2015 CCL NOTES Jun 22/Jul 6/20/27; Bits Sep 14/Oct 5; AGENDAS Oct 26/28; Calendar to Oct 28?
Upper Lands • Masonic Hall • PSB • Budget • Upzonings/Variances • ADBIA

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor
[PDF Version]

2015 September 3

child lying on beach

face down in the sand

his future drowned in the sea

= Ccl Mtg Oct 5 MAIN ITEMS: Cdn Fedn U Women; Library Bd Strategic Plan; Ccl Procedure Amendmts; ADBIA; Chickens; Pilot Proj re crushing/grinding; Youth Activity Fund; Ccl Mtg Schedule Changes; Finance Cmte Update

= Sept 14 MAIN ITEMS: 2015 Mid-Yr Review; Proposed amendments to Ccl Procedures; Loan Authorization for Police Services/MHall Proj; Youth Activity Fund Expenditure; Horseshoe Bay Streetscape; Sewell's Marina Redevt

Sep28/Oct19 Mtgs CANCELLED; Oct26 mtg @ 5:30pm! Ccl mtg Wed28th: Upper Lands/Amb Waterfront

= Vive le Canada (Our Queen; ED); from the Editor's Desk (Alan Shenu; Senate/Voting Rules; Secrecy; WVM );

CCL MTGS Oct 26/28 MAIN ITEMS; WVPD (Our Heroes; Cops for Cancer); Updates & Info (Ccl Mtgs; DWV Budget Process; Cycling BC;/Gran Fondo Water Restrictions; BC Hydro Outage; Sewell's Open House; Bus Fares)

= CALENDAR to Oct 28+; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Museums; Music; Festivals; Writers;Talks/Walks, and more

= HEADSUPS 2015 -- 9.5A: Traffic Info; Weekend, Events, etc // 9.5B: Fire Ban; Books; Weekend // 9.5C: Cmte Mtgs 9.5D: Water, Power, CultureWatch // 9.5E: The Loooong Weekend; Sept 14 Ccl Main Items // 9.5F: Milestone for our Queen Sept 9 // 9.5G: Update Today // 9.5H: Weekend Events // 9.5I: Today and Tomorrow // 9.5J: Weekend+

9.5K: Ccl Agendas; Sept 14 Highlights // 9.5L: Weekend; Amdmts to Ccl Procedures; Bard 2016 9.5M: Meetings Oct 5 Ccl Main Items; BC Auditor-Gen re WV // 9.5N: Ccl Last Night // 9.5O: Mtgs Today, Tomorrow, Thurs

= >>> CCL NOTES for MTGS: June 22, July 6, 20, 27 // Highlights in Headsup: Sept 14 (K); Oct 5 (N) <<<

= ANIMALWATCH (Bears; Exotic Hunting; Painted Turtles); INFObits (Distracted Driving; Zimbabwe; Greece; Aussie PM; Diner en Blanc; Ce Soir Noir; Longest non-stop flights; VN+Religion; Hispanics in US: McKinley/Denali; TPP; US Prisons;

Global News re Muslims, Wealth; Niqab); ROYALWATCH (Vive la Reine; Fashionista Wedding); PHOTOWATCH (BC); PAYWATCH (Municipalities); CALIPHATE-WATCH (horror); WOMENWATCH; ARCHAEOLOGYWATCH (LOSS);


=== Vive le CANADA ===

+ from the PMO Sept 9: “Canada is pleased to mark today’s milestone and honour Her Majesty’s contributions to Canada through a range of celebratory activities, including the issuance of commemorative coins (Royal Canadian Mint), a commemorative $20 bank note (Bank of Canada), and a new stamp (Canada Post).

+ {Rec'd this email} A NEW PHRASE IS BORN I knew someone wd find a name for our election process for this year.

Electile Dysfunction: Inability to become aroused over any of choices for PRIME MINISTER by any party in the 2015 election year.

Yes, difficult choice; much research needed. Puzzling for me:

Govt can't be blamed for the price of oil fall (affecting budget), but then why no surplus for the last eight years without that problem and when there was a surplus just before they took over? Feel like we're being bribed with our own

money; need an economist to tell me what will actually work. My vote can't be bought. In any case, hard to figure out the effect of all the tax cuts and subsidies. Now TPP -- 2P or not 2PP -- won't be finalized for two years!!! Who will it be? Trudeau (43); Harper (56); Mulcair (60) -- SUSPENSE!

=== from the EDITOR'S DESK ===

We are still reeling from the photo [Aylan Kurdi is the name Turkey gave]

of the drowned Alan Shenu [his Kurdish name], washed up on a beach in Turkey.

Cartoons pay tribute to drowned Syrian boy

See them: https://twitter.com/kyeslam/status/639260208741482496


1. No need to require ppl to vote. Those who don't vote are in effect saying "any of the above". What is needed, however, is the choice of "none of the above".

2. Need for a preferential vote system: 1-2-3. Proportional has had disastrous results (Italy, Israel) and allows a v small party to succeed in insisting on its 'strange'/extreme policies b/c govt falls if it doesn't get what ir wants. Tail wagging dog.

3. Need Senate Reform -- do not abolish it b/c that wd increase the power of any PM intent on being a dictator (electing wd just mean a larger House of Commons!). Appoint respected knowledgeable ppl to provide sober second thought, unencumbered by the demands of a political party, funding, lobbyists.

Besides, FWIW, IMO, the points above and muzzling scientists are more important matters than a niqab (wch I understand is removed, though in private, before the actual ceremony). [A Cdn Muslim writer's view of the niqab p78]

UBCM 2015 DWV Ccl there! The 2015 UBCM Convention was held Sept 21-25 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

More info: http://www.ubcm.ca/EN/main/convention/2015_convention.html

Ccl mtgs on TV: Still no word about why no slides can be seen on the video of the July 6 ccl mtg.

WVM Feels like I'm racing but in fact crawling along. This issue tries to get caught up on more ccl mtg transcripts.

Question: shd current and future events in the Headsup be repeated in the dedicated section in WVM?

Apologies: this issue excruciatingly difficult/time-consuming so not the standard I strive for. Some times marked to be included missed b/c late and little time to search. I refer to this issue as a dog's breakfast, and an undigested one at that.

Decided to arbitrarily stop and get this printed. This is at least some information over the last few months and a bit of what's to come. Abject apologies to all unintentionally omitted.

COUNCIL MTGS Oct 26 + 28 -- as I understand it as of Oct 18 (full agendas in next WVM)

> Monday October 26

= 5pm -- closed mtg

= 5:30pm -- called a special mtg but in fact agenda like a regular mtg (how wd you guess??) -- main items follow:

7. Long Term Financial Plan - Context for Proposed 2016 Budget

8. Revised Proposed Ccl Procedure Bylaw 2013, Amendmt Bylaw 2015 Information to be provided.

{This is SO important -- why at a mtg so early (5:30) and info not in advance for cmnty to review???}

10. Consent Agenda:

= 7:30pm -- called a regular mtg but in fact only the Cmnty Awards Presentation! (then an RSVP Reception at 8pm)

> Wednesday October 28

6pm-- called a special mtg; two main topics:

3. Discussion of Upper Lands WG Recommendations; Appendices A to E

4. Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan (File: 2520-16) Appendix A

=== WVPD ===

+ Survivor praises WVPD 's 'silent heroes'

West Vancouver couple salute victim services volunteers

Maria Spitale-Leisk / North Shore News August 23, 2015 12:00 AM

Jim Graham collapsed two metres across the U.S. border from a massive heart attack while his wife Barbara was sitting at home in Caulfeild, blissfully unaware that her husband was clinically dead....

...The next thing she remembers is Darren putting his arm around her for comfort Darren, a victim services volunteer with the West Vancouver Police Department, and a complete stranger to Barbara. ...

...Barbara came forward with the story to express how grateful she is to Darren and to highlight an invaluable “hidden service the WVPD provides.

It’s such a gift of comfort that we hope no one has to know about, but when tragedy does happen and they (victim services) turn up it is such a gift. And I salute them all. And they are silent heroes, said Barbara.

Shelley Ogilvie took over as WVPD Victim Services program manager from longtime co-ordinator Bunny Brown this past spring. Ogilvie spent 19 years working in victim services for the Edmonton police. ...

...Barbara and Jim, meanwhile, said they are overwhelmed with gratitude when they think of all the people that came together on both sides of the border to allow them many more years together.

I am forever indebted for the unselfish support offered during a very difficult time for us, especially my wife Barbi, and I salute and thank them all, said Jim.

See more: http://www.nsnews.com/news/survivor-praises-west-vancouver-police-s-silent-heroes-1.2038431

+ West Vancouver Police officers will celebrate the origins of Cops for Cancer

Sunday September 13th in a special fundraising event at Ambleside Park

Cst. Carla Rhodes and Cst. Brock Harrington will join 2015 WVPD Tour de Coast Riders Cst. Jeff Palmer and

Cst. Chris Lincoln at the WVPD Coho Festival Display, having their heads publicly shaved for donations to Cops for Cancer! The Cops for Cancer program originated in Edmonton in 1994 when Police Officers shaved their heads to support a young boy bullied over hair loss from cancer treatment.

Online Donations toward the 2015 WVPD Cops for Cancer Coho Festival Head Shave are being accepted now!$725 dollars pledged so far in support of our Coho Festival Head Shave! Secure online donations can be made anytime directly to the Canadian Cancer Society. Click on the Cops for Cancer Logo at www.wvpd.ca for links to donate.

Cst. Lincoln and Cst. Palmer are preparing to join 28 other Police officers and emergency services workers riding the Tour de Coast September 16 - 24th to help the Canadian Cancer Society in the fight against childhood cancers. Donations support paediatric cancer research and world-leading patient care, and support programs like Camp Good Times in Maple Ridge.

UPDATE Sept 15: Now it’s time to ride for kids facing a journey with Cancer! WVPD officers Cst. Jeff Palmer and Cst. Chris Lincoln begin the 2015 Cops for Cancer Tour de Coast Wed Sept 16th! They’ll be joined with 23 other police officers and emergency responders riding for nine days across the Lower Mainland, Sunshine Coast, Powell River, and Sea to Sky Corridor to raise awareness and funds for the fight against Paediatric Cancer. A successful Head-Shave’ event at the Coho Festival raised over $5100. WVPD 2015 Cops for Cancer has pledges and donations now totalling over $18,000 and are still fundraising. Cops for Cancer Tour de Coast visits West Vancouver September 21st. Online donations are still accepted at either http://convio.cancer.ca/goto/jeff_palmer or http://convio.cancer.ca/goto/chrislincoln

=== UPDATES & INFO ===

> CCL MTGS -- Dates and Times

- Do you prefer ccl mtgs start at 6pm? Let me, cclrs, staff know.

Almost all Ms meet at 7pm -- time to get home avoiding rush-hour and having dinner before going to M Hall. At this point there's a ccl mtg at 5:30 on Mon 26th with that amendment to be passed. At the Oct 5th mtg, I wondered if they were going to change the end to 9pm from 10pm, and if they'd consider a compromise of 6:30. I also asked that a citizen be permitted to rise on a Point of Order (eg if personally misquoted, misrepresented). Both taken "under advisement".


Oct 8, 2015 -- A good budget is a balanced plan of operations, and the District of WV has been recognized for excellence in creating that in 2015 by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).

The DWV’s 2015 budget has won the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award, the GFOA’s highest form of recognition in governmental budgeting.

To receive the award, a govt must “publish a budget document that meets program criteria as a policy document, as an operations guide, as a financial plan, and as a communications device.

The DWV’s budget devt process includes extensive public consultation in person and online. All citizens are encouraged to participate and comment on the 2016 budget as it is developed. Public meeting dates will be announced soon.

> Cycling BC -- news/updates -- Gran Fondo, etc


2015 Awards Ceremony [in Bby] On Saturday, October 3rd, join in celebrating 2015's BC Champions and Premier

Series winners at our annual awards ceremony. Get your tickets now, and don't forget to vote for clubs, athletes,

and coaches of the year! Details: http://cyclingbc.net/news/2015/09/02/2015-awards-ceremony/

and the latest news: http://us3.campaign archive2.com/u=05396696229a2e236eb99a8dd&id=b4ef2f6aba&e=f1cb9865a1

> Water restrictions ease Stage 2 in effect

With stage 2 restrictions, several water conservation measures are still in place

... Residential lawn sprinkling is allowed one day per week.

Even-numbered addresses Monday mornings 4 - 9am Odd-numbered addresses Thursday mornings 4 - 9am

Read More http://westvancouver.ca/news/water-restrictions-ease--stage-2-effect

UPDATE: Sept 21 -- to Stage One (more days but watering hours still in force)

Lawn Sprinkling Regulations Stage 1 in effect

Effective September 22, we're back to Stage 1 water restrictions. Lawn sprinkling is permitted at the following times:

Even-numbered addresses: Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday mornings, 4 - 9 a.m.

Odd-numbered addresses: Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday mornings, 4 - 9 a.m. Stage 1 details

> Biggest outage in BC Hydro's history (Aug 29 weekend) -- 750K homes !

> Sewell’s Landing Re-Development Open House Dates {from Chamber of Commerce Tuesday Sept 15}

Many of you have joined us for updates and open houses since we began this process in 2008. We are now entering the formal re-zoning stage. The District of WV will lead a series of open houses and a presentation. Please join us at one of the upcoming district-led open houses to learn about our plans for expanded marina parking, new commercial, and mixed residential housing devt. Our partners at Merrick Architecture and Westbank will be on hand to answer your questions and engage in our exciting proposal.

= Monday Sept 21st 4 – 7pm at Gleneagles Community Centre - 6262 Marine Dr

= Wednesday Sept 23rd -- Open House from 6pm, Presentation at 7pm at Gleneagles Community Centre

= Saturday Sept 26th noon – 3pm at Horseshoe Bay Boathouse - 6695 Nelson Ave., WV

Additional information can be found on the District of West Vancouver website: http://westvancouver.ca/sewells

Thank you! Megan Sewell General Manager Sewell’s Marina Ph. 921 3474

> 2015 Tax Sale -- 10am Sept 28

The following properties will be included in the Sale unless delinquent taxes, plus interest, are paid before that time:

1166 Mathers; 328 Moyne Drive; 1235 Ottaburn. For info, pls phone 925 7032.

List subject to change. Read More: http://westvancouver.ca/news/2015-tax-sale

> One-zone fare for all bus trips starts October 5

All TransLink bus trips will cost a one-zone fare, whether you travel one, two, or three zones. The new one-zone fare will apply to all buses, but not the Sea Bus or Skytrain.

Read More: http://westvancouver.ca/news/one-zone-fare-all-bus-trips-starts-october-

=== CALENDAR to ~Oct 28 ===

Mtgs at MHall unless otherwise indicated. Mtgs known at date of writing shown; often addns, changes, cancellations after WVM sent. Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/events. Some too late/early for an issue are emailed to subscribers. [Headsup/Notices sent between issues.]

NB: Look carefully when you're checking DWV's Calendar. It starts with Sunday whereas the ones I have start with Monday so weekend and Sunday at the end of the week!

{Note: Earlier mtgs appear in a Headsup}

=== Thursday September 17

~ 4:30pm ~ DESIGN REVIEW CMTE -- on the agenda: Item 5. Applications for Consideration

5.1 Park Royal North – 2nd appearance (File 15-062)

 Amendments to approved Development Permit No. 13-067

5.2 5616 Westport Place – 1st appearance (File 15-001)

5.3 Sewell’s Marina – 1st appearance (File 15-037)

Proposed comprehensive redevt of Sewell’s Marina with approx 170 residential units and 15,000sf of commercial floor space in six bldgs ranging in ht between two and ten storeys; marina to be retained

5.4 Onni Parcel 7 – 1st appearance (File 15-049)

 New application, with minor revisions, intended to replace expired Development Permit No. 07-058


=== Sunday September 27

BC Rivers Day - Outdoor Recreation Council of British ...

35th annual BC Rivers Day celebrated on September 27th 2015 ... This year's BC Rivers Day coincides with

World Rivers Day. Click here to find out more about ... orcbc.ca/pro_bcriversday.htm

=== Saturday October 3

PUMPKINFEST! Full Moon Harvest Dance ~ 7 - 11pm ~ Saturday October 3

WV Community Centre (2121 Marine Drive) Tickets: $35 Adults | $15 Kids (under 19)

A great annual West Vancouver family tradition returns this Saturday – get your tickets now for the Full Moon Harvest Dance to kick-off PumpkinFest 2015!

This year’s band is West Van’s own “Wednesday at Ernie’s – a 10-piece dance band playing all your favourites....

More info on the PumpkinFest Full Moon Harvest Dance and Auction


=== Thursday October 8

~ 7:30pm ~ WV Streamkeeper Society mtg, St Stephen's 885 - 22 St http://www.westvancouverstreamkeepers.ca

~ hope you all gave thanks during the long Thanksgiving Weekend October 10 - 12 ~

~~ ooo! the vortex! this part has been swallowed up and is somewhere in outer space! ~~


=== Tuesday October 20

~ 4:30pm ~ Finance Cmte Mtg

Item 4. Proposed “Fees and Charges Bylaw

THAT proposed "Fees and Charges Bylaw" be endorsed and that endorsement be conveyed to

Ccl in the Financial Controller’s report to Ccl for its Nov 3 regular meeting.

Item 5. Contracts Awarded: January to June 2015 October 6, 2015, be received for information.

Item 6. Fiscal Sustainability and 2016 Budget Presentation

=== Wednesday October 21 ~ 6:30pm ~ WV Memorial Library Board mtg at the Library

=== Thursday October 22 ~ 4:30pm ~ WV Police Board Mtg at the Police Station

=== Friday October 23 ~ 9am ~ Cmnty Grants Cmte at the WV Cmnty Ctr

=== Monday October 26 ~ 3:30pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte (agenda not yet on website)

=== Tuesday October 27 ~ 4pm ~ CEEP mtg

=== Wednesday October 28 ~ 10am ~ Public Art Adv Cmte Mtg at the Lawson Crk Studios, 1758 Lawson

+++ WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ 925 7400 See the Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/events/calendar/month

Let’s Talk -- Wednesdays ~ 7 - 8:30pm

Develop your English skills while discussing current events. Sept 9, 16, 23, and 30; Oct 7, 14, 21, and 28

English Corner -- Fridays ~ 10 - 11:30am

Enjoy English conversation while making new friends. Sept 11, 18, and 25; Oct 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30

~ Sept 9 Wednesday ~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ The Bank of Mom and Dad – Money, Parents and Grown Children

Derrick Penner, author of The Bank of Mom and Dad: Money, Parents, and Grown Children, will discuss the financial

issues that families are currently facing, and provide valuable suggestions for clear, honest communication.

~ Sept 12 Saturday ~ 2 - 4pm ~ Climate Change and the Ecology of Rocky Shores

Join expert marine ecologist Dr. Chris Harley for an interesting discussion on the ongoing effects of changing river flow, ocean warming, and ocean acidification on marine ecosystems in B.C., including the shorelines of Lighthouse Park.

= Democracy Café -- Join us for non-partisan community conversations about Canadian democracy.

Registration is encouraged and begins online at 8:30am on Wednesday September 9.

~ Mon Sept 21 ~ 7 - 9pm ~ Workshop 1

Civics 101 – How our Govt and Elections Work – What is govt?

Discuss the characteristics of the Canadian system of govt and democracy.

~ Mon Sept 28 ~ 7 - 9pm ~ Workshop 2

Democratic Values, Experiences, and Current Election Issues

Share your personal experiences and discuss current federal election issues.

= Democracy Cafe – Overcoming Voter Apathy

~ Oct 6 Tues ~ 7 - 9pm ~ A non-partisan discussion about participating in public life.

= Philosophers’ Cafe – The Role of Lobbyists in Political Policy-Making

Fri Oct 16 ~ 10:30am - noon Do lobbyists support or thwart the democratic process? How important is transparency about their activities and sponsors?

= Friday Night Concert – The High Bar Gang

Oct 23 Friday ~ 7:30 - 8:45pm ~ The High Bar Gang’s unique interpretation of gospel, bluegrass, and Appalachian folk songs is timeless music for modern times.

= Understanding Dementia

Oct 26 Mon ~ 10:30am – noon ~ Discover more about the impacts dementia has on individuals, caregivers, and families.

~~~ Thursday, October 22 – Sunday, November 22, Art Gallery = Celebrating 65 years ~~~

Take a journey through the decades and explore the dynamic and exciting history of your WV Memorial Library.

+++ WEST VAN MUSEUM +++ 925 7295 http://westvancouvermuseum.ca

West Vancouver Museum Extends Exhibition, Announces Series of Architect Talks

NEWS RELEASE Aug 31] Until Sept 19, please visit the exhibition during our extended opening hours (Tues through Sat, from 11am to 5pm) and be sure to join us for one or all of the following special programs. All events are free and everyone is welcome! Seating is limited on a first come basis. Stair access only to the room where presentations will be held.

"Inside Out" Architects' Talks:

Saturday Sept 12 from 2 to 4pm Tuesday Sept 15 from 6 to 8:30pm

Thursday Sept 17 from 6 to 8:30pm Saturday Sept 19 from 2 to 5pm

{ see more info: http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/events_programs/special_events }

> Finding a Voice: The Art of Norman Tait 

October 14 to December 5 ~~~ Opening Reception: October 13, 7 - 9 pm ~~~ Curators’ Talk: 2pm November 7

Imbued with a deep connection to his Nisga’a heritage and family, artist Norman Tait has utilized his artistic gifts and transcended the quotidian to create the extraordinary. Self-taught, this self-critical and highly engaged artist has researched and explored his Nation’s rich cultural heritage and forged a voice for himself that speaks through his myriad of sculptural and two dimensional works. This voice is driven by a passion to reinvent traditional narratives within a contemporary context and provide ways in which to connect his ancestral heritage to today’s fast paced and changing world. 

For three months this fall, the West Vancouver Museum is hosting an exhibition showing the extraordinary range of this gifted artist. Organized by the Nisga’a Museum, Finding a Voice: The Art of Norman Tait includes carvings (masks, bowls, spoons, and rattles), jewellery (earrings, bracelets, and pendants), prints, and photographs of major public art commissions. Most works in the exhibition were made after 1980, although some were created between 1970 and 1977.


+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY +++ www.ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290

~~~ September 8 - 27 -- "3 Kisses"

paintings, ceramics, & sculptures by Jytte Kiss, Peter Kiss, and Zoltan Kiss

Opening Reception: Sept 8 Tues 6 - 8pm Meet the Artists: Sept 12 Sat 2 - 3pm

~~~ October 1 - 18 -- Song of the Earth

Sculptured ceramics by renowned jewellery designer and artist Karl H. Stittgen

Opening Reception: Oct 1 Thurs 6 - 8pm Meet the Artist: Oct 2/3 Fri/Sat 12 - 2pm




Selected artists’ work will be scheduled for an exhibit at the FERRY BUILDING GALLERY in 2016

(You may be chosen for a group show or solo exhibit, depending on the jury’s decision)


  1. Must be a past or present resident of the North Shore, Bowen Island, Sunshine Coast ,or Sea to Sky Corridor

  2. Must not be exclusively represented by a commercial gallery in British Columbia

  3. (3) finished / gallery-ready pieces of artwork

  4. Portfolio with photographs of other works

  5. Short written concept or proposed theme of exhibition (optional)

  6. Curriculum vitae (Bio)

  7. $20.00 jury fee

All [media] accepted. Preference will be given to those who have not had a solo exhibition in the Ferry Building Gallery, Silk Purse Gallery, or WV Library in 2014 or 2015, and who have not shown in and of them in a Group Exhibition in 2015 (Harmony Arts exhibitions and themed exhibitions are exempt). We cannot accept large scale installations [owing] to size constraints.

Drop-Off: Sunday September 6th, 9 – 11am * no late entries accepted Pick-Up: 3 - 4pm same day

LOCATION: Music Hall, Cmnty Ctr (pls use underground parking) INFO: 925.7290 www.ferrybuildinggallery.com

~~~ October 20 - November 8 ~~~ "Jurors' Choice"

mixed media by 19 artists Opening Reception: 6 - 8pm Tue Oct 20 and Meet the Artists: 2 - 3pm Sat Oct 24.

