particular house in question so we can make sure it complies with all our bylaws

we will be in touch, and we will come down and have a look

CR [Editor WVM]: I did sign up a while ago; he just didn't take it

{the speaker list was on the table just inside the door}

Good evening, good evening; hope you all had a great summer

I didn't think I'd have to come up tonight

I was a little confused about Item 10.

I have the agenda, and it just says Upper Land Study

and then when it came up on the screen, it talked about a Cmnty Engagement Cmte, and it said appointing the Mayor and two cclrs.

Now someone has mentioned they'd circulate the Terms of Reference, but Cclr Sop wd know b/c he and I were on that cmte for several years. It was Mayor, a cclr,

{meant to say two cclrs}

and about three or four citizens. It was not just mbrs of Ccl, so I don't know why that was changed or how that

{shuffling of papers by Ccl so not clear}

Secondly, the process was that the CEC in response to what Ccl wanted to do, wd establish a need for a WG, wch Ccl wd agree with, and then -- it's up to you wch way you want to have the ppl chosen -- but ppl cd apply for the WGs and then the suggestion of who shd be on the WG was given from the CEC to the Ccl

right, Cclr Sop?

Sop: yes, except the choice of the list was by the Mayor and two cclrs, not by the add'l ppl on the--

CR: --oh, that's true; that the {citizen} mbrs did not get to see the applicants


that's obviously true


but I'm wondering why, if you're re-establishing the CEC, why they wd not have any mbrs of the cmnty on the cmte, b/c that's the way it was done.

Mayor: I think the purpose is, and this is a 2012 initiative, so we're talking three months -- the purpose is to re-institute this cmte specifically for one purpose, to review the applicants {wch was done before only by mbrs of Ccl} for this one WG. That's the only purpose that we're re-instituting the CEC.

CR: oh, I see. So it's been defunct for a couple of years and it's just going to be resurrected for this

Mayor: we're breathing new life into it.

CR: xxx thank you for the explanation. I appreciate that.

Mayor: thank you

15. ADJOURNMENT [before 9:40]




The special Ccl Mtg will commence in open session and be immediately followed by motion to exclude the public. At 7pm in the Ccl Chamber the PH will be held. The regular Ccl Mtg will follow immediately.

1. Call to Order.


2. RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, mbrs of the public be excluded under the following section of the Cmnty Charter.

90. (1) ... may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:

(e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the Council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;

(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality; and

(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the Council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.

Purpose of meeting: legal and proposed provision of municipal service matters.



7:00 PM -- IN M HALL COUNCIL CHAMBER {Regular mtg starts immediately following the PH}


2. PUBLIC HEARING Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4737, 2012  (File:  1610-20-4737)

The Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits will describe the subject application.

Applicant: Gustavson Wylie Architects Inc., for the owners.

Subject Land: The proposed bylaw amendment applies to 650 - 16th Street.

Purpose: The purpose of the proposed zoning bylaw amendment is to provide a framework for resolving life safety and building envelope issues resulting from unauthorized balcony enclosures at 650 “ 16th Street.

Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: If adopted, the proposed bylaw amendment would would revise the FAR (floor area ratio) from 1.75 to 1.95, exclusively for this strata property.



1) Reports received up to and including September 27, 2012:





Rezoning Application No. 11-058 for 650 “ 16thStreet (Westshore Place)

August 30, 2012

September 10, 2012 / October 1, 2012


2) Written submissions received up to and including September 27, 2012: None to date

On Sept 10, Ccl set the date for the PH. The statutory notice of PH was published in the NSN on Sept 23 and 26. The MClk will note written submissions received for the Oct 1 PH.




If there is no further public input and Council does not request a further staff report:

RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions be received and that the PH be closed.


If Council requests a further staff report:

THAT staff report back to Ccl and that the PH be adjourned to ____________________. (date, time, and location)

Members of Council are not permitted to receive any further submissions once the Public Hearing is closed.



1.  Call to order

2. Approval of October 1 Regular Council Meeting Agenda

3. Adoption of Minutes: July 23, 2012 special Council Meeting; and

September 10, 2012 special and regular Council Meeting; and

September 17, 2012 special and regular Council Meeting; and

September 17, 2012 Public Hearing.


