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2012 West Van Matters
 » #19 Notes Sep 17; Agenda Oct 1; Cal to Oct 20
 » #18 Notes Sep 10; Agenda Sep 17; Cal to Oct 6
 » #17 Agenda Sep 10; Cal to Sep 22
 » #16 Notes Jul 23; Cal to Aug 31
 » #15 Notes Jul 9; Agenda Jul 23; Cal to Aug 18
 » #14 Notes Jun 25; Agenda Jul 9; Cal to Jul 30
 » #13 Notes Jun 18; Agenda Jun 25; Cal to Jul 13
 » #12 Notes Jun 4; Agenda Jun 18; Cal to Jun 30


2011 West Van Matters
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Oct 3; Ccl Agenda Oct 17; Calendar to Nov 11
 » #20 Ccl NOTES Sep 19; Ccl Agenda Oct 3; Calendar to Oct 21
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Sep 12; Ccl Agenda Sep 19; Calendar to Oct 7
 » #18 Ccl Agenda Sep 12; Calendar to Sep 22+
 » #17 Ccl NOTES Jul 25; Calendar to Aug 31+
 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jul 18; Ccl Agenda Jul 25; Calendar to Aug 15
 » #15 Finance Cmte NOTES Jul 11; Ccl Agenda Jul 18; Calendar to July 28
 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jul 4; Ccl Agenda Jul 11; Calendar to July 25
 » #13 Ccl NOTES Jun 20; Ccl Agenda Jul 4; Calendar to July 21
 » #12 Ccl NOTES Jun 6; Ccl Agenda Jun 20; Calendar to July 8
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 16/19; Ccl Agenda Jun 6; Calendar to June 24
 » #10 Ccl NOTES May 9/11; Ccl Agenda May 16; Calendar to June 10
 » #09 Ccl NOTES Apr 18; Ccl Agenda May 9; Calendar to May 20
 » #08 Ccl NOTES Apr 4; Ccl Agenda Apr 18; Calendar to May 13
 » #07 Ccl NOTES Mar 21; Ccl Agenda Mar 4; Calendar to Apr 22
 » #06 Ccl NOTES Mar 7; Ccl Agenda Mar 21; Calendar to Apr 8
 » #05 Ccl NOTES Feb 21; Ccl Agenda Mar 7; Calendar to Mar 23
 » #04 Ccl NOTES Feb 7; Ccl Agenda Feb 21; Calendar to Mar 11
 » #03 Ccl NOTES Jan 24; Ccl Agenda Feb 7; Calendar to Feb 24
 » #02 Ccl NOTES Jan 10; Ccl Agenda Jan 24; Calendar to Feb 10
 » #01 Ccl Agenda Jan 10; Calendar to Jan 27

2010 West Van Matters
 » #29 Ccl NOTES Dec 13; Ccl Agendas Dec 20; Calendar to Dec 31+
 » #28 Ccl NOTES Dec 6;Ccl Agendas Dec 13/15; Calendar to Dec 22
 » #27 Finance Cmte NOTES Nov 22;Ccl Agenda Dec 6; Calendar to Dec 18
 » #26 Ccl NOTES Nov 15;Finance Cmte Agenda Nov 22; Calendar to Dec 9
 » #25 Ccl NOTES Nov 1;Ccl Agenda Nov 15; Calendar to Dec 9
 » #24 Ccl NOTES Oct 18;Ccl Agenda Nov 1; Calendar to Nov 19
 » #23 Ccl NOTES Oct 4;Ccl Agenda Oct 18; Calendar to Nov 5
 » #22 Ccl Agenda Oct 4; Calendar to Oct 21
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Sept 13; Ccl Agendas Sept 20/22; Calendar to Oct 8
 » #20 Ccl Agenda Sept 13; Calendar to ~Sept 26
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Jul 26; Calendar to Sept 12
 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 19; Agenda Jul 26; Calendar to Aug 8+
 » #17 Ccl NOTES Jul 5; Agenda Jul 19; Calendar to Jul 31
 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jun 28; Agenda Jul 5; Calendar to Jul 23
 » #15 Ccl NOTES Jun 21; Agenda Jun 28; Calendar to Jul 9
 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jun 7; Agenda Jun 21; Calendar to Jun 30
 » #13 Ccl NOTES May 31; Agenda Jun 7; Calendar to Jun 24
 » #12 Ccl NOTES May 17; Agendas May 31; Calendar to Jun 12
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 10/12; Agendas May 17; Calendar to Jun 5
 » #10 Ccl NOTES May 3; Agenda May 10/12; Calendar to May 20
 » #07 Ccl NOTES Mar 15; Agenda Apr 12; Calendar to Apr 30
 » #05 Ccl NOTES Feb 8/10; Agenda Mar 1; Calendar to Mar 17
 » #04 Ccl NOTES Feb 1; Agenda Feb 8; Calendar to Feb 28
 » #03 Ccl NOTES Jan 25; Agenda Feb 1; Calendar to Feb 11
 » #02 Ccl NOTES Jan 11 & 18; Agenda Jan 25; Calendar to Feb 5
 » #01 Ccl Agenda Jan 11; Calendar to Jan 31

2009 West Van Matters
 » #28 Ccl NOTES Dec 14 & 18; Calendar to Jan 12
 » #27 Ccl NOTES Dec 7; AGENDA Dec 14; Calendar to Dec 31
 » #26 Ccl NOTES Nov 16; AGENDA Dec 7; Calendar to Dec 20
 » #25 Ccl NOTES Nov 2; AGENDA Nov 16; Calendar to Dec 10
 » #24 Ccl NOTES Oct 19; AGENDA Nov 9; Calendar to Nov 20
 » #23 Ccl NOTES Oct 5; AGENDA Oct 19; Calendar to Nov 5
 » #22 Ccl NOTES Sep 21; AGENDA Oct 5; Calendar to Oct 22
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Sep 14; AGENDA Sep 21; Calendar to Oct 8
 » #20 Ccl NOTES Jul 30; AGENDA Sep 14; Calendar to Sep 24~
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Jul 27; AGENDA Jul 30; Calendar to Sep 12~
(plus UPDATE)

 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 20; AGENDA Jul 27; Calendar to Aug 2
 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 20; AGENDA Jul 27; Calendar to Aug 2
 » #17 Ccl NOTES Jul 6; AGENDA Jul 20; Calendar to Jul 31
 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jun 22; AGENDA Jul 6; Calendar to Jul 24
 » #15 Ccl NOTES Jun 15; AGENDA Jun 22; Calendar to Jul 9
 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jun 1; AGENDA Jun 15; Calendar to Jun 25
 » #13 Ccl NOTES May 25; AGENDA Jun 1; Calendar to Jun 18
 » #12 Ccl NOTES May 11; AGENDA May 25; Calendar to Jun 7
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 4; AGENDA May 11; Calendar to May 28
 » #10 Ccl NOTES Apr 20; AGENDA May 4; Calendar to May 15
 » #9 Ccl NOTES Apr 6; AGENDA Apr 20; Calendar to May 7
 » #8 Ccl NOTES Mar 30; AGENDA Apr 6; Calendar to Apr 25
 » #7 Ccl NOTES Mar 23; AGENDA Mar 30; Calendar to Apr 9
 » #6 Ccl NOTES Mar 2; AGENDA Mar 23; Calendar to Apr
 » #5 Ccl NOTES Feb 16; AGENDA Mar 2; Calendar to Mar 28
 » #4 Ccl NOTES Feb 2; AGENDA Feb 16; Calendar to Feb 28
 » #3 Ccl NOTES Jan 19; AGENDA Feb 2; Calendar to Jan 19th+
 » #2 Ccl NOTES Jan 12; AGENDA Jan 19; Calendar to Jan 31st
 » #1 Ccl AGENDA Jan 12; Calendar to Jan 18

2008 West Van Matters
 » #34 Ccl NOTES Dec 15; Calendar to Dec 31/Jan 12
 » #33 Ccl NOTES Dec 8; AGENDAs Dec 15; Calendar to Dec 24
 » #32 Ccl NOTES Nov 17; AGENDAs Dec 8; Calendar to Dec 15
 » #31 Ccl NOTES Oct 27; AGENDAs Nov 17; Calendar to Nov 30
#30 Ccl NOTES Oct 20; AGENDAs Oct 27; Calendar to Nov 12+
#29 Ccl NOTES Oct 6; AGENDAs Oct 20; Calendar to Oct 31
#28 Ccl NOTES Sep 29; AGENDA Oct 6; Calendar to Oct 26
#27 Ccl NOTES Sep 22; AGENDA Sept 29; Calendar to Oct 10
#26 Ccl NOTES Sep 8; AGENDA Sept 22; Calendar to Sep 30th+
#25 Ccl AGENDA Sep 8; Mtgs/Events to Sep 15th
#24 Ccl NOTES July 28; Calendar to Aug 31 +
#23 Ccl NOTES June 21; AGENDA July 28; Cal to Aug 5th
#22 Ccl NOTES July 14; AGENDA July 21; Cal to 31st
#21 Ccl NOTES July 7; AGENDA July 14; Cal to 25th
#20 Ccl NOTES June 16/19; AGENDA July 7; Cal to 16th
#19 Ccl NOTES June 9; AGENDAs June 16; Cal to June 30/~July
#17 Ccl Notes May 26, PH 28; Agenda Jun 2; Cal to Jun 18
#16 Ccl Notes May 12 (Youth); Agenda May 26; Cal to Jun 8
#15 Ccl Notes May 5; Agenda May 12; Cal to May 29
#14 Ccl Notes Apr 21/May 1; Agenda May 5; Cal to May 15
#13 Ccl Notes Apr 14; Agenda Apr 21; Cal to Apr 30+
#12 Ccl Notes Apr 7/10; Agenda Apr 14; Cal to Apr 27
#11 Mtg Summary Mar 17; Agenda Apr 7l Cal to Apr 19
#10 Ccl Notes Mar 17; Cal to Apr 16
#09 Ccl Notes Mar 10; Agenda Mar 17; Cal to Apr 7
#08 Ccl Notes Mar 3; Agenda Mar 10; Cal to Mar 20
#07 Ccl Notes Feb 18; Agenda Mar 3; Cal to Mar 13
#06 Ccl Budget Notes Feb 11; Agenda Feb 18; Cal to Feb 29
#05 Notes Feb 4; Agenda Feb 11; Cal to Feb 22
#04 Notes Jan 21; Agenda Feb 4; Cal to Feb 13
 » #03 Notes Jan 14; Agenda Jan 21; Cal to Jan 31
 » #02 Notes Jan 7; Agenda Jan 14; Cal to Jan 25
 » #01 Agenda Jan 7; Cal to Jan 16

2007 West Van Matters
 » #41 Notes Dec 17; Cal to Dec 31
 » #40 Notes Dec 10; Agenda Dec 17; Cal to Dec 21
 » #39 Notes Dec 3; Agenda Dec 10; Cal to Dec 17
 » #38 Notes Nov 26; Agenda Dec 3; Cal to Dec 13
 » #37 Notes Nov 19; Agenda Nov 26; Cal to Dec 8
 » #36 Agenda Nov 19; Cal to Dec 5
 » #35 Notes Nov 5; Cal to Nov 28
 » #34 Notes Oct 29; Agenda Nov 5; Cal to Nov 20
 » #33 Notes Oct 22; Agenda Oct 29; Cal to Nov 16/18
 » #32 Notes Oct 15; Agenda Oct 22; Cal to Nov 9
 » #31 Agenda Oct 15; Cal to Oct 25
 » #30 Ccl Notes Oct 1; Cal to Oct 18th
 » #29 Notes Sept 24; Agenda Oct 1; Cal to Oct 12
 » #28 Notes Sept 17; Agenda Sept 24; Cal to Sept 30
 » #27 Notes Sept 10; Agenda Sept 17; Cal to Sept 27th
 » #26 Agenda Sept 10; Cal to Sept 21st
 » #25 Notes Jul 23/25; Cal to Aug 31st/Sep 10
 » #24 Notes Jul 16; Agenda Jul 23; Cal to 31st+
 » #23 Notes Jul 9; Agenda Jul 16; Cal to Jul 22nd+
 » #22 Notes Jun 25; Cal to Jul 11th
 » #21 Notes Jun 18; Agenda Jun 25; Cal to Jul 4th
 » #20 Notes Jun 11; Agenda Jun 18; Cal to 28nd
 » #19 Notes Jun 4; Agenda Jun 11; Cal to 22nd
 » #18 Notes May 28; Agenda Jun 4; Cal to June 16
 » #17 Agenda May 28th; Cal to June 7th
 » #16 Notes May 7/9/11/14; Cal to May 31st
 » #15 Notes Apr 23rd; Agenda/Notes Apr 30th; Agenda May 7th
 » #14 Notes Apr 16th; Agenda Apr 23rd; Cal to May 5th
 » #13 Notes Apr 2th; Agenda Apr 16th; Cal to Apr 22nd
 » #12 Notes Mar 26th; Agenda Apr 2nd; Cal to Apr 1st
 » #11 Agenda Mar 26; Cal to Apr 1st
 » #10 Notes Mar 12th; Cal to Mar 29th
 » #9 Notes Mar 5th; Agenda Mar 12; Cal to Mar 24th
 » #8 Notes Feb 26th; Agenda Mar 5; Cal to Mar 17th
 » #7 Notes Feb 19; Agenda Feb 26; Cal to Mar 11th
 » #6 Notes Feb 12th; Agenda Feb 19th; Cal to Feb 28th+
 » #5 Notes Feb 5th; Agenda Feb 12th; Cal to Feb 18t+
 » #4 Notes Jan 22nd; Cal to Feb 8th+
 » #3 Notes Jan 15; Agenda Jan 22; Cal to Jan Feb 2+
 » #2 Notes Jan 8; Agenda Jan 15; Cal to Jan 21
 » #1 Agenda Jan 8; Cal to Jan 14
2006 West Van Matters
 » #38 Notes Dec 18; Cal to Jan 7th
 » #37 Notes Dec 11; Agenda Dec 18; Cal to Dec 3
 » #36 Notes Dec 4; Agenda Dec 11; Cal to Dec 22
 » #35 Notes Nov 27; Public Hearing Dec 4; Cal to Dec 15
 » #34 Notes Nov 20; Agenda Nov 27; Cal to Dec 8
 » #33 Notes Nov 14; Agenda Nov 20; Cal to Nov 30
 » #32 Notes Nov 6; Agenda Nov 14; Cal to Nov 28
 » #31 Notes Oct 30; Agenda Nov 6; Cal to Nov 22
 » #30 Notes Oct 16; Agenda Oct 30; Cal to Nov 1
 » #29 Notes Oct 2; Agenda Oct 16; Cal to Oct 30
 » #28 Notes Sept 25; Summary Oct 2; Cal to Oct 20th
 » #27 Notes Sept 25; Agenda Oct 2; Cal to Oct 1
 » #26 Notes Sept 18; Agenda 25; Cal to Oct 3
 » #25 Notes July 27/Sept 11; Sept 18 Agenda; Cal to Sept 29
 » #24 July 27 Minutes; Sept 11 Agenda; Cal to Sept 12
 » #23 Notes July 24; Agenda July 27; Cal Aug/Sept
 » #22 Notes July 17; Agenda July 24, August Cal
 » #21 Notes July 10; Agenda July 17; Cal July/Aug
 » #21 Notes July 10; Agenda July 17; Cal July/Aug
 » #20 Agenda July 10th; Cal to July 20
 » #19 Notes June 26; Cal to July 15
 » #18 Notes June 19; Agenda June 26; Cal to July 15
 » #17 Notes June 12; Agenda June 19; Cal to June 30
 » #16 Notes June 5; Agenda June 12; Cal to June 25
 » #15 Notes May 29; Agenda June 5; Cal to June 17
 » #14 Agenda May 29; Cal to June 9
 » #13 Notes May 8/15; Cal to May 31
 » #12 Notes May 1; Agenda May 8; Cal to May 18
 » #11 Notes Apr 24; Cal to May 10
 » #10 Agenda Apr 24; Budget; Cal to May 2
 » #9 Notes Apr 10; Budget; Cal to Apr 30
 » #8 Notes Apr 3; Agenda Apr 10; Cal to Apr 23
 » #7 Notes Mar 27; Agenda Apr 3; Cal to Apr 9
 » #6 Notes Mar 20th; Agenda Mar 27th; Cal to Apr 2nd
 » #5 Ccl Mtg Summaries; Agenda Mar 20th; Cal to 25th
 » #4 News Feb 6th/13th; Cal to 19th
 » #3 Notes Jan 16th & 23rd; Cal to Feb 8th+
 » #2 Notes Jan 16th; Agenda 23rd; Cal to Feb 1st
 » #1 NOTES Jan 9th; Agenda 16th; Cal to 20th
2005 West Van Matters
 » #37 NOTES Dec 12th; Calendar to 31st (& peek at January)
 » #36 Ccl Agenda Dec 12; Calendar to 17th
 » #35 Ccl Notes Nov 21st & Dec 5th; Events to 14th
 » #34 Ccl Notes Nov 7th; Agenda Nov 21st; Events to 21st
 » #33 Ccl Agenda Nov 7th; Events to 12th+
 » #32 Oct 24 Ccl Mtg Notes; Events Nov 9th
 » #31 Oct 24 Ccl AGENDA; Events Oct 31th
 » #30 Oct 17 Ccl AGENDA; Events Oct 27th
 » #29 Oct 3rd Ccl Mtg NOTES; Calendar Oct 16th+
 » #28 Sep 26 Notes; Oct 3 Agenda; Events to Oct 11
 » #27 Sep 19 Notes; Sep 26 Agenda; Events to Oct 1
 » #26 Jan 24 Notes & Mtgs/Events to Feb 6
#25 Agenda Sept 12; Events to 18
#24 Calendar to 30th
#23 SMarr; Ev Dr; July 11th Agenda; Calendar July 17th
#22 Ev Dr; July 4th Agenda; Calendar July 10th
#21 Mtg June 20; Agenda 27th; Calendar to July 1st
 » #20 Summaries from May 16; Agenda June 20; Mtg
#19 Bulletin (BREAKING NEWS on Evelyn Drive)
#18 Notes (May 9) & Agenda (May 15)
 » #17 Notes (May 2) & Agenda (May 9)
 » #16 Notes (Apr 18)
 » #15 Notes & Agenda (Apr 18)
 » #14 Agenda (Apr 11)
 » #13 Agenda (Apr 4)
 » #12 Notes (Mar 21)
 » #11 Notes & Agenda (Mar 21)
 » #10 Notes & Agenda (Mar 14)
 » #09 Notes & Agenda (Mar 7)
 » #08 Notes & Agenda (Feb 28)
 » #07 Notes & Agenda (Feb 21)
 » #06 Notes & Agenda (Feb 14)
 » #05 Agenda (Feb 7)
 » #04 Notes (Jan 24)
 » #03 Notes & Agenda (Jan 24)
 » #02 Notes & Agenda (Jan 10)
 » #01 Agenda (Jan 10)
2004 December
 » 13 Dec Report
 » 13 Dec Agenda
 »   6 Dec Report
 »   6 Dec Agenda
2004 November
 » 22 Nov - 4 Dec
 »   1-18 Nov
 » 15-28 Nov

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WV Council June 2016

2016 CCL MTG NOTES: Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr; BITS: May/June; AGENDA July 4; Calendar July 9
Grants • 2016 Budget/Taxes • Upper Lands • Waterfront • TREES • Heritage

[PDF Version]



summer solstice

= MAIN iTEMS CCL MTG July 4: PH re Sewell's Landing Devt; Housing Affordability; MetroV Presentation; Library Bd Annual Report; Trails Plan; Demographic, Housing, Employment projections; Affordability & Diversity. AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/jul/04/16jul04-Agenda2.pdf

= Vive le Canada (Vimy Ridge; Battle of Atlantic; Photo); from the Editor's Desk (HoC Kerfuffle w/ humour; WVM; Brexit);

WVPD (Distracted Driving; Congrats to Grads; Cops for Cancer)

= Updates & Info (Trees; Waterfront; Sprinkling Regs; WV Streamkeeper Bd; SAC; Cycling BC; Dog Walk; SPCA; Noise Exemption; BC Golf; Carbon Neutral; WVHS Bd)

= CALENDAR to July 9; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Museums; Music; Festivals; Talks/Walks)

= HEADSUPS 2016 -- Headsup A1: Ccl BITS Apr 4; Mtgs/Events / Headsup A2: Apr 18 Agenda; Calendar

Headsup A3: April 12 - 14 / Headsup A4: Apr 15 - 20 / Headsup A5: Ccl Mtg TONIGHT; WVPD tomorrow

Headsup A6: Apr 20 Bit; Mtgs; Items Apr 25 / Headsup A7: Ccl Apr 25 Bits; Events; INFObits; Shakespeare, HM, etc

Headsup A8: April 29 - ~May 4 / Headsup A9: Monday May 2 / Headsup A10: Mtgs/Events, etc May 7 - 12

Headsup A11: News/Events/Mtgs; Agenda May 16 / Headsup A12: Saint-Jacques; Mtgs; Ccl Bits May 16

Headsup A13: Update; Weekend / Headsup A14: Mtgs; -May 26 / Headsup A15: Mtgs - May 31; Agenda June 6

Headsup A16: Ccl Items June 6; Mtgs/Events / Headsup A17: Ccl June 6 Bits; Mtgs / Headsup A18: Events Sat/Sun Headsup A19: Ccl June 13; Mtgs June 14/15/16 / Headsup A20: Ccl June 20 ($Salaries); lots of activities this wkend!

Headsup A21: Ccl June 20 Bits; Mtgs/Events / Headsup A22: Thurs/Fri/Sat / Headsup A23: Tidbits; Fri - Sun

>>> COUNCIL Mtg NOTES: Jan 11, 25; Feb 15, 22; Mar 7; Apr 4, 18, 20, 25 <<<

= ANIMALWATCH (Tigers; Lamprey; Walrus; Good Dog); INFObits (many dates; May Day; Cdn $; Expo 86; Vesak; UN/Refugees; Vaisakhi; Komagata Maru; Sadiq Khan; Ramadan; Oceans; Strawberry Moon; Fete nationale Quebec); ROYALWATCH (Queen's Birthday; Will & Kate; Harry; Photos): FIREWATCH; CANADAWATCH; WOMENWATCH (Suing El Al; MP Dr Hedy Fry; Choose!); NEWFIEWATCH; PHOTOWATCH (Travel; Tidal Surge); APRIL FOOLS; HOUSEWATCH (WV); TEAWATCH (Scottish Tea; UK Tearooms); SABEELWATCH (Easter; Checkpoint; France's mtg); MUDDLE EAST WATCH; BRAZILWATCH; TREEWATCH; SPACEWATCH; EARTHWATCH; LOVEWATCH: BOOKWATCH (Judi Dench; Largest Bookstore; Prizes); LANGUAGEWATCH (Irish); WORDWATCH (Gobblefunk); HERITAGEWATCH (assn news); MAIKU; QTNS/THOUGHTS/PUNS/Smiles/Thinking of Trees/Cartoons


Regulations only for trees above 75cm (30in) in diameter wd save v few trees in Ambleside). It is 20cm (8 inches) in the City of Vancouver.. Pls write mayorandcouncil@westvancouver.ca asking for ours to be the same (changed to 20cm).

The view is through the trees + framed by the trees. Also, we must ensure water retention to prevent erosion + flooding.


=== Vive le CANADA === Statements from the Prime Minister

+ April 9:

The Battle of Vimy Ridge during the First World War was a moment that defined our nation.

It was the first time that soldiers from all four Canadian divisions—representing every region of our country—fought side-by-side on the same battlefield. As Brigadier-General Alexander Ross later said of Canada’s accomplishments at Vimy, ˜I witnessed the birth of a nation’.

The capture of Vimy Ridge was one of the Great War’s most remarkable military victories, but it came at great cost. Nearly 3,600 Canadians lost their lives and over 7,000 more were wounded.

As we mark the anniversary of this historic battle, we are reminded of our obligation—to the fallen, to our Veterans, and to their families—that we must meet with respect and gratitude. Our men and women in uniform have dedicated their lives to the defence of our country, and they deserve our unwavering support.

On this day, let us thank those who have sacrificed—and those who continue to sacrifice—on behalf of our country so that we can enjoy the peace and freedoms we have today.

+ May 1:

"Today, we commemorate the Battle of the Atlantic and the brave Canadians who sacrificed to win the longest campaign of WW2" (1939 -1942; RCN and merchant marine; 4600 killed). Ceremony in NV.

+ June 8 noon: The PM will take part in a group photograph of all parliamentarians to mark the 150th anniversary of the first meeting on Parliament Hill.