More information: http://ferrybuildinggallery.com/exhibitions/upcoming_exhibition

+++ SILK PURSE +++ http://silkpurse.ca/exhibitions/ 925 7292

~~~ August 11 - 30 Maya Telford: Art of the Sacred Feminine

Acrylic painter Maya Telford celebrates the strength & sacredness of the feminine spirit through colourful & symbolic representations of female divinity from various cultures.

Opening reception: Tuesday August 11th from 6 - 8pm

~~~ September 1 - 20 Steve Rayner: For the Love of Animals

Artist Steve Rayner celebrates our love of animals, in particular those found in our own backyard; those that sustain us, those that we admire from a distance and those with whom we share our homes. Rayner will donate a percentage of sales to the BC SPCA in support of its mission to protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm, and wild animals in BC. Opening reception: Tuesday September 1st from 6 - 8pm

~~~ September 22 - November 1 ~~ The Dream Keeper: Hajni Yosifov

Painter Hajni Yosifov's recent body of work represents a conversation between stillness and passion. Rich layers of earthy colours brushed softly with metallic paints and graceful yet powerful brushstrokes convey a lyrical rhythm balanced by moments of calm softer colours and brushwork.

[See http://silkpurse.ca/event-1963817]

Opening reception: 6 - 8pm Tuesday September 22nd

+++ KAY MEEK CENTRE +++ http://www.kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar {see for all events}

Call 981 6335 (MEEK) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com

SEPT 18, 7:30pm The Lonely; a Tribute to Roy Orbison

SEPT 26, 8:30am TEDxWestVancouverEd

SEPT 26, 8:00pm Musette Explosion - Kay Meek Centre Cabaret Night

SEPT 29, 7:30pm FILM: What We Did on Our Holiday

OCT 2, 8pm KMC PRESENTS: Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!

OCT 3, 8pm KMC PRESENTS: Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!

OCT 6-9, 8pm KMC PRESENTS: Miss Caledonia

OCT 6, 6:30pm Lions Gate Sinfonia

OCT 10, 2pm KMC PRESENTS: Miss Caledonia

{c{check website}








+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, WV http://westvan60.com Ofc 922 3587 Lounge: 922 1920

Lounge Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday noon – 10pm; Friday & Saturday noon – 11pm; Sunday 1 – 7pm

Restoration done; Sept12th Mayor's BBQ sold out immediately!RUGBY WORLD CUP (RWC) ACTION:

Most days at 11:45pm and 3pm, followed by Match of the Day usually at 8pm

Saturday, September 26, is a very full day starting at 3pm with England v Wales in the Rugby World Cup, and followed by the Meat Draw and Byron’s Fish Dinner$20 for B.C.’s highest quality halibut or black cod, with a limit of 80 seats. Following is a DJ and Dancing so bring your requests and a partner.

Sept 27 ~~ 11:45 RWC: IRE v ROM Oct 1 ~~ 11:45 WAL v FIJ & 3:00 CAN v FRA

Oct 3 ~~ 11:45 SCO v RSA & 3:00 ENG v AUS ~~ 4:30 Meat Draw ~~

The 2015 RUGBY WORLD CUP draws to a close in October. Quarterfinals are Oct 17-18, Semifinals on Oct 24-25 and the final is 8:45AM on Oct. 31 when the lounge will be open.

Saturday, October 31 starts early with the Rugby World Cup FINAL match and based on demand the lounge will open at 8:30 for breakfast. The Meat Draw follows as usual and the branch ends the day with a Halloween dinner and Disco Party.

+ Friday Karaoke on Friday October 9 is very popular -- so come early to get a seat.

+ Friday Oct 16 is OKTOBERFEST! German music from The Bavarian Boys, and dinner will be a choice of bratwurst or handmade German “schweinshaxe (pork knuckle) with traditional German sides and beers. Tix are $15 at the bar.

+ Trivia Night continues on Wednesday, October 21 at 7pm. Prizes and fun!

+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com


> ALSO SOLD OUT >> TD Bank Group Luncheon “Global Market Update

The WV Chamber of Commerce and TD Commercial Banking invite you to attend this special luncheon. Please join us for this networking luncheon which will provide a unique opportunity to hear David Tulk's expert views on the economy.

~ 11:30am - 1:30pm ~ WEDNESDAY Sept 16 Capilano Golf & Country Club 420 Southborough Drive, WV

Registration: 11:30am - noon Lunch: noon - 12:30pm Presentation, Q & A: 12:30 - 1:30pm

Annual General Meeting & Members' Reception ~ Sept 30 Wednesday 5 - 7pm ~ AGM @ 5:30 SHARP!

Chamber mbrs: We hope you will join us at our AGM/Mbrs' Reception at the Grosvenor Ambleside Presentation Ctr. AGM BEGINS AT 5:30pm SHARP! Meet your new Board of Directors, hear the latest updates, network, and enjoy appetizers and a glass of wine. Generously sponsored by Grosvenor Americas.

RSVP your attendance (This is a members-only event). Phone our office 926 6614 or email info@westvanchamber.com. Not a member yet? Want to join? Visit our website: www.westvanchamber.com. Register or Learn More

More Chamber News/Events http://www.westvanchamber.co/page/email.aspx?queueid=E4376570-E244-4138-9C8F-9A19A45081

> Business after 5 with Guest Speaker Nina Leemhuis, CAO, District of West Van

Tuesday October 27 @ 5 - 6:30 pm

Business after 5 with Guest Speaker Nina Leemhuis, CAO, DWV at Caffe Al Mercato, 2215 Marine Drive

Our Competitive Identity: A Discussion with District of West Vancouver


{NB: The VSun has many events, theatre, talks, book launches, and more -- below are some http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/listings/ }

Bard on the Beach's 2016 Season

On the BMO Mainstage: The Merry Wives of Windsor, directed by Johnna Wright

Romeo and Juliet, directed by Kim Collier

On the Howard Family Stage: Othello, directed by Bob Frazer

Pericles, directed by Lois Anderson



+ Arts Club 687 1644 artsclub.com

- The Waiting Room; a moving musical collaboration between Spirit of the West's John Mann and playwright Morris Panych, draws on Mann's experience navigating life before and after his Alzheimer's diagnosis Oct 1 - 31

- Disgraced -- Canadian premiere of Ayad Akhtar's 2012 Pulitzer Prize-winning dinner-party play, exploring Islamophobia, intermarriage, and liberal stereotypes -- until Oct 18

+ Capilano University

Rocky Horror Show 604 990 7810 tickets.CapilanoU.ca until Oct 17

+ Presentation House, NV

High Tea ~ Tuesday - Sunday evening shows; Sunday matinees ~ September 24th - October 4th

England's well-loved comedy duo James and Jamesy (of 2 for Tea) bring you their new comedy. A friendship fused by a weekly tea party between two unlikely friends, High Tea is a story of finding freedom by trusting those you love. Bring a teacup. Call our Box Office for tickets at 990 3474 or click here!


+ Jericho Arts Ctr -- jerichoartscentre.com

A Doll's House, by Henrik Ibsen 8pm with 2pm matinees Oct 8 - 24

+ The Cultch 604 251 1363 thecultch.com

- Empire of the Son, Tetsuro Shigematsu tells the story of his relationship w/ his father; held over to Oct 24

- The Damage is Done, multidisciplinary performance w/ Gabor Mate on stage w/ Rita Bozi, 8pm Oct 20 - 24

+ York Theatre (run by the Cultch)

The Best-Laid Plans, based on Terry Fallis's novel, satirical story takes place in Ottawa in the run-up to a federal election 251 1263 touchstonetheatre.com -- until Oct 3

+ Firehall Arts Ctr

TITUS: The Light and Delightful Musical Comedy of Titus Andronicus -- Sept 10 - 20

Shakespeare's grizzliest {I think they mean grisliest :-)} play renewed into the giddiest musical, exploring why violence is so darn entertaining. TITUS is a dark struggle for power and revenge -- but why slit a throat when you can sing and dance right? 604 809 9260 vancouverfringe.com

{ got "Pick of the Fringe" so add'l performance 7pm Sun Sept 27 }

+ Studio 58 studio58.ca

Romeo + Juliet, set at Andy Warhol's Factory; stars two women 684 2787 Oct 1 - 18

+ PAL Theatre annapurnavancouver.ca Annapurna, Sharr White's meditation on love and loss Sept 26 - Oct 10



Oct 24 - Jan 10: Shooting the Sun / Splitting the Pie, an exhibition of works by Jerry Pethick

Several exhibitions -– Details, events: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/special_events.html

+ CAROUN ART GALLERY -- www.Caroun.net 1403 Bewicke Ave., NV 778 372 0765

You’re invited to visit the following exhibition by Caroun Art Gallery in October 2015.Previous exhibitions are posted on website at:http://www.caroun.com/CarounArtGallery/Exhibitions/00-Expositions.htmlCelebration of the 6 years art shows by Caroun Art Gallery (CAG) October 13 - 28, 12-8 pm (Tue-Sat)

A Group Exhibition by: Atefeh Safaei Nia, Bahman Doustdar, Darianaz Gharibani, Faranak Mohebbi,

Farhad Varasteh, Fatemeh Javadi, Fereshte Montaseri, Fereshteh Shahani, Homa Naeli, Iraj Roshani, Kaveh Rasouli, Leila Shokr Gozar, Leyla Mohammadi, Mina Iranpour, Saba Orouji, Sahar Seyedi,

Sara Hasani Nalosi, Shabnam Tolou, Torang Rahimi, Venus Arastoo Nejad, and Zohreh Hamraz

Call for Artists/Photographers 2015:

Caroun Art Gallery (CAG) has one group exhibition in each season of 2015. Each artist could send two works.

For more info, please check CAG website. website: www.Caroun.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/376725969126359/


Arctic Adaptations: Nunavut at 15 -- Thursday, October 8, 2015 to Sunday Dec 18

This exhibition marks the 15th anniversary of the founding of Canada’s newest territory,

Nunavut, in 1999, and its rapid rise.


The City Before the City; Connects visitors with one of the largest ancient village and burial sites upon which Vancouver was built 604 822 5087 moa.ubc.ca



Rigoletto! The opening production of Vancouver Opera's 2015-2016 season, Rigoletto. One of Verdi's great masterpieces, this classic opera features the return of sensational soprano Simone Osborne (The Magic Flute, Roméo et Juliette) and baritone Gordon Hawkins (Tosca). Conducted by Jonathan Darlington and directed by Nancy Hermiston. Sept. 26, Oct 1, 3, 4m. Queen Elizabeth Theatre

In Italian with English SURTITLES Evening performances 7:30pm | Matinee performance 2pm
Call the VO Ticket Centre at 604 683 0222

+ City Opera Auditions / 19 & 20 September

for our Mozart mainstage, and for our year-round concerts, are being held Sat and Sun, 10am to 5pm,

Sept 19 and 20, at Tom Lee Music Hall. Auditions Manager Caroline Wiese is accepting appointments online.

The VSO's 2015/16 Opening Night!

The VSO's 97th Season opens with one of the world's finest violinists, Miriam Fried, performing perhaps the greatest of works for violin, Beethoven's extraordinary Violin Concerto. And in a special collaboration with the Vancouver Biennale, the orchestra performs the world premiere of a new work by JUNO® Award-winning Canadian composer Vivian Fung. Saturday & Monday, September 26 & 28, 8pm, Orpheum

+ EARLY MUSIC VANCOUVER 732 1610 earlymusic.bc.ca

Tickets for tickets for Friday's performance featuring J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos played by the Pacific Baroque Orchestra are almost sold out - the few remaining tickets will likely be gone before Friday, so purchase now if you want to be sure to get in! If you have any friends in Kelowna you can let them know that the orchestra will be performing there as well on Thursday night as part of the Kelowna Concert Association's annual series.

David Gordon Duke of the Vancouver Sun has written a preview article/interview with music director Alexander Weimann entitled "Coming back with Bach's Brandenburg Concertos". You can read it here:


* WRITERS / Arts Alliance



> Help jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi be heard.

We'll soon be wrapping up our crowdfunding campaign to bring Ensaf Haidar (wife of the jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi) to the Writers Fest next month. if you haven't already given, please consider donating today. Help make Raif's voice heard despite the Saudi Arabian government's attempts to silence him.

You can help the campaign go viral-donations of any size are welcomed. Click here, https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/811vgd/ab/e54kg4.

Volunteer registration is now open!

Prospective volunteers should check out the volunteer pages, https://www.writersfest.bc.ca/get-involved/volunteers, of our Festival website and register through My Volunteer Page here,


> Featured Event -- Meet the Authors!

Join us at Chapters Granville Street for chance to meet 2015 Vancouver Writers Fest authors Jordan Abel, Darren Groth, Irina Kovalyova, Susin Neilsen, Carellin Brooks and Sheryda Warrener.

Chapters Granville Street; 7 – 9pm Tuesday September 15 Join us for refreshments and get your books signed.

Novelist Ashley Little Named Vancouver Public Library's Writer in Residence September 03, 2015

Award-winning novelist Ashley Little will mentor and support emerging writers at Vancouver Public Library this fall as part of the writer in residence program....

...As the library's writer in residence, Little will spend 25 per cent of her time facilitating workshops and mentoring and supporting emerging writers. The rest of her time will be focused on researching and writing a historical fiction novel about BC’s leper colony, D’Arcy Island, which operated between 1891 and 1924....

...Emerging writers who would like a one-on-one consultation with VPL’s writer in residence must apply to be considered. Details on sessions and submission requirements are at bit.ly/vplwriter2015.

See: http://www.allianceforarts.com/blog/2015/9/3/novelist-ashley-little-named-vancouver-public-librarys-writer-in-residence?mc_cid=066aef89a4&mc_eid=ba95fa4378



Volunteer registration is now open! Prospective volunteers should check out the volunteer pages, https://www.writersfest.bc.ca/get-involved/volunteers, of our Festival website and register through My Volunteer Page here, https://app.volunteer2.com/Public/SignUp?organizationGUID=5c4eca8b-95ae-4e41-99a5-6a0e5843faa8&signupFormId=1.

> Luxury Supercar Weekend - September 12th & 13th, 2015 ... luxurysupercar.com/

Canadian Concours d'Elegance. 2015 Concours Classes · Partners & Members · Press & Media · Watch Videos · Buy Tickets. Luxury and Supercar Weekend

> 5th Annual Artists for Conservation Festival

Art and environmental education festival features a world-class conservation-themed art exhibit and Expo, live music, films, guest lectures, workshops, live painting demos, music, and cultural performances. Grouse Mountain festivalartistsforconservation.org

> UBC Botanical Garden Apple Festival -- 11am - 4pm -- October 17 and 18

$4 entry; cash only (Chn 12 yrs and under free) NB: no dogs permitted on grounds (except working service animals)

See: http://www.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/apple-festival/

Apple Festival 2015 list of apples available for sale

Apple Festival 2015 list of apples trees available for sale

Apple Festival 2015 list of apples available for tasting in the Tasting Tent


Friday September 11th

Climate Change Past, Present, & Future using Lighthouse Park as our class room.

A field trip for Elder University (Rambling Programme)

Trip leader: David Cook Registration: Required. Call 604-984-4901 and quote Course No. 93124.

Meeting place & time: Lighthouse Park parking lot at 10am. Duration: Approximately 2 hours.

Description: David will outline what we know about vegetation and climate changes in our area since the ice left the area 12,000 years ago. These changes are illustrated today as we walk north from the coastal bluff to forested habitats in Lighthouse Park. With knowledge of what happened with certain plant species in the past as the climate changed, we will speculate on future changes. Contact David at cookeco2@yahoo.com or 924 0147 for further info.

+ Thursday September 17

Botany at Botanie. A slide presentation ~ 7:30pm ~ A free public event for the Botany Section of Nature Vancouver

Presenters: Bengul Kurtar, Bill Kinkaid, and others

Meeting location: Unitarian Centre, 949 West 49th Avenue (at Oak Street), Vancouver

Description: Botanie Valley, near the confluence of the Fraser and Thompson Rivers north of Lytton, offers an amazing show of wildflowers in spring and early summer each year. This June, Nature Vancouver members, led by Nellie Bacou and Teresa Gagné, spent a weekend exploring the area, from the near-desert of the Thompson/Fraser valley bottom all the way up to subalpine meadows and forests. In this program we will share some photos of the botanical and other delights from that weekend.

+ Saturday September 19

Native plants on campus. Part of the Walks of Wonder series. ~ 10:15am ~

An interpretive walk jointly for Nature Vancouver and the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC.

Trip leader: David Cook, Biologist.

Meeting location: Beaty Biodiversity Museum, 2212 Main Mall, UBC Campus (beneath the whale).

Meeting time & duration of walk: 10:15am; 2 hours 15 minutes.

Walk description: We will walk to locations on campus where native plants can be seen in their natural setting. You will learn about the ecological roles played by each species.

Cost: For rates refer to website at www.beatymuseum.ubc.ca.

Registration: Please register in advance by calling the Admission Desk (604 827 4955)

- See more at: http://www.beatymuseum.ubc.ca/walks-wonder#sthash.Lr8dhGEk.dpuf.

If you are a member of Nature Vancouver you can receive a 10% discount on an annual membership to Beaty Biodiversity Museum but must show your Nature Vancouver membership card at the Admission Desk to receive the discount.

Info about mbrshp rates and benefits can be found online at: (http://www.beatymuseum.ubc.ca/join) or call 604 827 4955

+ Thursday September 24

Indian Arm: Natural history and human history. ~ 7pm ~

A free public talk for the Parkgate Library, District of NV. Speaker: David Cook.

Meeting location: The Parkgate Library (3675 Banff Court) is opposite the Parkgate Cmnty Ctr and adjacent to the Parkgate Village Shopping Ctr at the corner of the Mt Seymour Parkway and Seymour Road which is the access road to Mount Seymour Provincial Park.

Registration required: Call 604 929 3727.

Description of talk: Join Biologist/Geologist David Cook for an illustrated journey into the natural history and cultural history of Indian Arm, the land of the Serpent for the Tsleil Waututh First Nation and the southernmost fjord on the west side of the North American mainland. Hear about First Nation pictographs, waterfalls cascading from glacial hanging valleys, old-growth forests, and the productive estuary of the Indian River, the site of several salmon runs each year which draws Bald Eagles and harbour seals in great numbers.

+ Thursday October 15

Australian Star Mountains Expedition: 50th Anniversary Commemoration Lecture.

A talk for Botany Section of Nature Vancouver. Speaker: David Cook.

Meeting time & location: 7:30pm. Unitarian Centre, 949 West 49th Avenue (at Oak Street), Vancouver.

Description of talk: An account of discovery, adventure, and strife during the 85-day Australian Star Mountains Expedition in 1965. The Star Mountains, a bleak and perpetually cloud-covered range sitting on a limestone plateau of far western Papua New Guinea, reach an elevation of 3900 metres. Explorer David Cook, accompanied by four fellow Europeans and 12 indigenous carriers, completed the first exploration of this sparsely inhabited area; the last large unexplored area in Papua New Guinea. While the talk focuses on the natural history, geology, and ethnobotany of the region, it is also a tale of survival in hostile and unknown territory.

+ Sunday October 25

Fascinating fungi: Sunday afternoon in the Conservation Area at Maplewood Flats.

A free public nature walk for Wild Bird Trust of British Columbia.

Walk leader and Interpreter: David Cook. Time and duration: 1:30 to 3:30 pm.

Location: Conservation Area at Maplewood Flats, 2645 Dollarton Hwy, NV (two kms east of the Second Narrows Bridge). Conservation Area site office Telephone: 604 903 4471.

Description of event: Learn about the role of fungi in our forests and how to safely identify them.

For further info, particularly about how to find the Conservation Area site ofc,

contact David at 924-0147 or cookeco2@yahoo.com.

>> TALKS!!!

o THE HISTORY OF WOMEN IN THE RCMP ~~~ 7pm Tuesday September 15Historian and former RCMP officer, Bonnie Reilly Schmidt, launches her new book, Silenced: The Untold Story of the Fight for Equality in the RCMP. Book Warehouse on Main Street, 4118 Main ST. More information andrea@caitlin-press.com.

o SPOKEN INK READING SERIESFeatures poets Bren Simmers and Raoul Fernandes. Tuesday, September 15 at 8:00pm. La Fontana Caffe, 101-3701 East Hastings Street, Burnaby. More information at harbourpublishing.com.


Book of Negros author Lawrence Hill talks to CBC's Margaret Gallagher about transforming his best-selling novel into a major television series. Thurs Sept 17 at 7pm. Goldcorps Centre for the Arts, 149 W. Hastings St. hapapalooza.com

New Public Lecture

Planning for Peak Car: International Evidence of How Urban Devt is Moving Beyond Auto Dependence

Date: September 22 ~ 7 pm Venue: Room 1400, SFU Harbour Centre, 515 W. Hastings St., Vancouver

Admission: Free, but reservations are required. Reserve

This presentation provides an overview of comparative urban transportation characteristics and related patterns in over 40 cities worldwide. It provides an insight into how these characteristics changed in the important decade between 1995 and 2005 when peak car use first appeared. The talk examines the phenomenon of peak car use at a national and urban level and looks at some of the reasons that lie behind it. More details/registrations.

Speaker: Jeff Kenworthy, Professor in Sustainable Cities, Curtin University, Perth Western Australia and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany

This event is part of the SFU Urban Studies program's Moving the City lecture series.

+ BLUE DOT ECONOMICS: Rethinking Economics for Healthy Environment

with David Suzuki, Peter Victor, and special guests canussee2015.org Vogue Theatre, 7pm October 1st

+ ALLIANCE NEWS -- BC's arts, cultural, and heritage sector http://us5.campaign-archive2.com/?u=495e623bb87f8734e49e51807&id=c95cb1d4ca&e=ba95fa4378

+ BOOK NEWS (rec'd Oct 15 but some events even tonight!)

Here are some, for the rest, click: http://writersfest.bc.ca/newsletter/latest?mc_cid=4137cf5de7&mc_eid=ba95fa4378


Annual event brings together Cdn and int'l authors for a weekend packed with readings, workshops, speaker panels, spoken word events, and music. October 16 - 18. Fairmont Chateau Whistler. More info at whistlerwritersfest.com.


Hosted by UBC's Language and Literacy Education Department (LLED) Alumni and sponsored by the Vancouver Children's Literature Roundtable (VCLR), this Alice-in-Wonderland-themed celebration will benefit a local school library in Vancouver. Saturday, October 17 at 12:00 noon. Sage Bistro, UBC. Tix and info at http://blogs.ubc.ca/alice150/.

>>> HEADSUP SECTION 9.5A - O <<<

=== HEADSUP 2015-9.5A: Traffic Info; Weekend, Events, etc

Saturday ... ever in haste

-- this was supposed to go out last night but Jesus Christ Superstar won an unusual quasi-professional production (I missed some, but G knows all the words :-)


at the beginning is a traffic bulletin (my red bolding) re LGB and Queens & 21st St, then so much going on (listed Aug 22 - 25, just in case WVM10 not out yet!). Am sure you all know the PNE started today!

QTP end (moved to end of newsletter)


Aug 20, 2015 -- Work taking place on the Lions’ Gate Bridge has significantly impacted traffic across the North Shore and downtown. Some confusing information has been reported in the media. Here's what you need to know:

The “Speed Bump on the south end of the Lions’ Gate Bridge

The metal plates installed on the south end of the Lions’ Gate Bridge have had an impact on motorists, including buses. Ministry staff have identified a solution to reduce the impact to motorists, and will [modify] the cover over the area so that vehicles will have a longer and smoother transition over the bump.

The work will be done over two nights beginning Thursday.

North Vancouver buses re-routed, West Vancouver buses continue to use the Lions’ Gate Bridge

There have been reports in the media of all TransLink buses being re-routed to the Seabus.

In fact, only North Vancouver buses are being re-routed.

The following West Vancouver routes will continue to go over the Lions' Gate Bridge:

250 & 250A

257 and 253, 254 during rush hour

Please note that bus schedule may be affected by traffic delays.

Lions’ Gate Bridge north approach viaduct repaving

Repaving of the north approach viaduct has been scheduled for some time, but has been delayed [owing] to weather conditions. Because the weather forecast for this weekend is favourable, the Ministry will proceed with paving work. The revised schedule is as follows:

Friday, August 21 from 8pm to 8am

Saturday, August 22 from 8pm to 8am

Sunday, August 23 from 12am to 3pm

In the event of a significant last-minute change in weather, some work may need to be deferred and rescheduled. If this occurs, additional notice will be provided.

In West Vancouver, Queens Avenue and 21st Street closed for paving today and tomorrow

The intersection of 21st Street and Queens Avenue will be completely closed today, August 20 at 7:30 a.m. until August 21 at 9:00 p.m.

Detours will be in effect during each closure, and traffic control staff will be on site. Access for emergency vehicles will be permitted, but an alternate route is advised if possible.

Next week, the intersection of 22nd Street and Queens Ave will be completely closed from August 27 at 7:30am until August 28 at 9:00pm for paving.

NB: fyi, we tried to enter the Upper Levels Hwy at 21st and couldn’t.

+ SATURDAY August 22 :-( {sorry}

- Tenth Annual Historic Downtown Abbotsford Car Show ~ 9am - 3pm ~ downtownabbotsford.com

- Greater Vancouver Zoo’s 45th Anniversary Celebration; Aldergrove ~ 10am - 3pm ~ tel 856 6825 gvzoo.com

- Scottish Afternoon Tea ~ 1 - 2:30pm ~

Enjoy farm-baked scones and Scottish shortbread served with a pot of tea and a little Stewart family history, then explore the 1890s’ farmhouse and grounds with a costumed guide. 604 592 6956 surrey.ca/heritage

- Architectural Tour of the Central Library ~ 2 - 3pm ~ 604 331 3603 vpl.ca/events

+ SATURDAY/SUNDAY August 22/23 (as well 29/30) ~ 11am - 1pm ~

An easy stroll to identify wild edibles, followed by a wild light lunch, and native herbal tea.

Lynn Headwaters, BC Mills House, NV swallowtail.ca