4. North Shore Table Matters Network Reference Group, regarding Network Activities, North Shore Food Charter, and North Shore Food Policy Advisory Committee (File:  0150-01)

RECOMMENDED: received for information, with thanks.


5. Reports from Mayor and Councillors on Boards, Committees, and Working Groups

6. Development Permit Application No. 12-046 - for renovation of 1650 Marine Drive (File:  1010-20-12-046)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

At the Sept 10 regular mtg Ccl received the report dated Aug 27 re DPA No. 12-046 for 1650 Marine Dr and set the date for consideration for Oct 1.

Reports received up to and including September 27, 2012:





Development Permit No. 12-046 “ for renovationof 1650 Marine Drive

August 27, 2012

September 10, 2012 / October 1, 2012


Written Submissions received up to and including September 27, 2012:





A. and M. Rowlett

September 20, 2012

October 1, 2012




RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions If Council wishes a further staff report:

RECOMMENDED: THAT staff report back to Council 


RECOMMENDED: THAT Devt Permit Applic, wch wd regulate the form and character of proposed renovations and site plan enhancements, be approved.

7. Development Variance Permit Application No. 12-020 (3183 Travers Avenue) (File:  1010-20-12-020)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

At the Sept 10 reg mtg Ccl received the report dated Aug 30, re the DVP App and set the date for consideration for Oct 1.

Reports received up to and including September 27, 2012:





Development Variance PermitNo. 12-020 (3183 Travers Avenue)

August 30, 2012

September 10, 2012 / October 1, 2012


Written Submissions received up to and including September 27, 2012:





M. K. Clarke


October 1, 2012




RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions be received for information.

If Council wishes a further staff report:

RECOMMENDED: THAT staff report back to Council regarding submissions received 


THAT the Applic, wch wd allow for construction of addns and a new deck to an existing house, be approved.

8. Development Variance Permit Application No. 12-024 (3598 Creery Avenue) (File:  1010-20-12-024)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

At the Sept 17 reg mtg Ccl received the report dated Sept 6 re the DVP Appn and set the date for consideration for Oct 1.

Reports received up to and including September 27, 2012:





Development Variance Permit No. 12-024 (3598 Creery Avenue)

September 6, 2012

September 17, 2012 / October 1, 2012


Written Submissions received up to and including September 27, 2012: None to date



RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions be received for information.

If Council wishes a further staff report: RECOMMENDED: THAT staff report back to Council 


THAT the DVP Application for 3598 Creery Ave, wch wd allow for construction of a two-car garage, be approved.

9. 2013 Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4734, 2012 (File:  1610-20-4734)

RECOMMENDED: THAT œTax Exemption Bylaw No. 4734, 2012 be read a first, second, and third time.

10. Rutledge Field Spectator Seating Proposal (File:  2160-03-AMBL1-09)


Council approve that the preliminary design, including structural provision for a potential future roof, proceed to the Design Review Cmte and Public Consultation; and that

Staff report back to Ccl on the results of the DRC/Public Consultation prior to proceeding with the project; and that

Staff report back to Ccl that the WV Field Hockey Club has full funding available, prior to proceeding with construction of the project.

11. Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4738, 2012 (Fee Schedule Revisions) (File:  1610-20-4738)


RECOMMENDED: be read a first, second, and third time.


12. Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4726, 2012 (26th and Marine Dr) (File:  1610-20-4726)

The proposed bylaw received first reading at the July 9, Ccl Mtg and was the subject of a PH that was held and closed on Sept 17. As the PHhas closed Ccl is not permitted to receive any further submissions regarding the proposed bylaw.

RECOMMENDED: be read a second time.

RECOMMENDED: be read a third time.

13. Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4737, 2012 (650 “ 16th St) (File:  1610-20-4737)

The proposed bylaw received first reading at the Sept 10 Ccl Mtg and was the subject of a PH on Oct 1. If the PH was closed, Ccl may consider the following recommendations. Ccl is not permitted to receive any submissions regarding the subject bylaw after the PH has closed.

RECOMMENDED: be read a second time.

RECOMMENDED: be read a third time.

