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2012 West Van Matters
 » #19 Notes Sep 17; Agenda Oct 1; Cal to Oct 20
 » #18 Notes Sep 10; Agenda Sep 17; Cal to Oct 6
 » #17 Agenda Sep 10; Cal to Sep 22
 » #16 Notes Jul 23; Cal to Aug 31
 » #15 Notes Jul 9; Agenda Jul 23; Cal to Aug 18
 » #14 Notes Jun 25; Agenda Jul 9; Cal to Jul 30
 » #13 Notes Jun 18; Agenda Jun 25; Cal to Jul 13
 » #12 Notes Jun 4; Agenda Jun 18; Cal to Jun 30


2011 West Van Matters
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Oct 3; Ccl Agenda Oct 17; Calendar to Nov 11
 » #20 Ccl NOTES Sep 19; Ccl Agenda Oct 3; Calendar to Oct 21
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Sep 12; Ccl Agenda Sep 19; Calendar to Oct 7
 » #18 Ccl Agenda Sep 12; Calendar to Sep 22+
 » #17 Ccl NOTES Jul 25; Calendar to Aug 31+
 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jul 18; Ccl Agenda Jul 25; Calendar to Aug 15
 » #15 Finance Cmte NOTES Jul 11; Ccl Agenda Jul 18; Calendar to July 28
 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jul 4; Ccl Agenda Jul 11; Calendar to July 25
 » #13 Ccl NOTES Jun 20; Ccl Agenda Jul 4; Calendar to July 21
 » #12 Ccl NOTES Jun 6; Ccl Agenda Jun 20; Calendar to July 8
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 16/19; Ccl Agenda Jun 6; Calendar to June 24
 » #10 Ccl NOTES May 9/11; Ccl Agenda May 16; Calendar to June 10
 » #09 Ccl NOTES Apr 18; Ccl Agenda May 9; Calendar to May 20
 » #08 Ccl NOTES Apr 4; Ccl Agenda Apr 18; Calendar to May 13
 » #07 Ccl NOTES Mar 21; Ccl Agenda Mar 4; Calendar to Apr 22
 » #06 Ccl NOTES Mar 7; Ccl Agenda Mar 21; Calendar to Apr 8
 » #05 Ccl NOTES Feb 21; Ccl Agenda Mar 7; Calendar to Mar 23
 » #04 Ccl NOTES Feb 7; Ccl Agenda Feb 21; Calendar to Mar 11
 » #03 Ccl NOTES Jan 24; Ccl Agenda Feb 7; Calendar to Feb 24
 » #02 Ccl NOTES Jan 10; Ccl Agenda Jan 24; Calendar to Feb 10
 » #01 Ccl Agenda Jan 10; Calendar to Jan 27

2010 West Van Matters
 » #29 Ccl NOTES Dec 13; Ccl Agendas Dec 20; Calendar to Dec 31+
 » #28 Ccl NOTES Dec 6;Ccl Agendas Dec 13/15; Calendar to Dec 22
 » #27 Finance Cmte NOTES Nov 22;Ccl Agenda Dec 6; Calendar to Dec 18
 » #26 Ccl NOTES Nov 15;Finance Cmte Agenda Nov 22; Calendar to Dec 9
 » #25 Ccl NOTES Nov 1;Ccl Agenda Nov 15; Calendar to Dec 9
 » #24 Ccl NOTES Oct 18;Ccl Agenda Nov 1; Calendar to Nov 19
 » #23 Ccl NOTES Oct 4;Ccl Agenda Oct 18; Calendar to Nov 5
 » #22 Ccl Agenda Oct 4; Calendar to Oct 21
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Sept 13; Ccl Agendas Sept 20/22; Calendar to Oct 8
 » #20 Ccl Agenda Sept 13; Calendar to ~Sept 26
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Jul 26; Calendar to Sept 12
 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 19; Agenda Jul 26; Calendar to Aug 8+
 » #17 Ccl NOTES Jul 5; Agenda Jul 19; Calendar to Jul 31
 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jun 28; Agenda Jul 5; Calendar to Jul 23
 » #15 Ccl NOTES Jun 21; Agenda Jun 28; Calendar to Jul 9
 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jun 7; Agenda Jun 21; Calendar to Jun 30
 » #13 Ccl NOTES May 31; Agenda Jun 7; Calendar to Jun 24
 » #12 Ccl NOTES May 17; Agendas May 31; Calendar to Jun 12
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 10/12; Agendas May 17; Calendar to Jun 5
 » #10 Ccl NOTES May 3; Agenda May 10/12; Calendar to May 20
 » #07 Ccl NOTES Mar 15; Agenda Apr 12; Calendar to Apr 30
 » #05 Ccl NOTES Feb 8/10; Agenda Mar 1; Calendar to Mar 17
 » #04 Ccl NOTES Feb 1; Agenda Feb 8; Calendar to Feb 28
 » #03 Ccl NOTES Jan 25; Agenda Feb 1; Calendar to Feb 11
 » #02 Ccl NOTES Jan 11 & 18; Agenda Jan 25; Calendar to Feb 5
 » #01 Ccl Agenda Jan 11; Calendar to Jan 31

2009 West Van Matters
 » #28 Ccl NOTES Dec 14 & 18; Calendar to Jan 12
 » #27 Ccl NOTES Dec 7; AGENDA Dec 14; Calendar to Dec 31
 » #26 Ccl NOTES Nov 16; AGENDA Dec 7; Calendar to Dec 20
 » #25 Ccl NOTES Nov 2; AGENDA Nov 16; Calendar to Dec 10
 » #24 Ccl NOTES Oct 19; AGENDA Nov 9; Calendar to Nov 20
 » #23 Ccl NOTES Oct 5; AGENDA Oct 19; Calendar to Nov 5
 » #22 Ccl NOTES Sep 21; AGENDA Oct 5; Calendar to Oct 22
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Sep 14; AGENDA Sep 21; Calendar to Oct 8
 » #20 Ccl NOTES Jul 30; AGENDA Sep 14; Calendar to Sep 24~
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Jul 27; AGENDA Jul 30; Calendar to Sep 12~
(plus UPDATE)

 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 20; AGENDA Jul 27; Calendar to Aug 2
 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 20; AGENDA Jul 27; Calendar to Aug 2
 » #17 Ccl NOTES Jul 6; AGENDA Jul 20; Calendar to Jul 31
 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jun 22; AGENDA Jul 6; Calendar to Jul 24
 » #15 Ccl NOTES Jun 15; AGENDA Jun 22; Calendar to Jul 9
 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jun 1; AGENDA Jun 15; Calendar to Jun 25
 » #13 Ccl NOTES May 25; AGENDA Jun 1; Calendar to Jun 18
 » #12 Ccl NOTES May 11; AGENDA May 25; Calendar to Jun 7
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 4; AGENDA May 11; Calendar to May 28
 » #10 Ccl NOTES Apr 20; AGENDA May 4; Calendar to May 15
 » #9 Ccl NOTES Apr 6; AGENDA Apr 20; Calendar to May 7
 » #8 Ccl NOTES Mar 30; AGENDA Apr 6; Calendar to Apr 25
 » #7 Ccl NOTES Mar 23; AGENDA Mar 30; Calendar to Apr 9
 » #6 Ccl NOTES Mar 2; AGENDA Mar 23; Calendar to Apr
 » #5 Ccl NOTES Feb 16; AGENDA Mar 2; Calendar to Mar 28
 » #4 Ccl NOTES Feb 2; AGENDA Feb 16; Calendar to Feb 28
 » #3 Ccl NOTES Jan 19; AGENDA Feb 2; Calendar to Jan 19th+
 » #2 Ccl NOTES Jan 12; AGENDA Jan 19; Calendar to Jan 31st
 » #1 Ccl AGENDA Jan 12; Calendar to Jan 18

2008 West Van Matters
 » #34 Ccl NOTES Dec 15; Calendar to Dec 31/Jan 12
 » #33 Ccl NOTES Dec 8; AGENDAs Dec 15; Calendar to Dec 24
 » #32 Ccl NOTES Nov 17; AGENDAs Dec 8; Calendar to Dec 15
 » #31 Ccl NOTES Oct 27; AGENDAs Nov 17; Calendar to Nov 30
#30 Ccl NOTES Oct 20; AGENDAs Oct 27; Calendar to Nov 12+
#29 Ccl NOTES Oct 6; AGENDAs Oct 20; Calendar to Oct 31
#28 Ccl NOTES Sep 29; AGENDA Oct 6; Calendar to Oct 26
#27 Ccl NOTES Sep 22; AGENDA Sept 29; Calendar to Oct 10
#26 Ccl NOTES Sep 8; AGENDA Sept 22; Calendar to Sep 30th+
#25 Ccl AGENDA Sep 8; Mtgs/Events to Sep 15th
#24 Ccl NOTES July 28; Calendar to Aug 31 +
#23 Ccl NOTES June 21; AGENDA July 28; Cal to Aug 5th
#22 Ccl NOTES July 14; AGENDA July 21; Cal to 31st
#21 Ccl NOTES July 7; AGENDA July 14; Cal to 25th
#20 Ccl NOTES June 16/19; AGENDA July 7; Cal to 16th
#19 Ccl NOTES June 9; AGENDAs June 16; Cal to June 30/~July
#17 Ccl Notes May 26, PH 28; Agenda Jun 2; Cal to Jun 18
#16 Ccl Notes May 12 (Youth); Agenda May 26; Cal to Jun 8
#15 Ccl Notes May 5; Agenda May 12; Cal to May 29
#14 Ccl Notes Apr 21/May 1; Agenda May 5; Cal to May 15
#13 Ccl Notes Apr 14; Agenda Apr 21; Cal to Apr 30+
#12 Ccl Notes Apr 7/10; Agenda Apr 14; Cal to Apr 27
#11 Mtg Summary Mar 17; Agenda Apr 7l Cal to Apr 19
#10 Ccl Notes Mar 17; Cal to Apr 16
#09 Ccl Notes Mar 10; Agenda Mar 17; Cal to Apr 7
#08 Ccl Notes Mar 3; Agenda Mar 10; Cal to Mar 20
#07 Ccl Notes Feb 18; Agenda Mar 3; Cal to Mar 13
#06 Ccl Budget Notes Feb 11; Agenda Feb 18; Cal to Feb 29
#05 Notes Feb 4; Agenda Feb 11; Cal to Feb 22
#04 Notes Jan 21; Agenda Feb 4; Cal to Feb 13
 » #03 Notes Jan 14; Agenda Jan 21; Cal to Jan 31
 » #02 Notes Jan 7; Agenda Jan 14; Cal to Jan 25
 » #01 Agenda Jan 7; Cal to Jan 16

2007 West Van Matters
 » #41 Notes Dec 17; Cal to Dec 31
 » #40 Notes Dec 10; Agenda Dec 17; Cal to Dec 21
 » #39 Notes Dec 3; Agenda Dec 10; Cal to Dec 17
 » #38 Notes Nov 26; Agenda Dec 3; Cal to Dec 13
 » #37 Notes Nov 19; Agenda Nov 26; Cal to Dec 8
 » #36 Agenda Nov 19; Cal to Dec 5
 » #35 Notes Nov 5; Cal to Nov 28
 » #34 Notes Oct 29; Agenda Nov 5; Cal to Nov 20
 » #33 Notes Oct 22; Agenda Oct 29; Cal to Nov 16/18
 » #32 Notes Oct 15; Agenda Oct 22; Cal to Nov 9
 » #31 Agenda Oct 15; Cal to Oct 25
 » #30 Ccl Notes Oct 1; Cal to Oct 18th
 » #29 Notes Sept 24; Agenda Oct 1; Cal to Oct 12
 » #28 Notes Sept 17; Agenda Sept 24; Cal to Sept 30
 » #27 Notes Sept 10; Agenda Sept 17; Cal to Sept 27th
 » #26 Agenda Sept 10; Cal to Sept 21st
 » #25 Notes Jul 23/25; Cal to Aug 31st/Sep 10
 » #24 Notes Jul 16; Agenda Jul 23; Cal to 31st+
 » #23 Notes Jul 9; Agenda Jul 16; Cal to Jul 22nd+
 » #22 Notes Jun 25; Cal to Jul 11th
 » #21 Notes Jun 18; Agenda Jun 25; Cal to Jul 4th
 » #20 Notes Jun 11; Agenda Jun 18; Cal to 28nd
 » #19 Notes Jun 4; Agenda Jun 11; Cal to 22nd
 » #18 Notes May 28; Agenda Jun 4; Cal to June 16
 » #17 Agenda May 28th; Cal to June 7th
 » #16 Notes May 7/9/11/14; Cal to May 31st
 » #15 Notes Apr 23rd; Agenda/Notes Apr 30th; Agenda May 7th
 » #14 Notes Apr 16th; Agenda Apr 23rd; Cal to May 5th
 » #13 Notes Apr 2th; Agenda Apr 16th; Cal to Apr 22nd
 » #12 Notes Mar 26th; Agenda Apr 2nd; Cal to Apr 1st
 » #11 Agenda Mar 26; Cal to Apr 1st
 » #10 Notes Mar 12th; Cal to Mar 29th
 » #9 Notes Mar 5th; Agenda Mar 12; Cal to Mar 24th
 » #8 Notes Feb 26th; Agenda Mar 5; Cal to Mar 17th
 » #7 Notes Feb 19; Agenda Feb 26; Cal to Mar 11th
 » #6 Notes Feb 12th; Agenda Feb 19th; Cal to Feb 28th+
 » #5 Notes Feb 5th; Agenda Feb 12th; Cal to Feb 18t+
 » #4 Notes Jan 22nd; Cal to Feb 8th+
 » #3 Notes Jan 15; Agenda Jan 22; Cal to Jan Feb 2+
 » #2 Notes Jan 8; Agenda Jan 15; Cal to Jan 21
 » #1 Agenda Jan 8; Cal to Jan 14
2006 West Van Matters
 » #38 Notes Dec 18; Cal to Jan 7th
 » #37 Notes Dec 11; Agenda Dec 18; Cal to Dec 3
 » #36 Notes Dec 4; Agenda Dec 11; Cal to Dec 22
 » #35 Notes Nov 27; Public Hearing Dec 4; Cal to Dec 15
 » #34 Notes Nov 20; Agenda Nov 27; Cal to Dec 8
 » #33 Notes Nov 14; Agenda Nov 20; Cal to Nov 30
 » #32 Notes Nov 6; Agenda Nov 14; Cal to Nov 28
 » #31 Notes Oct 30; Agenda Nov 6; Cal to Nov 22
 » #30 Notes Oct 16; Agenda Oct 30; Cal to Nov 1
 » #29 Notes Oct 2; Agenda Oct 16; Cal to Oct 30
 » #28 Notes Sept 25; Summary Oct 2; Cal to Oct 20th
 » #27 Notes Sept 25; Agenda Oct 2; Cal to Oct 1
 » #26 Notes Sept 18; Agenda 25; Cal to Oct 3
 » #25 Notes July 27/Sept 11; Sept 18 Agenda; Cal to Sept 29
 » #24 July 27 Minutes; Sept 11 Agenda; Cal to Sept 12
 » #23 Notes July 24; Agenda July 27; Cal Aug/Sept
 » #22 Notes July 17; Agenda July 24, August Cal
 » #21 Notes July 10; Agenda July 17; Cal July/Aug
 » #21 Notes July 10; Agenda July 17; Cal July/Aug
 » #20 Agenda July 10th; Cal to July 20
 » #19 Notes June 26; Cal to July 15
 » #18 Notes June 19; Agenda June 26; Cal to July 15
 » #17 Notes June 12; Agenda June 19; Cal to June 30
 » #16 Notes June 5; Agenda June 12; Cal to June 25
 » #15 Notes May 29; Agenda June 5; Cal to June 17
 » #14 Agenda May 29; Cal to June 9
 » #13 Notes May 8/15; Cal to May 31
 » #12 Notes May 1; Agenda May 8; Cal to May 18
 » #11 Notes Apr 24; Cal to May 10
 » #10 Agenda Apr 24; Budget; Cal to May 2
 » #9 Notes Apr 10; Budget; Cal to Apr 30
 » #8 Notes Apr 3; Agenda Apr 10; Cal to Apr 23
 » #7 Notes Mar 27; Agenda Apr 3; Cal to Apr 9
 » #6 Notes Mar 20th; Agenda Mar 27th; Cal to Apr 2nd
 » #5 Ccl Mtg Summaries; Agenda Mar 20th; Cal to 25th
 » #4 News Feb 6th/13th; Cal to 19th
 » #3 Notes Jan 16th & 23rd; Cal to Feb 8th+
 » #2 Notes Jan 16th; Agenda 23rd; Cal to Feb 1st
 » #1 NOTES Jan 9th; Agenda 16th; Cal to 20th
2005 West Van Matters
 » #37 NOTES Dec 12th; Calendar to 31st (& peek at January)
 » #36 Ccl Agenda Dec 12; Calendar to 17th
 » #35 Ccl Notes Nov 21st & Dec 5th; Events to 14th
 » #34 Ccl Notes Nov 7th; Agenda Nov 21st; Events to 21st
 » #33 Ccl Agenda Nov 7th; Events to 12th+
 » #32 Oct 24 Ccl Mtg Notes; Events Nov 9th
 » #31 Oct 24 Ccl AGENDA; Events Oct 31th
 » #30 Oct 17 Ccl AGENDA; Events Oct 27th
 » #29 Oct 3rd Ccl Mtg NOTES; Calendar Oct 16th+
 » #28 Sep 26 Notes; Oct 3 Agenda; Events to Oct 11
 » #27 Sep 19 Notes; Sep 26 Agenda; Events to Oct 1
 » #26 Jan 24 Notes & Mtgs/Events to Feb 6
#25 Agenda Sept 12; Events to 18
#24 Calendar to 30th
#23 SMarr; Ev Dr; July 11th Agenda; Calendar July 17th
#22 Ev Dr; July 4th Agenda; Calendar July 10th
#21 Mtg June 20; Agenda 27th; Calendar to July 1st
 » #20 Summaries from May 16; Agenda June 20; Mtg
#19 Bulletin (BREAKING NEWS on Evelyn Drive)
#18 Notes (May 9) & Agenda (May 15)
 » #17 Notes (May 2) & Agenda (May 9)
 » #16 Notes (Apr 18)
 » #15 Notes & Agenda (Apr 18)
 » #14 Agenda (Apr 11)
 » #13 Agenda (Apr 4)
 » #12 Notes (Mar 21)
 » #11 Notes & Agenda (Mar 21)
 » #10 Notes & Agenda (Mar 14)
 » #09 Notes & Agenda (Mar 7)
 » #08 Notes & Agenda (Feb 28)
 » #07 Notes & Agenda (Feb 21)
 » #06 Notes & Agenda (Feb 14)
 » #05 Agenda (Feb 7)
 » #04 Notes (Jan 24)
 » #03 Notes & Agenda (Jan 24)
 » #02 Notes & Agenda (Jan 10)
 » #01 Agenda (Jan 10)
2004 December
 » 13 Dec Report
 » 13 Dec Agenda
 »   6 Dec Report
 »   6 Dec Agenda
2004 November
 » 22 Nov - 4 Dec
 »   1-18 Nov
 » 15-28 Nov

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WV Council Dec 2016

2016 CCL NOTES Sep19Oct3/17/24 Nov7 Bits Nov28/29 AGENDAs Dec 5/12; Cal Dec 15
Sewell's • Evelyn/Onni • TREES • Hollyburn Gdns • Waterfront • By-Election

[PDF Version recommended as it is more readable that this HTML version]


...preparing for Christmas and holidays -- mistletoe anyone?

= MAIN ITEMS Dec 5: 5:30pm start: oath Peter Lambur; Asset Mgmt; 5-Yr Fin Plan; Fees

Dec 12: Cypress Village; Finance Cmte; 872 Sinclair and Agenda: https://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/dec/12/16dec12-Agenda.pdf

Nov 28 was Hollyburn Gardens PH; Nov 29 continued the mtg

= Vive le Canada (Cdn Copy; 5 women); from the Editor's Desk (WVM; Castro); WVPD (Award; Gun Amnesty)

= Updates & Info (Srs' Ctr; Iola Knight)

= CALENDAR to Dec 15 ; CULTUREWATCH (Some info re Theatre; Art; Museums; Music; Festivals)

= HEADSUPs 9A: Weekend / 9B: Trump; Nov 7 ccl mtg bits; Mtgs + 2015 Salaries and Finances / 9C: ACMs, Mtgs 9D: Awards, Housing (tonight) 9E: Today andTomorrow! / 9F: Mtgs, Agenda Nov 28 / 9G: Tonight; Tomorro; /News, etc 9H: HGdns PH 6pm tonight; mtgs / 9I: HGdns PH Closed; Ccl Mtg Adj'd to Tu 6:30 / 9J: Rest of Nov 29 Ccl Mtg! HGdns; MDr Context; etc / 9K: Wed Dec 1 / 9L: Dec 2 - 4 (PS, PPS)

<<< Council Mtg NOTES September 19, October 3, 17, 24, Nov 7 <<<


Congratulations and best wishes to our newest councillor,

PETER LAMBUR, who will be sworn in at the ccl mtg on Dec 5.

=== Vive le CANADA === Cdn Copy; Five Women

+ The Internet Archive is building a Canadian copy to protect itself from Trump

˜The history of libraries is one of loss’ by Adi Robertson@thedextriarchy |  Nov 29, 2016, 1:16pm EST

The Internet Archive, a digital library nonprofit that preserves billions of webpages for the historical record, is building a backup archive in Canada after the election of Donald Trump. Today, it began collecting donations for the Internet Archive of Canada, intended to create a copy of the archive outside the United States.

,,,For us, it means keeping our cultural materials safe, private and perpetually accessible....


+ Shortlist of five women who could appear on banknote released

...The Bank of Canada released the list ahead of an announcement on Dec. 8 when the winner will be chosen.

The short list includes Viola Desmond, who fought racial discrimination in Nova Scotia, Pauline Johnson, a poet who was the daughter of a Mohawk chief and an English woman, and Elsie MacGill, the first woman in Canada to receive a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering.

Also on the list is track and field athlete Bobbie Rosenfeld, who won a silver and gold medal at the 1928 Olympics and went on to become a sports columnist, and Idola Saint-Jean, a feminist and pioneer in the fight for suffrage in Quebec....

The whole article: http://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/bank-of-canada-banknote-shortlist-includes-five-women/ {I know wch one I'd choose -- wch one wd you?}

=== from the EDITOR'S DESK ===

Sunday Dec 4 - finally finished but hope tomorrow House Geek will put in the photos so can do pagination and then email. Throwing this out the door though many gaps -- apologies -- will comment on the by-election and Castro in the next issue.

Can't resist.

Peter Lambur is a great choice now that we're embarking on an overdue OCP review since he's an architect and planner. Many seem to omit the fact that Batista's military dictatorship was corrupt and with the US embargo, Castro was left with little choice but to fall into Russia's welcoming hands. At least education and health care were free. Know what I'd choose -- but yes, much more complex than that.

And now the frenzy of Christmas is upon us!

Dec 5: forecast by CBC's meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe there'll be the first snow in over 1000 days!

=== WVPD === Award and Amnesty

+ Chief Cst Goerke: WV Police are proud to acknowledge a special cmnty honour bestowed on one of our officers.  WVPD Communications Officer Cst Jeff Palmer was presented with the 2016 North Shore Unity in Diversity Award in a ceremony at the Kay Meek Ctr Wednesday night.Since 1999, the West Vancouver Baha’i Community has sponsored the Unity in Diversity Award. Each year, the award is given to individuals or organizations on Vancouver’s North Shore.

The Unity in Diversity Award seeks to honour individuals and organizations that have made a significant contribution to promoting greater understanding, respect, and unity among diverse groups.  Nominations are reviewed by a panel of independent judges, and winners are recognized at the annual award ceremony.

WVPD Communications Officer Constable Jeff Palmer was nominated for his work with the Integrated First Nations Policing Unit and ongoing communications work within North Shore First Nations Communities.

News release + photo: https://wvpd.ca/index.php/breaking-stories/1389-unity-in-diversity-award-wvpd-constable

+ 2016 BC Gun Amnesty - Results

During the month of October a total of 48 guns and approximately 2300 rounds of ammunition was surrendered to WV Police. Surrendered guns included 7 shotguns, 27 rifles, and 14 pistols.


=== UPDATES & INFO ===


o Newsletter: Info on upcoming programs, events, trips, and more. Includes the Nov and Dec menus.

{Absolutely packed with great things -- impressive! No wonder awards!}

Click here to view: http://click.mailsender05.com/web_files/2924/DWV_SSNL-16-6_WEB_v3.pdf


The local waters of Vancouver come alive this holiday season aboard Harbour Cruises Carol Ships ˜Parade of Lights’! The Parade is a flotilla of brightly coloured vessels, lit up on the outside and decked out on the inside in their Christmas best. It is the only time of the year that vessels are allowed to display coloured exterior lighting. This tour includes live Christmas Carollers to lead you in all the Yuletide favourites with song sheets at each table and a traditional dual-entrée holiday buffet featuring slow-roasted turkey and honey glazed ham.