+ SUNDAY August 23

7th Annual Garlic Festival, Terra Nova Rural Park, Rmd ~ 10am - 4pm ~

including live entertainment, cooking demos, and more. sharingfarm.ca

+ MONDAY August 24

- VSO -- Single Tickets On-Sale Monday August 24th at 10am!

Set your calendars: on Aug 24th, you can buy single tickets to any of the VSO's performances in the 2015/2016 season. You can purchase tickets online, call VSO Customer Service at 604.876.3434, or visit the Box Office in person. The VSO's 97th Season features performances by celebrated guest artists, including the legendary Itzhak Perlman,

Sarah Chang, James Ehnes, Nicola Benedetti, Chris Hadfield, and even Bugs Bunny! We hope you join us for the new season and look forward to seeing you in the concert hall soon!


~ 7:30pm ~ Louise Penny in conversation with Hal Wake about her new novel, The Nature of the Beast.

Vancouver Playhouse writersfest.bc.ca/events/louise-penny

- BARD ON THE BEACH ~ 2pm and 7:30pm ~ Opera and Arias: Gilbert & Sullivan

Christopher Gaze hosts this in-concert performance showcasing the UBC Opera Ensemble with

instrumental accompaniment by mbrs of the Vancouver Opera Orchestra bardonthebeach.org

+ TUESDAY August 25

- Diner en Blanc vancouver.dinerenblanc.info

- Stanley Park Summer Cinema, Second Beach, FREE freshaircinema.ca/summercinema/index.html

=== HEADSUP 2015-9.5B: Fire Ban Lifted; Bard; Books; Weekend

How confusing a weekend -- AND four things we were to go to on Saturday (afternoon/evening) cancelled; power out

just as the news confusingly reported buses were not going over the LGB (and it was only the NV buses that weren’t), on Saturday they said Stanley Park was closed down. Fortunately when we wanted to go over, the Causeway was still open.

PNE announcements were that it was closed, and then it was open.

Bard soldiered on.

Sunday heard 300,000 without power.Today heard 500K were without power and the Grouse Grind was closed.

{Update: reported that 710K households lost power!}

Oh well, we all agree we needed the rain.

and apparently it means the Labour Day long weekend will be sunny!

Rushing out some info: Fire ban lifted; Bard; (e)Books; Taste of Dundarave; Weekend; QTP

was just sent this:

We the rain!

Campfire ban has ended in Metro Vancouver and BC Coastal areas: http://ow.ly/Rwj7E

by CARRIE LESLIE in OUTSIDE on August 28, 2015

It was announced at noon this afternoon that the campfire ban that has been in place for the South Coast of BC since June 27th has officially been lifted by the provincial government.

Starting on August 28th, the following activities will be allowed: Campfires, no larger than half a metre high

Open fires in outdoor stoves

If you are planning on having a campfire, you must make sure that you have a hand tool (such as a shovel) or at least eight litres of water available to fully extinguish the fire. Never leave a campfire unattended and make sure that the ashes are completely cool before leaving the area.

Despite the lift of the ban, you are still not able to: Burn stubble or grass up to 0.2 hectares

Light fireworks, sky lanterns, or burning barrels

The fire ban has been lifted in most areas of Coastal BC, including Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island, Whistler, Pemberton, and more. Full details (and a map of the area where the restriction has been lifted) on the BC Wildfire Service website:




Family day Sunday Aug 30; Gilbert & Sullivan Aug 31; Love’s Labour’s Lost was almost completely sold out for the whole run so now performances have been added Sept 10 and 17 (Thursdays).

Here it is: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?ca=94733bc9-5755-487d-a118-a68e071cf24c


Just received this on twitter so went to website it’s great!

from our Library: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13yasGNtMRI&feature=youtu.be

Ebooks Everywhere - Johnny Cash Parody Published on Aug 25, 2015A fun cover of Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere" about reading Ebooks. Performed by West Vancouver Memorial Library staff.


I like books and fyi, had got this fun video in May

Chilliwack used book store parody video goes viral: http://www.chilliwacktmes.com/news/304751771.html


Taste of Dundarave Thursday Sept 10 -- TIX NOW ON SALE

From 24th to 25th Street, along Marine Dr, participating businesses will offer a variety of appetizers, drinks, give-aways, special discounts, or coupons. Ticket holders go door-to-door, present their ticket/passport, which will be stamped, and receive a sample. When you fill out your passport with 20+ stamps, you can enter a draw for a gift basket!

Mbrs and Non-Mbrs = $20; Chn under 12 = $5

TIX: Limelight Floral Design (2451 Marine), Red Horses Gallery (2460-C Marine), RBC Royal Bank (2403 Marine)

WV Chamber office 2235 Marine / online www.westvanchamber.com


August 27 - 30 = 28th Annual Wooden Boat Festival, Granville Island vancouverwoodenboat.com

August 28 - 30 = Lower Lonsdale Waterfront Walking Tours, FREE, nvma.ca

August 29 = Beer Gardening in Chilliwack, mintergardens.com

= Orpheum Theatre Tour, bcentertainmenthalloffame.com

= Ein Liederabend, operaopulenza.ca

August 29 - 30 = Swallow Tail: Wild Edibles Tour, Lynn Headwaters, swallowtail.ca

August 30 = St Roch Sunday, vancouvermaritimemuseum.com

= Pink Salmon Festival, Vanier Park, FREE, psf.ca/event/pink-slmon-festival

= Birds of a Feather: Hot Weather, Cool Birds, stanleyparkecology.ca

= Deep Cove Daze Festival, NV, musart.ca

= A Modern Fairy Tale, metrotheatre.com

=== HEADSUP 2015-9.5C: WV Cmte Mtgs Today Tomorrow Thursday

whoops! this week’s WV cmte mtgs dropped off somehow, and there’s one this afternoon (Finance), and one each Wed (CEC Terms of Ref SubCmte) and Thurs (Awards). Mtg times with agenda items below.

Remember you can attend these mtgs!




AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/Committees-Groups/Committees/Finance/Agendas/150901_-_AGENDA_-_FINANCE_COMMITTEE.pdf


CMNTY ENGAGEMT CMTE: Terms of Reference SubCMTE MTG -- 8:30 - 11:30am Sept 2

AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/Committees-Groups/Committees/Community-Engagement/2015/2015%2009%2002%20CEC%20TOR%20SUBCOMMITTEE%20MEETING.pdf


AWARDS COMMITTEE MEETING -- 7 - 9pm Sept 3 -- Lawson Crk Studios, 1758 Argyle Ave

AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/Committees-Groups/Committees/Awards-Committee/2015/Awards_September_3_2015_Agenda.pdf


> FINANCE CMTE (4:30pm Tues Sept 1)

4. Proposed "Police Services and Municipal Hall Project Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 4845, 2015

5. Proposed � Permissive Tax Exemptions Bylaw No. 4846, 2015

a) RECOMMENDED THAT the proposed Bylaw be endorsed and that endorsement be conveyed to Ccl in the Acting Dep CFO’s report to Council for its September 28, regular meeting.

b) RECOMMENDED THAT the memo titled “Permissive Tax Exemptions and Seniors’ Housing, dated September 1, 2015, be received for information.

6. District Investments – Current Credit Conditions

> CMNTY ENGAGEMENT CMTE: Terms of Reference SubCMTE (8:30am Wed Sept 2)

4. Reports/Items

4.1. Cont'd Discussion of Proposed Amendments to the Working Grp Guidelines and CEC Terms of Reference.

> AWARDS CMTE (7pm Wed Sept 3) at Lawson Crk Studios (1758 Argyle) 7. Criteria/rating sheet 8. Work Plan

=== HEADSUP 2015-9.5D: Water, Power, CultureWatch; QTP

Wednesday September 2

still recovering; power nearly all back at one point 700K without!

Snow reported at Whistler! They even thought we might have hail at some point today!

Updates and some things on now..

> UPDATES Water and Power

= Water shortage and restrictions continue into autumn Aug 27, 2015

Find out how we’re doing as a community, and how back-to-school will affect our conservation efforts.Read More

Summer’s almost over. In previous years, that would have meant water restrictions are too, but this is an exceptional year. Water restrictions could easily continue into November. How are we doing as a cmnty?Comparing water consumption from June to July shows us that West Vancouver has reduced consumption by an average of 12.8% so far.

Municipal parks and facilities reduced consumption by 16.5%

Single-family homes reduced consumption by 8.2%

Multi-family homes reduced consumption by 24.8%

Interestingly, commercial properties, including healthcare, have reduced by 31.4%, and their operations are not significantly affected by Stage 3 restrictions. If we go to Stage 4, commercial operations will be significantly affected.

Stage 3 restrictions are largely designed to reduce residential water use. When you take into consideration that single family homes use more than 75% of our community’s water, and commercial, multi family, schools, health care and municipal all added together use the other 25%, you can see why it’s the efforts of our residents that really count. []

Changes coming in September

Water restrictions will remain in place for many weeks, so we need to make some choices about how we manage the water we use.

As we move into September, West Vancouver needs to open the sport fields for use, including Rutledge Field. This means watering them. However, Rutledge Field will only be partially open with a priority on league games, and we’ll still be conserving water compared to a full opening.

In exchange for reducing this voluntary water conservation measure, we are introducing another voluntary measure. In September, once the students are back in school, the water parks at John Lawson and Ambleside will be closed on weekdays, but will remain open on weekends, from noon to 6 p.m.

Did you know...? A sport field is not the same as a lawn

More info and answers at: http://westvancouver.ca/news/water-shortage-and-restrictions-continue-autumn


Update: Monday August 31, 9:23am: All District online services have been restored

Update: Monday, August 31, 6:30am: a second power outage [occurred] on Sunday night.

We hope to have online services back up and running by 9 a.m. Check back for details.

Update: Saturday, August 29 Power has been restored the MunicipalHall and West Vancouver's municipal services are expected to be back online by 9 p.m.

The power outages across the lower mainland as a result of the windstorm affected West Vancouver's municipal services. The following services were unavailable due to loss of power:

District email and phone lines

Online permit applications and MyDistrict

WebReg recreation registration

Library services

BC Hydro crews are working to restore power, but are unable to post schedules for service restoration because their website is down. Crews are working through the night to reach all customers.

Please do not call 911 to report a power outage. Call 911 only if you need help from police/fire/ambulance.

The weather system is not over yet. Please exercise caution when travelling and stay off the roads if possible.

BC Hydro Power outages list https://www.bchydro.com/outages/orsTableView.jsp



International Arts Conference Comes to Vancouver

This year's Western Arts Alliance Annual Conference takes place Aug 31 - Sept 3 at The Westin Bayshore Hotel.


= September 3 Thursday


Dear Microcosmos friends,

After four intense days of rehearsal we are very excited about our inaugural Kessler Academy concert in Pyatt Hall at the VSO School of Music tomorrow evening. The 18 participants, ranging in age from 15 to 30 and comprising high-school and university students and young professionals, will join is in a performance of string orchestra masterworks by four 20th century composers: Igor Stravinsky, Béla Bartók, Arvo Pärt and Osvaldo Golijov. Please join us in the intimate setting and beautiful acoustics of Pyatt Hall for this unique experience.

The concert is presented by Music on Main; tickets and further information are available at:


We hope to see you tomorrow!

Marc, Andrea, Tawnya, Becky microcosmosquartet.com kessleracademy.com

= September 5 Saturday

WORLD POETRY VANCOUVER ~ 1 - 3pm ~ . Britannia Branch, VPL, 1661 Napier St., Vancouver

Presents Embracing Interconnectivity: Nature & the World. Hosts Wanda Kehewin and Elaine Woo. Features local writers

Anita Aguirre-Nieveras, Christine Leclerc, Grace Woo, Isaac Yuen, Jonina Kirton, Joanne Arnott, Nasreen Pejvak,

Synne Kune Loh, and Rita Wong.

=== HEADSUP 2015-9.5E: the loooong weekend! & Sept 14 Ccl Agenda + Mtgs, etc

2015 September 3

child lying on beach / face down in the sand / his future drowned in the sea

{re WVM-- oh moan; started THURSDAY September 3rd to send out to you}

the long weekend a lot on!

but first Ccl’s agenda Sept 14 followed by DWV Cmte mtgs then other activities/events plus a cartoon and puns.

= Ccl Mtg AGENDA Sept 14

GOOD NEWS! and Bad News

The Sept 14 ccl agendas are already on the DWV website.

My guess is the 6pm start is one of the changes but the document (with amendments), as far as I can tell, will not be made public until Sept 25 for approval at the Oct 5 ccl mtg.

See: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2015/sep/14/15sep14%20-%20agenda2.pdf

ITEMS: 2015 Mid-Year Review: Information report.

Notice of Intent to Consider Proposed Amendmts to Ccl Procedure Bylaw: Consideration to give public notice

Proposed "Police Services and M Hall Project Loan Authorization Bylaw": Consideration of three readings, debt repayment authorization, and adjustment of the Endowment Fund threshold.

Proposed "Local Service Tax Bylaw 4844, 2015": Consideration of three readings.

Proposed "Youth Activity Fund Expenditure Bylaw 4843, 2015": Consideration of three readings.

Amendment to 2015 Council Meeting Schedule: Consideration of cancelling the October 19, 2015 meeting; scheduling a sp ccl mtg for Oct 26 (5pm); changing the start time for the reg Ccl mtg on Oct 26. #G

Horseshoe Bay Streetscape Study: Status Report No. 1: Information report.

Proposed Redevelopment of Sewell's Marina - Fall Public Consultation: Information report.



SEP 8, 2015 - 4:00 PM TO 7:00 PM AT THE LIBRARY

- WEDNESDAY ~ PUBLIC ART ADV CMTE MTG ~ Sep 9 ~ 10 - 11:30am ~ Lawson Creek Studios, 1758 Argyle


4. Reports/Items

4.1. Proposed Amendmts to the WG Guidelines and CEC Terms of Reference.

- THURSDAY ~ GLENEAGLES CMNTY CTR ADV CMTE MTG ~ Sep 10 ~ 7 - 9pm in Cypress Corner West, GCC


+ Fact Not Fiction Reading Circle Sept 2

6:30 - 8pm September’s topic is Canada’s Aboriginal peoples; vpl.ca/events

+ 5th Annual Crescent Beach Concours d’Elegance


September 5 Saturday 10am - 3pm > Blackie Spit Park http://crescentbeachconcours.com

Crescent Beach Concours d'Elegance crescentbeachconcours.com/about.htm

Saturday, September 5 ~ 10am to 3pm. Blackie Spit Park at Crescent Beach.

Crescent Beach Concours d'elegance. About the event. After eight ...

+ SummerFest 2015 Sept 4 - 6

Highlights include Feel Good Fridays, Dance Saturdays, and Concert Series Sundays

Lonsdale Quay Market’s outdoor plaza 604 985 2191 lonsdalequay.com/events.php

+ LPPS Monthly Bird Count Sept 6 at 8:30am

Everyone welcome. Meet at the upper kiosk of the parking lot in Lighthouse Pk on the first Sunday of the month

Call Suann at 926 9094 for more information


+ Polish Festival Vancouver (in Lynn Valley) Sept 6 and 7

~ 1 - 5pm ~ Celebrate two days of Polish culture and food -- Lynn Valley Village 604 760 9043 belweder.org

+ Music in the Park: Cleveland Dam Sept 7 ~ noon to 5pm

Bring a picnic and enjoy live music, art demonstrations, and an outdoor art gallery

Capilano River Regional Park 604 432 6359 metrovancouver.org

+ Museum of Vancouver -- Sept 7 ~ Last day of Stefan Sagmeister: The Happy Show museumofvancouver.ca

+ VAG: [This exhibition ends] Sept 7

Geoffrey Farmer: How Do I Fit this Ghost in My Mouth? vancouverartgallery.ca

+ THE SECOND ANNUAL NIP/TUCK CLASSIC En Blanc ~ 5pm ~ Thursday Sept 10

Lawn Bowling event in support of Lions’ Gate Hospital WV Lawn Bowling Club

$260 for a foursome lghfoundation.com/events/niptuck-classic

+ Catch & Cook Crabbing Tour Aug 29, Sept 5, Sept 12

Learn where to catch BC Dungeness crab and how to prepare your catch. Includes a crab lunch.

Jericho Beach, meet on the dock in front of the sailing centre. $119 swallowtail.ca

=== HEADSUP 2015-9.5F: Milestone for our Queen, Sept 9

No surprise that the Royal City will celebrate the long reign of HM Queen Elizabeth (details just below).

Do hope WV will recognize this milestone in some way. Did read somewhere that this celebration is being downplayed and more will be done for HM’s 90th birthday, 2016 Apr 21. It’s not too late though to recognize long years of service.

(btw, Prince Philip turned 94 on June 10.)

Just received Monday:

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Dominion Secretary" <domsec@bellnet.ca>

Subject: Monarchist Alert: Members in the Greater Vancouver Area: Ceremony at City of New Westminster

Date: September 7, 2015 at 5:25:03 PM PDT

The City of New Westminster will hold an outdoor public ceremony in front of the City Hall at noon on Wednesday, 9 September 2015 to celebrate the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Following remarks by the Mayor and the Acting Chair of the Greater Vancouver Area Branch of the Monarchist League, there will be a salute of three firings of the Ancient and Honourable Hyack Anvil Battery (a New Westminster tradition), and the Canadian Club of New Westminster will serve refreshments. The United Empire Loyalists’ Association will also have photographs and artifacts from their travelling exhibit in honour of Her Majesty on hand for viewing.

The Mayor and Council of New Westminster have invited all members of the public to attend. League members throughout the Lower Mainland are encouraged to attend the ceremony in front of the New Westminster City Hall at 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 9 September 2015.

The Monarchist League of Canada / La Ligue monarchiste du Canada

PO Box 1057/CP 1057; Lakeshore West PO; OAKVILLE, ON L6K 0B2

www.monarchist.ca domsec@sympatico.ca

This message is sent you as a member/former member/friend of the League.

On Friday was notified of other places. Have enlarged those in BC.

Interesting churches of several sects commemorating as well as Lt Govs sometimes being present and in Victoria even a lullaby composed for our new princess.

Sept 9 is Wednesday, and since the middle of the week and at the tail end of summer with not everyone back, the celebrations run from Sept 5 to 20.

Hope WV does esp since we even have a part of our municipality named the British Properties!

If joining others on Sept 20 there’s time for planning!

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Dominion Secretary" <domsec@bellnet.ca>

Subject: MONARCHIST ALERT: Religious observances of The Queen's Reign for members in Montreal, Ottawa, Port Hope,. Bond Head, Toronto, Hamilton, Courtenay, Vancouver, Victoria Date: September 5, 2015 at 2:05:17 PM PDT


The League is a secular institution, and neither promotes nor discourages religious observance by members, this being an entirely personal matter and not relevant to its mission. At the same time, we are of course happy to publicize special services held around Royal occasions, in that many Canadians and members are people of faith, and/or enjoy choral music. The following are the services of which the League has been made aware in thanksgiving for the historic Reign of The Queen.

MONTREAL, QC Church of Saint John the Evangelist (Anglican); Kimberly at President Kennedy - just N of the Place des Arts

7:00pm WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 -- Solemn Evensong in Thanksgiving for The Queen’s Reign

OTTAWA, ON Christ Church Cathedral (Anglican); 414 Sparks Street


Choral Evensong to mark Queen Elizabeth’s Historic Reign; Cathedral Choir of Men & Boys with brass accompaniment

PORT HOPE, ON The Church of Saint Mark (Anglican); 53 King St, Port Hope


Choral Evensong in honour of the historic Reign of The Queen of Canada followed by ringing of the church bell

BOND HEAD, ON St Catherine of Alexandria Church (Byzantine Catholic rite); 56 Hearn Street, Bond Head (W of Hwy 27)

4:00pm SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 5, 2015 -- Service in commemoration of The Queen’s Reign; Reception follows


+ Anglican Ordinariate (Anglican rite within Roman Catholic Church); St Thomas More parish worshipping in Sacré Coeur Church, 381 Sherbourne St

4:30pm SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 13 -- Solemn Vespers & Benediction in Thanksgiving for the Reign of The Queen

In the presence of Her Honour, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario; Reception follows the service

+ Holy Family Church (Roman Catholic, in care of the Fathers of the Oratory); 1372 King St W (near Lansdowne)

11:30am WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 9 -- Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form with intentions for The Queen

+ Saint Bartholomew’s Church (Anglican); 509 Dundas St E, near Regent Park

6:00pm TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 8 -- Low Mass with Intention for “Elizabeth, our most Gracious Queen and Governor

+ Saint Thomas’s Anglican Church; Huron Street at Washington, ½ block S of Bloor, 1 block E of Spadina

7:00pm SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 13 Solemn Evensong in Thanksgiving for the Reign of The Queen

Special Music offered by the choir under John Tuttle, Organist & Choirmaster; Reception follows the service


Christ Church Cathedral (Anglican); 252 James Street N. (near Barton)


Choral Evensong to Commemorate the Reign of The Queen preceded by recital by Ian Sadler of “music of pomp and circumstance

Preacher: The Rt Revd D Ralph Spence, sometime Keeper of The Queen’s Canadian Flag

COURTENAY, BC St John the Divine Church (Anglican), 579 - 5th Street

8:30am & 10:00am SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 13 -- Eucharist of Thanksgiving for The Queen’s Reign


Holy Rosary Cathedral (Roman Catholic); 646 Richards St (near Dunsmuir)

12:10pm WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 9 -- Mass with intentions for The Queen, followed by singing of the Royal Anthem


Christ Church Cathedral (Anglican), Quadra at Rockland


Choral Evensong of Thanksgiving for The Queen’s Reign; In the presence of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

Music for choir, organ, and brass, and premiere of “Lullaby for a Little Princess

by Victoria composer Charles Dool, inspired by the birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

=== HEADSUP 9.5G: Update Today


HM Queen; new Director of Planning; bear cubs play in pool in Brit Props; Poetry tonight?; Word Crimes; pun

A sunny day for the commemoration of the Queen’s milestone today the longest reigning monarch in British history; 63 years 7 months, and several days (number varies). Let’s send expressions of appreciation. Her steady responsible presence has been admirable, and of course we’re lucky to live in one of the few places in the world with parliamentary govt and rule of law among other gifts of the British legacy.


And it is Jim Bailey! started yesterday, having left City of Vancouver to return to WV where he did work in Planning some years ago. Welcome back! (Cdn't find an announcement from DWV; am trying to.)

Where was Goldilocks?

This morning, CBC reported a resident in the British Properties looked out his window when hearing splashing in his pool (thought his kids were outside), and it turned out to be a mother bear and two cubs.

See the (1m41sec) video:

RAW: Bear cubs frolic in West Vancouver pool ... - CBC


8 mins ago - CBC News Navigation. Home · World ... Canada · BC · Photo Galleries

RAW: Bear cubs frolic in West Vancouver pool 1:41. Homeowner


TWISTED POETS LITERARY SALON Features Russell Thornton & Elena Johnson + Open Mic.

~ 7 – 9:30pm ~ Thursday September 10th at The Cottage Bistro, 4468 Main Street, Vancouver.

Sign up for open mic at 7pm. Suggested donation at the door: $5. Twisted Poets runs the 2nd Wednesday and the 4th Thursday of the month. More information at www.pandorascollective.com.

Yesterday afternoon on On the Coast on CBC radio, host Stephen Quinn was talking about "Weird Al" Yankovic b/c he was to perform last night at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. To my surprise he said thinking of grammarwatcher’ Carolanne Reynolds, he’d play “Word Crimes".

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gv0H-vPoDc

Enjoy your afternoon!

=== HEADSUP 9.5H: Weekend

{thrown together; briefly and hastily w/ cubs and pun at end}

Great dinner last night in honour of recently retired Jim Almas after 35 years with the WVPD he will be missed.

Mayor’s barbecue at the Legion tonight was sold out within two days.

Cdn comedian Norm Macdonald tonight ~ 8pm ~ River Rock Casino, Rmd riverrock.com

:-) James and Jamesy In the Dark has started at the Firehall Ctr

Details at: http://us3.campaign-archive1.com/?u=ba9402ca77a789c8a42edd4a8&id=ec9bf65358&e=1580c489f6

Lots on, see Scene in Thursday’s VSun just checked and website no longer at end!

The Fringe Festival starts today: 700 performances, 89 artists, 11 days; see http://www.vancouverfringe.com

Here are some sources of event information: http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/listings/index.html



> Monday night’s ccl mtg agenda (main items were in an earlier Headsup):


-- More info hastily pasted from draft WVM


~ 5:30am - 4:30pm ~ Saturday Sept 12 ~ Vancouver to Whistler

(various route times and traffic updates; see website for details)

Info: Gran fondos are mass participation cycling events that have enjoyed incredible popularity in Europe for decades and are gaining momentum in North America. The Granfondo Whistler began in 2010 and continues to see up to 4,000 cyclists ride from Vancouver to Whistler.

> Luxury Supercar Weekend - September 12th & 13th, 2015 Sat/Sun 11 - 5pm

luxurysupercar.com/ at VanDusen Botanical Garden

Canadian Concours d'Elegance. 2015 Concours Classes · Partners & Members · Press & Media · Watch Videos ·

Buy Tickets. Luxury and Supercar Weekend

+ COHO FESTIVAL -- Sept 13 Sunday ~ 11am to 6pm ~

The Coho Festival is a public event where the whole family can enjoy a day of activities at Ambleside Park including: The Coho Swim , activities for the kids, live entertainment, great food, and interactive learning about the environment, salmon, and other wildlife.


Location: meet at the foot of 28th Street