14. Consent Agenda Items

14.1. Amendment to 2012 Council Meeting Schedule (File:  0120-01)

RECOMMENDED: be amended by scheduling a special Ccl mtg for October 29 at 7pm in the M Hall Ccl Chamber.

14.2. 5720 Maple Place “ Rock Removal for Swimming Pool (File:  2410-06)

RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff be authorized to issue a Rock Breaking Permit to remove ~7.0 to 10.0 cubic meters [sic] of rock at 5720 Maple Place for the purpose of installing a swimming pool.

14.3. TransLink Customer Service Performance Report for Quarter 2, 2012 (File:  1305-05)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the report be received for information.

14.4. Substance Abuse Working Group Anti-bootlegging Campaign (File: 2620-05)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated Sept 12, from the Mgr/Cmnty Devt, Youth, and Families, be received for info.

14.5. Development Application Status List (File:  1010-01)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the List to September 21, 2012 be received for information.

14.6. Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda) (File:  0120-24)

Council Correspondence Update to September 14, 2012 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) HugABull Advocacy & Rescue Society, Sept 12, re œInvitation “ Education Event around Breed Specific Legislation

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(2) 9 submissions dated Aug 9 “ Sept 12, reg Closure of Horseshoe Bay Wharf to Vehicular Traffic 

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(3) S. Gabriel, Sept 9, re Heritage Alteration Building Permit “ House Renovation at 4710 South Piccadilly 

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)

(4) West Van Matters, September 12, 2012, regarding œReinstating Heritage and Environment Elements

(Referred to Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(5) West Van Matters, September 12, 2012, regarding œLease vs. Sale (1300blk); New Housing

(6) B and B. Mitchell, Aug 29, re Capilano View Cemetery

(7) MetroV, Sept 5, re œMetroV Rental Housing Inventory and Risk Analysis

(Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department)

(8) Office of the Prime Minister, Sept 4, re Proposed Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion and the Joint Emergency Preparedness Program

(9) Youth Parliament of BC Alumni Society, Sept 8, re œBC Youth Parliament, 84th Parliament

(Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Dept)

(10) The Ccl of Sr Citizens™ Organizations of BC, Sept 10, re Support for Richmond Resolution at UBCM

(11) Pacific Animal Foundation, Sept 11, re œWest Van Animal Control Dept and Municipal Shelter 

(Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department)

(12) 4 submissions dated Sept 11-13 re Road Closure between 2597 and 2601 Marine Dr and Zoning Amendment Bylaw

(Referred to September 17, 2012 Public Hearing)

Responses to Correspondence

(13) Transportation Engineer, Sept 7, response to W. Moroz, re œFW: Eagleridge Drive ˜Green Space™

(14) Mgr of Parks Arboriculture and Horticulture, Sept 11, re œConsideration and amendment of the Neighbourhood Act

(15) Director of Parks and Community Services, 2 responses dated September 7, 2012, regarding œHorseshoe Bay Pier

Council Correspondence Update to September 21, 2012 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) Vancouver Airport Project Opposition for Richmond BC (VAPOR BC), Sept 18, re Opposition to Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and Vancouver Airport Pipeline Options

(Referred to Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)

(2) D. Lust, September 20, 2012, regarding œUnitarian Church Redevelopment 

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)

(3) BC Govt and Services Employees™ Union, July 17, re Privatization of BC Liquor Distribution Branch 

(Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(4) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes “ Community Grants Committee “ Friday, July 13, 2012

(5) NSh Crisis Services Society, Sept 13, re œWV Social Services and Community Services Grant 2012

(6) S. Vennesland, Sept 17, re œExpanded tank traffic on our coast

(7) Sept 8, re Spirit Trail

(8) Teck Resources Ltd, Sept 20, re Social Media Campaign for Free the Children™s We Day

(9) P. Sherman, Sept 20, re œFw: COMING SOON: Economy and Ecology “ A Necessary Partnership for Water Sustainability

(10) Village of Belcarra, September 19, 2012, regarding œCorrespondence re Kinder Morgan

(11) M. Taylor, September 20, 2012, regarding œhow will you vote on Resolution A5

(12) City of Burnaby, Aug 30, re œCorrespondence from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business