Thu Dec 8 , 5:15 – 10:45 p.m., 21635 , $129

o Even more activities in e-News Dec: http://click.mailsender05.com/web_files/2924/SAC_Dec_16_E_News.pdf

o Garden Side Cafe December Menu: https://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/DWV_SSNL-16-6_Dec-Menu_v1.pdf

+ The latest from Cycling BC + 2017 Calendar


+ WV Streamkeeper Society ... some info from Newsletter #30

- Mike Akerly has stepped down from the Board, and Mike Perley has joined (just three letters different! :-)).

- 24 nets will be installed at Thunderbird Marina and WV Yacht Club; each net can hold up to 1M herring eggs.

- Larson Estuary Enhancement will be the topic at the Visionary open house Th Oct 27 at Gleneagles Clubhouse.

- Visit the viewing platform on Brothers Crk at the Keith Rd crossing, east of Taylor Way, to see chum and coho salmon. Prez John Barker wrote Oct 23 to say chum arrived last week, so right time for viewing

- The American Bullfrog, a 20cm invasive creature, is evident in both Elveden lakes and has moved into the ponds in the Capilano Golf & Country Club. Attempts to eradicate this unwanted animal are proving difficult and containment seems to be the best hope. They're extremely harmful to other aquatic life including insects, other frogs, snakes, ducklings, and fish.

Society's website: http://www.westvancouverstreamkeepers.ca

+ Notable People in West Vancouver-Capilano

The drive and initiative of West Vancouver-Capilano constituents continues to amaze. Read about Paralympic athlete Nathan Clement, urine recycler Dan Mavinic, and French Legion of Honour recipient Harry Greenwood.

=== CALENDAR to Dec 15 ===

Mtgs at MHall unless otherwise indicated. Mtgs known at date of writing shown; often addns, changes, cancellations after WVM sent. Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/events. Some too late/early for an issue are emailed to subscribers. [Headsup/Notices sent between issues.] Earlier mtgs/events in Headsups. {Best efforts}

Pls see the December Calendar: https://westvancouver.ca/calendar?date=2016-12

= Wednesday Dec 7


Presentation begins at 6:30pm. District staff have heard concerns from residents of Marine Dr and Westport Rd and parents of students attending Eagle Hbr School about pedestrian safety in the area. At this mtg, staff from the Engg Dept will provide information on the proposed safety improvements for this location.

~ 7 - 9pm ~ Library Bd Mtg

= Thursday Dec 8 ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte mtg -- CANCELLED

= Saturday Dec 10

~ noon - 4:30pm ~ WORLD CHRISTMAS -- Dundarave's Festival of Lights - Dundarave

Join us for the sound and joyful power of the season, given voice in a world of cultures.  The World Christmas, unique to the Dundarave Festival of Lights, celebrates the richness of Canada's cultural diversity.  From the Francophone roots of our country, to the heat of Mariachi and foot stomping Celtic chords, the World Christmas brings you the season as you may have never seen it before. http://www.dundaravefestival.com/world-christmas-december-10.html

+++ WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ 925 7400 westvanlibrary.ca See the Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/events/calendar/month

+ West Vancouver Memorial Library Board Call for Volunteers

+ Let’s Talk! Develop your English skills while discussing current events.

BEGINNER: Mondays, September 26 – December 12 ~ 10:30am – noon ~

INTERMEDIATE: Tuesdays, September 27 – December 13 ~ 7 – 8:30pm ~

+ English Corner: Fridays ~ 10 - 11:30am ~ Enjoy English conversation while making new friends. Runs to Dec 16.

+ Fall Movie Matinées -- Monday 2 - 4:30pm

The Man Who Knew Infinity

Dec 5: A poor but gifted math prodigy from India gains admittance to Cambridge University during WWI, where he becomes a pioneer in the field of mathematics. Based on a true story.


Dec 12: Colin Firth, Jude Law, and Nicole Kidman star in this stirring literary drama

about renowned book editor Maxwell Perkins and author Thomas Wolfe. 

+ Philosophers' Café – Space Exploration

Have space program commitments in monetary, material and human resources been worthwhile investments? With Moderator Randall MacKinnon. Thursday, December 15, 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m., Welsh Hall

+++ WEST VAN MUSEUM +++ 925 7295 http://westvancouvermuseum.ca

š  Subscribe to news from the Museum by clicking on: http://westvancouver.ca/widgets/subscribe-museum-news%20

A Decade of Collecting Art at the West Vancouver Museum

November 16, 2016 • January 14, 2017

Opening Reception Tuesday, November 15, from 7 to 9pm. Curator’s Talk: Saturday, December 3, from 1pm.

The WV Museum’s permanent art collection was established in 2006 with a donation of work by local artist Jane Billaux, who immigrated to Canada from London in 1934. The donation coincided with the Museum’s successful exhibitions on the important history of modernism in the community and the influence of creative individuals, who chose West Vancouver as a place to live and cultivate their careers.

In the intervening decade the collection has grown in both size and scope and now includes over 300 historical and contemporary works by important Canadian artists, including Emily Carr, Gordon Smith, Douglas Coupland, Ian Wallace, Kim Kennedy Austin, and Babak Golkar, just to name a few. Gordon Smith’s major donation of his personal collection in 2015 added substantially to the Museum’s holdings of Canadian art. This exhibition provides an overview of the breadth of the Museum’s art collection and highlights recent donations.

+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY +++ www.ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290

Great Stuff - holiday exhibition & gift sale November 18 - December 18

art & crafts by 34 artists & artisans More information: http://ferrybuildinggallery.com/exhibitions/great_stuff_2016


Open extended hours: 10am – 6pm Tuesday–Sunday

An exhibition and sale of unique crafts, fine artwork and distinctive gifts at affordable prices, featuring 34 artists & artisans.

More information + pics: http://ferrybuildinggallery.com/exhibitions/great_stuff_2016

+++ SILK PURSE +++ http://silkpurse.ca/exhibitions/ 925 7292

~ November 29 - December 18 ~ Heather MacNeil: Spontaneous Connections

Artist Heather MacNeil shares her vibrant abstract paintings that explore the idea that spontaneous connections in art and life can bring forth greater meaning, joy & opportunities.

Opening reception: Tuesday November 29th, from 6-8pm [Exhibition ends Sunday, December 18, 2016]


http://www.kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar {see for all events} LOTS!

Call 981 6335 (MEEK) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, WV http://westvan60.com Ofc 922 3587 Lounge: 922 1920

Lounge Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday noon – 10pm; Friday & Saturday noon – 11pm; Sunday 1 – 7pm

> Letter to the Editor: Poppies Blossomed in Record Numbers Again this Year

Nov 16 -- The 2016 Legion Poppy Campaign marked another milestone and I want to thank all Canadians for your support towards our campaign. Indeed, more than 21.5 million Poppies were provided through our Legion Branches this year – an increase of almost ½ million from last year’s campaign. We may all take comfort with this growing awareness [¦]

> Congratulations to the following members who were elected at our November General Meeting:

President - Pat Morton

1st Vice President - Tom Dimitroff

2nd Vice President - Doug Brown

Executive elected for 1 year - John Brownlee-Baker and Eric Storm  

(Executive 1 year remaining - Peter Skinner

Executive elected for 2 years -  Harry Greenwood; David Jones, and Tony St.Cyr


Raffle tickets available at the bar -- Draw date Saturday December 17

+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com write: info@westvanchamber.com

Newsletter: http://us11.campaign-archive1.com/?u=f594b5330b059f8e84056a834&id=3cd549bc02&e=486b806cb6

=== CULTUREWATCH === Patchy; lots in Headsup

{NB: The VSun has many events, theatre, talks, book launches, and more -- below are some http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/listings/ }

BARD ON THE BEACH: Fridays watch Christopher's Corner [1min 40sec]

Episode 48 Dec 2 is on Love and Marriage: http://r2.arts-mail.com/3QTJ-DUK-8E65G5CA5/cr.aspx


+ Arts Club 687 1644 artsclub.com

+ Jericho Arts Ctr ~ http://www.jerichoartscentre.com

Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol, comedy by Tom Mula; Theatre Obscura -- December 2 - 18

7:30pm Tues - Sat (1pm matinees 4, 11, 18) -- Tix at brownpapertickets.com or 224-8007x3

ASL show for the Deaf: Dec 14 Live-description matinée for ppl w/ vision loss: Dec 11 (Services by Vocal Eye)

+ Firehall Arts Ctr -- http://firehallartscentre.ca/onstage/miss-shakespeare/

+ Metro Theatre -- metrotheatre.com 266 7191

+ Studio 58 -- Shakespeare'sTroilus & Cressida until Dec 4 studio58.ca

+ Hendry Hall -- http://www.northvanplayers.ca/nowplaying.html 980 3744


+ VANCOUVER ART GALLERY http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/special_events.html

Getting contemporary: Vancouver Special reflects state of the art in Terminal City

Review in VSun Dec 2 of the latest exhibition::



Masoud Soheili, Caroun Art Gallery (CAG) www.Caroun.net www.Caroun.ca www.Caroun.org www.Caroun.com 1403 Bewicke Ave., North Vancouver, V7M 3C7 Tel: 1 778 372 0765 (2 - 8 pm Pacific time)


+ MUSEUM of ANTHROPOLOGY -- Unceded Territories; Sepik River, PNG moa.ubc.ca

+ MUSEUM of VANCOUVER http://www.museumofvancouver.ca

New Director:


+ VANCOUVER MARITIME MUSEUM http://www.vancouvermaritimemuseum.com/exhibits-and-collections

+ Museum nikkei -- http://centre.nikkeiplace.org/chino-otsuka-arrival/

+ Roedde House Museum 684 7040 roeddehouse.org

+ Britannia Mine Museum -- britanniaminemuseum.ca


+ VANCOUVER OPERA: Hansel and Gretel with puppets https://www.vancouveropera.ca/Hansel-and-Gretel

Tix 683 0222 ~ Nov 24, 26, 29, Dec 1, 3, 8, 10 @ 7:30pm; Nov 27 | Dec 11 @ 2pm Nov 30, Dec 7 @ 12:30pm

For VO’s new production, in an abridged version to appeal to younger audiences, the master artisans of Old Trout Puppet workshop have created an enchanting fairy-tale world of visual surprises. VO commissioned a charming new reduced orchestration to suit the intimate Vancouver Playhouse.

+ VSO -- http://www.vancouversymphony.ca 876 3434

A Traditional Christmas with Christopher Gaze will be at the KMC Dec 17 at 4pm and 7:30pm

+ EARLY MUSIC VANCOUVER 732 1610 http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/events/

FESTIVE CANTATAS – J.S. BACH MAGNIFICAT Sunday Dec 18 | 3pm (Pre-concert talk 2:15pm)

Chan Shun Concert Hall at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

Alexander Weimann leads five internationally renowned soloists, a full baroque orchestra, three trumpets, + timpani in a performance of the original version of J S Bach’s Magnificat. Written for Christmas Vespers in 1723, this version includes four rarely heard and delightful inserts that illuminate the Nativity story.


Placemakers: Emperors Kings Entrepreneurs, A Brief History of Real Development

Placemakers is a panoramic history of the world as seen through the lens of real estate development. You'll discover what's motivated real estate developers throughout the ages, aside from money and ego. Placemakers is available at major booksellers, including Indigo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores.

Author Meet & Greet: Join Herb Auerbach, Ira Nadel, and interviewer Gordon Price for an engaging discussion about the book.

December 5 MONDAY 7 - 8:30pm -- Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch -- Admission is free.

More information: https://vpl.bibliocommons.com/events/580e2feb18b5f501001d6231

* FESTIVALS (on this month)

VanDusen Festival of Lights: 1M lights, treats, Scandinavian gnomes, carousel, etc vancouver.ca/VanDusenFOL

Gulf of Georgia Cannery: Festival of Trees: gulfofgeorgiacannery.org

☆☆ Carol Ships Parade of Lights, more than 50 decorated ships; carolships.org

>>> 2016 HEADSUP Section: 9A <<<

{QTP, pix, cartoons in these sections usu moved to end of the newsletter}

=== HEADSUP 9A: Weekend

Fall’s in full swing and so much going on.

A couple of sad notes first, however. The passing of the impressive

Dr Douglas Coupland [B.Sc., D.D.S., M.D.C.M. C.C.F.P., F.C.F.P., and R.C.A.F. Squadron Leader],

father of our famous Generation X author. And then Royal Canadian Air Farce comedian, Dave Broadfoot, born in NV.

Advance Voting in the by-election at the MHall Saturday.

Take a look at Thursday’s VSun, pB12 for ballet, opera, theatre, and much more. (Cdn’t find a link.)

Spring forward, fall back — so, end of Daylight Savings time Saturday night — put your clocks back an hour for Sunday.


~ 9am ~ LPPS Dale Park Restoration Planting ~ Saturday CANCELLED

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that we completed our restoration planting at the Dale Park ahead of schedule! The hard-working volunteers who came out last Saturday planted the last 70+ plants and spread bark mulch throughout the newly planted areas. It looks absolutely lovely now, with so many healthy native plants and a thick layer of bark mulch throughout.

Therefore, the last event of this fall season, originally scheduled for this Saturday November 5th, is hereby CANCELLED!

This is indeed a significant milestone for our work in this park. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped us remove huge amounts of invasive plants and restore with new native plants over the past two very busy years! We did it with your help!

Our next volunteer events will be in the new year and they will be posted on our website and in our newsletter in January. Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy holiday season.

Warmest regards,

Alexandra Mancini, President, Lighthouse Park Preservation Society http://www.lpps.ca/events

~ 10am - 6pm ~ 3rd Annual Vancouver Tea Festival

Learn about the best teas; includes presentations, workshops, tea-tastings, tea-leaf readings, and more at the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden vancouverteafestival.ca

~ 10:30am ~ Traditional Storytelling from the Squamish Nation

We are living on the ancestral land of the Coast Salish peoples who have rich oral traditions that go back thousands of years. Lakiya (James Jacobs) will share stories and songs from the Squamish Nation, through which we can learn about their culture and gain a new perspective on the Pacific Northwest.


For more info, visit or call the Information Desk at 925.7403.

- See more at: https://westvanlibrary.ca/events/traditional-storytelling-squamish-nation#sthash.RDk2dFfw.dpuf


~ 8pm ~ The Mystery of Irma Vep: A Penny Dreadful

Frenetic vampire comedy at Hendry Hall 983 2633 northvanplayers.ca ends Saturday Nov 5


~ 10am - 4pm ~ CRAFT MARKET

West Vancouver Community Centre (2121 Marine Drive)

West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre (695 21st Street) Two days this year!

Saturday & Sunday, November 5 & 6, 10am - 4pm

The Craft Market is a one-stop-shop opportunity to find hand-made items for everyone on your list. Everything from jams and jelly, fabric arts, jewellery, soaps, lotions, make up, cards, pottery, handbags and accessories, candles, hats, crocheted items, children's clothing, photography and paintings, and wool socks. Free admission for shoppers!

Visit our Youth Craft Market for hand made items and baked goods, and the Seniors' Centre Craft Market* including their special Christmas cakes and pies! There will be an ATM machine on site for your convenience!

(*Seniors' Centre Craft Market may only be one of the two dates)

Please contact the Craft Market Coordinator with any questions:

Email marketevents@westvancouver.ca

SUNDAY ~ 2pm ~

Our Legion --->


Today’s has Bard on the Beach’s Christopher telling us about his visit to London — now back in Vancouver [1min42secs]

Published on Nov 4, 2016

Even though Shakespeare left us 400 years ago, his plays and characters are still amazingly fresh and up-to-the minute. Each week, for 52 weeks, Artistic Director Christopher Gaze will bring you a story and reading, highlighting the timeless quality of Shakespeare's works and featuring surprise guests along the way. Tune in every Friday for the latest video!


=== HEADSUP 9B: Trump; Nov 7 ccl mtg bits; Mtgs, ...

Unbelievable results. Again pollsters were wrong. Tidbit: they can’t access cell phones in the US but can in Canada.

Can’t help wondering if the polls wd not hv bn more accurate had some voters not wanted to admit they favoured Trump.

And apparently Hillary got more votes than Trump, but it depends on the Electoral College and Trump won that, therefore Prez. My poli sci prof (studied at Harvard) at Carleton, Dr. Pauline Jewett (later Prez of SFU), explained its beginning, but it has changed a bit since (and states allocate differently).

The course was on the three systems of govt: UK, US, and Canada. {FWIW, I like ours with a bit more tweaking:-)

Much analysis in the coming days!


btw, the NSN said it wd correct the report that I said no closed council sessions; of course Ccl and cmtes are allowed to have them according to the Cmnty Charter passing a resolution wrt an allowed subject. WGs are not bound by the Cmnty Charter and therefore in camera not allowed.

DWV salaries for 2015 were supposed to go in the last WVM and now will be in the next (WVM10), however I’ll send the whole info and link separately soon, and then WVM10 will only have some of the info, not all. For example, might just be over $90K-100K rather than all above $75K; and will not include Fire or Police.

You’re a subscriber so you get more info — and sooner!


what happened at the ccl mtg Nov 7?

– COUNCIL MTG BITS November 7th

= Closed mtg (DWV red, not mine) started at 4:30 about:

(c) labour relations or other employee relations; and

(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality.

Purpose of meeting: legal and labour relations matters.

= Mayor announced

o DWV received an award as the Most Fiscally Responsible Municipality by the Commercial Real Estate Development Assn (NAIOP). DWV has managed to keep an annual average inflation rate of 1.49% for devt fees over the past 16 years.

o DWV rec'd the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the current budget from the Govt Finance Officers Assn(GFOA)

o Agenda: Withdrawn — Oct 24 ccl minutes; tree permit applicn;

Added — Addn to Item 3 Oct 17; Report re CEC*; Ccl mtg (Nov 16); Addn to Corresp

* {A bit puzzling; am querying this. On the agenda it has info to be provided and as you see the agenda was amended to add the report, however there was no mention of it afterward, so I initially thought maybe it had been withdrawn. Does our process allow a report that has not been seen by the public to be passed with no indication of what it says? Will let you know when I get an answer/explanation. It’s wrt Terms of Reference so it wd seem to be rather important.}**

** UPDATE: v much appreciated a reply/explanation:

" Council added the report to the Nov 7 agenda in the Approval of Agenda motion. We received the report on Monday afternoon and it was distributed to Council on-table; a copy was also placed in the agenda information binder. On Tuesday morning Nov 8 the report was posted to the November 7 agenda on the District’s website.

A link follows: https://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/nov/07/16nov07-Agenda2.pdf "

{My reaction:

Nothing was said other than an amendment to the ToRef, and what the amendment was was not mentioned during the mtg so we had no idea what it was about. I have never seen anyone looking at the agenda information binder on the desk with stand where agendas are — am sure someone has but certainly not regularly done. Ppl do take agendas.

Since the Consent Agenda is received, with nothing said no one has any idea.

As you see, the report was not posted until the next day. Cdn’t find it on the CEC webpage.

I looked at the link given and as far as I can tell, for some (justifiable) reasons, it was just extending the end of mbrs’ time on the CEC, from the end of December to the end of March. No big deal. Since I was asked about the CEC, I was flummoxed that I had no idea.

Hope to have discussion wrt the process for on-table items for the public to find out what’s actually being approved.}

o Always moving Presentation from our Legion re Veterans’ Week and Remembrance Day.

video: http://westvancouverbc.swagit.com/play/11072016-1313 Item 4; it’s 13min with slides worth watching!

o TUP for parking at PkR approved

= Blueprint for Social Responsibility and Change: a three-year plan to come to Ccl in 2017

Changes to the Blueprint for Social Responsibility and Change – Framework for a Social Action Plan for WV

Bit of shuffle at beginning b/c the Mayor didn’t have the sheet with sign-ups and two ppl stood to speak.

Yours Truly spoke first and suggested that an agenda be on the table with the sign-up sheet so citizens cd easily tell what number they’re signing up for. The mayor graciously replied, “I’m sure that suggestion will be acted upon immediately. To wch I replied, “Fantastic.

I (CR) went on to explain that when the Grants Cmte was first established, decades ago, it was intended for grants,

IOW money for a special project or activity for the organization. It was not for operating expenses for any group since

that wd become an annual commitment — Ccl wd be in the awkward position of possibly affecting whether or not the

group wd continue (or how). Of course it is up to Ccl how they want to go forward, but they might wish to separate the

responsibilities and have two cmtes.

Andy K then spoke referring to the mtg and decisions the cmte made in 2008 setting up long term criteria, and

congratulated it on how far it’s come and how well it has done.

o Ccl Mtg Schedule amended to add a special mtg (ie closed) Nov 16 at 5:30pm

o Illegal tree-cutting on the blvd was discussed, even hired a company without a biz licence; penalties; need more education of public.

o Evergreen Squash Club area: staff dealing with

o Opening of Maison, fantastic amenities, state-of-the-art, available for rent

o Creek walk: variations; some residents overstep boundaries; foreshore; Nature House; saw Streamkeepers’ protection work done

o Zero-Waste Conference: speakers on large screens; get rid of plastic — can throw chiton coffee cups into the sea!

Cdn pre-consumer waste (seven cans of garbage to make one of produce)

o Utilities Cmte: sewage treatment construction to start in 2017, financing/funding not yet finalized

o ACMs: three cclrs went to see the “baker’s dozen at the ADRA ACM Nov 2nd. The announcement that the next one

wd be Nov 15th*** caught my attention. Three more ACMs.

o PQP: A Brit Prop resident made a good case for review of Hadden, re roundabout. Dir/Engg will address the concerns.

***Oops. Since the next ACM is not on the 15th, it’s on the 14th, your editor felt compelled to set the record straight. The next is at the Library, Nov 14th. Was asked to read out the rest.

o Mtg ended about 7:30!


btw, the Civic Awards ceremony/presentations are Tuesday, November 15th — see you there!}

o re ACMs, DWV Website has:


November 14 at West Vancouver Memorial Library

November 16 at the Seniors' Activity Centre November 16 at Kay Meek


~ Nov 8 ~ 4:30 - 6pm ~ RESERVES AND INVESTMENTS TASK GROUP MEETING ~ Municipal Hall

~ Nov 9

~ 10 - Noon ~ PUBLIC ART ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING ~ 10am to noon Music Box, 1564 Argyle Ave

~ 5 - 7pm ~ DEVT APPLICN INFO MTG: HOLLYBURN GARDENS (195 21ST ST) ~ Seniors’ Activity Ctr, Marine Room

The applicant of the devt applicn will be at this info mtg to answer questions about the proposal.

Info: https://westvancouver.ca/home-building-property/planning/major-applications/hollyburn-gardens-195-21st-street

~ Nov 10


AGENDA: https://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/Committees-Groups/Committees/Community-Engagement/2016/2016%2011%2010%20CEC%20VOLUNTEER%20RESOURCE%20POOL%20SUBCOMMITTEE%20MEETING%20AGENDA.pdf

~ Nov 11


Memorial Arch in Memorial Park -- Marine Drive between 19th Street and 20th Street

The Royal Canadian Legion – West Vancouver Branch #60 holds the sacred trust of ensuring the tradition of Remembrance is observed by Canadians every year at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month. This service is for the public to gather and honour our veterans and those currently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. All members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The Library will open its doors for a reception following the 10:45 a.m. ceremony. On display will be our Youth Dept's Research to Remember, a project on our community's fallen soldiers from the First and Second World Wars.

{then everyone is invited back to the Legion; JP Fell (bagpipers and drummers) will be visiting!}

– INFObits

Opera Singer Bernard Turgeon Dies at 85

In addition to a studded career as a performer, Turgeon was a teacher and administrator at many Canadian universities, including the University of Victoria.

Read more¦ http://www.allianceforarts.com/blog/2016/11/4/opera-singer-bernard-turgeon-dies-at-85

John Wardlow and Joy Coghill to Be Honoured at 5th Annual UBCP/ACTRA Awards Gala

Presentation with lifetime achievement awards at the UBCP/ACTRA gala on November 12 at the Vancouver Playhouse.

Read more... http://www.allianceforarts.com/blog/2016/11/4/john-wardlow-and-joy-coghill-to-be-honoured-at-5th-annual-ubcpactra-awards-gala


My maiku re Remembrance Day, written 2016 November 6

moment of silence

thanks, for sacrifice.

Our turn: build better future

Ottawa Remembrance Day celebrations go high tech with 'virtual poppy drop' The "virtual poppy drop" digital light show features 117,000 poppies projected onto the Centre Block of Parliament. --->

– DWV SALARIES/FINANCES 2015 [NB: This was sent to subscribers]

As a subscriber, as I said, you’d get the whole report



We are Council’s and staff’s customers; grateful for their advice and help carrying out our wishes.