Join the WV Streamkeepers Society, WV Shoreline Preservation Society, and district staff for a free walking tour of two recently completed shoreline projects. Come see the enhancement of the Rodgers Creek Estuary and of the shoreline along the 2800 block of Bellevue. This is your chance to learn about the work on salmon streams and more. Dress for the weather and walking along the shore.

+ OPEN HOUSE: NSh RESCUE CELEBRATES 50 YEARS -- Sept 13 Sunday ~ 11am - 4pm ~

Location: North Shore Rescue’s Operation Ctr, 61 Bewicke Ave, next to the City of NV’s Works Yard.

North Shore Rescue (NSR) invites you to join them as they celebrate 50 years of search and rescue service, and also recognize and celebrate the significant cmnty support from all organizations, groups, individuals, and govt agencies.

The result of these contributions has been most important to the thousands of persons who have been rescued through cooperation and hard work by all.

There will be visual presentations, equipment, static and dynamic displays and the opportunity to meet current and former NSR members, some with up to 50 years of volunteer service.

><)))))°> COHO FESTIVAL ~ 11am - 6pm ~ Sunday Sept 13, Ambleside Park <°)))))><

The Coho Festival is a public event where the whole family can enjoy a day of activities at Ambleside Park including: The Coho Swim, activities for the kids, live entertainment, great food, and interactive learning about the environment, salmon, and other wildlife.

On Sunday, approximately 700 athletes turn out for the 14K Coho Run from Kitsilano Park to Ambleside Beach. The morning events also include the Coho Swim, an exciting open water swim. Over 80 swimmers are expected to be in the water which is sure to attract spectators! A large number of people also take part in the Coho Walk down the Capilano River to attend the event without needing to bring their car.

Visitors to the festival can also learn about many aspects of our environment by attending our new Tent Talks lectures. The Coast Salish Community Canoe family will arrive in a large war canoe after a paddle through Burrard Inlet to help with festival commencement ceremonies.

Furthermore, visitors will also have an opportunity, by purchasing a ticket, to win a very valuable original Squamish Nation wood carving. Proceeds from the sale of these tickets will go directly to support the Seymour Salmonid Society in work being undertaken to remedy the catastrophic landslide that occurred earlier in 2015 that has blocked fish passage to the Seymour River Hatchery.

The official commencement of the festival begins with a traditional blessing and welcoming ceremony from the Squamish Nation whose traditional lands encompass the festival site.

More info/details: http://www.cohosociety.com/coho-festival

=== HEADSUP 9.5I: Today and Tomorrow!

in haste quickly copy and pasting out of nearly finished WVM 10.75 Mtgs then Walk and pun

=== Wednesday September 16

~ 5pm ~ Board of Variance Hearing -- to allow a higher bldg ht at 6165 Eastmont (by 5ft 3in)

~ 6:30pm ~ West Vancouver Memorial Library Board...

~ 7pm ~ WV Historical Society General Mtg at the Srs' Ctr -- Illustrated Talk

Speaker: Reno Tschan, Archivist: The Role of the Archives in Preserving WV's Heritage

=== Thursday September 17


{Proposed Community EcoCentre Open House}

EcoUrbia, a North Shore non-profit society, is proposing to use the existing Klee Wyck nursery facility at 200 Keith as an EcoCentre for WV residents. The EcoCentre wd be called Klee Wyck Farm. Programming wd produce food, demonstrate gardening methods, provide cmnty garden space, host educational workshops, and offer sales of fresh produce.

Come to an open house to find out more about the proposed Klee Wyck Farm and let us know your thoughts, in person

or share your opinion online.


~ 3 - 6pm ~ Thursday September 17 WV Community Ctr, in the Atrium

~ 1 - 4pm ~ Saturday September 19 Klee Wyck nursery, 200 Keith Road


Park Royal North: 5616 Westport Place (HRA); Sewell’s Marina; Onni Parcel 7 (67-unit)

Thursday September 17th

Botany at Botanie. A slide presentation. ~ 7:30pm ~

A free public event for the Botany Section of Nature Vancouver

Presenters: Bengul Kurtar, Bill Kinkaid, and others

Meeting location: Unitarian Centre, 949 West 49th Avenue (at Oak Street), Vancouver

Description: Botanie Valley, near the confluence of the Fraser and Thompson Rivers north of Lytton, offers an amazing show of wildflowers in spring and early summer each year. This June, Nature Vancouver members, led by Nellie Bacou and Teresa Gagné, spent a weekend exploring the area, from the near-desert of the Thompson/Fraser valley bottom all the way up to subalpine meadows and forests. In this program we will share some photos of the botanical and other delights from that weekend.

=== HEADSUP 9.5J: Weekend +

Life going to hell in a handbasket but have to let you know about a few things in case you’ve missed notices:

Fringe Festival ends tomorrow lots going on see vancouverfringe.com

If you’ve seen the silliness of James and Jamesy you’ll want to see their new one; then there’s Shakespeare’s bloodiest play Titus, done as a musical comedy.


of course tomorrow’s Terry Fox Sunday 24 places to do the Terry Fox Run in Metro Vancouver

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope, and across Metro ...

2015 Terry Fox Run | Vancouver - RunGuides


Get information about the 2015 Terry Fox Runs taking place in and around Vancouver. There’s one near you!

ALSO ending Sunday 20th

Eurydice at Pacific Theatre

Grandpa ’n Me at Deep Cove Shaw Theatre

in rush more tomorrow

here’s what I started Thursday as HEADSUP 9.5J: Tomorrow +

Something always happens to delay WVM. Besides not being well on Monday the server went off-line wch meant I also lost one phone number. Did manage to go to the v interesting illustrated talk on Archives by our archivist, the Swiss-born Reto Tschan put on by the WV Historical Society last night. [Wed 16th]

Hastening to let you know that the Cmnty Grants Cmte mtg tomorrow morning has been cancelled.

When I saw this on the DWV Calendar a rescheduled mtg

confused, I clicked on it and found:


Sep 18, 2015 - 9:00 am to 11:00 am

This meeting has been rescheduled to September 25.

Don’t know about you, but wanted to know if it was the rescheduled mtg to find that the mtg has been postponed.

With all due respect, think it wd be clearer for the Calendar to have “postponed’ and under the name. Or can you think of a better word?

=== HEADSUP 9.5K: Monday! + Ccl Agendas

Two topics Monday night (Sewell’s and Fisk Talk) and a bit of the ccl mtg on Sept 14th, plus a bit of confusion re ccl mtgs and plans. {pun-joke at end}

The weekend whooshed by

= Great Canadian shoreline cleanup on Sat; 2nd Annual Tugboat Festival*; Terry Fox Run Sunday (35th anniversary)**; TD Tree Days***; also. 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

= The Fringe Festival was fantastic 11 days and 33K+ attendees in 108 shows

Pick of the Fringe will be on Sept 23 to 27 See http://www.vancouverfringe.com/ and scroll down at bit to see Sept 21.

* Tugboats on display; history all weekend, parade Sunday at G’ville Island; see: ssmaster.org

** in ~60 countries and has raised over $600M!

*** help plant 50K trees nation-wide; [for us 250 trees allocated to] Stanley Pk, Sunday; 291 6000; tdtreedays.com


Good, but confusing news first.

Was impressed that the Sept 28th ccl mtg agenda was already up on the DWV website.


Not much in it and then discovered this on the DWV website today (Sunday) Mtgs:


wch is notice of a special mtg at 2:30pm Monday 21st cancelling the Sept 28th mtg!!!

Ccl Mtg Tidbits Sept 14th (more in later WVM)

= Jim Bailey the new Director of Planning

= Srs’ Ctr Book Lives that Matter

= 2015 Mid-Year Review: Information report. Video

= Proposed “Youth Activity Fund Expenditure Bylaw 4843, 2015: ($75K)

= Notice of Intent to Consider Proposed Amendments to Council Procedure Bylaw:

Proposed amendments will be considered at the October 5, 2015 Council meeting.

{Found this a bit strange. It says the info will be made public on Sept 25 for a decision at the Oct 5th ccl mtg. Why are the proposed amendments not being made public now so we can consider them? And then, if the Sept 28th mtg has been cancelled, citizens haven’t the opportunity to ask Ccl question or get clarification. Don’t know what else is up their sleeves but do know I’ve received negative reactions to changing the start time of all regular ccl mtgs to 6pm. They don’t want us to know of this substantial change? How many families will have finished dinner by 5:45? What about those who work downtown or elsewhere? Are they changing the termination time from 10pm to 9pm too? Let’s ask for the document to be released asap.}

= Proposed “Police Services and Municipal Hall Project Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 4845, 2015: Received first, second, and third readings. Video


If you look at the list of items at the mtg, under Other Items (where the videos are listed) it has “no items but in fact there were three! Here they are. Pulled, all serious and debated/discussed. Important items, but 10.2 takes the cake.


10. Council has requested that the following correspondence be discussed, and may propose a motion if Council considers that further action is required.

10.1. August 17, 2015, regarding “Trees (Proposed Tree Bylaw) (Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response) (On-Table)

10.2. Hollyburn Sailing Club, August 26, re Park Planning Process (Referred to Director of Parks and Cmnty Services and Acting Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response) (On-Table)

10.3. K. Pople, September 3, 2015, regarding “Storm Water disposal system 1200 block Keith Rd. (Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response) (On-Table)

and 10.2, the Hollyburn Sailing Club developed into a v long discussion with carefully braided strands of a story. More later b/c it’s hard to think that in three years of staff planning there is nothing to see and/or nothing to tell the public. As I wrote to some, the Upper Lands (a WG and three years of deliberation, all open for the last year), and the waterfront are top treasures in residents’ feelings about WV so rather than keep us in suspense, have a townhall or open mtg on the Ambleside waterfront. Even if the decision has been made not to tell us what draft plans there are, hear the public’s ideas might even be some v good ones that can be added or developed. That wd quash the secrecy complaint. Seeing that the intention is to cancel the Sept 28th mtg, what an opportunity to change it to a public info/input mtg on the future of our waterfront???




Sewell’s Marina in Horseshoe Bay is proposing a comprehensive redevelopment of the subject property that would retain the long-established community marina while adding predominantly residential with some limited commercial uses.Come to an open house to find out more and let us know your thoughts, in=person, or share your opinion online.

@ Gleneagles Community Ctr

> Sept 21 Mon ~ 4 - 7pm ~ (Lobby) > Sept 23 Wed ~ Open House from 6pm; Presentation 7pm (gym)

@ The Boathouse Restaurant, 6695 Nelson Ave Sept 26 Sat ~ noon – 3pm


~ 7pm ~ Monday Sept 21 ~ How the ISIS caliphate’ frightens the Middle East and us

Robert Fisk to speak on ISIS in Vancouver, BC

No service fees for on-line tickets In one week, on Monday, Sept. 21st, CJPME will be hosting veteran Middle East

journalist and author Robert Fisk in Vancouver. We cordially invite you to hear this articulate and insightful scholar and


Fisk’s lecture will focus on how the Syrian civil war – especially the rise of the so-called “Islamic State – has destabilized the existing order in the Middle East. Fisk’s talk is entitled: Goodbye, Mr. Sykes! Adieu, M. Picot!’ How the ISIS caliphate’ frightens the Middle East – and us.

Location (see map): St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church, 1012 Nelson Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4S7.

Ticket information: Vancouver, BC - Monday, Sept. 21st 7:00pm.

Students (with ID): $10 advance / $15 at the door Non-students: $15 advance / $20 at the door

You may buy advance tickets on-line for this event by clicking here, or by calling 438 380 5410. For add'l details on the Vancouver event, please see the CJPME website. Share the Vancouver Facebook event with your friends.

More about Robert Fisk:

Based in Beirut since 1976, Dr. Fisk has been the Middle East correspondent for the British newspaper The Independent since 1988. He is the author of five books, including the seminal tome The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East (2005), Pity the Nation: Lebanon at War (1990), and The Age of the Warrior: Selected Writings (2008). He is a highly respected veteran journalist because of his direct and uncompromising reporting and analysis.

Fisk's address will be followed by a Q&A period.

Please share this email widely with friends and acquaintances.

Hope to see you there!


Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) info@cjpme.org http://www.cjpme.org/

-> ENDING with a smile or a groan

=== HEADSUP 9.5L: + Weekend

still rushing up the down elevator some endings and some beginnings and QTP


It was stated that the changes proposed re ccl procedures will be made public Sept 25 so will try to find where and how to read them. It is strange b/c there was a reference to an August staff report. They’ve cancelled the Sept 28 Ccl mtg so it’ll be on the Oct 5th agenda short time! get your questions ready. My guess is that one is to have reg ccl mtgs start at 6pm (wch they have done since April anyway altered not quite in the regular/prescribed way and they had to admit they did not have a legal opinion).

Some residents have complained to me that 6pm is too early esp for someone who works downtown, has to come back to WV in rush hour traffic, have dinner, and then go to the M Hall. Tell Ccl your preference.

Let’s see what all they’ve got in mind.


= Pick of the Fringe Festival Sept 24 - 27 {btw, Titus is a scream!} VancouverFringe.com

= Culture Days Sept 25 - 27; free interactive activities bc.culturedays.ca

= LPPS The Dale Ivy Pull Saturday 9am to noon; meet at the corner of Water Lane and The Dale

= BC Rivers Day Sunday Celebrate!

= Vancouver Int’l Film Festival (VIFF) Sept 24 - Oct 9 viff.org


NB: My apologies for omissions; pls let me know right away so can be put in WVM10.75, coming to your email inbox soon


> ENDING [& Opening]

+ Sat Sept 26

o Rigoletto, Vancouver Opera Opening Night

o Opening Night for the season Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (Berlioz, Beethoven)

o Bard on the Beach Closing Night (Comedy of Errors)

o Enchanted April, Hendry Hall

o Mid-Century Modern House Tour; see vancouverheritagefoundation.org

+ Sun Sept 27

o A Man for All Seasons, matinee 2pm (closing performance) at Jericho Arts Ctr

o Michael Kluckner: Illustrated talk at the Word Festival ~4:30 pm, VPL main branch (lower level). It's free ...

o Portobello West [Van]: support BC Designers and Artisans 10am - 5pm at WV Cmnty Ctr portobellowest.com

o Mid-Autumn Festival at Dr Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden 5 - 10pm vancouverchinesegarden.com

PS to 9.5L

Subject: Bard 2016! Date: September 27, 2015 at 1:11:56 AM PDT

Will appear in WVM, but you heard it first here!

back from Bard’s closing night. Comedy of Errors was many times better than Opening Night. They’ve added quite a bit to this steampunk version. One added quip (if you watch TV here, it’s in a commercial) was “Call before you dig and since this was a steampunk version, lots of special effects.

> Christopher announced next summer’s plays:

Big Tent Merry Wives of Windsor, the Windsor, Ontario version [directed by Johnna Wright]

Romeo and Juliet, directed by Kim Collier

Little Tent Othello, directed by Bob Frazer

Pericles, directed by Lois Anderson

Benedict Campbell got the Edmund Kean (1787 - 1833) sword. (As you know I thought his performance as King Lear was superb, hence my maiku re his performance.)

A new award was given out and I guessed who to before the name was said named after William Macready (1793 - 1873), to Ava Forsyth. Always a great help and knows what's going on at Bard.....

And so ended another great Bard on the Beach season.

Look forward to next year.........

=== HEADSUP 9.5M: Mtgs; Oct 5 Ccl Agenda; Auditor Gen, +

Zooming along

Herewith: Oct 5 Ccl Agenda; Auditor General for Local Govt Report; Movie Tonight; Mtgs; Qtn

AGENDA’s MAIN ITEMS: Ccl Procedure Amendments; Amb-Dund Biz Improvement Area

ITEMS on the COUNCIL AGENDA for October 5th

= Delegation – Cdn Fedn of University Women

= Memorial Library Board 2016-2020 Strategic Plan Presentation

= Proposed 2016 Permissive Tax Exemptions Bylaw

= Proposed Ccl Procedure Amendment Bylaw: Consideration of three readings

The staff report was not there Fri Sept 25 when I checked but was there Sunday 27th. Most amdmts fine;

good news is that as far as I can tell, only first reading recommended so changes can be made at

second reading.

Bad news is that reg ccl mtgs will all start at 6pm from now on. Cuts into dinner time!

And think of those who have to battle rush hour from downtown, have dinner, and get to MHall...

= Proposed Amb-Dund Business Improvement Area: Consideration of three readings -- Tax Levy?

Need for publicity to encourage customers understood, but what about doctors, accountants, etc?

= The Keeping of Backyard Chickens

= Pilot Project: 601 Hawstead Place – Rock Crushing and Grinding: Consideration to allow on-site

= Bylaw Adoptions: Local Service Tax Bylaw; Youth Activity Fund Expenditure Bylaw

= Proposed Amendment to Ccl Mtg Schedule: sp Ccl mtgs at 6pm for Oct 28, Nov 16, Nov 30, and Dec 16

Note: Oct 19 ccl mtg has already been cancelled

= Finance Committee Update to Council: Information report.

+ Correspondence, of course


District of West Vancouver implements policy changes ahead of AGLG report

Most of the recommended changes to DWV’s procurement policies recommended in the Auditor General for Local Government (AGLG) report released today have already been implemented, says WV mayor Michael Smith.

We’re pleased that the AGLG’s report highlights both the exceptional work that many District staff performed during the audit period, and also areas that can be improved, says Smith. “We acknowledge that the work done by the AGLG is of value and interest to residents, council members, and staff.

Of the five recommendations made by the AGLG, all were in various stages of development prior to the audit

Details: http://westvancouver.ca/news/district-west-vancouver-implements-policy-changes-ahead-aglg-report#


SEPT 29 at 7:30pm FILM: What We Did on Our Holiday

British family comedy! Official selection of the 2014 TIFF http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/2145


{btw, hope you ignored the WVPD Bd Mtg on the DWV Calendar for Sept 24 there wasn’t one!}

> Mon Sept 28

10:00am CANCELLED: 2015 Tax Sale

3:30pm Community Engagement Committee Meeting {No minutes since May 4!}


> Tues Sept 29 ~~ 4:00pm CANCELLED: Community Energy and Emissions Plan WG

> Wed Thurs Oct 1 ~~ 7:00pm Awards Committee Meeting



Annual General Meeting & Members' Reception ~ Sept 30 Wednesday 5 - 7pm ~ AGM @ 5:30 SHARP!

Chamber mbrs: We hope you will join us at our AGM/Mbrs' Reception at the Grosvenor Ambleside Presentation Ctr. AGM BEGINS AT 5:30pm SHARP! Meet your new Board of Directors, hear the latest updates, network, and enjoy appetizers and a glass of wine. Generously sponsored by Grosvenor Americas.

RSVP your attendance (This is a members-only event.) Phone our office 926 6614 or email info@westvanchamber.com. Not a member yet? Want to join? Visit our website: www.westvanchamber.com. Register or Learn More

More Chamber News/Events http://www.westvanchamber.co/page/email.aspx?queueid=E4376570-E244-4138-9C8F-9A19A45081

=== HEADSUP 9.5N: Ccl Last Night and Heritage Tomorrow!

will have to finish the ccl mtg tidbits tomorrow.

In the meantime,

at Ccl's Oct 5 mtg:

= Isabel Gordon is the new Director of Finance

= the proposed ccl procedure amendments have been tabled (most amendments good, a couple need clarification so going to solicitor, and IMO a change and a couple of additions needed)

= ADBIA and backyard chickens passed three readings

Streamkeeper Society mtg at St Stephen’s 7:30 Thursday the recent newsletter (#26) was emailed but is not yet on the website. More info in next Headsup.


Approaching the Past: Old Hastings Mill Store Museum, Oct 7

[Image: Hastings Mill in 1898]

Wednesday, October 7 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm ~~ 1575 Alma Street (north of Point Grey Road)

Old Hastings Mill Store Museum

Join us for an evening of activities to explore the 2016 theme for Heritage Week, “Distinctive Destinations: Experience Historic Places, with a focus on the history of Vancouver.

Activities will include: tour of the Old Hastings Mill Store Museum

slide show presentation by Lisa Smith, Vancouver historian and author

introduction to a scavenger hunt, “Lumberjack Bingo, and game “Chinook Look for students

This is a free event for educators in schools, museums, and heritage programs, as well as the general public.

Participants will be provided with a package of materials to plan classes and programs. Refreshments will be served.

Please join us! Everyone is welcome! Space is limited so you must RSVP to attend: admin@thenhier.ca

About the presenter: Lisa Anne Smith was born in Burnaby, B.C. and has been an avid fan of B.C. history for much of her life. A local author, her published books include Vancouver is Ashes: The Great Fire of 1886 (Ronsdale Press, 2014), Our Friend Joe: The Joe Fortes Story (Ronsdale Press, 2012) and Travels with St. Roch: A Book for Kids (self-published, 2001). As a member of Native Daughters of B.C. Post #1, Lisa coordinates tours, slide shows, and educational programs at Old Hastings Mill Store Museum. [http://thenhier.ca/sites/default/files/poster-Oct-2015.pdf]

=== HEADSUP 9.5O: Today, Tomorrow, and Thursday

rushing this out!

o Today: CEEP cancelled; Reception at the Museum

o Tomorrow: Public Art Adv Cmte cancelled; CEC SubCmte (WG guidelines + CEC TofRef); Bd of Variance (but NO agenda

posted*); Library (strategic plan reception) {---> UPDATE: found later, way down on right side; items below w/ mtg}

o Thursday: ShakeOut BC Day; Design Review Cmte



> Tuesday October 13


Oct 13, 2015 - 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Oct 13, 2015 - 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

For three months this fall, the West Vancouver Museum is hosting an exhibition showing the extraordinary range of this gifted artist. Organized by the Nisga’a Museum, Finding a Voice: The Art of Norman Tait includes carvings (masks, bowls, spoons, walking sticks, rattles, and model poles), jewellery (earrings, bracelets, and pendants), and textiles and maquettes (including photographs) created for major public art commissions. Most works in the exhibition were made after 1980, although some were created between 1970 and 1977.

> Wednesday October 14


Oct 14, 2015 - 10:00 am This meeting has been rescheduled for October 28


Oct 14, 2015 - 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Agenda: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/CommitteesGroups/Committees/Community


and Item 4 under Reports:

4.1. Proposed Amendments to the Working Grp Guidelines and CEC Terms of Reference.

= BOARD OF VARIANCE HEARING -- Oct 14, 2015 - 5:00 pm

Agenda: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/Committees-Groups/Boards/Board-of-Variance/2015/agendas/2015%2010%2014%20Notice%20of%20Hearing.pdf

6 Application 15-016 (1411 29th St) regarding a proposed garage extension with the following variance:

a) 0.57 m to Front Yard Setback

7 Applicn 15-017 (1045 Sinclair St) re a proposed new single family dwelling with the following variance:

a) 2.7 m to Rear Yard Setback

8 Application 15-018 (2384 Nelson Avenue) regarding a garage with the following variances:

a) 0.3 m to Side Yard Setback to Roof Overhang (Main Level)

b) 0.16 m to Side Yard Setback to Roof Overhang (Upper Level)

9 Receipt of Oral and Written Submissions

10 Public Question Period

(Regarding process and/or disposition only)

{NB: A) the agenda isn't in the usual place (top right); it is far down at the bottom of the list of 2015 agendas

B) my understanding is that the restriction}, artificially imposed some years ago, had been removed.}


Oct 14, 2015 - 6:30 pm

The WV Memorial Library is launching its 2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan! Here’s a preview video to pique your interest. To find out more, read the plan and then grab a friend, neighbour or newcomer and join the Library on October 14 at the official Reception at 6:30pm in the Welsh Hall learn about what will guide the Library’s decisions over the next five years, and why. See https://westvanlibrary.ca/about-us/wvml-plans-reports

> Thursday October 15

= SHAKEOUT BC DAY -- Oct 15, 2015 - 10:15 am

On October 15, millions of people worldwide will practice how to Drop, Cover, and Hold On at 10:15 a.m. during Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills!

British Columbians can join by registering for the 2015 Great British Columbia ShakeOut. Participating is a great way for your family or organization to be prepared to survive and recover quickly from big earthquakes – wherever you live, work, or travel.

= DESIGN REVIEW COMMITTEE MEETING -- Oct 15, 2015 - 4:30 pm

Agenda: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/Committees-Groups/Committees/Design-Review/2015/drc_agenda_2015-10-15.pdf

Three Applications for Consideration in Item 5

= 5614 Westport Place – 2nd appearance (File 15-001)

 Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA) & Steep Terrain Development

 2-lot subdivi, retention of the “Sykes Residence, new sgl-fam dwelling on lower lot to be created = BPP Presentation Centre – 1st appearance (File 15-056)

 Temporary Use Permit (TUP) Application for a presentation centre within Area

= 2173 Argyle Avenue – 1st appearance (File 15-050)

 Development Permit Application for a 3-unit Townhouse project in the Ambleside Apartment Area

{QTP to end}