(13) Ministry of Environment, Sept 18, re Proposed Expansion of Kinder Morgan™s Trans Mountain Pipeline

Responses to Correspondence

(14) Transportation Engr, Sept 14, response to R. Parsons and R. Didcott, re œTraffic Safety “ 1200 Block Clyde Ave

(15) 4 responses from Parks Admin Assistant on behalf of Dir/Parks/Cmnty Services, Sept 14, re Closure of Horseshoe Bay Wharf to Vehicular Traffic

(16) 8 responses from Dir/Parks/Cmnty Services, Sept 14, re Closure of Horseshoe Bay Wharf to Vehicular Traffic

Council Correspondence Update to September 25 (up to 4:30 pm)

Received for Information

(1) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes:

Bd of Variance “ July 18; WV Memorial Library Board “ July 18; Design Review Cmte “ July 26, 2012

(2) Canadian Cancer Society, September 24, 2012, re œUBCM 2012: Please support smoke-free outdoor public places

(3) City of Prince George, Sept 11, re UBCM Convention “ Request for Support for Resolns B19: Road Rehabilitation and Associated Funding Option, B137: Federal Gas Tax Funding Eligibility, and C11: Natural Resource Revenue Sharing Agreement

(4) Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue, September 24, 2012, regarding œCoast Guard Base Closure

(5) Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM), Sept 21, re œChanges to UBCM Communications

(6) Certified Organic Associations of BC, September 13, 2012, re œUse of the word œorganic at BC Farmer™s Markets

(7) M. Clarke, Sept 25, re œProposed DVP for 3183 Travers Avenue 

(Referred to October 1, 2012 Council Meeting)

(8) A. and B. Rowlett, Sept 20, re Proposed Devt Permit for 1650 Marine Drive “ Former Safeway Site

(Referred to October 1, 2012 Council Meeting)

Responses to Correspondence

(9) Mgr of Bylaw and Licensing Services, Sept 25, response to HugABull Advocacy & Rescue Society, re œInvitation “ Education Event around Breed Specific Legislation


15. Council has requested that the following correspondence be brought forward for discussion, and may propose a motion if Council considers that further action is required.

15.1. September 8, 2012, regarding Spirit Trail (for information)

16. Public Questions/Comments   17. Adjournment



The 2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest runs from January 15th to October 15th, 2012. People of all ages, nationalities, and skill levels are encouraged to enter the contest, and we hope all schools will draw frog art on Save The Frogs Day!


Amphibian populations worldwide are in the midst of a mass extinction crisis, yet most people are completely unaware! We need your help in getting the word out: we encourage all nature lovers to seek out their inner frog artist and participate in the SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest!

The SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest invites you to create your coolest frog artwork. The contest will raise awareness of the amphibian extinction problem by getting people involved and interested, and the artwork will be used on t-shirts, stickers, posters, coffee mugs, hats, and in greeting cards and books, to both publicize our cause and raise money for SAVE THE FROGS! amphibian conservation efforts.

{See some of the art on the website: http://savethefrogs.com/art/index.html}

=== ANIMAL INFObits === Paw Patter (from BCSPCA)

Green Eggs and Ham!

The colour of a chicken™s egg is no indication of whether it is healthier or laid by a chicken raised more humanely.

Generally, chicken breeds with red earlobes lay brown eggs and chicken breeds with white earlobes lay white eggs. There are exceptions to this œrule, including the Araucana chicken breed, which has a red earlobe but lays eggs in colours ranging from pink to blue to green. There really are green eggs to go with ham!

=== INFObits === Libya

Libya and its militias -- Who™s in charge?

The incoming government may be loth to take on all the militias at once

The Economist Sep 29th 2012 | BENGHAZI | from the print edition

THE jihadist militia known as Ansar al-Sharia that was blamed for the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi on September 11th that led to the death of the American ambassador was smashed ten days later at the behest of a surging crowd of angry citizens who marched on its base and forced its members to flee. At least 11 people were killed in the fracas. But that is by no means the end of the matter.