Difficult job(s).

It’s in three parts below: 1 Ccl; 2 Employees; then 3 Suppliers

Fire and Police may be omitted in WVM 10; also employees probably only above $90K will be included.

Sop once again only one not to claim any expenses.

Absolutely evident that Council is grossly underpaid — esp given time and responsibility.

Staff — some overpaid (surveys have shown), some underpaid.

Think a typo in Michael Koke’s name (former Dir/Finance).  There’s no Koke in the list, but there is a ˜Kake’, and in the alphabetical order where Koke wd be.

There are spaces in ppl’s names but that might be a result of copy-and-pasting — computers play games behind our backs.

May not put Suppliers in but I read the list and some am curious about (so bolded them):

what is dewatering?

Vernon Pahl’s law firm is listed (Guild Yule LLP) and noted “in trust

some familiar and some unusual names/companies, and amounts.

Clearly some rightfully supported, but good to know we do (and whom).

Have fun figuring all this out!

=== HEADSUP 9C: ACMs; Mtgs

v quickly¦.. overview of next few (busy!) days¦. watch out for Wednesday! You’ll see why I’ve recommended there be some coordination/consultation to try to avoid overlapping mtgs. When I was on Ccl there were none wrt M mtgs so mbrs of Ccl wd be able (and have the right!) to attend all mtgs — shd be for residents as well.

Reminder: if you want to volunteer on a cmte/grp, Monday 4:30 is the deadline.

See https://westvancouver.ca/news/volunteers-wanted-0 for details.


1. NSCRS ACM (Mon Nov 14th)

The ACM put on by the North Shore Community Resources Society is Monday Nov 14th at the Library.

Have written for clarification b/c was told it starts at 7pm (received this):

"Monday, November 14, 2016 from 7 to 8:45 pm at the West Vancouver Memorial Library."

Yet the Municipal and Library websites say it starts at 6pm.

See: http://election.westvancouver.ca/candidate-information and https://westvanlibrary.ca/events/all-candidates-meeting *

Presume will not get an answer until offices open on Monday morning.

* further info — this states:

Sponsored by NSh Cmnty Resource Democracy Café, the WV Memorial Library, and WV Youth Advisory Committee.

2. WV AWARDS (Tues Nov 15th)


The annual Community Awards ceremony honours dedicated community members in the following five categories: arts; civic commitment; environment; heritage; health, wellness, & activity

More info, visit Awards Cmte webpage: https://westvancouver.ca/be-involved/committees-groups/committees/awards-committee

Although hard-working, meeting every month, the latest mtg minutes are Aug 11 (but all the agendas are there fyi).

3. ACMs/Mtgs (Wed Nov 16th)


~ 1:30 to 3pm — The Seniors’ Activity Centre Advisory Board is holding this meeting in the Activity Room


~ 5 to 8pm — Har El [Congregation] (North Shore Jewish Community Centre) located at 1305 Taylor Way

As part of the Council-directed consultations on the application for rezoning for Lot 6 of the Evelyn by Onni development, a Public Meeting will be held about the proposal on Wednesday, November 16, 2016.

The format of the meeting will be: Open House: 5 – 6pm;Presentations followed by Q&A: 6 – 8pm.

Notice of Meeting - Public Consultation Meeting, Nov. 16


~ 5:30pm Welsh Hall, WV Memorial Library Info: https://www.westvanlibrary.ca/about-us/wvml-library-board


~ 7pm ~ Kay Meek Centre -- The WV Chamber of Commerce is holding an All Candidates Meeting. Meetings organized by community organizations give you a chance to meet the candidates.

Supported by: Ambleside Dundarave Business Improvement Association, Caulfeild Business Association, Horseshoe Bay Business Association, and Park Royal Shopping Centre

– WV HISTORICAL SOCIETY MTG ~ 7pm ~ at the Srs’ Ctr

Ralph Drew, Mayor of the Village of Belcarra, local historian and author, will speak on

the History of Indian Arm and the supply boats that served the Arm’s residents.

4. DRC Mtg (Thurs Nov 17th) -- CANCELLED - DESIGN REVIEW CMTE MTG -- 4:30pm ~~~ Council Chamber

=== HEADSUP 9D: Awards; Housing (tonight!)

Important news first. Today declared that the whisky jack (also known as the gray {grey!} jay or the Canada jay) is being recommended as Canada’s national bird!

COMMUNITY AWARDS on Tues — with much appreciations and gratitude:

Arts and Culture: FBG volunteers

Community Commitment: Mary Bayes

Michael Markwick

Joan Townsend

WV BC SPCA Cmnty volunteers

Environment: David Cook

Heritage: Bas Collins

Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project volunteers

Health, Wellness, & Activity: Hershel & Marguerite Hardin


Speakers Confirmed for Free Community Forum on Thursday, November 17: Is Affordable Housing Possible?

The WV Community Centres Society (WVCCS) is extremely pleased to confirm the expert panel who will present at our upcoming Forum for Dialogue and Learning, titled Is Affordable Housing Possible?, taking place on Thurs, Nov 17.

The Forum panel will feature Tom Davidoff (Director for the Ctr for Urban Economics and Real Estate, UBC), Geoff Croll (President, British Pacific Properties), and Elisa Campbell (Director, Regional Planning and Electoral Area Services, MetroV). These accomplished leading experts will discuss a topic that impacts virtually everyone on the North Shore: how communities can best establish and maintain affordable housing in order to successfully grow and thrive into the future. Jas Johal, a veteran journalist, will once again moderate the panel discussion and audience participation. Full details are available here. http://www.wvcommunitycentressociety.ca/news/forum-dialogue-and-learning-1

The Forum takes place from 7 - 9pm (doors open at 6pm) at the Kay Meek Centre - please note the new location, in order to enhance our seating capacity. The event is free to the community, but as space is limited we ask you to please register online as soon as possible.

The WVCCS would like to acknowledge the generous support of our event sponsors British Pacific Properties and the North Shore News, whose participation enables the WVCCS to continue to offer this program free of charge.

=== HEADSUP 9E: Today & Tomorrow!

Something at 4pm and 5:45pm today; something at 8am tomorrow :-)


Nov 18 - 4 to 8pm at Ferry Building Gallery

Great Stuff is an annual exhibition and sale of unique crafts, fine artwork, and distinctive gifts at affordable prices featuring 34 artists & artisans. Exhibition runs from November 18 - December 18.

Sneak Preview Evening: Friday November 18 from 4 - 8pm

☆☆ See: http://ow.ly/2kjE306vzUq

Remember, We Kick Off The Holidays This Friday & Saturday!



BY-ELECTION — VOTE 8am - 8pm

a dozen!


you can only choose one!


– David AYRISS + Ph 604-809-4620 + david@davidayriss.ca

– Farzaneh BAMANI + Ph 604-340-9995 + farzaneh.bm@gmail.com

– Joanna BAXTER + Ph 604-671-1707 + jbaxterwv@gmail.com

– Tom DODD + Ph 604-377-5999 + tom@tomdodd.ca

– Tara HADDAD + Ph 604-805-6467 + tara@tarahaddad.ca

– Rosa JAFARI + Ph 604-209-5720 + rojafari@gmail.com

– Jon JOHNSON + Ph 604-984-4563 & 604-925-6652 + jonj@clairmont.com

– David A. JONES + Ph 604-767-6847 & 604-281-2450 + jones@jonescustomframing.com

– Andy KRAWCZYK + Ph 604-802-1446 + ajkrawczyk1@gmail.com

– Peter LAMBUR + Ph 604-644-1769 + peter.lambur@gmail.com

– Vernon PAHL + Ph 604-913-2309 & 778-999-7307 + vpahl@guildyule.com

– Carolanne REYNOLDS + 604-922-4400 + cr@carolanne.ca


choose carefully!


From: Carolanne Reynolds <editorwvm@westvan.org>

Subject: By-Election Results! Date: November 19, 2016 at 9:49:22 PM PST

To: editorwvm <editorwvm@westvan.org>

Hot off the presses! Nearly all in and will be confirmed later but here it is at the moment.

Congratulations to Peter Lambur!

The order: 1 Peter LAMBUR


3 David AYRISS

4 Joanna BAXTER

5 Tom DODD


7 Carolanne REYNOLDS

8 David A. JONES

9 Vernon PAHL

10 Farzaneh BAMANI

11 Rosa JAFARI

12 Jon JOHNSON http://election.westvancouver.ca/news/unofficial-results

=== HEADSUP 9F: Mtgs; Agenda Nov 28; ...

Congratulations again to Peter Lambur. The swearing-in will be Dec 5th.

Herewith: Mtgs/Events Tu/Wed/Th/Fri; Ccl Agenda Nov 28; QTP / The eagle has landed



Nov 22 — 4:30 to 7pm in the Main Floor Conference Room, Municipal Hall

AGENDA: REPORTS ¢ Key Performance Indicators Task Group Final Report

¢ Reserves and Investments Task Group Final Report

¢ 2016 Third Quarter Financial Report

¢ Proposed Utilities Bylaws

¢ Proposed Asset Management Policy and Asset Management Update

PRESENTATION Proposed 2017 – 2021 [Five-Year] Financial Plan – Context Report (PPT)


Nov 22 - 5:30 to 8:30pm Location: Caulfeild Elementary, 4685 Keith Road, WV

Please join us at an upcoming information open house introducing Canada Lands Company and the MST Partnership (Musqueam Indian Band, Squamish Nation, and Tsleil-Waututh Nation) as we plan for the future of this [5-acre] parcel at 4195 Marine Drive



Nov 23 — 5 to 7pm — Seniors’ Activity Centre --- Hollyburn Properties is hosting

an information meeting about their proposed 41-unit rental housing infill project at 195 - 21st Street.

More info: https://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/home-building-property/docs/Planning/hollyburn-gardens/Hollyburn%20Gardens%20BOOKLET%20Design%20Review-web.pdf



Nov 24 - 4:30pm — Council Chamber, Municipal Hall -- on the AGENDA: 5. Applications for Consideration


4:40 to 5 p.m. presentation; 5 to 5:40 p.m. deliberation and recommendation 2530

2530 Marine Drive – 2nd appearance (File 16-056)

¢ New Duplex Development

¢ Development Permit DP16-056


Nov 25 - 6 to 8pm — Horseshoe Bay Park Carolling at the bonfire

Come down to the beach and enjoy the annual tradition of Christmas carolling around the bonfire while sipping hot chocolate and having holiday treats.


Get into the holiday season and enjoy a festive evening of carolling at the beach in Horseshoe Bay.

Check our website closer to December for dates as this event is tide-dependent.


PUBLIC HEARING 195 21st Street (Hollyburn Gardens Rental Infill)

WHOLE AGENDA: https://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/nov/28/16nov28-Agenda-copy2.pdf


= DELEGATION: North Shore Restorative Justice Society, Annual Report and Prog Update


- Marine Drive Context Study: Engagement Findings and Response (Ccl to consider revised guidelines Dec 5)

- Approval to Borrow ~$5.7M from MFA for the Police and M Hall Project

- Proposed Sport and Active Recreation Policy

- Invasive Plants Strategy Update

- Park Dedication (two lots in Ambleside Park)

- Fees and Charges Bylaw Amendment


If Hollyburn Gardens Rental Infill PH closed, will go to second reading.

= CONSENT AGENDA - 3rd Qtr Financial Report

- Cluster Housing at 2821 Chippendale Rd proposed to be considered in Jan

= CORRESPONDENCE from Oct 28 to Nov 17; many interesting letters!

See: https://westvancouver.ca/government/mayor-council/write-mayor-council/2016-correspondence-mayor-and-council

=== HEADSUP 9G: Tonight, Tomorrow, News,...

Dundarave Festival starts tomorrow in Dundarave Park — decorate a tree!

The Ultimate Canadian Christmas leaves no one out in the cold

The Dundarave Festival's 2016 season launches at Noon this Saturday

At Dusk, Mayor Michael Smith will lead the lighting of the Forest of Miracles at Dusk.

More info and details: http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/

> but TONIGHT!


Friday November 25, 2016 | 7:30pm (Pre-concert talk 6:45pm)

in collaboration with Alliance Française at Christ Church Cathedral


THIS FRIDAY, November 25, 2016

7:30 PM (pre-concert talk at 6:45) at Christ Church Cathedral

Sponsored by the Consulat général de France à Vancouver

A collaboration with Alliance Française


More info:  http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/events/toque-of-the-town-a-theatrical-celebration-of-french-gastronomy/



300 products; Grand Tasting Hall at PNE Forum: hopscotchfestival.com/vancoouver

> More on SATURDAY


Conversations with indie authors featuring Karen Dodd, Patrick Hill, and Stewart Mckenzie, as they describe their experiences, challenges, and successes in the self-publishing world.

Saturday November 26 at 10:15am Welsh Hall, WV Memorial Library


North Shore Artists’ Guild Annual Fine Art Sale — Pipe Shop at the Shipyards, NV

604 603 7886   nsartists.ca


Tom Wayman at Congregation Har El, North Shore Jewish Community Centre  (1305 Taylor Way) as part of the Jewish Book Festival  (Nov. 27 – Dec. 1). Admission by donation.

-- See more at: http://www.nsnews.com/entertainment/books/tom-wayman-fleshes-out-fiction-in-real-time-1.3198413

{btw, It says the title of his book is “The Shadows We Mistake for Love and

that Tom Wayman will speak on Sunday but doesn’t say when!}

> NEWS, etc

Ferry Building Gallery Friends Society Announces $30,000 Gift to Artists for Kids

November 18, 2016  West Vancouver’s Ferry Building Gallery Friends Society has announced a $30,000 gift to Artists for Kids (AfK) for a two-year program entitled ˜Mentoring Emerging Young Artists’ aimed at students from nine North Shore Secondary Schools. Over two years, this funding will provide artist-led instruction to more than 140 students. 


BARD ON THE BEACH —  http://r2.arts-mail.com/3QTJ-DJ9-8E65G5CA5/cr.aspx





in the huge empty lot beside the Cambie Street Bridge

~~~~~~~~~~~ and more!

running out of time!

have a great weekend!

a punny ending though¦.... at the end...............

=== HEADSUP 9H: Hollyburn Gardens PH 6pm tonight; mtgs

more WVM delay so sending you a Headsup tor tonight, next ccl mtg, plus Castro

At Oct 24 ccl mtg

opposition expressed; video of Oct 24 mtg, Item 6 http://westvancouverbc.swagit.com/play/10242016-1347 61 minutes!

[mtg’s minutes not adopted yet]

> Next Ccl Mtg Dec 5




5. Proposed Asset Management Policy and Asset Management Update (File: 0865-05) 

RECOMMENDATION: THAT as described in the report dated November 8, 2016 regarding asset management: 

1. the proposed “Capital Asset Management Policy 02-30-367, 2016, be approved;

2. options for identified “low use, poor condition assets be provided to Council for consideration;

3. a framework for evaluation of new community assets be developed; and 

4. options to increase current asset levy be provided to Ccl for considern as part of the 2017–21 Financial Plan process

6. 2017-2021 Five-Year Financial Plan - Context (File: 0865-02) 

PowerPoint presentation to be provided. Information to be provided. 

7. Community Grants Recommendations: Community Services and Social Services Grants (File: 0116-20/CGC1) 

RECOMMENDATION: THAT the Cmnty Grants Cmte’s recomms for addl Cmity Services and Social Services grant allocations for 2016 (one year) be approved as follows: 

Avalon Recovery Society (Specialized Support Services) $ 500 

Sharing Abundance Association (Community Support Services) 600 

North Shore Women’s Centre (Specialized Support Services) 1,500 

North Shore Crisis Services Society (Family Support Services) 1,500  Total $ 4,100


> OPEN HOUSE PEDESTRIAN NETWORK STUDY -- Nov 29, 2016 -  10 to 11:30am

The District began a Pedestrian Network Study in 2015 by asking residents to let us know about their experience with walking conditions in WV. The information collected helped staff identify our community's walking network and determine where improvements are needed. We want to share this with residents and find out if we got it right. Join us at an open house to review the draft plan and give us your thoughts. If you can’t make one of the open houses, you can review the draft plan online [ https://westvancouver.ca/transportation-roads/major-projects/pedestrian-network-study ] and provide your feedback. Two open houses in the Cmnty Ctr atrium: Tues Nov 29  10 - 11:30am Thurs Dec 1   4:30 - 6:30pm


Nov 29, 2016 -  5 to 6:30pm in the Main Floor Conference Room

AGENDA: https://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/Committees-Groups/Committees/Community-Engagement/2016/2016%2011%2029%20COMMUNITY%20ENGAGEMENT%20COMMITTEE%20MEETING%20AGENDA.pdf

just in — irresistible [cartoon]

=== HEADSUP 9I: Hollyburn Gdns PH Closed; Ccl Mtg Adjourned to Tues 6:30

Oh my! Hollyburn Gardens Rental Infill PH lasted until 10:43pm (from 6:03!), when it was closed.  Sop was the only one who voted against closing the PH. They then adopted the minutes on the agenda and moved to continue the mtg at 6:30 Tuesday.   

What a lot of information — and some of it contradictory.  Someone said can’t find rental accommodation — then someone else put up a notice showing 297 available!  (Cdn’t help wondering if AirBnB.) Do hope some fact-checking done so that when they make their decision tomorrow night it will be based on facts, not hearsay or emotions.  My comment was that it will need six Solomons!

One person said heard four or five such devts planned nearby.  When asked, the Dir of Planning said he knew of no applications.  Cass perceptively observed that they might be waiting to see the result of this vote.  Later, however, he said the OCP discussion for that area wd be in the spring (implication zoning of that area then).


Hollyburn Gardens Rental Infill (195 21st St) is on the agenda tomorrow (Tues), to be decided/voted on.

Also the Marine Drive Context Study is on the Agenda.

5. Marine Drive Context Study: Engagement Findings and Response (File: 2517-06) Appendices A, B, C, D, E 


1. The revised Marine Drive Context Study and Guidelines, Summary of Engagement Process and Findings, and Full Transcript of Public Comments (attached as Appendices A, B, and C respectively to the report dated Nov 9, 2016) be rec'd for info; and 

2. Council consideration of the revised Marine Drive Context Study and Guidelines be given at the Dec 5 Ccl mtg. 

The whole agenda: https://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/nov/28/16nov28-Agenda-copy2.pdf

PUNs  and  politics {to end}

=== HEADSUP 9J: : Rest of the Nov 29 Ccl Mtg! HGdns; MDr Context; etc

Started out as Hollyburn Gardens 2.0

Actually, the beginning of the mtg was dramatic.

Booth moved second reading.  Mayor asked for a seconder.  Nothing.  Not a peep.  Asked for a seconder again.  Still nothing (!).  So the Mayor said he’d second it to start the discussion.


Then everyone took turns saying what they thought; rather convoluted and complicated¦¦

Seen as: Nbrhd vs Cmnty

Plot killer: 

It took until almost 8pm but all the Hollyburn Gardens Rental Infill motions passed with only Sop opposed (and to them all).

Then the mtg embarked on the Marine Drive Context Study — even more complex than Hollyburn Gardens!

The ever-present dilemma of whether nbrhd or cmnty first.  Some interesting, thoughtful, and critical input from residents.  Till almost 10pm when decided to have staff clarify some points and bring back in January, so then had to extend the mtg.  Again!

Think a record wrt ccl mtgs — two in succession, the first almost five hours followed by one of about four hours.

No doubt cclrs underpaid, as I’ve said before.

Sop asked about borrowing (30-yr term) from the MFA when the Endowment Fund is $10M above the threshold. Interest to pay the loan.

Pity staff had to wait till almost 10pm to tell us about the proposed sport and active recreation policy — even Ccl said it was v good! [to about 10:23]

THEN (to 10:25) 

= Informative and even interesting Invasive Plants Strategy Update

= Two lots dedicated to Ambleside Park

= Third Qtr Financial Report

= Proposed Devt Permit for cluster housing at 2821 Chippendale to be considered at the first mtg in 2017


Mayor was going to give a full report on TransLink but since so late will do so at next Monday’s mtg


Felt I had to say thanks for putting the agenda next to the sign-up sheet inside the chamber as I’d suggested at the last mtg when a couple of ppl hadn’t — facilitates filling in the item number.  I also mentioned that the traffic approaching the LGB is much less now than 30 years ago (will put the Mayor’s response in next issue).

Two Qs

Also b/c of the uncertainty over the approval of the Context and OCP as approved, wanted the public to hear about bylaws, asked No 1, then about “openness all pledged, No. 2.

1. Are bylaws to be followed (and enforced) or are they guidelines?

(as a resident was told by a mbr of DWV staff)

2. Can Devt Permits be seen or does it require an FOI request?**

(as a resident was told by a mbr of DWV staff, after being refused request to see it)

It was referred to Mr Chan re enforcement.  I did not pursue that b/c late, but re No 2, thanked Ms Scholes, MClerk, b/c was told she told the resident an FOI was not required.

ADJOURNMENT before 10:30, but still another monster mtg after the previous night’s!

The next ccl mtg is on Monday (Dec 5th), so the saga continues, and with a new actor.

AGENDA: https://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2016/dec/05/16dec05-Agenda2.pdf

and just noticed —

the Dec 5th REGULAR ccl mtg starts at 5pm {UPDATE: changed to 5:30}

with the oath of office by councillor-elect Peter Lambur.

=== HEADSUP 9K: : Wed Dec 1

two mtgs tomorrow fyi!


Dec 1  Location: WV United Church, 2062 Esquimalt Ave

6pm - Reception at the West Vancouver United Church

7pm - Candlelight walk to Seawalk Garden park to place memory cards in the memorial tree. 

All are welcome to join us in remembering loved ones.

o AWARDS COMMITTEE MEETING ~ Dec 1 ~  7 to 9pm in Cedar Room, WV Community Centre

=== HEADSUP 9L: : Headsup 9L: Dec 2 - 4

Too many things happening and too little time!  There are more activities than listed here but here are some eg Vancouver Opera’s Hansel and Greter..  There’ll be more in WVM if I ever finish it!

DON’T FORGET: The ccl mtg on Monday Dec 5 starts at 5pm! {Dec 2 changed to 5:30}

btw, a few INFObits first:  

=  In BC, women were allowed to vote100 years ago (in November)!

=  On Nov. 24, central Tokyo experienced its earliest first accumulation of snow since 1875, when such observations began.

=  Not yet from the recount, but Hillary has won at least 2.5M more votes than Trump.  What a system! 

In chronological order

+  Friends of the VPL: Christmas Used Books Sale (also CDs, etc)  10 - 5pm Dec 1 - 3

     604 331 4049   friendsofthevpl.ca

+  The Karaoke Christmas Lights Trolley from Dec 1 to 29; picks up at 6:30pm Canada Place

     604 801 5615   vancouvertrolley.com

+  The Carol Ships Parade of Light starts today (Dec 2); for WV viewing, see  carolships.org

+  7th Annual Vancouver Christmas Market until Dec 31 at Jack Poole Plaza (Canada Place) — German-inspired


+  Canyon Lights till Jan 8: 985 7474 capbridge.com

+  Pandora’s Vox and Espiritu: Only Joy Aloud! at KMC: Fri Dec 2 at 8pm, Sat 2 and 7:30pm

     981 6335   kaymeekcentre.com


+  Christmas Tree Lighting 5 - 7pm Robson Sq; music, free cookies and hot chocolate, fun activities, food trucks, etc; 

    FREE    childrensfestival.ca


+  Dundarave Festival NATIVITY & PADDLE SONGS, SATURDAY DECEMBER 3RD — noon to dusk

More info: http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=ecf96c5945c353d9a83205e85&id=4668c26310&e=4b6c5ea1ca

+  West Vancouver Museum: Curator’s Talk 1pm {*details below these listings}

Please join Curator Darrin Morrison, who will speak about the collection, its importance to the mandate of the Museum, and share his curatorial decisions in organizing the exhibition. The tour will include a discussion about specific works•how they came into the collection and the artists’ connections to the community. 

+  The Shipyards Christmas Festival: activities, official ighting of the CNV tree 5 - 8pm; info: vancouversnorthshore.com


+  13th annual Rogers Santa Claus Parade — noon, Vancouver —  Info: rogerssantaclausparade.com


A Decade of Collecting Art at the West Vancouver Museum

Until January 14, 2017

Curator’s Talk: Saturday, December 3, from 1 p.m.

Please join Curator Darrin Morrison, who will speak about the collection, its importance to the mandate of the Museum, and share his curatorial decisions in organizing the exhibition. The tour will include a discussion about specific works•how they came into the collection and the artists’ connections to the community. 

The West Vancouver Museum’s permanent art collection was established in 2006 with a donation of work by local artist Jane Billaux, who immigrated to Canada from London in 1934. The donation coincided with the Museum’s successful exhibitions on the important history of modernism in the community and the influence of creative individuals, who chose West Vancouver as a place to live and cultivate their careers.

In the past decade, the collection has grown in both size and scope and now includes over 300 historical and contemporary works by important Canadian artists. Gordon Smith’s major donation of his personal collection in 2015 added substantially to the Museum’s holdings of Canadian art. This exhibition provides an overview of the breadth of the Museum’s art collection and highlights recent donations. 

Featured artists in this exhibition:  Peter Aspell, Kim Kennedy Austin, Joan Balzar, Alistair Bell, Jane Billaux,

B.C. Binning, Bruno Bobak, Molly Lamb Bobak, Robert Buckham, Emily Carr, Douglas Coupland, Christos Dikeakos, Winston Elliott, Enn Erisalu, John Fulker, Babak Golkar, Angela Grossman, Fred Herzog, Gordon House, Tam Irving, Don Jarvis, Ann Kipling, Zoltan Kiss, John Koerner, Lyse Lemieux, Al McWilliams, Richard Prince, Selwyn Pullan, Philippe Raphanel, Bill Reid, Jack Shadbolt, Elizabeth Smily, Gordon Smith, Sylvia Tait, Takao Tanabe, Lionel Thomas,

Kirk Tougas, Irene Whittome, Ian Wallace, Lyle Wilson and Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun. 

Open Hours: Tues through Sat, 11am - 5pm . Admission is by donation. Closed from Dec 20, reopens Jan 3, 2017.

== Time Change! PS to Headsup 9L: Fwd: Upcoming Ccl Mtg: Mon Dec 5 at 5:30pm

wdn’t you know it!

I send out the start time for Monday’s ccl mtg as 5pm wch was on the WVM Calendar, and they’ve just sent out a notice that the time has been changed to 5:30!

here’s the link for the agenda:


you’ll notice the change just put at the top of the agenda

More/updated news as I get it!

== Free Pancakes! PPS

another that was missed!

Free Pancake Brickfast with Santa!

The WV Community Centres Society (WVCCS) invites everyone to a FREE pancake breakfast this Saturday, Dec3, in the Community Centre Atrium from 9am –1pm.

Santa will stop by for photos, and we'll have crafts for the kids. Come one, come all!

Pancakes will be served by members of the volunteer WVCCS Board of Directors, who will also be available to share how you can help support enhanced programs and services at the Community Centre, Aquatic Centre, and Ice Arena.

Thanks very much and we hope to see you on Saturday!

{yes, bricks} MORE INFO: WVCCS Website  http://www.wvcommunitycentressociety.ca/build-community-buy-brick

Email wvccs@westvancouver.ca


NOTES: Sept 19; Oct 3, 17, 24, Nov 7

Apologies not as complete as usual, begging forgiveness; at least can watch the video of any item of interest.

Explanations: ... is a gap deemed not important; xxx indicates something was said; &&& something significant was said; underlined means important; and bolded is v important; GET is something I thought I ought to find, play, and transcribe -- but sorry, didn't had time to do so. Of course ? is something I question or am wondering about. Also, ### is something I wanted to ask about or check into, and again hadn't the time. @@@ is where I intended to write something.

{This indicates my comments + this is for other musings}

Corrections, clarifications, and additions most welcome!

These notes give you an idea of what was said. To make sure of exactly what was said, pls watch/listen to the video on the DWV website (or read the rather brief DWV minutes). The times help in finding the place. Apologies for gaps. E & OE !!!

Subscribe! write subscribewvm@westvan.org] ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS, INITIALISMS puzzling? See: http://www.westvan.org/glossary

To read the Correspondence to Council (referred to in ccl mtg notes under Consent Agenda), click on:


~~~ September 19 ~~~

~ 5:14pm ~ SPECIAL CCL MTG closed b/c:

(c) labour relations or other employee relations; and

(e) the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality.