+++++++ CCL MTG NOTES +++++++

As usual, xxx indicates something was said; &&& is for something significant was said; GET is something I thought was important enough for me to find, play, and transcribe -- but sorry, haven't done. These notes give you an idea of what was said. To make sure of exactly what was said, pls watch/listen to the video on the DWV website. The times give help in finding the place.

Subscribe! write subscribewvm@westvan.org] ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS, INITIALISMS puzzling? See: http://www.westvan.org/glossary

+++ CCL MTG NOTES June 22nd +++

+ SP CCL MTG June 22nd +

5pm June 22nd (closed)

Revised June 19, 2015: To add an additional matter under section 90(1)(a) of the Community Charter.

90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:

(a) personal info about an identifiable individ who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee, or agent of the M or another position appointed by the M; and

(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality;

AND THAT notice be waived pursuant to section 127(4) of the Cmnty Charter regarding an add'l item, to be considered under the following section of the Cmnty Charter:

90. (1) A part of a ccl mtg may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:

(e) the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the ccl considers that disclosure cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the M.

Purpose of meeting: personnel and legal matters.


Revised on June 17, 2015: To add a new report to Item 4

1. CALL TO ORDER [6pm]

Mayor: Call to order; it's 6 o'clock and first to welcome Mr Stephen Mikicich*, Acting Director of Planning; his first time sitting in Mr Sokol's old seat; so, welcome to the horseshoe. We look forward to your participation and the progressive movement of WV forward.

{* will appear SM; pronounced; MIK-i-tich}


Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4828, 2015 for 2832 and 2842 Bellevue Ave

The Acting Director of Planning, Land Development, and Permits will describe the subject application.

Applicant: R. Hickling

Subject Lands: 2832 and 2842 Bellevue Avenue

Purpose: The proposed bylaw, proposed devt permit, and proposed devt variance permit wd allow for devt of the two subject props including a proposed new house, site grading, and removal of three trees located within the blvd.

Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: If adopted, the proposed Zoning Bylaw wd rezone the subject lands from a split- zoning of M1 (Marine Zone 1) and RS4 (Sgl-Fam Dwelling Zone 4) to RS4 (Sgl-Fam Dwelling Zone 4) to reflect the current waterfront property line (natural boundary between the upland and the foreshore).

Proposed Devt Permit / Proposed DVP: The proposed DP wd provide for protection of watercourses in existing nbrhds. The proposed DVP wd control the form and character of the devt of the subject lands. Key aspects include:

a) a portion of the basement of a proposed new house to be constructed at 2832 Bellevue to be located within the required waterfront yard;

b) the parking for both subject lots to be located entirely on 2832 Bellevue Avenue;

c) site grading to occur over the common property line between 2832 and 2842 Bellevue with a variance to the retaining wall grade line along this property line;

d) the removal of three trees within the boulevard adjacent to the subject property; and

e) site devt within 15 metres of the Rodgers Creek Bank.

Mayor: to Mr Mikicich

{SM described the site as including one proposed new house (plus tree removal from blvd) and turned it over to James Allan.} [6:08]

JA: So, as Mr Mikicich pointed out this is three applicns: zoning amendmt and a DP and DVP for the subject properties.

Two lots, both have two existing two-storey houses with garages within the front yard.

Currently the subj is both residential and marine zoned, a result in a change in the jmetro/waterfront prop line; approval by the prov in the 1990s. That approval changed the boundary between the two zones so most resid, marine only for docking of boats, etc.

SLIDE left of red line is marine use zone

line all have to be set back from so if prov grants an accretion... not looking to change that but a minor variance

green line shows new differentiation

house at 2832 proposed to be demolished to make way for a new house with a variance

setback from red line; variance wd allow a small variance plus parking

allow for removal of three trees from the blvd to allow driveway access

proposed DP to allow for some site-grading -- allows for landscaping and within 15m of Rodgers Crk

two applicns 32 top, retained, other demolished and allow for landscaping; minor retaining wall


proposed new residence SLIDE...

worked with Streamkeepers

also those three trees on blvd to be removed

SLIDE of blvd, trees; three driveway accesses, ... gravel parking within blvd and ped access

tree replacement plan

the owner and the applicant team in the audience to answer any Qs

Mayor: okay, any Qs for staff?

Sop: two arborists looked at this prop and our arborist suggested three trees shd move to {can't make out what he said}

eliminate trees for driveway; there's a signif tree on District land to the west, and sev others on District land in front of the prop

If that removal comes to fruition, what guarantees do we have other large trees on M land will stay in place? request some sort of covenant be introduced so those trees are retained

when you check as I did, had signif walk around

the water meters are substantially off the road, and that's all M prop, right into the front garden of these houses; that's not priv prop we're talking about so how be assured going to stay?

J Allan (Cmnty Planner): three westerly cedars; cedar overhanging the road; wd hv to have work on it to be retained

fencing installed before

Sop: if two out of three retained driveway?

JA: turn it over to the landscape architect

Paul Sangha: east, scenario turn-radius narrow and slope of the driveway and two trees further east impacted as well

Sop: going down to the left, trees on M prop wd be compromised by shifting the driveway further east.

PS: east

Sop: take out the small tree; cd make narrower without impacting trees

Mayor: are you suggesting Ccl xxx the driveway

PS: if you move to the east, 4ft grade change; elevation of the garage 20; another 4ft to the garage

Mayor: does that answer your question?

Sop: no, if you remove the small tree and then maybe entertain removal one tree to the east, that leaves the two to the right remaining

PS: [6:17] you're requesting removing a healthy tree to the east, to save a tree that's been established as being in poor condition to the west

Sop: always when there's a devt, the tree has reached its life expectancy, always when there's a devt

happens all the time

Mayor: Let's move along

NG: at the risk of belabouring this point, b/c this also my Q and my point, is it then your professional opinion, both of you, that even though this driveway has been in place for almost 100 years; that cars can no longer turn such that they cd negotiate the current driveway that exists?

PS: if the current house were saved and the current locn of the garage were saved, we've got a diff scenario, but with the new house being devpd, to make a turning radius to the east we're tightening the radius to get actually into the garages themselves

NG: so we can send men to the moon, and some day women perhaps, but we cannot make a driveway to save a few trees. Okay. Thank you.

Mayor: any other questions? It's a public hearing.



1) Reports received up to and including June 16, 2015:





Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amdmt, DVP and DP for 2832 and 2842 Bellevue

May 8, 2015



Proposed “Zoning Bylaw Amdmt ... Amdmt Bylaw ... for 2832/2842 Bellevue – Replacement Page

June 16, 2015

June 22, 2015


2) Written submissions rec'd up to and including June 10: To view all written submissions listed in this section click here





June 9, 2015



June 10, 2015


To view all written submissions listed in this section click here #####


Redacted June 9, 2015 C-1

Redacted June 10, 2015 C-2

Redacted (On-Table) June 15, 2015 C-3

S. Slater (On-Table) June 16, 2015 C-4

Redacted (On-Table) June 17, 2015 C-5

Redacted (On-Table) June 18, 2015 C-6

Redacted (On-Table) June 18, 2015 C-7

Redacted (On-Table) June 19, 2015 C-8

Redacted (On-Table) June 19, 2015 C-9

Redacted (On-Table) June 19, 2015 C-10

Redacted (On-Table) June 19, 2015 C-11

C. Cowan (On-Table) June 21, 2015 C-12

On May 25, Ccl set the date for the PH and concurrent public mtg. The statutory notice of PH will be published in the NSN on June 14 and 17, and notices were mailed to prop owners/occupants within the notification area. The MClk will note written submissions rec'd for the June 22, PH and concurrent public mtg.

5. APPLICANT’S PRESENTATION -- no presentation provided


Grant McLaren: shd see these photos

Mayor: wait to get up to the podium

GMcL: walk [there]; trees majestic; as a boy walked

pictures the type of trees we’re talking about; in good shape; we’d hire an arborist &&&

hundreds use this street; enjoy watching them, so much beauty

not telling ppl what they want to do, it’s their prop

objecting to the removal of this cedar trees; majestic, attractive

Keith Pople: decades ago our Ccl and staff implemented zoning regs to accommodate a variety of residents

Some areas such as Amb had relatively small and affordable lots zoned for sgl-fam and duplex housing, relatively inexpensive. Other areas (Brit Prop, Whitby, Caulfeild) had larger lots suitable for large housing and more costly accommodation. Overall, this planning concept has worked well, and our nbrhds developed specific character suiting their own location and size. It is violated when lots are consolidated in order to construct homes that are much larger and out of character with other houses within the immediate area.

The 2500 to 2800-block Bellevue area is one of the most unique and picturesque areas in WV.

if the proposed devt with its huge house, site-grading, and removal of trees is allowed, it wd be a flagrant change to the area of the cmnty. I can't see how anybody who truly wants to retain the desirable character wch has built up in our cmnty

is allowed to...

This zoning bylaw applicn shd be rejected. Thank you

Mayor: sorry, Keith, Cclr Cam has a question for you. Sorry, ... it's from Mr Mikicich

KP: Speak up; I have a hard time hearing, you guys

Mayor: Actually, Keith, you can go sit down then


We don't need you b/c the Q is for Mr Mikicich

Keith, it's all right; you can go, you're excused

{murmurings murmurings}

KP: Question from Steve?

Mayor: we have a question for Steve from Cclr Cam

we need you to go back to your seat

{much murmuring in the gallery}

Cam: b/c we're in a PH, Mr Mikicich, I want to clarify something

the home is being constructed -- there's two lots, and they're not being consolidated, are they?

a number of questions.

one home is being retained, the second home is being built; It's being built to the standard sq ftg allowed on that second property -- am I correct about that? not talking about an overly large home or consolidation, are we?

SM: correct

Cam: didn't know if there was a misapprehension

Mike Siefert: my wife and I bought a home on Bellevue at 2877 Bellevue one year ago

one reason we did buy, as the prior presenter said, one of the most idyllic streets in this city, sorry municipality

{yay, correct}

it's like walking down a lane in London, in England

We bought for those trees. Everybody walks by, glories in the size of those trees.

I can't understand how this is presented when they said "three trees". were they little trees? big trees? they don't tell you.

they didn't even have the courage to bring pictures of the trees, we had to.

and we're arguing over a driveway of 12ft. They can't change that to save those?

I"m a nbr, I don't know what's going to happen in our nbrhd when those trees are gone

Save our nbrhd, please!

There's hundreds of ppl there's thousands on the weekends, who walk by and when you talk they say say they love them

this is an easy solution -- move the driveway 1ft, then everyone will be happy. Thank you.


Mayor: thank you. Carolanne Reynolds

CR: tyvm, I'm also going to make a plea for the trees; maybe not the thin one but the other two big ones, and I was v happy to hear Cclr Sop's plea for the trees too, and the other ppl. Trees are v precious.

I think there might be the talent and creativity in this cmnty and among our staff to adjust the driveway somewhat so that the two big trees can be saved, so I leave it in your hands.

I'm sure you can come up with something that's brilliant, and we can save the big cedars.

Thank you.

Mayor: thank you

[scattered applause]

anybody else wish to address Ccl on this issue

Ryan Beedie: my wife behind me. This is our proposed new home.

built 2958 Mathers Crescent 15 years ago for our chn to be raised in and by the time this is completed, our youngest will have moved out.

A few things, I love trees, appreciate everyone's sentiment, I love Bellevue, it's why we bought these two magnificent properties; and the last thing I want to do is cut down a tree even though both arborists' reports, ours and the city's,


say these are diseased and think one does pose a sincere risk and I don't know who's going to take liability for that; I just want it known that I love trees.

At 2958 Mathers Crescent we have 8 or 9 old growth trees in our back yard that ppl are saying we shd cut them down. I don't want to cut them down. In fact, I said to Cindy the other day, when we sell the house, I'm concerned putting covenant on title to protect those trees. They mean a lot to me and once they're gone, they're gone. So I want it known by everyone that we don't take this lightly. We understand though that two of the three are diseased.

We've worked to try to find an alternative driveway location and if we do move it in that direction it puts other trees that are actually healthy at risk.

We're replacing trees on a three-to-one ratio and we're going to invest, if approved, significantly in those.

Also like to say that I think it's important -- know the focus is on the trees -- but the overall comprehensive nature of the project shd be considered. We've spent a lot of time with James Allan at WV who's been v good to deal with and responsive. We've been v happy with the ppl at WV, but we're looking at what we're providing for the cmnty.

Yes, there's loss of these trees, two of wch are diseased. We're investing probably at least $80K+ of our own money to enhance Rodgers Crk and extend it as shown so the fish have a better chance of spawning and coming up.

We're forgoing something here by doing this

I love the idea of waves crashing on our front beach. We're not going to have that now, for our access to the water is going to be impeded by an extensive series of boulders.

I'm not really happy about that but this is part of the overall agreement that we've been discussing, so I think it's v important to look at this in the context of the overall proj.

We're removing two existing garages that are within the front setbacks wch will be replaced by landscaping wch will add further to the how the props are viewed.

I respect everyone's feelings. I know it's an emotional issue. We're not the kind of ppl that like to cut down trees; we're the opposite.

Paul Sangha designed the landscape at our house on Mathers 15 years ago. We've invested a lot in it; we intend on investing a lot here, so the cmnty can enjoy what we're doing as well.

I wanted to say those words, and thank you for giving me the time.

Mayor: wd like to be clear.

You're satisfied working with your architects that the proposed driveway location wch involves the removal of the trees is the only efficacious way of entering

RB: unfortunately it is. I've talked to Paul extensively on it -- what can we do? the way the grades work, again without risking other healthy trees further. There are other trees that our arborist's report says are diseased and cd pose a risk, again on city property


we're not proposing to touch those; we're not saying an issue there though there may be down the road

we've tried our best to do that and I don't know what else we can do to mitigate that. We've got the best landscape architect, I think, in MetroV working on that with his team, and again -- don't take this lightly -- we appreciate everyone's concerns and ask that this be viewed in the context of the entire proj not just the trees b/c we think the net benefit to the cmnty -- and we're giving up a lot -- for the good of the envmt and for the good of WV, a place we've called home for 15 years and a place we intend to live until we're no longer here.

Mayor: okay; thank you; anybody else? {asks three times as required}

ask for closure Cclr Lewis. Just a minute, Cclr Gambioli, even though she hasn't ..... has a question

NG: I hv a Q for the owner

recently a house was picked up at the other end of my street and taken down the middle of 13th and floated off on a barge to Sechelt, and given that one of these homes is the Ritchie house, wch is a significant heritage home and been there almost 100 years, I wonder if you have any plans to do something similar or put it up for sale, rather than just demolish.

RB: thank you; a timely question. My proj mgr had contacted me today and said that he'd rec'd an enquiry to that same point. Someone was interested in doing that. I wd absolutely love to, for that to happen. We're going to investigate that fully and then give further consideration. If they're not interested maybe other ppl out there wd like to. We're not in a urgent rush to tear the house down.

It's, I understand the history of it, I love architecture, old homes; I appreciate the value in that and we wd love nothing more than to facilitate that transition if that indeed were to happen.

Mayor: Cclr Lewis. Sorry, Ccl Cassidy


Cass: hi, just one v short small question relative to what Cclr Gambioli was asking; I thoroughly appreciate everything you've gone to to this point in time

Frequently, when houses come down, the lament, a) the house is coming down, but b) if the nbrs had just been called in or gardening groups or such like, some of that old growth foliage cd hv bn used in somebody else's garden . I know it's a nominal point, but there's some beautiful big hydrangeas, whatever, gorgeous great tree right at the front,

RB: yes

Cass: don't know if you'd be prepared to let some gardening grp come in

RB: we'd be more than happy to accommodate that

we had some thoughts of taking some of these and put them on a diff site and then transporting them back

happy to work w/ your staff or anyone who may help guide us; ppl, leaders in the cmnty who can help us in that regard

happy to do that

one more thing; know speakers opposed

some on either side and on Bellevue have contacted Ccl in support; wanted to make that known

Mayor: Cclr Sop had a Q for Mr Beedie

Sop: the existing house 2842, if I'm correct, if you were to take that down and rebuild, the new structure cd not be as large as that house based on the setbacks from Rodgers Crk, correct?

RB: um -- I don't know the answer to that question; you're probably right.

Dear Readers: fyi, a new house wd have to abide by the sq ftg allowed. If there's an existing house being renovated, then even if it's above the maximum allowed, that higher FAR can be retained. IOW, advantage not to demolish.}

I haven't given that serious consideration b/c we don't intend on demolishing that house, it's our intention to retain that house for the long term, we think it's a beautiful old home and there's no reason for us to remove it. I think longer term, expect maybe my Mum might live there or a caretaker or family mbr, but we have no interest in removing that beautiful home.

Mayor: okay. Now Ccl Lewis, the floor is yours

{and he moved}




1. Call to Order. [~6:35]

2. Approval of Agenda

amended by adding:

to Item 3 the minutes of the May 26, special Ccl Town Hall mtg and the June 8, sp and reg Ccl mtgs;

to Item 7 a report re Police Services and M Hall Project Funding Scenarios – Correction to Appendix A;

to Item 8 a report regarding Police Services and Municipal Hall Project: Exterior Design;

to Item 12.2 a report regarding Proposed Development Variance Permit No. 14-065 (1507 Haywood Avenue);

Item 12.8 re Resolution re Warning Labels on Gas Pumps – Direct Submission to UBCM for 2015 Convention;

withdrawing Items 10 and 12.3 to 12.6 (to be rescheduled);

AND THAT the agenda be approved as amended.

3. Adoption of Minutes

MOVED by Gambioli, seconded by Soprovich: THAT the following Minutes be adopted as circulated: CARRIED

May 26, 2015, special Council Town Hall meeting; June 8, 2015, special and regular Council meetings.


4. Recreation Sites &Trails BC – Min of Forests, Lands, & Natural Resources, re Sea to Sky Marine Trail PowerPoint presentation to be provided

G McKeever: project mgr of Sea to Sky Marine Trail

primarily sea kayaks xxx need for more xxx [6:43]

land route was too hard so decided to take to water; took about 5 yrs; great collaboration

Sq N taken great interest TransCanada Trail first salt water

kayak campers just need safe landfall; Porteau, Halkett Bay; 15 candidate sites, down to six

SLIDE of network {great!}

many sites rocky so had to clear a landing channel; safe landing zone

six sites; at ev location designated fire pit; signs coming in a week or two

signs, identification; BC marine trail; grand opening June 14; Stawamus reserve, Lt Gov; Chief Bill Williams

celebration this week, Sat on Bowen, Sunday in Gibsons

add’l sites; wd like to see more and better sites; toilets; may seek sponsorships for these sites

delegation chance for WV to participate

permission to install one of our map signs in HBay and to use the WV logo (in HBay)

Cam: my motion; great initiative, am sure you’ll get unanimous support

apologize for coming a bit neg

two gentlemen who died, a couple of years ago, squalls came up and these two were experienced kayakers

you’ll get a lot of ppl, and not experienced; thought of or what you can do?

Communication ctrs so ppl can call for help? thought through the safety angle?

ppl will come; hate to see preventable accidents

GMcK: hazard wrt sea kayaking not xxx to Howe Sound

[that's] why we’re partnering with Marine Trail Network

summer month weather not quite so unpredictable

communicate specific hazards; simxxx amt of opp; user beware

Cam: building close to ctr; try to build in a safe manner

not saying you can prevent it but talk to xxx and rescue

GMcK: novice not a large element

Cam: point made

Sop: Howe Sound end at water

commend; this is the finest outdoor rec playground in the world

recovery of 25 yrs, seeing herring, porpoises, and coming

we can rent kayaks at Amb but not HBay b/c of ferry wash

any way you can ask your Premier wrt to Woodfibre; know it’s going to pollute; sad going through that again

Mayor: let the gentleman answer the Q

GMcK: given the list of partners

has been v imp to get everyone running in the same direction

recreation xxx argument against xxx industry as sole &&&

Mayor: excellent answer

NG: was going to be mine

SAR in HBay shd be a strong connection

this proj supports argument against LNG and for tourism in HSd

know there are a great number of kayaks at our sailing {club?}. who don’t know about this proj; suggest you go

CAO: xxx

{can’t hear; more problems with mics?} [6:58]

Mayor: &&& received for information, with thanks.


5. Upper Lands Working Group – Final Report (File: 0117-20-ULSR / 2570-01) Appendix A Appendix B

PowerPoint presentation to be provided. [7pm]

Cam: not listen to speeches from politicians, time to listen to WG

long and winding journey

Ccl ask xxx three years ago; Dec 12 and none knew what they were getting into -- neither did I

&&& intelligence, etc; sense of humour

don’t know of any other M

challenges along the way, not always xxx and neat

xxx recomms; extensive and exhaustive; my own opinion, careful and well thought out

xxx end of the beginning

great deal of work to implement them xxx; before floor

thx to public for participating -- ppl who care

staff: Sokol, Mikicich, Hawkins who steered to a safe harbour

specially give thanks to the mbrs [named]

I do and on behalf of [Ccl]

Mayor: xxx always prepare to be flexible

David Hawkins: just briefly : 1; 2 b June 8; -- {two reports, latest June 8}

1. The “Upper Lands Study Review Working Group Final Report dated June 1, 2015, attached to the report dated June 5, 2015 from the Senior Community Planner, be received for information; and

2. The recomms contained in Part One of the Upper Lands Study Review WG Final Report be used as a framework to:

a) review Upper Lands policies in the Official Community Plan;

b) prepare a Cypress Village Area Development Plan; and

c) develop a Trails Plan.

SLIDES -- Land Use Planning Exercise; land itself, policy, administer; how used, shd be

Ashley Bauman (WG co-chair): happen to be here

SLIDES recap: terms of ref 6K acres 28% of DWV

{Mbrs stood}

support of liaisons; wdn’t have a report if not avid, and wrote

SLIDE of 30-month review process

Since March 30: start by looking at the values; xxx

Recommendations: envmt: above 1200ft line and below

restrict above 1200 (from residential)

Hollyburn Cabins; Parks Dept and work with HRA

girls grow up

sieve analysis east of Eagle Creek

tested this ... 86% support the recomms

over to recreation

Andy Krawczyk (WG co-chair): thanks over.to rec

we three together envtal protection then access to those lands

some recall access, enjoy what nature has given

SLIDE: TRAILS; joint use and sgl use trails

see ownership of land with high rec

above 1200ft trail connections and potential recreational amenities

Support: 89%

{but he said over 90%}

Nbrhds slide

devt potential below 1200 Cypress Village; accessible and sustainable as possible; strong cmnty

west of Eagle Crk to Cypress, and Cypress west a sep cmnty

map with two cluster areas

CYPRESS VILLAGE SLIDE ecic feasibility study [7:18]

range of housing types and unit sizes, rental, family, srs, ages, and incomes

designing with nature - sounds nice and can be done

transportation study; planning, a WG est’d to make priority

over 80% (83%)