=== from the EDITOR'S DESK ===

+ Kerfuffle in PARLIAMENT -- Frustration re delayed vote

Tory MP Peter Kent: "Because early members of the British Parliament often brought their swords ... we're told that govt and opposition benches were spaced two sword distances and one inch apart... Mr. Speaker, two swords and an inch clearly was not an adequate space (Wednesday) evening."

VSun pNP2 Point 4: As Conservative MP Peter Kent, a former journalist, put it Thursday, Parliament is built on "centuries of democratic evolution", including accumulated precedents, interpretations, and "ancient custom". The Prime Minister's behaviour shd be treated as contempt of Parliament, he said.

Point 5: "The temporary delay of the Opposition whip at the other end of the House (by the NDP) may in itself have been ruled a contempt of Parliament," Kent said.

Green MP Elizabeth May on the TV news said the elbow to the NDP mbr was inadvertent and unintentional b/c the PM cd not see that mbr. She said [VSun pNP3] "while what the PM did was 'unacceptable and unwise', the Conservatives and NDP were not entirely blameless either as they were intentionally trying to hold up the vote. ... There was some mischief on the floor." {Guess not all days are sunny!}

+ Hockey Ref calls game play by play in House of Commons :-) [3min video]

Kerry Fraser referees the Thrilla on the Hilla -- Former NHL referee Kerry Fraser breaks down game tape of the HofC commotion, and doles out penalties to the players.


+ Elbowgate’s traumatized victims need your support

Elbowgate may be behind us, but pls give in memory of 5/18 by Scott Feschuk May 26, 2016

Read: http://www.macleans.ca/news/elbowgate-traumatized-victims-need-your-support/


Still trying to catch up -- getting close! Your patience is appreciated. Lots of gaps; some things past (Headsups usually have current and future mtgs/events, and you get those if you subscribe.)

{In order to get this out, have not spent the huge amt of time required to go back and make sure everything hs bn included. Apologies re omissions; some reports or whatever cd maybe be put into a future newsletter. Pls let me know. Also, if you wd kindly send me any corrections/info asap, the newsletter can be updated or fixed before being put up on the website. Much appreciated.}

This is long, but subscribers can skip over the Headsups. BTW, the process is: email, print, then on the website.

Of course, when reading the notes of the mtgs, you can scroll to find the items of interest to you. There are usually time-stamps so you can find the item on the video to hear the whole discussion.

Comments and info are usually separate and in a different font.

Headsups were then delayed and stopped to try to get the newsletter out before Cmnty Day.....

As you see this covers Jan to Apr but the Headsups have highlights from the May and June ccl mtgs. The next newsletter will have May and June.

The most convoluted debate re tax rate (including the asset levy) I've ever heard was at the Feb 22nd ccl mtg (Item 7).

Now we're heading toward some decisions re trees and our precious waterfront. Get involved. Tell Ccl what you want. PRINTED -- btw, last year Clerk's started putting revisions to the agendas in red -- v helpful -- and the item is then in red. If you read this newsletter by email or on the website, you see the colours (and there are photos, pictures, etc that have colour as well), however that's all lost when printed, wch is just in black. Unfortunately, red makes something stand out in email, however in print it's actually lighter than the straight printing. Oh well.

+ WV Annual Report: Awaiting response to June 20 submission with queries; pity request by Cam and Cass it be

reviewed before passing and sending to prov (deadline June 30) was not supported by rest of Ccl.

+ Brexit -- More later but for now: Keep Calm and Govern On. In the meantime, rec'd notice that Brexit cd be followed by Grexit, Departugal, Italeave, Czechout, Oustria, Finish, Slovakout, Latervia, Byegium. Only Remania will stay. :-)

=== WVPD ===

+ Distracted Driving Attack: https://wvpd.ca/index.php/breaking-stories/1342-new-distracted-driving-penalties

+ Congrats to Schools: https://wvpd.ca/index.php/breaking-stories/1343-to-the-grads-of-2016-from-police-schools

+ June 20: ...West Vancouver Police are saying a big 'Thank You' to WV Schools for supporting our 2016 riders in the Cops for Cancer Tour de Coast! ... The WV Schools Cops for Cancer Toonie Drive May 16-27 and fundraisers raised $1,701.41. The Sentinel Secondary School Pancake Breakfast raised $1,856.00. WV Schools Board of Trustees Chair Carolyn Broady officially presented the total donation of $3,557.41 for the Canadian Cancer Society to Chief Cst. Len Goerke today during an assembly at Ecole Pauline Johnson Elementary School. ...


=== UPDATES & INFO ===


Please share your perspective, thoughts, and input with the District as we consider changes to the Interim Tree Bylaw.

See: http://westvancouver.ca/westvancouverITE/index.html?pd_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.peakdemocracy.ca%2Fportals%2F149%2FForum_435%2FIssue_1678#peak_democracy

The Interim Tree Bylaw is in place to provide some protection to identified trees on private lands until Council considers a long-term strategy for tree protection on July 18, 2016.

Your input will help staff develop recommendations for Council as they consider changes to the Interim Tree Bylaw.

Read answers to frequently asked questions and view the Interim Tree Bylaw.

See: https://westvancouver.ca/government/mayor-council/councils-priorities-2015-2018/built-form-housing-and-neighbourhood-character/protecting-west-vancouvers-trees

Open houses: ~ 2 - 5pm ~ Thurs May 26 -- Cmnty Ctr and ~ 5:30 - 8: 30pm ~ Wed June 1 -- Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr

Pls take this survey to share your input (open until June 10). http://westvancouver.ca/westvancouverITE/index.html


Ambleside’s waterfront is a jewel, unique in the Lower Mainland for its scenic offering of ocean, mountains, forest. and foreshore. It is a much-loved waterfront destination with a range of users and activities.

Community update meeting

Thank you to the more than 200 people who attended the community update meeting May 9 at the Kay Meek Theatre to discuss the updated Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan. Public process relies on engaged citizens and stakeholders giving their time and energy, and this meeting was another example of the waterfront’s importance to the citizens of West Vancouver.

The broad public engagement process has confirmed the range of interests and priorities on the Ambleside waterfront and the Concept Plan seeks to balance these interests, ensuring an integrated plan that offers something for everyone to enjoy.

If you missed the May 9 event, the display boards are available here: Display boards from May 9 update meeting

Here is a link to the Ambleside Boards where all this information is found: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/Mayor-and-council/Ambleside/Ambleside%20Waterfront%20Concept%20-%20display%20boards%20May%202016.pdf

{In answer to my enquiry, was told the Concept Plan includes a proposed location for the new 'arts' building, but its design and programming will be developed with key arts stakeholders as this component of the plan is implemented.}


Stage one sprinkling regulations have started two weeks early, May 15 instead of June 1. We are already experiencing very dry conditions, so please spread the word: One hour a week is all your lawn needs to be healthy.

Lawn Sprinkling Restrictions Apply MAY 15 to OCTOBER 15

RESIDENTIAL SPRINKLING IS PERMITTED 4 – 9am and includes townhomes and apartment buildings

EVEN ADDRESSES: Monday, Wednesday or Saturday ODD ADDRESSES: Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday Stage 1 sprinkling restrictions apply only to lawns. Watering of flowers, vegetable gardens, planters and shrubs is allowed outside restricted hours.

+ WV Streamkeeper Society new board:

At the AGM on May 5, the following were re-elected as the Board of Directors: Mike Akerly, John Barker, Bill Chapman, Elizabeth Hardy, Don Harrison, Rich Ketchen, Bill McAllister, David Martin, and Dave Reid. At the first mtg of the Board, John Barker was re-elected as President. The other elected officers are Bill McAllister as Treasurer and Mike Akerly as Secretary. President’s report 2016: John Barker reports on our outreach and work programs on behalf of salmon, streams, and the cmnty at large.

Read: http://www.westvancouverstreamkeepers.ca/dox/President's%20Report%20-%20Ma%205,%202016.pdf

NB: NEWSLETTER April to June -- sent out June 28, will be on the website soon!

+ SAC -- Seniors' Activity Centre

To view the current Seniors' E-news click here. To view our Garden Side Café April Menu click here; and May:


+ Cycling BC

APRIL -- Cycling BC is thrilled to announce the 2016 BC Championship races. Following the success of the 2015 season, 2016 promises more high quality, competitive racing throughout our beautiful province.

and much more: http://us3.campaign-archive2.com/?u=05396696229a2e236eb99a8dd&id=a247d37a8b&e=f1cb9865a1


May 5th: Start of CRC: Thursday Challenge Series Join CRC to race at the Richmond Industrial Park, Thursdays.

More events and much more information: http://us3.campaign-archive2.com/


Apr 7, 2016 Spring cleaning of the dog walk on West Vancouver's Seawalk between 19th & 24th Streets will take place April 25-29. Crews will begin work at 19th Street and work their way west, closing sections of the dog walk as they go. Please be prepared to detour around the dog walk while work is taking place.

Remember to keep your dog on a leash when detouring, and don't forget your plastic doggie bags! Cleaning dog droppings keeps parks and streets clean and safe, and it's required by the bylaw.

Dogs in West Vancouver http://westvancouver.ca/home-building-property/pets-wildlife-environment/dogs

+ BC SPCA calendar contest now open

Do you want to have your pet featured in the 2017 BC SPCA Calendar? Make them a hero and raise funds to protect animals from cruelty for a chance to win. The Calendar Contest is open until April 30, so rally your family, friends, and everybody you might know on Facebook for your chance to win.

Read about it and more at: http://support.spca.bc.ca/site/MessageViewer?em_id=18551.0&dlv_id=44557

+ NOISE EXEMPTION for 1355 Bellevue from May 5 to Jan 31, 2017

At their April 4th regular meeting, West Vancouver Mayor and Council approved a noise exemption in your area. Ledcor

Construction Ltd requested the Order of Non- Enforcement of the Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 Section 6.1.2. for the construction site located at 1355 Bellevue Avenue.

The District’s Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 restricts construction noise to the following hours:

1. Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.;

2. Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; and

3. No construction noise permitted on Sundays and holidays.

This approval of the non-enforcement of this bylaw will allow large concrete pours for the project to take place within the following modified hours:

          1. Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. and between the hours of 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.;

          2. Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.;

          3. No construction noise permitted on Sundays and holidays.; and

          4. Max total 30 days of work approved for non-enforcement of the noise bylaw between May 5 - Jan 31, 2017

The building under construction at 1355 Marine Drive is designed as a post-tensioned structure and therefore incorporates large concrete pours as approved by the structural engineer. The District has been advised that on large concrete pour days, at least eight hours is required for concrete placement and two to three hours for the concrete to cure.

On days where large concrete pours will occur, residents and businesses can anticipate the following:

  •  two concrete pumps arrive on site no earlier than 7:00 a.m.;

  •  concrete trucks arrive on site no earlier than 7:30 a.m.;

  •  concrete pouring takes place no earlier than 7:30 a.m. until approximately 5:00 p.m.;

  •  concrete finishing begins in the areas poured first, concrete cures for approx two hours depending on weather;

  •  concrete placed at 5:00 p.m. would cure for two hours; and

  •  concrete finishing continues as areas cure until no later than 8:00 p.m.

The noise associated with these large concrete pours involves concrete trucks arriving and leaving the site; use of concrete finishing equipment such as power trowels; and on rare occasion, concrete trucks and equipment related to concrete placement.

Staff have consulted with an independent industry expert who concluded that industry practice for post-tensioned concrete construction is to minimize the number of pours it takes to place a slab. Ledcor has confirmed that approx 30 large pours will require work beyond the hours allowed under the Noise Control Bylaw. These are scheduled to take place between May 5 and January 31, 2017.

We recognize the impact this construction has had on your homes and your neighbourhood and we appreciate your continued patience as this project is completed.

Please contact me directly at kmerilees@westvancouver.ca or 604-925-7008 if you have any questions or concerns. Sincerely,

Kristi Merilees Manager, Community Relations

+ BC Golf Society

May Newsletter -- Langara had 3 alterations and 1 new course



June 7 -- This week, the District was able to declare itself carbon-neutral in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for 2015 through GHG reduction projects it implemented to gain provincial carbon credits.

Press Release: http://westvancouver.ca/news/district-west-vancouver-achieves-carbon-neutral-status%E2%80%94again


Dave Barker, Michael Barnes, Rod Day, Beth Fraser, Elaine Graham, Barbara Hunter, Roddy MacKenzie, Carolanne Reynolds,

Marilyn Rhodes, Wendy Topham, Tom Wardell. Rod Day will be Prez till the end of the year.

=== CALENDAR to ~ July 9 ===

Mtgs at MHall unless otherwise indicated. Mtgs known at date of writing shown; often addns, changes, cancellations after WVM sent. Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/events. Some too late/early for an issue are emailed to subscribers. [Headsup/Notices sent between issues.] Earlier mtgs/events in Headsups. {Best efforts}

========== see mtgs/events in Headsup sections ==========


BC Golf Museum, 2545 Blanca St, Vancouver

Join us to celebrate this important anniversary for BC's first 8-hole golf course. Everyone welcome.

=== Saturday April 2 ~ 1:30pm ~ ADRA AGM at the Srs' Ctr -- Get information and give your views

=== Sunday April 3 ~ 11am - 6pm ~ Nowruz Family Picnic (the last day of the Persian New Year) at Ambleside Park

MAY (in Headsups); also JUNE

*** CELEBRATE OUR COMMUNITY DAY! Saturday June 4 ~ Parade + Booths ***

== Saturday June 11

~ 2 - 4pm ~ Lighthouse Park Preservation Society AGM -- http://www.lpps.ca

followed by an illustrated talk, ReflectIon, Restoration, and Results by Alexander Mancini

== Tuesday June 28

~ 4:30pm ~ Reserves and Investments Task Group Mtg

>>> CANADA DAY in John Lawson Park <<<

CANADA DAY RED & WHITE PICNIC -- 4:30 - 10:30pm

Dress up in our national colours and join us in the park. Bring your own picnic or enjoy a something tasty from our food vendors while watching live entertainment. Be sure to stay and enjoy the fireworks show! 

== Sunday July 3

~ 9am ~ Monthly Bird Count; meet at the upper kiosk of the parking lot in Lighthouse Park http://www.lpps.ca

== Saturday July 9

11TH ANNUAL WEST COAST MODERN HOME TOUR ~ 10:30am to 4pm to ...

The West Vancouver Museum's 11th annual home tour takes place on July 9 from 12 - 4pm followed by a reception at the Eagle Harbour Yacht Club from 4 - 6pm. Check-in is at the Museum from 10:30 - 11:45am where participants will receive a tour package containing details about the houses open for visiting. The five selected homes exhibit architectural features that define the best of West Coast modernism.

A limited number of home tour tix are available. To register for the tour, please choose one of the following three options:

Option 1: Bus + Reception: $130. Registration code #1051272

Option 2: Own Car + Reception: $120. Registration code #1051273

Option 3: Own Car (No Reception):  $100. Registration code #1051274

Register 925 7270 or http://westvancouverrec.ca/spring-summer/adults-19-years/trips-outings/registered-programs/west-coast-modern-home-garden-tour