Purpose of meeting: labour relations and land matters.

~ 6PM ~ PUBLIC HEARING for 6695 Nelson Avenue (Sewell’s Landing Development)


Mayor: 6 o’clock; like to start promptly on time and [hope] do public’s biz in an effective manner

{Chamber door had to be left open b/c of fire regs)


Proposed: Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4897, 2016; Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4898, 2016; and Phased Devt Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4899, 2016 for 6695 Nelson (Sewell’s Landing Devt) (File: 1610-20-4897/4898/4899 / 1010-20-15-037)

Applicant: Westbank Projects Corporation Subject Land: 6695 Nelson Avenue

Purpose: The proposed bylaws wd allow for the redevt of 6695 Nelson including: six bldgs of three to twelve storeys; 159 residential units; commercial space; underground parking; and public spaces and sidewalks.

Proposed OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4897, 2016: The proposed bylaw wd enable the rezoning of the subj lands for the proposed resid and comm bldgs and place the lands within the “Sewell’s Landing Devt Permit Area.

Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4898, 2016: The proposed bylaw would rezone the subject lands to “CD54 – Sewell’s Landing, which will regulate the use of the lands based on the proposed devt.

Proposed Phased Devt Agrmt Authn Bylaw No. 4899, 2016: The proposed bylaw wd secure the associated cmnty benefit and wd set out the framework betw the Dist and the applicant in terms of receipt of the voluntary CAC payment.

A public mtg will be held concurrently re proposed Devt Permit No. 15-037 for 6695 Nelson (Sewell’s Landing Devt).

Proposed Development Permit 15-037: The proposed permit would control the form and character of the devt of the subject lands including the public spaces surrounding and within the site and sustainability initiatives.


LBerg, Planning: [SLIDES of prop/proj]

jn heart of Horseshoe Bay; home of Sewell’s Marina for 85 years

in 2009; vision of what family wanted to see; number of public mtgs; evolved into project we see today

6 bldgs; 3 - 12 storeys; 159 units (234Ksf); comm area (~14Ksf); 500 shared parking stalls

broad OCP objectives; retain existing marina; architecture

fills housing gap; supported by Design Review Cmte¦

parking, traffic, loading evaluated; Dist supports the proposed circulation network

reduce impact of constr, use of barges, shuttles, water taxis

LEED Gold standard; sustainability geothermal, electric vehicle charges

Contributing $15M ¦ benefits

Housing Strategy


possibility to shift; allocate to public realm

applicant an addl $1M over and above what on screen; cd help fulfill visions or improvement to the park

unrestricted access to the park

Working waterfront

water taxi and barge service to remain

promoted moorage renewal options

reconfigure boat launch area (SLIDE)

help revitalize the park and improve access

three bylaws: OCP Amendment; Rezoning; Phased Devt Agrmt

Register three agreements; Devt Permit

Mtgs: June (40 ppl); 21 Sept 14 (80 ppl)

Hand over to Dan Sewell and Michael Braun


DS: Small change — our architect Paul Merrick is with me and Michael Braun and R Mabberley

{R = Rhianna/Reanna ?, don't know spelling; from Westbank}

will be up next and take over the discussion

Ms Berg did such a complete job; will keep fairly brief

In 2008 realized we needed and HBay

18 in the visioning cmte ¦ discussion

originally we came up with, basically what Paul came up with

he’ll speak, architecture, and then Michael and Renanna

{?Tel: (604) 685-8986}

about the Locals First prog

Paul M: not going to make a presentation; think you’ve seen enough

¦characteristics and qualities

11 structured conversations with interested public; tonight opp for any and all

one comment I want to reflect on in particular

a brown site, not abused, but ¦ long time; storing boats and cars; effective use 3 mos of the year

to put the site to use effectively has led to the proposal

well situated, doesn’t shadow anybody¦

why as large? at the root, 160 dwelling units in lower mainland not a big thing but big in HBay, seen as a nbrhd, a place in its own right; needs to come to be a part of the fabric of the cmnty, make whole not divisive

HBay is a microcosm of WV, a microcosm of the Greater Vanc area; well defined by geog ¦ one tributary access (LGB)

defined even finer in the bay, the bowl it sits in, steep sides¦

having grown up, ¦ realize my own story — I grew up on Sentinel Hill, three or four blocks from here

at the time PkRoyal was a horse field

the village, Ambleside, serviced the whole

when PkR got built, clear recolln of the village struggling

M managed to account for increase in popn

multiple dwelling— derogatory remarks about hi rises

nothing is ever perfect, but better than it was; that’s the effect this proposal will have and bring to HBay; healthier

might as much as double the popn, I’m inclined to say, good!

that many more ppl able to live and enjoy the cmnty, desirable

glad having opp to bring it before you.

[two came up]

xxx: WV has the highest family income in MetroV

the? av WV family has an income of $115K compared to av $80K

prob is WV also has the most expensive housing in LM (Lower Mainland)

According to the Real Estate Bd of Vancouver, av price of home $2.8M including both sgl and multi-fam units


interesting; house prices rising —see on graph, a lot of gains only in last 18 mos

part of reason is WV has lowest amt of multifam housing in MetroV

29% of housing stock in WV is multi-fam whereas 40% average in LM and 60% in City of V.

according to DWV, WV needs another 4800 units by 2020, wch is where HBay comes in

{Since I know that WV’s popn is around half or more in multifam, I wondered about this. I was told that they were not including duplexes. Then discovered he wasn’t including townhouses, secondary suites, or coach houses.}



NB: There are so many, will not put here but pls see pp 4 to 11 here:


for these:

1) Reports received up to and including September 7, 2016: See note above???

2) Written submissions received up to and including September 7, 2016:

Written submissions listed below were received at or following the June 6, 2016 Council meeting at which Council set the date of the July 4, 2016 public hearing. At the July 4, 2016 special Council meeting Council cancelled the July 4, 2016 public hearing (as the applicant had withdrawn their application) and set September 19, 2016 as the date of the PH.

To view all written submissions listed in this section click here.

Written submissions listed below were received prior to the June 6 Ccl mtg at wch Ccl set the date of the July 4, 2016 PH.

To view all written submissions listed in this section click here.

On July 4, 2016 Council set the date for the public hearing and concurrent public meeting. The statutory notice of public hearing will be published in the North Shore News on September 11 and 14, and notices were mailed to property owners / occupants within the notification area. The MClerk will note written submissions received for the September 19 PH and concurrent public meeting.


{pp 11 to 15 in MInutes}

Mayor Smith called for public input.

A. Arzumanian (6685 Nelson Avenue) provided a written submission and spoke in opposition to the proposed development including: the proposed building on Parcel 3 should be reduced by several stories and proposed setback exemptions rejected; privacy, views and the right to light; lack of consultation during development process; and requested that the proposed development be scaled down by one-third.

B. Christopher (1100 Canyon Boulevard, NV) spoke in support of the proposed development including: affordability of the units; consultation with local residents; engagement with local buyers; downsizing; density and positive effect on Horseshoe Bay; and encouraged Council to approve the project.

F. Verjee (2203-2020 Bellevue Ave) spoke in support of the proposed development including: opportunity for residents to remain in West Vancouver; increased population will support businesses and prevents erosion of the tax base; proposed community amenity contribution; and it is very desirable project.

B. Nelson (6571 Marine Drive) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: high quality and appropriate scale; Horseshoe Bay needs a refresh and housing of this nature; and hope to see rentals in the devt.

K. Fowlie (5-6575 Nelson Ave) spoke in support of the proposed development including: benefits to the Horseshoe Bay village and will revitalize the area; opening accessibility to the foreshore; and waterfront promenade is an asset.

C. Hofman (1891 Marine Drive) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: time for revitalization and change; subject property is currently wasted waterfront; and devt will bring vibrancy and alternative living options.

R. Dixon (10-1891 Marine Drive) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: new shops and opportunities will benefit the community and will have a positive impact.

P. Best (6645 Nelson Avenue) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: does not impede views; design process and community input; responds to an express need for housing; and economic and cultural benefit to Horseshoe Bay.

J. Deragopian (6685 Nelson Avenue) spoke in opposition to the proposed devt including: it is too large; his property would be severely impacted; size and scale of the construction; views; difficulty building on own property if development is approved; potential loss of property value; and requested that Council consider the scale of the development.

>Councillor Cameron left the hearing at 7:32 p.m. and returned to the hearing at 7:34 p.m.<

C. Bowman (5730 Cranley Drive) spoke in support of the proposed development including: additional density and residents which will support local businesses; and variety of housing will open the community to a larger demographic.

J. Cogan (1819 Inglewood Ave) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: rentals; West Van is too expensive for average families; devt will create options, allow for a more diverse society, and will allow seniors to downsize; and wonderful opportunity.

R. Wong (547-1489 Marine Drive) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: existing views have been taken into account; will benefit all of West Vancouver not just the Horseshoe Bay community; and encouraged Council to move forward with the project.

I. Qureshi (498 Craigmohr Drive) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: positive impact on the local community; provides housing options; amenities with the project are attractive; and encouraged Council to approve the project and further devt in the area.

J. Hemphill (2470 Palmerston Ave) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: well thought-out out plan; extensive public consultation; and sensitive to existing neighbours and village community.

D. Morriss McKenzie (6475 Raleigh St) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: will contribute to the vibrancy of Horseshoe Bay and enhance financial viability, new retail possibilities and amenities; best devt for the site and for the community at large; and asked Council to support the project.

H. Kemp (General Manager, Troll’s Restaurant, 6408 Bay St; President, Horseshoe Bay Business Association; and on behalf of Gary Troll) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: will increase density, traffic flow and visitors and offer foreshore homes for existing residents and new purchasers; community amenity contribution and improvements to the Village; workable solutions to community concerns; need for affordable housing, increased density; and asked Council to approve the proposed devt.

N. Virani (730 Southborough Drive) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: the current plan takes into consideration the needs of the community; housing crisis in greater Vancouver; first major investment in the area, let this devt set the standard for future projects; and green spaces and livability.

C. Cogan (1819 Inglewood Ave) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: extensive consultations; a good addition to Horseshoe Bay; and nice to see improvements.

H. Dalpatram (Haruna Sales and Service Ltd., 6695 Nelson Ave) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: would like to continue to be a marina tenant after the devt; want a larger space to better serve moorage customers; and hopefully [sic] the project will go through and we will have a better location and working space.

J. Dalpatram (Haruna Sales and Service Ltd., 6695 Nelson Ave) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: hope [ˆš] that Sewell’s can keep established local businesses within the area; and am in favour of the proposed devt.

F. Coltellaro (701 Ballantree Road) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: will add a much-needed housing type and choice to the area; more people will be able to enter the housing market or downsize; and encouraged Council to support the project.

H. Kelsey (6330 Chatham Street) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: local businesses are underserviced and there is not enough support to grow businesses; will bring more people and more density; immaculate architecture, reduced construction impact, sustainable design; and a smaller devt will not make enough change to Horseshoe Bay.

M. Bachmann (6457 Wellington Ave) referred to her written submission and spoke in support of the proposed devt including: exciting and welcome change; positive impact on the community; sensitive nature of the design and protection of the seaside village character; designed to minimize impact on views; support concept of mixed-use neighbourhoods; downsizing and not having to relocate; supporting struggling merchants; and moving forward for a better community.

S. Souter (2023 Hill Dr, NV) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: challenging site; design will protect and enhance Horseshoe Bay; six buildings will help maintain village character; inflow of people will help the local economy; and provides hard to get moorage.

J. McKenna (6591 Nelson Ave) conveyed concerns regarding the proposed devt including: legality and enforcement of measures to prevent units from being left empty; lack of rental units; affordability; neighbourhood character and bulk building; increasing size of village will put a strain on the existing infrastructure; parking; empty suites and business spaces in Galleries on the Bay; and asked Council to scale down the devt to reflect the character of Horseshoe Bay.

G. Mussatto (288 East 9th Street, NV, on behalf of the WV Chamber of Commerce) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: benefits for existing marina customers; will create a more robust business environment; reduced pressure on existing parking; new elements of public realm space for a stronger tourism draw; and will add to the local economy and bring new businesses to the community.

G. Loren (5235 Keith Rd) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: lack of downsizing options in WV; need housing options created in a timely manner; support the local economy and businesses; need to develop community; underused site; and asked that Council proceed with the devt.

R. Kim (6382 Douglas St; and Owner, Olive and Anchor Restaurant, 6418 Bay St) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: investment for future generations; community sustainability assessed; added population will support small businesses; and asked Council to support the devt.

T. Bowen (2531 Ottawa Ave; on behalf of J. Bates, Owner, Mercury Transport) spoke relative to the proposed devt including: Mercury Transport enhances the viability of Horseshoe Bay; concerns regarding proposal document, and Mercury’s history in Horseshoe Bay, underground storage of marina goods, placement and configuration of the fire lane and proposed buildings, limited marine zoning; and requested that existing marina amenities be sustained.

E. Finn (Bowyer Island, Howe Sound) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: have been fully informed and appraised during the devt by the Sewell family; continuation of moorage at the site; the locals-first policy; amenities; LEED Gold building; and access to the waterfront.

J. Milbourne (6696 Wellington Ave) spoke in opposition to the proposed devt including: view will be impeded and loss of property value; concerns relative to impact on local infrastructure and increased stresses on services, devt is too large for the community, adding residents will change neighbourhood character and will not help local businesses; should maintain the small village feel; and requested that Council change the proposed devt.

>Councillor Soprovich left the hearing at 8:25 p.m. and returned to the hearing at 8:27 p.m.<

R. Baker (6670 Wellington Ave) spoke relative to the proposed devt including: initially opposed to the proposal but fears were overblown; reduced access for emergency vehicles attending Libby Lodge due to construction; and that residents who live within one mile of the proposed dev be offered an additional a 10% discount.

R. Harrington (2530 Queens Ave) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: positives outweigh the negatives; would be good for WV; downsizing; and encouraged Council to support the project.

J. Fleming (305 - 2575 Garden Court) spoke in support of the proposed devt.

S. Clyne (4104 Bayridge Ave) referred to his written submission and spoke in support of the proposed devt including: downsizing; and agree with reasons stated by those who approve of the project.

C. Banham (950 Taylor Way) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: Community Dialogue for Neighbourhood Character and Housing; affordable housing; will fit in with neighbourhood character; neighbourhood nodes which include more than just houses; businesses have a tough time in WV; and urged Council to move forward.

M. Stanamir (6752 Dufferin Ave) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: density needed to support local businesses; will help get the village going; location is underutilized; pricing and market forces; and provides housing supply to meet existing demand.

S. Ziehr (822-2 West 20th St, Vancouver; and Sr Project Mgr for Icon West Construction) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: project design; improving aquatic habitat; creating commercial spaces; homeowners will benefit from world-class views, exterior elements, and sense of neighbourhood; mitigation of truck and trade traffic; the creation and removal of a barge station; and strict adherence to local, provincial, and federal regulations.

B. Meli (6431 Nelson Ave) spoke in support of the proposed devt including: public meetings with local business and residential groups; devt will remove unattractive elements and will enhance the beauty of Horseshoe Bay; new residents will increase traffic; making Bay Street a two-way street to divert traffic; architecture will add to ambiance of Horseshoe Bay and stimulate local businesses.

Mayor Smith queried two times if there was anyone further wishing to speak at the public hearing.

K. Kallweit (6492 Bay St) spoke relative to the proposed devt including: like the project but it is too dense and too high; project can be successful without that level of density; and concern is massing and size.

Mayor Smith queried if there was anyone further wishing to speak at the public hearing.

P. Black (Ambleside) spoke relative to a letter submitted to the North Shore News and in support of the proposed devt including: attended a presentation about the proposed devt and all questions and concerns were properly addressed; and it is an amazing project.

Mayor Smith queried three times if there was anyone further wishing to speak at the PH and there was no response.

In response to a Council query D. Sewell (Owner, Sewell’s Marina) provided information relative to the impact of the proposed devt on existing marina amenities, business spaces and commercial tenants.


MOTION: PH be closed.

Mayor: so this mtg is closed, five-min break [8:53]


1. Call to Order.

Announcements ~ 9pm

¢ I am pleased to inform that Marcus Shapiro, Jillian Stirk, Felicia Zhu, and Eric Fiss have been reappointed to the Memorial Library Board for a two-year term.

¢ Chief Constable Len Goerke has been officially named as a Member of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces. Chief Goerke was in Ottawa on September 16th along with officers from across Canada for an investiture ceremony presided over by His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada.

¢ Dennis Joseph, has been appointed to the West Vancouver Police Board, as the representative for the Squamish Nation. Mr. Joseph has been working within the Squamish Nation for over 25 years, including 18 years as Council elect and Cultural Spiritual Liaison. He is active in other areas of his community, working with the Critical Incident Team as a Coach, Founding Peacekeeper, and a Speaker in the Ceremonial Longhouse.

2. APPROVAL OF AGENDA amended by adding to Item 4:

¢ written submission C-1 re Proposed Devt Variance Permit No. 15-072 for 6445 Fox Street;



4. Proposed Development Variance Permit No. 15-072 for 6445 Fox Street (File: 1010-20-15-072)

At the July 25, 2016 regular meeting Council received the report dated June 28, 2016 regarding proposed DVP No. 15-072 for 6445 Fox Street and set the date for consideration for September 19, 2016.

Reports received up to and including September 8, 2016:





Proposed Development Variance Permitfor 6445 Fox Street

June 28, 2016

July 25, 2016


Written Submissions received up to and including September 8, 2016: None to date.



MB moved: proposed DVP for 6445 Fox St, wch wd allow an addn to the existing house to be retained, be approved.


5. Proposed Development Variance Permit No. 15-075 for 6236 Summit Avenue (File: 1010-20-15-075)

At the July 25, 2016 regular meeting Council received the report dated July 4, 2016 regarding proposed DVP No. 15-075 for 6236 Summit Avenue and set the date for consideration for September 19, 2016.

Reports received up to and including September 8, 2016:





Prpsed New House w/ Variances to the Zoning Bylaw, 6236 Summit

July 4, 2016

July 25, 2016


Written Submissions received up to and including September 8, 2016: None to date

Chris Bishop, Planning: ... a new 3600sf house

upper floor; lower floor with bd, basement with offices and nanny ste

xxx and pool

architecture ... adjoining ... lower than existing house on the prop; juliet style balconies

staff support for the folloiwng reasons:


does not involve site blasting

Sop: why variance of 10ft?

CB: b/c xxx depression????

Sop: same to highest bldg face

going to see other variances to cope with this? xxx

CB: will come fwd as case may be

Sop: change bldg code re variance of

{[9:13] get the comments!}



Mayor: ... no Qs -- oh,

Cass: you miss one ccl mtg and you cease to exist!


MOTION: THAT all written and oral submissions ... be received for information.

Mayor: moving along to next

Cass: no, I have one more ... xxx

Cam: to Sop’s point

walked ... down a cliff ... shd be congratulated

MOTION proposed DVP No. 15-075 for 6236 Summit Ave, wch wd allow for a proposed new house, be approved.

Mayor: [Carried] unan

now we can move on to the budget

6. Proposed 2016 Budget Amendment and DCC Reserve Fund Expenditure for Ambleside Waterfront 2016 Implementation (Proposed: 5-Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4884, 2016, Amendment Bylaw No. 4917, 2016; and Development Cost Charge (Parks) Ambleside Waterfront 2016 Implementation Expenditure Bylaw No. 4918, 2016) (File: 0875-01 / 1610-20-4917/4918)

[Raj Hayre, Finance Dept?]: first purpose; and second Ambleside Waterfront

adjustments are described in page ????

proposed to be allocated to pressing and priority issues time-sensitive; second part is the funding of the Concept plan

happy to answer any Qs

Cam: cd Mr Hayre or anyone xxx what in the next 3 months; public shd know

RH: Mr Andrew Banks to ans

Mayor: Anne Mooi is ¦. set to jump in

AM: I was going to suggest AB

Mayor: wrong again

AB: xxx re Spirit Trail from ¦. ped bike lane

access at this section

16 1700blk of Argyle ... 16 and Argyle west to J Lawson Pk ... pretty narrow — also for peds

removal of houses along the waterfront

1454 Argyle 1468 1472 1756 (Lawson Studios)

3 of the 4 possibly moved by Nickel Bros -- if they are, will be rmoved at no cost to Dist

1472 not for Nickel, poor state, have to be deconstructed

Believe just west of ¦. used to be occupied by caretaker

when houses removed

Parks will remediate grass areas, path was usable as park for park users ... this fall

Cam: 1838 plus xxx to xxx ; 25% contingency; still reviewing the {cost?} unlikely funds returned

when some months ago they were concerned about John Lawson Studios

have staff addressed these concerns and are the users happily ensconced in new locations?

CAO: hv followed up happy to pass to Anne

many still in facilities on waterfront; happy to be staying on the waterfront

applaud Glen Madden in helping them to get settled

Cam: on side so ev happy, a


Sop: a few years¦.. not remove any parking ... will all the construction parking tight with Grosv

removing from 1400 blk

same old story; haven’t completed parking plan and what Grosv

{GET [9:24]}

everyone wants the Sp Trail but ¦ something that cd wait?