A newly elected proto-parliament, known as the general national congress, had elected a prime minister, Mustafa Abushagur, the day after the ambassador™s murder. But he has yet to appoint a government. And it remains unclear, once it has taken office, perhaps on September 30th, whether it will be able to disband the most extreme and unruly of the militias and to bring the more amenable of them under the umbrella of a nascent official army and police. That, however, is Mr Abushagur™s high hope.


~~~  ROYALWATCH  ~~~

A series of articles from The Star: http://thestar.blogs.com/royals/ Some photos, some interesting stories

(and some misspellings!), I read down to Sept 25 (couple of stories about Prince Harry and a Kate look-alike).

=== CPTWATCH === To view the on-line version click here.


29 September 2012

SOUTH HEBRON HILLS: œTell the world to help stop evacuation of villages for war practice

by Bob Holmes

About sixty people met in At-Tuwani on 22 September to begin a solidarity walk to many of the villages threatened by the ever expanding military occupation of the South Hebron Hills: Palestinians, women, children and men from the surrounding villages and towns, Jewish and Palestinian Israelis from Tayoush, and Internationals from Operation Dove, Ecumenical Accompaniment, International Solidarity Movement and Christian Peacemaker Teams.

I spoke with Eli*, a Jewish activist from Jerusalem, who was there because, in his view, the land confiscation and colonization does not represent the Jewish values he cherishes. He doesn™t have much hope for a political solution ¦ but maybe, someday, a leader will arise with strong moral values.

We set off for Um Fagarah on a route that took us close to the Israeli settler outpost of Avigail. Three Israeli army jeeps, an Israeli police van, and an Israeli security vehicle from Avigail blocked the entrance to the outpost and watched as the young Palestinian women pasted up a poster on an Israeli army cement barrier declaring in Arabic and English, œPalestinian Peace Area.

Rest and water in Um Fagarah, an oft-threatened village, and then on to Tuba. On the way I spoke with Mahmoud* who was from a village near the Israeli settlement of Karmel. His village suffers periodic attacks from settlers, but nowhere near the violence of the œgang of Israeli settlers at Havot Maon, an outpost very close to At-Tuwani.

Our route took us close to Havot Maon and we were met this time by six army jeeps and a police van. About a dozen Israeli settlers came out in protest of our protest. A line of Israeli soldiers moved along the hills to separate the two groups. While the Palestinians chanted, œThis is our land! in Arabic, the settlers yelled back in Hebrew.

Rest and water again in Tuba, a small village that has suffered frequent attacks from the œgang at Havot Maon, and then onwards. On the top of the highest hill around, Hafez, the leader of the nonviolent resistance in At-Tuwani, spoke. œWhat you can see from here are several of the villages which have been ordered evacuated so that the Israeli army can practise war here “ Fire Zone 918. Please help us stop this evacuation by telling the world about it!

We returned to Tuba for lunch, music, and an invitation to enjoy their hospitality overnight.

*Not the real name


To view the on-line version: http://www.cpt.org/cptnet/2012/10/01/al-khalil-hebron-freedom-bus-tour-visits-al-khalil


1 October 2012

AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Freedom Bus tour visits Al Khalil

On September 29, members of CPT Palestine attended a performance of The Freedom Bus in Friendship Park, Al-Khalil (Hebron). See video clip. (http://www.youtu.be/_EWkvtLLue8) The Freedom Bus is an initiative of The Freedom Theatre, a group devoted to advancing freedom and justice by promoting creativity and free expression among youth and growing up under Israeli Occupation.

The group presents its accounts through Playback Theatre, interactive musical and theatrical performances based on personal accounts of difficult situations under occupation, including impromptu work based on stories shared by the audience.


Jim Manly will be leaving for Naples to join the Estelle bound for Gaza. There will be a press conference and gathering of supporters on his departure. We will be gathering at 1:15 p.m. Wednesday 3rd Oct, in front of Bill Reid's Haida Canoe Sculpture in the Vancouver International Departures foyer. We hope you can join us to give Jim a very warm send off.

Jim Manly (MP 1980-88) sails against Gaza Blockade

Former Canadian MP (Member of Parliament 1980 to 88) and retired United Church Minister Jim Manly* will join a group of prominent internationals on the Freedom Flotilla's "Estelle" sailing from Naples to Gaza in early October.

The mission of the Estelle, which started in Scandinavia and visited many European ports before reaching Italy yesterday, is the latest initiative of the international "Freedom Flotilla Coalition" (FFC) to challenge the Blockade of Gaza.