+++ WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ 925 7400 westvanlibrary.ca See the Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/events/calendar/month

~~~ Starts Thursday March 24 = In the Gallery = Canadian Landscapes

Featuring the works of Norman Vipond, Michael Brouillet, Neil MacDonald, and Mary Winter — each with a strong connection to Vancouver’s North Shore — this exhibition presents the artists’ unique interpretations of our diverse Canadian landscapes.

+ Let’s Talk -- max 20 ppl

Develop your English skills while discussing current events

Beginner: 1 - 2:30pm Tuesdays June 7, 14, 21; Intermediate: 7 - 8:30pm Wednesdays June 1, 8, 15, 22

+ Tech Talk – Creating a Website with Wordpress

May 17 Tues ~ 6 - 7:30pm ~ Wordpress may be best known for blogging, but it’s also a great platform to create and maintain websites. If interested in learning more about building your own website, you don’t want to miss this Tech Talk.

+ English Corner: -- Fridays ~ 10 - 11:30am ~

Enjoy English conversation while making new friends. June 3, 10, and 17

+ Philosophers’ Cafe ~ 10:30am - noon ~ Fridays {check}

+ Authors in Our Community

May 4 Wed ~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ Riding In Style: The First Twenty-Five Years: A Memoir

Ride alongside Alan McGowan through B.C.’s early days with wild stories so farfetched they have to be true.

+ Monday Movie Night – 6:30 - 9pm

Apr 4 -- This Changes Everything

A powerful documentary about climate change and the economic system that created it

June 6 -- Brooklyn

A young Irish immigrant woman in 1950s Brooklyn must choose between two countries and two loves in this compelling drama.

June 13 -- The Intern

Bored with retirement, 70-year-old Ben becomes a “senior intern at an online fashion company.

July 4 The Danish Girl

A dramatic story of love and transformation inspired by the life of transgender Danish artist Lili Elbe, one of the first known people to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

+++ WEST VAN MUSEUM +++ 925 7295 http://westvancouvermuseum.ca

~ April 13 to June 4 ~ Sanaz Mazinani: Mirrored Explosions

Mirror reflections have multifarious interpretations: some view the image as objective truth, while others identify its inherent reversal as proof of the mirror’s deception or illusion. Mirrors confine and frame the visible, although they may also exaggerate it infinitely —for example, when two mirrors face each other.

We are so used to viewing our reflection on a daily basis that we often fail to see who or what is staring back. The same is true of the photographic image: despite the complexities of photography, even the most atrocious scenes of conflict and war dissolve in the indiscriminate and ubiquitous depictions encountered in the media.

Sanaz Mazinani’s recent photographic collages physically jar these images out of this mediascape. By presenting chaotic explosions in mirrored, kaleidoscopic arrangements that refuse to lie flat, Mazinani impedes a passive spectatorship; the representation of conflict is both visual and haptic.

Each work in Mirrored Explosions is an intervention in space, challenging the privileged vantage through which the politics of war are mediated. Problematizing both the mirrored reflection and the photographic lens, Mazinani ruptures our modes of observation, forcibly asking: how does an image’s mediation affect moral or political judgements? To what extent are these images real to us? How can the implications of war be more visibly, and tangibly, understood through representation?

Mirrored Explosions is guest-curated by Pantea Haghighi.

Sanaz Mazinani is an artist, curator, and educator based in San Francisco and Toronto. She holds an undergraduate degree from Ontario College of Art & Design University, and a Masters in Fine Arts from Stanford University. She co-edited the book ALMANAC: An Index of Current work and Thought (Stanford University, 2010). Recent curatorial projects include Edward Weston: On Light, Line and Form at Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University, and New Constellations: Contemporary Iranian Video Art at UCLA, Los Angeles, both in 2012.

Her works have been exhibited at the University of Toronto Art Centre, Museum Bärengasse, Zurich, Art & Architecture Library at Stanford University, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, Toronto, and Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai. Mazinani’s catalogue Unfolding Images was released in 2012. She has recently received grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and San Francisco Arts Commission. She was shortlisted for the 2013 Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize, granted the Kala Art Institute Fellowship, and awarded the San Francisco Arts Commission Art on Market Street public art installation for 2013-14.

Pantea Haghighi is an independent curator and owner of Republic Gallery. She is a graduate of the University of British Columbia Art History program. Curatorial projects include Unsent Dispatches from the Iranian Revolution, 1978-1979 at Presentation House Gallery in 2005, the Utopias Constructed series from 2014-18, Where/Between to be presented at Equinox Gallery in June 2016, and Mirrored Explosions at West Vancouver Museum in April 2016.

Reception: April 12 from 7 to 9pm. Artist Talk: April 14 from 7pm.

West Coast Artists for Alzheimer's

Dana Claxton, Douglas Coupland, Graham Gillmore, Angela Grossmann, Attila Richard Lukacs, Gordon Smith and Tyler Toews 

Reception:  June 9 from 7 to 9pm. Works on display: June 9, 10, and 11

For three days only, artworks by established and emerging West Coast artists will be displayed at the WV Museum before they travel to London, England later this year for a fundraising event to be held in association with World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21, 2016.

The works are selected by WV resident Rosalind Adnani, who is on the organizing cmte for the event which takes place at multiple embassies in London including: Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, Kuwait, Singapore, Monaco, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Ireland, Jordan, Mexico, Turkey, and Sweden.

Adnani, who was the first and only Canadian to be appointed to the cmte, says “it has been my intention to put together an auction of BC art which will take place at Lancaster House in London. 

She “chose Vancouver based artists for two simple reasons: first, our city is considered by many to be the art capital of Canada and second, I was born and raised here so I am most familiar with its vibrant art community.

Adnani wants to display the art in her own cmnty beforehand to profile the celebrated artists who donated works for this international cause.

We are pleased to be able to show these works and it is testament to the influence BC artists have internationally that their work is recognized and collected globally, says Darrin Morrison, Director/Curator of the West Vancouver Museum.

The special event will also include additional works by each of the artists selected from the Museum and private collections.

š  The next exhibition is WHY DESIGN NOW?: A WEST COAST CONTEXT with the opening reception Tues June 21

š  The 11th annual Home Tour is July 9

š  Subscribe to news from the Museum by clicking on: http://westvancouver.ca/widgets/subscribe-museum-news%20

+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY +++ www.ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290

~ June 21 - July 3 ~ Boldest, Brightest and Best

Mixed media by the North Shore Artists Guild

Opening Reception: Tues June 21, 6 - 8pm Meet the Artists: Sat June 25, 2 - 3 p.m.

+++ SILK PURSE +++ http://silkpurse.ca/exhibitions/ 925 7292

> Cherry Blossoms: A Textile Translation 2016 March 22 - April 10

> Eileen Fong: Nature, the Enchanting Beauty June 7 - 26

One of Vanc's most prolific artists, continually producing lush & vibrant acrylic paintings depicting BC landscapes. Opening reception: Tuesday June 7th from 6 - 8pm

> Ann Tarnowski: Harmony, Discord, Desiccation June 18 - July 10

Artist Ann Tarnowski paints figures & bones on vellum which are laid over top photographs taken by Norm Stelfox, of landscapes & buildings, dissecting humanity's relationship with nature starting with harmony leading to discord & eventually to desiccation. These works beg us to question our current ecological situation & ask whether we can change it.

Opening reception: Tuesday June 28th from 6 - 8pm

+++ KAY MEEK CENTRE +++ http://www.kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar {see for all events}

Call 981 6335 (MEEK) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com


The Board of Directors of the West Vancouver Arts Centre Trust governing the Kay Meek Centre is thrilled to announce the appointment of Rob Gloor as Executive Director, effective June 21 2016. Rob succeeds Jeanne LeSage, who led the organization since March 2014 and is now pursuing a career in her home province of Ontario.

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, WV http://westvan60.com Ofc 922 3587 Lounge: 922 1920

Lounge Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday noon – 10pm; Friday & Saturday noon – 11pm; Sunday 1 – 7pm

+ Parade to the Memorial Arch on Sat April 9th to commemorate the 99th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

Legion Members Volunteer in their Communities and Make a Difference Every Day

Published on Apr 11, 2016 08:00 am

April 10 through 16 is National Volunteer Week, an opportunity to thank volunteers and to recognize their contributions. At the Legion, we have a LOT of volunteers to thank¦ nearly 300,000!!

Our membership is one of the largest volunteer groups in the country, committing millions of volunteer hours each year. ...

see: http://www.legion.ca/article/legion-members-volunteer-in-their-communities-and-make-a-difference-every-day/



There will be a minute of silence and a short slide show at approximately 5pm in honour of D-Day which is June 6

BBQ AFTER THE MEAT DRAW Kielbasa BBQ on a bun with salad $10 Tickets at the bar

YOUR BBQ HOSTS: CHRISTINE & PAUL Entertainment to follow by GREG HAMPSON!!

SUNDAY JUNE 5 -- BBQ + Glass of house red/white wine $10 -- Tickets at the bar








KARAOKE & BBQ IN THE LOUNGE -- BBQ 5:30 – 7:30pm Tix $10 – Tix available in the lounge




$25 per person includes traditional Italian fare and 1 glass house red or white wine

Tix available at the bar for seatings upstairs (55) and downstairs (50)

Pls specify upstairs or downstairs when purchasing tix - deadline for purchases will be Monday June 20



EVENTS: Friday June 24: Karaoke + BBQ

Saturday June 25: Community BBQ In the afternoon

Saturday June 25: Italian Night + Alley Cats In the evening

Wednesday June 29: Veteran’s casual lunch

**The Memorial Hall will be open to visitors** **for all of Legion week**

+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com

President's Dinner & Excellence Awards 2016 And the winners are...

Citizen of the Year -- Harry Greenwood

Business Person of the Year -- Peter King, Bowen Island Community Transit Ltd.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year -- Pavan Avinashi, Hollyburn Eye Clinic

New Business of the Year -- Fisherman's Market, Katie Budd

Small Business of the Year -- Positively Fit, Mary Letson

Medium Business of the Year -- Gleneagles Clubhouse & Appleback Grill, Rachael Des Lauriers

Big Business of the Year -- British Pacific Properties, Geoff Croll

Congratulations to our winners!

Awards were presented last night*** at the Awards ceremony at the Hollyburn Country Club

=== CULTUREWATCH ===Patchy; lots in Headsup; too much for Canada Day to put in

{NB: The VSun has many events, theatre, talks, book launches, and more -- below are some http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/listings/ }

BARD ON THE BEACH: Fridays watch Christopher's Corner: https://youtu.be/fXuSOienUG8

Opening Nights: Romeo & Juliet June 10; Merry Wives of Windsor June 24; Othello July 7; Pericles July 10

What a season! lots of special evenings too: http://bardonthebeach.org/schedule


+ Bard in the Valley: The Taming of the Shrew: various locations/times (from June) bardinthevalley.com

+ Mama Mia (ABBA hit songs) by Broadway Across Canada (Queen Elizabeth Theatre) Mar 29 - Apr3

+ Arts Club 687 1644 artsclub.com

Onegin, a musical (Goldcorp/BMO Theatre) Mar 17 - Apr 10 EXTENDED to Apr 13

Billy Elliot, Stanley industrial Alliance Stage, held over to July 17

+ Freddie Wood Theatre, UBC ~~ The Arabian Nights, BFA Students, ubctheatretickets.com; until Apr 2

+ Jericho Arts Ctr -- jerichoartscentre.com

The Government Inspector, by Gogol (United Players), 224 8007 from Mar 25 - Apr 17



Picasso -– Details, events: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/special_events.html


Masoud Soheili, Caroun Art Gallery (CAG) www.Caroun.net www.Caroun.ca www.Caroun.org www.Caroun.com 1403 Bewicke Ave., North Vancouver, V7M 3C7 Tel: 1 778 372 0765 (2 - 8 pm Pacific time)




+ MUSEUM of VANCOUVER http://www.museumofvancouver.ca

The City Before the City; Connects visitors with one of the largest ancient village and burial sites upon which Vancouver was built

+ VANCOUVER MARITIME MUSEUM http://www.vancouvermaritimemuseum.com/exhibits-and-collections

Ghost Passages of the McKenzie Shipyard: An Exhibition by Tracy McMenemy,

January 7 - April 3 Reception: Thursday January 14 from 6 to 9pm

The shipyard was located just west of Cates Park in NV. http://tracymcmenemy.com/press-2/

More: http://www.nsnews.com/entertainment/dossier/artist-tracy-mcmenemy-resurrects-the-bygone-mckenzie-shipyard-1.2142747#sthash.byEoE2rO.dpuf


+ Little Chamber Music: Mark Haney's 3339, the story of Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope

Mountain View Cemetery Celebration Hall 778 317 4427 littlechambermusic.com 7:30 and 9pm June 28

+ EARLY MUSIC VANCOUVER 732 1610 earlymusic.bc.ca

Common Grounds Thursday, June 30th - 7:30pm (Christ Church Cathedral)

Pre-concert talk 6:45pm. Two ensembles. Two starkly different genres. In this remarkable project,

a Baroque ensemble, led by harpsichordist/chamber organist Alexander Weimann, and a jazz septet, led by trumpeter/composer Alan Matheson, explore threads running from the 1600s through today's creative jazz scene. Bringing together two rich musical communities, the two groups will perform works from their respective fields, as well as pieces written for the "common ground" of both.

+ Sarah McLachlan at the QE ticketfly.com 8pm June 27


+ Chutzpah! Festival -- February 18 – March 13

Delight your senses with a sensational lineup of breathtaking dance, thought-provoking theatre, side-splitting comedy and heart-pumping music. Tickets at chutzpahfestival.com.

+ CELTICFEST -- http://www.celticfestvancouver.com

+ VANCOUVER CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL Mar 24 - Apr 17 http://www.vcbf.ca


VOP: Heider Abou Ghosh on “Uncovering Canada Park

Voice of Palestine, Canada relaunches its podcasts! Today, cohost Hanna Kawas talks by phone with Heider Abou Ghosh, who is currently on a cross Canada tour entitled “Uncovering Canada Park: A Dispossessed Palestinian Speaks Out. Heider is a survivor from Imwas village, one of the 3 Palestinian villages destroyed in the occupied West Bank by Israeli forces, on the ruins of which the Jewish National Fund built Canada Park. The discussion covers Heider’s personal experiences, the complicity of the Jewish National Fund and the Canadian government that grants it tax deductible status, and what people here can do to help the struggle of the Palestinians.

Reminder: Vancouver April 10th picket against the JNF Dinner

Click on this Link to access a download of the show.

Browse our archives for the past twelve years on our homepage

Please join our Facebook page at: Voice of Palestine ªØµÙˆØª فلسطين Facebook page¬

+ Sunday May 8th 2016

Sea to Sky trail (Function Junction to Brandywine Falls) (Difficulty level C6*)

A free public event for Nature Vancouver. Non members limited to 3 hikes.

Meeting time and location: Carpool at Park Royal North (Park & Ride on 3rd floor) at 7:30am.

Field trip leaders: Bengul Kurtar and David Cook.

Registration would be appreciated: Contact David at 924 0147 (cookeco2@yahoo.com) or

Bengul Kurtar (bengul_kurtar@yahoo.com) 733 5327.

Description of field trip: We will explore the Sea to Sky Trail between Function Junction and Brandywine Falls while hiking the trail following the Cheakamus River.

This will be a crossover type hike. We will leave half of the cars at the trail head (Function Junction) and the rest of them at the trail end.

This is moderately strenuous hike of 13-14 km. We will learn about geology, flora and fauna along the way.

"The heritage of the Sea to Sky Trail can be traced back to the historic travel and trade route of the Coast Salish and Interior Salish First Nations. These peoples would use the Sea to Sky corridor as a means of access between the Coast and the Interior. In the late 1700s and early 1800s European settlement expanded both on the Coast and into the Interior, as pioneers ventured in pursuit of gold and the expansion of ranches. It was at this time, the young province of British Columbia undertook their largest capital project to date, a cattle trail for ranchers around Lillooet to transport their cattle to the Vancouver markets. The trail proved too rigorous for the cattle, so the route was abandoned. But the idea of traveling through the Sea to Sky corridor persisted, eventually leading to the development first of gravel roads and railways, and then of highways and airports."

Add'l info: Pack lunch and water, and wear good hiking boots. Weather conditions can be variable so prepare for both sun and rain. * See Nature Vancouver website http://www.naturevancouver.ca/ for Difficulty Ratings.

+ The Dunbar Chronicles: A Self-Guided Walking Tour

Where: Dunbar Community Centre What: Discover the community’s stories as you walk your walk your way through the Dunbar Chronicles – a self-guided walking tour. Runs until: Sunday May 29, 2016

* TALK ~


Thursday April 28 -- St. John's Anglican Church, 1410 Nanton Avenue; Suggested Donation: $10

In the past year, several young First Nations women in our community have completed studies which led to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. Amy Parent (Nisga'a Nation, PhD in Education); and Melissa Adams (Nisga'a Nation, Doctoral Candidate in Archives & Information Systems) -- with Melanie Delva - discuss their research and current work in the community that is shining a light on First Nations issues and paving the way for change.

* INTERNATIONAL BEAR DAY ~ Saturday 1- 4 pm & 7 - 9pm April 2nd

Celebrations will include a walk to see the natural foods of our black bears. A North Shore Black Bear Society, Raincoast Conservation Fdn, and Capilano U free event. For more info, email nsbbs@telus.net In two parts:

A family fun day program 1-4 pm, Cedar Building & library courtyard, Capilano University, 2055 Purcell Way, NV.

Bring the family for displays, face painting, storytelling, photography, art, bear safety workshop, music by the Grizzly Waves and a guided walk to look at the plants and bugs foraged by bears. The walk is scheduled for 3pm. Meet those working on bear research and conservation.

The evening program 7-9 pm in the Bosa Ctr for Film and Animation on campus will be a viewing of the film Great Bear and a presentation by Christina Service, Raincoast Scientist and Executive Director of the Spirit Bear Research Foundation. Registration recommended for the evening programme at http://tinyurl.com/oarkcoy.

>>> 2016 HEADSUP Section A1 - 23 <<<

=== 2016 HEADSUP A1: Ccl BITS Apr 4; Mtgs/Events

{ NB: Drafted Friday April 1st but transmission unfortunately delayed }

Am able therefore to tell you what happened at Monday’s ccl mtg¦..

Finally, welcome to the new year.

As said in the past, the Scene section of the VSun on Thursdays lists oodles of activities, and by kind of entertainment. Mtgs, events, etc that were in the last newsletter are usually not repeated in a Headsup.

Herewith: Intro; TREES; Ccl April 4 Bits; Mtgs/Events April 1 - 10; Maiku


- April is Daffodil Month — Canadian Cancer Society

- Sad to learn of the recent passing of long-time Srs’ Ctr volunteer, Fred Titcomb, just short of his 104th birthday wch wd hv bn April 17th. Celebration at the Srs’ Ctr on Sunday 10th. In fact, Fred started volunteering in 1940. Besides the Queen’s Jubilee medal, in 2014 he received the BC Cmnty Achievement Award recognizing his 75 years of cmnty volunteerism.


The N Sh Heritage Preservation Society asked I put out a request for stories or photos from any newsletter readers who might have spent a honeymoon or vacation at the Silk Purse cottage, thinking these might be of interest on their website, in heritage displays, and in current discussions about the future of the building. Of course they wd obtain written permission from the individual contributors before publicizing any of the info. {write to photos@westvan.org}


A hot topic now. Trees have finally caught Ccl’s serious attention and they’re discussing bylaws.

The City of Vancouver’s canopy has dropped from 22% to 18% so they’re selling trees for $10! (Must be a Vancouver resident and the limit is three.)

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is selling cherry trees — reserve yours, blooms in early, mid, or late in the season. See http://www.vcbf.ca

🎄 Vancouver Tree Week is April 2 - 10

Help us grow our urban forest and reach our goal of planting 150,000 trees by 2020.


🎄 10th Anniversary Birthday Blossoms Tree Planting Program

Choose from eight early-to-late blooming cultivars for 62 days of bloom on any private property and look forward to¦ http://www.vcbf.ca/community-event/10th-anniversary-birthday-blossoms

🎄 The Vancouver Tree Book aims to make an arborist out of everyone


š  CCL MTG April 4th BITS

= The Mayor announced the mbrs of the CEC


and congratulated staff on the NSN Readers Choice awards won by WV.

= Some discussion but Devt Permit for a beach shed and proposed stairs for a deck in a non-conforming locn at 6016 Gleneagles was approved

= Debate also re technical corrections to 2992 - 3032 Burfield Place; DP was amended

= The street-naming request re Rodgers Creek was approved. Cam said he learned some history from the report (the area was known as Tower Hill) so I tried to copy and paste that from the ccl agenda on the DWV website (but it had been scanned instead converted). Comment was also made as to whether this cd hv bn under Consent Agenda rather than an item for Ccl.

= wrt non-enforcement of the noise bylaw for Grosv (1300 MDr), a good point was made by Cass, surprised residents had been given no info/notice/warning this was going to occur before it came to Ccl for approval.

{absolutely agree — wd assume already a policy to let residents, esp in the area, be notified and asked for feedback; trust will be rectified shortly. Pity no one thought of it beforehand. [6:34 - 6:48]}

= The 2016 tax rate bylaw w/ revised Sched A (on-table) carried but w/ Sop opposed two min later [6:50].

= The water shortage response plan amdmt bylaw to incorporate MetroV revisions carried unanimously [6:55]

= The Road Closure and Removal of Hwy Dedication adjacent to 2998 Park Lane has a legal angle. DWV lost so appealed, and the appeal resulted in a recipe for a resoln.

{Again, can’t copy and paste the story b/c can’t copy and paste from what was sent; hope to put in the transcript}

= The 5-Yr Financial Plan was adopted; as was the keeping of backyard chickens bylaw.

= Ccl Mtg schedule was changed to add two sp mtgs: 6pm Wed Apr 20 and Mon Apr 25;

and to cancel the reg mtg Mon May 2.

= A 2173 Argyle three-unit DP will be considered late April

= Correspondence: Lower Clovelly Walk, statutory capital reserve funds, lots on trees!, waterfront concept, passenger train from NV to Prince George, G3 Terminal, access to Whytecliff Park,

= At end were the Reports from Mayor and Cclrs and one speaker at PQP with interesting and helpful comments on TREES!.

= ADJOURNMENT at 7:23pm!


-> The Arts Club’s Onegin has been enjoying sold-out performances. Got a notice that they were extending three days, and now they’ve added more! No surprise with both Meg Roe and Alessandro Juliani! Here it is:

Onegin must close April 17! With 18 performances SOLD OUT, Onegin is the hottest ticket in town! We’ve added 7 performances, but they’re filling up fast. Tix start at just $25—best availability April 15–17.

Buy online or call the box office at 687 1644


~ 7pm ~ Thursday Apr 7 ~ Awards Cmte at Cmnty Ctr

~ 9am ~ Friday Apr 8 ~ Cmnty Grants Cmte at Cmnty Ctr

~ 10:45am ~ Saturday Apr 9 ~ Vimy Ridge Day

10:45am March from the WV Legion ~ 11am Ceremony in Memorial Park

The WV Legion will once again commemorate the 99th anniversary of the successful 1917 Canadian attack at Vimy Ridge, a key victory helping to end World War I. Mbrs of the WV Legion, WV Police, and WV Fire & Rescue will march from the Legion to the Cenotaph in Memorial Park for a ceremony.


GESTURES IN PAINT AND CERAMICS -- Mary Blaze and Haejin Lee April 5 - 23

Opening Reception: Tues April 5 from 6 - 8pm Meet the Artists: ~ 2 - 3pm ~ Sat April 9


Friends of the Library Booksales Stock up on great book bargains!

Members’ Pre-Sale: Thursday April 7 from 6 – 8:30pm Memberships available at the door $10

Public Sale ~ 10am - 4pm ~ Friday April 8 and Saturday April 9

> April 1 - 10


VSO: Rocket Man with Chris Hadfield, with VSO and UBC Opera Ensemble; Orpheum 8pm tel; 876 3434


~ 9:30am or 1:30pm ~ Big Tree Weekend: Tour the Giants — Many of our province’s biggest trees are in Stanley Park. Learn how to support BC’s few remaining old-growth forests. Stanley Pk Nature House stanleyparkecology.ca 718 6522

~ 2pm ~ JENNIFER TEEGE -- Author in conversation with Marsha Lederman, sharing her new memoir, My Grandfather Wd Have Shot Me: A Black Woman Discovers Her Family's Nazi Past. Sat April 2 at 8pm.

Tix: $29/$25/$21. Norman & Annette Rothstein Theatre. More info at chutzpahfestival.com.

~ The Arabian Nights (Sheherezade’s Tales) by UBC BFA prog; Freddy Wood ubctheatretickets.com 822 2678 to Apr 2


~ 2pm ~ UBC Music: Opera Tea in the Garden; coffee, tea, and light refreshments

Concert of opera arias and song favourites. music.ubc.ca 822 6725

~ 3pm ~

TOMORROW at 3pm at the Chan Centre, the professional forces of the PBO will combine with the forces of the UBC Baroque Mentorship Orchestra to perform Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks, a suite for wind band written for the fireworks celebration that commemorated the end of the War of Austrian Succession, in April of 1749. Fittingly, the festively-sized orchestra of students and professional players will perform a re-scoring of this famous suite for full orchestra that Handel composed to benefit the student residents of the Foundling Hospital in London.

The programme will also include Bach's Brandenburg 1

and Telemann's Concerto for 3 trumpets in D major.

Read the Programme Notes: http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/events/handels-music-for-the-royal-fireworks/




An evening to mix and mingle with the nominees and the literary cmnty. Wed April 6 at 5:30pm, free. Studio Records, 919 Granville St., Vancouver. More information at bcbookprizes.ca

~ 7pm ~ Webinar: 12 New Affordable Housing Ideas

The Michael Geller lecture is sold out, but you can watch the live webinar from your computer, tablet, or smartphone Apr 6 at 7pm at: global.gotomeeting.com/join/234363013 Access Code: 234-363-013. Join the discussion via Twitter! Tweet your comments using #SFUaffordablehousing. Be sure to follow us @SFUcity.


Author presents his book, Vancouver Tree Book: A Living City Field Guide, filled with detailed descriptions and hundreds of colour images for discovering the quiet giants living among us. Wed Apr 6 at 7pm, free.

Main Street Book Warehouse, 4118 Main St. More info: bookwarehouse.ca

~ 7:30pm ~ EVE LAZARUS

Author of Sensational Vancouver and Cold Case Vancouver presents stories of bootleggers and brothels, police corruption, and unsolved murders. Wed Apr 6 at 7:30pm, free.

McGill branch, Burnaby Public Library. More info and registration at bpl.bc.ca


~ 6pm ~ A Conversation with Anoushka Shankar; acclaimed sitar player talks with Sheryl MacKay about her

extensive musical career and the legacy of her father, Pandit Ravi Shankar chancentre.com 822 9197

~ 8pm ~ TWS READING SERIES — The Writing Studio at SFU presents Timothy Shay, author of the poetry colln The Dirty Knees of Prayer. Cottage Bistro, 4470 Main St.


BALLETGOING HOME STAR A deeply moving classical ballet of truth and reconciliation, with story by Joseph Boyden, at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. More info at RWB.org.



~ 10am - 5pm ~ Sakura Days Japan Fair

VanDusen Botanical Garden. Tix now available online vandusengarden.org/ and in person

=== 2016 HEADSUP A2: Apr 18 Agenda; Calendar

Trying to get the info to you ahead of time!

Below: news/announcements, April 18 ccl mtg agenda, add’l events Apr 8 - 12, trees, QTP


Gorgeous weather! ENJOY!

> April 8th is World Health Day; this year the focus is on diabetes.

> The 26th Celebration of Light! This year’s participating countries are the Netherlands (Sat July 23),

Australia (Wed July 27), and US/Disney (Sat July 30). Expecting 400K spectators a night!

> The WV Arts Centre Trust has announced Rob Gloor announced as new Executive Director of KMC

effective June 21. Rob succeeds Jeanne LeSage who led the organization from March 2014 and is now

pursuing a career in her home province of Ontario.

> Saving heritage homes? Moving better than demolition! Venerable B.C. homes shipped by barge to the US and offered as cheap housing. At least being saved! (one at 104!)

See: http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/venerable-b-c-homes-shipped-by-barge-to-u-s-and-offered-as-cheap-housing

> HERITAGE Report at City of NV ccl mtg on Monday April 11

Christopher Wilkinson of CNV Planning kindly forwarded this notice for our information:

The “Heritage Program Update and Non-Monetary Incentives for Heritage Protection report is online under item 13 (page 8) on the Council Agenda, available here:


Though I’ve asked for 25 years for nbrhds themselves to draw up the character they want to have, do like his third recommendation: AND THAT staff be directed to report back with a strategy for the development of Heritage Character Area Guidelines for those areas currently without such Guidelines for referral to a future work program.

{When you click on the item, the report comes up (p8). Of the whole agenda plus attachments, however, it’s p 161 to p184, but from p167 the whole (impressive) CNV program comes up.

NB: CNV’s better than DWV! it is possible to copy and paste from the memos even so if you want to discuss a statement, page, or report, you can! We’ve been advocating for many years that DWV use “conversion but they keep ˜scanning’. The advantage of converting is not just being able to copy parts for discussion, it also means you can ’search’ for topics. Let’s hope WV will convert. Pun intended.}


See: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/apr/18/16apr18-Agenda2.pdf

Main Items:


Great staff report on DWV agenda Apr 18th, but it’s long, so read in advance.

= TREES! on April 18th’s WV agenda! At bottom see notice M just sent me with advance info.

= REVISED TAX RATE BYLAW (I haven’t yet read all of this to find out what changed; here’s what it has)

[Item 6]¢ Revised Schedule A to Proposed 2016 Annual Tax Rates Bylaw ¦

The proposed bylaw received first, second, and third reading at the April 4, 2016 Ccl mtg.


¢ Third reading of proposed � Annual Tax Rates Bylaw No.4885, 2016 be rescinded;

¢ Proposed � Annual Tax Rates Bylaw as att'd to the report from the Dir/Financial Services dated Mar 15 be revised by replacing the existing “Sched A w/ the revised “Sched A – 2016 Property Tax Rates as Est'd by Ccl as att'd to the report dated Apr 6 from the Acting Dir/Financial Services.

¢ Proposed � Annual Tax Rates Bylaw No.4885, 2016 be read a third time as amended.


much more besides Disability Issues, the Cypress Village Planning Process, and lots in Correspondence

š  Herewith: Calendar from Apr 8 - 12

+ Vancouver South African Film Festival April 8 - 10 — see: http://www.vsaff.org

+ Kerrisdale Antiques Fair April 9 and 10 — 980 3159

- CEEP WG mtg Tues April 12 — CANCELLED

+ Tues Apr 12 Opening Reception ~ 7pm ~ of Museum’s exhibition [April 13 - June 4]:

SANAZ MAZINANI: MIRRORED EXPLOSIONS (Artist Talk: 7pm Apr 14) http://westvancouvermuseum.ca

Mirror reflections have multifarious interpretations: some view the image as objective truth, while others identify its inherent reversal as proof of the mirror’s deception or illusion. Mirrors confine and frame the visible, although they may also exaggerate it infinitely —for example, when two mirrors face each other.