Who? Not been able to replace all the parking

in such a way ... xxx not all

Sop: this is going to happen tomorrow; complete 1300 by Sept xx

what in front of Grosv?

Ans: already one the planning? in Amb

Sop: my position &&& in shops -- Hey Bill, what about the parking?

we have to have some master plan

Mayor: Ms L is trying to answer

NL: Engg has done a job of parking to date ... move fwd with refinements

some of our parking is underused and underutilized

also ADBIA — we need their help

one of the biggest problems in Amb is employees using customers’ spots

length of time wd help

working on over next two/three months

Gamb: number of parking spots lost 5

when Police Dept leaves that will xxx more; and Sailing Club

we went over that rather quickly

three of the homes

AB: 154x Argyle

Gamb: 1468 Argyle


Gamb will be xxx way

you can have it

look fwd to giving those away soon

MB: HSC’s initiatives? ppl may not be aware of

AB: conversations going on with HSC, Amb

area just east will become a public area, a plaza

look at their storage area

future plaza or bistro, those convs going on right now

having convs about their fence; wd like see one more pleasing, open [9:30]

modest drop-off pick-up spot for vehicles

take? piece of xxx ...; drop-off boards, future bistro, deliver trucks

user area for cmnty; pick up stuff and drop-off

MB: we’re closing the boat launch

how many spots were used for the boat launch ppl/trailers?

Cass: all v exciting and see something we asked so recently is.. so quickly

when you rattle off addresses

do know two bldgs where there is some measure of sensitivity around

we’re not talking about the SP or Mbox

AB: correct; they’re not coming down

Cam moved all four parts:

1. Proposed ׃-Year Financial Plan Bylaw No.xxx, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4917, 2016 be read a first, second, and third time;

2. Prpsed “Devt Cost Charge (Pks) Amb Waterfrt 2016 Implementn Expx Bylaw xxx be read a first, second, third time;

3. Prpsed expenditure of $362K for the Ambleside Waterfront Implementation Plan from the Capital Infrastructure Reserve Fund, be approved; and

4. The Ambleside Waterfront works be completed by December 31, 2016, and any funds unused at that time be returned to the Capital Infrastructure Reserve Fund.


Cam: my only comment passed in June/July and having done by Dec is an absolute(ly) miracle

think public will be shocked at how much park and greens space being added.

7. 2016 Mid-Year Financial Report (File: 0800-01)

MOTION: THAT the report dated August 30, 2016 titled � Mid-Year Financial Report, be received for information.

[moved seconded passed unan}

BYLAWS [9:33]

8. Proposed: OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4897, 2016; Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4898, 2016; and Phased Devt Agrment Authorization Bylaw No. 4899, 2016 (Sewell’s Landing Devt) (File: 1610-20-4897/4898/4899)

NOTE: Each reading of an OCP bylaw must receive an affirmative vote of a majority of all Council members (4 members) in order to proceed (Local Government Act, s. 477).

The proposed bylaws received first reading at the June 6, 2016 Council meeting and Council scheduled a public hearing to be held on July 4, 2016. At the July 4, 2016 special Council meeting Council cancelled the July 4, 2016 public hearing (as the applicant had withdrawn their application) and scheduled a public hearing to be held on September 19, 2016. If the September 19, 2016 public hearing has closed, the proposed bylaws may be considered for second and third reading at the September 19, 2016 Council meeting. If the public hearing has closed Council is not permitted to receive any further submissions regarding the proposed bylaws.

Sop moved: THAT proposed “OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4897, 2016 be read a second time.

Mayor: xxx regional growth strategy; sev years ago all

40K ppl; a year's [growth?] nearly 90% from immigraton so we have no control

MetroV recognized something had to be done; not on agricultural land, precious so have food to eat

WV has no agri or industrial land

all Ms decided to accept xxx of growth

on freq transit area

we're recognize slow 1.2 or and not even achieving that

managed to get Grosv and now 23rd and Marine

agree our cmnty wants to keep xxx

however TWay and MDr haven’t even approved on three; in the meantime NV has approved 13 at Cap and Marine

can’t turn back the clock

wrt Sewell's, relevant

last Friday Mayors’ Ccl transit plan

250 and 257 to improve transit

biz in HBay wd be plsed put in residences to support

if I may summarize

we are going

I moved here in 1955

not change don’t accept that; shd be improving our cmnty



now have a cmnty

growth is not nec'ly a neg

reason we’ve only approved¦.. b/c we have the most boring laborious process

meet with Bailey, asset to cmnty extensive process before even to PH

public info mtg exhausting process

hire expensive designers

I’m not a¦. {architect?planner?} ...no point sticking my oar in the water¦ and accept Mr Bailey’s ...

my resp, have a process and make sure go through

owners devprs with excellent [9:41]

a lot of benefits to HBay

proud to turn it over

Sop holding up email

some support some concerns re their hope in HBay

must make sure does not choke the one way in

was talk of a nbrhd plan for HBay -- future, then devts that meet those goals

think this will make

come up with scenario ... New Westminster and Hobart, Tasmania

if in ctr of town don't think it wd

I questioned Dan Sewell¦.

one concern about removal

move out by barge and come in — tremendous saving a real plus

understand that the subtrades will be bused in so ¦.a good move as well

proj, funny biz there — locals first; that’s a real plus; don't think happened

shake your head at some devts; costs way up there per sf

excellent opp; {sensibie?} look to buy a place

things up? to me, cooling system; reduces carbon footprint by 70%

no addn of chlorine and cooling it before going back into the ocean -- right , Mr Sewell?

benefit to the entire area

... things that go on in HBay; we have, water taxi, biz to island; stores opening plus so much going to increase; keep an eye on that for the future

Mercury maybe wants a bit more space -- surely accommodation for more space

ref to opp re slips, 2017 prices; think commendable; clarified for me Mr S has taken care of that

wrt Cam, have $1M for the park down there

have really met many of my concerns

for the most part comes down to trust

can you imagine {anyone} chasing him down the street with a broom

MB: some of the words right out of my mouth Cclr Sop

action plan

we need to approve a devt of this size ev year

residents have spoken v well and made good points

no nbrhd plan over this and parking; cd be adding 30% moe

interested that 8M go into HBay

know some had concern with half the size

construction impact regardless of 80m or 160

I don’t want to look at xxx be xxx ?tikdsgd gv} bigger

around decision made June 20 is affordability

young ppl 13 to 1x

3 to 4 to 1 and 6 to 1

middle class in Amb

house here old house $4M new one $5M {check}

no guarantee ferries will have same

same way — park and linger

risks xxx ... take action to mitigate those

the CACs, the voluntary

since on Ccl have heard xxx not invested in HBay

taking small CACs over 20 years

the cmnty is going to benefit in a cxx way

most compelling reason is that the maj want it

this little village is a case study

see impact of ferries

really no options for housing

cmnty has come together to support this

from letters: H Bay, this little village is fighting for its life

Banham said it’s not about a building it’s xxx

these ppl are you [9:55]

&&& applaud xxx for responding who’s buying

it is a supply and demand situation

if xxx, we have to address

got to address supply side; the more units built, available, price will come down

our biggest insurance policy— going to be sold to locals

tyvm [9:56]

Mayor: motion to go past 10 o'clock


Cass: I didn’t vote in favour of the regional growth strategy

I didn't 3rd WV isn’t NV

don’t really see my job as approving projs brought by staff

approach approving with needs of the citizens

where do I stand?

didn’t vote for PkR; didn’t vote for Grosv

father used to boats xxx

parking lot ... no

when on Ccl met him

I gasped; then started to think and watch

this job

observe what is happening in WV

we’re becoming God’s waiting room

need it ... social and devt ... vibrancy

keep young and let them come in; need young ppl xxx

all in favour of this proj

like work of architect and he’s done a wonderful job

when all’s said and done

HBay a better cmnty

ppl will come to WV b/c it’s a fun place

coffee ... ferry ... real ppl, not just standing

Gamb: thanking the cmnty for all the

201 submissions not including 6 or 7 recent

was born and raised in HBay; swam and xxx, maybe &&&

topic near and dear to my heart

really plsed with progress made, locals first

shock marketed first in China

as we were

result a better; staff have worked¦

declaration good start; happy if precedent

a lot have written really no OCP for lHBay yet — out of scale ? change nature of HBay? too urban

no relationship, agreed upon isolation(?)

looking devt of HBay and agreed upon goals

haven’t had time to do that xxx

aside for a moment

parking — this will provide more

summer huge, not the rest of the year

traffic studies show not really as overwhelmed as ppl feared

realize though in the Bay xxx

sadly noise and inconvenience all over the st

good by bare? and over in three years’ time

then less polution and noise

no? restriction for xxx for rentals

satisfied signif xxx and xxx


LEED gold all contribute to GHG

support infrastructure for electric vehicles, car-sharing

shd be required by others xxx as well

CACs reflect the up value

some accuse out for only

B/c this and xxx not a factor influencing my decision

young adults, early retirees and seniors; provide housing options for them and locals

in terms of the submissions, at least 80 to 85% in support of past months

relate to Sewell familly, they shd be v proud of support

resp in that cmnty

somebody said, large amts of money no one shd be trusted

I trust our staff to ensure dvprs wd stick to the plan

overwhelming support is rare’in my 5 yrs

plan in HBay

we and staff will be paying close attention to the construction, price $85sf

locals first

some day I’ll rent a drone to see if it looks like what it looks lke in the drawings

Cam: try not to repeat

imp for everyone to know reasons for decision

second most signif in my 5 yrs on Ccl, on par with Grosv

the Sewells' aim

our role to make sure public interest served and benefits the cmnty as best as possible

proceeds publicly

want to echo the mayor’s and Booth’s comments; our homes are changing rapidly around us

devt is nec; and may say, inevitable

heard someone mention, wish bridge had never been built

xxx; proj had housing stock variety, public realm benefits to biz ell

as Cass said jolt

getting money we can build rental housing in a¦. of the cmnty

at the same time a number of risks

those writing in with concerns were constructive and articulate

too big? effect on HBay? have to know these

no certainty how this will affect HBay; wd hv &&&

must assess it on its merits now; impact on HBay, and¦

Merrick is excellent

public benefits,¦.. pushed for larger continuous green space

traffic impact can be identified,

biggest uncertainty is occupation of the units

we’re taking a bit of a chance; sell to local, first as a home and then as a commodity

app comments from Westbank; risks outweighed by the rewards

quote Sam Johnson: nothing will ever be attempted if all objections overcome; perfect is the enemy of the good

will support it and take the risk; as Gamb said, will be watching if meeting the lofty objectives


MOTION: THAT proposed “OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4897, 2016 be read a third time.


MOTION: THAT proposed “Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4898, 2016 be read a second time.

Sop; as this is the zoning part; wrt the prop owners behind--

Mayor: --is this new info?

Sop: sorry


MOTION: THAT proposed “Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4898, 2016 be read a third time.


MOTION: THAT proposed “Phased Devt Agreemt Authorization Bylaw No. 4899, 2016 be read a second and third time.

CARRIES [10:17]

Gamb: don’t anyone leave, the exciting part still to come

9. Proposed: Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4910, 2016; and M Ticket Information System Implementation Bylaw No. 4383, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4911, 2016 (Housekeeping Amendments) (File: 1610-20-4910/4911)

The proposed bylaws received first, second and third reading at the September 12, 2016 Council meeting.

MOTION: proposed “Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4910, 2016 be adopted.

MOTION: proposed “MTicket Info System Implementn Bylaw No. 4383, 2004, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4911, 2016 be adopted.

10. New Business (File: 0120-01) -- none [10:17]


11. Consent Agenda Items

Item 11.1 re Proposed Amendmt to Approved DVP No. 15-019 for 3603 Marine Dr (to set date for consideration);

Item 11.2 regarding Tree Bylaw Working Group – Status Update; and

Item 11.3 regarding Correspondence List.

11.1. Proposed Amdmt to Approved DVP No. 15-019 for 3603 Marine (File: 1010-20-15-019)

MOTION: THAT proposed Amendment to Approved DVP No. 15-019 for 3603 Marine Drive, as described in the report dated Sept 2, 2016 be considered at the October 17, 2016 Ccl mtg; and that notice be given of consideration of the proposed DVP amendment

11.2. Tree Bylaw Working Group – Status Update (File: 1515-08)

MOTION: the report dated Sept 2, 2016 titled “Tree Bylaw Working Group – Status Update be rec' for info.

11.3 Correspondence List (File: 0120-24)

> Council Correspondence Update to September 2, 2016 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action -- No items.

Referred for Action from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Received for Information

(1) PkR Shopping Ctr, Aug 18, re “Capilano Bridge connecting the Spirit Trail from [Lions'] Gate Bridge exit to PkR-S (Cyclist Safety)

(2) August 19, 2016, regarding “Tsleil-Waututh oppose Fortis pipeline to Woodfibre LNG - front page article in North Shore News!

(3) August 25, 2016, regarding “Chartwell Park Tree Maintenance

(4) 3 submissions, Aug 31 - Sept 1, re Proposed Sewell’s Landing Devt (6695 Nelson Avenue)

(Referred to September 19, 2016 public hearing)

(5) September 1, 2016, regarding � Erwin Drive, West Vancouver (Proposed Development Permit No. 15-009)

(Referred to September 12, 2016 Council meeting)

(6) HUB Cycling, September 1, 2016, regarding “This is going to be fun! (Bike the Night, September 16, 2016)

(7) September 1, 2016, re “Some Suggestions to Assist With Traffic Congestion At The Intersection of Taylor Way and Marine Drive

(8) September 2, 2016, regarding “Foretold is forewarned..... (International Trade Agreements)

Received for Information from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Responses to Correspondence

(9) Senior Manager of Parks, September 1, 2016, response regarding Washroom at John Lawson Park

> Council Correspondence Update to September 6, 2016 (up to 4:30 p.m.)

Referred for Action

(1) September 4, 2016, regarding “Garbage lots

(Referred to Manager of Bylaw and Licensing Services for consideration and response)

(2) September 6, 2016, regarding “Most friendly (Appreciation for Transit Operator’s Assistance)

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Environment Services for consideration and response)

Referred for Action from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Received for Information

(3) September 5, 2016, regarding “Vancouver turns curbside recycling over to Multi-Materials B.C. - British Columbia - CBC News

(4) September 5, 2016, regarding � ,Erwin Drive West Vancouver (Proposed Development Permit No. 15-009)

(Referred to September 12, 2016 Council meeting)

(5) 6 submissions, September 4-6, 2016, regarding Proposed Sewell’s Landing Development (6695 Nelson Avenue)

(Referred to September 19, 2016 public hearing)

Received for Information from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Responses to Correspondence

(6) Senior Manager of Parks, September 2, 2016, response to Ambleside Community Gardeners’ Association, “community gardens.

12. OTHER ITEMS -- No items.

13. Reports from Mayor and Councillors

Mayor: last Fri ... mayors Ccl on TransLink

MCcl xxx for public consultation

imp of $10B v little for

Buses 250 257 255; B lin Dund past L

10 years $340M hits WV far harder b/c raised prop tax

house a fifth; a real penalty loss

mayors years ago vehicle levy; step up and local control to decide how to raise the money; don’t have the tools

Fed doesn't tell Prov, Prov telling Ms

hope find addl

toll ??? we’re going to get hit hard

vast amt goes to rapid transit lines for Vanc; busing v small part of the plan; nothing firmly been decided

consult with public for next month, then a solution [10:21]

Cass: there; fourth actuallly

awards cmte time coming up again for those who have contributed significantly; will be held on Nov 15 at the KMC