OUR PRIORITIES: SLIDE believe can be done: open to questions

Mayor: Qs?

Sop: shows a map, contour of 1200 and shows a variation

DH: OCP 2004 [7:21]; current does not allow

as to the merits; can take place &&&

Sop: final says none above 1200ft or west of Eagle Crk

Cypress Village; land west of Eagle Crk not be devpd, transferred to east; Polygon

Sop: had an excellent year; dedication around Eagle Lake; recomm any other areas?

Andy: Envtal section; suggesting land west of Eagle Ck be preserved.

Mayor: conclude your Qs?

Sop: Qs, comments later

Cass: restrict doesn’t mean prevent

{good point, Cass; eagle ears!}


beyond a second Village; so

{laughter} [7:24]

Andy: yes, we want to restrict Cypress Village west; no other devt, not from our WG

Cass: wd it be advisable to put that in?

Andy: wd understand [7:25]

KSteig: FOCPP past prez; Lynne will be speaking as new president

25-yr-old stewardship org areas; longstanding interest; sp features; shd hv brought a map, Castle's, award for [map]

provided specific info; what’s imp to them

OCP’s possible variation; described our sev concerns

greatly relieved earlier his year; Apr 16 letter to WG; great things

maintaining the 1200ft limit plus west of Eagle Creek; urban sprawl

WV’s commitment; est of a compact sustainable nbrhd; key to protect that limit

great process; now moving into a new phase

thank.. plsd to be part of this cmnty

Lynne: new prez; behooved to show my face; NV, FOCPP mbrs from other areas

speaking on behalf of hikers; birds ...

Eagle Crk, seen the owl calling, grateful protected

Took recomm not to go above 1200ft level, NV also cd go above 1200

{NOTE: NV's limit is 1000ft, lower than WV}

my concern, so many links through the upper lands; these trails are valuable; here to support not going above 1200ft

,,,wonderful stewardship Katherine has directed for so long

Mayor: Carolanne Reynolds, followed by Hugh Hamilton

CR: thank you, Mayor and Ccl. It is really a v v important issue and I'm sorry, I scribbled down some notes wch does not give it the importance it deserves, but I'll try to unscramble them. Again of course, thx to Ccl for setting up the WG, and many, many thanks to the WG who spent almost three years going through this, and it was well described by Cclr Cam;

and there were many residents who came to these mtgs as well.

One of the things that was changed was when David Hawkins came on. He was really the change; until then there were discussions about exchanging land above the 1200ft level ... With him and with many of the residents who spoke up and said no, we really really value the 1200ft level.

and, may I say, North Vancouver's limit is 1000ft so we're already 200ft above NV.

A couple of other points that I think -- I mean, they've done so much work it doesn't mean that they haven't, but I know they've done watercourses, but one thing I wd recommend is that they do a full watershed study. That encompasses more than the creeks. Watershed study. That really shd be done.

Also, I've tried for a year now to get some more information on the special places and things above the 1200ft level to the Squamish Nation. Last year I got as far as getting someone to maybe call me from SFU and things. Have to say that last week, Cclr Booth helped me. I said to Cclr Booth, how can we get them to say this, b/c there's been a change in the band ccl and Cclr Booth has been helpful in getting me someone. I think we'll be able to do that.

Now, we found an arrowhead [on] our property -- now that's not special -- but I mean, it's by the Upper Levels hwy so they were v active there. And I'm sure there are other things, and not just culturally-modified trees.

So it is thanks to some of the residents who came to the mtgs and had far more expertise in that area than I have about who talked about what was there and what was going on.

So, we do owe them a great deal of thanks, and I hope you will get the watershed study and include the Squamish [Nation] and I hope you will preserve the 1200ft, b/c that was a change that happened last year.

One thing that did concern me -- I wd like clarification on however -- is at the last Upper Lands WG mtg four ppl said that this is so complex (and I do agree), complicated (I agree), and is a huge complicated task, and they've done v well but four ppl said there shd be a mtg about three hours long with Ccl, and four of them said it shd be a mtg with them. Two said closed, one said in camera, so I wd like to ask Ccl, this is working groups... All WG mtgs are supposed to be open anyway, and although it's now finished and we thank them for all their recommendations, I hope Ccl will say that if they do have -- and it's probably needed -- a three-hour mtg on the Upper Lands that it will be open, and that the public can hear the discussion you have with them. Please.


C. Reynolds (Editor, West Van Matters) thanked the working group and spoke relative to the report including restricting development above the 1200 foot limit, suggested that a watershed study should be done and queried if a meeting with Council and the Upper Lands Working Group would be open to the public.

Mayor: as you know, Carolanne, we like to do all our biz that we can in public, so that's the answer.

CR: do I have your word?

Mayor: you have my word on everything!


CR, chuckling too: does that mean the heritage group that you said was going to be formed June last year?

You walked into that one, but thank you very much

{more chuckles from gallery -- "nice one"?}

Mayor: just to set the record straight, that heritage cmte will be set up --

{more gallery chuckles}

as soon as we get, have the staff time available to make it happen, isn't that right, Ms Leemhuis?

{NL's answer unintelligible but think she agrees. btw the Mayor first told me there'd be one in June 2014 (or 2013)}

{UPDATE: October 18th and no heritage cmte yet!!!}

Hugh Hamilton: representing the Old Growth Conservancy Society

wd like to applaud the WG on their final report; captures the need and views of the public and recognizes the sensitivities this area has

WG visited, reached out, ..... truly reflect the values and desires of the cmnty

esp above the 1200 contour, fully recognized

shown in recommendation in Section

OGC fully supports this recomm

Mayor: thank you for the work you do taking ppl on tours through that Old-Growth Conservancy; it's v much appreciated

Anybody else? Seeing no one, turn it over to Cclr Cam for a motion

Cam: first, report received for info; secondly Pt 1 be used as a framework to review policies; b) to prepare a Cypress Village area devt plan; and c) to develop a trails plan

Mayor: do you want to speak to

Cam: as you alluded -- have already spoken to it and cdn't support this more

Mayor: Mr Lewis oh. Cclr Sop, am sure you'll have a comment


Go ahead, Cclr Sop

{NG squeaks, slaps Mayor's wrist then hits desk, but mics not on}

Sop: did you want you go first, by all means, you've got the floor, I'm sick and tired of this going back and forth

Mayor: don’t want this squabble; let's be professional here; go ahead

Sop: thank you, Mayor Smith

Ladies and gentlemen, you've sustained and been dedicated to one of the most imp areas in WV...

find it fascinating and want to point it out to you that I was the only mbr of ccl who voted against going above 1200ft level in those early days

to these magnificent group of ppl not only not go above but shifting away from devt

an onerous task and you are to be commended for an incredible job.

Mayor: thank you for those brief remarks

MB: also want to thank the group for their work; arduous overwhelming huge piece of land, hats off, you guys

{think she might not have noticed there were some women/ladies among the mbrs???}

thank you for the simplicity of recommendations and readability [7:41]

you nailed the values; really flows

to honour the work of the cmte, I have been suggesting a workshop, as Ms R says

complexity; does deserve, require a workshop format, no problem with public attending

discuss recomms and xxx

bringing us ... other stakeholders ... v interested in participating

we consult them, they will consult us, relnship a strong one going forward

do have a number of Qs, but don’t think tonight is the night

Mayor: NG

NG: thanks to the cmte

re a,b,c of No 2 if in priority order, wd like to see the trails plan come first b/c I know the OCP

xxx know what’s happening in NV; reconciling xxx use

on p13 pic of placid? hiking trail and on p13 mtn biker usty?

that’s going to be a conversation to have; wd like to see before too late

Cass: in the interests of time, given other occasion; thanks.

Mayor: to build on what Cclr Cass ... trails

next x years another million ppl

xxx and Howe Sound, we have two treasures

maximize the recreational and value of those assets

good work being done ... with recommendations

Call question; carries unanimously

Cam: put on the floor a second motion; Oct 2015 process for a specific response to part one

this is not a staff-recommended motion

as motion previously passed; status is ambiguous; said use as a framework

they want to start tomorrow but in that motion Ccl has not committed itself

as &&& of the &&&, our obligation to respond clearly

transp plan we don’t follow in some respects; acted on some Housing

not proposing a mtg with WG or further steps

Ccl at least shd meet with WG

{ooooo! dangerous territory; closed mtg Ccl and WG when most of the land belongs to BPP; a deal tempting.....}

discuss xxx wch ones

an example; two

est a max size for houses can’t accept with [7:49] xxx; esp with BPP

west of Eagle Crk; BPP’s devt rights

can be we’ll endorse or will need to wait for the second round to see if we can implement in full or in part.

have personal view; wait for Ccl

Mayor: notice of motion xxx

Cam: recommending a staff report; leave it to CAO whatever thinks possible ...

Ccl; I think a dedicated mtg with the WG; respond specifically to each of the recommendations

CAO, when mic comes on: staff can certainly prepare a report well within that timeframe

relative to the other work that's ongoing, was already contemplated so not too far a stretch, so I wd call the question

{Mayor did; passed} [7:52]

6. OCP Amendment, Rezoning and Devt Permit Applicn No. 14-052 for 1763 Bellevue (Masonic Hall)

{SM gave some background; Lisa Berg recapitulated, gave findings; with SLIDES}

three major elements;

land use cd be changed if public benefits; in a cmnty use zone

SLIDE of overview; 2.8 FAR; 7-storey (5 residential) and partial 8; SLIDE of consultation process

some underground parking; 57 with 15 of wch surplus so public

bldg ht from av grade, puts it at ~ 77ft or lower curb up to 83ft

Design Rev Cmte met; ... cmnty consultation mtg; suggested other cmnty amenities... disability; accessibility and safety

in April mtg; proj website kept up to date; process, flow-chart

for notice;1000 envelopes to the surrounding and 40+ attended; physical model to the side of your table; copies of questionnaire; themes heard in opposition; concern wrt devts beyond 5 storeys, loss of cmnty use {and slide says spot-zoning}; general context, and generally in opposition re village character

Ppl felt wd add vibrancy to this area, inapprop use for Ambleside.... new investment

ppl generally put more on parking serve rec and biz areas

month of April survey results, 103 online responses on WVite, detailed Q'naire

72.9 on 51 replies, bldg approp, [see SLIDE with stats]

We recommend proj advance to bylaw stage; for the following reasons: &&&

staff wd make an analysis wrt CACs and report back

Mayor: thank you

congrats for the graduation of your kindergarten student this morning

F Connolly: working on this project for quite a while

now working with Karl Gustavson with OCP and next &&& [8:04] and revitalization

this applicn in the OCP says five storeys but doesn’t take into consideration of tidal

impacted by the 15-storey and x directly shining through xxx into hydro stn across the street; tried to provide green roof, decks, and soften as much as we can

5 storeys, 2 for parking; sustainable bldg; insulation; solar panels; water-saving fixtures; roof gardens with raised planters

masonry substantial gone further masonry stones and bricks

my architect has given me a minute for his xxx

existing; biz as well need help

Karl Gustavson, architect: thank you, Francis

living and working in this cmnty for 35 years

revit of Amb (or Dund?) in 1985; Dund, first award-winning bldg

cmnty accessible parking; worked well and stood the tests of time

started Mar 13, 2014 started with Francis

500 notices and 45 ppl participated; proj has been informed and involved in the process

SLIDE drawing

difficult for me to get involved in

felt we had to get the best fit for the cmnty; Design Panel confirmed as best fit

SLIDE: this drawing 5-storey OCP at top what it wd look like

this mezzanine, new high water; all that stuff out of the ground

8 storeys 15.5 ft; best practices, flood plain elevation

SLIDES view analysis -- offered to take photos from someone’s balcony; great advocate of public parking

SLIDES: to access roof (residents) -- take great pride in my projects as ppl look back and say looks right for here; level two min, been fan of level 3 accessibility

We've chosen public parking as a nec benefit; residential in heart of retail

slide [8:16] loss of views > change of view; 4 units per floor; bldg in heart; LEED gold; tapered; 10ft floor to floor

at this point, go to PH; not asking for decision; beginning process [8:20]

Leagh Gabriel: Ch of Comm; add to revit of Amb Village

20 new condos bring add'l (shoppers)

Rob Spurgeon: Chair of ADBA

{recent merger; now the Ambleside and Dundarave Biz Assn}

on behalf of merchants, urge approval; merchants on life support;

14 vacancy signs 13th to 19th; 11 retail store fronts; Amadeo vacant for over a year; $1 store; Thunder; lost a jewellery store

late 40s, early 50s; served ppl coming back from the war

{referring to the Masonic Hall}

Amb is our city ctr; unf Amb hasn’t changed; great locn, parks xxx &&&

we don’t think it’s enough need more ppl living in our [city]

{District!!! we do not yet qualify to be a city}

ppl want to go to our stores and [8:24] need MORE

need more ppl living in our town ctr

16-storey residence; west 15; now we’re struggling to get 7 next to 15

Ian Crook: brief remarks

100m from subject prop; sent letter to Ccl

we’re not disputing 5 storeys, Q is going beyond 5 storeys

focuses on a direct line of sight; higher than xxx

fair number of (us) will lose view

our Q is, do we need that height to get &&& ?

not sure 15 pkg spaces will turn

almost same density as Grosv; this is a lot of density for a secondary location

Elaine Fonseca: devt is spot-zoning

undermines our OCP and sets a precedent of higher and bigger bldgs

contravenes the OCP

current zoning shd remain until OCP &&

attended public mtg; majority of the public will be against

v expensive ste &&& ... until OCP reviewed

wrt on-line Qnaire - are they WV residents? xxx -- I was at mtg, majority against

Melinda Slater: &&& .69 of a respondent

won’t get into validity xxx; lack of public

67 responses will also give you pause; residents, object to spot-zoning


Mayor: applause adds to length of mtg

{perhaps his major concern; others might think important for citizens to be able to express their agreement so Ccl will notice and take more seriously}

John Roth: live directly behind the Masonic Hall

chief concern, in danger of setting risky precedent


b/c of BC Hydro not suitable; effects of radiation xxx; not ideal for cmnty use

visitor ctr, art gallery


twice height of Masonic Hall

prop next will go on market; want same; not going to settle for less

almost finished sliding??? down now

devprs buy land in confident expectation get rezoning

on top of rezoning

Liz Byrd: yrs ago on something called Envision, what shd be in 25 years

Mark Sager: when Bill and I were on Ccl 20 years ago this came up; 20 years have gone by, let’s get on with it

Michelle Vaughan: work with LeSage

not moving forward, we’re standing still

over and over coworkers and clients

sustainability ... profits making ... have to address sust ... first solar-powered bldg

will cost the devpr substantially more

15 pkg spots hot commodity in WV

a lot of merchants having a hard time

central so residents can walk

BPP and Britannia

our economy

unless we make xxx now

housing options, or lack thereof

many retired wd like to move down the hill


11 3-bedroom and nine 2-bedrooms [8:38]

xxx sold to local buyers

need to increase residential taxes or &&&

Scenery Slater: {TEXT supplied; check against delivery}

The report to Council dated June 9th, like the one you received in December omits all of the policy provisions that would oppose this development. We deserve both opposing & supporting information.

It is not balanced to consider both zoning & OCP amendments in tandem. We deserve not to have issues confused.

Where is the discussion about the “vibrancy we [lose] with the removal of Community Use ? This site formerly hosted yoga classes, scout meetings, public dances, etc. etc. Is this not vibrant? Do these people not support our local businesses? What about the parking a community use site provides?

.but the staff report states: “there is no direct public benefit of the Masonic Hall.

I suggest that they are wrong.

Yes, it is different from a public community centre – but this very important issue has been sidestepped. Those [who] attended the meetings at the site voiced a desire to expand rather than reduce community use. We deserve to have this issue explored fully.

and these community meetings. First the developer held one. Then the District held one. At both, the majority voiced opposition to this development, but I see that the staff report only refers to “correspondence received at these meetings – and then says the summary of these “is not an exact science.

I’m pretty sure that those [who] attended did not have the expectation they would have to put [their] comments in writing to have them heard. We deserve better.

We are being asked to surrender the value of community use AND build much larger than the OCP suggests in exchange for 15 public parking spots.

There has been NO mention that such an amenity would have to be provided if the development [were] approved 33 feet lower and much smaller.

We deserve valid comparisons.

Then there is the fact that while this proposal is being considered the architect is simultaneously working as an [adviser]

to the Planning Department.

Then there is the bizarre online questionnaire. How do you measure a question that starts “What are your thoughts.. Is it not leading to preface a question with a statement that starts “It is expected that?

We deserve an impartial process conducted by nonpartisan individuals.

Mr. Sokol has stated to me in writing that one of the reasons his department supported this proposal is because it is better than a vacant site. We deserve to have all deciding criteria made known before decisions are made.

I [haven’t] the time to [count] all the many flaws in this process, but it isn’t the first time the public have told you how inept [unsatisfactory?] they find both the development process and community engagement.

Please reject this proposal. You have not been provided with the information and tools to justify a consequential change to the OCP. We deserve better, and so do you.


John Green: came to ask one Q only

but listening, pls Ccl consider some things; am pro devt but concerned; live [close] 1748 Duchess; be careful about what you listen to; stats easy to spin

number of mtgs, mixed use, I support; doesn't mean I support seven storeys

support more than it was

he wants to make money

just say pls consider; city plan do need to choose things; letting ppl break the rules and do spot zoning and spot planning is the answer

my last question. I'm a free mason. I understand that. John Lawson was a free mason. He donated the land that's now known as John Lawson Park to the city [sic] of West Vancouver. Don't know if the city [sic] has looked into this but it was my understanding that when he dies {gave?} that land to masonry wch he also did, to the lodges, that he did not intend it to be used for commercial use or devt, he intended it to be something for {WV}. So talking about a theatre, a library, or something that is v positive for the cmnty, absolutely that wd hv bn his wishes. I'm not a lawyer. I'm sure this gentleman legally owns that land, but if I think if you actually look back and you ask you staff to look into the. what was written in the bylaws and what that property was donated, Freemasonry, I'm not sure this proj wd be legal let alone let alone whether or not you shd vote for it.

So pls, just be careful in your consideration.


CR: Thank you, Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of WVM. Just a few things

Did I miss what the Uplift was in this upzoning? does anybody know it?

Mayor: that's coming back, if the motion passes

CR: it's something we shd know b/c we worked so long and so hard to say that the Cmnty Benefits (CBs) shd be 75% of the Uplift. If we don't know the Uplift, we can't then comment on the validity or appropriateness or appropriate amt of 15 parking spaces.

Going back ..., the bldg was supposed to be for cmnty use and I think it's v important -- I mean I didn't know the facts that were just given about the Masonic Hall, wch I think were v interesting, but I think it's v valuable to keep the places that have been designated cmnty use for cmnty use. You don't want to buy things or whatever with that ... one thing that came to mind is the Ctr for Art and Architecture (or whatever it is).

{CAAD: Centre for Art, Architecture, and Design}

Many ppl don't want to see it in Lawson Park. Well, maybe this cd be the place for cmty use such as the Ctr for Art and Design. They don't want to look at a BC Hydro thing so my suggestion is, they can be creative and imaginative and put up a great big art mural.


They'd be looking at the art mural.

Also, you cd still have it for cmnty use and if you really need residential units, you cd hv the top couple of floors for residences, and the bottom still for cmnty use, and room for them to expand.

I hope you will look at this again, but especially, the cmnty use bit, and the Uplift -- they're missing and I really do think that the Uplift every devt and upzoning that comes to Ccl shd hv in writing.

Thank you very much.


Maggie Pappas: ...time for boldness; need way to bring younger demographic into this cmnty; repatriate our own grown chn, this devt has potential; right size, ... three roommates or three young professional siblings -- I have three in mine, the grown chn of one of our former mayors; they're renting in Kits right now and they cd be living in WV.

They can invest in prop here, w/ the help of CMHC and possibly the bank of mum and dad, so eventually they can raise their own chn here

LEED gold; KG has designed the first solar-powered bldg in our cmnty

devpr listened and will market to young professionals ... storage ... outlets ... power tools

for sale AND rental; 1 pkg space for millennials;

{KG corrects this later}

sev units wheelchair accessible, not nearly enough in WV

sp policies in OCP, hydro substn ... high water table that causes flooding so two levels of parking above, not below

view corridor surveys, virtually no impact even though adjacent bldg 15 floors high (does impact); if 2 residential levels removed cannot be financially be built and we'll lose...

personal conversations with Booth, Sop, Cameron, and Gamb -- link attracting younger demographic to the long-term health and prosperity of WV; believe Cclr Lewis might concur

urge you all to be bold ... let it go to PH

if we lose it,,, been for sale for decades

help our town ctr, resuscitate the dying part of our cmnty; we need this now

Christine Banham: move fwd so it can be considered

some of the residents have reasons

lawyers know time is of the essence, height is of the essence

misses an opportunity; just do it now

Mayor: who else? Rob Harrington? no?

D. Herzstein: hear ppl talk about what we need for the cmnty ..

can’t see as a biz, businesses close down by the dozens; can’t see it as an art ctr ... we have two

btw I live up the road -- for 36 years

what we need in this area is a hotel; this is something we cd consider; what we


Mayor: think it wd be helpful if the ppl who wish to speak after Gerry Harrington -- sorry, Rob Harrington.. I played soccer with Gerry -- stand over there so some order

Rob Harrington: MDr; not 40 there opposing the project

must be painful for a devpr to hold the prop for so long


Thunder Pies, renovated; open two days, closed, now for sale; life savings on the line

idea not good enough, not enough capitalization

Amb is a difficult place to do biz; wealthiest not around Amb; NV more income around Lonsdale than we have in Amb


buses also run them down to PkR

on south side don’t benefit

we need to fix this and need to do it now.

Ted Alto: moved here; last two years

did a good job with Fresh Street Market

if architect wd like to come to my patio

so be it

I blame the [Ccl/DWV?], you guys

{guess he hasn’t noticed the lovely ladies}

didn’t tell architect

think it’s a good devt, shd be done but according to the OCP

Duncan Pierce: 40 years ... Biz owner; resident last 10 [8:58]

lots of good comments

what is a village? -- they come they live they work they play

not a balance here; this will help the process

small departure for an intelligent reason

time we got on with it; time we set a precedent; time we got on with it and got project going

Todd Nelson: 18th St; two wrongs don’t make it right

Hollyburn ... it shdn’t hv been built

nbrs too ill to come; do have nbrs here

feel this wd encroach on John Lawson Park

set a bad precedent

Brian Cassilio: add my voice to those in opposition; erosion of OCP b/c of spot-zoning

xxx not re 5-storey bldg

xxx simple when the

xx can be obtained [9:01]

devprs approaching the OCP as a pinata


Heather Mersey: [here] since 1983

apts, infill housing; still struggling with what goes on in Amb; whether changes forever

my concern is cmnty use

as we go forward, &&& arts group, arts ctr, whatever

we take away from our cmnty

going forward with waterfront devt