++ don’t forget

o Legion’s Vimy Ridge March to Memorial Park Saturday morning 11am for 99th anniversary

o the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival — sakura weekend in last Headsup vcbf.ca

o Things in WVM or the prev Headsup may not also appear below {apologies for anything missed}

= Various events:

¦ on or ending SATURDAY APRIL 9

~ 2 and 8pm ~ Late Company: Touchstone Theatre at The Cultch, Vancity Culture Lab; tix: thecultch.com

~ 6pm ~ Vancouver Art Gallery’s Major Art Auction at Fairmont Pacific Rim

among the artists: Dana Claxton, Rodney Graham, Jeff Wall 662 4747 artauction2016.ca

~ 8pm ~ UBC Symphony Orchestra: Concerto competition winner 2016, Melody Yuan, violin

Chan Centre 822 5574 music.ubc.ca

~ 8pm ~ VSO: Beethoven’s Ninth: UBC University Singers and UBC Choral Union at the Orpheum

876 3434 vancouversymphony.ca

¦ on or ending SUNDAY APRIL 10

~ 1:30pm ~ Native plants as natural healers: First Nations medicinal uses of native plants

A free public walk for Wild Bird Trust Walk leader: David Cook — 924 0147

Mtg time/locn: 1:30 - 3:30pm at Wild Bird Trust’s Conservation Area office, 2645 Dollarton Hwy, NV 604 903 4471. Rain or shine.

Description of walk: We will walk the wheelchair-accessible trails of the Conservation Area at Maplewood Flats and learn to identify native plant species used in traditional First Nations medicine.

~ 3pm ~ Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center welcomed by the Friends of Chamber Music

at the Vancouver Playhouse 722 1264 friendsofchambermusic.ca

~ 3pm ~ Vancouver debut of British tenor Mark Padmore, Vancouver Recital Society

at the Chan Centre 602 0363 vanrecital.com

~ 4:45pm ~ JNF Dinner at Four Seasons Hotel (W Georgia and Howe St)

JNF Canada has used its tax-deductible status for building and maintaining the infamous “Canada Park on the ruins of 3 Palestinian villages, Imwas, Yalu, and Beit Nuba, which were located in the occupied West Bank and destroyed after the 1967 war. On April 10, 2016, the Jewish National Fund JNF Pacific Region is holding its annual “Negev Gala Dinner.

Contact email: info@cpavancouver.org

{why named Canada Park on razed/removed villages? and yes, readers, fyi if there were a protest against ISIL, it wd be publicized here as well — let me know!}

~ 7pm ~ Crimes of the Heart, Bright Young Theatre at the Little Mountain Gallery brightyoungtheatre.com

¦ on or ending MONDAY APRIL 11

~ 7:30pm ~ Debaters: All-Star Stand-Up Comedy: Presentation House Theatre 990 3474 phtheatre.org

Graham Clark, Ivan Decker, Charlie Demers, Erica Sigurdson

~ 8pm ~ VSO: Wagner vs Brahms; Orpheum 876 3434 vancouversymphony.ca


...from DWV:

Protecting West Vancouver Trees: a balanced and thoughtful approach

Trees are important to the residents of West Vancouver. Trees are a part of West Vancouver’s identity and they help to set the community apart from other increasingly urbanized municipalities in Metro Vancouver.

In recent years, there has been an increased awareness by many in the community of the value that trees bring to the District including positive ecological and environmental benefits as well as community, social, economic and personal benefit. With this increased awareness, many residents are concerned that there is no specific bylaw in West Vancouver for the protection of trees on private lands.

This concern has been exacerbated by the now common practice of the complete clearing of lots for new or redevelopment. This practice results in the loss of significant tree cover generally and the loss of signature trees within West Vancouver neighbourhoods. The District has heard continued and increasing concern from the community regarding the loss of trees.

At the same time, the District recognizes and manages the effects of tree growth on amenities such as access to sunlight, views, and safety.

In response, the District will undertake community consultation regarding tree protection on private lands and report back to Council later this year. During this consultation period, an Interim Tree Bylaw is proposed to protect identified trees until Council considers a long-term strategy for tree protection on private lands.

More information:


=== HEADSUP 2016 A3: Apr 12 - 14

Time marcheth on — in fact I think it’s racing. This was supposed to go out Tuesday, mea culpa.

A2 had Monday night’s agenda but have to provide an update on mtgs, etc.

TREES on the agenda, v controversial — attend and get your point heard

fyi there will be add’l ccl mtgs both on Apr 20 and 25th.

Herewith: Tues (1); Wed (2-4); Thurs (5); Smiles? [to end]


KMC -- FILM: JAFAR PANAHI'S TAXI Tue, Apr 12 | 7:30pm

Tickets: $10 Adults / $7 Students Run time: 82 minutes

Presented in Farsi with English Subtitles

After being sentenced to six years of house arrest and a twenty-year ban on making films in 2010, the great Iranian director Jafar Panahi got around these strictures by shooting his subsequent features This Is Not a Film entirely within his apartment and Closed Curtain at his summer house.

For his new film, Panahi retreats to an even more confined location: a taxi that circles the streets of Tehran, with Panahi himself in the driver's seat. Without ever leaving the cab, Panahi quietly orchestrates a multi-layered mosaic of life in today's Iran as he coaxes the fares he picks up to speak to him about their concerns, fears, hopes, and expectations. Welcomed with a standing ovation at the Berlinale and awarded the festival's top prize of the Golden Bear, Jafar Panahi's Taxi is one of the year's essential films.

Official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival 2015


PUBLIC ART ADVISORY CMTE MTG -- Apr 13 ~ 10am to noon at the Music Box, 1564 Argyle





¦ As it happens Lisa Anne Smith, curator of the “Old Hastings Mill Store museum is available to talk to us but only in the afternoon. She is currently working on a book about Emily Susan Patterson, the Heroine of Moodyville. Join us on Wednesday at the NEW TIME OF 2pm for Lisa Anne Smith talking about the Hastings Mill and Store. Perhaps we can impose upon her to talk about her researches into Mrs. Patterson. See you at the regular place but at the new time:

North Vancouver Museum & Archives, 3203 Institute Rd. North Vancouver

Wednesday April 13 at 2pm


VANCOUVER VANISHES Demolition and Revival

7pm Thursday April 14 Central Library -- Free! Popular. Come early.

Contributors from Vancouver Vanishes: Narratives of Demolition and Revival discuss Vancouver’s changing urban environment in an engaging multimedia talk. Novelist and short story writer Caroline Adderson reflects on houses and apartments as “repositories of narrative". Artist and writer Michael Kluckner talks about the aesthetic values that created Vancouver’s historic neighbourhoods. Writer and blogger Eve Lazarus gives an illustrated presentation about the changing West End. For more information, please contact Anvil Press at info@anvilpress.com

=== HEADSUP 2016 A4: Apr 15 - 20

Well, overcome by obligations. Was to send out a Headsup on Thursday night!

Must remind you that two major items on Monday’s agenda:


Two items that affect pretty well all of us.

Fight for your nbrhd! Describe how you want it to be and look. Send it to Ccl (signed petition) to make it easy for Ccl to rubber stamp.

A “one-size fits all wd be watered down and probably dull, indistinctive across the whole M.

Keep our park-like cmnty; have high-density in zones. Mixing them makes many unhappy.

Apologies for lateness and any omitted.

List is chronological; some past but there’s always next year!

At end, a short video, ICYMI, the start of the Southern Straits Sailing Race, plus photos, pun, and pic :-)s

-> to April 20

+ Earth Day Philosophers’ Cafe – Do Economy and Ecology Compete with or Complement Each Other?

This Earth Day discussion focuses on how the economy can both damage and fund the environment.

Friday April 15, 10:30am – 12pm, LIBRARY

+ North Shore Writers Festival 2016 Weekend — Apr 15/16 Free

Lynn Valley Library, NV — northshorewritersfestival.com

+ starts Apr 15: Grubstake Remix

Part of a week-long celebration of amazing Cdn films (Apr 15-21), VIFF Vancity Theatre is presenting Grubstake Remix, a film about Cdn-born actress, writer, producer, and animal trainer, best known for her portrayals of strong, adventurous women. In this unique cinema hybrid that crosses between the worlds of performance documentary and narrative fiction, actors and musicians perform with the original silent film in a redux where the on-screen characters are speaking and thinking in Shakespearean English. > More info here. http://www.viff.org/theatre/films/fc8850-grubstake-remix

+ Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises around Vancouver

Learn about current whale research and how you can help conserve vulnerable whale, dolphin, porpoise, and sea turtle populations in B.C. Saturday April 16, 2 – 4pm, Library

+ VSO ~ 8pm ~ Sat April 16: The Conservatives: Brahms Requiem Orpheum vancouversymphony.ca

+ See the Blossom Barge WEEKEND Apr 16/17 Granville Island to Crab Park vcbf,ca

+ KMC — Theatre West Van presents FAWLTY TOWERS 8ipm Apr 15/16



Wednesday, April 20, 2016 7:00PM

> SUNDAY April 17

- HIGH TEA —James and Jamesy are back; at Studio 1398 at Granville Island theatrewire.com


Bach; Ryerson United Church; salishseafestival.org/vancouver

- Cmnty Ctr:

- KMC:

Draw is Tomorrow! DREAM A LITTLE DREAM TRAVEL RAFFLE Draw Date April 18 Three cash prizes. Your dream...your plan! First: $4,000, Second: $750, Third: $250

Tix are $20ea, or buy three for $50 or five for $75. At KMC box ofc by ph or online.

> MONDAY April 18

VSO -- 8pm Mon April 18: The Progressives: Wagner’s Ring Without Words Orpheum vancouversymphony.ca

> TUESDAY April 19

Free WVCCS Community Forum "China the New Reality" - Tuesday, April 19th.

The West Vancouver Community Centres Society (WVCCS) is extremely pleased to announce our next Forum for Dialogue and Learning, titled China - the New Reality, will be taking place on Tuesday, April 19th.

Leading experts Stewart Beck, Jim Allworth and James Ho will discuss China's evolving place in the world today, and the potential impact of these changes on Canada and British Columbia. Jas Johal, a veteran journalist and former Asia Bureau Chief based in Beijing, will moderate the panel discussion and audience participation.

Full details are available here.

The Forum takes place from 7 - 9pm (doors open at 6:30 p.m.) in the Music Hall at the WV Cmnty Ctr. The event is free to the cmnty, but as space is limited to avoid disappointment we ask you to please email your name and number of tickets requested to wvccs@westvancouver.ca as soon as possible.

> WEDNESDAY April 20 — ccl mtg at 6pm!!!

+ VIDEO SAILING {they left Dundarave pier on Good Friday}

West Vancouver's "Hollywood Sailing Club"

Video: https://youtu.be/IiW618Ex6VM CHEEEEEERS!

+ photOs


Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have already visited Mumbai, New Delhi

The Associated Press Posted: Apr 14, 2016 5:00 PM ET Last Updated: Apr 14, 2016 5:00 PM ET


=== HEADSUP 2016 A5: Ccl Mtg TONIGHT; WVPD tomorrow

yes, tonight! Wed Apr 20 to adopt the Interim Tree Bylaw.

Do hope they’ll amend it to preserve more trees by reducing the measurement above wch are protected.

¤ï¸🎄¤ï¸ Remember, the view is through the trees and/or framed by the trees — we want both! Views and trees. After all they clean the air and give us oxygen as well as prevent erosion and flooding. Let’s celebrate our park-like community!

You may want to find out what happened Mon and what’s going to happen Thursday as well, so bits below.

Also it’s the Queen’s actual birthday tomorrow; HM turns 90 Thursday April 21 — and still working virtually full time! and Prince Philip will be 95 in June.

Don’t forget the WVPD Family Carnival starts tomorrow too!

Herewith: Ccl Mtg Tidbits; mtgs/events; Pun Police {HM; in rush, so tomorrow’s Headsup!}

œˆ Ccl Mtg Apr 18 Tidbits

= Building Bulk passed to go to PH May 16, so get your views known between now and the PH night (not permitted to have input after the PH. Staff and Ccl willing to listen to you!

= Interim Tree bylaw passed as well; definition of ˜cut’ given plus prohibition of invasive species. More input and to come back in Nov. Some requested an earlier date back. It was pointed out that there are few trees in Ambleside of 75cm diameter so doesn’t change much. Gamb even proposed an amendment for smaller but was told too long/complicated just now. {Your Editor agrees shd be smaller.}

Many thoughtful and informed comments. Lasted 47 minutes and only two speakers negative! So adoption is planned for tonight (or, we hope, rescission!).

{fyi, at Ccl Your Editor requested a scientific provision — ensure whatever you plant on your lot absorbs and maintains water (rain) thus preventing erosion and flooding your nbrs’ properties!}

= Sched A of annual tax rate: third reading was rescinded; amended third reading passed; adoption at a following mtg.

{Your Editor comments here to point out this is what cd be done to the Tree Bylaw wrt reducing size.}

œˆ Mtgs Tues Apr 19 ~ 4:30pm ~ Reserves and Investments Task Group

Wed Apr 20 ~ 6pm ~ Library Board mtg at the Library

Thurs Apr 21 ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte mtg CANCELLED

~ 6:30pm ~ Devt Applicn Information re 2173 Argyle at the Srs’ Ctr



It is carnival time again and we are ready for another four days of fun starting Thursday April 21st! The 11th Annual West Vancouver Police Family Carnival, hosted by our

Student Work & Advisory Team (SWAT), is back for an 11th year and returning to Ambleside Park where it all started!

Carnival rides with an ocean view! Our carnival partners West Coast Amusements are bringing their best rides and carnival games to Ambleside Park!

Select at site from either individual ride tickets or an all-day ride pass. A portion of ride ticket proceeds support WV Police Youth Programs!

Have fun! Meet members of the WV Police Youth Liaison Section, K9 Section and Cops for Cancer Riders.

Get your picture taken in the driver's seat of a Police Vehicle!

11th Annual WVPD Family Carnival - Ambleside Park

Dates & Times: Thursday, April 21 - 3pm to 10pm Friday, April 22 - 3pm to 10pm

Saturday, April 23 - 11am to 6pm Sunday, April 24 - 11am.to 6pm

Click Here To Visit Our Website For More Information


caught by the Pun Police to end

=== HEADSUP 2016 A6: Apr 20 Bit; Mtgs; Agenda Apr 25

So much happening! Friday afternoon is disappearing!

Interim Trees Wed adopted; Earth Day today; PASSOVER tonight; Adopt-a-Fish tomorrow; Vaisakhi (Sat); More events/mtgs; and PQP at end ... but first, COUNCIL! (20th and 25th)

🎄 CCL MTG Bit (Wed Apr 20)

Utterly amazing! The mtg was over in six minutes!

and good news — both the Interim Tree and Boulevard Bylaws passed.

An amendment for a smaller diameter was not mentioned however the good news is that Planning will be back though not as early as hoped, but earlier than the original in November, with the tree bylaw, July 18.

Send your views to Mayor and Council: mayorandcouncil@westvancouver.ca

I’ve read the Correspondence (up to April 22):


and suggest you read No. 7 wch has 22 submissions wrt trees.

There are some good suggestions wch I hope will be incorporated in the revised bylaw — not just smaller diameter but more native species such as our dogwood (BC’s provincial tree).

š  CCL AGENDA (Mon Apr 25)

MAIN ITEMS: Harvest Project (Delegation); Devt Permit 2173 Argyle; NSEM Annual Review; 1425 Gordon Heritage Designation and Heritage Revitalization Agreement (Vinson Residence); DCC Expenditure Bylaw; Pilot Project, Crushing and Grinding (601 Hawstead); Partnership with NSh Black Bear Society; TofRef for KPI + Reserves and Investments Task Groups; Correspondence.

See it all at: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/apr/25/16apr25-Agenda3.pdf


> FRIDAY ~ 6:30pm ~ CNV Library, Movie: The Pristine Coast


~ 8pm ~ VSO: Mozart + Shakespeare; Chan Ctr 876 3434 Celebrating 400th Anniversary vancouversymphony.ca


~ 11am - 1pm ~ The West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society is hosting their annual Adopt-a-Fish in Memorial Park. Pick up your Salmon Release Certificate at the WV Memorial Library, then head to Memorial Park to collect, and then release a salmon smolt into the wild.

~ 7pm ~ Will’s Wake Bard on the Beach event at BMO Theatre Ctr

Reception, Readings, and Music 739 0559 bardonthebeach.org/wills-wake

~ 7:30pm ~ Lions’ Gate Sinfonia: Majesty and Meditation — Brahms

Centennial Theatre NV 984 4484 centennialtheatre.com


~ 8am - 1pm ~ Ambleside Park This Daffodil Month, add a spring to your step with the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Dash - a 1k walk and 5k run (and don't forget the 100m mini dash for the kids!) that raises funds for cancer research and prevention and support for people living with the disease right now.

For more info and to register, visit the Canadian Cancer Society's Daffodil Dash website.

~ noon - 2pm ~ Ambleside Park, east of the concession

AMBLESIDE SKATEPARK OPENING -- Please join Mayor and Council and the skatepark planning group in celebrating the official opening of the renovated Ambleside Skate Park. The official ribbon cutting will be followed by a skateboard demonstration with prizes, music, hot dogs, and cake. This event takes place rain or shine, in conjunction with the 11th Annual WVPD Family Carnival. You won’t want to miss the fun!

~ 1 - 5pm ~ Sixth Annual Earth Day Festival

Parade starts at Commercial & Broadway; ends at Granville Pk for festival 683 8220 earthdayparade.ca

~ 2:30 - 5pm ~ DESIGN SUNDAYS: Improv-ing the City -- Workshop exploring Vancouver’s devt, housing, and affordability policies Museum of Vancouver 736 4431 museumofvancouver.ca

~ 4pm ~ BC Boys’ Choir features the International Touring Choir and others

will do rest tomorrow!

=== HEADSUP 2016 A7: Ccl Apr 25; Events; INFObits; Shakespeare, HM, etc

Well, did manage to get A6 out before midnight so the date wd be Apr 22 — hundreds go out but last few hit midnight.

Here are more events, info, HM, tidbits, etc, even scotch eggs and QTP, but first, am sure you’re wondering what happened at Monday’s (Apr 25th) ccl mtg. May 2nd’s ccl mtg has been cancelled so the next ccl mtg is May 16th!

Note, however, that May 9th (from 6pm at KMC) is for Ambleside Waterfront Plan Consultation.

œˆ Monday Apr 25th CCL MTG’s MAIN BITS

= Harvest Project Update

= Devt Permit for 2173 Argyle (3-unit townhouse), after discussion including the hot tubs on the rooftop patio,

passed with Cam and Cass opposed

= NSh Emergency Mgmt Annual Review (v informative)

= Both heritage properties, the Vinson residence (1425 Gordon) and the Sykes residence (5616 Westport), approved to go to PH on May 16.

{Vinson residence was on 5 acres on the north edge of Ambleside about 100 years ago.}

= DCC expenditure bylaw (three readings)

= Pilot Project re crushing and grinding: environmental benefits discussed as was whether or not Ccl discuss on a case-by-case basis. Review after a year?

= Informative report on the M partnership with the NSh Black Bear Society

= Correspondence is always interesting.

[Mtg ended at just after 9:59!]


+ Tuesday April 26


CEC Tof Ref review; Update on Cmnty Outreach and Engagement Policy; CEC 2016 Wk Plan discn; CEC Mtg schedule3


Abstract paintings by Jane Kenyon; Exhibition to May 15; Meet the Artist 2 - 3pm Sat April 30


Anchor Room, John Braithwaite Cmnty Ctr, 145 W 1st, NV Price: $10 cash admission at the door

+ Wednesday April 27

KMC: Theatre West Van: FAWLTY TOWERS Apr 27, 28, 29 at 8pm; Apr 30 Sat at 2 and 8pm

+ Thursday April 28

~ 6 - 7pm ~ Successful Passages: Amundsen, St. Roch, and Beyond at the Vancouver Maritime Museum

Attempts to sail the dangerous, icy maze of the Northwest Passage finally found successes with Roald Amundsen in 1903-1906 and the RCMPV St. Roch in the 1940s. Journey through the triumphs that set the stage for the modern phase of Arctic exploration (of icebreakers, nuclear-powered submarines, and more).


~ 7pm ~ FLICKS & FORUM: A MICRO PLASTIC INVASION! -- Ambleside Youth Centre —

The Environmental Protection Network students from WV Sec School host an exciting film and discussion event to learn how plastics are changing our oceans.

+ Friday April 29 and Saturday April 30

WV LIBRARY’S IMAGINE IT TECHNOLOGY FAIR Fri from 4 – 8pm and Sat from 10am – 4pm

Touch, test, and tinker at the Library’s Imagine IT Technology Fair. This all ages event will get you up close and personal with technologies including 3D printing, digitization, coding, robotics, and more.

+ Saturday April 30

~ 11am - 5pm ~ “Authors for Indies (first annual) at 32 Books in Edgemont; 980 9032

Meet 12 authors! Who and details: http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/


Ireland 2016: Centenary Film Programme at Cinematheque 688 3456

Opening night reception Apr 22, runs to April 30 — see: thecinematheque.ca

Marks the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising, a pivotal event in Ireland’s struggle for independence.

The Irish Film Institute has curated a program featuring films by an array of prominent directors.

œˆ INFObits

> CONSTRUCTION: 1000–1200 block Keith Road Resurfacing

Road resurfacing is scheduled to start April 25 and continue for about two weeks. Traffic control staff will be onsite to direct traffic. No on-street parking will be allowed in the construction zone. Periodic delays are possible.


The District issued 130 demolition permits in 2013, 154 in 2014, and 171 in 2015

See: http://www.nsnews.com/news/west-vancouver-moves-to-limit-massive-house-size-1.2237902#sthash.i1XIEy0V.dpuf


ENVIRONMENT April 22, 2016 7:17 am

West Vancouver residents angry over clearcutting of trees -- Some residents of West Vancouver are shocked and angry after watching the virtual clearcutting of a number of properties. Continue reading †’

If you go to the website: http://globalnews.ca/bc/program/global-news-hour-at-6-bc/

Scroll down till you come to the story and then click on the picture and the clip plays

> SPECIAL DAY, SATURDAY APRIL 23 — St George and Shakespeare

With Shakespeare a champion of the English language, how fitting he’s celebrated on St George’s Day :-)

archivalmoments.caSt George's Day in England remembers St George, England's patron saint. The anniversary of his death, which is on April 23, is seen as England's national day. According to legend, he was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess.

flag -->


> My Shakespeare: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recites his favourite lines of Shakespeare to mark the 400th anniv of the Bard’s passing [27 sec]

> Our Queen’s actual birthday was Apr 21 — 90 years young! and Prince Philip will be 95 June 10!

from Maclean’s:

The Queen in her most important role: as 'Gan-Gan'

As Queen Elizabeth II turns 90 on Thursday, a series of Annie Leibovitz portraits show that it's family that matters most to Her Majesty

What it was like to meet Her Majesty

Canadians from all walks of life share their stories of meeting the Queen. Read theirs, and then share yours.


A recipe for the tastiest way to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday

Celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday by creating the cake that bears her name

> SCOTCH EGGS -- How to eat: scotch eggs
We are living through a golden age of scotch eggs – but questions abound. Do they need to be served hot? Is it acceptable to deviate from the classic pork filling? Can you add salad? Is mustard needed? How to Eat has the answers


=== HEADSUP A8: Apr 29 - ~May 4

whoops, fell asleep. Won’t take the time to do the formatting so here are events and mtgs all just plunked in. Am sure some things to interest you! [QTP+Cartoon at end] Sorry for what’s been missed, but more to come¦..

> APRIL 29 and 30

+ KMC: THEATRE WEST VAN PRESENTS: FAWLTY TOWERS ~ 8pm Apr 29; 2 and 8pm Apr 30

APR 30 | 8:00PM ARASH



Apr 29 (All day) to Apr 30 (All day) April 29 from 4 – 8pm April 30 from 10am – 4pm

Touch, test and tinker at WV Memorial Library’s Imagine IT Technology Fair on April 29 and 30. This all ages event will get you up close and personal with technologies including 3D printing, digitization, coding, robotics, and more.


+ BC SPCA calendar contest now open

Do you want to have your pet featured in the 2017 BC SPCA Calendar? Make them a hero and raise funds to protect animals from cruelty for a chance to win. The Calendar Contest is open until April 30, so rally your family, friends, and everybody you might know on Facebook for your chance to win.

Read about it and more at: http://support.spca.bc.ca/site/MessageViewer?em_id=18551.0&dlv_id=44557


At 32 Books in Edgemont, 11am - 5pm — meet 12 authors as guest booksellers! they’ll be on hand to help you.

coffee, glass of wine? refreshments, prizes; ask them about their books¦.

for details, 980 9032 or see: http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/

+ VANCOUVER OPERA’s premiere of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’sEVITA

at QET Apr 30 (May 1, 5, 6, 7, 8) ~ 683 0222 ~ vancouveropera.ca

+ LONSDALE QUAY: Corks & Forks - A Long Table Dinner at the Market

April 30 from 6:30 to 10pm — The Market is turning 30!

Join in the 30th Anniversary celebration by attending the Market's first, after-hours long table dinner. Enjoy a four-course meal overlooking Vancouver’s best view from the North Shore featuring live entertainment.

Doors open at 6:30. Seated dinner starts at 7:30pm. http://www.lonsdalequay.com/


If you have yet to check if there’s an event near you, see a worldwide listing of Save The Frogs Day events here:


THANK YOU — From the rainforests of Argentina, SAVE THE FROGS! Founder and Executive Director Dr. Kerry Kriger wants to thank each and every one of you around the world for participating in this year’s Save The Frogs Day: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtGWxq0RoNU

GIFT: Today Only, Get This FREE Ebook!

"The Vanishing Frogs of Cascade Creek" is a fictional adventure story set in the rainforests of Australia, written to appeal to children 8-11 years old. The 5-star rated ebook is available for free download on Save the Frogs Day, from the Amazon website.

Download the FREE ebook here: www.amazon.com/Emma-J.-Homes/e/B00LB3H1SY

The author will donate $1 to SAVE THE FROGS! for every Amazon review of “The Vanishing Frogs of Cascade Creek during the month of May, up to a maximum of $50.


+ HIKE FOR HOSPICE 9:30am to noon

Norseman Park Track at 21st Street at St. George's Ave, NV (behind Centennial Concert Hall)

Registration onsite from 9am. Warm-Up and Walk/Hike/Ride/Stroll/Wheel around the track from 9:30am

to raise awareness and funds for local palliative and hospice care. Enter or donate here.

+ SPRING ART SALE at the Cmnty Ctr — NSh Artists Guild

~ 10am - 5pm ~ over 400 paintings; free admission; door prizes www.nsartists.ca


John Lawson Park Registration at 10am Walk starts at 11:30am

The Investors Group Walk for Alzheimer's disease to fundraise and raise awareness. Enjoy the Lions Club pancake

breakfast and music. This event is a great way to bring people together for a good cause at John Lawson Park.




WV’s Youth Appreciation Awards is a celebration of the achievements of youth and youth groups within the cmnty of

West Vancouver. Pls join us in acknowledging these remarkable young people and their amazing accomplishments!

Nominate someone today!



~ 4:30 - 6pm ~ FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING -- AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/Committees-Groups/Committees/Finance/2016/Finance%20Committee%20Agenda%20May%203_%202016.pdf

{DWV is known for v long URLs}


~ 4 - 7pm ~ DEVT APPLICN INFO MTG for 1425 GORDON (Vinson House Heritage Devt) -- Srs' Ctr

=== HEADSUP A9: Monday May 2

Sorry, missed last HeadsUp

1: Mon May 2 at MOV Expo 86 for 30th Anniversary; cake at 11am!

2 — Beach Cleanup started Apr 22

1986 pricing on Monday May 2nd

To celebrate the anniversary of the opening day of Expo '86 (and the beginning of our summer hours), the Museum of Vancouver is turning back the clock for a day of special 1986 pricing.

Admission will be just $4.00 for everyone! We invite you join us for cake at 11am, and to see our new display: Recollecting Expo 86. > More info


Apr 22 -- Annual beach clean up and log removal will take place on Monday April 25 at Ambleside, Dundarave, Stearman, and Whytecliff beaches. Work will start at the east end of Ambleside and take place from 7:30am to 4pm. Immediate work zones will be closed off as crews and heavy equipment will be on site. Valuable logs will be recycled for different construction projects.

=== HEADSUP A10: Mtgs/Events, etc May 7 - 12

It’s Salamander Saturday!

Quickly, some things on that may be of interest — not formatted; will do so for WVM

After the Legion and KMC, divided by day; of course QTP at end (moved to end of newsletter)

The LEGION celebrates Cinco de Mayo from May 5 - 8! CINCO DE MAYO CELEBRATIONS











~ JEWELLERY MARKET May 7 -- 10am - 4pm

Just in time for Mother's Day! Beautiful handmade jewellery is the perfect gift.

WV Community Centre, Atrium Jewellery Market Coordinator

~ NORTH SHORE RAIN BARREL SALE Saturday, May 7 -- 10am – 3pm

Ambleside Park Cost: $55 (208L barrel) Pre-order for faster service and quick pick-up on sale day!

Visit enviroworld.ca/NorthShore. To learn more about the DWV's Water Conservation efforts, click here.


Guide, author, and heritage expert Don Luxton Meet at Museum of Vancouver 254 9411 facebook.com/heritage vancouver

iRide Summer School & Community Programs

iRide has been ramping up activities as warm weather pushes us towards summer, with school programs, and now weekend community programs going full speed ahead. Join us this weekend for an iRide event at Victoria’s Family Sport & Rec Festival. iRIDE VICTORIA MAY 7 iRIDE @ AMBLESIDE COMMUNITY DAY JUNE 4
iRIDE SCHOOL PROGRAM UPDATES complete info: http://us3.campaign-archive2.com/

Hello, Salamander Supporters,

I wanted to remind you that Salamander Saturday is 7 May! This is a day to promote international salamander awareness and conservation. We are posting salamander education materials, Salamander Saturday events and other things related to this day on our webpage (http://www.fcsal.org/#!salamander-saturday/cn0p). ¦

Save the Salamanders Display @ Queen's University, Canada. Salamander Man (Matt Ellerbeck) as part of Queen’s University's Science Rendezvous event - http://educ.queensu.ca/coc/science-rendezvous

Salamander Education Event @ Toronto Zoo, Canada,, Educational booth to promote salamander conservation, http://www.torontozoo.com/ ¦

If you live elsewhere, please consider hosting a Salamander Saturday event on May 7th -- it is not too late!

Please us know if you are planning an event so that we can promote it.

Sincerely, Lauren Augustine, President

Foundation for the Conservation of Salamanders (formerly Chopsticks for Salamanders) www.FCSal.org


¦.. wrote this maiku for my mother’s birthday in December, however many of you may feel the same on Mother’s Day!

with mother’s presence all throughout lifetime invisible cloak of love

~ 3pm ~ The Franco Flemish School

Style presented by The Gallery Singers at Holy Trinity Church, 1440 W 12th gallerysingers.ca



Doors at 6pm, presentation at 6:30pm Q & A 7 – 9pm Kay Meek Centre

Come to a community meeting to find out more about the updated plan and implementation strategy.

The Ambleside Waterfront Plan proposes upgrades to current facilities, creating new facilities, and creating more public spaces and modifications to existing ones. It also proposes to leverage the waterfront’s potential to attract people to businesses just steps away in Ambleside. Residents and stakeholders have provided input on how key components of the proposed plan can be implemented. At the meeting, staff will present the consultation findings and an updated plan. This presentation will be followed by a question and answer period.

~ 8pm ~ VSO: James Ehnes in Recital, one of the world’s top violinists; 40th Birthday; Orpheum 876 3434 vancouversymphony.ca


~ 4 - 7pm ~ CMNTY ENERGY AND EMISSIONS PLAN WG MTG at Srs' Activity Ctr

~ 6:30 - 8:30pm ~ DEVT APPLICN INFO MTG for 5616 WESTPORT ROAD at the Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr

The District has received an applicn for a Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA) for 5616 Westport and the applicant is hosting an info mtg. The mtg will include an open house from 6:30 - 7:30pm; presentation and Q&A from 7:30 – 8:30pm.


~ 10am - noon ~ PUBLIC ART ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING -- Music Box, 1564 Argyle

~ 4 - 7pm ~ OPEN HOUSE: PLAN FOR TRAILS ON PUBLIC LAND -- Atrium, WV Community Centre

More info: http://westvancouver.ca/parks-recreation/major-projects/plan-trails-public-land-west-vancouver

The Trails Plan will consider: - Public Upper Lands trails on public land