The "Canadian Boat to Gaza" campaign is coordinating Jim's trip and also playing a key role in the next FFC action: Gaza's Ark (www.gazaark.org), which is geared towards boat building in Gaza and encouraging Palestinian industry and exports to challenge the blockade from within.

FFC's petition calling for an end to the Israeli Blockade of Gaza has been signed by over a hundred European Parliamentarians: http://upprop.shiptogaza.se/en

Jim Manly will be holding a press conference in Vancouver airport on the afternoon Wed Oct 3rd as he leaves for Italy.

For more information or to get in touch with Jim Manly: email: info@gazaark.org Ehab Lotayef: +1.514.941.9792

Irene MacInnes +1.604.737.1299 Sandra Ruch +1.416.716.4010 David Heap: +1.519.859.3579 / +33 (6) 18 61 78 37

* Jim Manly, a brief biography:

Jim Manly is a retired United Church minister who served as a New Democratic Party Member of Parliament from 1980-88, representing Cowichan-Malahat-the Islands, a BC Coastal riding. As MP, he was NDP critic for Indian Affairs and later critic for Fisheries and also International Development. As a United Church minister, Jim served mostly British Columbia congregations and has been active in the Church's social justice work in Canada and the Americas. Ordained in 1957, he retired in 1997. He lives near Nanaimo, B.C. with his wife, Eva, and together they continue to be active in a number of areas including Mid-Islanders for Justice and Peace in the Middle East. This past spring he and Eva took part in a Pilgrimage of Solidarity to the Occupied Territory of the Palestinian West Bank.

This message from the Canadian Boat to Gaza. www.tahrir.ca info@tahrir.ca

=== WORDWATCH === meter/metre

That [sic] in the agenda is b/c the wrong one was used.

metre is the measurement; from the metric system

meter is the device, like a water meter, an electrical meter.



http://www.heritagebc.ca/home/ and http://www.heritagebc.ca/tag/featured-articles


The Heritage BC AGM will take place at 4:30pm October 19 at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts


Hoping to have a jubilee/centennial tea later in October -- book for sending greetings.

Not yet updated but for info pls see heritage.westvan.org or: RoyalTeabytheSea.westvan.org and royaltea.ca

Here's a photo from the RoyalTea-by-the-Sea in August:

MLA Ralph Sultan, Mary Anne MacKenzie, Cclr Mary-Ann Booth, Roddy MacKenzie


Read bulletins from our website: www.heritagevancouver.org/bulletin

¢ E-bulletin sign-up to receive event listings, alerts, and heritage info

All upcoming events: www.heritagevancouver.org

2012 Top Ten Endangered List


Of special note: The historical houses and apartments facing demolition risk in the West End are part of our 2012 Top Ten Endangered List.

Other Upcoming Events:

All events at heritagevancouver.org -- Walking tours at heritagevancouver.org/walkingtours.html

Part of the Conversations about Endangered Sites series:

Heritage Vancouver announces a new series of conversations about endangered heritage buildings, streetscapes, and neighbourhoods in Vancouver. The conversations will take place the 4th Tuesday of the month, 7 to 9pm at the Alliance for Arts and Culture located at #100 - 938 Howe St.

+ Walking Tour & Beer Tasting: Industrial History of South East False Creek

Saturday, October 13, 2012 | Tour 1:00pm; Beer tasting 3:00pm

Tour guide: Isaac Vanderhorst $35 Heritage Vancouver members; $40 non-members

Tour meets at SE Corner of West 1st Ave. and Crowe St, ends at Legacy Liquor Store

Heritage Vancouver and the City of Vancouver Archives invite you spend an afternoon touring South East False Creek and tasting beer along with salty snacks. Historian Isaac Vanderhorst will lead you on an interactive discovery of the industrial history of South East False Creek. Isaac will uncover surviving industrial remnants of former building sites, and tell unique stories about momentous events from the area's forgotten past.

One of the outstanding stories you will hear is the pivotal role played by over 3,000 men and women involved in the shipbuilding industry on this site during the First and Second World Wars. This area became the Olympic Village Site and is now being transformed into the Village at False Creek.

After the tour we will head to the Legacy Liquor store, taste a range of beer, and nibble on some delicious snacks.

Thanks to our Community Sponsor for this event, Legacy Liquor Stores www.legacyliquorstore.com

Tickets -- Purchase your tickets early as spaces are limited and it will sell out.

¢ Online: Purchase via Eventbrite hvs-falsecreek.eventbrite.ca

¢ Cheque: Made out to Heritage Vancouver Society, 1020 Denman Street, PO Box 47036 Denman Place, Vancouver BC, V6G 3E1. Please ensure the mailed payment reaches us early enough, and send us an e-mail to events@heritagevancouver.org, so we can hold your spot until your cheque arrives.