don’t think shd go forward tonight

Mike Adams: 1750 MDr; for 25 years; didn’t want to take up more of your time

one thing, don't know if I've heard; describe ourselves as a cmnty but we’re talking about one bldg

six months from now, another bldg and another bldg

what I don't see here ... cmnty...

words of our retailers, struggling not just b/c of changing demographic and horrible economic xxx of last decade; and exploitative nature of retail industry -- sorry, but it is what it is

What we aren't see is any sort of plan for our cmnty that involves continuity; isn't a plan in place when a devpr wants to build ... one this sounds like a great one -- don't know if height I wd choose -- sounds like a quality product, something wd like in our cmnty, but how does it fit in, how to the view, the overall scope, the 2500 block, to the cmnty?

what does it say to ppl who want to live here for 25 years, kids for next 50?


Trudy Adair: worked recently with DoJ in the commercial property law section, govt of Canada

part ... Lawson grant ... conducting historical research

seems to me this transaction shd not proceed ... until legal research conducted

Keith Pople: 2 things: agree with last speaker

shd hv an overall plan before decision; piecemeal planning is not good

overall plans for Amb

at that mtg with a show of hands; heard them speaking for and against

I asked for show of hands and considerably more opposed

someone said ADRA, but few

Christine Ballantine: went to mtg Apr 22 and followed it up with a letter to Mr Mikicich

from what I wrote: haven’t got a village hall; raise funds for causes; disaster for earthquake; emerg preparedness; St John Amb; place for evaluations -- left as a cmnty prop used for disaster preparedness ... somewhere

some there ... Hydro bldg nasty rumbling hard to sleep at night

Mayor: anyone else? Mr Mik take Qs?

NG: thank you, everyone, for coming tonight

for staff when will we have any clarity at all for OCP guidelines?

SM: on June 8 we laid out the work plan for the OCP

[9:10] process will run a couple of years

also, not advocating shutting down the door if existing policy or had merit

policy and guidelines a little way off

NG: for the proponent

loss of cmnty use a concern of mine as well; ~3K of commercial space

also heard 14 up for xxx

don’t know if commercial a good idea

3Ksf for comm is that viable?

if later on we want to change to cmnty use, is that possible or can we make it possible?

Ans: suppose so; not contiguous

not sure during public process

dog-training, yoga studio; use for mtgs; current use is not cmnty, it’s private; dance, boy scouts

NG: part of the prob, talk of cmnty use but no one’s come up with valid; like all of us to think of that later

second Q, notice 14 more parking spots

Ans: there’s an overflow; comm always requires addl parking

person occupies space of 200sf, they bring a car

need to house them (parking); currently fully rented to biz in the area; strong demand

NG: those 14 pkg spots on P3 rented out? to other biz owners

Ans: yes

KG: to clarify, was comment from one speaker about one parking stall per person; it’s not the case; it's 1.2 something plus public parking,

{who? Pappas above?}

more than one stall designated per unit plus the public parking

NG: get that down to one per unit

Cass: won’t get into OCP

also ht

for, need increased densification for

however heard that biz are dying why &&&

lower bldg and need for parking

not getting

Ev’s happy

KG: looking for longterm &&&; need continuity from 18th; second tier comm space

Cass: [hear] consistently that our biz are being sucked dry by PkR

&&& not competition ... until &&& [9:18]

Ans: 75% is 65 - 70

we got comm space

go to ofc uses; they’re all over; need for smaller space

Cass: is there financial xxx ... if drop three storeys?

Mayor: we’re getting way off topic

gotta get along, 3hr 20min, and only 2/3 through the agenda

{anxious to end}

MB: covenant?

Ans: can’t restrict rental for 100 years

MB: parking, use; was there a consideration of rental units?

Ans: good Q; generally; CNV have done a survey

30% of strata, priv investors buy, rental; is it sustainable to be a rental project: no, 20 units

rental projs downtown, 60 - 80 units then they'll put maybe 8 or 10 into rental

Mayor: need to move along here

MB moves:

THAT OCP Amendment, Rezoning and Devt Permit No. 14-052 for 1763 Bellevue (Masonic Hall) advance in the applicn review process; and that staff bring forward the following for Ccl consideration:

a) proposed bylaws to amend the OCP and Zoning Bylaw, and a proposed Devt Permit;

b) draft covenants to prevent rental restrictions of the residential strata units; to secure the public parking component as part of the devt package; and other community amenities as required; and

c) a Phased Development Agreement Bylaw to secure a Community Amenity Contribution.

MB: &&& hear it almost daily, leaving can’t find

hear about parking

test for me, is am I fundamentally opposed; at this stage open mind, so I will support going to the next stage so public submit formal submissions

ML: good point; we’re not making a decision tonight; not the time to debate the merits

PH all mbrs of public; we’re putting ppl through the wringer tonight

preemptive attack? if so, badly misinformed

tonight just move it forward or not

Cass: tonight is a decision; down garden path

PH, don’t hear [9:25]

owner bought this prop and knew -- respect the OCP; not a pinata, xxx

precedent-setting if you did it for Masonic Hall

we’re in OCP ... will take a couple of years; we’ll look at it area by area; in process of waterfront area

we might look back xxx ... 15 parking ... xxx ... don’t need

remove the comm space and drop a couple of storeys we’ll all be happy


NG: tough to follow that

want to follow the OCP but it’s 12 to 13 years out of date; shd hv started procedure 4 or 5 yrs ago

{Ccl unaware that OCPs are meant to be updated ev five years?}

take some resp for that

concerns me; 2003 principle of smart growth, hadn’t even heard of it

shd leave a little flexibility; height ... flood, need extra

agree with Cclr Cass; happy to see something other than &&&

have staff and applicant discuss ... including more parking spots

LEED gold standard, DRC support; solar panels, xxx [9:29]

afraid to say that I agree our consultation processes need to be approved {improved?}

b/c outdated fumbling along in the dark; really hard for us

xxx proponent has done, thoughtful proj... given all the restrictions

Mayor: no other cclr signed up to speak so I'll jump in

Cclr Gambioli makes a good point; OCP, living doc, 12 years old; economics at early part of century a lot diff from now; value of land, cost of construction, how many units xxx -- world's changed

looking at a derelict building; someone blow it up before somebody burns it down

an eyesore, unused, lack of drive and initiative getting Amb turned around

well-known WV architect, has a good reputation for putting in sensitive devt; a number of projs

beside a bldg twice the height; providing housing options we badly need, 20 units we don’t have in Ambleside

gotta get ppl living in Amb or we won’t have an Ambleside

xxx, ppl who don’t believe moved from 1970s; reality world has moved on from 1970, and Amb is struggling, going to until ppl living there, vibrancy, and good choice of restaurants; no places to drink other than the Square Rigger pub


badly needed, complete refresh, been decades... nothing gets done

opp to get something other end ... density where badly needed ... it's along the bus line, M services, can walk to

to not move this proj along, to not make a stmt for vibrancy, a critical mistake

I fully support moving this along to next stage

think pretty open and shut, needs to happen

stop thinking 1970, it's not; gotta save our village

haven't seen anyone else signed up to speak, so -- sorry, Cclr Sop

Sop: might get kicked in the butt on this one

I was a Mason at the Lodge, some years ago

went up for sale sev times; cdn’t get together on the price

taken off permissive tax; xxx guess that’s how it ended

applicant, v nice gentleman

our architect, v nice, residential above commercial back in early 90s

in this last few years, starting with the Grosv

15th & Clyde; 14h/15th

never been in all these years a master plan to know what we really want it to look like

what it means and what we’re trying to seek

Grosv site cd go over three, [9:35]

every other devt stay at 37ft, three storeys

15th and Clyde was 43 I didn’t support xxx

came back two of us didn’t support; there isn’t a definitive plan to make it go forward

86 and '87 when Prez of Chamber, let’s devp it

our staff been working

one of the best places in Canada and the world xxx

have not come up with a definitive plan for Amb

until that time press for something higher and higher

think we shd step back, deal with the OCP; if changes, then deal with zoning

ev time we look at an amendment

if it takes a cpl of years for the OCP well.

about this applicant?

xxx parking xxx other things given?

some, let’s give him the 8 storeys and be done with it xxx

I prefer ppl come not as a commodity but as a place to live

Cam: four ppl in favour

one of the fun things; you’re an imbecile no matter what you decide

disagree with Sop

no plan for Amb; we have a plan for Amb

2008/9 didn’t work

no way we can get around it; need more density -- question of how much and where

I detest spot-zoning

but can set down tools for two years to come up with a plan

this site will accommodate more density

this bldg being beside a 15-storey building DRC ; no major changes to zoning

Q is, is this a major change?

OCP says 5 and we have 7 or 7 1/2 proposed

think we can advance; I don’t think the cmnty amenities sufficient to grant two storeys

xxx 1.7 per unit; 1 per unit 14 more

cmnty use in this bldg, offer something to this nbrhd

rental, demonstrated need for ppl who can’t afford to buy here

proj as presently, not xxx [9:42]

if the project doesn’t change will have a difficult time supporting it

MB: one of the major objections, spot-zoning and OCP; been wrestling with that myself

looked at research; OCPs are not mandatory

major expected anticipated housing units

must address restrictions on land; affordable, rental, and sp-needs housing; often about accommodating

have spent time reading our OCP; going to read

this plan, broad cmnty objectives rather than a detailed [9:44]

tools to regulate devt; also intend to be a dynamic doc

so evolve..xxx; so it accommodates spot-zoning

Like Cam, parking -- is this a good CB, is this enough? data that says need more parking

zoned Cmnty Use though think some confusion? chicken and egg?

cmnty space/uses instead of commercial

art gallery doesn’t want that space

youth? ... way too early in the process ... youth ctr below residents be compatible?

we have what staff have recommended; they think this is the best xxx

SM: Qs around CAC -- there is no CAC on the table

{CBs/CACs same -- Cmnty Benefits; Cmnty Amenity Contribution}

if potential value of a CAC shd be

but around public parking, policy stmt

5 storeys, no CAC offer on the table

Carries with Sop and Cass opposed [9:49]

[9:54] Motion to go past 10?


then to close of biz

[Lewis opposed]

{to go past 10pm requires a unanimous vote; unusual but they continued to discuss}

how about 10:30?

Mayor: need to deal with Police bldg and Consent Agenda, and PQP and some other items...

did Mr Beedie leave?

{someone says saw him leave}

Sop moved: till complete


Mayor: had motion on floor that was defeated

...just defeated -- anyone another motion

{comments back and forth}

Cass: can we reorganize order of the items; gentleman has been waiting; after?

Mayor: Ms Leemhuis, can you help us out here?

Sop: motion on the floor

CAO: suggest go forward with Items 7, 8, 9, and then to Consent Agenda items... sitting in gallery relatively quickly

Mayor: what about item 11?

{can't hear}

ML: make a comment; didn’t realize some mbrs of public directly impacted on items here; my concern has always been that after 10pm the quality of debate decreases exponentially. I'm completely prepared to withdraw my negative vote.

if somebody wd re-move the motion

----all mixed up

[9:58] Sop moves: to end of biz

Mayor: in the interests of xxx

SSch: to end of biz or

{in any case, then the Mayor goes to Item 7}

7. Police Services and Municipal Hall Project Funding Scenarios (File: 0800-01)

Police Services and Municipal Hall Project Funding Scenarios – Correction to Appendix A (File: 0800-01

ML: corrn received

Sop: police

NO, No 7

moved: THAT as described in the report dated June 2, from the CAO, the funding scenario for the Police Services and Municipal Hall Project, at a total estimated cost of $36 million, which includes combined funding from the Endowment Fund and from the Municipal Finance Authority, as follows, be approved:

a) $7.743 million from the Endowment Fund; and

b) $28.257 million by way of a 30-year loan from the Municipal Finance Authority (MFA).

Cam: support this b/c recomm by staff; essentially an inheritance we received

payment as we go

some of the costs of the xxx on residents here over.

Cass: many hesitations about supporting this

1st, the money saved from sale of Police bldg, public understood for paying

that's their understanding

[NOT] sell an appreciating asset for a depreciating


{one reason I argued if selling then buy other property so we keep our land bank; this point is that land grows in value and the building the money is used for will decrease in value. Still wrestling with decision......}

interest on that for interest on the debt, having a tough time swallowing it

30 years ... $36M &&& ... will support ... v bitter pill to swallow

MB: really

v little debt; not debt that can’t be paid, protected by an asset

VCH site is shown as an asset, a real estate asset in the &&&

we took proceeds (?) of sale of Police to

took from one to

PSB bldg, xxx earned

putting down 21.5%

xxx as finance

thank you, staff, and feel comfortable supporting this

Sop: initially

subsequently taken off the table

when did cmnty ctr, xxx and xxx, $44M then things got a little tight

{yes, cost of cmnty ctr started at $25M.}

purchase at 22nd

staff said here’s three options; feel this one is right

still have put in $7.7M from EndFund but it will go; waterfront acq

certain we’re not running out of money

Cass: yes, $16M for [10:06] . &&&

end up leasing, use money from VCH site to pay down?

CAO: xxx sets the tone, when options, ability to pay off always possible

Scenery: issues of trust around this

process for public involvement and xxx

you told me to my face

wd hv to sell

at a site that was not supported

if you wd use your own PIP policy, wdn’t be fiasco and all sitting with egg on your face

Mayor: we took an old Police Bd

$46M xxx purchase five waterfront xxx

Mayor: xxx; don’t appreciate xxx -- call Q, we’re done

8. Police Services and Municipal Hall Project: Exterior Design (File: 0800-01)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the proposed exterior design for the Police Services and Municipal Hall Project, as described in the report dated June 19, 2015 regarding Police Services and M Hall Project: Exterior Design, be approved.


9. Declaration of the Right to a Healthy Environment (File: 0332-01) Appendix A

NG: already? organize my thoughts

?: Roger Sweeney

NG: been waiting 4hrs and 10 min

RS: on behalf of Blue Dot Team; Suzuki Fdn

thank you for thoughtful way; thank Mr Brent Leigh xxx; full support of his

recognizing the right? of ev to live in

xxx the most promising way

Charter of Rights and Freedoms; take to UBCM in Sept

Rmd challenged xxx

do you feel this will satisfy that xxx?

bare bones; fleshed out in appendix to the report

WV is already an envmtal leader

hope it is intended

the more Ms onside, the better

option 4.1; 4.2 an alternative

we Blue Dotters, do both

NG: will read b/c to UBCM

THAT WHEREAS municipalities and regional districts are the govt nearest to the people and the natural environment, and therefore share a deep concern for the welfare of the natural envmt and understand that a healthy envmt is inextricably linked to the health of individs, families, future generations and cmnties;

AND WHEREAS fostering the envmtal well-being of [a] cmnty is a M purpose under sec 7(d) of the Cmnty Charter and a regional district purpose under sec 2(d) of the LGA;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the DW request that the Prov of BC enact a provincial bill of right that:

a) recognizes the right of every resident to live in a healthy environment, including the right to clean air, clean water, clean food, and vibrant ecosystems;

b) provides for public participation in decision-making respecting the envmt and access to envmtal information;

c) provides access to justice when envmtal rights are infringed; and

d) has whistleblower protection.

NG: wd like to thank Roger and rest of the Blue Dotters, hope successful at UBCM

as to what we’re going to do

prov may be 2 - 3 yrs down the road

think shd be doing something; so I’ll propose a second motion; I’ll do that next


NG: as to what are we doing something less formal

in disc with staff and Roger I’m going to propose Ccl direct staff to produce an annual update done by Vic attached to this report, based on the declaration’s wording (those six points)

Mayor: Mr Leigh, has staff captured spirit of Cclr NG’s motion?

BL: ackn the principles apply; diff for ev cmnty

distinction you’re making is to annually so staff can take direction and provide on an annual basis

NG: annually starting Sept 2015

Mayor: take 2015 out

CAO: part of third Quarter report

Mayor: fine

Sop: thank you, Mr Leigh

unless supported by other Ms will get lost in the shuffle

WV has taken the lead in many things helmets, etc

xxx nothing wrong with making a statement bold as it can be.


Sop: motion?

Mayor: Sheila

SSch: seconder?

Sop: xxx

Mayor: bold enough stmt

CAO: prepare report on a quarterly basis

Sop: not stmt of the

we’ll take and receive info quarterly xxx

UBCM, lost in shuffle

Mayor: Cclr NG good motion, take it??? [10:21]

10. Proposed 5-Yr Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4780, 2015, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4842, 2015 (budget #### adjustments) (File: 1610-20-4842)

Withdrawn (and rescheduled to the July 6, 2015 Council meeting).


11. Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4828, 2015 (for 2832/2842 Bellevue)

The proposed bylaw received first reading at the May 25 reg Ccl mtg and Ccl scheduled a PH re the proposed bylaw to be held on June 22. If the June 22 PH has closed, the proposed bylaw may be considered for second and third reading at the June 22 reg Ccl mtg. If the PH has closed Ccll is not permitted to receive any further submissions regarding the proposed bylaw.


Cam: as revised

Mayor: xxx

Cam: heard about this earlier today

trying to do right thing; trying to retain as many big trees

one coming out, two trees are diseased; our arborist said the two were diseased; I’m not an arborist so ...

treating the blvd with care and sensitivity ... reasonable

I took four pictures; I’m definitely a pro-tree person

extremely hostile


here’s a lot on Hadden Drive -- 25 mature conifers cut down

ev single piece of 3 - 4ft in diameter -- this owner has cleared the lot line to lot line

this Kings or Jefferson to

was really forested not one stitch of vegetation left

house to the west of Mr Beedie’s house

all cut and now some and columnar cedars

here’s a view from

look at this lot, not one stitch; contrast that with what was said

going to support

example [10:26]

NG: xxx hugely significant; reserve and enhance nbrhd character

BF and B2

heard from at least a dozen today

three heritage and character assets to this cmnty

to build a driveway

if possible, be saved

Cass: two out of three wd save the one closest?

that tree has character, been around the block, shows it

one tree, limb hanging out, save; wd be absolutely wonderful

spoke with Streamkeepers, they were impressed with work owner was done re envmt

any way that one tree can be saved, that one tree, b/c it gives character to that

[10:30] MB: some of Cam’s sentiments, when I see an owner generally doing the right thing

full landscape plan for the prop; revit and enhancement for corridor for fish coming out of Rogers creek

been to prop, walked it; that lane is lovely

signif cedars to east being retained by Mr Beedie

appreciate these are old and hv a lot of character, particularly that one tree

but have to look overall

two or three driveways down to one will enhance the street

lovely but have to be persuaded by all the positives; have to support

Beedie only requesting three variances, not signif

by coming have some control don't normally have that kind of jurisdiction

Sop: went round the site; to see ev; went door to door on N side (Bellevue), some for, some against

first reaction, v signif tree that hung over, not too upset about the small one

trees tagged on blvd to stay

owner, nice gentleman; well-liked by nbrhd

assuming from looking at the arborist's report, no flexibility? driveway angle?

sorry, can’t ask you that; lost my head for -- it's 11:30, sorry 10:30

I'm going to support

Mayor: I live in the next block so can assure you no shortage of trees in that area ... chockablock with trees


THAT proposed “Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4828, 2015

be read a second time.

be read a third time.

{---rushed, a little mixed

sorry, third

Cam: move

NGam opposed

Cassidy Consent Agenda

oh, three readings

Summary: the readings passed with Cclr Gamb opposed}


...The rule of order establishing a Consent Agenda provides that consent agenda items may be considered in total and without debate or amendment. ... Items may be excluded for debate.

12. Consent Agenda Items

THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:

· Item 12.1. – Proposed Devt Permit for Lots C/D Daffodil Dr (adjacent to 5619 Daffodil) (set date for consideration);

· Item 12.2. – Proposed DVP No. 14-065 (1507 Haywood Avenue) (To set date for consideration);

· Item 12.3. – Proposed Devt Permit No. 14-055 (2290 Marine Drive) (To set date for consideration) (withdrawn);

· Item 12.4. – Proposed DVP No. 15-030 (6467 Nelson Ave) (To set date for consideration (withdrawn);

· Item 12.5. – Proposed DVP No. 15-032 (6030 Marine Drive) (To set date for consideration) (withdrawn);

· Item 12.6. – Proposed Devt Permit No. 15-009 (4361 Erwin Drive) (To set date for consideration) (withdrawn);

· Item 12.7. – Correspondence List; and

· Item 12.8. – Resoln re Warning Labels on Gas Pumps – Direct Submission to UBCM for 2015 Convention.

12.1. Proposed Devt Permit No. 13-069 for Lots C and D Daffodil Dr (adjacent to 5619 Daffodil Drive) Appendix B and Schedules A to D

THAT proposed Devt Permit No. 13-069 re Lot C and D Daffodil Drive (adjacent to 5619 Daffodil Dr), to allow for a proposed 10 lot subdivision, as described in the report dated June 4 re proposed Devt Permit No. 13-069 (Lots C and D Daffodil Drive) be considered at the July 20 Ccl mtg; and that the MClk give notice of consideration of the proposed devt permit.

12.2. Proposed Devt Variance Permit No. 14-065 (1507 Haywood Av)(File: 1010-20-14-065) Schedule A

THAT DVP re 1507 Haywood to reduce the side-yard setback and allow parking access from Haywood for a new sgl-fam dwelling, as described in the report dated June 12 from the Sr Cmnty Planner, be considered at the July 20, 2015 Ccl mtg; and that the MClk give notice of consideration of the proposed DVP.

12.3. Proposed Devt Permit No. 14-055 (2290 Marine Drive) (File: 1010-20-14-055)

Withdrawn (and rescheduled to the July 6, 2015 Council meeting).

12.4. Proposed Development Variance Permit No. 15-030 (6467 Nelson Avenue) (File: 1010-20-15-030)

Withdrawn (and rescheduled to the July 6, 2015 Council meeting).

12.5. Proposed Development Variance Permit No. 15-032 (6030 Marine Drive) (File: 1010-20-15-032)

Withdrawn (and rescheduled to the July 6, 2015 Council meeting).

12.6. Proposed Development Permit No. 15-009 (4361 Erwin Drive) (File: 1010-20-15-009)

Withdrawn (and rescheduled to the July 6, 2015 Council meeting).

12.7. Correspondence List (File: 0120-24) (click here to view correspondence packages)


THAT the correspondence list be received for information.

> Council Correspondence Update to May 29, 2015 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) Clyde Gardens Strata Ccl, May 26 re “Pls address the noise level for the Kenny Chesney Concert in June (Ambleside Park Concert Noise Level)

(Referred to Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(2) May 26, re “Nbrhd Char Cmnty MtgStaff report re Replacemt Housing regs (Sgl-Fam Housing: Siting, Form, Char)

(3) May 27, 2015, regarding “Re: Long running life threatening situation along 5900 block of Marine Drive

(4) May 27, 2015, regarding “Environmental Rights (The Blue Dot Movement)

(5) E-Comm 9-1-1, May 22, 2015, re Invitation to AGM of the Shareholders of E-Comm (June 18, 2015)

(6) Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Assn (CPAA), May 28, re “Resolution in Support of Rural Post Offices

(7) May 26, re “Outline a Building Before Granting Permission (Sgl-Family Housing - Siting, Form, and Character)

(8) Special Olympics BC, May 25, 2015, re “Invitation to the Law Enforcement Torch Run (June 3, 2015)

(9) Table Matters, May 28, 2015, regarding “Special Events!

Responses to Correspondence

(10) Acting Mgr, Rds/Transp, May 27 response re “Long-running life-threatening situation along 5900blk of Marine

> Council Correspondence Update to June 5, 2015 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) 3 submissions, June 1-2, 2015, regarding Geese at Dundarave Beach

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(2) June 1, 2015, regarding “Invasive [Plants.]

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(3) June 4, 2015, regarding “What will 5 toes cost? (Caulfeild Cove Dock)

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(4) June 1, re “The Monster House Issue, and a proposed soln (Sgl-Family Housing – Siting, Form, and Character)

(5) 5 submissions, June 1-5, re Salmon House/Hill – Patron Particip Entertainmt Endorsemt to Food Primary Licence