- Trails below the highway that connect nbrhds and enhance walkability of our cmnty

- Trails in larger parks like Cypress Falls, Whytecliff, and Klootchman parks

[Not included are trails on private land in the Upper Lands]

Early feedback and discussions with trail users over the years show that the following topics are important:

Environmental concerns Wayfinding and signage Maintenance and upkeep

Volunteer involvement Increasing use Managing new use

We want to hear from you. A survey is available to collect your thoughts on the Trails Plan. Subscribe to receive email

updates and be notified of new information on the survey and project details.



~ 7pm ~ Gleneagles Cmty Ctr Adv Cmte mtg at GCC

=== HEADSUP A11: News/Events/Mtgs; AGENDA May 16

{apologies — this was scheduled to be transmitted Thursday afternoon}

Lots! Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day!

Some news first, then mtgs/events, and QTP


If you missed the Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan mtg at the KMC last night, although not videotaped, was told a report will be put on the DWV website:

¦we will be putting an information package with details of the updated Concept Plan on our webpage either today or tomorrow. It will be available here:


The Waterfront Plan is to come back to Council on June 13th.

= RAIN BARRELS: A subscriber wrote to say some research into them in NV a few years ago was not favourable. Guess it needs study.

= WATERING RESTRICTIONS start this weekend!

= Gaze at Bard on the Beach: CHRISTOPHER’S CORNER is posted every Friday. Usually it’s a conversation with an actor or someone wrt Shakespeare. This series is a project for the 400th anniversary. Episode 19 is about Friday the 13th. The video is 1min39sec:


= Ballet BC: 8pm Thurs and Sat, remount of “I and I am at QET balletbc.com

= KMC in A10 sent to May 15; here are the next couple of days:



= Srs’ Ctr

No room to list all the offerings at our fantastic Seniors’ Ctr (SAC). Just incredible. Here’s a link to their May/June newsletter: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/DWV_SSNL-16-3_WEB.pdf — better still, subscribe!


+ CLOSED MTG at 4pm re land and legal matters

+ PUBLIC HEARING: Heritage Designation/Revitalization Agreemts: 5616 Westport and 1625 Gordon (Vinson)

AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/may/16PH/16may16PH-agenda3.pdf


- Delegation re Human Trafficking

- DP re Shoppers Drug Mart, 1583 Marine

- Temp Vehicle Parking Permit at 1327 Marine

- CEC: to rescind the previous Cmnty Engagemt Policy, the Public Involvemt Policy, and the Designing Public Involvemt Processes to approve a new Cmnty Outreach and Engagemt Policy.

- Items 8&9: CMNTY GRANTS (~$200K): Arts and Culture ($34,400); Cmnty Services and Social Services (wonder why only gave subtotals and no total so I added them up: $164,200)

{Info Tidbit: when I was on Ccl, grants were grants, one-time grants (something special), and never for operating expenses. The reasoning was that it did not affect the functioning of the group — that shd be separate — since it wd be difficult/serious to not provide operating costs thus jeopardizing the continuation. Don’t know when it changed. There are, however, some services that the M must cover since the prov has cut or withdrawn funding. Do take a look and see what you think. There are many deserving causes.}

- Zoning Amndmt, 3304 Radcliffe

- BYLAWS: (Approved) PH items to third reading; also to third reading: zoning amdmt for site landscaping, fences, and lot consolidation; adoption of Devt Cost Charge Expenditures for Underground Wiring and Parks


+ REVISION: Added: a request to the prov govt to increase the max fine for bylaw offences from $1K to $5K

THE WHOLE AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/may/16/16may16-Agenda4.pdf

Pls note: last year they began listing any revisions to the agenda as it had first appeared (great that it is posted ten

days prior to the mtg) in red so they're easy to spot. Unf, in the printed WVM, red does not come out as well as black.


= TUESDAY May 10th



Speed Watch Volunteers with West Vancouver Police and North Vancouver RCMP will join 'Project SWOOP' (Speed Watch Out On Patrol) Tuesday. Traffic enforcement officers will target several locations across the North Shore, in support of a province wide campaign against High-Risk Driving Behaviours.

More information: https://wvpd.ca/index.php/breaking-stories/1334-project-swoop-high-risk-driving-prevention-2

+ Anti-Bootlegging

The official launch of the 2016 North Shore Anti-Bootlegging Campaign took place May 10.

The annual ˜Think Before You Let Them Drink’ campaign (launched in 2009) is a partnership between Vancouver Coastal Health, West Vancouver Police, and the North Vancouver RCMP, urging our communities to carefully consider the risks and consequences of providing alcohol to minors.


~ 2pm ~ NSh Historical Society talk at NV Museum & Archives

A conversation with Ross Regan, EdD, educator, cabin builder, extraordinary senior

John Stuart, Prez, writes:

When I met Ross Regan, it was to borrow some innovative ski equipment for the North Vancouver Museum’s outdoors show. He had some rather rare Rossignol skis that were made right on the cusp of the change from wooden to composite skis. The pair we used looked like plastic on the outside but in fact were some of the last skis to be built on a wooden core. Our conversation ran from skis to cabin building on Seymour to creating the curricula for the Maritime Training Institute on our waterfront to the changing nature of our economy. . We met again a few weeks ago at the Seniors’ Volunteers lunch in West Vancouver when I asked him if he could speak to our Society.

Join us on Wednesday for a conversation with a real history maker, Dr. Ross Regan, EdD.

~ 7pm ~ Unity in Diversity Lecture Series from the WV Baha’i Cmnty info@wvunity.com

Topic: “One World, Unified and Diverse; Presenter: Harold Rosen, at WV Library


~ 9- 10:30am ~ Cmnty Grants Cmte mtg at Cmnty Ctr

~ 11am - 1pm ~ Emergency Preparedness Week — Shakezone Earthquake Simulation in John Lawson Park

Ever wonder what it feels like to be in an earthquake? Take a free ride in the ShakeZone Earthquake Simulator and check out information displays as part of emergency preparedness week.

~ 7pm at the LEGION FRIDAY MAY 13



~ 9am - noon ~ Lighthouse Park Preservation Society Stewardship Events: Broom Pull

Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot Pls wear old clothes, sturdy shoes, and work gloves.

~ Ends Saturday

at the Caroun Art Gallery in NV: Spring Group Exhibition May 3 - 14

Previous exhibitions are posted: http://www.caroun.com/CarounArtGallery/Exhibitions/00-Expositions.html


+ Spot(ted) Prawn Festival ~ noon - 2pm ~

chef cooking demos; live prawns for sale at False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf spotprawnfestival.com

+ Spring and Love ~ 3pm ~

Second Sunday Concert Series at Roedde House roeddehouse.org

Music of brother and sister Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn 684 7040

+ Ends Sunday

at Museum of Vancouver — Your future home. Creating the new Vancouver

Discover surprising facts about the city and imagine what Vancouver might become. Explore the visions of 23 talented Vancouver designers and consider how we might design the city of the future.

> More: http://www.museumofvancouver.ca/exhibitions/exhibit/your-future-home-creating-new-vancouver

at the Ferry Building Gallery:

Abstract paintings by Jane Kenyon / Info: http://ferrybuildinggallery.com/exhibitions/current_exhibition

= MONDAY ~ 5pm ~ Audit Cmte mtg

=== HEADSUP A12: Saint-Jacques; Mtgs; Ccl Bits May 16

Lots to tell you!

An astonishing newsbit first before mtgs and then highlights of what happened at Ccl Monday night, then QTP of course.

If you haven’t heard of David Saint-Jacques yet, you will be hearing about him. Our latest Space Star. He is an engineer, a medical doctor, and an astrophysicist (PhD from Cambridge). He also has a commercial pilot’s licence, is a hiker, a speleologist, a scuba diver, etc, and speaks five languages. He was a family doctor in an Inuit village on Hudson Bay. His experience is appended at the bottom.* He’s 46. He will be spending six months on the International Space Stations starting in November 2018.



May 17 - 6 to 8pm The exhibition takes place May 17 – 29. Each year captured aspects of Vancouver in paint, 2016’s Reflections series explores one of Vancouver’s most ubiquitous elements — water — this time in poster format. Peruse these unique takes on water — as signage, as a message, as a call to awareness or action and, finally, as an appealingly accessible art form: every poster is available for sale.


MEMORIAL LIBRARY BOARD MEETING -- May 18 ~ 7 - 9pm ~ at the Library



MAIN ITEMS: o 103 – 105 Glengarry Crescent (new duplex devt)

o 6478 Bay Street (new duplex devt; rezoning)

o Mulgrave School (2330 Cypress Bowl Rd; classroom and gym addn to E and W elevations of the existing sch bldg w/ variance to height and number of storeys)


= Public Hearings closed on: Sykes residence (5616 Westport Place); Vinson house (1425 Gordon); and fencing, FAR on consolidated lots; landscaping. Some interesting comments; shd result in improvements. Hollyburn Mews was cited as a success. (Later the bylaws all received three readings.) [6:10 to 7: 50]

= Gripping (though depressing info) delegation from Half the Sky on human-trafficking in BC; even on the NSh

= Devt Permit renewed for Shoppers (1583 Marine) w/ interesting discussion re roof parking, ownership (Loblaw’s), and now food/cosmetics with apparently no interest in adding (lucrative) resid above. [8:08 - 8:36]

= Temp Use Permit for parking at 1327 Marine rather odd. Apparently nothing done for the prop for about three years (restaurant had burned down and some remediation needed?); some uncertainty over whether CoVancouver still owned it or had been sold; supposed to have landscaping to screen the cars; cars have been parking there but not yet permitted; this permit valid for up to three years; the assurance from staff work wd start in two to three months.

= CEC policy changes. A resident commented that the Public Input Policy was good, but not followed. As for engagement, wrt the Waterfront public felt left out b/c some decisions apparently already made — eg. the Silk Purse found out they were slated to be demolished and the Sailing Club was surprised it wd be a bistro.

{Something I mentioned at the Oct 28 mtg that we were being consulted on WHEN, but not WHAT}

All praised Kristi Merilees (Cmnty Relations) who gave the report. It was stressed by several cclrs these new docs (public involvement, designing public involvement processes) will be reviewed urging the public to suggest ways to improve. This also was described as a “culture of continual improvement. Feelings of mistrust in the public were mentioned — for Ccl? or just for staff? A petition is not a vote, they said. Requires staff professionalism.

If this is a journey, one cclr described it as a “first step. [8:48 - 9:17]

{let’s see if mtgs indeed will be publicized ahead of time, open, and residents allowed to speak, esp if providing information. The proof of the pudding will be in the ¦¦.}

= Much patting on backs at the dishing out of $200K worth of cmnty grants. (No mention of the total of the grants — as I said in Headsup A11, I added the subtotals up.) Q about scholarship funding b/c not listed; $800 used so far; suggesting the funding be increased. (ended about 9:51)

= No Reports from Cclrs and No PQP so ended at 9:55. Long day for Ccl they started w/ a closed mtg at 4pm!


Oh, how humbling!

* More on Saint-Jacques:

o excerpt from http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/astronauts/biosaintjacques.asp

Experience: Prior to joining the Canadian Space Program, Saint-Jacques was a medical doctor and the Co-chief of Medicine at Inuulitsivik Health Centre in Puvirnituq, Nunavik, an Inuit community on Hudson Bay. He is an Adjunct Professor of Family Medicine at McGill University and also worked as a Clinical Faculty Lecturer for the university's Faculty of Medicine, supervising medical trainees in Nunavik. Saint-Jacques began his career as a biomedical engineer, working on the design of radiological equipment for angiography at LariboisiÃre Hospital in Paris, France. During his graduate studies in astrophysics he developed adaptive optics and interferometry systems for the Cambridge Optical Aperture Synthesis Telescope and the William Hershel Telescope in the Canary Islands. His postdoctoral research included the development of the Mitaka infrared interferometer array in Japan and the Subaru telescope adaptive optics system in Hawaii (1999 to 2001), after which he joined the Astrophysics group at Université de Montréal. His international experience also includes engineering study and work in France and Hungary and medical training in Lebanon and Guatemala.

o excerpt from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Saint-Jacques

Prior to joining the Canadian Space Program, Dr. Saint-Jacques was a medical doctor and the Co-chief of Medicine at Inuulitsivik Health Centre in Puvirnituq, Quebec since 2007. He also worked as a Clinical Faculty Lecturer for McGill University's Faculty of Medicine, supervising medical trainees in Nunavik.[1]

In May 2016 he was selected as a member of a future expedition to the ISS in November 2018, Expedition 58/59

o Here’s a video about him [3m50sec] http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/search/video/watch.asp?v=1_6shf8b83


Speaker Michael Kluckner at WVHS's AGM, Wed May 18 -- TOMORROW NIGHT! at the Srs’ Ctr

All welcome! — the mbrs, or those joining, come at 7pm for the Annual General Mtg.

OR Come at 7:30 for a talk by author and heritage advocate, Michael Kluckner — sure to be fascinating!

Look forward to seeing you¦..

~ 7:30pm ~ Guest Speaker ~ Michael Kluckner Garden Room, WV Seniors’ Activity Centre

Michael Kluckner shares the stage at WV Historical Society’s AGM with the beleaguered denizens of Amblesnide and Tiddlycove, creations of West Vancouver’s cartoonist Len Norris. WVHS is pleased to welcome author, artist, and heritage advocate Michael Kluckner to this side of the inlet. Michael is president of the Vancouver Historical Society and serves on the Vancouver Heritage Commission. His acclaimed book, Vanishing Vancouver, published in 1990, was the first in a series of elegaic and angry testaments to a city and province transforming before our eyes. Join Michael after the AGM in a talk about the ways familiar buildings and landscapes contribute to a sense of community, whether that place exists in the real world or in the affectionately sarcastic imagination of Len Norris.

The AGM will begin at 7 pm and is open only to WVHS members. Join us! New Members Welcome! Michael Kluckner’s talk will begin at 7:30 pm and is open to the public, members and non-members alike.

=== HEADSUP A13: Update; Legion; Weekend;.....

Dear Diary,

Interesting Wed, more today; then look forward to holiday weekend.

Updates first; LEGION; Events by day/date; Walks; QTP

o Yesterday,

our PM lost his temper when the NDP were blocking the Tory whip from getting to his seat delaying a critical vote. Shame (both JT and NDP mbrs). Perhaps we need security staff to keep MPs apart. Elizabeth May did point out that JT did not see someone behind him. Decry any sensationalism in the media, let alone misrepresentation. Bad, sad, but no assault.

o Last night,

a most informative and interesting talk to a full house by author and heritage advocate, Michael Kluckner after the WVHS AGM. Many chuckles seeing our iconic Len Norris, esp portraying WV.

Wendy did a great job as prez for this past year; Rob Day will hold down the fort till the end of the year. BBQ in September.

o CANCELLED: Design Review Cmte (today) Thurs 4:30pm; Reserves and Investments Task Group Tues May 24th.

(CEC mtg 5pm Tues 24th still on, it appears.)


Opportunities to give Ccl input. Two mtgs (May 26 and June 1 plus an online survey to June 10)

http://westvancouver.ca/westvancouverITE/index.html (More info will be in next WVM.)



















= Penn and Teller — 8pm at River Rock Casino — RiverRock.com, ticketmaster.ca

= VSO Friday & Saturday, May 20 & 21, 8pm, Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

Nicola Benedetti performs with the VSO and Concertmaster Dale Barltrop, in his final concert at the Chan Centre — http://www.vancouversymphony.ca/concert/15CHAN04/

Don't miss VSO Concertmaster Dale Barltrop's final concert at the Chan Centre, as he leads from the violin in a concert that also features extraordinary guest violinist Nicola Benedetti, performing Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 5. Also on the program, Bartók's sparkling Rumanian Folk Dances, and an arrangement of Shostakovich's Chamber Symphony.

Dale Barltrop will be leaving the VSO at the end of the current season, after seven distinguished years of service as the VSO's Concertmaster. Mr. Barltrop, who also holds the position of Co-Concertmaster of the Melbourne Symphony, will be fully re-locating to his home in Australia as he joins the esteemed Australian String Quartet as first violin. We wish Mr. Barltrop all the very best in this new chapter of his stellar career! Please join us for his last concert at the Chan Centre, and his last VSO concert in a play/conduct role.


= All-British Field Meet ~ 10am - 4:30pm ~ vandusengarden.org

The Greatest Show on British Wheels returns to the Great Lawn at the VanDusen w/ an eclectic showing¦

= Natural History of our Temperate Rainforests A Walk of Wonder

Event conducted jointly for Beaty Biodiversity Museum and Nature Vancouver.

Walk leader: David Cook. Meeting time: 10:15am under the whale.

Meeting location: The Beaty Biodiversity Museum, on the UBC campus (2212 Main Mall)

Description of walk: Walk to locations on campus where native plants can be seen in their natural setting. Learn about the ecological roles played by each species while strolling around UBC campus.

Please register in advance by calling the Admission Desk (604 827 4955)

See more at: http://www.beatymuseum.ubc.ca/walks-wonder#sthash.Lr8dhGEk.dpuf.

= Coastal City Ballet: Swan Lake ~ 8pm ~

at the Vancouver Playhouse 665 3050; various venues May 21 - June 10 coastalcityballet.com

= Gamelan Alligator Joy ~ 8pm ~ at Western Front, 303 E 8th, 875 8343



~ 10am ~ HASTINGS PARK AND THE PNE FAIRGROUNDS Friday May 20 & Saturday June 25

Over the past century, Hastings Park has undergone many transformations in order for it to become the entertainment and sporting destination that we see today. We will visit several of the keystone buildings and sites that highlight its development, that will evoke moments of sporting glory, of architectural and cultural transformation, of greening efforts, and of the park's darker history.


All walks are on Saturdays from 10am to 12pm

John walks the neighbourhoods along the length of the “ ero points" of Vancouver, which act as a starting point to the east and west streets: Carrall Street in Gastown and Ontario Street from False Creek to the Fraser River. Each tour will offer up different elements of Vancouver’s history.

Saturday May 21 - The Suburbs — Mount Pleasant

*Please note that this walk is currently at capacity. To be added to the waitlist please or phone 604 264 9642.

=== HEADSUP A14: Mtgs, etc to May 26


Yup, things still humming — running up to Cmnty Day, WV’s biggest celebration.

= Today is Victoria Day so the GG’s statement first, then activities and mtgs — they start up in full force on the 24th!

Ends with AnimalWatch (cute otter) and QTP.

= Friday’s Christopher’s Corner (Episode 20, 1m49sec) is here:


= wrt top concerns in WV, there’s a public mtg re the interim tree bylaw on Thursday,

and an excellent article on “monster houses in NSN:

See: http://www.nsnews.com/news/there-goes-the-neighbourhood-part-3-in-a-series-about-real-estate-in-north-and-west-vancouver-1.2260597#sthash.D6egnxh3.dpuf

{Linguistic Note: so your eyes are not polluted, feel I shd give you Canadian spellings before you read it:

fuelling, instalment, practising, dialling. They may have been corrected on the website.}

Do miss the maypole and dancing but at least it’s May time — Enjoy!



It is an honour to celebrate Victoria Day so soon after Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 90th birthday this past April. In view of her extraordinary reign, it is with humility and tremendous pride that I serve as The Queen’s representative in Canada.

I have always admired our Sovereign for her unwavering dedication to the Crown, her sharp wit and her ability to connect with everyone she meets.

What’s more, I will have the privilege of travelling to London in June to take part in celebrations marking Her Majesty’s official birthday and to convey to her, on behalf of all Canadians, our best wishes for health, happiness and peace.

This Victoria Day, let us remember our historic ties with the Royal Family within the context of our constitutional monarchy.

Now, let’s start with tomorrow¦¦


~ 1pm

Geology of the Vancouver area as seen along Kitsilano Beach

A free public event for Salmonberry Days. Walk leader: David Cook.

Meeting time and location: 1pm Jericho Beach parking lot west end of Point Grey Road (which is a cul de sac) near Royal Vancouver Yacht Club all of which are on the east side of Jericho Beach Park.

Duration of event: Approximately 2 hours.

Description: The tide will be low and we will walk east from Jericho Beach Park along the beach looking at the rocks and land features. We will see a giant erratic of granite left by the retreating glaciers, coal-bearing sandstones laid down in 50 million-year-old river deltas, the roots of 32 million-year-old volcanoes in the form of basalt feeder dykes, plant fossils, and giant concretions in the sandstones, and how unceasing wave action is slowly eating away the beach frontage. Looking around Burrard Inlet, we will observe rocks and land forms that were created over the last 100 million years by plate tectonics, sea-level changes, and ice movement. The route will be rocky, damp, and slippery with many puddles left by the retreating tide so wear appropriate non-slip footwear.

Registration not required.

~ 1pm

SFU Webinar: From Hair-Raising to Family-Friendly: How Calgary Built its Cycle-Track Network


1 - 2:30pm Speaker: Ryan Martinson, Stantec Cost: FREE, but reservations are required. Reserve your spot.




~ 4pm -- COMMUNITY ENERGY AND EMISSIONS PLAN WG MTG ~~~ 4 to 6pm Mountain Room, WV Cmnty Ctr


~ 2pm ~ TREE BYLAW OPEN HOUSE ~~~ 2 - 5pm — Atrium, WV Community Centre

The District is now consulting the community regarding a long-term strategy for tree protection on private lands. Until then, an Interim Tree Bylaw has been put in place to protect identified trees. Your input will help staff develop recommendations for Council as they consider changes to the Interim Tree Bylaw.

~ 7pm ~ A DAY IN THE LIFE OF WV PLACE FOR SPORT ~~~ 7 - 8:30p ~~~ Kay Meek Centre

The track and field facility at WV Secondary School has served the community for almost 70 years, but it is no longer viable and needs to be replaced. The proposed replacement facility, the West Vancouver Place for Sport (WVPFS), will be a safe, inclusive, versatile community track and field sports facility that WV citizens will be proud to call their own.

You're invited to learn more about this important cmnty project + capital campaign at a kick-off event at KMC.

ANIMALWATCH this time a story from Singapore on May 19:

Baby otter reunited with family

[video 6m17sec] https://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/2016/05/23/baby-otter-reunited-with-family/

=== HEADSUP A15: Events/Mtgs to May 31, Agenda June 6

Thurs May 26¦¦.

Dear Diary,

Trying to keep motoring on so can get the transcripts to you thus ˜finishing’ the newsletter. Deluged with commitments. Best efforts. Apologies for whatever missed; not as complete as usual.

Some things past, some things coming, but all here for the record.

Of course the biggest day of the year is Cmnty Day so will start with that, then give you the link to the Ccl Mtg agenda June 6; after that mtgs, etc in chronological order to May 31st but keep in mind there’s another public mtg re trees on June 1st (5:30pm Gleneagles CC). {qtns re trees at bottom}

> Cmnty Day — always the first Saturday in June so this year June 4, starting with a parade.


~ 9:30am - 6pm ~ Come down to Ambleside Park and enjoy a fun-filled day of festivities for the whole family! This annual event has activities for all ages including a parade, music & dance stages, food vendors, a [kids’] zone and a community day lounge. See Community Day page.

Ambleside Mile at 9:30am; Parade starts at 10am; Booths open at 11am

See the detailed schedule here: http://westvancouver.ca/arts-culture/festivals/community-day

> CCL MTG June 6 at 6pm

Notice from DWV: View Agenda

Note: Agendas are posted ten days in advance of a meeting, and are subject to revision. Please check back closer to the meeting date to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

Here’s the link: http://westvancouver.ca/government/mayor-council/agendas-minutes?date=2016-06

Warning:it says 6pm Public Hearing but you have to click again to find out where and what. (Go figure!}


+++ May 26 - 28 Friends of the VPL: Spring Used Book Sale ~10am - 5pm; 331 4049 friendsofthevpl.ca

+ Friday May 27

~ 2pm — CEEP WG: CANCELLED (see Mon 30th)

~ 7:30pm — Vetta Chamber Music’s 30th Anniversary Gala; Christ Church Cathedral; vettamusic.com

+ Saturday May 28

~ 9am - 2:30pm ~ Ambleside ParkSpecial Olympics North Shore is hosting the 14th Annual Walkathon.

Special Olympics is a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to become productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition. All proceeds of this annual event go to support local athletes.

~ 5pm — William Shatner, The Curious Life at the Chan Ctr 100.ubc.ca

~ 8pm? — Ruby Slippers Theatre: 5@50 at PAL Studio Theatre; theatrewire.com

~ 8pm ~The Merry Widow; North Shore Light Opera Society; Presentation House; 980 3474 — phtheatre.org

—-> AND 3pm on Sunday 29th


Self-guided tour; $1 per garden; 988 6844; nvartscouncil.ca/events/art-garden

+ Sunday May 29

~ 9:30am - noon ~ NORTH SHORE WESTIE WALK -- Lighthouse Park

Start your day with a piper-led walk with your west highland terrier, then stay for terrier races, obedience contests, and other fun-filled events. This is the 21st Annual event hosted by the Westie Rescue of Canada.

~ 10am - 5pm ~ NEW WESTMINSTER HERITAGE HOMES TOUR ($35) newwestheritage.org

includes a 80-yr-old Hollywood Regency home extensively renovated on the Love it or List TV show; 525 4868

~ 1 - 4pm ~ Music at the Museum: Old Hastings Mill Store Museum (1865)

Old sea shanties and Fiddling — by donation - 734 1212 ~ hastings-mill-museum.ca

~ 3pm ~ Verdi’s Nabucco: Opera Cantanti; Cambrian Hall, 215 E 17th; 340 8545 procantanti.com

+ Monday May 30

~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ CMNTY ENERGY AND EMISSIONS PLAN WG mtg at WV Cmnty Ctr

+ Tuesday May 31



=== HEADSUP A16: Ccl June 6; Mtgs/Events

Oh dear.  And I won’t list the reasons.  No time for WVM the last few days (didn’t even keep up with my elist), however forcing myself to get you some info at least for Monday night. Glorious weather for Cmnty Day though!  Hope you all enjoyed the weekend!

I have six entries in my draft box labelled as A16 but I’m sure I’ll find most over and only frustrating to send.

FIRST; ccl mtg tomorrow night, then INFO and some events/mtgs.  QTP at end.

Bard has started (previews June 3), First Opening Night is Friday June 10.

>  Council Monday June 6


(a) personal info about an identifiable individ who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee, or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the M;

(e)  the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the Ccl considers that disclosure cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the M;

(f)  law enforcement, if the Ccl considers that disclosure cd reasonably be expected to harm the conduct of an investigation under or enforcement of an enactment; and

(l) discussions with M officers and employees respecting M objectives, measures, and progress reports for the purposes of preparing an annual report under section 98 [annual M report].

Purpose of mtg: matters re

cmte applicns, objectives, measures, and progress reports for prep of an annual report, law enforcement, and land


Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4839, 2016 (3304 Radcliffe Avenue) 

The proposed bylaw amendmt wd allow adjustment of the boundary between the Sgl-Fam Dwelling Zone 4 (RS4) and the Marine 1 Zone (M1) to reflect the current waterfront prop line (natural boundary between the upland and foreshore). The adjustmt wd extend the RS4 Zone over the land added to the upland property in 2015 by the Prov of BC. This natural boundary adjustmt was approved by the Prov to correct errors on the original survey that created the subject lot

> followed by the reg ccl mtg:

AGENDA Revised on May 30: To replace Appendix G for Item 9.

      Posted on June 3: May 16 sp + reg Ccl mtg and PH minutes; and Summary of May 16 PH.


=  Proposed DVP for 3742 Marine Dr

=  Youth Services Review Implementation Grp — Visioning Youth Resources and Space Needs Report 

=  2015 Audited Financial Stmts and Dates for Public Inspection and Consideration of the 2015 Annual Report

=  Proposed: OCP, Zoning, Devt Agrmt, DP for Sewell’s Landing Devt Applicn (some for first reading, some for PHs)

=  Proposed: OCP, Zoning, Devt Agrmt, Housing Agrmt, for Masonic Hall site (for first reading and setting PH)

=  Rezoning for 2625 Nelson (first readings and PHs)

= BYLAWS:3304 Radcliffe (second and third readings; 

- Heritage Designation (5616 Westport: H Desig and Revitalization for adoption, DP for approval);

- 1425 Gordon (Heritage Desig and Revit for adoption)

-  site landscaping, fences, and lot consolidation (for adoption)


Notice of Motion regarding Housing Affordability;  2016 First Quarter Financial Report;

Audit Committee – Proposed Amendments to Terms of Reference; Delegation Requests; and

Correspondence List. {lots, and interesting!}




Make sure you fill in the tree survey before June 10: http://westvancouver.ca/westvancouverITE/#peak_democracy

MUSEUM Landscaping

When I got this notice (below), I was alarmed and asked who the parking was for.  Someone told me that rhododendrons take a long time to grow/establish.

wrt openness, transparency and public consultation/input, pls let me know if you’ve been consulted.

The answer was:

There will be two new spots for Museum staff and visitors and the new gravel area will be allocated to contractors in order to try to alleviate some of the congestion on 17th and Fulton. When the Police Services and Municipal Hall Building has been completed, this parking will be opened for visitors to the Museum and MHall.

Museum vegetation removal and additional parking

The District will create additional parking in the lane adjacent to the Museum while construction of the Police Services and Municipal Hall building is underway to reduce parking congestion. 

Work is scheduled to begin the week of June 13 taking approx one week to complete and will include:

removing the Rhododendron at the rear entrance to the museum parking lot;

removing the existing hedge on the north side of the lane adjacent to the Museum;

installing a gravel parking surface; and

replanting vegetation

This work will not impact the Jesse Binning tribute tree and measures will be taken to ensure that this tree is protected during construction.

Once the Police Services and M Hall bldg is complete, this new parking area will be open for public use and will increase the availability of public parking for MHall and Museum visitors. 

Questions Pls contact Kristi Merilees, Mgr of Cmnty Relns, 925 7008 or kmerilees@westvancouver.ca if you have any questions or concerns while this project is being completed. 

MEETINGS June 8 Public Art Advisory Committee Meeting

Five Creeks Stormwater Project Public Information Meeting

June 9 Gleneagles Community Centre Advisory Committee Meeting


+ MICROCOSMOS  Performances

Just a reminder about our concerts this coming Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Our Saturday concert is almost sold out, but there are still seats available for the Sunday (Ambleside, West Van) and [June 6] Monday (Dunbar) concerts.

Exactly six years after beginning our traverse of the six Bartok quartets, we are returning to his first quartet (1909), which expresses his “spiritual intoxication at his unrequited love for the violinist Steffi Geyer, along with the results of his fascination with the folk and dance music of his native Hungary. We will also honour the great French composer Henri Dutilleux’s 100th anniversary with a performance of his masterpiece ˜Ainsi la Nuit’ (1976), inspired not only by the quartets of Bartok, Webern, and Beethoven, but by Van Gogh’s ’Starry Night’. 