Walking Tours:  -- Beginning in April: Fridays noon - 1:30pm & Saturdays 10am - noon, $12 incl. hst   

Join tour guides John Atkin and Maurice Guibord as they take you on fascinating and fun journeys through historic areas of Vancouver. Tour details are now up on the website!

> The 2012 Laneway House Tour -- Saturday October 20th from 1 “ 5pm (tix on sale now)

A self-guided tour and fundraising event inside recently completed laneway houses in Vancouver. 

...One of the 2011 Tour projects was an infill, part of a Heritage Restoration Agreement project. The infill illustrated the differences (it was 1200 sq feet) between infill and laneway housing zoning and permitting. Laneway housing can be a tool for owners of older homes to densify and improve their property while contributing to the preservation of their historic neighourhood.

Our hope is for laneway housing to be used as a tool to preserve heritage homes and prevent demolitions. Only laneway houses constructed behind existing houses have been opened on this tour.

For more information about Laneway Housing in Vancouver, read the City of Vancouver's Laneway Housing webpage at: vancouver.ca/commsvcs/lanewayhousing

Read Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation's study: Livable Lanes: A Study of Laneway Infill Housing in Vancouver and Other Growing B.C. Communities.

See: http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org/projects/laneway.html


See how this green addition to the Vancouver cityscape makes use of small spaces in big ways.

Can a space intended for a separate garage really be used for a sustainable, beautiful, and practical home? With rising housing costs, the Laneway house has become a popular alternative for urban couples looking to move out of parents' basements or highrise rentals. They can also be a means to densify neighbourhoods without demolishing heritage homes. The homes on our tour best showcase their practical use of limited square footage while maximizing style, economy, and green living.

Join us October 20th to see seven homes that show that limited space doesn™t mean limited style!

DETAILS: Saturday October 20th from 1 - 5pm [$30 plus HST]

Specific home locations available with ticket purchase CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS


Music in Heritage Homes Series / A Fundraiser for VHF and Borealis String Quartet

Join us for an elegant afternoon of high tea and beautiful music set in a spectacular church conversion in one of Vancouver's most popular neighbourhoods. Featuring music by renowned ensemble Borealis String Quartet this exclusive concert will be the third in a series of afternoon performances that beautifully meld classical music with heritage homes.

DETAILS: October 11th, beginning at 1pm $146.60 inc HST (includes an $85 tax receipt)

Specific address information will be released at time of purchase

REPERTOIRE: Beethoven String Quartet in F Major, Op. 18, No. 1 / Shostakovich String Quartet No. 8

To purchase tickets or for more information: http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org/projects/cityhall.html

INFO AND TO REGISTER http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org/projects/walkingtours.html

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Places That Matter is a plaque project celebrating the 125th anniversary of the incorporation of the city.

The VHF asked for the public™s help to identify and mark 125 sites commemorating people, places, and

events that have shaped the city.

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One of Vancouver's PLACES THAT MATTER

Hastings and Gore became the site of First Presbyterian Church in 1892. It became First United Church

in 1925, following the union of Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational Churches into the United

Church of Canada. The original building was replaced by the current structure in 1965. Since the Great

Depression, First United has been known as œthe church of the open door, working for social justice.

In 2007, the congregation was dissolved, but the church continued its mission to the residents of the

Downtown Eastside, providing advocacy, shelter, and affordable housing.

Do you have a personal story or memory about the First United Church or any of our Places that Matter?

We'd love to hear it! Contact Jessica and have your story become part of the celebration!


Wed October 10th, starting at 1:30pm -- All are welcome to attend. Corner of Gore and Hastings -- Meet at the Church Steps on Gore.

This event corresponds with Homelessness Action Week in Vancouver and World Homeless Day.

+++ Also Being Honoured this Month All listed presentations are free of charge and open to the public

Saturday October 13th:

~ 2pm ~ Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena, 5670 East Blvd

~ 2:30 - 4pm ~ Point Grey Municipal Hall (now Kerrisdale Community Centre) 5851 West Blvd

Sunday October 14th: ~ 3pm ~ Hastings Race Course at PNE Grounds, Winner's Circle