(6) June 1, 2015, regarding “We have been questioning the sea water cooling system for Woodfibre for a while. Now

DFO is as well. (Proposed Woodfibre LNGProject)

(7) La Grande Traversée LGT / The Great Canadian Ride TGCR, June 1, 2015, regarding “The Great Canadian Ride TGCR / La Grande Traversée LGT - In West Vancouver BC

(8) June 1, 2015, re “New proposed building codes (Single-Family Housing – Siting, Form, and Character)

(9) May 19, 2015, re Transit Plebiscite, Community Report, and Development on Former White Spot Site

(10) S. Robinson, MLA (Coquitlam-Maillardville), June 3, re “End of session update from the Official Opposition

(11) Table Matters, June 3, 2015, regarding “Table Matters News Summer 2015

(12) Getting to Groundbreaking Team (SFU), June 5, re “Getting to Groundbreaking (G2G) study invitation to participate

(13) Canadian Fedn of Independent Business (CFIB), June 3, re “OPEN LETTER TO ALL CANADIAN MAYORS

(14) North Shore Folkfest Society, June 5, 2015, re “Invitation for the 41st North Shore Folkfest on June 20 & 21

Responses to Correspondence

(15) Manager of Parks Planning and Community Stewardship, June 4, 2015, response to Green Teams of Canada, West Vancouver Parks and Volunteer Engagement – Funding Request

> Council Correspondence Update to June 9, 2015 (up to 4:30 p.m.)

Referred for Action

(1) June 6, 2015, regarding “A house does not have to be huge to be a monster (Construction and boulevard at corner of 12th Street and Esquimalt Avenue)(Single-Family Housing – Siting, Form, and Character)

(Referred to Acting Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

(2) June 5, 2015, regarding “Clovelly Walk Footpath Preservation

(Referred to Acting Dir/Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

(3) June 8, 2015, regarding “Boulevard Encroachments

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(4) 6 submissions, Jun 3-9, re Salmon House/Hill – Patron Particip Entertainmnt Endorsemt to Food Primary Licence

(5) D. Roach, June 8, re � Annual Report -- Comments -- Agenda Item #5, June 8 2015 Regular Ccl Mtg (Previously received at June 8, 2015 Council meeting)

(6) June 9, 2015, regarding “Fwd: YES!: State Land Board Dismisses Challenge to Mountain-Biking Ban (OR)

(7) June 9, 2015, regarding “Upper Lands: is this REALLY what DWV wants?.

12.8. Resoln re Warning Labels on Gas Pumps – Direct Submission to UBCM for 2015 Convention (File: 0055-20 UBCM1)

THAT Council’s January 26, 2015 resolution regarding warning labels on gas pumps, as follows, be submitted directly to the UBCM by the June 30, 2015 deadline, for consideration at the 2015 UBCM Convention:

THAT Ccl support the following resoln be advanced for consideration at the Sept 21/25, 2015 Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) conference and the June 5/8, 2015 Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) convention:

WHEREAS there is evidence that combustion of petroleum products such as gas and diesel in vehicle engines contributes to greenhouse gas emissions that affect natural systems in ways that are injurious to human health and the environment, and

WHEREAS point-of-sale warning labels have been required for other consumables, such as tobacco products, which has effectively curbed use of harmful products,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that all vendors of retail petroleum products in Canada be legislated to provide warning labels on all pump handles (pump talkers) and/or pump panels, and that those companies who do not have this feature on their pump handle be obligated to fit them with the plastic sleeves which will allow warning labels to be displayed.

Cass moves: receipt of 12.1, 12.2, 12.7, 12.8

DONE [19:37?]

13. OTHER ITEMS -- No items.


Mayor: ah, Reports from Mayor and Ccl; might consider rolling those forward--

Cass: do I do 12.1 as well?

Mayor: no, that's done -- so that brings us to Questions and Comments

Carolanne Reynolds, you signed up

It's Carolanne Reynolds night, I don't know how many times we've seen you up here.


{indistinguishable remarks}

CR : xxx

{they hadn't turned the mic on so can't make out the initial comments}:

...thank you v much and thank you....????

the v first thing -- I shd hv bn more appreciative of your statement that there wd be a heritage cmte in the fall, so I'm sorry and I thank you v much.

Mayor: one of my top priorities, you know that, Carolanne

CR: I know, I know, you've been telling me and I believe you


{btw, Oct 18th and still no H cmte -- told wd be since June 2014}

but I have two comments that happened since then

wd you pls include the disease that trees have before they are removed

that's my suggestion -- tell us what disease it has

secondly, I thought some time ago we had a process that the upzoning, the uplift, and the amt then cd be set for the CAC as you went along, not waiting till after the final ... -- we have to understand whatever changes you make

{still awaiting clarification}

Now, I'm pleased, tremendously, that at the beginning of the mtg you said that there wd be a workshop on the UL with Ccl and WG and that. That was thrilling, that was a really great suggestion and decision, however after that, Cclr Cam said that there wd be a mtg and the WG, so I wd like your assurance that that mtg between the WG and Ccl wd be public as well.

Mayor: the simplest way to explain it, Carolanne, is: ev mtg we have is open to the public unless Ms Scholes, the MClk, cites the relevant section of the Cmnty Charter why we need to go in camera. Unless we hear from Ms Leemhuis or from Ms Scholes that there is a reason under the Cmnty Charter that [it] has to be in camera, it wd obviously be open to the public.

{Actually the Charter has categories, subjects, listed, but for many it says 'may' and "in the opinion of the Ccl" so it often is a decision of Ccl. I have witnessed patently ludicrous reasoning/justification. A cmte was about to discuss something wrt the parking at the Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr (the configuration of the parking part) and announced they wd go in camera. I was bold enough to ask under wch part that qualified. The answer was 'land matters'! I pointed out that there was no chance of its affecting our finances since we own the land. See how loosey goosey 'justification' can be?}

CR: so, but that is your intention to have one mtg w/ that and another mtg as a workshop? That was also confusing to me.

Mayor: I don't think we've made that decision. Ms Leemhuis, can you help us out here?

CAO: for clarity's sake

Staff are going to prepare a suggested timeline and process for moving through and wch will include, at least, I wd suggest, one mtg wch will be open to the public whereby Ccl can explore with the WG and stakeholders what some of the intentions were behind the recommendations; so I think, coming in Sept, we will see what that entire process looks like.

CR: so that will be the public mtg; and then you wd also have a workshop later?

CAO: No, that is not the-- I don't think that's the intention. The intention is that Ccl will get together w/ the WG and stakeholders to further explore, and as an open mtg, further explore at that point.

{Please note the term used is "stakeholders". That wd include the owners/developers. Rather unusual that AFTER the WG completed their task and delivered their recommendations to Ccl that developers wd have a mtg/workshop with Ccl! Eyebrows raised.

Not only that, there have been workshops wch hv not been made public so that must be clarified too.}

CR: it sounded like two, so wanted to be sure.

tyvm and thank you for your patience.


C. Reynolds (Editor, West Van Matters) spoke relative to: Mayor Smith’s statement regarding a Heritage Committee; suggested informing of what disease that trees have before they are removed; process for community amenity contribution regarding up-zoning and uplift; and queried whether the meeting between the Upper Lands Study Review Working Group and Council will be public.

Mayor Smith spoke relative to open meetings and the Community Charter, and

N. Leemhuis (Chief Administrative Officer) informed that staff will prepare a suggested timeline, process, including a meeting which will be public, regarding the Upper Lands Study Review Working Group recommendations.

Mayor: Anybody have further comments or adjourn?

16. Adjournment [10:46]

+++ CCL MTG NOTES July 6th +++

+ SP CCL MTG July 6th +

5pm July 6th (closed)

b/c (e) the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the ccl considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality; and

(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a M service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the ccl, cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the M if they were held in public.

Purpose of meeting: matters regarding land and the proposed provision of a municipal service.

+++ CCL MTG July 6th +++

1. Call to Order. [6pm]

2. Approval of Agenda {Christine, Nora, and Mary-Ann not yet present}

3. Adoption of Council Meeting Minutes

1. the minutes of the June 22 sp and reg Ccl mtgs and PH adopted as circulated; and

2. the Summary of June 22 PH re Proposed Zoning Amendment Bylaw for 2832 and 2842 Bellevue Ave approved.


4. Coho Festival Society of the North Shore (File: 0055-20-CFSN1)

Keith Fenton: third year as prez; introduce Gordon Adair and xxx; wd hv had more but too nice an evening

first of all, a gift bag for you; yours free, I had to pay for mine

Sop: a mbr for years

{6:06: all present}

$7500 to $15K $xxx ... $5K to NSh streamkeepers to..

three diff ways

1 Adopt-a-Fish started, and now share with WV Streamkeepers and DFO; this year over 600 ppl and handed out 200 certificates (in April)

2 stewardship exhibits at xxx

3 salmonids in the classroom workshops

This year the first time we presented scholarships [named them]

the Jim McCarthy Coho Scholarship; he passed away last year and xxx [6:09]

selling banners along with tote bags

sponsors; grateful to Whole Foods who donate all the salmon for Coho Festival

this year Sunday Sept 13; expect all Ccl to come to serve as celebrity chefs


grateful to Christa Rosta for planning, and to Cclr Sop for his unending support


Mayor: {get &&&}

Sop: you’ve been there: DRC, as an engr, with BPP all that time

place for sponsors, new venue; to you and the board, congratulations



5. Metro Vancouver Presentation (File: 0185-01)

Mayor: fortunate to have Carol Mason herself; shd hv introduced Carol as CAO of MetroV, doesn’t get any higher than that

CM: a few slides of policies and xxx

SLIDES -- 3rd largest metro area in Canada; Toronto, Montreal, but only one not amalgamated

21, 3, 1 treaty

v large 2K ha???

2.4M popn, growing; 38 directors; one director for ev 100K, and one vote for each

for WV, look at this graphic 3 votes for WV; 45K

weighted vote structure

longest history regional districts 1967 but sewer/drainage 1914 ???

water distrib in 1924

numbers &&&

as Commissioner, am a non-voting mbr of the board

xxx; affordable housing

solid waste, contract or &&&

under GVRD function, land use, parks, water,

Housing Corp under Allan’s portfolio

look at the bottom of that slide


$66M budget sewer and solid waste

rev from user fees mostly, not from prop taxes

prop taxes relatively small {GET} $ amt xxx &&&

Capital Expenditures $300M in capital projs ev year

water projs signif cost of Lions’ Gate coming on line

SLIDE you can see WV’s contrib; you can see about $10M

hand over to Allan

ALLAN (sp?): thank you

xxx a federation; part of the local govt syst

WV one of the mbrs (of the 21); collectively make decisions

core services, some utilities; mine planning,

core services; planning for the future Metro 2040, a vision for the region

five key goals

how growth’s going to happen

take things for granted

what are the key issues that affect some regional, some sub-regional

the forum provides a venue for ev to come together

Bd Strategic Plan this picture; in next month or so an update to this plan

brings together the diff ideas, identifies where the board wants to go

look at core directions want to take and goals

planning horizon; looks at the next four years, the term of the existing ccl

collaboration identified a few

beneficial all to speak with one voice for key not for all

ev service will have a diff scale

some best provided small/local and as they get bigger economies; other services best provided for large numbers of users

our role the broad regional; make the most sense financial: eg sewage treatment, water treatment/supply

regional planning and xxx &&& down to Whatcom County

regional planning we provide a framework

here’s what we’re doing and how it fits into the broader

useful framework developed in collaboration; ev M provides its local

a lot of collaboration, wrt WV, a stability innovation fund, a key participation: smart driving strategy

innov ways to influence driving behaviour; 1/3 GHG come from vehicles

WV also participated: energy tools for xxx planning [6:32]

working with entire NSh, looking at key goals

Cap River Reg Pk, already had a presentation on this evening

hike Cleveland Dam; $800K of redevt, we’re in Phase 2; over $1M to Cap Park

some of the services, back to Carol

Sop: Carol James

Mayor: it’s Carol Mason, not James

Sop: sorry, Ms Mason

things have changed; I’ve been critical over the years; come a long way in a short time under you

&&& where are you on xxx and on TransLink?

CM: thank you for the compliment; been a great learning curve

@@ proud @@

as Mayor Smith knows, we’ve been working v hard

you’ll be ... xxx on the Lions’ Gate proj, awarded a $5M

next 8 to 10 months the design-build procurement process to get the tender award to build the LG plant

still waiting to hear from the prov and fed about building that plant

NSh MPs and MLAs support

wrt TransLink, at our last bd mtg, a notice of motion to review the governing structure

we’ll see Metro staff or .. it’s a prov decision

Sop: with the growth of StoS, expanding north of xxx &&&

CM: no

{Sop with smirk}

Cam (?): &&&

$30M less???

you’re doing some work streamlining your authority; you’re actually doing it more efficiently

CM: may not be

done by assessment, growth in Surrey taking more, so Surrey paying more and WV less

do like your comments about being more efficient

I can &&&

Cam: see great deal of volatility in water

assuming has to do with water purchases, weather-dependent. tunnels, water plant, that why so volatile

CM: true, sell to Ms

think you have your own water supply and you have metering

twin tunnels major proj; that’ll be the last big proj for a little while

Capilano xxx coming down

the xxx and the UV plant so shd see some stabilizing; better sense going fwd where WV will be

MB: thank you for your presentation and second Cclr Sop’s comments wrt your influence

in context wrt reg growth Strategy, concerns re housing, know you have the Housing Corp

you have some housing you do own; you mentioned a study; gotta get a plan around Transp as well

CM: take a lot of pride in [7:41]

&&& Allan wrt planning

Allan (sp?): Vanc Housing 10K units we own and rent out

through Planning we deal with housing, one initiative is the update of the affordable housing strategy

working with M and our own grp, ways to diversify housing stock

looking fwd to that coming out; try to encourage compact housing

ea M has diff focus on multi, xxx

focus devt around transit nodes, get growth in those areas

40% of GHG from buildings a 1/3 from multi, 1/3 from sgl

trying to find tools to get back

second part?

MB: transportation

Allan: primarily a TransLink function; has to align with the regional growth strategy

frankly wd like to be more involved with the regional transp strategy

always looking to refine the role we’re planning around the transp planning

where governance goes, resp of governing will follow

NG: through my participation xxx of zero-waste cmte

&&& you have organized a tour in Sept

MOTION: THAT the Metro Vancouver Presentation be received for information.

Mayor: thank you for coming; appreciate your sharing what you do with us and our residents [6:47]

6. Memorial Library Board Annual Report Presentation (File: 1900-10)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

Mary Jo Campbell: chair of the Library Bd; plsd to see fellow trustees {named and they put their hands up}, our Lib Dir Jenny Benedict, Deb Hutchison Koep, ...

2014 fourth, of our 5-yr plan

rapid adoption of ereaders, smartphones and ??? GET

Q asked have at

85% internet access 61 53 tablet 32 9 to none of the above

when only 15% xxx tablets had only just begun to appear so didn’t even ask

embrace of mobile devices, expanded

trying out as well as downloading our tools, creation as well

21st century learners, as easy as pi computer coding, a number of us want to take the xxx as well

signif year centenary of start of First World War . digital.westvanlibrary.ca historical photos

Some qtns from our patrons [6:51 read out]

Youth Librarian, .a new nbrhd hub in BPP; prog on apps, she’s learning as much from kids and they’re learning from her

in xxx concert with Bramwell Tovey; Welsh generous bequest

Facts and Figures

track usage; adoption of mobile xxx

ebooks and emusic downloads have tripled

xxx and circ of book stayed

usage of our public computers v

4K session per month

counted wireless session 270K; 85 for ev hour we are open an outstanding services

and why we need all those IG from the Hall

&&& format

next SLIDE pls

virtual visits

mobile friendly website 2013, interactive and easy to nav

virtual visits have declined in the last year, dig and deeper, quality and xxx has improved

this Cart shows the &&&

and the decrease in the bounce rate

old site, hi bounce rate, has decreased with our new website

the next column shows, xxx staying longer and looking at more pages

success in 2014

1/5 of our almost 2M visitors

a question a minute; recomms, xxx facilit

resource perspective, our cor xxx

89% of our operating rev

enhancements to our Lib funded through 3rd party contribs, Lib Fdn, Friends of Lib, other agencies

Lib worked with 86 partners

made purchases collaboratively and received contribs of xxx services

fabulous volunteers..xxx TAG extend congratulations to our staff

Jenny didn’t ask me to say this talented xxx team; staff deserving of all compliments

report available; as shown on the overhead

we’d be happy to answer any Qs

Sop: figs re in own homes using

JB: we do have some computing &&& allows connectivity with others

Sop: a lot of parents object to time on Xbox; they can communicate with other kids

incredible method to educate kids as well

not to get an Xbox but to

ML: has been my pleasure to be the rep to the Lib for the last two years; how enjoyable it has been

we have the best library in Canada

I never thought when I wd ag

be sitting on the floor ... reading to the chn -- took me back to when my kids were [little]

want to refer to the recent opening of the reopening of the courtyard

regardless of what my friend Trevor Lautens said [7:01]

Bd pleasure to work with Bd too

thankful for the Library. and all who go out of their way

received for information.

Mayor: our thanks, continue their work; how proud ev is of the Library [7:02]

7. Single Family Housing – Siting, Form, and Character – Housing Bulk Information Presentation (File: 2515-01)

Staff will make a verbal report and presentation summarizing the engagement work undertaken to date and community input on housing bulk, where the District is in this study process, and the next steps for moving the project forward in the fall. No proposals (i.e., bylaw amendments, regulations or guidelines) are being put forward at this time, and Council will not be making any decisions at this meeting. The verbal report and presentation are for information only.

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

Stephen Mikicich: will turn it over to Mr Bishop

CB w/ SLIDES: brief summary of the process

large new replacement homes impact on nbrhds been with us for over 30 years

&&& covered decks etc

we’re seeing the continuing replacement of older [7:04] with new xxx

how do we protect

we’re not suggesting cmnty shd stay as it is, CHANGING -- just looking at how shd happen

nbrhd char is changing all across the region; challenges to the character to our cmnty; difficult to define

a number of factors; steep topography, ageing residents, {GET THIS}

ageing popn new and culturally more diversified; changes to way ppl live

WV residents remain concerned ... perceive bulk and landscape xxx

building bulk is one; have focused on size, ht, and siting [7:06]

removal of trees; regrading; xxx; 2013 hired

what tools do we have

presented July 7 last year; 11 specific items; staff reported back xxx

decision was deferred req for fuller cmnty

intended next steps and possible modelling

Feb 23, Ccl formally recognized [7:08]; helped

whenever an issue to be discussed off the table

staff identified a number of key areas; included: regs wrt issues you see on the screen

where we see checkmarks on this slide where overall support

arrows indicate where further consultation warranted

through spring, enhanced output to nbrhd grps as well as [dep?]

Lower Caulfeild, WRA, ADRA, Altamont,

xxx Apr xxx devt: builders, WV designers and architects xxx

Apr to DRC Apr 30, town hall mtg May 26 wch Ccl was present at

xxx and ITE; info education throughout

900 attendees 506, responses 200[?] hard copies; things we’ve heard back [7:10]

new homes have to relate to nbrhd

ceiling on FAR regardless of

exemption shd be eliminated

increased sideyards setback esp with

lot consolidation currently uncontrolled

enforcement of bylaw violations

xxx potential to be [7:12] &&&

lot consolidation, est max house sized

provide for alt housing, an alt to sgl fam

some suggesting leave ev alone

&&&; &&&; allow subdiv into small lots

xxx feel impact acutely so diff for zone

controversy as to what constitutes a big house

modification re retaining walls: max 8ft but can be multiple, must comply with an open xxx as indicated at the top of the slide &&&

terracing may be solution, sometimes to increase &&& flat xxx

retaining wall has an neg effect on appearance they unnbrly appearance

some comments, have to work with lot since not all created equal

swimming pools or wall impact on nbrs . value of land (early)

or walls, resemble fortresses in some cases and with fences, v unnbrly unfriendly

fencing; currently unregulated in WV and too many by surprise

consensus as to what ...

driveway gates, have included modifying fencing to close off views from nbring props

these spike? HT fences, make av challenging for staff so regs

less site disruption and &&& ... see on slide

to eliminate blasting, further re face ...; allow for some screening berms

basement definitions, anything 1ft or more into the natural grade

thorough analysis, make definition closer to what we see; buried further into the ground, certainly more than 1st

building face

require screening to soften; side entrances driveway

basement bump out for lee bating {???}

FAR -- simplify, consider adjusting to truly reflect FAR but allow some variations

{said kwazeye [7:19], but fyi in Canada we pronounce quasi as kwazee}


vigorously debated; publicly owned but V imp; visibility at intersections and safe walking routes (not all curbed not safe walking on the road; off-road pathway not nec’ly a sidewalk; sidewalks desired near schools

a trend to see privatization de facto, worrisome of some residents be/extending their yards; District to take more seriously

more maintenance rules; resident resp, some take more time and other owners less hands-on

as you can see in the photo here


around driveways and intersection

end of the story xxx maj feel blvds the face of WV and shd be taken as such

confusion over who owns the blvd and who maintains it

more xxx re maintenance of blvds; after reconst, how reinstated

construction impacts

staff hear repeatedly not always the end but the process to get there aggravating; not that didn’t want to see any, just is there a way to make less painful

present market and real estate valued - v busy

18 mos is length but too short for many

over the weekend an article in NSN re traffic woes on the NSh, not that more ppl living on the NSh commuting, residential construction

higher numbers of const trades coming into the NSh, affecting traffic; rush hour on LGB starting at 2pm, to 6pm

manage practices, extension xxx to (permits)

list of improvements given;

complaints process; dealing with site before coming toxxx

ea nbrhd unique so not one size fits all, not going to work across the breadth of WV

{what I’ve said a few times, recommending various zones}

eliminate the basement and garage exemption; get away from garage door entrance xxx

[7:26] allow for larger FAR if only one storey

what’s aggravating current resident

WVite and Q issues other than

bldg hts and floor to floor adding to ht, as well as roof design, all cut into views, adj

[7:27] VERY imp how to encourage design {GET &&&}

context is everything; what will work in Altamont won’t work in Dund, Glenmore, xxx

site mitigation imp how devt perceived

need for tree regs to prevent total lot clearing &&&


cautionary words re ecic

total sq ftg not always the issue xxx fit to site and to surroundings

blvds overall treatment

concern over vacant houses, old and new; sense of cmnty

allow more density, untidy const sites

enforcement of cont?; many said inadequate

rowhouses, etc cd be discussed under broader OCP

tried to break down into regulatory actions in short term

as you can see, xxx standards; short term sections had more pointed

longer term on regulatory front

max FAR, by zone staff feel will take more discussion; land values; need Sec 26 need more &&& [7:31]

sgl-fam housing not considered intensive (?)

prep bylaws 2015 for disc; FAR limits and exemptions

thank you [7:32]

Mayor: we do have one person who has signed up; Ccl want to hear? you xxx

S Durrans: 2979 Mathers, 30 years; chn 18s and 20s; felt compelled to speak

Mayor: you have 2m37s

SD: heard about lib, etc

ev has good thoughts but what is specifically happened on ground

2 acres cleared next to me, Lighthouse Park, cleared garbage dump since Dec

come and destroy me xxx