Dutilleux’s resulting tribute to the vastness of the universe¦is a brilliantly carved gem, with endless facets reflecting the light as it turns under the skillful presentation of the four musicians.

Saturday June 4, 8pm     Mooney residence, Point Grey, Vancouver

Sunday June 5, 8pm      Mascall - Macfarlane residence, West Vancouver          

Monday June 6, 8pm     Miles - Nowell residence, Dunbar area, Vancouver

Concerts are open to the public.  If you would like to attend, please send us an e-mail with your name, which day you wish to attend and number of seats. We will confirm with exact location by return e-mail.  $30 cash or cheque at the door. (students, etc. $20) microcosmosquartet@gmail.com

For more information please visit our website:  http://microcosmosquartet.com

Remaining seat numbers for each event will be posted regularly on the ˜upcoming’ page.

Microcosmos will appear with MartaMarta Productions at the Canada Dance Festival in Ottawa on June 11th, performing ˜Speaking in Ligeti' http://nac-cna.ca/en/event/13643 


+ Vancouver Home Tours

full info: http://hosted.verticalresponse.com/375523/f849722ff2/1805511597/e6fbad22fa/

=  Heritage House Tour: Stories of Retention — Sunday June 5th — 10am ~ 5pm

Register Here $40 or $30 with valid student ID

= Walking Tours:   o Mountain View Cemetery — Friday June 10 — 10am ~ noon


o  Art Deco Downtown — NEW DATE! Fri June 17 — 10am ~ noon

Register Here $15 (inc. tax

=== HEADSUP A17: Ccl Jun 6 Bits; Mtgs

Well, am trying to keep subscribers more or less up to date.

What happened last night?  See June 6 Ccl Mtg BITS; then some mtgs, deadlines. [QTP moved to end]

MBRS of CCL: if you’re a subscriber, DO NOT READ anything to do with 3304 Radcliffe (PH or ccl mtg).

 Last day to complete the interim tree bylaw survey is Friday June 10

The Special ccl mtg on Monday June 13 is devoted to the Ambleside Waterfront — get your oar in!


6pm PUBLIC HEARING — 3304 Radcliffe Ave.

Waterfront boundary adjustmt wrt Marine and RS4 approved by Prov b/c of an error on the original survey

Bill Chapman, surveyor extraordinaire, explained (I heard by his great-uncle and then by his great-uncle’s brother — his grandfather?) the error was made ~1920.  The path to the beach as well as the loss of trees were mentioned but more importantly (IMO) was the issue of safety.  Hearing closed.

 Later, during the item on the agenda, Cclr Cam quite rightly made a plea (and moved an amendment) for safety since the sign says public access — a hedge, a chain fence, trespassing, the deep drop.  Unfortunately it appeared (as Cam pointed out) others on Council did not understand and voted his amendment down. Inexplicably  Then the vote on the main motion: Cam, Cass, and Sop were opposed so it passed.  Was surprised Gamb and Booth (who even said she hadn’t enough information yet), voted in favour.  If a DWV sign says public access, has the Dist not some obligation to make sure the access is safe?  Booth said if a place is known to be dangerous, ppl then are more careful. 

Maybe this can be addressed again, aiming for a win-win-win (owner, nbrs, public).


*** Voted to extend past 10pm.  ML had already left. Order of the agenda items changed; must check the timestamps.

=  Construction of a new two-storey house at 3742 Marine approved.

=  Youth Services Group Review Implementation Report, Visioning.  Good report, outlined what youth want — place to hang out; their own; close to transit, Will come back.  [7:29 - 7:55]

=  Audited Financial Stmts, Annual Report now on-line and will come to Ccl for submissions and questions June 10.

=  Proposal to increase maximum fine to $5K.

=  Masonic Hall — started at 8:38; much discussion, interesting comments, about the original ˜gift’ as Cmnty Use.  

Back to the drawing board.  No PH set.

=  Sewell’s Application goes to PH July 4.

=  Rezoning 2625 Nelson had fascinating information.  A nearby heritage house, described — exceptional.  Cam asked the architect if he’d talked to the nbrs.  His answer was that he had two months ago.  Cam then asked if he’d spoken to them since.  Answer: “haven’t had that opportunity.  (Lawyer) Cam responded: “you mean you haven’t taken the opp.  Gamb had recently been by the prop and noticed several clumps of dogwood logs.  She asked if he knew not allowed to cut on the blvd and he said he’d just found out.   

= Heritage Desig/Revit bylaws for both 5616 Westport and 1425 Gordon were adopted.

= Consent Agenda Items were approved ~10:52 and the rest of the agenda was deferred.

= Adjournment [10:53]


NSHS at NV Museum & Archives, 3203 Institute Rd. NV -- Wednesday June 8 at 2pm.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

Time for a movie matinee.  The past very few years has seen the creation of videos on a variety of subjects including the history, development, people, places, and events of communities in the Lower Mainland.  Whether depicting our communities a century ago or indeed giving us an advanced look at what is planned for the future, there are some great videos for us to enjoy on YouTube.

Join us [North Shore Historical Society] for a look at some videos about how our neighbouring communities think about their history, their present, and their future.  There may even be time for a cartoon or two.

FRIDAY June 10 -- 7: 30pm ~~~ Opening Night of Bard on the Beach’s ROMEO AND JULIET



An afternoon of captivating storytelling, art, and ancient legends from acclaimed First Nations artist,

Roy Henry Vickers, and oral historian, Robert "Lucky" Budd. Enjoy a slice of birthday cake to celebrate Vickers's 70th birthday and the launch of Peace Dancer –- the fourth and final book in the Northwest Coast Legends series Sat June 11 at 1pm, free. CBC Studio 700, 700 Hamilton St. More information at douglas-mcintyre.ca.


~ 7am ~ Ambleside Park ~~ 55 km – 7 a.m. start ~~ 15 km – 9 a.m. start

Join MEC's very first 55 km ultra marathon. This event is sure to be a great course that will take you from sea to sky with over 2000 m of elevation gain. If you are looking for something a little less mountainous, sign up for the 15 km route for a course that will take you from ocean to dam (Cleveland Dam).


~ 7:45am ~  The base of Cypress Mountain

The 6th annual Rotary Ride for Rescue raises money to benefit North Shore Rescue. This Cypress Mountain hill climb can be enjoyed by road cyclists and mountain bikers alike with two ride options, a road course and a trail course. The climb begins at the junction of Cypress Bowl Road and Cypress Lane and finishes at the Cypress Mountain Lodge. Whether a recreational or competitive rider, this is a fantastic challenging event.


~ 10am - 1:30pm ~ John Lawson Park

Come join the North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre in the 11th Annual Stride for Strokes event. Stroke survivors, friends, and family participate in this 2 km or 4 km walk, run, wheel event to raise funds for much-needed equipment to assist stroke survivors in their speech therapy and brain fitness.

=== HEADSUP A18: Events Saturday! +

exhausting but enjoyable!


Only the Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan is on the agenda and it is for endorsement by Ccl.



Attended the Opening NIght of Romeo and Juliet at Bard on the Beach — sold out, was unusual and enjoyable, great direction by Kim Collier with lovely touches (like a rather gymnastic Romeo}, a plain but flexible set, interesting costumes, and of course v good acting.  More another time.  BTW, there’s also a matinee Sat at 2pm. 


Hastening to get this to you 

    b/c Taste of Bowen is on Saturday, and our museum’s three-day exhibition I didn’t find out about until yesterday ends

Saturday! Event info follows; QTP at end.


Last night I watched the Queen’s birthday at St Paul’s live (from 2am) but it’s now on the Web if you want to watch it. The Queen's 90th birthday: National service of thanksgiving - World - CBC News CBC.caŽ - 1 day ago

Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her official 90th birthday with a three-day series of festivities ...

Just finished watching the Trooping the Colour live — it’s a lot longer — and it will be repeated starting at 4pm Sat if you’re interested (mostly horses and marching; Coldstream Guards), with a few minutes of the fly-past at the end. Pure pageantry.  What a spectacle and how wonderful it must be to be there in person — I know a few who are.

+  SATURDAY June 11

TASTE OF BOWEN -- Join us on Bowen Island Saturday June 11 ~ 10:30am - 3pm ~

Your ticket is your passport to visit businesses and restaurants at The Pier, Snug Cove, Village Square, and Artisan Square. Go door-to-door, show your passport, and pick up a sample from each business on the list.

Discover¦. where to eat, where to shop, what to do¦.

Enjoy live music, watch the fantastic array of sail boats that will be participating in the annual Race Around Bowen, check out the SOLO electric car, made in Vancouver by Electra Meccanica, browse the shops! Just 20 minutes from Horseshoe Bay by BC Ferries. Travel as a foot passenger on the ferry -- A FREE shuttle bus will be available on Bowen, running from Snug Cove to Village Square to Artisan Square and return. Hop on, hop off... 

BUY A TICKET – click here!Tickets paid online can be picked up at the Chamber tent on Bowen in Snug Cove after 10am TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE ON SITE. * ticket does not include Ferry passage

WV Chamber of Commerce   926-6614 info@westvanchamber.com

☆  WV Museum (Gertrude Lawson House)   925 7295 http://westvancouvermuseum.ca

West Coast Artists for Alzheimer's

Dana Claxton, Douglas Coupland, Graham Gillmore, Angela Grossmann, Attila Richard Lukacs, Gordon Smith, and Tyler Toews

Reception:  June 9 from 7 to 9pm. Works on display: June 9, 10, and 11

For three days only, artworks by established and emerging West Coast artists will be displayed at the WV Museum before they travel to London, England later this year for a fundraising event to be held in association with World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21, 2016.

The works are selected by WV resident Rosalind Adnani, who is on the organizing cmte for the event which takes place at multiple embassies in London including: Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, Kuwait, Singapore, Monaco, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Ireland, Jordan, Mexico, Turkey, and Sweden.

Adnani, who was the first and only Canadian to be appointed to the cmte, says “it has been my intention to put together an auction of BC art which will take place at Lancaster House in London. 

She “chose Vancouver based artists for two simple reasons: first, our city is considered by many to be the art capital of Canada and second, I was born and raised here so I am most familiar with its vibrant art community.

Adnani wants to display the art in her own cmnty beforehand to profile the celebrated artists who donated works for this international cause.

We are pleased to be able to show these works and it is testament to the influence BC artists have internationally that their work is recognized and collected globally, says Darrin Morrison, Director/Curator of the WV Museum. The special event will also include additional works by each of the artists selected from the Museum and private collections.

+ SATURDAY and SUNDAY — June 11 and 12

Heritage Vancouver’s Garden Tour ~ 10am - 4pm ~ heritagevancouver.org/gardentour2016  tel 254 4511

=== HEADSUP A18 (cont'd): Sunday

whoops — rest of last Headsup — enjoy this SUNDAY!

VSO: Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 at the Orpheum

8pm June 11&13; 2pm June 12 vancouversymphony.ca



at Ryerson United Church  bcboyschoir.org



at our LEGION:



Glass of house red/white wine $10; Tix at the bar

=== HEADSUP A19: Ccl June 13; Mtgs June 14/15/16

Mtgs and Ccl — at MHall unless noted otherwise

FLASH!  New UBC Prez, Dr Santa Ono, was born in Vancouver


HORROR — to think we were in Orlando in March last year¦..

š   Oh dear, my Sunday list! but did I miss this one?


June 12 ~ 8am ~ Start Location: Ambleside Park

Seek the Peak is back for its 13th year. The awe-inspiring 16 km, 4100 ft climb starts in Ambleside Park and ends at the Peak of Grouse Mountain, with the Grouse Grind in the middle. Test your fitness, stamina, strength, and overall mental toughness by committing to this amazing event.


Briefly, m’dears¦.

Mtg started at 6:04 and ended three hours later.

Cclr Lewis was absent.

One topic alone: the Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan

Jim Bailey’s comprehensive introductory comments with slides and background took the first half hour.

And got (deserved) applause.

Then public input, range of concerns from boat ramps to the Silk Purse until about 8pm.

Many informative and constructive comments although some disappointment with lack of consultation in a few cases.

JB pointed out that there will be more input as the plan moves along.

Sop sought the clarification, confirmed, that they were endorsing the plan, not adopting.

A slightly amended motion passed.

[When it becomes public, will forward it.]




- CMNTY ENERGY AND EMISSIONS PLAN WG MTG -- June 14    ~  4pm  ~     Seniors’ Activity Centre


- MEMORIAL LIBRARY BOARD MTG -- June 15    ~ 7 to 9pm  ~   Welsh Hall, WV Memorial Library


=== HEADSUP A20: Ccl Mtg June 20 ($Salaries); lots of activities this weekend!

Time sure goes faster as you get older.  I swear an hour is like ten minutes now.

Sympathy to the Stearman Beach residents b/c of the flooding (affected 26 homes).

The CBC news report has a UBC prof’s suggestions — hope DWV is listening!

thrilled includes two things I’ve advocated for years: trees and pervious surfaces.

CBC local TV news: http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/706473027711

{from 1min filming of flood; from 3m50sec to 7:02, interview with Prof Hans Schreier; then weather until 9:02}

Thought I’d try to get the important info wrt the Ccl mtg on Monday to you first.

LOTS of events this weekend — difficult choices! —  ENJOY!

> MAIN ITEMS June 20 Ccl Mtg

Agenda: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/councilagendas/2016/jun/20/16jun20-Agenda2.pdf

= ADBIA Update and Plan

= Housing Affordability

= Canada 150 Cmnty Infrastructure Prog



= 2015 Annual Report + 2015 Financial Information Act Reports

NB: Cclrs (at about ~$35K) get much less than staff  

M Salaries* over $75K listed in Appendix A pp193 - 198

http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council agendas/2016/jun/20/16jun20-10.pdf

= Bylaw re 3304 Radcliffe for adoption

= 1045 Sinclair (to set date for DVP consideration)

= Correspondence (lots, and interesting!)

* You may notice no entry for Isabel Gordon and Jim Bailey.

  The reason is that they started late last year so their earnings were under $75K


+ June 17: FRIDAY +

= Mayor’s Lawn Bowling Social

2pm BBQ & beverages throughout afternoon at the Lawn Bowling Club; wear crazy costumes

   After party/social from 5pm  www.westvanfoundation.com

+ June 17/18: FRIDAY and SATURDAY +

=  BC Highland Games and Scottish Festival -- www.bchighlandgames.com

Celebrate all things Scottish and Celtic -- features bagpiping, highland dancing, whisky-tastings, children’s activities


largest Bhangra festival in N America; 8 days, 2 cities; more than 350 performers

highlights include the two-day downtown Bhangra backyard party on June 17 and 18     vibc.org

+ June 17/18/19: FRIDAY SATURDAY and SUNDAY +

= LYNN VALLEY DAYS -- Gala, parade, pancake breakfast, carnival rides  www.lynnvalleyday.ca

= Concord Pacific Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival -- False Creek   dragonboatbc.ca

= Point Grey Fiesta -- Parade, stage performances, carnival, midway games

children’s activities  West 10th/Trimble Park  pointgreyfiesta.org


11am  Celebrating its 100th anniversary — tour, scavenger hunt, birthday cake botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/garden-days



Join the celebration in Horseshoe Bay to celebrate the 85th anniversary of Sewell’s Marina, the 70th anniversary of Troll’s Restaurant, the 25th anniversary of the Spirit Gallery and the 5th anniversary of Lalli Loves It!

This day-long celebration includes sea safari rides, music in the park, rock painting and more!



1 - 4pm ~ interactive poetry experience — vpl.ca/events

host Evelyn Lau, including Dorothy Livesay, Raoul Fernandes, and others at Moberly Arts & Culture Ctr

+ June 18/19 SATURDAY and SUNDAY +

= 12th Annual Car-Free Day -- carfreevancouver.org

street parties, roaming performances, in four locations: Commercial Drive, Main Street, Denman, and Kits

= NORTHSHORE FOLKFEST -- 42nd annual multi-cultural celebration  centennialtheatre.com


Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden -- cultural displays, Nordic market place, Scandinavian food

entertainment; raising of the midsummer pole, midsummer bonfire, beer garden, Viking village

10am  6540 Thomas St, Bby    scandinavianmidsummerfestival.com


~ noon ~  sunset yoga, mountain view, live music on the scenic deck; full solstice experience at the Sea-to-Sky gond


= Old Growth Conservancy, West Vancouver.

A joint event for Nature Vancouver and the Old Growth Conservancy Society.

Meeting Locations and times: 9am at Park and Ride on roof of PkR North, 

for car-pooling and picking up people without transportation.

Trail-head locn: Quarry Lookout Picnic Area, 8.3km along the Cypress Pkwy (just past the 3rd switchback on the rt-hand side)

Duration: 3-4 hours Elevation Gain: 180 metres.

Difficulty rating and walking conditions: C rating. Mostly easy walking with a few steep sections on the downhill return

section. Sturdy shoes with deep-tread or hiking boots are advised. Poles may be an add'l aid for some.

Trip Leader: David Cook. 924 0147. cookeco2@yahoo.com.

Description of event: We will walk a circuit of approx 5 km via the Trans-Canada Trail, the Cypress Mtn Works Yard, the Conservancy Crossing Trail (the only sanctioned trail within the Old-Growth Conservancy), and finally along other forest trails south of the Conservancy back to the car park. There will be sections of trail within the Conservancy when you will experience the thrill of being surrounded by candelabra-topped redcedar veterans in pristine old-growth forest. 

Bring lunch and a beverage. Registration is not required.


~ 10am to 1pm ~   Dundarave Village  —    This year marks the 11th annual running of this Good Works event organized by members of the Canadian West Region of the Porsche Club of America. Held on Father’s Day, this event raises money for medical research to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, a deadly genetic disease affecting mainly children and young adults across Canada.


Self-guided walking tour of a dozen delightful large and small gardens w/ gardeners on-site for questions.

Private gardens around the Victoria Dr area eastsidegardentour.blogspot.ca


11am — Coast Salish Welcome, traditional dances and storytelling canadaplace.ca/events/national-aboriginal-day

= A CELEBRATION OF ROBERT BATEMAN -- writersfest.bc.ca

3pm  Celebrate the work of artist Robert Bateman; Globe & Mail’s Marsha Lederman, host; Granville Island Revue Stage

= OPERA PRO CANTANTI -- 3pm La Traviata at Cambrian Hall  procantanti.com






IN PICTURES Summer Solstice at Stonehenge There are 14 photos

If email, you can click on the photo, if not, here’s the URL: http://www.csmonitor.com/Photo-Galleries/In-Pictures/Summer-Solstice-at-Stonehenge

=== HEADSUP A21: Ccl June 20 BITS; Mtgs/Events

Hot off the presses! (Well, when I started it last night hoping to get it out even if in the wee hours but didn’t finish, sad to say.)

V important and interesting mtg — very meaty and imp topics..  BITS below; Mtgs/Events Tuesday (wch is National Aboriginal Day) and Wed has Haiku and Heritage.  In rush — but did put puns at the end  :-)

>  CCL MTG June 20 BITS    (with comments/recommendations — cdn’t resist)

=  Sad to say Cclr Lewis is ill so absent again but the Mayor said his son said he was with his father at Lions Gate Hospital yesterday (Father’s Day) surrounded by love.

{and I add: Our thoughts are with him and we send him our best wishes.}

=  Stephanie Jones, new exec dir, made a presentation wrt ADBIA with its plans as it starts out — identity and branding, of course (SLIDES)

=  Smart-Fuelling — SLIDES also!  [ends 6:44]

=  Housing Affordability: the motion was passed (going to UBCM in Sept), in the meantime wrestling with jurisdiction, free markets, controls in Shanghai, Singapore, and Australia

=  [7:25 start] Motion passed re submission of a grant applicn for “:the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program of $500,000 towards the total cost of $1,268,000 for the restoration of the Ferry Building Community Arts Centre

{Pls allow me to clear up the confusion.  The Ferry Building (called the Ferry Building Gallery) is one building.  There is also on the Waterfront Plan a Cmnty Arts Ctr and it’s separate, toward the east with no design yet. There was some discussion, amusing parts, wrt whether or not there shd be a washroom in the building.  As the first cclr for heritage in WV in 1988 and active promoting heritage ever since, my dedication is unchallenged so I hasten to point out that IMO NO PROBLEM updating so wd not be against including one or feeling it desecrated heritage status — or course shd fit the architecture/style of the building.  And I’m not suggesting an outhouse!  Let’s get real, folks.  Some were concerned about having to walk a couple of blocks.  Hope this is looked at with more common sense while keeping respect. The amount, however, raised my eyebrows.}

=  Marine Drive Concept Study [7:37 - 8:58].  V important, good, but then concentrated on three sites. Complicated by mixed jurisdictions.   Main stumbling block was lack of public input.  Good points made by mbrs of Ccl and citizens.  Rather than simply pass, pls don’t leave out public input beforehand again.

Great to see Ccl has learned and some taking seriously: openness and transparency.  Now let’s stress inclusion (or engagement.

=  2015 Annual Report: printed copies available and on website

and 2015 Financial Information Act Report  All praised these reports.  [End 9:29}

{Two issues, however.  

A letter from a resident (name mentioned along with apology b/c not supposed to make public, but one well-known and who is an expert in financial/account matters) many pages long wch the Dir/Finance said she’d only seen “five minutes ago and apparently Ccl had only had it put in front of them when they sat in their places.  The CAO said “had trouble printing and it wd be answered by the end of the week. 

The second matter alarmed me.  Some cclrs wanted to delay passing these so any errors or mistakes cd be dealt with first.  Right!  Not done, however. Yes, they asked when the deadline was.  IG said June 30.  (It surprised me anyone wd not know that’s the deadline b/c it is June 30 every year.  One cclr made the good suggestion that it be deferred to next Monday, to be told there’s no mtg next Monday (made me wonder why unaware of this).

My recommendations:

1. Solution:  Hold a short mtg later this week (has been done in the past, at 9am, or at 6pm, with only that item on the agenda so it’s over in a few minutes.  The ccl mtg held Apr 20 lasted only seven minutes. 

2. In Future: Bring the final financial report to Ccl at the latest with two ccl mtgs before the well-known June 30 deadline; maybe give staff the deadline of the  middle of May and request that public queries be submitted by the end of May.}

=  3304 Radcliffe Zoning amendment Bylaw adopted.

=  Proposed DVP for 1065 Sinclair set for July 18

=  wrt Peace and Quet in Nbrhds; discussion of hours (and length of time) construction noise in an area.

=  Number of festivities tomorrow for First Nations Day; Mayor hopes we’ll all enjoy Canada Day in Lawson Park.




Jun 21 - 4 to 6pm  Location: Gleneagles Community Centre, Seaview Room, 6262 Marine Drive

Ccl gave first reading to the proposed bylaws for the Sewell's devt proposal at its June 6 mtg and scheduled a Public Hearing for July 4 at 6pm in Ccl Chamber. Prior to the PH, the applicant is hosting a Devt Application Information Mtg.


Jun 21 -  5 to 6:30pm    Municipal Hall  

AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/Committees-Groups/Committees/Community-Engagement/2016/2016%2006%2021%20CEC%20Agenda%20update%20.pdf


  BOLDEST, BRIGHTEST, & BEST  June 21 – July 3

Mixed media by the North Shore Artists’ Guild       

   Opening Reception: Tues June 21 from 6 – 8pm.  Meet the Artists: Sat June 25 from 2 – 3pm

=x= John Cleese & Eric Idle: Together Again at Last ¦ For the Very First Time

8pm at Queen Elizabeth Theatre 


š    Workshop on How to Enhance and Conserve Heritage Homes

7 - 9pm Wednesday at Delbrook Cmnty Ctr, 600 West Queens Rd, NV

From Peter Miller of the North Shore Heritage Preservation Society writes: 

We, a non-profit society made up of heritage homeowners, are concerned with the current real estate market and the pressure this is putting on heritage and character homes across the North Shore. We believe that we must be proactive in adding value to heritage homes (and their surrounding properties) to prevent their future demolition.

To this end, we are holding this workshop, which will be led by Don Luxton, a local heritage expert,   The workshop will be attended by the Heritage Planners, Heritage Adv Cmtes, and Heritage Homeowners from all three NSh municipalities.

We invite you to join us.  RSVP  604-313-9269  or peter.miller@northshoreheritage.net

from City Opera Vancouver http://cityoperavancouver.com


Il Centro / The Italian Cultural Centre, 

Main Ballroom, 3075 Slocan x Grandview, ample free parking    

All seats $20 at the door, or online.   http://italianculturalcentre.ca/blog/events/opera-night-glory-italian-opera/

=== HEADSUP A22: Thurs/Fri/Sat

>  Hope you had a great Summer Solstice and a fantastic longest day of the year.  All downhill from here — but at least the nights get longer :-)

> Tourism news is terrific.  1.1M visitors to Vancouver Jan to Apr this year!  Highest ever.  20% more than last year — so they say they’re looking to hire.  Top of the list of tourists from Germany, China, Korea,¦.  If I heard correctly; and 330K in April alone

> Cclr Craig Cameron on CBC’s On the Coast (afternoon radio show) about house affordability, the motion WV is taking to the UBCM in September.


o  BARD: Friday’s Christopher’s Corner is Episode 25.  It’s also Opening Night of The Merry Wives of Windsor (at 7:30 but leave lots of time b/c of limited traffic southbound on the Burrard Street Bridge).  

It’s Bard’s award-winning 2012 production, so it’s time again for music, flirting, fun – and fairies!

o  Chapter Two ends Saturday at the Deep Cove Shaw Theatre  deepcovestage.com

o  At the Jericho Arts Ctr, United Players' The Lion in Winter ends with 2pm matinee Sunday June 26. unitedplayers.com

˜… Mtgs/Activities/Announcements


~  MOV Opening: All Together Now: Vancouver Enthusiasts and Their Collections  museumofvancouver.ca

~  Night at the Aquarium — Annual Fundraising Gala  vanaqua.org

~  6:30pm at Banyan Books, James Hoggan will be signing his book, I’m Right and You’re an Idiot: The Toxic State of Public Discourse and How to Clean it Up banyan.com/events/hoggan 

~ 7pm at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club: Save Desolation Sound, a fundraiser to support the fight against a proposed gravel pit that cd ruin the pristine wilderness of Desolation Sound  savedesolationsound.com  

~  7pm ~ TWISTED POETS LITERARY SALON features Joan Haggerty (launch of The Dance Hall Years) and

Timothy Shay plus open mic. The Cottage Bistro. Sign up for open mic at 7pm.

Suggested donation at the door: $5. More info at  pandorascollective.com


~  6pm  EILEEN COOK reads from her latest novel With Malice. Chapters Metrotown, Bby. More info: chapters.indigo.ca.


~  6: 30pm ~ Book Launch at the Lynn Valley Public Library --->


West Van Library ª@WestVanLibrary

Library volunteer Mary Brown has just won

the Order of St John for her volunteerism,

incl Paws for Stories! Congrats!



Kay Meek Centre is pleased to announce

the arrival of Rob Gloor

our new Executive Director.

=== HEADSUP A23: Tidbits; Fri - Sun

Pivotal days!  Summer Solstice; UK referendum result (UK to leave the EU, PM Cameron’s resignation) June 23;  la Fete national du Quebec (June 24).

Reassuring and calming remarks by Mark Carney, the (Canadian) head of the Bank of England.

Wonder if they’ll Keep Calm and Carry On.

Here at home, the main item now is awaiting the response to a resident’s research/remarks on the Annual Report (finance).  The CAO said there wd be a reply Friday, so will keep watch to see it.  The writer, Dave Roach (a financial expert) sent his work/analysis to Mayor and Council so you’ll be able to read it.  Just checked and although told it was sent at lunchtime Mon June 20, it was not on the Correspondence up 4:30pm June 21.

(Various topics of course, however letters on trees, Marine Drive context, and Waterfront Plan:


Much going on including Shakespeare — what an incredibly vibrant place we live in! 

Of course opening night of The Merry Wives of Windsor at Bard is 7:30pm Fri; The Lion in Winter at JAC ends Sun 2pm.

Heritage BC is looking for Expressions of interest in indigenous historic places — am sure we have some in WV.  As an aside, on our property near the Upper Levels Hwy, we found a stone arrowhead.

QTP at end.  

> FRIDAY June 24

~ 7 - 9pm ~ National Estonian Opera Boys’ Choir at St Mary’s Kerrisdale (2490 W 37th) brownpapertickets.com/events/2559587


~ Splitting Heirs, based on a Jean-Francois Regnard play, at PAL Studio Theatre westerngoldtheatre.org

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)  at The Columbia Theatre, New Westminster 

A ridiculous night of Shakespeare: 37 plays in 97min with three actors playing 1,222 characters!  Alchemytheatre.ca

>  SATURDAY June 25

Shakespeare After Dark  Havana Theatre  Shakespeare served with a side of improvisational mischief.

Somehow, they’ll be improvising in iambic pentameter, or at least trying to.

>  ending SATURDAY

~ O’wet/Lost Lagoon, solo performance, Firehall Arts Ctr  firehallartscentre.ca


Chinook Wawa Immersion Weekend  with the only remaining speaker, Prof J Powell

at the Hastings Mill Store Museum rsvp to chinookwawa@globalcivic.org      

>  SUNDAY June 26

~ 9:45am ~ 15th Annual German Car Festival, Waterfront Park NV  bmwccbc.org/calendar/index.html

~ 11am - 9pm ~ Greek Day on Broadway greekday.com

~ 1 - 2:30pm ~ Old Money: West of Denman Historical Walking Tour 

Before Vancouver’s upper class elite moved to Shaughnessy Heights, ˜West of Denman’ by Stanley Park, was where many of the who’s who lived until WW1.  Hear stories. 873 1866 stanleyparkhistory.wordpress.com

~ 4pm ~ Allegra Chamber Orchestra’s inaugural concert at St Philip’s, 3737 W 27th allegrachamberorchestra.com

> HERITAGE BC — Request for Expression of Interest

Subject: Heritage BC Update: June 23, 2016

Date: June 23, 2016 at 10:09:56 AM PDT To: chair@heritage.westvan.org

Request for Expression of Interest

The Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations, in partnership with the Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Table on Cultural and Heritage, is looking for Expressions of Interest for an Environmental Scan and analysis of Federal, Provincial, Territorial, and Indigenous approaches to protecting, conserving, and recognizing Indigenous historic places in Canada,.

A select number of prospective consultants who respond to the Request for Expression of Interest (RFEI) will, in turn, be asked to submit a detailed project proposal to undertake the Environmental Scan and analysis. 

Interested parties are encouraged to respond to the below RFEI before the deadline of 4pm on June 30, 2016.

» RFEI  http://heritagebc.ca/pdfs/FPT%20HPC%20Indigenous%20Engagement%20WG%20Env%20Scan%20RFEI%20HER109.pdf

+ CCL MTG NOTES 2016 +

NOTES: Jan 11, 25; Feb 15, 22; Mar 7; Apr 4, 18, 20, 25

Explanations: ... is a gap deemed not important; xxx indicates something was said; &&& something significant was said; underlined means important; and bolded is v important; GET is something I thought I ought to find, play, and transcribe -- but sorry, haven't had time to do so. Of course ? is something I question or am wondering about. Also, ### is something I wanted to ask about or check into, and again hadn't the time. @@@ is where I intended to put my comments.

Corrections, clarifications, and additions most welcome!

These notes give you an idea of what was said. To make sure of exactly what was said, pls watch/listen to the video on the DWV website. The times help in finding the place. Apologies for gaps. E & OE !!!

Subscribe! write subscribewvm@westvan.org] ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS, INITIALISMS puzzling? See: http://www.westvan.org/glossary