~~~  MAIKU  ~~~ 2012 September 23

grey mountains and sea 

molten golden sun

fills with cinnabar, and sinks


~~~ The Study of Doors ~~~ Memory

At last, an explanation.

"Ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind, only to completely forget what that purpose was? Turns out, doors themselves are to blame for these strange memory lapses.

Psychologists at the University of Notre Dame have discovered that passing through a doorway triggers what's known as an event boundary in the mind, separating one set of thoughts and memories from the next.

Your brain files away the thoughts you had in the previous room and prepares a blank slate for the new locale."

It's not ageing, it's the door! Whew! Thank goodness for studies :)

~~~ Simple and/or Complicated ~~~

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.

-- Charles Mingus Jr., a highly-influential American jazz double bassist, composer, and bandleader (1922 “ 1979)

Charles Mingus was born in Nogales, Arizona. He was raised largely in the Watts area of Los Angeles, California. His mother's paternal heritage was Chinese and English, while historical records indicate that his father was the illegitimate offspring of a black farmhand and his Swedish employer's white granddaughter. In Mingus's autobiography Beneath the Underdog he recounts a story told to him by his father, Charles Mingus Sr., according to which his white grandmother was actually a first cousin of Abraham Lincoln. Charles Mingus Sr. claims to have been raised by his mother and her husband as a white person until he was fourteen, when his mother revealed to her family that the child's true father was a black slave, after which he had to run away from his family and live on his own. The autobiography doesn't confirm whether Charles Mingus Sr. or Mingus himself believed this story to be true, or whether it was meant to be merely an embellished version of the Mingus family's lineage.

quotations / thoughts / puns

Elvira always lied first to herself before she lied to anybody else, since this gave her a conviction of moral honesty.  -- Phyllis Bottome, British novelist (1884 - 1963) 

Many wealthy people are little more than janitors of their possessions. 

-- Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect (1867 - 1959)

Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition, such as lifting weights, we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.

-- Stephen R. Covey, American author (1932 - 2012) 

œI am the Lorax! I speak for the trees,

Which you seem to be chopping as fast as you please;

But I also speak for the brown Barbaloots,

Who frolicked and played in their Barbaloot suits,

Happily eating Truffula fruits.

Now, since you™ve chopped the trees to the ground

There™s not enough Truffula fruit to go ™round!

And my poor Barbaloots are all feeling the crummies

Because they have gas, and no food, in their tummies. 

  -- Dr. Seuss

Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them. -- Paul Valery, French polymath and poet  (1871 - 1945)

The arrow has to draw back to fly ahead.   -- Proverb 

Where we have strong emotions, we're liable to fool ourselves.

-- Carl Sagan, American astrophysicist (1934 - 1996)

We only hear questions that we are able to answer.

-- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, German philosopher (1844 - 1900) 

We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.

-- Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, South African politician (b 1918)

Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.

-- Rick Cook, The Wizardry Compiled

What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.

  -- Mahatma Gandhi, Indian lawyer and pacifist (1869 - 1948)

A well-developed sense of humour is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life.

-- William A. Ward, American maxim writer (1921 - 1994)

A word in a dictionary is very much like a car in a mammoth motor show -- full of potential, but temporarily inactive. -- Anthony Burgess, English author (1917-1993) 

When asked whether or not I was bilingual, I was about to say I knew sign language, but I figured it was sort of a mute point.

I usually take steps to avoid elevators.

The new smoking cessation drug is expensive, and it's shrinking city coffers.

My brother told me that serpentine is what you use to get paint off a boa constrictor.