put their name forward, effort on behalf of all of us

14. Public Questions and Comments

Mayor: burning desire? seeing none

15. Adjournment [10:23]

~~~ October 3 ~~~

~ 5pm ~ SPECIAL CCL MTG closed b/c:

(a) personal info about an identifiable individ who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee, or agent of the M or another position appointed by the M; and

(c) labour relations or other employee relations

Purpose of meeting: committee membership and labour relations matters.


1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Agenda amended by:

= adding to Item 3 the minutes of the Sept 12 sp and reg Ccl mtgs, Sept 19 sp and reg Ccl mtgs and PH, and the summary of the Sept 19 PH;

= adding to Item 5 written submission C-1 re Proposed Temporary Use Permit No. 16-051 (Evelyn by Onni);

= adding to Item 9 a report re Addn to Council Report regarding Proposed Coach House at 5826 Eagle Island;

= withdrawing Item 11 re Proposed: OCP Bylaw No xxx, Amdmt Bylaw No xxx; Zoning Bylaw No, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4898, 2016; and Phased Devt Agrmt Authorizn Bylaw No. 4899, 2016 (Sewell’s Landing Devt)

3. Adoption of Council Meeting Minutes

Public hearing minutes and summary report to be provided. {can't help wondering why delay.....}

1. the minutes of the Sept12 special and regular Ccl mtgs and Sept 19 special and regular Ccl mtgs and public hearing be adopted as circulated; and

2. the summary of the September 19, 2016 public hearing be approved.


4. Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station 1 WV, re Update Report on Operations and New Devts (File: 0055-01) PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

Mayor: xxx station ...

Dougall Purdie: POSITION Station 11

SLIDES ... overview than WV ... 32 on the coast; ... 24/7; volunteers can't replace professionals

but ¦.. more than 200 years -- {get list of countries}

excellent service 32 up this coast; Coast Guard has 10

on way within 15 min of a call; work closely Coast Guard, ambulance. RCMP

{LIST NSh emo}


recent history; old vessel based in Fishermans Cove

{Fellow curious Language Nuts:

To quote Trump -- Wrong! however got this spelling from the BC Gazetteer (but not correct English). Shd be either: Fisherman's Cove (if one fisherman) or Fishermen's Cove (if many). Will check to see what DWV Planning has.}

2010 struggled

Ambitious plan exposure and awareness

June 2010 met with [Pam] G-J and Mooi; discussed needs and probs

after 18 mos, 2011 permitting us to use the old warehouse in HBay

by June 2012 renovated and taken delivery of large xxx vessel moored there

new branding -- used to be Coast Guard Auxiliary

with announcement of closure of Kits

raise our game and provide est

closed in three years, there were no failures

last month inaugurated our second vessel ... xxx revitalization

tasked by Victoria, whenever lives are in danger or risk of envmtal damage

how changed in last 7

7 now 93 times [6:08]

on average leaving 14 min from receiving call...' 24/7; no down time in last xxx years

¦ and waiting list of new recruits

not only being the busiest station but ein??? leaders and innovators

xxx joint training

busiest period weekend esp near dusk; often involves medical

every cred? first responders and marine certification

public’s mistaken belief xxx and funded by fed govt

financial cost over last five years to xxx

most will be surprised to learn where money comes from

after the surprise, will be as proud as I am as to what our cmnty has bn doing

fed govt 10%; prov xxx $342K; cmnty $827K lion’s share

$1.294K ... expensive ... fed budget to Kits $23.6M ... no Q taxpayers get great value


40 vols — training, equipmt, call our

minimize our cost by doing maj of mntnc work, Thunderbird Marine provide equipmt at no cost

12hr shifts eg Dinner on the Dock, xxx

looking to see what more we can do

Kids Don’t Float PFD Loaner Stn — life jackets can be borrowed for the day

our amazing crews all from WV

built, made us all proud; cannot thank this cmnty and ea and ev one

this will be my last report; after 8 yrs, handing over to next leader Scott Smith

thank you all for your ongoing support

Mayor: thank you on behalf of your cmnty, all work you’ve done -- elite grp of professionals

Cass: personally want to thank you; last year amazing pres(entation) -- went home and told my son to join

he did and he has totally loved it

went to Dinner on the Dock, magical evening

lovely ppl however seated next to Cclr Cam


Mayor: and to successor Scott Smith

[6:16] delegation received for information, with thanks.


5. Proposed Temporary Use Permit No. 16-051 (Evelyn by Onni) (File: 1010-20-16-051)

At the Sept 12 reg mtg Ccl rec'ved the report dated Aug 19 re proposed TUP No. 16-051 (Evelyn by Onni) and set the date for consideration for October 3, 2016.

Reports received up to and including September 22, 2016:





Temporary Use Permit for Evelyn by Onni

August 19, 2016

September 12, 2016


Written Submissions received up to and including September 22, 2016: None to date


This is from Onni; TUP parking near east .. &&&

bn taken to secure permit; Onni held mtg at site, about five ppl ... Staff recommends approval


E. Hughes, Onni: SLIDES

building on Lisa’s presentation; approx occupancy Spring 2017 Lot 3; 23 terraced homes

SLIDE of const progression Aug 2016

Great Slide clearly showing lots 6, 8, 9,10, 11

no permits for 9,10, and 8

close to submitting applicns for remaining lots in fall of 2017

have permits for Lot 7 where we're starting then to Lot 9 &&& [6:32]

8 spring of 2018; Evelyn Walk and Lot 7

adjacent to lot 3? spring next year

Another slide with Lots marked : 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10

propsed planting adj to Lot 10 plan to finalize planting plan

adjacent to 7 and 8, apt temp gravel sidewalk replace with concrete when finalized

parking¦¦ east side of Lot 9 ¦..

looking for opps for ’turn-arounds’ for trucks

Slide: Construction Parking [6:27]

2hr parking along Arthur Erickson Place — some District Signage

Construction Staging

W ... Lot 7 shd be completed by Spring 2019


Mayor: one person has

James Spack: actually there are two ppl who have signed up

Tom Doyle: live at Arthur Erickson place; forest edge 1 and 2, Lot 5

71 residences in 1 and 2; overlook Lot 6, adj to Lot 5 - ~15 feet of planting

will have a direct overlook of this area

what we see of Lot 9, inappropriate to store stuff that close to residences

leave Lot 6 alone and leave it as a buffer

Lot 7 is going to take 2 - 3 years

EPS2592, I’m prez of the strata Ccl; we object

Mayor: have you made that point?


James Spack: thank you for that presentation

overlooking Forest Edge in Lot 9

the three-year temp permit, live in a construction zone, Onni needs room

bland 10 9 6 is inefficient; Lot 8 is larger, more isolated

120 of us living there wd be able to drive down and have to drive down Keith above

app overplanting of Lot 9, First Aid to xxx but don’t see need for &

8 substantial parking for next two years Lots xxx

ab for them to do landscaping to hide that area

give sufficient coverage for timing

don’t object to Onni having right for storage but in Lot 8, ample size

Mayor: Mr Bailey, can you

JB: understand concerns; invite Onni to respond

Mayor: thank you; will get applicant to repond

ONNI: hear loud and clear; wd make Lot 7 easier if allowed on 6

considered when entering in the master plan; staging Lot 6 until 7+ completed

we are committed though to mitigate amt of storage; cd store on lot 9 but want Lot 6 for some

Cam: any way we can convince you to limit to Lot 6? wd you consider that?

[6:36] Ans: not a & expert; think we cd commit to using that parcel plan for Lot 7 and EWalk; and use Lot 6

Mayor: cd approve motion 8 9 10 and if doesn’t meet your needs Onni cd come back and ask for Lot 6

looking for guidance

LB: we cd look at it as moving in westerly direction

Mayor: enough for the motion then

Sop moved:

- all written/oral submissions re prpsed TUP (Evelyn by Onni) up to + including the Ccl mtg held on Oct 3 be rec'd for info.


- proposed TUP, wch wd allow for temp vehicle parking lots and construction materials storage and staging on portions of Lots 8, 9, and 10 at Evelyn by Onni for up to three years, be approved.

Sop: happy with it if they do what they say theyre going to do

three years

Mayor: saying can do it without using Lot 6

CARRIED [6:40]

6. Community Energy and Emissions Plan: Final Report (File: 0332-03)

Appendix A – Summary Report Appendix B – Full Technical Report

R Fung: remarks; intro of WG

David Hawkins: SLIDES

Better Climate, Better Cmnty: CEEPlan [6:42]; move toward implementation

hand it over to {Chair} Charlotte McLaughlin

CMcL: work in industry, lived in wV for 28 years

Tarah Stafford; Freda Pagani; Jenn Moore (BCIT); David Van Seters; Maciej Sobczyk

xxx ... have learned a lot energized by them; Peter Scholefield not able to attend

ack Pat Cunning proud of earth month, continue as a a legacy

A?e Boston lead consultant

WG Purpose and Mbrs [6:46]

need for action on Climate Change — flooding around Silk Purse


250K tonnes of GHG ev year DWV emits

WG Objectives ... Cmnty Priorities and Climate Action, eg walking ... WG Process ... Cmnty Engagement Events

turn over to Jannie Moore

JM: Strategic [6:51] SLIDES

Cypress V; Housing & Land Use; multi-oriented houses¦

Retrofit, Reimagine, Renovate, Rebuild; Housing stock 4.8 to 1.1; Roll + Stroll; Trash + Treasure; Cross Cutting Priorities

my colleague Van Seters knows about the most fun


How far will the Plan take us?

starting from a base of 2010, how far can we go by 2040?

BAU = Biz as Usual

WV ahead of the curve so no expect

but from transp, adoption of electric vehicles

bldg sector [6:58]

BC Hydro decarbonizing

will get a 40% reduction, some gains on bldg size by 2040

SLIDE of GHFF Projections 2010-40

was a goal, reduce 50% by 2050

use our 2040 and expand to 2050 we have a reasonable

feel we shd stick with 80%

we have big ideas; will take a lot of courage SLIDE [7:01]

prop tax calc partly based on energy use; opp ev year to reduce tax you pay

charge all sgl-fam homes for energy retrofit measures with a 5yr payback

can avoid paying if &&&

Create an Energy Bylaw to be hooked up¦ ultra-low energy systems

Create a Carbon Neutral Reserve Fund from CARP Grant to support emission reductions¦.

Five Ways to DEV and get started

walkable village nodes; missing middle housing; retrofits and revitalization; walking/biking connections between village nodes and schools; sharing cmnty; Implementation

Recomms ... annual reporting, [list]

LAST WORD -- putting all of our begs into one basket

make GHG central to activity

if you do that; we’ll definitely vote for you

Cclr Lewis did a fab job

{get QTN}

Mayor: thank ... professionalism

Sop: can see advocacy in your eyes; all that hard work, commended for that

$s needed; seems a large amt of staff time, has a cost to it

true cost to citizens, when talking to

ANS: always a cost and time required

40 bundles of activities; tried to calc time, relatively moderate costs

min cost, moderate, or high and only two came out with high, xxx, and rest in middle [7:11]

Sop: Eagle Lake almost neutral; ¦ BPP

DH: did

future focus is Cyp V, has been factored in

Sop: any decisions to move fwd will be brought back to Ccl

DH: commit to plan, we’ll bring back re funding, xxx

Sop: Canada, only 2%

go up to Petronas xxx tons; what does that say?

Mayor: we can only control what we can control; WV shining example

JM: more pleasant to live in; allows ppl to ...

lived my whole life here, you know, Bill, we were on the APC 30 years ago — we were teenagers then

MB: much technical info

re implementation matrix — where do we start

how devpd table and rely on for our values, lead to good decision re implementation?

look at transportation — rapid and ¦ cycling¦. 2.4¦ makes me think put our dollars

this matrix


JM: maybe ask our consultant

Consultant: look at p 80

costs and other priorities; matrix of opps and trade-offs made

here top identified priorities; focus on growth walkable cmtes, create senior residences

bit decision-making structure; understand, WG close collaboration with staff

MB: plans to impl so xxx [7:18]

ANS: incremental; can be leveraged; incremental cost for staff, but to integrate rather than initiate

Cam: this is great; don’t know where to start but in the interests of time, one

largest component is from bldgs; you’ve suggested gentle ways; in future divesity

can’t do anything to mack? two ppl &&& ... make it [7:20]

re traffic heard it said a bigger bridge, xxx

seems to me you’ve either shied away or avoided max housing size

nibbling around the edges; houses being built in WV are gigantic in a global sense

Mayor: who wants to tackle that

JM: ¦. if Ccl wants to be bold; give choice; activate existing villages; where we can do infill

pass it over to Matchey {pronunciation of Maciej}: any bldg use zero energy

huge movement toward net zero bldgs; doesn’t matter if 10 or 10Ksf; allocate technologies; Q of how built

maybe ev day and not rocket science and doesn’t cost a fortune; displace as much

Cam: my stepfather built a passive house

{Mentioned earlier so researched it. Passive House is explained in ArchitectureWatch in the last WVM (issue 5-6.5, p 91)}

all the materials, a completely diff Q

when you build huge houses on huge lots; service them; get in car and drive

all I wd say is, this is great; more fundamental choices; max house size, think there is in NV

we didn't last year

wd meet many of the goals; I’m quibbling

fundamental changes we cd make

ANS: the plan has several elements; places, houses, and zoning

we have zoning in BPP large lots but can’t subdiv

xxx ... will be interest if small shops within walking areas

try to implement measures¦. strategic, like zoning; question of how

Cass: tyvm for all your hard work

fan in me, rabid recycler; known on first-name basis; shdn’t brag about it

topic fascinating, av taxpayer, is grabbing pocketbooks

so this is just passing in principle so anything costs will come back to Ccl

come back to Ccl, so, last Q: who’s paying for an electric car, who’s paying

ANS; not now, will have

Cass: so, taxpayer

???: one in PkRoyal

Sop: cdn’t hear

ANS: some shopping ctrs. etc

Cass: as a cmte did you approach car-to-go for incentive?

MALE: did approach MODO, some work needs to be done by Dist to facilitate where they can park

Cass: broke my promise; what xxx [7:30]

ANS: has to be place for cars to park so target market

car-sharing companies will tell you what they need

RF: vanS has already said

some of the densities in WV might not xxx the

right now only place car-to-go is HBay and to be serving Bowen Island; does require parking spaces

take away eg in Amb and have them used exclusively

Gamb: all kinds of things to ask, some have been asked, so, can someone tell me why WV is at 4.8Tpp when av is 3.1?

ANS: mainly small bungalows, don’t have any industry; coupled with automobile dependency

Gamb: insulate your homes [7:33] ... and “densify


ppl have to get started, change

size of homes, on p4 — encouraging xxx perf for v large homes; cd you pls put a number

ANS: politically correct

Gamb: xxx

ANS: number of ppl

w/ husband 1000sf for ten years and happy -- maybe sqft per person?

Gamb: with your help we can nail that down

for Planning’s sake

my cousin in Boulder, CO -- cannot build over 2900sf &&& [7:36] -- they’ve done it there, here?

how can we ensure this fab plan doesn’t gather dust?

DH: three parts of the motion; planning land-use related

looking for direction in 6mos to report back and update, tell Ccl wrt going fwd

[7:37] MOTION:

1. The Better Climate, Better Cmnty: WV CEEP, Summary Report and Full Technical Report (att'd as Appendices A and B respectively to the report from the Manager of Community Planning) be adopted;

2. Staff commence CEEP implementation through the OCP review and other key departmental work plans; and

3. Staff report back six mos from the date of Ccl adoption w/ a status update on implementation progress to date and directions for next steps.

Mayor: as one motion?


Mayor: we’ve

Gamb: we’ve asked Qs, not spoken

all of these seven have worked past two years xxx

this is a group that has saved us thousands of dollars

a round of applause to start


give you a few months off ... move fwd

Cam: one anecdote

when discussing who shd be rep; all thought a fun ... seem to recall Lewis was quiet

looked over, and if the ppl able to convince Lewis made sense; will be something pass muster

so put the biggest skeptic; he agreed

within a couple of months it was shocking what was coming out of his mouth; only had positive


he talked about hearts and mind and think you guys captured his heart and mind; testament; thank you for that

what we’re going to do but you put us on the right path

Mayor: passed unan; thank you for all your good work

7. West Vancouver Corporate Energy & Emissions Plan (File: 0540-01) Appendix A – Corporate Report [7:42]

RF: ask Doug McKee (energy mgr); K to give an overview


through consultants, company and me {not myself!}

Staff ask be adopted; staff report back after a year

physical and financial impacts in future

largest GHG is from heating buildings

Graph of Corporate GHG inventories; opps for quick reductions; has dropped 35%

District carbon neutral for a period of time; Dist has been taking measures; small, anti-idling, LED lights, computer control,


recogn further measures SLIDE: Continuing Progress

actions require staff [not always $$$]; more electric and hybrid vehicles; vehicle-trip planning

Staff recommends implement and begin on plan, thank you for your time

Mayor: mbr of public wishes to speak Mark LXX -- not here?

Cam: understand there are targets; reduction of 33% and 80% by 2050 -- believe you’re proposing less than that

DMcK: 33% target, now we’re at 18%

[things can help us get to that

Cam: prov targets are based on xxx [7:52]; consistent rule, no govt in Canada has met

BC is xxx to blow past theirs

xxx hope meet those

don’t want to be another logistics, sets a target that isn’t met b/c erodes ev citizens confidence in process; quite corrosive

Chretien set targets and didn’t meet

xxx [7:53] you fully intend to meet — workable path?

DMcK: some involve replacexxx some vehicles

observational and behavioural change — low cost and quite val

wrt equipment at Aquatic Ctr, new, much more efficient

can’t always tell when replacement — emergency or planned; has to go

2007 to 2020 have made it more than half way, xxx

Cam: v careful answer

think you said we cd make the targets but comes down to cost

DMcK: so then p2? budget $2 - 3M

$350K; imp maintain that mix of cost and benefits

spending that money

balancing Ccl’s goals: get cost savings, energy savings, that cmnty can stomach

guess xxx say we’ll try that and see if it works

DMcK; faircomment and that will be GHGs, been reporting, but a doc will allow a certain focus among staff.

track benefit as well

Cam: track is important; meet targets

Gamb: bit of a segue; had a target since 2012; let’s have staff tell us how to do it and cost

if want to be as good a citizen then xxx; don’t want to pussyfoot around for two years and not [7:59]


Gamb: p 51, 2 (check)

fleet up 10% ... why not

DMcK: bldgs have more pieces, can xxx

fleet — xxx ... if more work needs to be done on roads, more fuel used for that

more work has been done on the bldg side b/c a focus on that

have a fleet mgr interested in GHG; also how soon replaced but he has no control

as with weather hard to control from year to year

RF: I can supplement

we have ageing infrastructure and Ccl has emphasized [8:01]

so more crews on the road and vehicles whether tandem truck or backhoe, increase the toal

paying more attn to asset renewal

Cam moved:

1. The WVCEEP “Corporate EEP (att'd as Appendix A to the report from the Energy Manager) be adopted;

2. Staff implement the WVCEEP through existing and future sustainability plans and through key deptal work plans; and #

3. Staff report back 12 mos from the date of Ccl adoption w/ a status update on implementation progress to date and directions for further action.

CARRIES [8:03]

8. Official Community Plan Review: Progress Update and Next Steps (File: 2517-02)

Mayor: be thorough but quick, got 25 signed up

DH: this is an information report, outline steps, and opps

SLIDES: Progress to Date (alphabetical), with comments

mature cmt, have an OCP; recently Waterfront

decade of WG reports, etc

wd like an updated OCP in 2018

Refresh — want to educate the cmnty (capture WG/work)

[Engagement re?] Streams

1 — Envmtal policies; Heritage strategic plan; Housing policies (nbrhd/character); trans policies; Parks; Upper lands

Wd like to start next year wrt policies, OCP guiding principles (check if still resonate, are there others?)

reconnect with Chairs and other stakeholders

draft updated strategies, grouped thematically; engage cmnty (open houses and surveys)

end of 2017/2018, summarize and analyze


2 — Deeper Dives: PkR, up TWay; HBay, Cyp V; in the middle of MDr process (survey and mtg this week), Amb Town Ctr 2017 pending completion of MDr

SLIDE of outreach mtgs with stakeholders; start with Qs not ANSd; wider launch of Town Ctr process; planning proc, view options; preferred directions; proposed plan

timing of Cyp V subject to cost-recovery details; will involve a WG

TWay Corridor, estimate 2018; HBay, post 2018

2018 OCP to provide framework for detailed review; planning area

These two streams to proceed in tandem; influence each other

roundtable disc; survey since last week; mtgs Nov/Dec come back to Ccl Nov 28

early 2017 OCP one; Amb Launch

Mayor: think that was v clear, app that.

Cass made motion: THAT the report dated September 15, 2016 be received for information.

Gamb: my only concern, all great, is prioritizing last three; CypV coming before TWay and OCP

have heard a lot of ppl speak about TWay two years ago when [Grosv]

think CypV is a great idea but don’t think time; it shd be third of the three

{yes, several have wondered why Cypress V has been moved up, esp since not listed with Ccl's seven priorities. hm. BPP?}

Cam: unf TWay be delayed, not till end of 2018, two years; explore ways to speed the process up

HBay and TWay; agree with Gamb; some interest but

Sop: end of Whitby states and RCrk be a look at a small shopping ctr; money put away by BPP and [8:20]

am sure can carry on with CypV including all the nes? doing to date

MB: gone in and out of plan

even though on the list, given the comments on the report; not going to have a xxx review

DH: each getting what deserved; implies a sequence r

given [Sewell’s) so xxx &&& [8:22]

MB: so four nbrhds not HBay

DH: cd be

MB: just the village, not the Bay, Gleneagles...

Cass: have to concur with Gamb, vast maj of ppl others of interest

Sewell’s to see I and E the op Sewell’s is offering

far more imp to me -- equally imp to me, is our lands at 22nd and Gordon; make money value of $ went up

when I joined Ccl my eyes opened up -- seniors; chn

not wanting to live in WV, not b/c of me

22nd/Gordon mixed housing; bring in young ppl, restaurants, xxx

sometimes you have to change to stay the same

growing up here lots of¦. lots of kids

Mayor: my daughter and three grandchn live in WV; vibrant and happy way of life

[a few claps]

9. Proposed Coach House at 5826 Eagle Island (File: 1010-20-15-074 / 1610-20-4914)

CBishop?: tonight’s mtg is not a PH

38Ksf second largest prop on Eagle Island

SLIDES showing map, features, tennis court, trees, etc; proposed coach house [8:29]

revert to l.35, live in it while renovate house, then rent coach house

number of concerns: parking on mainland, xxx, impact on docks, services, character, etc

supported by staff on technical merits

staff recogn signif concerns and limited capacity for coach houses on the island

applicant has agreed to —- parking, etc -- limiting to .26 while coach house; PH

applicant here to ans

[Mayor Smith left the mtg at 8:28pm, Cclr Sop assumed the Chair. Mayor Smith returned at 8:29pm, assumed the Chair.]

Sop: was there a comment made wrt a visit to Eagle Island

structures on the Island at a maximum

RF: want to understand fulness of that Q to services

unique situation; parking reqmt cannot be met within the island but has to be met from the mainland

along Egl Hbr Rd opps to park a vehicle; Q is what wd be traded off? a gen public parking by (coach?) house user

re water, capacity, we just completed a master water study that beyond the island might not have the fire-flow pressure

sewer and water in existence

Sop: in anticipation of more say up to four new open doors, is it the Engg position wd not hv to be any upgrading to water and sewer?

RF: think that’s why before you

coach house approp in this place but given an island not mentioned is boat access, storage, barges

physical limitations, how many/much more can be

think the primary issue before Ccl is the coach house xxx

based on an applicant-by-applicant squeeze another, at some point can’t; for consideration by Ccl

Sop: re fire suppression on the Island; spoke to Fire Dept — 911, fire boat from Vanc -- ppl on island told they'd have to look after themselves

go past a certain point; certain restrictions, cannot use those boats

ANS: firefighters will not go over to

{GET THIS [8:38] }

MB: what size house wd this accommodate?

ANS: 13,400ft size not including exemptions wch depend on basement, etc xxx ... acceptable this

MB: no restriction on number of cars anyone can own, right?

RF: staff hv bn working with isanders and mainlanders to come up with an arrangement on practical terms

all realize accommodate the needs of both groups; designate stalls, certain pkg permits issued

if more units on island those arrangements wd hv to be revisited

along Hbr Rd and limited spots so wd have to take away a spot from public and dedicate to islander

makes servicing challenge for staff


Chris Poulter: my wife and live ... short video to show you our plans

coach house process in 2013/14; first notified our nbrs in Jan 2015; provide renderings to all islanders and have updated in 2016; no negatives but two major concerns; parking and water access

our plan does not result in a sgl lost space on island or Road

one add’l space on EHbr Rd where undeveloped road

adequate barge space to allow for three coach houses; docks not at capacity

Planning stated xxx for barge parking

if barge mooring ever an issue at a future date, a cable ferry and eliminate need for barges

a few years ago, concern re access for emergency personnel; a cable ferry wd address that

advised by utilities, advised adequate 140PSI

since video 58.

advised water already affected

my wife, a realtor represented and no problem with the water; cd hv been a &&&

our proposal meets all the coach house guidelines xxx

note to Cass; will also be recycling a xxx structure into a livable home

[8:46] sw corner 5826 Eagle Island

video ~7min: ~ photos parking, water access, dock due for [upgrading?} has excess; infrastructure, nature of island

larger house permitted, nearly on a creek

Mayor: thank you

[Councillor Cameron left the meeting at 8:47 and returned to the meeting at 8:48pm.]

Gamb: Q for staff; realize applicn for a coach house; going there as a kid many underbuilt so cd be added to; so we wdn't have any say except for sqft

no say re how many ppl, cars, parents to live wth them. ¦. so no

ANS: props can be developed, through a bldg permit cd be

no control over occupants — 2 or 6 ppl no power

Gamb: a house cd be built 13Ksf above ground so cd be 18Ksf and xxx cu ft of rocks blasted out

Ans: 13.4K not included in exemptions (re basement cu m 600 of blasting

Gamb: so nbrs cdn't

ANS: yes, wd go through

Gamb: someone who’s going to speak, when about 10, had a v good friend, came across on a barge, crank a big barge

what happened to those? not shared with whole cmnty rather than xxx barges now

Mayor: now hear from the public;

know you’ve been waiting; will call two names at a time: Colin White followed by Keiko Mori

Colin White: in the video; didn’t address the seven homes that don’t use that dock but have the right to do so; .actually does, xxx ... dinghy shortest distance,¦. spots not usable so not really as presented

Keiko Mori: lived on island for 27 years

things have changed, some welcome, some not; all realize have to adapt; didn’t have to compromise fundamentals

tremendous stress in our cmnty; maj here remain adamant; derogation of cmnty

probs with docks, parking, sewage¦.

families grown so more pkg stalls required; two hv been compromised

dock spaces; when my daughter came back from Vic, she called me middle of night; low tide no space

if this is to be accepted, all these others shd be accepted, not just this space

doesn’t know how

Terry Duncan: directly to east; my remarks all not just this

commend in 2014 not to allow coach house; nothing has changed

parking: the open across from the Yacht Club re full, many speaking illegally; 1/4 of a mile at Eagle Hbr; islanders wd prefer illegal parking¦ adding... wd not meet [9:08]

reason having probs, at low tide parking not accessible

moved here this year; so many so helpful; sense of nbrliness; w/ only one trail, do run into your nbrs frequently

house cd change the nature

Vanc short-term rentals changing

unf indeed that E Island cd lose the advantage; thank you

Mayor: thank you for coming

Ian Parker: 5869; three-time graduate of Juillard

living on the island; imp to teach, students can’t park, so relocated to Bby, live

hard time parking — at full capacity both for vehicles and barges

it is a magical place xxx; fully understand in NYC; just think it’s not going to work

Pierre Lebel: owned a home for over 7 years; v opposed to sec joined by 80+%

also includes ppl at end of E Hbr Rd; this opposition is not a matter of inconvenience

not part of plan. not possible to have off parking¦.. [9:12]

parking has always bn and always will be —- no room for more

limited applicns; a lot wd apply; then expect Ccl to provide

not like on Mathers, not fair to anyone else so can't look at in

opposition has been known to proponents ever since proposed

applcn compels ev on the island to accommodate in ways not anticipated

an Eagle Island Residents’ Assn has been formed

Cam: how many barges?

ANS: also one by xxx for 25 years; ... on loading

Man stood up: barge not there for repairs so using dinghy

XXX: my ... now xxx John and Ruth Broack(sp?) for the island

Mayor: conclude

XXX: docks and xxx are v confining

to proceed to PH will expand the opposition and xxx and xxx

join with maj, ask you to reject

Angela Steininger: prop owner 5865

strong oppo whether attached or detached; not a coach house but cd have a sec ste; wish to state against both attached or detached

22 our o 33 opposed xxx

owned for 15 years; cannot accommodate multi unless without [9:17]

unable to get a ¦.

use of beaches; unique infrastructure CC not approp

strange to reverse this decision when no changes have occurred ... not increased

also opposed by residents at end of EHbr Rd

clearly against stated will of highest..&&&

not xxx ... not taking anything from anyone, just not giving more

We sent emails after the cutoff how do we get

about 15 xxx up and handed in letters

George Sinclair: 5870 on north side, lived there permanently since 1968 — longest, chose knowing all the difficulties

agreed with Ccl’s decision in 2014; nothing has changed, got worse

ccl report re DWV planning ... prop owners have obtained parking

these spots were not purchased or by joining the Yacht Club were provided by an agreement betw DWV and Yacht Club and sublease 1989

during the week, WVYC for more barge parking; ev won’t be parked there all the time but space must be av when needed; we don’t use them, deliveries, etc., am sure Planning hasn’t included these 7 barges going through the¦


we plan to use in off periods

therefore request rejected at first reading; precedent

John Owen; new owner 5822; one year ago went to Hll? RS6

no coach houses allowed and our real estate agent confirmed that

knew the plans Steph and Christ also an architect, not suitable b/c

I come home most evenings about 11 — there’s one spot left; come at 3pm no prol

3 cars parked illegally, won’t park at Telegraph Trail — groceries walk

I’m an architect, no site elevation showing

tennis court 20+ ft above

looks directly into our 3rd floor bathroom and shower [9:26]

we submitted these concerns in writing Jan this year and no reply

so in short; not go to PH and put a moratorium on coach houses

Patricia Skill: haven’t been there for many years — no cars, no service vehicles, no garbage dump

on my side 5700 no one on EHbr Rd, cannot park

bring more, use our street, we aren't

beside my house the dump is beside my house

good days and ¦ bn promised by District wd be moved

xxx hidden in trees

had it moved xxx

I still live in my house, for 40 years

why more when we can’t even deal with xxx

another barge at end? didn’t show you our and nbrs; won’t be able to get our xxx out if you put xxx there

Pat Hindley: 5834; 33 years

harmony; life style; differences resolve in days, returned

in cntrast last 22 mos the most destructive; won’t speak to me

lack of

2/3 maj doc w/ request for answers

applicants and rest of us 22 xxx confusing and unfair

my opposition is wrt the finite nature

xxx close friend or not

maximize within the law but there are times we’re called on to consider the greater good

isn’t that the case here?

emergency vehicles depended on/ have to be able to move xxx about; public parking

WV families with chn; the safest and most child-friendly beach

*? houses have not applied

reject, cancel PH, and xxx

misinformation and xxx to invite greater confusion [9:32]

Jill Amery: opposition in no way personal; wd stand in front of you regardless of who

wrote last week

the day I moved to E Island discovered I was pregnant; other son; others handed down {clothes/toys}

in this ugly scary world, rarely find

parking in more inaccessible when go on holiday


in the past two years changed; xxx atmosphere toxic

watch young mums minivans, strollers, struggle to

glance at Zack Efron

public parking shd stay public

we cd all make more money with xxx

not sustainable and not interest in cmnty

teach them not to take selfies

take [9:35] xxx

precedent-setting and will change heritage of island


L Clothier: 29 years now 20 and 17 unf husband away

both strongly oppose coach houses; wd be same opposition no ma

true integrity

no room for addl transp

E Island is at full capacity

Jamie Greig: strong opposition not only to this coach house but all on E Island

in 2014 Zone RS6

unique challenges and unique geography

poor understanding of day-to-day living and xxx

on p5 says appears capa for more parking

7 barges have the right

shd be included in count

rowboats tied xxx esp during high wind and strong current; safety ladder

I’m an ofcr with Cdn Coast Guard -- most critical, has not addressed emerg services

Mr. B’s statement that wd not fight on island

xxx relies exclusively, xxx require unimpeded

at all times, Coast Grd SAR, xxx not possible

essential at N end essential

rowboats easy to move, barges are not xxx

also requesting cancel


Ruth Brock: my husband and I love living here and our nbrs

cannot support more ppl; water pressure much less than before

nbrs up the hill say can’t take a shower b/c pressure so low

expensive to park illegally

my husband disabled, HYC towed, $300

xxx was told never allow xxx ... another¦¦ all this nec

wd hv to be dealt with; our reasons not a


Stephen Follett: at north end

I’ve written numerous emails to Ccl and Planning since 2015

none of those concerns addressed in the report

a report in 2001; water — recomm standpipe be upgraded and hasn’t; serves my house and those below; our houses ...

putting more density, a further draw

Ccl shd be upgrading the water system before ¦

suspend, think it shd be quashed; shd be broader notice — ppl also park up on Seaview Trail

ppl in the public shd know; in summer put notices b/c many use ...

wd also like to address the law

sec of RS6 3.1A may be approved provided all the xxx and guidelines

allowed xxx standards, however 923 as amended, sec 2 must be ¦.

since the coach house 3Fi; rear ¦ of lot

Ccl does not have the authority

even if it has Dd? has no auth even if $7500 public

any person is able somewhere else

Mayor: if

ANS: applicant had

David Vance: in spite of pretty pictures; strongly oppose

report says satisfactorily address but xxx still

water pressure seems to hv bn given cursory

emergency xxx

EHYC — impedes on public parking

Movie company often given exclusive parking

summer ppl coming xxxx

concept can’t grasp

doesn’t consider 20 or so dinghy reqmts; high tides and winds can cause havoc; coast guard

my opp is not NIMBY it’s about [9:49]


harmony; xxx

increases demands on infra¦.

is not harmonious ... fails all aspects of xxx

list of objections v long; respectfully

Mayor: get through this quickly

C Poulter: put my name on the list not knowing if I shd do so

many comments on what speakers; wdn’t be able to do it in 3min

Mayor: speaking as a citizen you only have 3 min

Poulter: will house 2, max 3, ppl; won’t have any noticeable impact on Island

not reducng anybody's parking

hope go to next step on 24th

Joe Fry: don’t envy position — hardship and fairness

looking around the room, can see

am looking at restricted resources

when I look at what is required for one coach house must make provision for others

water sewage and garbage issues — a disgrace

how ... xxx been asked by some on island if they cd use my place fo parking

one space or if I had a coach house, why can’t I come to you and ask for one


look out and no room for barges

I care about these ppl, a lot over 70, emergency - can’t access if more barges

wd ask you to deny this.

Mayor: [9:55]

Cam: move extend mtg to the end of agenda biz


we’re on¦

Pippin O'Neill: at capacity; concerned, Ccl even considering more; keep RS 6 in place

Mayor: thank you for being brief


Kyla Beyer: 700ft cottage; I love

if coach houses go through; beautiful postage stamp of island and can’t accomm more ... wheelbarrow

Barny MacKenzie; 27 years, you’ve all been to my coffee shop

just no room; no spaces on E Island dock

don't think I shd do it


then ever

MB moved; Gamb: s

MB: oh

Mayor: xxx let’s vote on first one ... add xxx

[MOVED by Booth, seconded by Gambioli:

proposed coach house plans be added as Sched A of Appx B to the report dated Sept 15 re “Proposed Coach House at 5826 Eagle Isl] Mayor: motion carries; now can get on to

MB moved

THAT proposed “Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4914, 2016 be read a first time.

Gamb seconded?

MB: have been over to Eagle Island and it is a sp place

go back to when it all started

Ccl is dealing with affordable

ev except for Eagle Island b/c capacity issues

but at that time Mr Poulter came to Ccl, at each mtg and said pls apply to E Is

each time staff said can’t but b/c unique

2014 all WV except ffor RS6, but Mr Poulter was told you can come to Ccl and apply for a rezoning

there is policy on our books that compels Ccl to consider ¦¦. subject to site-specific

so our own policy requires us to consider coach houses b/c gentle density xxx

applicants considerale time; owe them to go to PH

it’s not about the coach house, it's about our policy, his day in court and to publicly; think it’s unfair not to go

did mention housing affordability

biggest fear I hear from the cmnty is that will somehow set a precedent and open the floodgates

Staff have said cd xxx up to three coach houses

don’t think E Is wd be overrun

wd set a precedent — a voluntary downzoning — suggest from the coach house

vol CAC for a parking spot wch cost money ?

before going to design, there is a further process on design, view, etc

considerable expense in a rezoning faint of heart and light of pocketbook; $6K, design/architect

we are the gatekeepers, and despite my avocation as a lawyer, not just [10:06]

if all of these things

is it economic; only someone who is driven to do it

grand total in all of WV is 7 or 8 applicns re building coach houses

going to cost $250K to build a CH and doesn’t add value

those are the mitigating factors and do believe only fair re process and go to PH

Gamb: won’t repeat but will add

it’s tough one, 40 years ago

friends on Passage Island

when I try to interpret what was said, not go forward; my interpretation — others against increasng

how do we downzone or &&& anyone from [10:09]

hear a moratorium adding another person or anyone driving a car


don’t want to use any services

any senior going to a

no more than two ppl can move into a house


goes on and on and not sure where it can go

a lot of concerns

on the mainland, dealing w/ a lot of issues; nbrs concerned about constr next door; it’s a little bit like be careful what you wish for, the building or owner will sell and leave, and will build a house 5x the size and cut down ev tree

this is a tough one

going to be difficult in the future to hv ev the same

dealing with than in Amb and Dund xxx

Cass: I grew up in Eagle Hbr; swum and any times over in the Island

when I wd get to the other side I’d ask why wd anyone go through — getting there carrying

you put up with to enjoy

I don’t agree with Cclr Booth to PH

how much...

heard maj of residents; have read those emails, have walked all over those; island visited last year

just b/c an applicn begins ... that we’re obligated to

it’s merely leading the ppl on

have heard from owners had chn there; raised fam; so not a question of xxx

we don’t want b/c more coach houses

was not on Ccl when xxx asked in 2014

put site specific and that [10:14]

nothing against Mr Poulter or the xxx of ... we'll be opening the door

he will limit and don’t disagree he xxx ... at some point he might want to sell; we hv no guarantee not going to come down and build that xxx home b/c that wd be his right

all still in place

40 years, cd barely put a toe on the beach let alone find a parking space

&&& re parking

not going to support, a Solomon’s choice

weighed the wishes of the many against the wishes of the one ... divisive

don’t believe to &&& [10:16] xxx stand behind xxx

Sop: did a bit of my homework, went with applicants to home, open and friendly; 1 1/2 hrs, made my own assessments

then went to listen to 22 ppl in a house, reasons opposed to a coach house

as I listened I began to feel more to this than just an application for a house

shown boats, parking; why ppl live there

livability; a happy to be here smugness b/c so great to live there; am sure applicants the same way

a lot of thought, my position, cannot support going ahead to a PH

it wd be precedent-setting; staff said not b/c each had to go through merit of change

you’re allowed two boarders there; multiplying as a way of life

looking at all the work applicants have done; heard from nbrs; other nbrs saying I might go for a coach house as well

well-being and a sense of truce

passion for that island is sitting right here in front of us and something that shd be protected

for a few¦. many

[Councillor Cameron left the meeting at 10:17 and returned at 10:18pm.]

Mayor: no one else has signed up to speak

piece of prop ideal for a coach house; only problem is that it’s on E Island

has a finite capacity for how many can live there

don't see a lot of coach house applicns but sec stes

don’t know how we cd deny

while tenor of the island wd change, unfair to ppl who live there

I don’t support going to PH -- a lot of reasons

doesn't mean emerg response police and fire 7min talked to Police Chief cd in 10 - 15 min and depended something there

someone there looting your home

don’t think compound(?)

doubling ... xxx; not sup

porting so that’s my point

Cam: Milan Kundera’s ¦.

{I recognized the reference to Kundera’s Unbearable Lightness of Being, so later asked him to clarify his point:

"The point of Kundera's book is that nothing really matters and you can do what you want because we are going to die soon anyway. My point in referencing the book is that the motion was going down to defeat anyway, since 3 out of 6 had declared their opposition, so the motion was destined to die and it didn't matter what I did."}

3 to 3 wd defeat

good to register my views; hv bn troubled by ¦. of residents

almost an existential fight

never as an elected official want to shove something down someone’s throat they don’t want

xxx do feel bad for Mr Poulter, told to apply

staff support, made concessions, and not even going to get a PH

shd hv just closed the door when the coach house policy

useless to say much more

this is not an application for xxx on E Island

even our coach house policy on the mainland, gives Mr Bailey to make xxx

eg if two on a block may not approve the next

said for all, is factually wrong; wdn’t be the case

this isn’t a Q of a coach house and a pristine

prop might get sold and new house w/ 20 bedrooms — that’s their choice

and it’s not re coach house, about permit

3rdly, unless you want to build a coach house anywhere, won’t benefit you

allow some identity, variety, ev including myself that coach house doesn’t really benefit me, xxx

is it the place for a coach house, no

nbrs are going to have to accomm coach houses

not more than seven coach houses in ten years ... this xxx

Mayor: you haven’t said your vote

Cam: that’s what the vote's for

{MOTION re read for first time FAILS so addl motions dropped}

from Minutes:

DEFEATED – TIE VOTE Mayor Smith and Councillors Cassidy and Soprovich voted in the negative

10. Proposed 2017 Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4916, 2016 (File: 0955-17 / 1610-20-4916)

MOTION: proposed � Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4916, 2016 be read a first, second, and third time [10:28]

Raj Hayre: xxx

Cam: rezoned xxx church site so becomes a real estate devt

Sop: will come a day to see f

RH: not quite clear

Sop: a second look

RH: we look at it from that POV ¦.

so last year’s applicn, extended to cmnty benefit but can be looked at

Gamb: looking at list C

I noticed that some of these institutions do a lot of things besides religious activities (churches, group mtgs, etc) and others seem to do v little; staff suggest they do more

My kid's with Scouts and always looking for a tg place Cmnty Services, know groups needing space

not staff’s place to suggest to move

you can suggest half &&&

AMooi: space is always needed; we’d be happy to talk to these groups

Cass: do we look about mbts, et mostly WV residents

RH: yes, part of the applicn; most are

Gamb: can you pls xxx for public benefit

analysis to be done

MB: even though it comes to Finance, a couple jumped out to me

entirely discretionary, this money $250K being absorbed by taxpayers, so what are we getting so totally legitimate position to take

xxx Mark?: mention to them and say looking at going forward

asking more; Ccl’s discretion and can put this on the list

Mayor: have said re Kiwanis; srs living in an apt pay taxes

as said by cclrs; bear fruit from proper analysis

220 living in prime spot, access to services and not paying taxes

as xxx CAO, Mr Chan take on


11. Proposed: OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4897, 2016; Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4898, 2016; and Phased Devt Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4899, 2016 Sewell’s Landing Devt) (File: 1010-20-15-037 / 1610-20-4897/4898/4899) ###

The proposed bylaws received first reading at the June 6, 2016 Ccl mtg and Ccl scheduled a PH to be held on July 4. At the July 4 sp Ccl mtg Ccl cancelled the July 4 PH (as the applicant had withdrawn their applicn) and scheduled a PH to be held on Sept 19. The proposed bylaws were the subject of a PH held and closed on Sept 19, and received second and third reading at the Sept 19 Ccl mtg. As the PH has closed Cci is not permitted to receive any further submissions re the proposed bylaws.[10:38]

MOTIONS/Bylaws adopted:

proposed “OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4897, 2016 be adopted.

proposed “Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4898, 2016 be adopted.

proposed “Phased Development Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4899, 2016 be adopted.

12. Proposed: 5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4884, 2016, Amendment Bylaw No. 4917, 2016; and Devt Cost Charge (Parks) Ambleside Waterfront 2016 Implementation Expenditure Bylaw No. 4918, 2016 (Proposed 2016 Budget Amendmt and DCC Reserve Fund Expenditure for Ambleside Waterfront 2016 Implementation) (File: 1610-20-4917/4918)

The proposed bylaws received first, second, and third reading at the September 19, 2016 Council meeting.


proposed “[5-Year] Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4884, 2016, Amendment Bylaw No. 4917, 2016

proposed “Devt Cost Charge (Parks) Ambleside Waterfront 2016 Implementation Expenditure Bylaw No. 4918, 2016.

13. New Business (File: 0120-01)


14.1. Correspondence List (File: 0120-24)

> Council Correspondence Update to September 9, 2016 (up to 12:00)

Noon Referred for Action

(1) 2 submissions, August 26-29, 2016, regarding Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation for Harry Greenwood

(Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response)

(2) September 6, 2016, regarding “AIR QUALITY, POLLUTION AND GAS "Leaf" BLOWERS

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Environment Services for consideration and response)

Referred for Action from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Received for Information

(3) 2 submissions, September 6-8, 2016, regarding Proposed Development Permit No. 15-009 for 4361 Erwin Drive

(Referred to September 12, 2016 regular Council meeting)

(4) 6 submissions, September 6-9, 2016, regarding Proposed Sewell’s Landing Development (6695 Nelson Avenue)

(Referred to September 19,2016 public hearing)

(5) September 8, 2016, regarding Proposed Development Variance Permit No. 16-063 for 5204 and 5210 Marine Drive

(6) HUB Cycling, September 8, 2016, regarding “Bike the Night, AGM, More Cycling Courses and Lots More!

Received for Information from Other Governments and Government Agencies

(7) Metro Vancouver, August 31, 2016, regarding “Caring for the Air, MetroV’s 2016 Report on Air Quality and Climate Change

Responses to Correspondence

(8) Director of Engineering and Environment Services, September 8, response re Appreciation for Transit Operator’s Assistance

(9) Manager of Parks Operations, September 8, 2016, response regarding “Garbage management in HSB (Horseshoe Bay)

(10) Mayor Smith, Sept 7, response to City of North Vancouver, “North Shore Rescue/BC Ambulance Service (BCAS) Responders

> Council Correspondence Update to September 16, 2016 (10 a.m.)

Referred for Action

(1) 2 submissions, September 12-15, 2016, regarding Construction Impact

(Referred to Director of Planning and Development Services for consideration and response)

(2) WV Shoreline Preservation Society, Sept 13, re Proposal to Place Rocks in the Intertidal Zone South of Bellevue Avenue (Referred to Director of Engineering and Environment Services for consideration and response)

Referred for Action from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Received for Information

(3) 90 submissions, undated-September 16, 2016, regarding Proposed Sewell’s Landing Development (6695 Nelson Avenue) (Referred to September 19, 2016 public hearing)

(4) September 4, 2016, regarding “Accelerate EV (Electric Vehicles) transition

(5) Sept 10, re “Comments re proposed Dev Permit No. 15-009 4361 Erwin Drive (Previously rec'd at Sept 12 Council meeting)

(6) Sept 12, re “Support for 195-21st Street rezoning (Hollyburn Gardens infill) (Proposed Development Permit No. 14-006)

(7) HUB Cycling, September 13, 2016, regarding “Did you hear about the free beer? (Bike the Night, September 16, 2016)

(8) September 15, 2016, regarding “Empty houses in West Vancouver

Received for Information from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Responses to Correspondence

(9) Senior Community Planner, September 15, 2016, response regarding Construction Impact

> Council Correspondence Update to September 20, 2016 (up to 4:30pm)

Referred for Action

(1) September 14, 2016, re Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

(Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response)

(2) September 16, 2016, regarding “Traffic light 15 & Duchess

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Environment Services for consideration and response)

(3) September 19, 2016, regarding “Vancouver Tree Sale

(Referred to Director of Parks, Culture and Community Services for consideration and response)

Referred for Action from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Received for Information

(4) 50 submissions, undated-September 19, 2016, re Proposed Sewell’s Landing Development (6695 Nelson Avenue) (Previously received at September 19, 2016 public hearing)

(5) C. Parker, September 16, 2016, regarding “DVP 6445 Fox Street (Proposed Development Variance Permit No. 15-072) (Previously received at September 19, 2016 Council meeting)

(6) Vancouver Coastal Health, September 16, 2016, regarding “FW: Talk@the Top (September 21, 2016)

(7) September 19, 2016, regarding “Fwd: Proposed empty house tax

(8) September 19, 2016, regarding “Dear Craig: A rather ˜sick’ City Hall statement:

(9) Ambleside and Dundarave BIA (ADBIA), Sept 20, re “FW: Invitation (Pre-Annual General Meeting Reception, Sept 30, 2016)

Received for Information from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Responses to Correspondence -- No items.

15. OTHER ITEMS -- No Items.

16. Reports from Mayor and Councillors [10:39]

Mayor: Pumpkin Fest v

thx to WVCCS

MB: A good turnout, 40 to 50ppl

new bd, Elizabeth Strenger (sp?) from VanCity; congrats to all the Chamber directors

most of you were there except Cclr Sop

affordability motion didn’t make it to floor to129 not to 136

upside, process is we’ll go to UBCM Exec so basically dead

two v constructive mtgs Ch of Staff and xxx

more to be announced

that motion a worthwhile initiative

going into Sewell’s

let Gamb report on other motion

Gamb : Cclr Booth and I are still speaking even after three nights!

MB: even in the same room!

Gamb: fine increase B85 on the list passed by a unanimous vote; no one spoke against the motion

hope prov will change; we’re making a difference

17. Public Questions and Comments -- none

18. Adjournment [10:43]