~~~ January 11 ~~~

5pm Special Mtg -- Revised Jan 7 to add: ¢ Subsection (c)

closed b/c (a) personal info about an identifiable individ who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee, or

agent of the M or another position appointed by the M;

(c) labour relations or other employee relations.

Purpose of meeting: committee membership and labour/employee relations matters.


Revised on Jan 8 to add:: ¢ Ccl mtg minutes to Item 3; ¢ a report to Item 7; ¢ new Item 11.3; and ¢ new Item 12.1.

1. CALL TO ORDER [6:06]

Mayor: It’s after 6 o’clock; [hope] everyone will have a successful and profitable year for our citizens

2. APPROVAL OF AGENDA -- amended by adding:

¢ to Item 3 the minutes of the December 7 and 14, 2015 regular Council meetings;

¢ to Item 7 the report regarding Community Energy and Emissions Plan Update;

¢ new Item 11.3 re Delegation Request: WV Streamkeeper Society and Sec Sch Students, re Spawner Salmon Survey Results Fall 2015; ¢ to Item 12 Items 12.1 to 12.3 regarding correspondence;

AND THAT the agenda be approved as amended.


November 23, 2015 regular Council meeting; December 7, 2015 special and regular Council meetings;

    December 14, 2015 special and regular Council meetings; and December 16, 2015 special Council meeting.


4. Early Approval for 2016 Fire Engine (File: 0865-01)

Chief: replace truck at Hall 2; in service for 16 years; 160km; industry standard is 15 years as first response 5 as reserve

unable to be placed in reserve position b/c of height and weight restrictions; declining condition and falling Cdn dollar

pumper model type fire engine; new truck advantages versatility and manoeuvrability ¦ xxx

Sop: picture of underneath, not reparable?

Chief: rust; IMO past useful life and wasting money

Sop: change from a quint to a pumper;

Chief: quint 55ft extension ladder and must be tested ev year; passed 2015 but concern going forward.

Sop: xxx

Cass: how high?

Chief: tower truck 150ft; have to consider hydro lines; shd be able to get to 7th floor; this quint, might be lucky to second floor; tower truck has a basket xxx

Cass: above that level I’d have to go to the fire escape?

Chief: out down the stairwell, use ladder when we can

MOTION: approval be granted for Fire/Rescue Svcs to acq a replacemt fire engine at a budgeted cost of $800K.

Sop: Ms Gordon, do we have the money in place?

{IG — cd not hear answer}

Sop: that’s all I need.


Mayor: Chief, look after our new truck!

5. 2016 Budget Presentation (File: 0860-01) PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

IG: still learning how to work my microphone; sorry

{shuffle shuffle}

IG: xxx proposed 2016 Budget; second presentation; more specifically related

SLIDES LTF Planning and Asset Mgmt {LTF = Long-Term Financial}

statutory reserves be updated [see slide]

District currently owns over $1B in assets; $57,700 per household

fiscal sustainable plan so now have statistics

comparison of TCA Tangible Capital Assets

DWV quite rich in assets [see SLIDE]

fewer assets per capita; DNV and CNV have less

maintenance has lagged

20 yrs $300M assets investment or replaced

One category: Land Improvement Assets SLIDE

41 athletic fields, xxx

value if maintained

Aquatic Ctr, will require $17M of maintenance (not speaking of replacement) to keep it functioning

does not include inflation

~$1M a year currently being invested in Aq per year but more needed SLIDE

shd cover its cost, covers operational but majority through tax levy

Optimal and Critical Asset Investment SLIDE

{6min into item}

Most Dist’s investments not being invested in, falling down

think of a car, maintenance, etc; in some cases asset has already failed

Proposed Solution: Three Steps [7:55] SLIDE

SLIDE How Asset Management Reserves Work

SLIDE came in!!!

ea project to be debated by Ccl, or the entire list

projections for replacement

not talking about building, talking about maintenance

building up funds

not talking about bldg replacement, about xxx assets

~$14M shd be investing annually in order to provide adequate xxx [6:24]

Graph shows long list going up to 2010

ea yr $14M not invested, fall fwd to next year

assets being built up

asset levy not as large as others



CNV collects $7M

diff is an asset levy

[6:26] numbers appear large but indicates DWV has not been investing enough in its assets

$35 per household

SLIDE detail sheets, this is P

~2% for operations

prelim capital at risk of failure a 4.5% levy to raise another ¦.

optimum level is 10% — most Ms do; if levy of 1% supported, wd take about ten years

all ten years, the deficit — wd be critical only to keep them from failing

if 4.5% then build up at 1%, six years

make the best sense

10.5% wd take one year; total increase $273 with no asset levy

$400 - $900 GET

Impact on av taxpayer be $422 - $481 a month, I think a v reasonable price for services provided

will now be public mtgs — end of Jan at Srs’ Ctr and once at Cmnty Ctr; will advertise them, on website, ev chance to have copies

final consideration mid-Feb ... asset and final xxx [6:30]

re assessment changes

although signif increases =, not the indiv tax bill

to determine the share; will bring a map to the public mtg showing where increases

overall inc 20% there are some, some areas have changed as much as 50%

if inc that much, signif shifts in the tax burden

hope the math will limit/make (???) it

assessment changes SLIDES

taxes will shift to those props

$1.2M homeowner grant; will be ppl who rec’d in past won’t now; 43 full grant in 2015 hv risen so much no grant in 2016

nothing DWV can do, set by prov; 90% qualify, rest do not

remind public resident owners 65 over or supporting chn under [18?]

ML: 55

IG: you’re right

2.9% increase, asset reserves

is concept supportable and at what level?

Mayor: how will public find out?

IG: yes, website and any other means

Mayor: Communications Dept swing into action?

IG: yes

Sop: based on new

for replacement &&& not for replacement, but for maintenance

enough from fees and charges and pay as you go

IG: excellent reason no private aquatic ctr; not enough money staff it; exact reason why provided as a public service

Sop: open $200K then over $500K — is there not a biz case as pay-as-you-go?

IG: for certain services, eg pay parking in parks; don’t think raise suff revenue

if it were possible to do that, priv sector wd be doing it, a biz

Sop: cxxx and three reserves — what guarantee those funds stay there?

IG: idea is not to build up

statutory reserve, specific services [6:36] what in, how taken out and by ccl resoln

Ccl and public’s guarantee for mgmt, mntnance &&&

Sop: if critical not the flavour of the day?

IG: there’s a level of professionalism staff is bringing to this; prof advice and reqmt for investment

will become more clear as it becomes more clear to public, Ccl ¦ ; staff make clear as they go

prof standards as to how long things expected to last — wd benchmark against that

ML: know we’re just receiving report for tonight; then public

our slide to a tax xxx [6:41] much better than a percentage &&&

also the explanation of this being an asset levy, explaining it as an asset levy wd go a long way re concern wd be squandered

assured money for maintenance for services public has come to expect

xxx thank you

NG: progressive policy that the town of Gibsons has devpd

an eco levy [6:43] complements strategies

protect some of our natural assets, can save money; trees eg not have to build bigger sewers

a lot of rain here more than I’ve seen here, lived here for 50 yrs

work an eco strategy in

what do others say?

IG: natural capital

Gibsons goes further than most

are Ms world wide

Eco-Systems services, many cd not be purchased.

Their principles can be incorporated going fwd, esp in the OCP

concern with natural, built both interaction between the two

more of a concern ¦ see some of the effect of climate change ¦ disregard ¦

placing some sort of value in nature

a tree is not valuable only if you cut it down; a living organism removing GHG from the air, etc¦.

need to become much more aware and put value on

NG: good news for me and hopefully* for others

{* 'hopefully' means 'full of hope'; shd be "Let's hope" b/c she means hopes for others, not that it'll indeed happen and do so in a hopeful way.}

know we’re going for public consultation; how going to have that conversation? one of the most diff times of year

is it going to be 4.5 or 10.5% ? are you going to put a figure and then we debate that?