~~~ October 17 ~~~

~ 5pm ~ SPECIAL CCL MTG closed b/c:

(c) labour relations or other employee relations;

(f) law enforcement, if the ccl considers that disclosure cd reasonably be expected to harm the conduct of an investigation under or enforcement of an enactment;

(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality;

(I) the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications nec for that purpose; and

(k) negotiations and related discussions re the proposed provision of a M service that are at their prelim stages and that, in the view of the ccl, cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the M if held in public.

Purpose of meeting: proposed provision of a municipal service, labour relations, law enforcement and legal matters.


1. Call to Order [6:04]

Mayor: I am happy to announce that Council reappointed Denise Cook to the Lower Caulfeild Advisory Committee for a one year term.

Foster Parent Appreciation Day is October 20, 2016. Foster Parents make a difference to the lives of many children and families and we salute those who open their hearts and homes to keep children safe and help them to grow.

The Saturday, October 15 article in the Vancouver Sun on the Amalgamated Transit Union's job action told very little of the real story.

The District of West Vancouver (DWV) is surprised and disappointed with the strike. The District been negotiating in good faith and believes an agreement is close.

The DWV has been working with the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) since May 2016 to secure a collective agreement. During this round of bargaining, DWV has provided the ATU with a series of proposed packages intended to reach an agreement.

In this case, DWV has been very clear with the ATU that it is prepared to provide employees with a settlement comparable to the recent Coast Mountain Bus Company agreement. This includes the same general wage increase as well as these improvements:

¢ seniority accrual on sick leave an increased shift differential

¢ an increase to training instructor premiums

¢ improvements to training time provisions

¢ an increase to the uniform cleaning allowance.

The District is also prepared to provide maintenance staff with an ongoing labour market adjustment as well as:

¢ paid meal breaks for charge hands

¢ double time for hours over ten hours

¢ an increased tool allowance.

The ATU has also stated they would like to achieve employer-supported long-term disability premiums even though this change could cost the District an additional two per cent each year. This benefit is not offered by Coast Mountain Bus Company.

The District remains hopeful an agreement can be reached but is concerned this is not possible when the union is holding on to so many proposals that would adversely impact its ability to operate efficiently to meet the needs of the public. Such proposals include no contracting out, elimination of dispatch duties when needed after hours, increased ability to bank time, increased collective agreement language regarding access to driver service awards, and full pay to attend grievance meetings.

DWV values its relationship with all its employees and is committed to providing competitive and fair compensation to those staff in the ATU.


Revised on October 16, 2016:

To add Council meeting minutes to Item 3; and

To add Item 13.5 regarding The Great BC ShakeOut Earthquake Drill (October 20, 2016)

MClk: late addn for Item 6

Cam: happily agree to amendment; amended by adding:

¢ to Item 3 the minutes of the October 3, 2016 special and regular Council meetings;

¢ to Item 4 additional information regarding West Vancouver Historical Society;

¢ to Item 5 additional information regarding West Vancouver Community Foundation;

¢ to Item 6 written submission C-1 re Proposed Devt Variance Permit No. 16-060 for 3378 Radcliffe Avenue;

¢ to Item 9 written submission C-1 re Proposed Amendmt to Devt Variance Permit No. 15-019 for 3603 Marine Dr;

¢ new Item 13.5 regarding The Great BC ShakeOut Earthquake Drill (October 20, 2016)

3. Adoption of Minutes

• October 3, 2016 special and regular Council meetings.


4. West Vancouver Historical Society, regarding Goals and Work in the Community (File: 0055-20-WVMH1)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided. [6:09]

Mayor: former Cclr Rod Day

RD: an alderman and a councillor

Mayor: when did it change?

RD: for the first ten years (1986 to 1996) I was an alderman and when I came back in 2002, councillor.

Mayor: ... a rose by any other name ...

RD: don't know if that was progress or not but here we are

I'm president of WVHS to talk about what we do and what we contribute

Elaine Graham -- tremendous dedication the Natl Monument (Pt A lighthouse)

can’t come tonight, wished she cd

---- text supplied ------- WVHS Council presentation October 17, 2016

The WVHS is a non-profit, public-service organization, open to any individual, association, or professional group interested in celebrating the history of WV. Its purpose is to encourage an awareness and appreciation of West Vancouver’s past, record its history, support the Museum and Archives, and subsidize projects encouraging WV history and heritage.

The society was incorporated under the Society Act in 1980 under the auspices of the Rotary Club; its purpose was to collect and preserve archival material and artifacts. The Society was instrumental in securing the GLH as the site for the WV Museum and Archives, officially dedicated in 1992.

During the past several years the Society has been engaged mainly in three projects: publishing a series of books on the history of WV, 2. Measures to preserve and protect the Point Atkinson Lighthouse, and 3. recently, the West Van Stories (Laura Anderson).

Under the leadership of Jim Carter and Dave Barker, the Society has published a series of books on the history of West Vancouver, all authored by Francis Mansbridge.

1. Cottages to Community (2012), has been a great success and the 3000 copies printed are now now sold out.

2. Arrivals and Departures, the Ferries, and the People of Horseshoe Bay. 2014. We printed 1200 copies of which {fewer} than 100 remain.

3. We are now preparing a third book entitled: Dreams, Designs, and Development, the story of how West Vancouver came to be. The book is about former {councillor} and reeve Joe Leyland during the interwar years and especially on the negotiations that led to the building of the {Lions’} Gate Bridge, British Properties, and Park Royal. The {Leyland} family, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, are currently engaged in helping to fund the book.

Our publishing efforts so far have netted $50,000, all of which we have given back to the community in the form of grants to preserve the history of West Van, the archives of the WV museum, and the library.


The Lighthouse was declared a national historic site in 1994. In 1996, Point Atkinson was one of the first light stations to be “automated when the Department of Fisheries & Oceans began divesting itself of Canadian lighthouses. In 1997, the District of West Vancouver took over the care of Point Atkinson’s grounds and the two houses onsite. All ancillary buildings on the light station fell into jurisdictional limbo. Since then, the District of West Vancouver and the West Vancouver Historical Society have taken the lead in ensuring the restoration and maintenance of these buildings, notably the Fog Alarm Building and the WWII Power House.

In the fall of 2014 The District of West Vancouver initiated a plan to PAINT the Point Atkinson Lighthouse, and requested support from the Historical Society and DFO. The Historical Society applied for a Heritage BC Legacy grant, and was awarded $8000 towards the project in June, 2015. Funding from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans was not forthcoming until July, 2016. The Historical Society subsequently arranged for grant extensions from Heritage BC, and the lighthouse was painted in mid-September. The funding delay resulted in a $4,000 cost overrun, for which our Society contributed $1,000 and the District the rest. The lighthouse looks resplendent now in a brand new red and white coat¦¦¦.in good time for Canada’s 150th birthday.

AND, to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017, the West Vancouver Historical Society and the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society are considering ways to offer guided tours of the heritage features of Lighthouse Park next summer. These would include guided walks on the natural history of the park, and guided tours of the light station.

---- end of text supplied -------

LA: Laura Anderson re West Van Stories

SLIDES info provided earlier — this page, photos of ppl interviewed

ev one have a story; can remember back to parents and even grandparents settling in WV

Jack Cruikshank’s father came here in 1918; guys called themselves 'the hounds' pitched a tent right here [6:17]

Dund a swimming..

Dave Barker involved in the books, his grandmother,

WV’s first srs’ housing house owned by Rupert Harrison

have dinner

living in a tent where the pink palace is here today

Irene [Caldwell?], right behind, ¦¦ overlooks the Hall

George Lee lost earlier this year && 1542 Fulton

this neck of the woods rich with stories; never been done on a formal basis

Rupert Harrison anecdotal in 1980s

we’ve collected the stories, next processing; xxx once done, no limit

a service provided by WVHS so ppl can access this info

recognize the ppl who made cmnty we’re enjoying today

Light Stn, Interpretive Ctr; many ways; Navvy Jack; Vinson House; all these places have stories

Ralph Drew, Mayor of Belcarra, speaker at WVHS mtg Wed Nov 16 -- your choice

RD: changing rapidly

retaining our history and heritage [6:21]

Gamb: two Qs

tell us about Hollyburn Lodge? anyone know?

A Mooi: opening celebration beginning of New Year; announcements in next few months

Mayor: need snowshoes to get up there

Gamb: ¦. name was changed from Museum “quoting &&&

name restored in 1993 -- focus changed? going bacK?

know Baz Collins has a whole house¦..

any plans or xxx Doti

what are your thoughts, WVHS involved

RD: difficult Qs

papers artefacts; archivist, Reto Tschan

as far as artefacts go — Museum more toward art rather than artefacts

good' xxx garage stuffed

get offers all the time but don't have room

{I wanted to ask what happens to them then.....}

in NV excellent, millions of dollars

we need space; many offering to give but no room

Gamb: so you’ll be xxx with Doti

RD: hv seen Anne and Doti many times over coffee; continue to provide input

Sop: xx ... postwar ... are those docs, I turned them over never heard

RD: Tschan efficient can track

Sop: have oddities from tr

questioned my three sons about receiving and they said to get lost

going to donate to WV Museum, if not room — any in future?

RD: give us the $


afraid going to end up in NV; get lost; no place to put them

Sop: cell phones

700 moving parts, still active today and moving strong

last forever; these kids don’t know about this

¦. built in those days, last forever

MOTION: received for information, with thanks.

Cass: during Heritage Wk;was a terrific tour; at time concerned re painting

glad come to fruition

RD: some items remain; xxx stuffed [6:29]

volunteers; eager to hire them any help

Mayor?: thx for coming much appreciated

REPORTS [6:30]

5. West Vancouver Community Foundation Presentation (File: 0055-20-WVCF1)

Gordon Holley: feel v fortunate

here children; seldom have to leave the cmnty

thank you for the opp

aims to strengthen; stronger and more caring

heard controlled by Dist but we are a distinct [6:31] +++

anything we can help to xxx other; v independent


release of our Vital Signs report; available here

Nat’l prog; xxx; first time WV [6:33]

helped before they knew what was in the report

7.5% working poor; 10% seniors; 10% to over 40% in 2016


housing affordability and xxx

This year was a real learning; no long-form data av; need to find out who has the data

Vital Signs report just a start

our challenge — identify anything we’ve missed to make it more relevant and useful

how many struggling and [6:36] xxx

a few mlinits {limits?} WHAT is a cmnty fdn [get stats]


connected by geog; share a sense of belonging

fdn a platform for growth; platform for building cmnty; 191 cmnty fdns; donors, giving back to their cmnty

capital is permanent, never dig into it; v unusual characteristic

approp long term xxx use “interest

¦.work to get lt; issues

direct grants

crucial role give back where needed most

knowledge and expertise

SLIDES -- $11M under 4.8 in 2013

SLiDE -- granted over $2M

{correction: honoUrable GG}

2 yrs

without this; cd not hv happened [6:42]

Biggest Challenges

been around since 1979; not well-known, working on that

opened my eyes to struggling

Our biggest opps

momentum behind us

Smart and Caring

matching funds

Canada 150

Mayor: tyvm

Sop: is a good start¦.

how does the bd scrutinize and recv grants; some ev year?

GHolley: has a grants cmte

process, struggle; more reqs than funds to make grants

working on a matrix so can broadcast in advance what ¦. for

Sop: how often does the grant cmte change?

GH: ev year

MB: attended Oct 4; impressed; recommend this doc to cmtny; something you shd all be proud of

can we get lots of copies for our lobby; share with cmnty; show your partnership of Fdn is imp to Dist as well?

GH: dropped off 80 copies this morning!

MB: two most pressing needs Housing affordability/availabilty and transp

interesting ??? identified

what role do you think the Dist can play?

good launch

GH: in process of digesting results

now going through all the docs; wch issues we shd be working on, grps with

indivs [6:48]


MB: when Ccl sets its priorities for a presentation; person; support work we do

Gamb: also xxx to you with fed

this is what we used to do every few years, used to cost a fortune


as Cclr Booth, Fdn has come a long way in a short time

remember eight years she was excited about selling mugs


suddenly all the synapses going off

thought of a dozen groups — staff, sch bd — you shd be making presentations to

keep you busy for next xx mos

Cass: measure of any society, how it treats its mbrs

don't think, as you said, many aware of you and what you do; how market yourselves, existence and get involved

GH: a really good

starting to identify where most impact; identify two or three high priority xxx issues; positive impact

Cass: demo; how attract in 40s so success

GH: a really good Q; haven't been v good in attracting diverse

age, cultural bkgrd, ethnicity

starting now with our nominations Cmte how best building diversity on the bd

NSh Inclusion Immig xxx ... rep on boards for immig [6:53]

having difficulty how to reach; how to connect; a lot of work to do absolutely something

including diversity on bd going forward

Cass: congrat on [6:54]

surprised of WVites making way to foodbank in NV

{MOTION: received for information}

6. Proposed Development Variance Permit No. 16-060 for 3378 Radcliffe Avenue (File: 1010-20-16-060)

At the September 12, 2016 regular meeting Council received the report dated August 25, 2016 regarding proposed Devt Variance Permit No. 16-060 for 3378 Radcliffe Avenue and set the date for consideration for October 17, 2016.

Reports received up to and including October 6, 2016:





Proposed Amdmt to Approved DVP No. 13-058 for 3378 Radcliffe

August 25, 2016

September 12, 2016


Written Submissions received up to and including October 6, 2016: None to date

JB: this being flu season, staff mbr is away so will assist Ms Berg

house demolished; house under construction; some changes; given

design minor changes supported by staff

revised roof line, revision to deck and patio, window design, and material

SLIDE — shows changes

from approved to proposed

house remains with variances, no new variances¦. streetscape

piece of concern dropped on table — these concerns hv been addressed

have changed to address that in the motion

Cam: all on agenda tonight that are not delegations are minor

none of wch seem to be particularly substantive

a lot of things going on in the cmnty, staff time; something we can do -- hire you or someone on staff ¦.. a way we can delegate this so going to have to be doing this

JB: what I recommend, a report on xxx wrt smaller variances or xxx [6:59]

recog Ccl may wish discretionary; way forward is a staff report

Cam: wd like to see them sooner than later

agrmt to remove the windows is actually an improvement for the nbrs

JB: confirm that ... Lamoureux desires ˆšˆšˆš

Sop: changes in this report — or applicant after?

JB: in maj of applicns tonight from the applicant except a [7:01] STAFF caught this

no sleight of hand, technical re Marine Dr

Sop: I too minor approving ofcr

Mayor: any mbr of xxx wish to speak



MOTION: all written and oral submissions ... be received for information.


MOTION: proposed DVP for 3378 Radcliffe, to revise the design of the approved house including a lowered roof height, revised deck and covered patio areas on the south elevation, revisions to window design

JB: “including dlrection of two windows" and layout and changes in materials, be approved.

CARRIED [7:03]

7. Proposed Development Variance Permit No. 16-063 for 5204 and 5210 Marine Drive (File: 1010-20-16-063)

At the September 12, 2016 regular meeting Council received the report dated August 25, 2016 regarding proposed DVP No. 16-063 for 5204 and 5210 Marine Drive and set the date for consideration for October 17, 2016.

Reports received up to and including October 6, 2016:





Proposed Amendment to Approved DVP for 5204 and 5210 Marine Dr

August 25, 2016

September 12, 2016


Written Submissions received up to and including October 6, 2016: Redacted Sept 8, 2016 C-1

JB: xxx ... looking ot revise; reducing

changing from concrete and glass to steel glass

DVP amdmt req’d [7:04]; Staff have no concern with changes

MB: was a letter rec’d around rock removal, grinding -- can you give us an idea

1Ksf less; cu metres 241cu, blasting nec -- give me an idea ?

Ans: Dump trucks

35cu ft in a cu m

{from audience -- 30 truckloads; GET}



N Prakash (from Nick Milkovich Architects, acting on behalf of the applicant): we reduced the amt of blasting ... 250xxx

virtually no blasting, all drilling ... to switch to xxx; burrowing into ground, more cost effective [7:07]

MOTION: be received for information.


MOTION: to revise the design of the approved accessory building and elevator including reduced floor area, reduced rock blasting, and changes in materials, be approved.

Cass: I didn't support in first place b/c of massing

plsd changes ... costwise

still be supporting [7:08]

8. Proposed Development Variance Permit No. 16-039 for 1376 Jefferson Avenue (File: 1010-20-16-039)

At the Sept 12, reg mtg Ccl rec'd the report dated Aug 12 re proposed DVP No. 16-039 for 1376 Jefferson Ave and set the date for consideration for October 17, 2016.

Reports received up to and including October 6, 2016:





Proposed DVP for 1376 Jefferson

August 12, 2016

September 12, 2016


Written Submissions received up to and including October 6, 2016: Redacted October 2, 2016 C-1

JB: ask E Syvokas

{ES gave description, had SLIDES}

garage to sec ste attached will¦.. 627sf xxx ... addn only cooking facilities

staff no concerns; already constructed


Laurie Sampson: 1376 Jefferson

house only two years old, 2013, WV was talking about coach houses ... under garage

hope that xxxx build in hopes [7:11]

occupancy permits, needs xxx and your approval

three sons, one with special needs; live indep hope aways from us


xxx here if you have Qs


Mayor: call for

[No response}


Cass: okay

Mayor: that wd be you

MOTION: all written and oral submissions be received for information. [7:13]

MOTION: proposed DVP for 1376 Jefferson Ave, wch wd vary the locn of the sec ste to allow it to be located in the basement of the existing detached garage, be approved.

Cam: this is great; no prob with applicn

brings up a bigger Q for me

coah house before xxx of housing crisis

ways, gentle densification

I know what our policy says but don't see why owners shd be decomissioning sec ste

not going to have any impact on nbrs but wd create another dwelling unit for another of their sons to live in

who wdn’t want that w/ no add. impact

keeping all on same prop xxx

rules like that don’t seem to make practical sense

feel strongly about that

Gamb: agree with Cclr Cam

time we take a look at sec stes and coach houses on same [7:15]

9. Proposed Amendment to Devt Variance Permit No. 15-019 for 3603 Marine Drive (File: 1010-20-15-019)

At the September 19, 2016 regular meeting Council received the report dated September 2, 2016 regarding a proposed amendment to DVP No. 15-019 for 3603 Marine Drive and set the date for consideration for October 17, 2016.

Reports received up to and including October 6, 2016:





Proposed Amendment to Approved DVP for 3603 Marine Drive

Sept 2, 2016

September 19, 2016


Addn to Ccl Report re Proposed Amendmt to DVP for 3603 Marine Dr

Sept 23, 2016

October 17, 2016


Written Submissions received up to and including October 6, 2016: None to date.

JB gave info:


v steep two addl variance req’d retaining wall; portion of pool and deck to be in side yard

adj no objection



MB: I move

Mayor: public input?

MB: move THAT the attached proposed amendment to approved DVP No. 15-019 be attached as Appendix B to the report dated Sept 2, 2016 from the Cmnty Planner titled “Proposed Amendment to Approved Development Variance Permit No. 15-019 for 3603 Marine Drive.

MOTION: THAT all written and oral submissions be received for information.

MOTION: THAT the proposed amendment to DVP for 3603 Marine Dr, wch wd allow the addn of variances to the max retaining wall height and min side yard to the pool/pool deck, be approved.

All three CARRIED [7:19]

10. Evelyn by Onni Lot 6 Development Application (File: 1010-20-16-024)

JB: I’ll intro then hand over to sr planner Lisa Berg

LB: an overview

describe, amendments, housing marketing initiatives, consultation steps


in green: constructed and approved

lot 3 nearing; lot 7 has an approved DP; lot 10 near entrance, presentation ctr; under review

this is about red square, Lot 6 — originally an amenity site 10Ksf

relocate parcel 6 to the east and move Evelyn Walk to the east, area wd not change but config diff

new plans consolidate w/ apprvd bldg on lot 7, six townhouse units to parkade 10,375sf fownhouse increases 349 to 355

¦ addl six days [7:24]

rental housing is to be delivered w/ devt of Lot 8; the last apt bldg site

proposing to take 10300sf from lot 8 replace w/ equal rental units on¦

on bottom of screen, stipulates [7:25]

reduce market condo or rental; cd be more xxx house FAR

improved public access and realm to Ev Walk, applicant here for presentation

reduce concrete, ramp system; sust goals, townhouses appeal to downsizers

amenable to CACs

Design Cmte referral Oct 20

Disab issues, want input re ramp redesign — early Nov

public mtg, then back to Ccl for next steps

[Eric Hughes, Sr Devt Mgr of Onni]

Mayor: now or after

LB: benefit from after the presentation

EH: thanks, Lisa; with Onni

lot 6, 7, Ev Walk; construction starting in next cple of weeks

SLIDE [7:28]

10,250Ksf for clubhouse bldg

SLIDEs of Ev Walk

existing not practical 720 linear feet 60ft of ramping required; rec’d some criticism at DRC mtg so looked at

SLIDE of proposed subdivision [7:31]

Slide of proposed design; six townhomes being added

SLIDE of proposed design highlights; added resting areas; intent to maintain large trees at bottom of the lot

68ft away from ¦ bldg

by not proceeding with clubhouse, not [7:33]


gym at our Lot 5; add Lot 8

our landscape architect is here tonight

Sop: no replacement of amenitiy cmnty space?

EH: original intent, public contributed through strata fees

include amenities in the bldgs and will be providing more amenities

lower floors higher walls [7:34]

Sop: 7 visitor parking spots? is that ample?

LB: proposal is also to add parking spaces — add’l v parking ap added

although only 6 units, addl spots that will exceed the re

18 for sic?

Sop: around not next

LB: xxx

Sop: amenities prog

Mayor: already committed

Sop: rent ¦ rent or ¦: [7:38]

JB: market condos, ¦. Lot 8. ¦.. those are up for negotiate

Sop: so consult and staff wd .x¦

JB: staff will assess what they hear during public consultation

MB: sorry if this sounds like a confused Q but this confuses me more

xxx now CACs ... and now amenities xxx ... are these &&&



MB: wasn’t clear

assumed conversion to rental was the CAC

this proj was considered by the public at great length

reason why not some of the residents on Keith Rd?

you had xxx xx xxxx but not resid on KRd

LB: prop owners within 100m; wd suggest as a whole wd be notified

MB: re clubhouse, to clarify; you mentioned strata fees

just to Lot 6 or

EH: when we inherited large North Kits [Keith?] ,,,,,5 unit vxxx

lots 3, 7, and 8; providing fac? in lot 7 some in ot 8

lt 3 terraced down not have access to amenity not heard as a concern to date

sometimes amenity, flatter site

typically at Onni we have the main facilities in the apt blg

MB: positive not going to have to pay for clubhouse

to confirm only Lot 3 going to be paying¦.xxx around fees

think imp in info piece

EH: on title, contemplated 3 7 8 wd contrib to a clubhouse bldg

aslo gave sgl option for lots 9 10, didn’t think xxx

Gamb: re amenities, CACs

think we’re losing the concept of a cmnty amenity, a space to bring

spent my HSch in the Taylor Wood only xxx houses; swimming pool and tennis court

there’s no part here car, no gathering place¦.

carve out a small space — corner of lot 9 in ctr; really think that’s imp

ev in a concrete unit, no cmnty mtg place, that’s a shame

hope you’ll consider; think something that wd be valuable

see we’re segueing from 30 days local?

5% reduction, xxx, goodies

why not including here?

LB: those types of details wd be considered later

seeking yours if it has merit

Gamb: think has merit

Cam: xxx not to you

30-day period of exclusive sales to

having 30- to 60-day wdn’t cost you; 5% discount might

¦locals first; wd like you to consid it

EH: to

Mayor: you can take it under advisement

EH: 60-day; targeted downsizers locals in the area so no issue with WV resids

have to work through the details on that

Cass: wd like to echo Gamb and Cam

some consideration now moved, a little cmnty; wd be healthy to be there

going into WV eyes drawn to that; you cd hv built Hiroshima Hts, have in Coq

you have built ¦. adamantly opposed, not complimenting

xxx [7:48] left so much green space and trees

listen to xxx; PH see what others have to say


1. Cmnty consultation on OCP Amendment, Rezoning and Devt Permit Applicn No. 16-024 for Lot 6 of Evelyn by Onni take the form of consideration by the Design Review Cmte, the NSh Accessibility Cmte on Disability Issues, and a public mtg; and

2. Following cmnty consultation on the devt proposal for Lot 6 of Evelyn by Onni, staff report back to Ccl on the results of the consultation, and provide a complete review of the devt proposal and recommended next steps.

[7:49] CARRIED

Mayor : look forward as to how plays out


11. Proposed 2017 Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4916, 2016 (File: 1610-20-4916)

The proposed bylaw received first, second, and third reading at the October 3, Council mtg.

12. New Business (File: 0120-01)


13. Consent Agenda Items

• Item 13.1 TransLink Customer Service Performance Report for Quarter 2, 2016

• Item 13.2 re Temporary Use Permit for Park Royal (To set date for consideration);

• Item 13.3 regarding Delegation Request; and

• Item 13.4 regarding Correspondence List.

• Item 13.5 regarding The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill (October 20, 2016).

13.1. TransLink Customer Service Performance Report for Quarter 2, 2016 (File: 3205-03)

received for information.

13.2. Temporary Use Permit for Park Royal (File: 1010-20-16-073)

TUP No. 16-073 re 752, 756, and 764 Marine Dr (Park Royal) to allow for the temp use of the prop for customer parking, as described in the report dated Sept 23, re TUP Applicn No. 16-073 (752, 756, and 764 Marine Dr), be considered at the Nov 7, 2016 Ccl mtg; and that notice be given of consideration of the proposed temp use permit.

13.3. Delegation Request (File: 0120-01)

Request from Vanc Coastal Health, re B.C. Integrated Youth Services Initiative – NSh, approved.

13.4. Correspondence List (File: 0120-24)

> Council Correspondence Update to September 23, 2016 (up to 10am)

Referred for Action

(1) September 21, 2016, re “Requesting an Interview with Mayor Michael Smith September 2016

(Referred to Mayor for consideration and response)

(2) September 21, 2016, regarding “Trails for Hiking Only / Seniors Safety

(Referred to Director of Parks, Culture and Community Services for consideration and response)

(3) September 22, 2016, regarding “Fwd: Antennas/Photo (Unsightly Antennas on top of Neighbouring Building)

(Referred to Director of Planning and Development Services for consideration and response)

Referred for Action from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Received for Information

(4) Committee and Board Mtg Minutes – Key Performance Indicators Task Group mtg July 14; and Finance Cmte mtg July 19, 2016

(5) September 19, 2016, regarding “Fwd: Proposed empty house tax

Received for Information from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Responses to Correspondence

(6) Director of Engg and Envmt Services, Sept 22, 2016, response re “AIR QUALITY, POLLUTION, AND GAS “Leaf BLOWERS

(7) Dir/Engg, Sept 22, response re “Capilano Bridge connecting the Spirit Trail from Lions' Gate Bridge exit to PkR-S (Cyclist Safety)

(8) Chief Administrative Officer, September 23, 2016, response regarding “New building at Municipal Hall

> Council Correspondence Update to September 30, 2016 (up to 10am)

Referred for Action

(1) Vanc Coastal Health, Sept 23, re “Request to speak before M&Ccl (Delegn Req – BC Integrated Youth Services Initiative – NSh)

(Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response)

(2) September 24, 2016, regarding “Fwd: Antennas (Unsightly Antennas on top of Neighbouring Building)

(Referred to Director of Planning and Development Services for consideration and response)

(3) September 26, 2016, regarding Impact of Neighbouring Property on Backyard Privacy

(Referred to Director of Planning and Development Services for consideration and response)

Referred for Action from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Received for Information

(4) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes – Board of Variance hearing July 20, 2016; Memorial Library Board meeting July 20, 2016

(5) Jt Prov-UBCM Green Cmnties Cmte, Sept 21, re Congrats for Achieving Goal of Corp Carbon Neutrality for the 2015 Reporting Yr

(6) Independent Contractors and Businesses Assn of B.C., Sept 21, 2016, re September 2016 edition of BC Construction Monitor

(7) September 23, 2016, regarding “Are our West Van kids safe? Education programs needed! (Wireless Technologies)

(8) Sep 25, re “Fwd: ccl asked to lobby province for Changes to/Update on Vanc DTES - SRO “Standards of Maintenance VIOLATIONS of “LOBBY 2009

(9) E-Comm 9-1-1, Sept 26, re “Next Generation Radio Program: Master Standing Offer agreements signed for provision of new radios for regional first responders

(10) 2 submissions, September 26-27, 2016, regarding Pedestrian Upgrades at Haywood Avenue and 24th Street

(11) 2 submissions, September 26-28, 2016, regarding International Affairs

(12) September 29, 2016, re “Proposed Temporary Use Permit 16-051 (Evelyn by Onni)

(Referred to October 3, 2016 Council mtg)

(13) HUB Cycling, September 30, 2016, regarding “It’s almost that time again¦ (Bike to Work Week, October 24-30, 2016)

(14) September 29, 2016, regarding “Re: Antennas (Unsightly Antennas on top of Neighbouring Building)

Received for Information from Other Governments and Government Agencies

(15) Hon. P. Fassbender, Min of Cmnty, Sport, and Cultural Devt and Min Resp for TransLink, Sept 23, re Ride Sourcing in B.C. Stakeholder Engagement Summary

(16) Hon. S. Cadieux, Min of Chn and Family Devt, Sept 30, re “Letter from the Honourable Stephanie Cadieux (Proclamation of October as Foster Family Month)

Responses to Correspondence

(17) Director of Engg and Environment Services, September 26, 2016, response to HUB North Shore Committee, “BikeBC funding

(18) Director of Planning and Development Services, September 27, 2016, response regarding “Fwd: Antennas/Photo (Unsightly Antennas on topof Neighbouring Building)

(19) Senior Manager of Parks, September 29, 2016, response regarding “Vancouver Tree Sale

(20) Admin Assistant to the Dir/Planning, Sept 30, 2016, response regarding Impact of Neighbouring Property on Backyard Privacy

> Council Correspondence Update to October 4, 2016 (up to 4:30 p.m.)

Referred for Action

(1) October 2, 2016, re “And this lovely addition to my view, goes on and on......... (Antennas on top of Neighbouring Building) (Referred to Director of Planning and Development Services for consideration and response)

Referred for Action from Other Governments and Government Agencies -- No items.

Received for Information

(2) 12 submissions, Sept 30 - Oct 3, 2016, re Proposed Coach House at 5826 Eagle Island (Proposed Devt Permit No. 15-074)

(3) 17 submissions, undated - October 3, 2016, re Proposed Coach House at 5826 Eagle Island (Proposed Devt Permit No. 15-074) (Previously received at October 3, 2016 Council meeting)

(4) October 2, 2016, regarding “Re: Trails for Hiking Only / [Seniors'] Safety

(5) October 2, 2016, re “Support for Devt Variance Permit NO. 16-039" (1376 Jefferson Avenue)

(Referred to October 17, 2016 Council meeting)

(6) October 2, 2016, re “Cmnty Energy & Emissions Plan: Final Report (File: 0332-03) 2016-10-03 Reg Council Mtg Agenda Item #6

(7) October 4, 2016, regarding “The expansions of Infrastructure BEFORE expansions for More Humans.

Received for Information from Other Governments and Government Agencies

(8) Metro Vancouver, September 30, 2016, regarding “Request for Assistance with Promoting RateOurHome.ca Campaign

Responses to Correspondence

(9) Manager of Parks Planning and Cmnty Stewardship, September 30, 2016, response re “Trails for Hiking Only / [Seniors'] Safety.

13.5. The Great BC ShakeOut Earthquake Drill (October 20, 2016) (0180-16) [ 7:53]

Report from North Shore Emergency Management received for information.

Sop: xxx ... and heard of earthquake in Sq; drop, cover, and hold on

14. OTHER ITEMS [7:52]

Sop: I pulled 13.2

CAO: orxxx

Sop: do remember ... White Spot ... don’t want parking along MDr

shd that be a park?

Mayor: then on Nov 7 you can speak to that

MB: re Deleg Req

yr worship wrote a letter of support; so obviously consenting?

this is quite exciting ... mental health

Mayor: so, looking forward to the delegation


Sop???: than buying new plastic from WalMart

Howe Sound Forum was hosted on Fri at Gleneagles hoping lights wd not go out

mayors and lcr from all around Howe Sound [listed]

big grp, twice a year

biggest issue; agree to go explore cmte HSd begin a UNESCO biosphere reserve; all participants behind it

Gamb: lots going on Public Art Gallery

Zero-Water so go up once a month mtg with mgrs, etc

budget goes to $94M xxx solid waste and recycling

best part is 2017, will be no inc or dec for costs through Metro; about $56 per hhold per year

includes landfills,,¦¦[7:55]

v big operation

in 2017 surcharge for garbage more than 5% of organics will increase now above 25%

work hard to make sure org stay out of stream

Xmas campaign, make memories, not garbage

rat ... above

Cass: Awards cmte mtg Nov 15 at KMC

support your volunteers in this cmnty on xxx made;

MB: aboriginal relns cmte last week; used to have 4 now 2 mtgs per year so a save; approved annual work plan

commenting on relevant legislation; suggest above


Mtro is doing a fair amt training; resid schools; share or invite us

know Mr Chan did attend some of the mtgs

MTAC — my ind is going staff opp 8pm

wanted to raise with staff, what we can do as a district

Sop: re MDr ... OCP ... shdn’t be ea sep own merits

Mayor outside

JB: our intention is to come back with

you’re absolutely correct, ea wd be considered on its merits

Mayor: not at Forum

Metro Regional Planning; report on health outcomes as a result of density; increased density better health outcomes

area, one was Amb ¦ Yaletown ¦ our health outcomes were quite poor

opinion — desperately needs more density walkability [8:03]