IG: after getting the input from the public; let Ccl know what it was; based on that, devping a number of options

As Dir, shd have a recomm, but put options in the report

hope an asset levy, then at what level, start and build up to what we require

no answer there

maybe the suite of assets need to be looked at; maybe some assts shd be maintained by somebody else

my hope is able to bring forth a recomm with exec cmte here

wd offer options so hope Ccl cd come to some consensus

MB: going to public with asset level based on assmt value — are there other levels? maybe on a household basis?

IG: am aware, specified area bylaw, a per household charge; not aware of other Ms doing that

other Ms have used the tax level assmt system

not sep from the services, based on assmt &&& [6:50]

the assmt system is what we have in place and most Ms use

the household charge has only been used when particular households are benefiting, not the whole cmnty

MB: in the Finance Cmte mtg re liabilities, the consultant presented info around some comparable

$3M in Dund paying considerably less than a $3M home in Deep Cove

can’t look at it in a vacuum, considering looking at it xxx

IG: hadn’t considered home in New Westminster will pay more than WV ??? wd

$1.5M NW than one in WV

NW is at the higher end of range in NW: in WV at the bottom of the range ???

{yikes! wd hv to listen to figure this out!}

the homes at the bottom of the range pay less in Ms


in NW receives suite of services in NW, and here

Mayor: one mbr of the public signed up to speak. Dave Roach

> DR: bn following the progress of this topic starting with the Oct 26 presentation; does appear to hv bn some changes

wonder if staff wd prepare a paper what those changes and why, so public wdn’t have to go to that trouble

draw your attention to the charter; xxx financial plan as proposed, and doesn’t appear you’re at that level now

three public mtgs in Jan and coming fourth in Feb, I’d say no consulting xxx with the Cmnty Charter

terms “critical asset and [“required"?] asset, that those terms be defined and pictures

so public

2015 Financial Plan total $31.65M planned for ¦.. over IT, eqpmt, [6:57] list

part going to the Police services bldg (not broken down)

$9M not included in the $31.65M

this year plan passed ... had 8.5 m... last year 7.


Amenity $3M this year; others $14.x¦¦ grants and partnerships $5.4M??? (Kiwanis Park renewal)

think we need a lot more info out of sr staff before ¦ and wd like to see it before public consultations

do really need ¦ not jump and before ¦ after see plan

Mayor: presumably more info with your info mtgs

IG: detailed list of capital items will be covered

&&& shown on the list

list of capital assets District owns, full suite of assets

consultation on Financial Plan — presented in public and debate in public

if want xxx &&

Practice is to consult the public on the tax rate increase, in this case the capital increase

not that public can’t comment on any aspects of the plan

in terms of the link between this and last wd be happy to present what the diffs are

this assets, last more on long-term and what asset levy being spent on

Cam: do think Mr Roach’s idea of fuller re critical

one person’s critical is not another’s — don’t know if you want to do it here or xxx

asset levy, hard to swallow a 10% in one year and not the bare minimum either

4.6% over seven yrs?

IG: if 4.5% level, then built up a 1% per year can build up; &&&

Cam: maybe 3 to 4, middle ground; mindful of ability to pay; lesser we put aside ea year, more &&&

IG: can supply a four-year scenario

Cam: expenditure side of the operating budget

get a lot about wages and benefits b/c 80%

can talk about computer purchases but the big thing is ppl; managing wage and salary growth; ensuring that our FTE count is what is shd be; know we don’t have much say b/c of collective agreements but think we shd explain that to the public

Cass: thank you; look forward to feedback of the public

infrastructure is a national issue

{fyi, I'm enquiring about the $170K+ for IT (hardware and software)}

MOTION: received for information.

PASSED [7:05]

6. Approval to Borrow from the M Finance Authority for the Police Bldg and M Hall Project (File: 0887-01)

IG: final tranche $XXM

we’re slightly beyond their deadline; spoken to them; if get it over tomorrow, will try to incorp

if not go fwd, we’ll require ¦

Sop: was a thought about funds rec’d from the Police Bldg sale wd go to attachment and city hall

{yikes! when asked a few years ago to be a city, turned out WV didn’t yet qualify. It’s the District of WV, so District Hall!}

cost to taxpayer also changed

Growth in the Endowment Fund; understanding some $400K a yr wd be paid by &&&????

in between all that we had a land purchase; don’t understand where the money for xxx sits

land value? 2ndly monies to pay for that flowed though the Endmt Fund — not clear how that done

if enough time, we cd have borrowed for Gordon, &&&

then moneys¦.. amts of money we owe

am sure you’ve figured out

Mayor: you’ll remember Ccl made the decision to put 20%


Sop: how did that transaction take place?

CAO: purchase of Gordon prop made v quickly not able to

we did have $16.4M so we didn’t have to borrow

not connected

funds from sale in the Endmt Fund

Sop: sits in paper in fund but not cash

CAO: sometimes recorded that way

haven’t determined the value ¦ [7:11], currently an asset xxx ev year

Sop: in Endmt fund not cash value &&&

CAO: untii Ccl makes a decision

Sop: Ms Gordon, satisfied not &&&; another coming up

IG: a second coming up in 2017, not as large as this one, number is provided

Sop: keep high for interest; not for long time if paying interest on it

IG: Endmt Fund does have real value

after 10 years, if Ccl of the day wishes to pay that loan down the Ccl of the day can pay that down xxx

Cam: re M Hall project; repayment penalty if prior to 10 yrs

IG: there is no option to pay back until after 10 yrs

Cam: xxx MFA xxx

IG: correct

Cam: xxx

IG: that decision was made before I took over this position

meant pay more interest; that authorization cd be changed, pay back more rapidly

Cam: do you think 30 yrs or do you think shorter?

IG: xxx prudent to take this long amortization period

rates quite low so no need to be aggressive at this point

Cass: three Qs re this [7:15]

re Ms L, not able to borrow the money?

IG: this part borrowing — long; this process started in Aug


had to go through xxx period

finally this resolution brought fwd, quite a few stages

believe op wd not have waited for, or perception wd not have


Cass: discussion of xxx Sept; — 3.17% did we not lock in that rate?

IG: not able to b/c doesn’t lock in until through the process

whatever rate they obtain at that point locked in for the ten yrs

reason called an indicative rate, it’s best guess; until bond issue complete


1. borrowing of $23,022,377 through the Municipal Finance Authority of BC, as part of the 2016 Spring Borrowing Session, as authorized through Police Services + MHall Project Loan Authorization Bylaw, No. 4845, 2015, be approved,

2. GVRD be requested to consent to this borrowing over a 30-yr term + include this borrowing in their Security Issuing Bylaw.


7. Community Energy and Emissions Plan Update (File: 0332-03) PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

RF: turn over immediately to the CEEP WG; wd like to introduce the mbrs:

{they came up to the front and sat on chairs}

... all residents SLIDES

worked diligently over the past year

Mayor: intro

Ans: coming to that in 30 secs

Mayor: have to wait

Ans: organized; take a minute to introduce


fyi, here’s the info from their webpage:

Council Member Michael Lewis

Citizen Members Rick Amantea, Charlotte McLaughlin, Jennie Moore, Freda Pagani, Peter Scholefield,

David Van Seters, Maciej Sobczyk, & Tarah Stafford

Staff Liaisons Sandra Bicego, Manager of Environment & Sustainability, CEEP Project Manager

Raymond Fung, Director of Engineering & Environment Services


Charlotte McLaughlin, ... Peter Schofield — cafe ... Stafford — cmnty engagement ... Mechanical engr

Pat xxx: library staff resource person ... Freda Pagani: retired UBC prof¦ David : biz consultant entrepreneur and coach

Rick: Rick Amantea, HNY, [laughter] xxx represent the biz cmnty

Charlotte: missing one xxx between xxxx LEED prof

also Sandra Bicego, gives us case; want to ack Cclr Lewis xxx

SLIDE of purpose, going forward

input from public; challenges of implementation

not work alone, many depts xxx [7:25]

contribs from xxx, funding from BC Hydro &&& {GET}

Boston Consultants and UBC’s CALP team; Cool North Shore

Cmnty Engagement critical to the success

mtgs, xxx; will continue to reach out with feedback {listed was}

Next Steps SLIDE [7:27]

Education phase; reporting to Ccl in six mos

what shd WV’s role be; do not end at our M’s boundaries

GHG not the sole responsibility of the Dist; are we doing the best we can?

a short video [7:28]

Mayor: smart to build up suspense like this!

MetroV close up

[7:31] thank you for the opp to make a diff in our cmnty

Sop: look like a v intelligent group of ppl; thank you for what you’re doing

amazingly enough dedicated park up the hill, a lot of favours

in course of your delivery trees, asset they are to the cmnty; and asset to

S Bicego: not look into xxx land-use planning

Sop: how long before seeing the effects?

SB: by the end of the year will see where we are; workshop this month; will start talking about ideas

Sop: thank you, marvellous thing you’re doing

says implications of diff growth future what exactly does that mean?

SB: working with our consultant looking at infrastructure costs; want to see implication so road, sewer

Sop: xxx

SB: we have v vibrant sought after xxx across Canada:

NG: 4 Qs and 2 comments —before motion just so Mayor &&&

yes, you’ve all been working &&&

first Q, in terms of schedule on p3, intend to come back in April, Ccl feedback then in May

thinking of our budget cycle; start planning in July (2017)

am I to assume going into the budget, in time for the 2017 budget and work plans?

ANS: yes

NG: built form and character see in Appendix A — planning to involve our Planning Dept so working in parallel

SB: stealing staff

NG: b/c i’m an impatient person by nature; wd like to get going—any low-hanging fruit or staff say already working on this

SB: yes, we’re working with Cool North Shore; organizing staff mtg, resident [7:38]

NG: good

how are we going to change ppl’s behaviour? how do we stop parents from driving their kids to school in their Hummer?

Charlotte: will have early &&& changers; some will never recycle organics; many in between

number of progs

Cool North Shore action on the ground

can be a long process, from diff avenues, can see momentum building, happening over the last year COP21

NG: enough?

ANS: a start

NG: a stick; carrot too

WG Mbr: technologies built in so not relying only on behaviour change

technology, and use technologies

SB: where is the role of the govt, bylaw changes, xxx

MB: You guys are v ambitious

{no girls???}

four areas

thank you for all your time an expertise doing this for the cmnty

obviously COP21 in Paris ignited

looking at other places, adopt and customize here NAm and world

SB: our consultant, always giving examples of what happened in other places; feel we’re getting cutting-edge approach

Cam: exciting

mandating change, humans, we all have to be forced; some enlightened individs

in my household we did [7:43]

back to against my better judgement, re trees; this report not deciding

when I look at the subjects WG covering, inevitable trees

your role to tell us the implications — courage discourage re trees

might be v imp

at a lot today 5ft wide on edge

site super — on prov land, we cd have built around it


no one said &&&

setbacks and rule to keep these trees

don’t incentivize ¦ built housing, nbrhd char

what our position from a climate change perspective

know it’s a hot issue

you might want to tell us what we shd be whining about from climate change

agree with Sop, element, trees

Cass: not go on at length but to say ditto; personal thanks

so often in WV we think of dollars and cents

fortunate to have the intellectual wealth; time, energy, and dedication

Mayor: Lewis

ML: I get to say something!

way too much of me in the video xxx; looking forward to next six months; passion and initiative

convinced [7:47] &&&

MOTION: the report dated Dec 23, 2015, titled “Community Energy and Emissions Plan Update be rec'd for information.

NG: in Appendix B and C

easy to be confused if you haven’t been involved in this from a year ago

directly to E and E, so scope not as wide as the envmt ?

graph in Appendix B — public hasn’t seen

amazed me when I came to one of your mtgs: one is vehicles and the other homes

nothing else matters

most fascinating where we do nothing sees GHG going down

ppl here so well off and thoughtful b/c they’re buying Teslas¦.

so going down on the vehicle emission side even if we do nothing — won the lottery on that; able to buy electric cars

the real xxx is houses — building 26Ksf houses; well, one at least

I’m saying this is home heating

retrofitting homes, &&& energy

v lucky in this cmnty, the graph is going down doing nothing and everywhere else going up

no excuse of not going [7:51]

Dist- agendas {GET}

related to homes and have to stop building

Mayor: yes, good news for [7:52] thank you v much

--> in the DWV minutes:

C. McLaughlin (Chair, Community Energy and Emissions Plan Working Group) provided a PowerPoint presentation “Community Energy and Emissions Plan Interim Report and spoke relative to presentation slides: Our Purpose; Actions to Date; Going Forward; Collaborations; Community Engagement; and Next Steps. Discussion ensued and Cclr Lewis (WG Ccl representative) thanked the WG mbrs for their dedication. <---


(received first, second, and third reading at the Dec 14 reg Ccl mtg)

8.Proposed Parks Regulation Bylaw No. 4867, 2015 (File: 1610-20-4867)

9.Proposed Bylaw Notice Enforcemt Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4868, 2015 (File: 1610-20-4868)

10.Propsd M Ticket Info System Implement'n Bylaw No. 4383, 2004, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4869, 2015 (File: 1610-20-4869)


The following items may be considered for approval in one motion, or considered separately, or items may be excluded for debate.

¢ Item 11.1 – Devt Variance Permit Applicn No. 15-065 (1290 Queens Av) (To set date for consideration); and

¢ Item 11.2 – Correspondence List; and

¢ Item 11.3 – Delegation Req: WV Streamkeeper Soc + Sec Sch Students, re Spawner Salmon Survey Results Fall 2015

11.1.Development Variance Permit Application No. 15-065 (1290 Queens Avenue)(File1010-20-15-065)

proposed DVP No. 15-065 re 1290 Queens to reduce the front yard setback to allow an existing carport enclosed into habitable space to be retained, be considered at the Feb 15 Ccl mtg, and that the MClk give notice of consideration...

11.2. Correspondence List (File: 0120-24) (click here to view correspondence packages) rec'd for info

> Council Correspondence Update to December 4, 2015 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action -- No items.

Referred for Action from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Received for Information

(1) December 1, 2015, re “Written submission re Proposed Devt Permit No.15-040 (for 821 Braeside Street)

(Referred to December 14, 2015 Council meeting)

(2) December 2, 2015, regarding “Art Gallery Ambleside

(3) HUB Cycling, December 2, 2015, regarding “December Bicycle Bulletin

(4) December 3, 2015, regarding “Liberal plan to pick ˜non-partisan’senators draws quick criticism

(5) Mayor Smith, December 3, 2015, regarding “Proposed Woodfibre LNG Project

Received for Information from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Responses to Correspondence -- No items.

> Council Correspondence Update to December 11, 2015 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1 )December 5, 2015, regarding “Newsletter, etc. (Boulevards and Landscaping Requirements)

(Referred to Manager of Bylaw and Licensing Services for consideration and response)

Referred for Action from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Received for Information

(2) Mayor Smith, December 3, 2015, regarding “One-Zone SeaBus Fare and North Vancouver Bus Depot

(3) December 2, 2015, re “Nov 30/15 Council Meeting - Public Hearing re: OCP & Zoning Amendment for 370 and 380 Mathers.

(4) December 6, 2015, regarding “retention of on-site trees and vegetation

(5) HUB Cycling, December 5, 2015, regarding “Wrapping up a Big Year for Cycling

(6) 2 submissions, December 7 - 8, 2015, regarding Autobiography and Comments on Ideology

(7) 14 submissions, July 20 - Dec 11, 2015, re Proposed Devt Permit No. 15-037 for 6695 Nelson Avenue (Sewell’s Marina)

(8) 2 submissions, December 7 - 9, 2015, regarding Proposed Ambleside and Dundarave Business Improvement Area

(9) Canadian National Railway Company, Dec 9, 2015, re � Marine Drive (Proposed Development Variance Permit No. 15-019)

(Referred to December 14, 2015 Council Meeting)

(10) Maison Senior Living, December 9, 2015, re “MAISON WEST VANCOUVER - PROGRESS UPDATE AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!

(11) Vancouver Island and Coast Conservation Society (VICCS), Dec 9, 2015, re “Update, re: Request - Declare ˜A Day For Our Common Future’, December 11th 2015

(12) Simplysolar.co, December 10, 2015, regarding “How it should be done

(13) December 11, 2015, regarding “Proposed Development Permit No. 15-040for 821 Braesive [sic] Street (821 Braeside Street) (Referred to December 14, 2015 Council Meeting)

Received for Information from Other Governments and Government Agencies

(14) MetroV, Dec 2, re “GVS&DD Board Adoption of Bylaws 292, 294, 295 (GreaterV Sewer and Drainage District Bylaw Adoption)

Responses to Correspondence -- No items.

> Council Correspondence Update to December 18, 2015 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) Dec 8, 2015, re Lower Caulfeild (Single Family Housing -Siting, Form, and Character)

(Referred to Director of Planning and Development Services for consideration and response)

(2) December 13, 2015, regarding “Do not like incentives for coach houses... (Single Family Housing - Siting, Form, and Character)

(Referred to Director of Planning and Development Services for consideration and response)

(3) December 14, 2015, regarding Halogen Spot Light, Evelyn by Onni, Keith Road, West Vancouver, BC

(Referred to Manager of Bylaw and Licensing Services for consideration and response)

(4) Dec 15, 2015, re “Eradication of Knotweed a Waste of Tiem [sic] and Money??

(Referred to Director of Parks, Culture and Community Services for consideration and response)

(5) December 16, 2015, regarding “Bylaws Enforcement

(Referred to Director of Corporate Services for consideration and response)

(6) December 17, 2015, regarding “Quarterly Financial Reviews -- Always as timely and up-to-date as ever!

(Referred to Director of Financial Services for consideration and response)

Referred for Action from Other Governments and Government Agencies

(7) City of Langley, December 16, 2015, regarding “FCM Resolution - Build Canada Grant Funding

(Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(8) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes – Memorial Library Board meeting November 18, 2015

(9) 10 submissions, Dec 11 – 14, 2015, re Proposed Development Permit No. 15-037 for 6695 Nelson Avenue (Sewell’s Marina)

(10) Dec 14, 2015, re Proposed Devt Permit No. 15-040for 821 Braeside Street

(Previously received at December 14, 2015 Council meeting)

(11) HUB Cycling, Dec 15, 2015, re “We Mapped 2015 Cycling Improvements -- You Can Double the Impact of Your Gift for 2016

(12) Table Matters, December 15, 2015, regarding “Table Matters News Winter 2015

(13) December 17, 2015, regarding “December 7th Council Meeting (Single Family Housing – Siting, Form and Character)

(14) Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM), December 16, 2015, regarding “Update on Syrian Refugee Settlement Plans

Received for Information from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Responses to Correspondence -- No items.

> Council Correspondence Update to December 23, 2015 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1)Western Residents’ Association of WV, December 18, 2015, re “Orchill Road and Appleback Grill/Gleneagles Clubhouse

(Referred to Director of Corporate Services for consideration and response)

Referred for Action from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Received for Information

(2) Tutor Doctor North Shore, December 12, 2015, regarding “Refugee families fundraiser

(3) Dec 18, 2015, re Site Coverage for New Construction

Received for Information from Other Governments and Government Agencies

(4) Ministry of Environment, December 21, 2015, regarding British Columbia’s Spill Response Regime

(5) City of Burnaby, Dec 21, 2015, re “City of Burnaby Concerns Regarding The Anticipated Property Assessment Changes in 2016

Responses to Correspondence

(6) Mgr of Legislative Srvcs, Dec 22, response to Info Systems Audit and Control Assn (ISACA) Vancouver Chapter, “Attention Mayor & Council - BC AWARE Days Campaign (Privacy & Security Awareness) Jan 25 - Feb 5 2016 (Request for Proclamation)

Council Correspondence Update to December 29, 2015 (up to 4:30 p.m.)

Referred for Action -- No items.

Referred for Action from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Received for Information

(1) Royal Canadian Legion, December 24, 2015, regarding Appreciation for Participation in 2015 Poppy Campaign

Received for Information from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Responses to Correspondence

(2) Director of Planning and Devt Services, December 23, 2015, response regarding “Movie Theatre in West Van.

11.3. Delegation Request: WV Streamkeeper Soc'ty + Sec Sch Students, re Spawner Salmon Survey Results Fall 2015

1. the delegation request from WV Streamkeeper Society and Secondary School Students, re Spawner Salmon Survey Results Fall 2015, be approved; and that

2. two delegations be permitted for the January 25, 2016 regular meeting.

CASS: ... if 10x [7:53] ???

Sop: xxx

Mayor : 10

NG [7:55] ... can’t abide by in Altamont

how can we ¦

Jim Bailey: thank you for the Q, a good one; taking seriously

looking at a whole cmnty as we see ev day

fences xxx; esp blvd Altamont take seriously and taking xxx

lot consolidation

bringing fwd in the spring; bringing back working quickly

looking at addressing all of the issues raised

re OCP — looking at and engaging on nbrhd char

tools and controls we can bring forward

definitely looking at

Mayor: brings us to 12.2


12. Ccl has requested that the following corresp be brt fwd for disc, and may propose a motion if Ccl considers that further action is required.

12.1. Dec 17, 2015, re “Dec 7th Council Meeting (Single Family Housing – Siting, Form, and Character)

RECOMMENDATION: THAT Item 12.1 be received for information.

MB: lawyer myself — no one wd ever sue; not worth it [7:58]

what I’m seeing and hearing anecdotally

ppl’s prop being damaged by construction on nbring prop, and can’t do anything; xxx; security for damage; deck

I’d be v upset about that

JB: best practices around construction mgmt

talk to nbr, strategies so not happen; cd look at securities, we do that

cd look ¦ sec re blvds ¦ imp for public

it was not a coach house, erroneously

it’s a sgl-fam house in the front part of the lot connected by a hallway to a house in the back

don’t want coach houses to get a bad name ¦. it’s unique

Sop: Cclr Booth is correct in bringing this up

face ¦ clear cut ¦ xxx of nbr

unless we’re prepared to look at side yards; restrictions into cutting into prop lines; v valid to look into it

Mayor: Mr Bailey is xxx

[Item 12.3]

MB: WRA Appleback Grill — accessible

Mayor: approve

MB: encourage check it out open M - F pub for biz




2 wks ago a bit of a shake

concerns of safety re LNG, Woodfibre — they’re sitting on a fault

Canyon north of LA, methane leak began Oct 23 &&&& [8:-04]

company said no xxx effect but now relocated ppl; xxx vomiting, residents now selling

wake-up call for us, this beautiful Howe Sound xxx no matter how good the for the economy; gotta be careful

MB: Festival of LIghts, District had a tree nicely decorated

French attache of consulate, Pauline Johnson school to sing; and they raised 1000s of dollars; acknowledge their work

now preparing for next year, might expand to Amb and HBay

just got mbrships to Legion - Mayor and I; encourage others to join; 90th anniversary coming up

xxx mtg space

ML: like to thank Cclr Booth for invitation

{she’s buying???} [[8pm]

14. Public Questions/Comments

Mayor: Carolanne Reynolds

CR: Sorry, since I saw No. 14, I didn't think I'd be first

{a coincidence -- the item is 14; what I was referring to is that the page on wch I signed up, I was No. 14.}

first of all, Happy New Year to everybody.

I have congratulations for the District in that last month I got a notice that from now on, I can sign up to get the agendas, so I think that's great news. As you know, we provided agendas starting in 1995, and so I'm glad you're now doing it.

{ppl subscribed and we sent the agenda out by email; we also put info on a website -- only took 20 years for DWV to do so!!}

For my next step, I hope it doesn't take 20 years, is that you provide a transcript, so maybe put that in your pocket to think about. I don't think I'll wait 20 years for that.

Mayor: some ppl think the video is enough

CR: Oh, I'll tell you a v interesting story about that.

Someone said, "Oh well, we have the tapes" and so on.

And then this person, who was running for Ccl said, "Oh, um, what happened about such-and-such a topic?"

And I said, "Well, I guess you'll have to watch the video and find it."

{Ans:} "I haven't got time to do that."


B/c the advantage of having a transcript is you can do a 'find', if you want a topic. You can press 'find' and you can find it! Also, when you were talking tonight, it brought up another topic, and that is trees -- v v dear to my heart.

{inaudible transition} Disposing of Christmas trees

I'd like you to consider that maybe, working with Parks, and with Engg and blvds, Planning, that when ppl buy a tree, maybe buy a live tree, and maybe the District can put together a list of what sorts of trees they wd like, and where, whether it's in parks or blvds. Obviously not everyone will do this, but every little bit might help to improve the greening of the trees by, um,

{maybe meant regreening of WV b/c of lost trees -- saves money and we get trees!}

by a